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2014-2015 学年高中英语【精品】同测试题【1】及答案:Unit1(人教新课标必修 4)

笔试部分: I. 单项选择

Unit 1《Women of achievement》单元测试 1

21. At home, he keeps some pets,to which he ______ all his spare time. A. spends B. offers C. devotes D. provides 22. She's tired of acting, and she _______ changing for a new job, but she hasn't made up her mind yet. A. had considered C. considered A. under conditions C. in condition them. A. were intended for C. intended to give A. interests C. behavior A. to argue against C. arguing A. worth C. worthy of A. look up C. look down on A. the rest the others 30. I really ______ whether we win or lose. A. care about to 31. On the bus, all the people except the driver ______ to talk and laugh during the journey. A. encouraged C. were encouraged B. were encouraging D. was encouraged B. care for C. care D. care B. the other for B. intended for D. intended giving B. achievements D. observation B. to argue for D. arguing against B. worth being spent D. worthwhile B. look down D. look up to C. another D. B. has been considering D. is going to consider B. on no condition D. out of condition

23. Michael is ______ because he never takes any exercise.

24. The flowers ______ my mother, but my sister thought they were for her and took

25. She won a Nobel Prize for her scientific ______.

26. What he said at the meeting means _______ those who had cut down the forests.

27. Though we spent a lot, we think it _____ because we succeeded in the end.

28. Don't ______ a person only because he has failed in an examination.

29. You've done much of the work, and please leave ______ to us.

32. Don't spoil the children. Can't you make your little boy ______ himself? A. behave B. believe C. perform D. conduct 33. Only ______ a human being. A. when is it hungry a lion will attack B. when it is hungry a lion will attack C. when it is hungry will a lion attack D. when is it hungry will a lion attack 34. A good idea just ______ me — Let's go swimming. A. beat A. is; that C. is; where II 完形填空 In 1957, Jane Goodall first met the famous anthropologist (人类学者) Dr Louis Leakey, who later played an important role in her life. With the into humans' evolutionary (进化的) past, Dr Leakey field study on 38 determination to understand animals 40 37 chimps. Even though Jane had no formal 36 of gaining insight 39 , her patience and 41 42 43 44 in of the 47 to it the a pioneering long-term B. happened C. hit B. was; that D. was; where D. struck 35. It ______ at the crossroads ______ he was killed in the accident the other day.

him to choose her for the study.

was unusual for a woman to work in the forest of Africa, going there fulfillment (实现) of her childhood dream. In the summer of 1960 she Tanzania(坦桑尼亚) on Lake Tanganyika's eastern shore. This marked the longest continuous field study of animals in their years -going her 51 45

habitat(栖息地). Five

46 , she earned a doctor's degree at Cambridge University and then 48 for chimp research, Dr Goodall 50 49

Tanzania to found the Gombe Stream Research Center. And in 1977, to provide onThe Jane Goodall Institute. Today, she most of her time traveling around the world, giving lectures on 52 . 54 have

at Gombe and speaking to school groups about Roots && Shoots, her 53 . The long hours spent with them in the

environmental education and humanitarian program for the “Chimps have given me so my 55

enriched my life beyond measure. What I have learned from them has shaped of human behavior, of our place in nature.” B. idea B. achieved B. special B. let C. knowledge D. method C. argued C. rude C. made D. led D. Once C. intended C. reached D. inspired D. went D. changed D. wild D. practice 36. A. way 37. A. suggested 38. A. modest 39. A. exercise 40. A. devoted 41. A. If 42. A. meant 43. A. arrived 44. A. end C. happening

B. training C. living B. Because C. Although B. stopped B. left B. beginning D. achievement

45. A. new 46. A. later 47. A. connected 48. A. environment C. time 49. A. created 50. A. costs 51. A. bravery C. experiences 52. A. animals 53. A. little 54. A. field 55. A. imagination C. understanding III 阅读理解

