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【金版新学案】2015届高考英语(新课标,安徽专供)大一轮复习讲义课时作业:必修2 Unit 5 Music

课时作业(十) 必修 2 Unit 5 Ⅰ.单项填空


1. (2014· 浙江四校调研)—Tom often plays the record very loud at midnight in his apartment. —________! A.Just your luck C.It can’t be helped B.Better not D.That’s too much

2.(2014· 河南省实验中学月考)It is reported that a similar technique can be________to the treatment of cancer. A.applied C.added B.attached D.compared

3.(2014· 杭州一检)She paused________over the unfamiliar word but soon continued. A.frequently C.anxiously B.briefly D.casually

4.(2014· 乌鲁木齐地区高三第一次诊断)________means that you have a positive attitude toward your abilities and life. A.Be confident C.To be outgoing B.Being outgoing D.Being confident

5.(2014· 石家庄高中复习教学质检)I always try to be________to others when walking my pet dog along a pavement and step to the side with my dog to let them pass by. A.flexible C.devoted B.considerate D.sensitive

6.(2014· 石家庄模拟)The company provides cheap Internet access.________,it makes shareware freely available. A.In addition C.In return B.In general D.In brief

7.(2014· 福建师大附中高三质检)—I am sorry I didn’t finish the task. —Never mind.________,you have tried your best. A.Above all C.At all B.In all D.After all

8 . (2014· 四川省南充市第一次适应性考试 )My favorite writer is Mo Yan , some of ________novels have a surprising ending. A.whom C.whose B.his D.which

9.(2014· 湖南邵阳市模拟)Emperor Kangxi came to this village twice,thus________it the name Huangcheng.

A.to earn C.earned

B.earning D.earn

10.(2014· 苏锡常镇四市调研)—How was your interview for going abroad to study? —Oh,I couldn’t feel any________.I hardly understood most of the questions they asked. A.worse C.happier B.harder D.better

11.(2014· 江苏四校第四次考试)The flood has caused a lot of damage to that area and the figures of the missing________shortly. A.will be published C.had been published B.have been published D.are published

12.(2014· 邯郸模拟)I don’t think it right to________jokes on the disabled,especially when they are in trouble. A.put C.find B.keep D.play

13. (2013· 济南 3 月模拟)The basic design of the car is very similar to________of the earlier model. A.that C.this B.it D.one

14.(2014· 温州质检)It is________tradition for people in this country to pay in________cash when buying things. A.the;/ C. ;/the B.a;/ D.a;the

15.(2014· 北京四中期中)The children________very well last night and the audience were attracted by their play. A.permitted C.pretended Ⅱ.阅读理解 A (2014· 安徽省芜湖三校高三第一次模拟考试) Teachers and parents usually call attention to the pictures when they read storybooks to preschool children.But a new study suggests that calling attention to the words and letters on the page may lead to better readers. The twoyear study compared children who were read in this way in class with children who were not.Those whose teachers most often discussed the print showed clearly higher skills in reading,spelling and understanding.These results were found one year and even two years later. B.performed D.presented

Shayne Piasta,an assistant professor of teaching and learning at Ohio State University,was an author of the study.She says most preschool teachers would find this method manageable and would need only a small change in the way they teach.They already read storybooks in class.The only difference would be increased attention to the printed text.“If you get children to pay attention to letters and words,it makes sense that they will do better at word recognition and spelling.” But she says research suggests that very few parents and teachers do this in a systematic way. More than 300 children aged four and five were observed in classrooms.They came from poor families and were below average in their language skills.For thirty weeks,the children took part in a program called Project STAR—Sit Together and Read.The project is based at Ohio State.It tests the shortterm and longterm results of reading regularly to preschool children in their classrooms. There are different ways that adults can talk to children about print.They can point to a letter and discuss it,and even trace the shape with a finger.They can point out a word and discuss the meaning of the print or how the words tell the story.And they can talk about the organization of the print—for instance,showing how words are written left to right in English. 1.What do we know about the ways preschool children are usually taught? A.Preference is given to the shape of letters and the organization of the print. B.More attention is paid to the pictures,with words and letters being ignored. C.The focus of the teaching is on bringing them up to be good readers. D.Equal attention is paid to the texts and the pictures. 2.What does Shayne Piasta suggest preschool teachers should do in class? A.Teach children how to draw pictures to get an idea of what they mean. B.Adopt different methods according to the students’ difference in reading skills. C.Change the way they teach and pay more attention to words and letters. D.Read storybooks to children rather than explain the meaning of the pictures. 3. Which of the following is TRUE about the study on language skills of preschool children? A.Many teachers want to change their way of teaching preschool children. B.Attention on the pictures has made the children uninterested in reading.

