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江都市第一中学高三英语文化班午练习( ) 江都市第一中学高三英语文化班午练习(4)
2011.9.22 命题人:周静

1. My sister was against my suggestion that we go to Shanghai for our holidays while my brother was __________ it. A. in favor of A. haste A. intend A. fulfill A. circumstance B. in memory o B. range B. interpret B. identify B. situation C. in honor of C. possession C. interrupt C. figure C. giant D. in search of D. purse D. invest D. claim D. happen 2. The best example of a paradox is the proverb ‘More _______ less speed’. 3. Please do not ______ when somebody else is talking. 4. Thanks for the advice, but this is something I have to _________ out myself. 5. Under no _________ will I go there again. 6. ―Mom, I still have an ache in my stomach. ―Don’t worry. The pain will go away_________. A. by the by B. side by side C. by and by D. one by one 7. ―The boss said we had only three days to finish the work. ―Don’t worry. We have already ______ two thirds of it. A. got down A. polish looking pale all day. A. vague B. apparent C. deliberate D. loose 10. Always read the ________ on the bottle carefully and take the right amount of medicine. A. explanations B. instructions C. descriptions D. introductions 11. Doing your homework is a way to improve your test scores, and this is especially true _____ it _____ classroom tests. A. before; gets B. as; makes C. since; takes D. when; comes to 12. When he reads books, his habit is to make a mark _______ the meaning is unclear to him. A. there B. wherever C. the place D. in which 13. It was not ______ he took off his dark glasses _____ I realized he was a B. got through B. make C. throw away C. do D. given away D. treasure 8. By reading we enrich the mind, by conversation we _______ it. 9. It was __________ to everyone that he was seriously ill, because he was


famous football star. A. when; that B. until; did C. when; then D. until; that 14. The boy dived into the water and after _____ seemed to be a long time, he came up again. A. what B. that C. it D. which 15. In the book, Newton is shown as a gifted scientist who stood at the point in history ______ magic ended and science began. A. when B. where C. which D. whose

(A) by and by for a long time mend one’s ways quite a few in other words throw away

1. The Communist Party committees tried to ‘re-educate’ him but he refuse to __________. 2. It will come all the easier to like him __________ when we are all together. 3. I have been waiting for her _________, but she hasn’t turned up yet. 4. Now even ________ scientists continue to doubt whether cloning is beneficial to human beings. 5. Britain must now _________ this opportunity by electing a Labor government. 6. He didn’t do well in the College Entrance Examination. ________, he may not go to any key university. (B) search for be associated with refer to For instance make a point be meant to 1. In children’s minds summer __________ picnics. 2. I have always __________ of visiting my mother on her birthday. 3. Motorola, _________ , has announced that from now on all Motorola-produced mobile phones will have access to the Internet. 4. He who would __________ pearls must dive below. 5. They __________ serve as an introduction, to whet your appetite for further study and to help you understand those around you better. 6. The traveler __________ his guide book for details of his journey. (三)句子改错 1. If he will come or not is unknown. 2. He has won the prize is true.


3. Don’t promise anything when you are one hundred percent sure. 4. As is known to all that Taiwan is part of China. 5. I’ll give the gift to whomever comes first. 6. Nancy enjoyed herself so much that she visited her friends in Sydney last year. (四)中译英 1. 有许多种运动,但我最喜欢的是散步。 _______________________________________________________ 2. 你说英语不重要,这是我不同意之处。 _______________________________________________________ 3. 学英语最重要的是足够的练习。 _________________________________________________________ 4. 一旦你有信心,你就能在面试中获得成功。 _________________________________________________________ 5. 明天我们是否去野营取决于天气。 __________________________________________________________ (五)完形填空 Several years ago, while attending a communication course, I experienced a most unusual process. The instructor asked us to list (1) ______ in our past that we felt (2) ______ of, regretted, or incomplete about and read our lists aloud. This seemed like a very (3) ______process, but there’s always some (4) ______ soul in the crowd who will volunteer. The instructor then (5) ______ that we find ways to (6) ______ people, or take some action to right any wrong doings. I was seriously wondering how this could ever (7) ______ my communication. Then the man next to me raised his hand and volunteered this story: “Making my (8) ______, I remembered an incident from high school. I grew up in a small town. There was a Sheriff (9) ______ of us kids liked. One night, my two buddies and I decided to play a (10) ______ on him. After drinking a few beers, we climbed the tall water tank in the middle of the town, and wrote on the tank in bright red paint: Sheriff Brown is a s. o. b. (畜牲). The next day, almost the whole town saw our glorious (11) ______. Within two hours, Sheriff Brown had us in his office. My friends told the truth but I lied. No

one (12) ______ found out.” Nearly 20 years later, Sheriff Brown’s name (13) ______ on my list. I didn’t even know if he was still (14) ______. Last weekend, I dialed the information in my hometown and found there was a Roger Brown still listed. I tried his number. After a few (15) ______, I heard, “Hello?” I said, “Sheriff Brown?” Paused. “Yes, Well, this is Jimmy Calkins.” “And I want you to know that I did it?” Paused. “I knew it!” he yelled back. We had a good laugh and a (16) ______ discussion. His closing words were: “Jimmy, I always felt bad for you (17) ______ your buddies got it off their chest, but you were carrying it (18) ______ all these years. I want to thank you for calling me … for your sake.” Jimmy inspired me to (19) ______ all 101 items on my list within two years, and I always remember what I learned from the course: It’s never too late to (20) ______ the past wrongdoings. 1. A. something B. anything 2. A. ashamed B. afraid 3. A. private B. secret 4. A. foolish B. polite 5. A. expected B. suggested 6. A. connect with C. make apologize to 7. A. improve B. continue 8. A. notes B. list 9. A. any B. most 10. A. part B. game 11. A. view B. sign 12. A. also B. even 13. A. appears B. considers 14. A. angry B. happy 15. A. words B. rings 16. A. cold B. plain 17. A. in case B. so long as 18. A. around B. out 19. A. build up B. make up 20. A. regret B. forgive C. somebody D. anybody C. sure D. proud C. interesting D. funny C. simple D. brave C. ordered D. demanded B. depend on D. get along with C. realize D. keep C. plan D. stories. C. none D. all C. trick D. record C. attention D. remark C. still D. ever C. present D. remembers C. doubtful D. alive C. repeats D. calls C. nervous D. lively C. unless D. because C. on D. away C. clear up D. give up C. right D. punish


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