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湘阴一中 2015 届英语周考试卷 (六)
时量:45 分钟 命题:陈煜娜 总分:65 分 审题:易蓉

21.There was no light on in the classroom. They must have gone home____?
A.didn’t they B.don’t they C.mustn’t they D.haven’t they 22.The reason ___ he gave for being late was ___ he forgot to use the alarm lock. A.which, because B. why, because C. which, that D. that, because 23.. Some ads ____________ be misleading when they give incorrect or false information. A. should B. can C. may D. must 24.The General Manager suggests those found ________ in the office would be fired immediately. A.smoke B.to smoke C.smoked D.smoking 25.By the time you have completed the essential training, you ________ exposed to virtually every new feature of the course. A.are B.will have been C.have been D.will be 26.I'll appreciate ________ if you do me the favor to send this message to Mr. Allen. A.that B.it C.this D.you 27.I love my school. Growing in the garden in front of our classroom ________ the flowers of different kinds. A.is B.are C.was D.were 28.________ the fact that David failed in the competition, his teacher thought he had done his best. A.Although B.Despite C.While D.Without 29.Santa Claus, also ________ as Father Christmas is a figure who is said to bring gifts to good children on Christmas Eve. A.knowing B.known C.being known D.is known 30.To be honest, if it were not for the fact that you ________ my close friend, I would not take such pains to serve you. A.were B.are C.had been D.have been 31.Every boy and girl _________the book and they each __________to buy one. A.like,want B. Likes,wants C likes, want D like,wants 32. –Can you see what is written on that? --It___ “No camping”. A. reads B. is read C. writes D. is reading 33.My teacher often tells us that it is not how much you read but __ you read __ counts. A. that, that B. which, what C. that, what D. what, that 34.It will be quite a long time ___ she is back again, so don’t be too cross with her. A. that B. since C. before D. until 35. ___ the coal mine, they had no choice but to wait for rescue. A. Trapped in B. Trapping in C. Trapped by D. Trapping at

Section B (10 marks) On Friday morning, I was waiting in the corridor with my class for the physics exam. Glancing back from the front of the queue, I found my best friend Terry, who was treating me like I didn’t exist during the past two weeks, 36 all my calls and messages. With all the students seated in the exam room, Mr. Reed, our physics teacher, talked to the class and announced the exam. I hated physics and felt it hard to 37 my paper. I was just looking up when a 38 caught my eye. I could hardly believe it! Terry had her phone on her left knee and she was reading from it. Is that how Terry always got good 39 ? I almost put my hand up to tell the teacher, but what would everyone else think of her? However, it wasn’t 40 ! So I nodded to Mr. Reed. He walked 41 down the row of tables. Terry was busy with her phone so that she didn’t even find Mr. Reed had 42 her. She looked up from her phone with a frightened expression. Before she had a chance to explain, Mr. Reed took her 43 and told her to leave the room. Terry started crying as she walked to the door, looking back over her shoulder at me, sad and ashamed. After the exam, I received a text message from Terry, saying “I’m really 44 that I’ve been avoiding you lately but it’s been the hardest two weeks of my life. My dad has a heart attack and he’s been in hospital. He has a (n) 45 today and I am really worried. I know it is stupid, but I was trying to send a text message to my mum to see how it was going. Then Mr. Reed caught me and thought I was 46 . I wish I’d told you what’s been happening. I know I shouldn’t 47 who my friends are. Will you forgive me?” At these words, from my deep heart sprang up a burst of guilt along with the belief: Friendship is an honor and a gift, and worth the effort to treasure. 36. A. ignoring 37. A. hand out 38. A. mistake 39. A. spirits 40. A. serious 41. A. silently 42. A. left 43. A. advice 44. A. sorry 45.A. competition 46. A. learning 47. A. mind Section C (12 marks) Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. B. receiving B. give up B. movement B. reparations B. difficult B. nervously B. reached B. guidebook B. angry B. interview B. cheating B. forgive C. answering C. throw away C. mark C. grades C. fair C. happily C. passed C. place C. glad C. speech C. relaxing C. forget D. preserving D. concentrate on D. sentence D. questions D. helpful D. bravely D. followed D. paper D. lucky D. operation D. calling D. persuade

