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四川省营山县回龙中学 2014-2015 学年高一 6 月阶段测试 英语试卷
考试时间:120 分钟;满分:150 分 第 I 卷(选择题) 一、单项选择:共 15 题 每题 1 分 共 15 分
1.The Spring Festival is _____ time when Chinese people get together to eat, drink

and have _____

fun with each other. A.a; / 【答案】A 【解析】 考查冠词。 根据句意“春节是一个中国人团聚在一起吃喝玩的时节”可知第一个空用 a, 表示“这样的一个时节”;后一空格考固定搭配,have fun“玩得高兴”。故选 A。 B.a; the C.the; a D.the; /

2.______ more than half of us were against the new plan, he still decided to carry it out.

A.As 【答案】D




【解析】考查连词。句意:虽然(while)我们大多数人反对这个计划,但是他依然决定实施 它。while 在这里引导让步状语从句,表示“虽然”。

3.---I hear Tony ______as a lawyer. Why did he quit teaching?

---Who knows? Maybe he just wants to experience a totally different life. A.worked 【答案】B 【解析】考查时态。根据后句“Why did he quit teaching?”可知,他曾经是一名老师,但现在是 一名律师,故用现在进行时态,选 B。 B.is working C.was working D.will have worked

4.---Are you satisfied with the result ?

---Not at all. ______. A.I must be better C.I could have been better 【答案】D 【解析】考查情景交际。句意:——你对这个结果满意吗?——一点也不(满意)。再也没 有比这更糟糕的了。故选 D。 B.It can?t be better D.It couldn?t be worse

5.Mary is giving me English lessons__________my teaching her Chinese.

A.exchange for 【答案】C


C.in exchange for

D.to exchange for

【解析】考查介词短语。句意:玛丽给我上英语课,作为交换我教她汉语。in exchange for 意 为“交换”,是固定搭配,符合句意。

6.He got up late and hurried to his office, ___________ the breakfast _________.

A.left; untouched C.leaving; untouched 【答案】C

B.to leave; untouching D.having left; untouching

【解析】考查非谓语动词。“___________ the breakfast _________.”在句中作结果状语,且句子 主语与 leave 之间是主动关系,因此用 leaving;the breakfast 与 touch 之间是被动关系,因此 用 untouched,故选 C。

7.In the dark forests

, some large enough to hold several English towns. B.lie many lakes C.do many lakes lie D.many lakes lay

A.do many lakes lay 【答案】B

【解析】考查倒装句。句意:在黑暗的森林里坐落着很多的湖泊,有些湖泊足够容纳几个英 国的乡镇。表示地点的介词短语 in the dark forest 位于句首,且句子主语是 lakes,因此用全部 倒装,故选 B。

8.The two books are _______ same size, and similar _______ content.

A.of; in 【答案】C

B.in the; to

C.of the; in

D.in; of

【解析】考查介词。句意:这两本书同样大,在内容上也是相似的。of the same size 意为“同 样大小的”,是固定结构;in content 意为“在内容方面”。

9.The food in this restaurant can't ____ everyone, for different people have different tastes.

A.agree to 【答案】C

B.agree on

C.agree with


【解析】考查动词短语。句意:饭店的食物不可能适合每一个人,因为不同的人有不同的口 味。agree with 意为“同意……;与……一致;适合……”。根据句意,应选 C。

10.As a poet, Hai Zi used to write many romantic poems ______ people usually attach positive and

hopeful meanings. A.on which 【答案】B 【解析】考查定语从句。句意:作为一个诗人,孩子过去常常为人们写一些被赋予了积极和 希望含义的浪漫诗篇。attach… to…把……附着在……上。which 在定语从句中作介词的宾语 时,可以跟介词一起放在主句和从句之间。故选 B。 B.to which C.with which D.in which

11.Nowadays good things _____ to save wildlife in Tibet and many other places with the joint

efforts of the government and society. A.have done 【答案】B 【解析】考查时态和语态。句意:当今,在政府和社会的共同努力之下,在西藏和其它许多 地方正在做许多事情来拯救野生动物。结合语境,可知本句描述的是现阶段正在进行的动作, 故用现在进行时态。主语是动作对象,故用被动语态。故选 B。 B.are being done C.are doing D.will be done

12.Perhaps I?m not quite fit for the job, but ________, please let me have a try.

