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2015 届高考高三英语二轮专题练习:完形填空(15)
【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届广西桂林十八中高三上学期第一次月考(201409) 】 第一节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)

阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出可以填入空白处的 最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Every night, my mother would come to my room, lean down and push my long hair out of the way, then kiss my forehead. I don't remember when it first started 41 me -----her hands pushing my hair that way. But it

did make me annoyed, for they felt work - worn and 42 against my young skin. Finally, one night, I shouted at her ―Don’t do that any more –your 43 are too rough! She didn’t say anything in 44 . But never again did my mother close out my day with that 45 expression of her love.

Time after time, with the 46 years, my thoughts returned to that night. I'm not a little girl any more.Mom is in her mid - seventies, and those hands I doing things for me and my 48 . 47 thought to be so rough are still

Now, my own children are 49 . Mom no longer has Dad. It was late on that Thanksgiving Eve, as I went to sleep in the bedroom of my youth, a familiar hand 50 face to brush the 51 from my forehead. Then a kiss, ever so 52 53 , thousands of times, I 54 before stealing across my

touched my brow. In my

the night my young voice complained. 55 Mom’s hand in my

hand, I said how 56 I was for that night. I thought she'd remember, as I did, 57 Mom didn't know what I was talking about. She had forgotten — and That night, I fell asleep with a new 59 58 —long ago.

for my gentle mother and her caring hands. And the

60 I had carried around for so long was nowhere to be found. 41.A. surprising 42.A. rough 43.A. noises 44.A. anger 45.A. healthy 46.A. coming 47.A. often B. hurting B. gentle B. words B. silence B. familiar B. remaining B. even C. annoying C. smooth C. hands C. fear C. popular C. following C. never D. amazing D. strong D. feelings D. reply D. perfect D. passing D. once

48.A. family 49.A. developed 50.A. imagined 51.A. hair 52.A. quickly 53.A. memory 54.A. chanced 55.A. Beating 56.A. happy 57.A. and 58.A. remembered 59.A. hope 60.A. guilt

B. neighbor B. grown B. hesitated B. tears B. roughly B. opinion B. missed B. Catching B. annoyed B. while B. faded B. appreciation B. pride

C. husband C. moved C. regretted C. dirt C. gently C. history C. hated C. Picking C. sorry C. because C. forgiven C. thought C. sorrow

D. home D. forgotten D. trembled D. kisses D. slowly D. diary D. recalled D. Stopping D. amused D. but D. apologized D. approval D. failure

【答案】 【知识点】B1 记叙文 【文章综述】文章介绍作者的妈妈晚上总是在作者睡觉的时候来抚摸她,但是有一天,作者 却抱怨妈妈的手太粗糙了,这件事一直让作者感到内疚,在作者自己的孩子长大走后,作者 更加能理解妈妈,终于有一晚,她向妈妈表达了自己的抱歉,但是妈妈已经忘了或是早已原 谅她了。 【答案解析】 41.C A.surprising令人惊讶的,B.hurting伤人的,C.annoying令人生气的,D. amazing令人惊讶 的,从后面的句子:her hands pushing my hair that way. But it did make me annoyed,可知妈妈每 天晚上抚摸她让她生气。 42.A A.rough粗糙的,B.gentle温柔的,C.smooth顺滑的,D.strong强壮的,从前面的work – worn可知妈妈的手因为劳作变得粗糙。 43.C A.noises噪音, B.words话语, C. hands手, Dfeelings感觉, 从前面的句子: her hands pushing my hair that way可知作者埋怨妈妈的手太粗糙。 44.D A.anger生气,B.silence沉默,C. fear害怕,D. reply回答,前面是I shouted at her:作者对妈 妈叫喊,后面说妈妈没有回答。 45.B A.healthy健康的,B.familiar熟悉的,C.popular流行的,D.perfect完美的,妈妈再也没有 用熟悉的表情结束我一天。

46.D 随着很多年的过去。 47.D 我曾经认为粗糙的手还为我和我的家做事情。 48.A 从后面的Now, my own children are 34 ,可知作者的妈妈还为她的家人做事。 49.B A.developed发展,B.grown 长大,C.moved搬家,D.forgotten忘记,我的孩子也长大了。 50.B A.imagined想象,B.hesitated犹豫,C.regretted后悔, D.trembled颤抖,因为作者曾经埋 怨过妈妈的手粗糙,所以妈妈是犹豫着抚摸她。 51.A A.hair头发,B.tears眼泪,C.dirt灰尘,D.kisses 亲吻,从前面的push my long hair out of the way, then kiss my forehead.可知妈妈拨开作者前额的头发。 52.C A.quickly快地,B.roughly粗略地,C.gently温柔地,D.slowly缓慢地,妈妈温柔的亲吻作者 的前额。 53.A A.memory记忆, B.opinion观点, C.history历史, D.diary日记, 从后面的句子: the night my young voice complained可知这是作者记忆中的事情。 54.D A.chanced碰巧,B.missed错过,C.hated讨厌,D.recalled回忆,在记忆中,我回忆那晚对 妈妈的抱怨的情景。 55.B 作者把妈妈的手抓在自己的手中。 56.C A.happy 快乐的,B. annoyed生气的,C. sorry 抱歉的,D.amused好笑的,我对妈妈说对那 天晚上感到很抱歉。 57.D我以为妈妈还记得,但是妈妈已经忘了,表示转折关系。 58.C A. remembered记得,B.faded褪色,C.forgiven原谅,D.apologized道歉,这里指妈妈 忘了这件事,或是原谅的 59.B A.hope希望, B.appreciation欣赏, C.thought 想法, D. approval赞成, 从后面的: for my gentle mother and her caring hands.可知作者对温柔的妈妈和爱护的手是有的新的感激 60.A A.guilt内疚,B.pride骄傲,C.sorrow难过,D.failure失败,从前面可知作者对那天晚上一直 感到抱歉,内疚,现在都没有了。