Anyone who owns a car knows that we should maintain the car and fill it with fuel of good quality. To keep it looking good, we occasionally take it 48 a wash. If we abuse the car, it won’t take us where we want to go. 49 it is with our body and soul. The body is just like a vehicle to do the soul’s building. 50 the body is full of energy, it can help open up the soul. Some deeper life issues will become easy for us. Just 51 we learn to maintain a car, we ought to learn how to maintain the body. There must be 52 balance between enjoying ourselves and working. For one thing, we don’t need to be a slave. 53 can sometimes refresh the body so that our soul can accomplish more. For 54 , we have to be in control. Enjoy the pleasure, 55 don’t be addicted to it. Only when our body is at full power can the “will-power” go further. Part III Reading Comprehension (10marks) Most parents of kids under age 8 don't worry about how much time they spend watching TV or using other media, from computers to smart phones to tablets PCs, according to a new survey that found a child's use of media often reflects how much time parents spend in the similar way. ¨ We generally found that media use is not a source of conflict in the home" for families with young children, Ellen Wartella, a researcher from Northwestem University, told USA Today. She led a survey of 2,326 parents who have children 8 and younger. It found that in 80 percent of families, children's media use was not a problem, with 55 percent “not too" or“ not at all" concerned about it . It also showed parents have more positive than negative feelings about how media consumption affects a child's learning and the development of creativity .The exception is video games, which are viewed more negatively than TV, computers or mobile devices.“Parents rated video games as more likely to have a negative effect on children's school performance, attention time, creativity, social skills, behavior and sleep than any other medium," the researchers said in a news conference about the survey. ¨ The findings exposes a generational shift (转移) in parental attitudes about technology's role in young children's lives," said Wartella.“Today's parents grew up with technology as a central pact of their lives, so they think about it differently than earlier generations of parents, instead of a battle with kids on one side and parents on the other, the use of media and technology has become a family affair. " The researchers identified three media environments created by parents: media-centric (39 percent of families) , media-moderate (45%) and media-light (16%) . Children in media-centric families spend at least three hours more each day watching TV or using computers, video games and tablet PCs don't make parenting easier.And 88 percent of parents say they are most likely to turn to toys or activities to keep their children occupied.Slightly fewer turn to books (79%) and TV(78%) . The survey didn't look at how media affects children. That's a topic that the American Academy of Pediatrics has handled a number of times. The AAP says studies have found too much media use can lead to attention- problems, school

difficulties, sleep and eating disorders and being fat. In addition, the Internet and cell phones can provide platforms for illegal and risky behaviors.¨ By limiting screen time and offering educational media and non-electronic formats (格式) such as books, newspapers and board games, and watching television with their children, parents can help guide their children's media experience . Putting questionable content into context and teaching kids a700ut advertising contributes to their media literacy (素养) ," it says. The pediatricians' group says parents should have “screen-free zones" and TV should be turned off during dinner. At most, it recommends children and teens engage with entertainment media for no more than two hours a day and that should be high-quality content. It is important for kids to spend time on outdoor play, reading, hobbies and using their imaginations in free play .“ Kids under 2 should not use television and other entertainment media because their brains are developing quickly and they learn best from direct human interaction," the group says. An article on screen time by t.he Mayo Clinic also notes problems linked to over screen time, including being fat, irregular sleep , behavioral problems , weak school performance , violence and less time for active and creative play. 56.Parents have more negative than positive feelings about media consumption like . A.computers B.smart phones C.video games D.tablets PCs 57.Most parents don't worry about kid's media use because . A.they can limit the screen time B.they want their children happy C.they also grew up with technology D.they can teach their children themselves 58.From the data of the survey, we learn . A.children in media-centric families are smarter than others B.children in media-light families spend one hour watching TV C.more than half of the parents think children's media use was a problem D.media-centric children spend more than three hours each day on media use 59 To make parenting easier, most parents probably . A.try to persuade their children to read books B.ask their children questions while watching TV C.allow their children watching TV or using computers D.turn to toys or activities to keep their children occupied 60 Which of the following is a suggestion by the researchers? A.Media use time for babies under 2 should be limited. B.Entertainment media use should be high-quality content. C.Schools should provide more time for active and creative play. D.Home media use should provide platforms for illegal and risky behaviors. Part IV Writing (10marks) Section A (10 marks) There are two types of people in the world. Although they have equal degree

