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湘阴一中 2015 届英语周考试卷(十一) 时量:45 分钟 命题:陈 艳 一.单项选择(15 分) 21. How can you imagine the difficulty I had______ to the school life? A. to adapt B. adapt C. adapting D. adapted 总分: 65 分 审题:何 霞

22. Love is_____ makes you smile when you are tired. A. that B. what C. it D. which

23. ______ before bed, cellphones can result in a restless night. A. To use B. Using C. Used D. Having used

24.________carefully if any change occurs when doing experiments in the lab. A. Observe B. To observe C. Observed D. Observing

25. Their relationship_______ ups and downs over the past century. A. will see B. sees C. has seen D. had seen

26. I have told you the truth. ______ I keep repeating it? A. Must B. Can C. May D. Will

27. There is no greater pleasure than running on the playground, ____ after a ball. A. chased B. chasing C. to chase D. having chased

28. -- How was your trip to London ? -- Great. I was helped by an organization. Otherwise , I _____ it. A.Wouldn’t afford C.wouldn’t have afforded B.hadn’t afforded D.needn’t have afforded.

29. ----Why did the general insist_______ a visit to the small village? ----It was at the very place______ he fought 30 years ago. A. on paying, that B. to pay, in which C. on paying, where D. to pay, which

30. We shall not start the project until it_____ by the committee. A. will be approved B. has been approved C. approves D. is to approve

31. Many people can’t learn lessons from the mistakes they’ve made _____ they get hurt somehow. A. whether B. unless C. if D. as

32. ----The singer together with her band_______ invited to the concert. Did you enjoy that party? ----No, hardly_____ when they sang their top hit Oh, My Baby. A. was, I had left leave 33. I tried all I could_____ the topic at the meeting, but he brought it up. A. avoided mentioning C. avoiding to mention B. to avoid mentioning D. avoiding mentioning B. were, I have gone C. was, had I left D. were, did I

34. Some passers-by witnessed the car accident ______ five passengers were killed. A. where B. which C.that D.when

35. Susan made______ clear to me that she wished to make a new life for herself. A. that 二.完形填空 Section A(18 分) Around twenty years ago I was living in York. Though I had a lot of experience and a Master’s degree, I could not find __36___work. I was 37 a school bus to make ends meet and living with a friend of mine, 38 five interviews with a company and one day, between B. this C. it D. her

for I had lost my flat. I had

bus runs they called to say I did not get the job. “Why has my life become so__39 _?” I thought painfully. As I pulled the bus over to__40_ a little girl, she handed me an earring (耳 环)saying that I should keep it 41 painted black and said “BE HAPPY”. At first I got angry. Then it _42_ me —I had been giving all of my _43__to what was going wrong with my experiences rather than what was right! I decided then and there to make a 44 of fifty things I was happy with. Later, I decided to _45_ more somebody claimed (认领) it. The earring was

things to the list. That night there was a phone call for me from a lady who was a director at a large __46_. She asked me if I would give a one-day lecture on stress management to 200 medical workers. I said yes. My day there went very well, and before long I got a well-paid job. To this day

I know that it was because I changed my way of __47_ that I completely changed my life. 36. A. successful 37. A. driving 38. A. prepared for 39. A. hard 40. A. wave at 41. A. in case 42. A. hurt 43. A. feelings 44. A. list 45. A. connect 46. A. hospital 47. A. operation Section B(12 分) Different people may bid for different things.As for me, I want dream, friendship and 48 admission notice to a famous university most. 49 we enjoy B. extra B. repairing B. attended B. busy B. drop off B. or else B. hit B. attention B. book B. turn B. factory B. speaking C. satisfying C. taking C. asked for C. serious C. call on C. as if C. caught C. strength C. check C. keep C. restaurant C. employment D. convenient D. designing D. held D. short D. look for D. now that D. moved D. interests D. copy D. add D. hotel D. thinking

Dreams would be on the top of my list.Only by pursuing our dreams a meaningful and fulfilled life.Money can buy a cozy life, even a millionaire would find his life boring. A person without friends can 51 50

without dreams,

be happy.Our life is full of joys and sorrows,

52 we need people to share with.Faced with difficulties, we need friends to give 53 comfort and help . Just as a saying goes . "A friend in need is a friend 54 ups and downs of life, so friendship would

indeed."Friendship can help us be in my list as well.