A.somehow 【答案】B




【解析】考查副词。somehow 以某种方式,由于未知的或未确指的原因;anyway 无论如何, 至少;therefore 因此,所以;though 然而,但是,虽然如此。句意:或许我不太适合这个工作, 但是至少请让我试一下。所以 B 项符合语境。

13.The poor children are looking forward to _____ a Christmas present that day.

A.give 【答案】D

B.be given


D.being given

【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:那些穷苦的孩子们正期待着那天被给一个圣诞礼物。look forward to doing“期待做……”;句子的主语 children 与 give 之间为逻辑上的动宾关系,故用动 名词的被动式作宾语。选 D。

14.—Why did the police _____ the crowd?

—Because the president?s car ____ in the street. A.break down;broke down B.break up; broke up

C.break down; broke up 【答案】D

D.break up;broke down

【解析】考查动词短语。break up 强行驱散。break down 停止运转,失灵。句意:—为什么警 察驱散人群?—因为总统的车在街上抛锚了。所以 D 项符合语境。

15.Since 1949, the people?s living standard _______, causing a big _______ in population.

A.has been raised; rise C.has raised; rise 【答案】A

B.has been rose; raise D.has raised; rose

【解析】考查时态、语态和名词。句意:自从 1949 年以来,人们的生活水平已经被提高了, 从而引起人口极大的增加。raise“使……提高”是及物动词;rise“上升”是不及物动词,不用于 被动语态;rise 作为名词时意为“增加,上升”。故第二空填 rise。根据语境可知,此句应用现 在完成时的被动语态。故选 A 项。

二、完形填空:共 20 题 每题 2 分 共 40 分 With his leg lame(瘸的)and his teeth uneven, the boy almost thought of himself as the most unfortunate child in the world. He questions, he always 17 16 played with his classmates, and when asked to answer

his head without a word. 18 of his children would plant a

One spring, his father brought home some saplings(树苗). sapling and he promised, "Whoever certainly wanted to get the gift. 20

19 his sapling best shall get a favorite gift." The boy seeing his brothers and sisters watering the trees, an idea

21 him: he hoped the tree he planted would die soon. So after watering it once or twice, he never 22 it. A few days later, he was 23 to find it not only didn't die, but also grew some fresh

24 . Compared with those of his brothers and sisters, his appeared greener. His father kept his 25 , bought the little boy a gift and said he would surely become an outstanding grew up. From then on, the little boy slowly became his biology teacher once said that plants 27 and confident. One night, he suddenly 28 26 when he

29 grow at night. Why not go to see his tree? When he

came to the courtyard, he found his father was working near his tree with a ladle(长柄勺). All of a sudden, he tears 30 : his father had been secretly 31 his small tree! He returned to his room,

32 his eyes. 33 , he was elected President of the

Decades passed. The little boy didn't become a botanist. United States. His name was Franklin Roosevelt.

34 is the best nourishment (滋养品)of life.

35 it is just a bucket of water, it can make the tree of life grow well.

16.A.ever 17.A.held 18.A.Both 19.A.likes 20.A.And 21.A.cared for 22.A.appealed to 23.A.surprised 24.A.roots 25.A.word 26.A.teacher 27.A.satisfied 28.A.believed 29.A.generally 30.A.remembered 31.A.cutting 32.A.filling 33.A.Therefore 34.A.Love 35.A.So long as

B.seldom B.raised B.None B.protects B.So B.got rid of B.took care of B.frightened B.leaves B.balance B.gardener B.certain B.recalled B.hardly B.understood B.decorating B.falling B.Besides B.Water B.If only

