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Dogs are human's good friends, but it has different emotional coloring in China and the West with the expression of dogs . Today we can learn about the expression of dogs in English and Chinese.

Since ancient times ,the dog in China is a kind of ferocious animal which always been used to guarding human’s houses . And words related to dogs are always with derogatory meanings. For example, be a bully under the protection of a powerful person, act like a snob, a cornered beast will do something desperate, worse than pigs or dogs.
狗在中国自古以来就是看家护院的凶恶动物,与狗相关的词语大多都带有贬义。例如,狗仗人势,狗眼看人低,狗急 跳墙,猪狗不如等。

But the dogs in western literature are mostly positive image, for example, on representative work of the American writer Jack London?s movie “the Call of the Wild “ and in the famous movie" Hachiko : A Dog's Story”. So the English phrases related to dogs are mostly positive.
但狗在西方文学中大都是正面的形象,比如在美国作家杰克伦敦的代表作《野性的呼唤》中,在著名电影《忠犬八公 的故事》中,所以英语里有关狗的词语也多为褒义。

Then let’s look at some of the commonly used expressions about dogs.

Love me,love my dog.


If you love me , you should accept everything of mine.

Every dog has his day.
He'll get that promotion eventually. Every dog has its day. This sentence is always been used to warn people not to belittle others because everyone has the light of day. It also used to encourage others that there will always be one day when a good fortune befell them.

A good dog deserves a good bone.

He worked like a dog.

He spared no effort in his work .”worked like a dog” doesn?t mean that one is tired but hard-working . There are some differences with Chinese generally understanding.

Dog days
These are the dog days , watermelons are just in season. It means “the hottest weeks of the summer”. The ancient astrologers found that every year the weather in the south is the most hot this week, Sirius (天狼星) always rises with the sun , and Sirius has another name “the Dog Star”. So this period of extreme heat is called “dies caniculars ” (Sirius days), which also write as “canicular days”.And country folk use a more popular saying, that is“dog days”.

Dog days
Of course, there is also a saying may not seem that hard to understand. When it is hot, the dog will rise a long tongue . So it is a kind of weather which can be able to heat the dog's breath, it is called “days dog”.

Dog someone

Through the above study, we must have known some expressions about dogs. Now let’s see a movie
" Hachiko : A Dog's Story”.

About the film
The film tells about a man named Parker, a university professor in a small town .One day he encountered a poor puppy and take it home . Professor adopted it, give it a name called Hachi . Since then it lived with Parker family and gradually grew up. After that , Hachi sent professor to station every morning , waiting for him to go back together every evening . Unfortunately , professor died of disease suddenly , and never went back to the station. However , Hachi still waited for his professor at the station on time , until he went to heaven…..
故事讲述了Parker教授收养了一只小秋田犬, 取名“Hachi”。之后的每天, Hachi早上将教授送 到车站,傍晚等待教授一起回家。不幸的是,教授 因病辞世,再也没有回到车站,然而Hachi在之后的 10年时间里依然每天按时在车站等待,直到最后死


About a classic plot
Parker was accompanied by this dog to work on time every morning. In the evening he would appear at the station at five o'clock to greet Parker off work . In the eyes of station agent, hot dog vendor and nearby store owners, the picture was already used to being seen.
Hachi 每天准时陪伴Parker上班,傍 晚五点准时出现在火车站门口迎接Parker 下班,小镇车站站长,卖热狗的小贩,附 近商店的老板娘的眼中这都是已经习以为 常的画面。

Thank you!

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