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所 以 努 力 幸 福 。
Mr.G reen has a holiday , So he says ,”I’m going to the mountains by train .” He puts on his best clothes ,takes a small bag , goes to the stations and gets into the train.He has a beautiful hat , and he often puts his head out of the window during the trip ang looks at th mountains . But the wind blows his hat off. Mr Geen quickly takes his bag and throws out of the indow,too. The other people in the carriage laugh ,”Is your bag going to bring your beautifulhat back?”they ask .

但 生 活 是 你 创 造 ,

生 活 可 能 痛 苦 ;

生 活 可 能 丑 陋 ,

主办单位:****** 主编:A052 期刊号:199025 第五期

和 名 人 接 触 的 机 会 而 闻 名 于 世 。

年 , 因 馆 内 蜡 像 逼 真 , 给 了 大 众

杜 莎 夫 人 蜡 像 馆 始 建 于

多 位 中 外 名 人 的 蜡 像 。

贝 克 汉 姆 和 爱 因 斯 坦 等 在 内 的

包 括 姚 明 、 成 龙 、 比 尔

界 商 厦 上 海 楼 杜 开 莎 馆 夫 。 人 它 蜡 首 像 批 馆 盖 展 在 茨 出 新 、 了 世

The shanghai Madame Tussauds Wax Museum opened on the 10th floor of the New World Department Store on May 1 this year.It first displayed about 20 wax figures of Chinese and foreign celebrities such as YaoMing , Jacky cheng, Bill Gates,Beckham and Einstein . Madame Tussauds Wax Museum was first build in1835,and was famous for making vivid wax figures for world famous people and creating a chance for common people to get clorser to famous people.

生 活 也 可 能 将 一 个 人 送 上 它 被 告 的 法 庭 。

生 活 可 能 是 智 慧 的 结 晶 ;

生 活 可 能 是 梦 幻 一 场 ,

但 有 时 令 人 沮 丧 。

生 活 常 常 充 满 快 乐 ,

生 活 可 能 悲 伤 ,

生 活 可 能 美 满 ,

Dick was seven years old , and his sister Mary was five .One day their mother took them to their aunt’s house to play and then she went to town to buy something .The children played for an 迪克七岁时,他 hour ,and then at half past four their aunt 妹妹那时才五岁。 took Dick into the kitchen .She gave him a 一天, 他妈妈将他们放在 nice cake and a knife and said to him,”now here is a knife ,Dick,cut this cake into two 二天, 阿姨家里玩,然后妈妈 piecees and give one piece to your sister ,and 就去买东西。孩子们玩了一个小时 remember to do it like a gentleman .”Like ,在四点半时阿姨让迪克去厨房,她 a gentleman ?”Dick asked.”How does 给了迪克一把小刀和一个蛋糕。阿姨告 gentleman do it ?””They always give the bigger piece to the 诉他: “现在有一把小刀,你把这个蛋糕 other .”answered his aunt at 切成两半,把一半给一的妹妹,对了,你知 once .”Oh,”said Dick.He thought 道怎样才具有绅士风格吗?” “有绅士风格?” about this for a monment .Then he 他说“怎样才有绅士风格呢?” “首先想到 took the cake to his sister and said to her ,”Cut this cake in half, Mary.” 别人的人就有绅士风格。 ”阿姨说。 “噢! ”迪克说。 他想了一会儿,接着,他告诉妹妹: “把蛋糕切成两半。 ”

How Can Anyone Like flying ? It’s crazy thing to do .Bird fly; people don’t.I hate flying .You wait for hours for the plane to take off,and it’s often late.The plane’s aiways crowded.You can’t walk around and there’s nothing to do. You can’t open the windows and you can’t get off.The seats are uncomfortable,there’s no choise of food and there are never enough toilers.Then after the plane lands,it is even worse;it takes hours to get the airport and into the city.

Life can be good Life can be bad Life is mostly cheerful But sometimes sad. Life can be dreams , Life can be great thouguts Life can mean a person, sirring in cout. Life can be dirty , Life can even be painful; But life is what you make ir So try to make it beautiful.

或许我们的友 情不似潮汐,潮起还有潮 落。或许它更像那大海海面时 而出现的微笑。时而阴霾,时而暴 怒。可他的心在深深的海,却始终如一。 或许他的友情不似花朵,花开还有花落。 或许他更像那翻新:石印实现。可他们 那神秘的光芒亘古 永存

May our friendship be nor like the tides , ties rise,tides fall. May it be like the ocean. Whose face may show smile , frown ,or anger , but flower,flowers bloom, flowers fade. May it be likegrass and trees,their leaves may winter ,but their roots live long .May our friendship be not like the moon , the moon waxes , it also wanes May it be like the stars .They appear or do not appear In the sky , but always exist with my sterious light.

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