C.still C.lowered C.One C.grows C.Before C.occurred to C.adapted to C.disappointed C.branches C.agreement C.president C.optimistic C.repeated C.recently C.wondered C.watering C.dropping C.Moreover C.Disability C.Now that

D.often D.covered D.Each D.watches D.But D.put forward D.turned to D.amused D.seeds D.opinion D.botanist D.independent D.knew D.voluntarily D.admitted D.fertilizing D.crying D.Instead D.Father D.Even though

16.B 17.C 18.D 19.C 20.D 21.C 22.B 23.A 24.B 25.A 26.D

27.C 28.B 29.A 30.B 31.C 32.A 33.D 34.A 35.D



raise“举起”; cover“覆 与其他同学玩, 而且当老师问问题的时候, 他总是低着 (lowed) 头不说话。 盖”。

19. 考查动词。 句意父亲承诺“无论是谁种植 (grows) 小树苗种的最好将得到自己喜欢的礼物”。 20.考查连接词。根据语境可知,男孩决定要好好种植小树苗,但是(But)看到其他兄弟姐

21.考查固定句型。“It occurs to sb+其他”表示“某人突然想到了某事”。根据语境可知,男孩决

定要好好种植小树苗,但是(But)看到其他兄弟姐妹们给树苗浇水,他突然想到了一个主意。 care for“在乎”;get rid of“摆脱”;put forward“提出”。
22. 考查短语辨析。 根据语境可知, 自从他给树苗浇了几次水之后, 他再也不去照顾 (took care

of)它了。appeal to“吸引”;adapt to“适应”;turn to “转向”。


25.考查短语。keep one?s word“遵守诺言”。根据语境可知,父亲遵守诺言,给了男孩一份礼





29.考查副词。根据语境可知 ,植物一般(generally)会在晚上生长。voluntarily“志愿的”。 30.考查动词。上下提到父亲每天帮助他浇水,植物才长得那么好。他突然理解(understood)




34.考查主旨。根据语境可知,爱(Love)是生命中最好的养料。disability“残疾”。 35.考查让步状语从句。根据语境可知,即使(even though)是一桶水,也能够让树木长得很

好。so long as “只要”;if only“要是…就好了”;now that “既然”。

三、阅读理解:共 20 题 每题 2 分 共 40 分 Ad. 1 April fool?s party On Friday, April 1, Inner Affair goes back to the days of funk! Classic Tunes from the 70?s and 80?s by DJs Den & Sion. 9pm till late. Tickets: Free entrance for those in costume, otherwise 50 yuan (US$6) Time/date: 9 pm, April 1 Place: Inner Affair, 1/F Qiankun Dasha, 6 Sanlitun Xiliujie, Chaoyang District Tel: 8454 0321 Ad. 2 Language in use Enjoy free in house coffee, tea and beer as well as music and dancing. Practice your Chinese, make friends and have fun. Time/date: 7 to 9 pm, March 25 Place: Language In Use Club, 2/F, Science Fortune Center, 8 Xueqing Lu, north of Xueyuan Lu, Haidian District

Ad. 3 The “worst” party Organized by Ozone Productions, the party is set to be “the worst ever”, with the lamest music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Special prizes will be awarded to the worst dressed or for bad fashion sense. Tickets: Free entrance Time/date: 9 pm, April 1 Place: Pula Pula, Tianze Lu, Oriental Seven Colours Plaza, Chaoyang District Tel: 64668575 Ad. 4 La Nuit Francaise Again on the 2nd Thursday of the month La Nuit Francaise will be held at Le Rendezvous. The monthly event is an opportunity for all French people and everyone interested in France or speaking French to gather together. The evening features three glasses of wine and canapes for participants and a special exhibition. Time/date: 7 to 10 pm, April 14 Place: Le Rendezvous, 3 Gongti Beilu, across from the Pacific Century Plaza, Chaoyang District Tel: 64629110 Ad. 5 Marco V Dutch DJ Marco V drops by Banana for a gig which is supported by Hong Kong?s DJ Spark. Marco V has been around for many years, as an inventive, style blending deejay and a successful and devoted producer. His spinning is energetic, crowd pleasing and never sees an empty dance floor. He was ranked No. 15 in this year?s international DJ MAG DJ Top100. Tickets: 40 yuan (US$4.80) in advance, 50 yuan (US$6) at the door, both include a free drink Time/date: 10 pm to 4 am, March 31, April 1 Place: Banana, in the lobby of the Scitech Hotel, 22 Jianwai Dajie, Chaoyang District Tel: 65283636
36.Which of the following is NOT true of Ad. 1 and Ad. 3?

