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定语从句 1.定义 2. 先行词 3. 关系词 The student who is talking with the monitor is Lucy. The student whom (who) you want to see has come already. A dictionary is a book which gives the meaning of words.

The letter which I received yesterday was from a friend of mine. Please pass me the book whose cover is green. The girl whose mother is a teacher studies very hard. A bookstore is a store that sells books. He is the man that I saw yesterday. The man (that/whom/who) you know is a famous professor. Do you remember the teacher that/who taught us English? This is the city where I was born. I don’t know the reason why she is late. Do you still remember the day when he arrived? 1.定语从句的前面都有先行词(被修饰语) 2.定语从句应紧跟在先行词之后 3.先行词与定语从句之间要有关系词(有时可省略) 4.关系词在定语从句中充当某一成分 The skirt _____ is made of silk is very expensive. I can’t afford it. A what B / C that D it I love people _____ are friendly to others. A which B whose C what D who Sorry, we don’t have the coat ______ you need. A what B who C whom D which That is the school ____ last year. A which I studied B at which I studied C where I studied at D in where I studied This was the place _____ last year. A which I visited B where I visited C when I visited D in which I visited 注:从句的谓语动词 I like the book which/that is on the desk. I like the books which/that are on the desk. Lee is one of the students who are working very hard. He led us to a place where we have never been before. 用 that 不用 which 的一些特殊情况 1) 先行词为 all, much, little, something, anything, everything, nothing 等 Is there anything (that) I can do for you? You should hand in all that you have. 2) 先行词前有形容词最高级修饰和序数词修饰 This is the most exciting report that I have ever read. The first step (that) we are to take is very difficult. 3) 先行词被 the only, the very(恰恰,正好)等限定词修饰时。

The only thing that we can do is to give you some money. This is the very dictionary that is of great help. 4) 先行词既指人又指物时,用 that 不用 which,也不用 who/whom He talked about the people and the books that interested him. My father and mother talked a lot about the things and the persons that they could remember. 限制与非限制 Boys who attend this school have to wear uniforms. Those who want to go please sign their names here. He has two sisters, who are working in the city. The children, who wanted to play football, were disappointed when it rained. 句型转换: That is his father, and he works in Shanghai. That is his father, ______ works in Shanghai. I like the boy, who is very lovely. I like the boy, _____ is very lovely. He told me a story yesterday, and I think it is very interesting. He told me a story yesterday, _____ I think is very interesting. 介词+关系代词 1. In front of my house, there is a tree, in which some birds are singing. (在树上一般用介词 in) 2. The computer for which I paid 5,000yuan is made in Shenzhen. ( pay 与 for 搭配) 3. Do you know the girl with whom the man talked just now? (talk 究竟接 to, with 还是接 about, 这该由动词及现行词决定) 注:She has a little daughter, who is looked after by her grandma. 就不能写成: She has a little daughter, after whom is looked by her grandma. 因为,look after 是不可分开的固定短语。 改错: This is the longest train which I have ever seen. The radio set which I bought it last week has gone wrong. They talked for about an hour of things and persons who they remembered in the school. I don't like the way which you speak to her. That book that you want it is on the desk. It Is this factory that we visited last week? The one He is the person for whom you are looking. Looking for 1.定语从句要避免成分重复 2 定语从句要避免漏用先行词 3 含有介词的短语动词一般不拆开 as 与 which 的区别 which 引导的非限制性定语从句只能位于主句后,但 as 引导的从句可位于主句前、中、后。 1. I live a long way from work, as [which] you know. As is known to everybody, the moon travels round the earth once every month.

as 在定语从句中作主语时, 从句谓语通常要有 be 或别的系动词, 但 which 不受此限制。 如: 2. As might be expected, John was admitted to the university. as 引导的定语从句通常表示一个众所周知或意料之中的事,但 which 不受此限制。如: He married her, which was unexpected. (不可用 as) as 引导的非限制性定语从句与主句之间关系密切, as 本身意含“正如”或“就像”之意。而 which 引导的非限制性定语从句与主句之间在逻辑意义上近似于并列关系, 3. as 多用于固定搭配中:as is often the case(这是常有的事),as was expected(不出所料), as often happens(正如经常发生的那样), as is known to all / as is well known / as we all know (众所周知),as has been said before(如上所述),as is mentioned above(正如上面所提到的) 等。 It rained hard yesterday, ____ prevented me from going to the park. A. that B. which C. as D. it Such…..that/such….as Such…that 引导的状语从句与 such…as 引导的定语从句的区别: His plan was such a good one as we all agreed to accept. His plan was such a good one that we all agreed to accept it, 1. I don't like such books ____ he recommended. A. as B. that C. so D. after which

2. Mr. Smith is _________ a good teacher _________ we all respect him. A. such, that B. such, as C. so, that D. so, as

3. Such a book ___ you lent me is too difficult to understand. A. that B. which C. as D. like of whom / which 引导的定语从句 在非限制性定语从句中, 先行词作为一个整体, 表示整体中的一部分, 即表示“部分与整体” 的关系时, 用 of which / whom。 表示部分的可以是具体数目或百分数, 也可以是 few, several, some, half, many, much, most, all, the majority 等。 The buses, most of which were already full, were surrounded by an angry crowd. Our school has 80 teachers, 50 of whom are women. one of +复数名词+关系代词+复数形式动词 The Great Wall is one of the world –famous buildings that draw lots of visitors. Titanic is one of the most wonderful movies that have been produced in Hollywood. the only one of +复数名词+关系代词+单数形式动词 The Great Wall is the only one of the buildings on the earth that is seen from the moon. Titanic is the only one of those wonderful movies that has been produced in Hollywood. Tom isn’t the only one of the boys who have passed the exam. =Tom is one of the boys who have passed the exam. He is one of the students who _____(have)passed the exam. He is the only one of the students who______(have) passed the exam. He is not the only one of the students who _____(have)passed the exam.


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