B. old

C. man-made D. natural C. ago D. behind D. turned

B. before B. evidence B. built

B. referred C. returned D. support C. founded D. set B. spends B. presence D. appearance B. youth C. human C. pays

D. devotes

D. adults C. much D. few D. forest

B. many B. desire D. protection

B. university C. institute

第一节:阅读下面短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A large number of women in Western European countries wish that they were born men. The number is said as high as 60% in West Germ any. “Women often wish that they had the same chance as men have, and believe it is still men's world,” said Dr James Holden, one of the scientists who did the study. Anne Harper has a very good job for an international oil company. She also believes in “Women' s Liberation(解放)”. “I don't wish that I were a man,” she says, “and I don't think many women do. But I do wish that people would stop looking down upon us women. At work, for example, we often do the work that men do but get paid less. There are still a lot of jobs that are usually the best ones and open only to men. If you're a man, you have a much better chance of leading an exciting life. How many women pilots are there ... or engineers or scientists?” 56. What can we learn from the first paragraph? A. 60% Western European women wish that they were born men. B. Most women in Western European countries wish that their babies were all boys. C. 60% women in West Germany wish that they were born men. D. 60% Western European women who wish that they were born men are from West Germany. 57. “It is still men's world.” means “______.” A. There're more men than women in the world B. There're more men scientists or engineers than women scientists or engineers in the world C. Women cannot live without men D. Women have not been given the same chance as men 58. Anne Harper considers that women should ______. A. be really liber ated B. live a better life than men

C. be well paid A. has got a very good job

D. get better jobs than men

59. Anne Harper doesn't wish that she were a man b ecause she ______. B. believes in “Women's Liberation” C. does the work that a man can't do D. isn't looked down upon by anyone 60. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. Usually the best jobs are not open to women. B. Women are less paid than men for the same job. C. There're more men pilots, engineers and scientists than women ones. D. Women are looked down upon because they're the second-class citizens. 第二节:阅读下面短文, 并回答问题。 Dorothea Dix left home at an early age — of her own free will — to live with her grandmother. At fourteen, Dorothea was teaching school at Worcester, Massachusetts. A short time after she had begun teaching, she set up a school for young girls in her grandparents' home, which she conducted until she was thirty-three. She was forced to give up teaching at her grand-parents' home, however, when she became ill, a few years of inactivity followed. In 1841 Dorothea began to teach again, accepting a Sunday school class in the East Cambridge, Massachusetts prison. Here she first came upon insane people (精神病人) locked up together with prisoners. In those days insane people were treated even worse than prisoners. There were only a few madhouses in the entire country. Therefore prisons, poor houses, and houses of correction were used to keep the insane. Dorothea Dix made a careful investigation(调查) of the inhuman treatment of the insane. It was considered unusual for a woman to devote herself to such work at that time. But this did not stop Dorothea Dix from providing proper medical care for the insane. Gradually, because of her investigations, conditions were improved. More than thirty mental institutions were founded or rebuilt in the United States because of her hard work. Dorothea also spread her investigations to England and to other parts of Europe. During the Civil War, Dorothea served as superintendent(负责人) of women hospital nurses in the Union army. When the war was over, she returned to her work of improving conditions for insane people. 61. What kind of school was Dorothea's school at Worcester, Massachusetts? 62. How did Dorothea Dix first realize the mistreatment of insane people? 63. Why was Dorothea Dix's work with the insane interrupted(中断)? 64. How are the events of Dorothea Dix's life presented in the passage? 65. What does this article mainly tell us about?

第四部分:写作 第一节:单词拼写。根据下列句子及所缺单词的首字母或汉语提示,写出单词的正确形式。 66. She b________ with great courage when her husband died. 67. The university plans to set up an i______ for Chinese studies. 68. This is a m________ matter; we'd better leave it to the doctors. 69. All ________ (通信) with France w as stopped when the enemy gained control of the sea. 70. A cinema is a place of e________. 71. He never showed any ________ (体谅) for his mother's feelings. 72. The birth r________ is the number of births compared to the number of people. 73. Which o________ do you work for? 74. That newspaper really has good a________ on sports. 75. I went to see a s_______ who found I had too little sugar in my blood. 第二节: 用所给动词(短语)的适当形式填空。(有多余选项) support, inspire, strike, observe, care for, devote, connect, argue, deliver, explain, respect, look down on 76. The example set by the teacher _________ us to work still harder. 77. Her baby _________ by a famous doctor in the hospital. 78. A man _________ walking on the opposite side of the road. 79. He is such an experienced teacher that everyone _________ him. 80. I hope you will __________ me in my decision. 81. Can you __________ to me why you are late for the meeting? 82. Nobody enjoys __________ by others. 83. The strange fever __________ most of the country last year. 84. When I was ill, my mother _________ me carefully. 85. Don't ________ with me, I have made up my mind; I won't change my decision.