A.The two parties will be held on the same day. B.The two parties will be held at the same time. C.The entrance fees of the two parties will not be charged. D.Some old music will be played at the parties.
37.Which of the following is intended for the Chinese learners?

A.Marco V. C.Language in use.
38.We can infer that______.

B.La Nuit Francaise. D.The “worst” party.

A.Marco V is a newly established band B.La Nuit Francaise may be French words C.the “worst” party will attract a lot of college students D.you will enjoy free drink at April fool?s party 【答案】
36.C 37.C 38.B

36.细节理解题。根据 Ad. 1 和 Ad. 3 中“Time/date: 9 pm, April 1 和 Time/date: 9 pm, April 1”

可知这两个晚会的时间相同,故排除选项 A、B 两项。根据第一则广告中“otherwise 50 yuan” 可知答案为 C 项。
37. 细节理解题。 根据第二则广告“Language in use…Practice your Chinese, make friends and have

fun.”可知“Language in use ”是针对中文学习者的。故选 C。
38.推理判断题。根据第四则广告“The monthly event is an opportunity for all French people and

everyone interested in France or speaking French to gather together.”可知“La Nuit Francaise”这个 短语是法语。故选 B。

By the time we finished, herring(鲱鱼)covered the bottom of the boat as deep as my calves(腿肚子). For the first time in days, my father seemed happy as a herring choker(捕鲱鱼的人). Then he looked at the western sky, and his smile faded. The storms were sweeping out of Canada hard and fast. No one could predict their arrival. All fishermen feared them. “We?re going back,” my father said. He pulled the cord and started the motor. We were only two miles out, but the shoreline looked to me as far away as the moon. Over the distant hills, black clouds ran toward us like wild horses. We made it only halfway home before we met the storm. The wind came first. It lifted the lake in whitecaps. The weight of the herring made us ride low in the water, and the waves broke over our bow. My father struggled to hold us on course. I?d put on my raincoat, but I had no life jacket.

Then the rain fell so hard we couldn?t see the land. The boat was filling with water. I was scared, but I saw my father sitting straight, holding the boat steady into the wind, and I felt hopeful. He didn?t look hurt at all. I was starting to think we were going to make it. That?s when the motor died. My father pulled the cord hard, but the motor wouldn?t catch. We would go down in no time. “Grab an oar(浆),” he cried above the wind. He always carried two oars for just such a moment. We began to pull hard. My father grunted, from pain or effort I couldn?t tell. He dug his oar into the violent lake and bowed into the wind again. With all my strength, I pulled on my own oar. The wind pushed hard against us. Ws seemed to be fighting the anger of the whole lake. I was tired. My arms felt heavy and on fire. I didn?t know how much longer I could push that oar through the water. As if he heard my thinking, my father called to me, “I need you, Karl. Only a little longer.” So I kept rowing. Just when I thought I had no more strength, I heard it. The sound of waves breaking against the shore. We moved into the shelter of our small cove and rode the swells toward the landing. My mother rushed through the rain to greet us. “I?ve been so worried,” she said. She hugged me and then my father. “Nothing to worry about,” he assured her. He put his hand on my shoulder. “You did well, son. How do you feel?” Tired as I was, I managed a smile. “I feel like a herring choker.”
39.The author?s father decided to go back because______.

A.the motor didn?t work well B.they couldn?t catch more herrings C.the storm would arrive at any time D.it was too cold for them to stay any longer
40.The author created a picture of ______ with the underlined sentence in Para.8.