C.Teachers are often prevented from taking different approaches to language teaching. D.Project STAR aims to research into the results of reading books to preschool children in the classroom. 4.Which section of a magazine does the passage probably come from? A.Fashion. C.Education. B.Economy. D.Entertainment.

Ⅲ.任务型读写 (2013· 安徽省六校教育研究会高三联考) Have you ever wondered:what drives successful people?Take a look around and talk to your friends and seniors who are very successful,you will see all of them have adopted certain values which have proved vital for their success. It is evident that successful people take initiative (主动性).When they find something needs to be done,they just do it instead of waiting.They believe that responsibility is given.They taken,not

weigh immediately what has to be done and then do it with pleasure , thus

strengthening their reputation. Successful people are enthusiastic about the things they do,and they believe in what they are doing.They are motivated by their own satisfaction and the joy they get from doing their work.They work hard even when no one is watching and they throw themselves into their work. They do not fear failure.Failures and disappointments in life are unavoidable.It is failure that teaches us much more than success.Successful people pick themselves up after a fall and try again with more determination and commitment and learn from each failure.They associate with those they can learn from and enjoy the company of those who appreciate their achievement. Having good IQ often gets a person what he wants but it’s really the EQ that keeps him there and helps him enjoy a high reputation.Successful people are polite to everyone and treat others with respect.By giving respect to others,they command respect for themselves. Another important quality of successful people is that they never complain.It’s better to praise others and win favor with them.So instead of complaining about a situation,successful people always try to solve it. To put it shortly,take initiative and be enthusiastic about them.Do not be afraid to fail,but get up and start again.When you do so,success will be just around the corner. Title:What Makes People Successful? Successful people all have adopted certain values which are__1__for their success. Brief introduction __2__ of successful people ◆They take immediate action without hesitation. Taking initiative ◆They take responsibility for what has to be done and do it__3__. ◆They’re Being selfmotivated enthusiastic about the things they do,with

a__4__in what they are doing. ◆They devote themselves to their work.

__5__from failure

◆They get up and start again after a failure. ◆They enjoy company of those__6__their achievement. ◆They are polite to everyone and treat others respectfully. ◆They earn respect in__7__by giving respect to others. ◆ They praise others and win favor with them.

Giving respect to others

Making no __8__

◆They always try to find any possible__9__to the difficult situation.


When you can combine the above into your action plan,you’ll have__10__to success soon.

课时作业(十) Ⅰ.单项填空 1.解析: 考查交际用语。第一个说话人说汤姆经常半夜播放唱片且声音很大,第二

个说话人认为这种做法“太过分”了,因此选 D。Just your luck 常不走运,就这运气;Better not 最好不;It can’t be helped 没办法。 答案: D 2.解析: 考查动词辨析。句意为:据报道一项类似的技术能被应用到癌症的治疗中。 apply 意为“应用, 适用”, 符合句意; attach 意为“附加, 使依附”, add 意为“加, 增加”, compare 意为“比较,对照”,均不符合句意。 答案: A 3.解析: 考查副词辨析。句意为:她碰到不熟悉的词稍微停顿了一下,但很快又继

