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【创新设计】2014-2015学年高中英语同步精练:必修3 Unit 3 Section Ⅱ (人教版,课标通用)]

Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note Section Ⅱ Learning about Language 课 时精练(人教版必修 3,课标通用)

Ⅰ.短语填空 1.He gave us ________ advice. 2.I won't ____________ on a July holiday in Britain—it always rains. 3.She talked to us ____________. 4.You think this is rather cheap,but ____________ me,it is expensive. 5.The man who was ____________ was a beggar. 答案 rags Ⅱ.单项填空 1.Now he has a large ________ of money, and can do anything he wants to. A.number C.plenty 答案 B.amount D.deal 1.amounts of 2.take a chance 3.in a very polite manner 4.as for 5.in

B [考查量词。句意:现在他有大笔钱并且能够做他想做的任何事情。

此处量词短语修饰的是 money,为不可数名词,不能用 number;plenty 不与冠 词 a 连用;a large deal of 表示“许多”,除修饰不可数名词外,还表示某种程 度;a large amount of 仅表示数量。] 2.We decided to ________ a chance on the weather and have the party outdoors. A.make 答案 B.take C.have D.pick

B [考查动词。句意:在这种天气里我们决定冒下险,在室外开舞会。


3.________ the final exams, I would have gone to the concert yesterday. A.In spite of C.Because of 答案 B.But for D.As for

B [考查介词短语。句意:要不是期终考试,我昨天就去参加音乐会了。

根据语境“过去情况”的假设推知“要不是……的话”用 but for 短语。] 4.________ if you passed the exam you would receive a reward was telling lies. A.Whoever told you that B.Those who told you that C.No matter who told you D.Whoever that told you 答案 A [考查名词性从句。句意:不管谁告诉你如果通过考试就得到奖赏的

话是说谎。whoever 相当于 anyone who,引导主语从句。that 引导宾语从句, 宾语从句又含有一个 if 引导的条件状语从句。] 5.It's said that an American often starts a speech with a joke,________ a Japanese seldom does. A.as C.while 答案 C B.when D.though [考查连词。句意:据说美国人经常以玩笑的形式开始演讲,相反日

本人却不是这样。根据意思此处为“然而”,连词 while 合适。] 6.—Do you mind if I open the window? —________ I feel a bit cold. A.Of course not. C.Go ahead. 答案 B.You'd better not. D.Why not?

B [考查交际用语。句意:——我打开窗子你介意吗?——最好不要这

样,我感觉有点感冒。根据语境 I feel a bit cold 推知不允许打开窗子。] 7.He ________ be joking. He must mean it. A.mustn't B.needn't

C.daren't 答案 D

D.can't [考查情态动词。句意:他不可能开玩笑,他是当真的。根据语境

He must mean it.可知前面玩笑“不可能”。] 8.The little boy came riding at full speed down the motorway on his bicycle.________ it was! A.What a dangerous scene B.What dangerous a scene C.How a dangerous scene D.How dangerous the scene 答案 A [考查感叹句式。句意:小男孩在马路上骑着自行车以最快的速度来

了,是多么的危险啊。scene 为可数名词,其感叹句的正确表达应为:What a dangerous scene it was!或 How dangerous the scene was!或 How dangerous a scene it was! 。] 9.At the conference, people of different ________ were given a chance to exchange theirs with each other. A.points C.views 答案 C B.manners D.ways [考查名词。句意:会议上,不同观点的人们被给予彼此交换不同意

见的机会。根据语境“交换”联系常识推知“观点”, views 有此意。] 10.If the agreement is reached this weekend, it will bring in profit of ________ 2.5 million pounds. A.indeed C.approximately 答案 C B.entirely D.slightly

[考查副词。句意:如果本周协议达成就会带来近 250 百万英镑的利

润。此处的利润为“大体,大约,接近”故 C 合适。] Ⅲ.完成句子 1.What is ________ ________(众所周知)the world is that Mark Twain is a great