A.a rare chance C.an exciting trip

B.a violent struggle D.an amazing experience

41.According to the passage, what was the main reason Karl kept rowing even though he was very

tired? A.He did not want to lose all the fish. B.He knew the storm was about to end.

C.He knew his mother was waiting on shore. D.He did not want to disappoint his father.
42.We can learn from the passage the author felt ______ after arriving home safe.

A.he were a real man

B.he needed his father?s praise C.he shouldn?t have gone out to the lake D.he would be a herring choker when he grew up 【答案】
39.C 40.B 41.D 42.A

39. 细节理解题。 根据短文第一段中的“The storms were sweeping out of Canada hard and fast. No

one could predict their arrival.”,可知暴风雨很快就要到来了。故选 C。
40.主旨大意题。阅读本段可知,这段主要描写了这对父子同暴风雨搏斗的场景。故选 B。 41.细节理解题。根据他父亲的话“I need you, Karl. Only a little longer.”,可知此时父亲需要他

的帮助,因此他不想让父亲失望。故选 D。
42.细节理解题。根据短文最后一句话“I feel like a herring choker.”,我感觉像是一个捕鲱鱼的

人。可知作者感觉自己长大了。故选 A。

Group–buying in China Modeled after US hot website Groupon.com, group buying websites are now popular in China. These websites use the power of group buying to get competitive discounts (打折)for a daily deal on some best stuff to do, see, eat and buy in the cities across China. Discounts are available within just one click. Zhao lei, a software engineer in Beijing, loves the one-hour lunch break at noon, as it is the best time for him to check “today?s special” at his favorite group buying websites . Sometimes he searches for great deals at directory sites devoted to the new shopping space. Zhao spends around 800 yuan ($117.65) on group buying every month, mostly to buy food coupons (优惠劵)for eating at some nice restaurants and occasionally to find something fun to do. ??I love group buying. In addition to the competitive discounts it offers, it helps me get something fun, exciting and new, and such surprises give me a reason to try something new,” he said. When he finds a really good bargain, he will send the link to friends or colleagues through MSN,QQ, or e-mail, or share the information at some social networking websites. In doing so, he often gets a certain cut off the price. At some sites, buyers are invited to leave notes about what they want to buy and the website will consider it if similar applications(申请)reach a certain number. That is how Zuo got her digital camera after waiting for two months. “It is cool. I want to buy a new digital camera for my trip to Switzerland this winter, but I never expected such cheap prices!”Zuo said.

43.We can learn from the passage that________.

A.China is the first country to start group buying B.the price of group buying depends on the market C.you can?t get the best you need through group buying D.group buying is becoming popular in China
44.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A.Zhao Lei has to spend about 800 yuan on group buying per month. B.Zhao Lei never surfs at other directory sites for group buying. C.Zhao Lei finds it easy to do group buying. D.Zhao Lei can?t buy food coupons to eat at a nice restaurant.
45.What is the passage mainly about?

A.Zhao Lei?s online purchasing life. C.The US hot websites

B.Group buying D.A new digital camera

46.Zhao Lei succeeded in getting a certain cut off the price by__________.

A.bargaining face to face C.providing the link to others 【答案】
43.D 44.C 45.B 46.C

B.discus sing with the sellers D.inviting others to talk about the price

43.细节理解题。根据文章开头“Modeled after US hot website Groupon.com, group buying

websites are now popular in China”,可知团购在中国非常受欢迎,选 D。
44.推理判断题。根据首段中“Discounts are available within just one click.”以及 Zhaolei 所说的

内容“In addition to the competitive discounts it offers, it helps me get something fun, exciting and new”,可知他发现网上团购非常方便而且还可以享受很多优惠,选 C。
45.主旨大意题。根据文章标题“Group-buying in China”以及文章内容可知本文主要介绍的是