【由 2014 陕西省商南县高级中学高三上二模改编】
完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选 项。 Follow Every Rainbow

Shirley Allen loved to sing and play the piano. She studied music in college and her _1 was to become a concert pianist or blues singer. Everything __2___ when she was 20 years old. She became sick with what doctors __3___ was typhoid fever(伤寒)and she almost died. Doctors gave her medicine to help her get well, but the medicine __4 ___her to become ___5___ deaf. She could no longer hear the music which she had always___6___. Shirley would never give up playing the piano,___7___ she did decide to change __8___ .She transferred to Gallaudet University and studied English .In 1964 Shirley graduated from Gallaudet and looked for _ 9__.She wanted to be __10__ and work full time . For three years, Shirley worked as a clerk in Washington,D.C.___11___ ,in 1967 she was asked to work at Gallaudet University as a dorm supervisor(宿舍监管员).Shirley supervised young women who __12___ in the university during the school year. She also taught English. Somehow she found time to ___13___ graduate school at Howard University in Washington,D.C. In 1972,Shirley received her M.A.degree. Always ___14___ a new challenge, in 1973 Shirley became a professor at National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), which ___15___ deaf and hard-of-hearing students technical and professional training. This ___16 ___woman became the first black deaf female in the world to receive her Ph.D. She made __17___ in 1992,___18___ she received the highest degree in education from the University of Rochester in New York. Dr.Shirley Jeanne Allen has traveled many roads and ___19___ many rainbows searching for her dream. With courage and ___20___,she never gave up. 1.A.job 2. A. disappeared 3.A.said 4.A.allowed 5.A.almost 6.A. loved 7.A.and 8.A.career 9.A.information B. interest B. changed B. agreed B. caused B. actually B. played B. so B. interest B. help C. duty C. stopped C. found C. encouraged C. totally C. performed C. but C. life C. an assistant D. dream D. ended D. thought D. enabled D. gradually D. remembered D. even if D. attitude D. a job

10.A.happy 11.A.However 12.A.worked 13.A.attend 14.A.interested in 15.A.teaches 16.A.amazing 17.A.progress 18.A.after 19.A.found 20.A. intelligence 【参考答案】完形填空 1—5、DBDBC

B. independent B. Then B. studied B. observe B. busy with B. offers B. strict B. excuses B. while B. watched B. determination

C. free C. Therefore C. lived C. describe

D. confident D. Besides D. played D. advertise

C. concerned about D. ready for C. pays C. wealthy C. suggestions C. until C. followed C. strength D. promises D. beautiful D. history D. when D. appreciated D. pride

6—10、 ACADB


16—20、 ADDCB

【由 2013 界广东省东山中学高三下入学摸底考试改编】
完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出 最佳选项。 Behind our house is the start of a fascinating trail (小径). This trail is one of the old roads that wind through untold miles of forest. My Beans sniffs alongside the 2 only to him. Beans is a white dog, quite handsome and very 4 . He not only understands what 5 6 back. trail. I was sure this trail 1 , Beans, and I walk the trail frequently. Normally, 3 some cause known

to follow the smell of a deer track or

we tell him, but also often makes sounds as if he were trying to One morning, we took a different route, which led us to a(n) would eventually lead us to our familiar 7

. But, no. We seemed to be far off course. After 8 the way home. So I urged, "Beans,

two hours, I suddenly realized that Beans probably

take me home." He ran down a new trail. But it merely led to an intersection (岔道口) of trails.

Soon it became in the 11


that we were getting nowhere. I began to picture the rest of the day

10 , without food or drink. We had walked about ten miles. But Beans seemed totally . The sniffing and exploring was going well for him.

Finally, we and 13


a crossroad near a highway. Lady Luck suggested I should turn left. We did

reached a cottage beside a field. I knocked on the door and explained my situation us home.

to an old man. He laughed and then 14 Since our adventure, I 15

that Beans probably knew all along how to get home.