American writer. 2. ________ ________ ________ ________(至于你的建议), I'm sure to consider it and give you reply in time. 3.It's ________ ________(有礼貌)to say“thank you”when someone helps you. 4.There's ________ ________ ________ ________(总有机会)a snake hiding in the cave. 5.There is ________ ________ ________ ________(大量工作)work for us to do. 答案 1.wellknown to 2.As for your advice 3.good manners 4.always a

chance of 5.a large amount of Ⅳ.完形填空 Mother's Day was coming, but John had been visiting customers. He was now in a small town just outside a flower shop and he knew what to do. He went into the shop and saw a young man __1__ the clerk to sell him some roses for six dollars,but the clerk just explained that roses were __2__. The clerk looked up at John,__3__ her head. Something inside of John was __4__ by the boy's voice. John had been __5__ in his business,and he looked at the clerk and __6__ mouthed that he would pay for the roses. The clerk looked at the young man and told him to get the roses for six dollars. The young man almost jumped into the __7__ and ran from the store with the __8__. It was worth the extra dollars just to see that kind of __9__. John ordered his own flowers and made sure that the __10__ would include a note telling his mother how much he loved her. He drove away from the shop , feeling very __11__.He caught a light about two blocks away. As he __12__ at the light,he saw the young boy walking down the sidewalk. He watched him cross the street and enter a park through two huge gates. Suddenly,he __13__ that it wasn't a park but a cemetery (公墓). The light __14__, and John slowly crossed the intersection.He __15__ and on an impulse (冲动) got out and began to follow the boy. The young man stopped by a small monument and went to his __16__.He began to cry after he carefully __17__ the roses on the grave. He stared at the little boy's heaving (起伏的) body and listened to his crying.

John turned with __18__, and walked back to his car. He drove __19__ to the shop and told the clerk he would __20__ the flowers personally. He wanted to tell his mother one more time just how much he loved her. 【语篇大意】 在母亲节来临之际,约翰出于善意默默地替一个男孩垫付了 他购买玫瑰花时的欠款,未曾想男孩购买鲜花竟然是为了祭奠母亲。约翰无比 感动,决定立即更改原来的计划,亲自向母亲表达心中的爱意。 1.A.begging 答案 B.ordering C.forcing D.urging

A [根据下文可知年轻人只有六美元,买不起昂贵的玫瑰花,所以“乞

求”服务员把玫瑰花便宜地卖给他。] 2.A.cheap C.expensive 答案 C B.beautiful D.special


的。此处讲的是价格问题,而不是玫瑰花的象征意义,因此 D 项不恰当。] 3.A.shaking C.nodding 答案 A B.waving D.holding


“摇头”。B 项表示“摆动”,不符合语境。] 4.A.recalled C.hurt 答案 B B.touched D.lightened [年轻人乞求的声音 “触动 ”了约翰的内心,此处 touch 表示“触

动”。recall 表示“回想,回忆”,主语一般是人。] 5.A.influenced C.buried 答案 B.ruined D.blessed

D [上文提到约翰一直忙于拜访客户,下文提到他主动替年轻人垫付了


应用 blessed,表示“受上帝保护的,有福气的”。] 6.A.loudly C.gently 答案 B B.silently D.calmly [约翰努了努嘴,向服务员示意他将替年轻人支付(他购买玫瑰花)不

足的钱,由于他只是用嘴示意,因而是“无声地”。] 7.A.river 答案 B.air C.lake D.hole B [年轻人见服务员答应了自己的请求,高兴得一蹦三尺高。其余三项

明显错误。] 8.A.money B.flowers C.basket D.cards 答案 B [年轻人的目的是购买鲜花,自然是拿着“鲜花”跑出了商店。] B.horror C.excitement D.sadness [根据年轻人拿到鲜花并跑出商店时的表现可知他非常“兴奋”,而

9.A.surprise 答案 C

约翰认为能看到这种兴奋之情,花这些额外的钱也值得。] 10.A.delivery C.transportation 答案 B.message D.transfer

A [约翰订购了自己的鲜花,并委托服务员在“送”花时要附上一张便

条,表达他对母亲无比的爱意。transfer 表示“转移,移交”,语意不恰当。] 11.A.relaxed C.good 答案 C B.disappointed D.sorry [约翰已经委托服务员把鲜花送给他的母亲,并叮嘱对方要附上一张