of health and wealth and other comfort of life, one becomes happy while the other becomes unhappy. This difference comes from the different ways in which they consider things, persons, events, and the resulting effects upon their minds. People who are to be happy fix their attention on the convenience of things, the pleasant parts of a conversation, the well prepared dishes, for example. They enjoy all the cheerful things. Those who are to be unhappy think and speak only of the opposite things. So, they’re always dissatisfied. They cannot feel the pleasure of society, they hurt other people, and they make themselves unpopular everywhere. Their intention of criticizing and being disliked is perhaps taken up by imitation, but it gradually grows into a bad habit as time goes on. Though being unhappy is most probably an act of imagination, it has serious results in life, for it brings on deep sorrow and bad luck. The unhappy ones hurt many people; nobody will love them, and nobody will treat them with basic politeness and respect. When they need some advantages in social position or fortune, no one will wish them success. In order to help the unhappy ones, it is strongly suggested that they should change their bad habit and be pleased with what is pleasing, without worrying needlessly about themselves and the others. If they do it, it will be good for both themselves and the others, and bright life will definitely smile at them some day. Similarity Equal degree of health and wealth and 71. ______. Happy ones: Focusing their attention on the 73._____of things and the others. 74.________ ones: Thinking and speaking only of the opposite things.


Two types of people

Behaviors: ·Being75._____to feel the pleasure of society; ·Hurting many people; ·76.___________ everywhere. Analysis of the unhappy ones. Results: ·problems: causing harmful changes to__80__ ·Gradually it will 77._____that has bad effects on their interests and tastes; ·Nobody will love them; ·No one will treat them 78. ____and respectably.

79. _________. ·Change this bad habit; ·Be happy with what is pleasing; 湘阴一中 2015 届英语周考试卷 (六) · 80._________needlessly about themselves and the others.

时量:45 分钟 命题:陈煜娜

总分:65 分 审题:易蓉



单项选择:(15’) 题序 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 答案

完形填空 一:(18’) 题序 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 答案

完形填空 二:(12’) 48. ________ 52. ________ 阅读理解:(10’) 56---60:___________________ 阅读填空(10’) 71._____________ 73______________ 75.__________ 77.__________ 79.____________ 49. ________ 53. ________ 50. ________ 54. ________ 51. ________ 55. ________

72.______________ 74.____________ 76.__________ 78.____________ 80._____________

湘阴一中 2015 届英语周考试卷 (六)
时量:45 分钟 命题:陈煜娜 总分:65 分 审题:易蓉


姓名:_________ 得分:_________

题序 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 答案 A C B D B B B B B B C A D C A

完形填空 一:(18’) 题序 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 答案 A D B C C A B D A D B C

完形填空 二:(12’)

48. for 52. a

49. So 53. We

50. When/If 54. another

51. as/like 55. but


Section B (10 marks)71. other life comfort 73. convenience 75. unable themselves unpopular 77. become / form the habit 79. Suggestions / Solutions / Tips 78. politely 80. Don’t worry 74. unhappy 76. Being unpopular / Making 72. Difference

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