He was just having too much fan exploring new trails. 1. 2 3. 4. 5. 6 7. 8. 9. A. deer A. route A. imagine A. smart A. turn A. unfamiliar A. driveway A. knew A. mysterious B. dog B. road B. consider B. sweet B. kick B. similar B. path B. saw B. ridiculous B. forest B. unconscious B. went off B. frequently B. drove B. remembered C. lady C. trail C. explore C. slow C. jump C. indifferent C. crossroad C. showed C. fascinating C. field C. undecided C. came to C. formally C. sent C. concluded D. man D. way D. present D. shy D. speak D. changeable D. highway D. made D. apparent D. cottage D. uncomfortable D. drove toward D. shortly D. carried D. confirmed

10. A. house 11. A. unconcerned 12. A. left for 13 A. punctually 14. A. walked 15. A. regretted

文章大意: 我的狗 Beans 领着我沿着一条不熟悉的小路散步而迷路了, 结果好不容易才回到家。 但从冒险经历来看,我断定 Beans 可能一直知道回家的路,他只是喜欢探险新的路径罢了。 1.【答案】B 【解析】考查名词及语境的理解。A. deer 鹿;B. dog 狗; C. lady 女士; D. man 男士。根 据第二段第一句 “Beans is a white dog”可判断故选 B。 2.【答案】C

【解析】考查名词及语境的理解。A. route 路线; B. road 路; C. trail 小径,踪迹; D. way 方法。通常小狗 Beans 沿着这条小径跟随小鹿的踪迹,故选 C。 3.【答案】C 【解析】考查动词及语境的理解。A. imagine 想象; B. consider 考虑; C. explore 探险;

D. present 提出。根据全文最后一句 “He was just having too much fan exploring new trails.”可 判断故选 C。 4.【答案】A 【解析】考查形容词及语境的理解。A. smart 聪明的,敏捷的; B. sweet 甜的; C. slow 慢的; D. shy 害羞的。根据最后一句 “He not only understands what we tell him, but also often makes sounds as if he were trying to 5.【答案】D 【解析】考查动词及语境的理解。A. turn 转向; B. kick 踢; C. jump 跳; D. speak 讲话,说 话。根据句中的 “makes sounds”可判断 Beans 试图用言语进行回答,故选 D。 6.【答案】A 【解析】考查形容词及语境的理解。A. unfamiliar 不熟悉的; B. similar 相似的; C. indifferent 莫不关心的;D. changeable 可变的。一天早晨,我们走了一个不同的路线,它通向一个不熟悉 的小径,故选 A。 7.【答案】B 【解析】考查名词及语境的理解。A. driveway 车道; B. path 道路; C. crossroad 十字路口; D. highway 公路。 根据上文 “My 36 , Beans, and I walk the trail frequently.” 和 “we took a 39 back.”可推断 Beans 的聪明与机智。故选 A。

different route, which led us to an unfamiliar trail.”可综合判断选 B,即“熟悉的小径”这里 path 与 trail 近义词,故选 B。 8.【答案】A 【解析】考查动词及语境的理解。A. knew 知道; B. saw 看见; C. showed 显示; D.

made 制造。根据下文 “So I urged, "Beans, take me home."可以推断我突然意识到 Beans 可能知 道回家的路,故选 A。 9.【答案】D 【解析】 考查形容词及语境的理解。 A. mysterious 神秘的; B. ridiculous 可笑的; C. fascinating 迷人的; D. apparent 显然的。 根据上文 “He ran down a new trail. But it merely led to an

intersection (岔道口) of trails.”可推断其实 Beans 并不知道回家的路,即:很快,我们已经迷路 是很明显的事了。故选 D。 10.【答案】B 【解析】考查名词及语境的理解。A. house 房子;B. forest 森林; C. field 田地; D. cottage 小屋。 由前后语境可知我们迷失在一个偏僻之处, 再结合第一段 “This trail is one of the old roads that wind through untold miles of forest”的提示可判断选 B 项。 11.【答案】A 【解析】考查形容词及语境的理解。A. unconcerned 不关心的;B. unconscious 无意识的; C. undecided 未定的; D. uncomfortable 不舒服的。根据句中 but 所表示的转折关系,再结合“The sniffing and exploring was going well for him.”的提示推断,至于迷路一事我着急,但 Beams 并 不关心,故选 A 项。 12.【答案】C 【解析】考查动词及语境的理解。A. left for 动身去; B. went off 离去; C.came to 前 来 ; D. drove toward 朝某个方向开去。由前后语境可推断此处应意为“我们终于来到了离高速公路 不远处的一个十字路口”,故选 C 项。 13.【答案】D 【解析】考查副词及语境的理解。A. punctually 准时地; B. frequently 经常地;C. formally 正 式地; D. shortly 不久。 语境。故选 D。 14.【答案】B 【解析】考查动词及语境的理解。A. walked 步行; B. drove 开车; C. sent 送; D. carried 搬 运。他笑了开车把我们送到了家,故选 B。 15.【答案】C 【解析】 考查动词及语境的理解。 A. regretted 后悔; B. remembered 记得; C. concluded 推论; D. confirmed 确认。从我们的冒险经历,我断定(得出结论)Beans 可能一直知道回家的路, 他只是喜欢探险新的路径罢了。由此语境可判断选 C 项。 【参考答案】1--5 BCCAD 6---10 ABADB 11---15ACDBC 很快我们就来到一处村舍,故选 D 项。shortly 意为“不久”,符合