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Intended Uses 用途
适用于经常处于油污环境下的钢结构作面漆,具有一般醇酸漆所有的特性,耐机油,润滑油 Suited for steel surface in constantly oil-contaminated environment as finish.It features with all the properties of general alkyd paint. It coating of risistance to mechanical oil and lubricating oil.

Product Information 产品简介

有紫色,机械灰色,奶黄色等等 Violet red, machinery,cream etc.

Solids 固体份

≥40% 35microns 10m2 /Kg Allow appropriate loss One package 35 微米 10 平方米/公斤 允许适量损耗 单罐装

Application details 产品数据

Dry Flm Thickness 干膜厚度 Theoretical Coverage 理论涂布率 Practical Coverage 实际涂布率 Mix Radio 混合比
Method of Application Airless Spray Brush or Roller

施工方法 无空气喷涂 涂刷或辊涂 传统喷涂
稀释剂 油漆设备清洗剂 使用期 贮存期

Recommended Recommended Recommended
C000 C000 Not limit One year Hard Dry 硬干 (h) 24 Min 最短

推荐采用 推荐采用 推荐采用


Storage and Handling 施工详述

Thinner Cleaner Pot Life Storage Substrate Drying time 干燥时间

不限制 一年 Over coating Interval 覆涂间隔 Max 最长 Not limited 不限制

Touch Dry 表干 (h) 2

Temperature 底 材温度 25℃

24 hours 小时 贮存于阴凉干燥处


贮存 包装规格 闪点 比重

Store in cool and dry conditions 20Kg in 20 liter container ≥35℃ 1.13Kg/L 1.13 公斤/公升

Storageand Handling 贮存与管理

Pack size Flash Point

20 公斤装于 20 公升容器中

Specific Gravity

Specification and Surface preparation 技术要求及表面处理 Limitations 限制

The surface over primer must be clean and dry, or no primer 底漆表面保持清洁干燥,也可不涂底漆。

Recommended coat: paint two coats with airless spray to 60 microns of dry film thickness. 建议涂装道数:高压无空气喷涂两道,干膜达 60 微米 This product should be used in painting area by perfessional operators. When painting , please refer to Product Data Sheet and MSDS. Consult our company if consumers could not completely danger or accident, minimal safety understand the precautions for safety and health when applying this product. This product is a kind of solvent-based paint .Inorder to avoid precautions,as follow , should be down . The paint contains volatile solvent and is flammable . So must keep away from sparks and open flames.No smoking at applacation site ,Effective precautions (such as using explosion-proof electrical equipments. No static electricity accumulation or metal collision etc) also should be done so as to avoid producting sparks .Flash point of paint , mentioned above on product Data sheet, is the lowest temperature at which mixture of the volatile materails of paint can ignite or explode with air. Enough ventilation is necessary at application site. In order to remove any danger of explosion, must keep the ratio of gas to air is less than 10%, the minimum explosive limit in general, Therefore, 200m3 of ventilation quantuty per 1Kg solvent (according to the solvent ) is necessary. Product skin and eyes, and avoid touching with paints (Recommend to wear working clothes, gloves,eye protection, face masks barrier cream and so on ). Kif paint gets in touch with skin , case of wass fully with large amount of fresh water and soap or appropriate commercial cleaner. In

eyes being contaminated, rinse with fresh water for 10min at least and give medical treatment

Safety Precautions 安全措施

immediately. Recommend face guard with ventilation pipe for the sake of no absorption of paint fog and harmful solvent gas, especially in bad ventilation. Handle empty containers with care and do not bring about environmental contamination. NOTICE: If consumers have not taken effective safety precautions(Refer to the specfications), our company will NOT be responsible for any accident. 本产品由专业人缘在工业场所使用,使用时请参照本说明书及健康安全手册,如客户在使用 本产品前,未能仔细了解有关产品的健康安全知识,请与本公司联系. 该涂料为溶剂型涂料,为避免事故或危险发生,应采取最低限度的安全措施如下: 此涂料为易燃物,并含有挥发性易燃溶剂,,故必须远离火星和明火,严禁在作业场所吸烟,并采取 有效措施,防止火星产生(如采用防爆电器设备,杜绝静电积累,避免金属撞击等)本产品说明书 中所列涂料及溶剂的闪点是引起燃烧的最低温度. 施工场所应尽量进行通风良好,为消除使用 过程中的爆炸隐患,应保证足够的通风量以维持气体/空气比例不超过最低爆炸极限的 10%,通 常每千克溶剂需要 200 立方米通风量,(与溶剂种类相关)就能维持最低爆炸极限 10%的工作环 境. 采取有效措施以防止皮肤和眼睛与涂料接触(如使用工作服,手套,护目镜,面罩及涂防护油等) 如产品不慎接触到皮肤,应用温水及肥皂或适当的工业清洁剂彻底清洗,如眼睛受到污染,用清 水冲洗至少 10 分钟,并立即就医. 建议佩戴通风面罩以避免吸入漆雾和有害溶剂气体,尤其在通风不良环境下施工时,细心处理 旧漆桶以免污染环境. 责任声明: 对于未按本公司要求采取有效安全措施儿引起的安全事故,本公司不负任何责任. 来源 江苏纽克莱涂料有限公司官网 http://www.51yangpin.com

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