中国的网上团购,选 B。
46.细节理解题。根据文中的句子“When he finds a really good bargain, he will send the link

to friends or colleagues through MSN,QQ, or e-mail, or share the information at some social networking websites. In doing so, he often gets a certain cut off the price”,可知他通过给别人发送 链接,对商品进行宣传可以得到价格优惠,选 C。

Good health is the most valuable thing a person can have, but one cannot take good health for granted. It is important to remember that the body needs proper care in order to be healthy. There are three things that a person can do to help stay in good shape: eat right food, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. Proper nutrition is important for good health. Your body cannot work well unless it receives the proper kind of “fuel”(燃料).Don't eat too much food with lots of sugar and fat. Eat plenty of foods high in protein, like meat, fish, eggs and nuts. Vegetables and fruits are very important because they provide necessary vitamins and minerals. However, don't overeat. It is not helpful to be overweight. Getting the proper amount of sleep is also important. If you don't get enough sleep, you feel tired and easily get angry. You have no energy. Over a long period of time a little amount of sleep may even result in a change of personality .Be sure to allow yourself from seven to nine hours of sleep each night. If you do, your body will feel strong and refreshed, and your mind will be sharp. Finally, get plenty of exercise. Exercise firms the body, strengthens the muscles, and prevents you from gaining weight. It also improves your heart and lungs. If you follow a regular exercise program, you will probably increase your life-span (寿命).Any kind of exercise is good. Most sports are excellent for keeping the body in good shapes: basketball, swimming, bicycling, running and so on are good examples. Sports are not only good for your body, but they are enjoyable and interesting, too. If everybody were to eat the right foods, get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly, the world would be a happier and healthier place. We would all live to be much older and wiser.
47.According to the passage,_________.

A.we should always keep fit B.if we were healthy, we could spend our days in doing things with less sleep C.one can eat a lot to stay in good shape D.one needn't take any exercise if he is healthy
48.In order to keep good health, ___________ .

A.we should eat a lot of sweets B.one needs a large amount of fat C.people should eat according to the foods nutrition D.we must try to sleep now and then
49.Eating more and sleeping less________.

A.can keep healthy C.gets you more energy

B.is no good for you D.will keep your personality

50.The writer explains ________in this passage.

A.how to eat C.how to keep healthy

B.the importance of doing exercise D.what to eat

51.The title of the article should be___________ .

A.Eating and Exercising C.Staying Healthy 【答案】
47.A 48.C 49.B 50.C 51.C

B.How Vitamins Work in Man's Body D.Sleeping Well

47.推理判断题。根据短文第一段“Good health is the most valuable thing a person can have”身体

健康是一个人拥有的最重要的东西。可知我们应该总是保持健康。故选 A
48.推理判断题。根据第二段“Proper nutrition is important for good health.”可知我们吃饭应该根

据食品的营养成分。故选 C。
49. 细节理解题。 根据短文第二段“However, don't overeat. It is not helpful to be overweight.”及短

文第三段“If you don't get enough sleep, you feel tired and easily get angry.”可知吃得过多和睡眠 过少对你没有好处。故选 B。
50.主旨大意题。根据短文第一段“There are three things that a person can do to help stay in good

shape:”及下文二三四段可知这篇短文中作者主要讲述了如何保持健康的问题。故选 C。
51.主旨大意题。这篇短文中作者主要讲述了如何保持健康的问题。故选 C,保持健康。

Mr. Johnson, aged twenty-three, battled for half an hour to escape from his trapped car yesterday when it landed upside down in three feet of water. Mr. Johnson took the only escape route—through the boot (行李箱). Mr. Johnson?s car had finished up in a ditch (沟渠) at Romney Marsin, Kent after skidding on ice and hitting a bank. “Fortunately, the water began to come in only slowly,” Mr. Johnson said, “I couldn?t force the doors because they were jammed against the walls of the ditch and dared not open the windows because I knew water would come flooding in.” Mr. Johnson, a sweet salesman of Sitting Home, Kent, first tried to attract the attention of other motorists by sounding the horn and hammering on the roof and boot (汽车行李箱). Then he began his struggle to escape.