便条,由此可见他自认为已经办妥了一切,自我感觉“良好”。文章中没有提 到他之前感到紧张,所以 A 项不恰当。] 12.A.sang B.waited 答案 C.looked D.stood

B [他遇到了红灯,自然要在红绿灯处“等侯”。] B.found


C.discovered 答案


D [他突然“意识到”男孩走进的不是公园,而是公墓。] B.changed D.shone

14.A.flashed C.disappeared 答案

B [上文提到他遇到红灯后停了下来,由此可推断此时红灯“变”成了

绿灯,他缓缓驶过交叉点。] 15.A.drove back C.broke down 答案 B.pulled over D.burst out

B [他一时冲动,想跟踪男孩,所以把车停到路边。此处 pull over 表示

“把车停靠在路边”。break down 表示“出故障,崩溃”;burst out 表示“突 然开始做某事”,后面需要跟宾语。] 16.A.arms B.palms C.feet 答案 17.A.laid C.set 答案 D.knees

D [男孩是在祭奠去世的母亲,自然是双“膝”跪在墓碑前。] B.decorated D.grew A [男孩小心翼翼地把玫瑰花“摆放”在坟墓上,失声痛哭起来。B 项

表示“装饰”,通常用于喜庆场合。] 18.A.laughter C.tears 答案 C B.anger D.astonishment [约翰没有想到男孩倾其所有购买玫瑰花是为了祭奠他的母亲,感动

得“泪流满面”。] 19.A.slowly C.carefully 答案 B.quickly D.excitedly

B [上文提到约翰已经委托服务员把鲜花送给他的母亲,但是他看到男


花店。] 20.A.bring 答案 C B.fetch C.take D.catch

[约翰告诉服务员他想亲自把花 “带”给他的母亲。A 项表示“带

来”,显然不正确;B 项表示“去拿来”,不符合语境。] Ⅴ. 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中 有两项为多余选项。 We live in the Internet age when much business is conducted online.How shall we mark the special occasions?__1__There are numerous websites available online that specialize in electronic cards,or ecards in short. __2__Cards have been a popular way to express one's feelings and

gratitude.Earlier,there were traditional cards handpicked for special occasions but now,those are being replaced by ecards.Ecards are friendly in the world,which means you can send them to anyone around the world,to your friends,relatives, family,cousins,children,colleagues and numerous others.__3__There are Thank You Cards,Birthday Cards,Invitation Cards,Romantic Cards,Seasonal Cards Congratulation Cards, and Cards For Special Events.In other words, you have cards for any occasion.Many sites offer the cards free.__4__Almost all the ecards are available online for print.If you have an office party and want to make it exceptional,printable Invitation Cards are not difficult to find.You can also give them printable Thank You Cards and then Congratulation Cards to honor the best colleagues for their contributions and efforts.__5__Just register with an online ecard website,look through the different kinds of cards,select your cards, download and print the cards you like.You get everything, basically nothing spent at your side. With ecards,send your messages and best wishes to any person around the globe. A.Why do we send cards anyway? B.Ecards are in fashion these days. C.What types of cards are there?

D.Where can we find the suitable cards we like? E.Therefore,what do you need to do to print ecards? F.Ecards are more convenient than traditional cards. G.In addition,you also have printable ecards and those are free too. 【解题导语】 本文列举了电子贺卡的好处。 1.答案 B [第一段主要是引入话题。根据空格前的问句及空格后的一句话可知 此处选 B。“Ecards are in fashion these days.”是本文的中心话题。] 2.答案 A [根据空格后的一句话可知,此处主要是说人们寄送贺卡的原因的,

故选 A。Why do we send cards anyway?揭示了本段的主要内容。] 3.答案 C [空格后面的内容主要介绍了电子贺卡的种类,故选 C。]

4.答案 G [上一句说,很多网站免费提供电子贺卡。再结合空格后面的句子可 知此处选 G。此外,还有可以打印的贺卡,也是免费的。上一句有 free,这与 G 项中的“those are free too”相呼应。] 5. 答案 E [空格后面的内容主要介绍了如何打印电子贺卡, 故选 E。 “Therefore, what do you need to do to print ecards?”也是主题句,该句概括了空格后面的 内容。]

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