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2013-2014 作文错句分析 ? In my opinion, It's a good habit to study by themselves.
it's ? Using good your weekends, and you can receive more.
Make good use of of the students much<

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? It's 5% that take an active on the PE activities, which can
part in

build up a good health.
? Students are lack of PE activities.
lack sth/ There is a lack of sth/ be lacking in

help them

? 70% students study on weekends, which makes me relief.


HAPPY New Year everyone!
The year of 2014 is the Year of the Horse in the Chinese lunar calendar (农历). Horses have been good friends of humans for a long time. In the past, horses were good helpers in farming and transportation (农业与运输). Today people ride horses for fun.

Ride into a new year ? According to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, we’ll officially welcome the Year of the Horse following the arrival of Spring Festival on Jan 31. ? The horse has played an important role throughout human history all over the world. Horses were used for thousands of years as a means of transport, a weapon (武 器) of war and a plougher (拉犁用畜) of fields, but the horse was “more than just a vehicle – it had more character than a car, a tank or a tractor,” Clare Balding wrote for The Telegraph.

? In the Middle Ages in Western societies, the horse was a symbol of chivalry (骑士精神) and nobility (高贵). In fact, the word “chivalry” comes from “cheval” in Old French, which meant horse. The idea of chivalry helped to fashion the 19th-century concept of the “gentleman”, which was related to courtesy (礼貌), courage and loyalty to friends. ? Nowadays, because of economic development, people in Western societies are less likely to see or ride horses. People living in cities, in particular, hardly ever experience horses except through movies, paintings or books. But horse racing, and betting money on horse races, is still popular. The annual Kentucky Derby is one of the most popular sporting events in the US.

In the UK, the royal police still patrol (巡逻) on horseback and the Queen rides in a traditional horsedrawn carriage on “ceremonial occasions”. The significance of horses in the past is reflected in idioms still used in English today. For example, people still say “hold your horses” to mean “slow down”. If someone seems too proud, people might tell him or her to “get off [his or her] high horse”. And since horses are strong and energetic, there are expressions such as “as strong as a horse”, “workhorse” and “horsing around”.

? Interestingly, the horse also appears in many Chinese idioms, such as qianlima, which means a talented person. Other Chinese horse idioms include madaochenggong (instant success) and baimawangzi (prince charming). ? Besides their physical strengths, horses have powerful brains, possessing “excellent memories”, according to Discovery News. Maybe that’s why the Chinese idiom says: “An old horse never gets lost (老马识途)”. ? Since the horse is honored as a symbol of vigor, loyalty, persistence and intelligence, people born in the Year of the Horse are said to share such good qualities.


1. Time tries all.

2.An old horse never gets lost.

1. a horse pill 大药丸,大型丸剂 This is not a horse pill. This is your pain pill which doctor prescribed. 这不是大药片。这就是医生给你开的止疼药。 2. a horse laugh 狂笑,讥笑,不信任的笑 At the end of the joke she gave a horse laugh that could be heard a street away. 在那个笑话结束时,她发出一阵狂笑,隔着一条街都能听到。

3. a horse of a different color 完全是另一回事 Taking the exam is one thing but passing it is a horse of a different color. 考试是一回事;通过考试又是另一回事。 4. be on one's high horse 趾高气扬,藐视他人 Since Bob was elected president of the club, he's been up on his high horse. 自从鲍勃当选为俱乐部主席以来,他就趾高气扬起来了。 5. beat a dead horse 徒劳无益,白费口舌 I hate to beat a dead horse, but it is very important that you understand this before you leave. 我不想多此一举,但你离开以前必须了解这个。

6. hold one's horse 忍耐,镇静,别冲动
Dad, please hold your horse before you get mad at me... 爸,在对我发火之前,请你忍耐一下…… 7. clothes horse 爱打扮,赶时髦的人 Princess Diana was a real clothes horse. It's hard to imagine how much she had spent on clothes. 黛安娜王妃是一个很讲究穿戴的人,很难想象她花在衣服上的钱有多少。 此外clothes horse figure 指“衣服架子”,就是那种穿什么都好看的人。

8. talk horse 吹牛
They often talk horse when they are free. 他们有空时常常在一起吹牛。 9. one-horse town 落后的小地方 Then Beijing was a gray, drab, one-horse town where the main means of transportation was the bicycle. 那时的北京是一个灰色、乏味、设施简陋的城市,主要交通工具是自行车。 10. horse-and-buggy days 马车时代,以往岁月

The post-industrial crisis always reminds citizens of the horse-and-buggy days.

You can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink. 带马到河边容易,逼马饮水难。

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