Later he said, “It was really a half penny that saved my life. It was the only coin I had in my pocket and I used it to unscrew(拧开…的螺丝) the back seat to get into the boot. I hammered desperately with a hammer trying to make someone hear, but no help came.” It took ten minutes to unscrew the seat, and a further five minutes to clear the sweet samples from the boot. Then Mr. Johnson found a wrench(扳钳) and began to work on the boot lock. Fifteen minutes passed by. “It was the only chance I had. Finally it gave, but as soon as I moved the boot lid, the water and mud poured in. I forced the lid down into the mud and scrambled (move with difficulty) as the car filled up.” His hands and arms were cut and bruised (擦伤). Mr. Johnson got to Beckett Farm nearby, where he was looked after by the farmer?s wife, Mrs. Lucy Bates. Huddled in a blanket, he said, “The thirty minutes seemed like hours.” Only the tips of the car wheels were visible(can be seen), police said last night. The vehicle had sunk into two feet of mud at the bottom of the ditch.
52.What is the best title for this newspaper article?

A.The Story of Mr. Johnson, A Sweet Salesman B.Car Boot Serve As The Best Escape Route C.Driver Escaped Through Car Boot D.The Driver Survived A Terrible Car Accident
53.Which of the following objects is the most important to Mr. Johnson?

A.The hammer.

B.The coin.

C.The screw.

D.The horn.

54.“Finally it gave”(Paragraph 5) means that ________.

A.luckily the door was torn away in the end C.the lock came open after all his efforts

B.at last the wrench went broken D.the chance was lost at the last minute

55.It may be inferred from the passage that __________.

A.the ditch was along a quiet country road B.the accident happened on a rainy cold day C.Mr. Johnson?s car stood on its boot as it fell down D.the police helped Mr. Johnson get out of the ditch 【答案】
52.C 53.B 54.C 55.A



被困的车里逃生,故应选 C。
53.考查细节理解。由第四段“It was really a half penny that saved my life”可知,硬币对约翰逊

来说很重要,故应选 B。

因此应该是作者经过努力把锁打开了,故应选 C。

没有成功。由这些细节可知,这个沟渠应该是在安静的乡间小路上,故应选 A。

四、七选五:共 5 题 每题 2 分 共 10 分 In the world nothing is more important than health. If people took away our money, houses, cars, or even our clothes, we could still survive. 56 Then how can we keep healthy?

First of all, we should eat healthily. I usually avoid eating food high in fat, like French fries or cookies, which are junk food. 57 I only eat little meat. 58 It helps us build a strong body.

Regular exercise is an important part of keeping me healthy. In addition, I think friends are an important part of one?s health. 59 I always feel better when I am with friends than when I am

alone. When I am with my friends, I always laugh. Laughing is also an important part of health. It is good to stay with my friends. By eating properly and exercising regularly, I can keep my body at a proper weight and keep healthy. By spending time with my friends, I can keep my mind as well as my body happy. These things sound easy to do, but not many people can manage them. A. What?s more, taking exercise is very important. B. Some people appear fat because they often eat too much. C. I think a strong will is necessary if we want to keep fit. D. I eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits which are full of vitamins. E. There are some people who like staying alone, but they keep healthy. F. But if our health were taken away, we could surely die. G. Many studies show that people with few friends often get sick. 【答案】
56.F 57.D 58.A 59.G



56.根据前文“If we take away our money, houses, or even our clothes, we can still survive”,可以

得知此处将用 take away health 做比较,所以选 F。
57.根据上下文对于食物的比较,可以得知此处也应该是有关于食物的信息,所以选 D。 58.根据后文的“Taking exercise everyday helps us build a strong body”,可以得知此处是一个过

渡句,并且提到了锻炼,所以选 A。
59. 根据前文的“What?s more, I think friends are an important part of one?s health”, 可以推测这句

话表示的是朋友对于健康的益处,所以选 G。
60.根据前文的“These things sound easy to do, but not many people can manage them”,说明这些

