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GO FOR IT高二下11单元语法课件

Unit 11 Word formation

Guess the word according to the meaning given: private 1. the opposite of “public” _____________________
2. a synonym of “depend”



3. to point a gun



4. gradual development



5. the lowest or bottom part _____________________

6. of the sun

solar __________

7. an organization for educational institute ______________ or research purpose 8. an act of marching
______________ ______________


9. to finish successfully
10. to bear the weight of



11. lack of success



man day achieve fail arrange research break like announce

kind -ed -ly through -ment -ure -er

mankind breakthrough daily achievement failure arrangement researcher likely announcement

Arrange the following words into several groups.

international=inter+ national telephone=tele+ phone mankind=man+ kind broadband= broad+ band extremely= extreme+ly manned= man+ed hi-tech=high+ technology e-mail=electronic mail IT =information technology CSA= Chinese Space Agency aeroplane =plane smoke+ fog=smog laboratory=lab

breakfast+lunch =brunch

Affixation (派生) 通过加前后缀形成新词 international telephone extremely manned Compounding (合成) 由两个或多个词合成另一个词 mankind broadband Conversion (转化) 由一个词类转化为另一个词类 e.g. The flowers need watering. I pour some water in the pot. clipping (截断法) 把一个词的前部分或后部分或前后各 截去一部分
aeroplane lab Blending (混合) 把两个词各取一部分合成另一个词 brunch smog Abbreviation (缩写) 可以按字母读音或象单词一样读。 Hi-tech e-mail IT CSA

Affixation (派生) 通过加前后缀形成新词 加前缀(prefix) un + happy =unhappy in-+ correct =incorrect 加后缀(suffix) happy + -ly =happily use + -ful =useful 加前后缀 un- +happy +-ly =unhappily im-+press +-ive =impressive

ab (away) abstain, absent, absolve ad (to) adverb, advertisement, advance, adjoin in /il-/im-/ir- (not) incapable, illegal, impossible, irregular inter (between, among) international, interaction interdependent, pre (before) prerecorded, preface prefer post (after) postpone, postscript, postwar sub (under, not quite) suspect ,subway, subnormal trans (across, to a changed state) transfer, translate, transport ,transform

invisible disagreement dishonesty impossibility international disappearance misunderstanding unforgettable unsuccessful unexpected

invisible= in- + vis+ -ible disagreement= dis- + agree+ -ment dishonesty= dis- + honest + -y impossibility= im-+ possible + -ity inter- +nation + -al international= disappearance dis- + appear +-ance = misunderstanding mis-+ understand - ing = unforgettable=un-+forget + +-able +-ful unsuccessful= un- success + +-ed unexpected un-+ expect =

1. de- :=down,opposite of,away decline (lean)下倾/降 decrease (grow)下降 deform (形成), delay (leave)延误 , deficient (enough)缺乏的 devide分开

1) In capital countries unemployment decreases increases as production__________

2) We should start as soon as possible. Don’t _________ 3) The bomb has enough ______ power to destroy a big house. 2. dis-:= opposite of,away disagree disadvantadge不利,缺点____不同意 __________ disappoint disappointment _____失望______ (名词) dislike disorder ___ 不喜欢 ____ 混乱,无序 discard 丢弃,抛弃 discharge (load) 卸货 discount (add)折扣 discomfort 不舒服 disease(舒服)疾病 disturb 弄乱,打搅

disappointed 1) Marry was ___________ that Tom had not come
2) You shoulddiscard the old useless things. ______ 3) She has her likes and dislikesas well . ______ 4) Discomfort you . I don’t think it is right. I ______ with disagree 5) _________ is something that makes sb. uncomfortable.

3. in- ,im-:=not immediate (中间)立刻的 immediately 马上 impatient 耐心的 impossible 不可能的 improper 不适当的 incapable 无能力的 incomplete 不完全的 incorrect 不正确的

incredible 难以置信的 indefinite不定的
independent(依赖)独立的 inexpensive不贵的 insignificant无关紧要的
2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)

She is _______ of grasping what I meant. incapable This coat is ___________,so I can buy it. inexpensive incredible too strange to be believed-----__________ Not valuable or important------__________ insignificant Not right------______ incorrect impossible Not likely-----_______ independent Not dependent------__________

4. un- : =not unable uncertain不确定 uncomfortable uncommon不平凡的 undoubted无疑的
uneasy 不安的 , unfair 不公平, unfit , unhappy ,unkind, unknown未知的, unfortunately不幸的, unlike不同的, unlikely不大可能的, unlimited无限的, unload卸货, unlock开锁, unlucky, unnecessary没必要的, unpaid未付的, unreasonable无理的, unsuitable不合适的, unusual, unusually, unwilling不情愿的



3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)

unfit I think Tom is ______ to do the job . unlucky He is really ________,for he has always has bad luck . We began to unload _____ goods from the truck. unknown The cause of the fire is still ________. unlimited Knowledge is ___________. uneasy worried, anxious------ _________ uncomfortable not comfortable------- ___________ unfortunately by bad luck------____________ unkind cruel or thoughtless-------__________ unreasonable not sensible(有道理的)----__________

5. mis-/op- / ab- := not misfortune (luck)不幸 mislead 误导 mistake 错误;弄错 misunderstand误解 abnormal 不正常 absence absent 缺席的 oppose 反对、反抗 opposite 对面的,对立的 1) You misunderstood I didn’t meant that. ____________ me. 2) False ads often misleadconsumers. ______ 3) On the opposite side of the road is a shop. _______ 4) Since they oppose the plan, it can’t be carried out. _______ absent 5) Why were you_______from the meeting?

6. pre- / fore- :=before predict 预言,preceding 在前的,在先的, preface 序言 prepare 预备 presence (n.) present 出席的,目前的 preset 预先装置 prevent 预防 forecast 预测 forehead 前额 foresee 预见,预知 1) It’s difficult to predict/forcast/foresee __________________the future. preface 2) I often read the ________ first when reading a book. present 3) How many people were _______ at the meeting.

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