第三节:请用下列单词或短语的适当 形式填空。(有多余选项) condition, look down on, behave, organization, even if, inspire, respect, devote, care for, achievement, argue, connection 86 ? Now, let's have 87 and were not encouraged 89 all

What do you think about ancient Chinese women's living a quick look at it. In old China, women were always to go out. They must stay at home to their lives to their family and they 91 90 88

their children and aged parents. So, when very well towards their husbands. If 92 they had good reasons. 93 with

women were young, their feet would be made very small. And, women must with them openly, they must be punished

At that time, the standard of a good woman was knowing nothing. They not only had no chance to accept any kinds of education, but also had no chance to make the outside world, let alone(更不用说) take part in any women made less 95 than those today. 94 . So, ancient Chines e

第四节: 根据英文提示翻译下列句子。 96. 如果这些孩子的母亲死了,谁来照顾他们呢?(care for) 97. 病人的情况非常危险。(condition) 98. 我们全家人都喜欢体育运动。(family) 99. 只有当他空闲时他才来看我。(Only ...) 100. 观察黑猩猩的习性需要耐心。(observation; behavior) 第五节:书面表达 假如你是李华,在美国留学。你母亲今天下午要从国内来看你,但你凑巧要去做个讲座, 故给你的朋友 Peter 留下字条请他下午三点半去机场接你母亲。因 Peter 未见过你母亲,请 根据下表在字条中描述你母亲的特征以便他辨认。 age clothes around sixty a white blouse, brown trousers appearance fat, short, gray hair, a long face luggage a yellow suitcase 注意:1. 开头已给出,不计入总词数; 2. 词数:100 左右。 Su nday Peter, I am very glad that my mother is coming this afternoon by air ...

参考答案: 1-5 AACBA 11-15 AABBB 21-25 CBDAB 31-35 CACDB 41-45 CAABD 51-55 CBCDC 6-10 BBBCB 16-20 ACABA 26-30 CDCAC 36-40 BADBD 46-50 ACDCB 56-60 CDABD

61. It was a school for young girls. 62. When she taught Sunday school in a prison, she got to know the mistreatment of insane people. 63. Her work with the insane was interrupted because of the Civil War. 64. It was presented in time order. 65. This article mainly tells us about how Dorothea Dix devoted herself to the work of improving conditions for insane people. 66. behaved 69. communication 71. consideration 74. articles 67. institute 70. entertainment 72. rate 75. specialist 73. organization 76. inspired 68. medical

(inspires) 77. was delivered 80. support 83. struck 86. conditions 88. care for 92. even if 78. was observed 79. respects 81. explain 84. cared for 89. devote 93. connections 82. being looked down on 85. argue 90. behave 94. organization 91. argued 95. achievements

87. looked down on

96. Who will care for the children if their mother dies? 97. The patient is in a very dangerous condition. 98. My family all enjoy / like sports and games. 99. Only when he is free will he come to see me. 100. The observation of chimp behavior needs patience. One possible version: Sunday Peter, I am very glad that my mother is coming this afternoon by air. But I have to give a lecture and have no time to meet her. I am writing to ask you to meet my mother at the airport at 3:30 for me. As you have never seen her before, I will say something about her to help you recognize her. She is around sixty years old, fat and short, with a long face and gray hair. I have been told she is dressed in a white blouse and brown trousers and she will take a yellow suitcase with her. I will be grateful to you for your help. Yours, Li Hua

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