事不是很容易就能做到的,要有恒心和毅力才行,所以选 C。

第 II 卷(非选择题) 五、语法填空:共 10 题 每题 1 分 共 10 分 Isalella: Mathew, do you know much about body language in countries around the world? Mathew: Sure. I?ve picked up a few things from travelling around 61 business. What?s up? 62

Isalella: Well, I had a meeting today with a woman from Japan and she wouldn?t stop ______(bow)! I didn?t know what to do. Mathew: Do you bow back? Isalella: No, I tried to shake her hands, but her hand was so limp(无力的). Mathew: Well, Japanese typically(典型地))bow _______ (offend) by your strong hand-shake. 63 (greet) each other. She might


Isalella: But she was in America! Shouldn?t she have known that strong handshakes in America show 65 _______ (confident) and respect?

Mathew: Things are different in Japan. You know, in some countries, making eye contact with others 66 _______ (consider) rude.

Isalella: Is that why she wouldn?t look at me in the meeting? Mathew: I think it?s 67 (high) possible.

Isalella: The meeting really didn?t go down well at all. I think I need to study intercultural communication(跨文化交流)) country. Matthew: That?s a good idea. When you don?t know much about other cultures, even the (simple) thing can offend someone. 70 68 I have another meeting with someone from 69 _______

Isalella: That?s so true. It?s great that we see eye to eye on this. 【答案】
61.on 62.bowing 63.to greet 64.have been offended 65.confidence 66.is considered 67.highly 68.before 69.another 70.simplest

61.考查固定搭配。句意:我去各地商务旅行收集了一些信息。on business 是为了公事,公差。

故此处填 on。
62.考查固定搭配。句意:我今天会见了一位从日本来的女士,她不停地鞠躬。stop doing sth.

是停止做某事,故此处填 bowing。
63.考查不定式作目的状语。句意:日本人通常鞠躬来彼此问候。to greet each other 在此处作

目的状语,表示鞠躬的意图。故此处填 to greet。
64.考查情态动词的用法。句意:她可能已经被你强有力的握手冒犯了。might 是情态动词,

might have done 可能已经……,根据句意,应该用被动语态。故此处填 have been offended。
65. 考查词性的判断。 句意: 难道她不知道在美国强有力的握手展示自信和尊重吗?句中 respect

是名词尊重,and 连接两个并列的名词,因此,该空需要填名词。故此处填 confidence。

认为,根据句意此处应该用被动语态。故此处填 is considered。
67.考查副词的用法。句意:我认为这是很有可能的。possible 是形容词,修饰形容词应该用

副词形式。故此处填 highly。

我需要学习跨文化交际。before 是在……之前,根据句意,此处应该填 before。

我需要学习跨文化交际。根据句意,another 是另一个。故此处填 another。

simplest 最简单的。故此处填 simplest。

六、书面表达:共 35 分

假设你将参加主题为“感恩”的演讲比赛,请你根据以下要点写一篇英语演讲稿。要点: 1.感恩对象(父母、老师、朋友…); 2.为何感恩; 3.如何感恩。 注意: 1.只能选择一个感恩对象; 2.词数 120 左右。开头和结尾已写好,不计入总词数。 Good morning, everyone, It?s a great honor to have the opportunity to be with you today. The topic of my speech is “Thank you, _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for listening. 【答案】.Good morning, everyone, It?s a great honor to have the opportunity to be with you today. The topic of my speech is “Thank you, mum.” My mum is an ordinary housewife, who devotes herself to looking after me, giving me care and encouragement. She can do everything to make sure that I can grow up healthily and happily. She keeps me company, cooks me tasty dinners, and makes my room as clean as possible. On top of that, whenever I get upset, she listens to me and comforts me until I have cheered up. I?m very grateful to have such a caring mother. Now, I have a message for everyone here, including myself: since we have grown up, we children should try to repay our dear mum instead of always trying to receive something from her. We can help her as she helps us. Sometimes even a small talk with mum or a cup of tea for her will shine her through. Thank you for listening.

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