续了。frequently 频繁地;briefly 短暂地,暂时地;anxiously 焦急地;casually 随意地,偶然 地。 答案: B 4.解析: 根据句中的 means 可知空处在句中作主语,首先可排除 A 项;再根据“that you have a positive attitude toward your abilities and life”可知应该是对自己有信心(confident)。 答案: D 5.解析: 句意为:当我带着宠物狗走在人行道上时,我总是尽力为他人着想,当有

人经过时, 我和狗就让到一边。 considerate 为(他人)着想的,考虑周到的,符合句意。flexible 灵活的,有弹性的;devoted 挚爱的,忠诚的;sensitive 敏感的。 答案: B 6.解析: 考查短语意义。in addition 另外;in general 总的说来;大体上;in return 作为回报;in brief 简言之。

答案: A 7.解析: 考查短语意义。下句意为:不要紧,毕竟,你已经尽了最大努力。after all 毕竟,终究,与句意相符。 答案: D 8.解析: 考查定语从句。此处为“不定代词+of+关系代词”引导的非限制性定语

从句,关系代词在从句中作定语,所以用 whose。 答案: C 9.解析: 考查非谓语动词。句意为:康熙皇帝两次驾临这个村庄,这个村庄也因此

赢得了“皇城”的美名。主句句子结构完整,也是 earn 的逻辑主语,故用 earning 这一现在 分词作结果状语。 答案: B 10.解析: 考查形容词辨析。句意为:——你出国深造的面试怎么样?——哦,我感 觉非常糟糕。 我几乎无法理解他们问我的大部分问题。 not 和比较级连用表示最高级的含义, 故选 A。 答案: A 11.解析: 考查时态。shortly 不久,不多时,在句中作时间状语,表示将来,所以空 处应该用将来时。句意为:这场洪水给那一地区造成了很大损失,失踪人数很快就会公布。 答案: A 12. 解析: 句意为: 我认为拿残疾人开玩笑是不对的, 尤其是当他们遇到困难时。 play a joke/jokes on sb.开某人的玩笑。 答案: D 13.解析: 考查代词。句意为:这款车的基本设计与之前车型的设计非常相似。此处 用 that 指代前面提到的 the basic design。 答案: A 14.解析: 根据前半部分句意“用现金付钱对这个国家的人来说是一个传统”可知, 第一空是泛指“传统”;第二空为固定短语 in cash(用现金)。 答案: B 15.解析: 句意为:孩子们昨晚表演得很好,观众都被他们的话剧吸引了。perform

表演,符合句意。permit 允许;pretend 假装,假扮;present 颁发,赠送。 答案: B Ⅱ.阅读理解 语篇解读 给学龄前儿童读书时,很多老师和父母关注的是图画,但研究表明,此时教 孩子关注图片旁的单词更有利于培养孩子的拼写、 阅读和理解的技能, 而且老师只需稍微调 整教学方式就能做到。



只注重图画, 但一项新的研究表明, 关注书页上的字母和单词能更好地培养孩子们的阅读能 力,由此可推断 B 项正确。 答案: B 2. 解析: 考查推理判断。 由第三段中的“would need only a small change in the way they teach”和“If you get children to pay attention to letters and words...word recognition and spelling.” 可知,C 项正确。 答案: C 3.解析: 考查细节理解。从第四段可知,STAR 这一项目的目的是检测给学龄前儿 童在课堂上定期阅读的短期和长期效果,因此选 D。 答案: D 4.解析: 考查文章出处。文章主要讲述了一项关于学龄前儿童教育研究的新发现,

故最可能出现在教育这一版块。 答案: C Ⅲ.任务型读写 1. vital/essential/necessary 6.appreciating 7.return/reward 8.complaint(s) 9.solution(s) 10.access 2.Qualities/Characteristics 3.pleasantly 4.belief 5.Learning

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