After working hard for so many years, I deserve to go to a good university,


being admitted to a famous university can help me live up to my parents' expectations and bring me a bright future. 三.阅读理解(10 分) I remember the first time that I was extremely happy. I was about 8 years old

when for the first time, there was a computer in the classroom. I remember that my teacher allowed each student to take turns to play various educational games on the computer. One day, I found the source code(编码)for one of these games. Without knowing or being taught any programming language, I was able to figure out some of the BASIC code. I just gave myself an infinite number of lives in the game, so I could continue playing it forever. This was also my first introduction to algebra, and I didn't even know it at the time. This was a decisive moment in my life. I was quite excited because of what I was learning and what I was able to do. As a result, I was enthusiastic for the rest of my life about self learning and computers, and I was quite happy doing them too. I've noticed that people who are truly content with life are enthusiastic about what they do. This enthusiasm, along with good health, is the key to being happy. It also leads to self-confidence and content in life too. It may also lead to success, wealth, and achievements. Success, wealth, or achievements can also bring some people happiness, yet I know plenty of rich people who are unhappy. I know many people with successful businesses that are not happy with what they are doing. I know people who continuously buy themselves new toys, such as cars, computers, and televisions, yet never seem content for too long. Please remember, happiness is the journey of life, not the destination. 56. What can we know from Paragraph 1? A. The author has a great talent for algebra. B. Creative thinking is necessary for every child. C. The BASIC code of the computer is not difficult. D. The author's experience in his childhood changed his life. 57. The underlined word "infinite" means_______ A. big B. limitless C. normal D. small

58. The author wants to tell us through his experience in the school that ________. A. interest is the best teacher C. young people are fearless B. children are the hope of the future D. where there’s a will, there’s a way

59. What is the secret of happiness in the author's opinion?

A. Success and wealth. C. Enthusiasm and good health.

B. Gifts and self-confidence. D. Knowledge and achievements.

60. We can infer from the last paragraph that ________. A. people who are rich and successful in career generally feel unhappy B. wealth can’t bring people any happiness and comfort C. one will feel unhappy once he has gained all the things that he wants D. being enthusiastic about what you do is more important than wealth 四.阅读填空(10 分)

Directions: Read the following passage. Complete the diagram by using the information from the passage.Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.
A simple piece of clothesline hangs between some environmentally friendly Americans and their neighbors. On one side stand those who see clothes dryers as a waste of energy and a major polluter of the environment. As a result, they are turning to clotheslines as part of the “what-I –can do environmentalism.” On the other side are people who are against drying clothes outside, arguing that clotheslines are unpleasant to look at. They have persuaded Home Owners Associations (HOAs) access the U.S. to ban outdoor clotheslines, because clothesline drying also tends to lower home value in the neighborhood. This had led to a Right-to-Dry Movement that is calling for laws to be passed to protect people’s right to use clotheslines. So far, only three states have laws to protect clothes lines. Right-to-Dry supporters argue that there should be move. Matt Reck, 37, is the kind of eco-conscious person who feeds his trees with bathwater and reuses water drops from his air conditioners to water plants. His family also uses a clothesline. But on July 9, 2007, the HOA in Wake Forest, North Carolina, told him that a dissatisfied neighbor had telephoned them about him clothesline. The Recks paid no attention to the warning and still dried their clothes on a line in the yard. “Many people say they are environmentally friendly but they don’t take matters in their own hands,” says Reck. The local HOA has decided not to take any action, unless more neighbors come to them.

North Carolina lawmakers are saying that banning clotheslines is not the right thing to do. But HOAs and housing businesses believe that clothesline drying reminds people of poor neighborhoods. They worry that if buyers think their future neighbors can’t even afford dryers, housing prices will fall. Environmentalists say such worries are not necessary, and in view of global warming, that idea needs to change. As they say, “The clothesline is beautiful. Hanging clothes outside should be encouraged. We all have to do at least something to slow down the process of global warming.”

Title: 71.___________ in clothesline drying

For Two sides Details

it Should be encouraged

Against it Should 72.________________

a.74.______ to look at b. in view of 75.___________ 73.______________

a. reminding people of 76.______ b. housing prices will 77._______

a.78.________________waste Actions water b. drying clothes in a line

a. persuading HOAs to ban it b.79.______________clothes lines by calling the HOA up

A. Laws 80.____________________ in three states Results b. The clothesline is supported by environmentalists

湘阴一中 2015 届英语周考答题卷(十一) 班级 ________

姓名__________ 一.单选题(15 分) 题次 答案 二.完形填空 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35

Section A (18 分)
题次 答案 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47

Section B(12 分)
48.___________ 52. __________ 49. ________ 53. _________ 50. ___________ 54. ___________ 51. ___________ 55. ____________

三.阅读理解(10 分) ___________________ 四. 阅读填空(10 分) 71. ___________________ 73. ___________________ 75. ___________________ 77. ___________________ 79. ___________________ 72. ___________________ 74. ____________________ 76. ____________________ 78. _____________________ 80. ____________________

湘阴一中 2015 届英语周考试卷(十一)参考答案 单项选择(1’×15=15 分) 21-35 CBCAC ABCAB BCBAC

完型填空(1.5’ ×12=18 分) 36-47 CABAB ABBAD AD

完型填空 II(1.5’ ×8=12 分) 48, an 52. which 49. can 53. us 50. but 54. through 51. not/never 55. because

阅读理解(2’ ×5=10 分) 56-60 DBACD 阅读填空(1’ ×10=10 分)

71.Opposite/different opinions 73. Reasons 75. global warming 77. fall 79. complaining

72. be banned 74.wonderful/pleasant/beautiful 76.poor neighborhood 78. reusing 80. have been passed

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