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翻 译 合 同(笔译) Translation Contract
合同编号: Contract No. 甲 方: Party A: 地 址: Add: 联系人: Contact Name: 电 话: Tel: 传 真: Fax: E-mail: 乙 方: Party B: 地 址 Add: 联系人: Contact Name: 电 话: Tel: 传 真: Fax: E-mail:

乙方为甲方提供翻译服务, 甲乙双方确认提供的联系方式准确无误。 经双方协商一致, 特签订本合同, 以资恪守。 Party B shall provide Party A with translation service and both parties confirm that the contact information provided hereunder is accurate. The parties, on the basis of consensus, have entered into the Agreement as follows: 一、 翻译项目名称: Translation Project: TTH lends LBS USD 0 64m (v6 LB) (2) 二、 合作价格: Price: 原稿中文字数 译 类 Number of Chinese Type of characters of source Translation text 320 元/千字 英译中 E-C 备注: 2250 单词 RMB 2250 words thousand words 320 per 700Yuan By email 12 may 2014 700 元 邮箱 2014-5-12 Rate (RMB) Total Price Delivery 单 价(RMB) 总价 (RMB) Mode of Time of Delivery 交稿方式 交稿时间

唯有品质 铸造辉煌
中国五大国际翻译服务企业 Note: 字数计算办法及译件规格要求:WORD 文档以字符数不计空格为准,书写稿以含标点符号与阿拉伯字数的 手工点数为准;文本框或图片中的文字另行计算。 Word count measures and source text specifications: Word count shall be subject to "Number of characters excluding spaces" for a WORD document; manual count of characters including punctuation and Arabic numbers for a manuscript; characters in text boxes and pictures shall be counted separately. 三、 付款方式: 合同签订之日甲方预付 50%定金,交稿三天内按实际翻译费用向乙方支付余款 Payment Term: Party A shall pay Party B 50% of the contract amount as a deposit within three days from the date of signature, and pay the balance according to the actual translation fees within one week after delivery of the translation. 四、 汇款账号: Account for Remittance: 开户行: Bank Name: 开户名: Account Name: 账 号: Account Number: 以上账户为公司指定收款银行信息,汇入其他银行无效。 The above account information is designated by Party B for receiving payment, and remittance to other account will be invalid.

五、 译稿交付: Translation Delivery:


乙方向甲方交付译稿时必须以邮件形式从 901@8888800000.com 邮箱交付到甲方指定的电子 邮箱。未明确约定的,乙方可以采取包括但不限于邮寄、传真、QQ/MSN 等任何一种方式向甲 方交付译稿。

1. Party B shall deliver the translation by email from

to Party A's designated email address_ _. If the

delivery method is not expressly agreed, Party B may use any method, including but not limited to mailing,

唯有品质 铸造辉煌
中国五大国际翻译服务企业 fax, QQ/MSN, to deliver the translation to Party A. 2.甲方应向乙方提供正确的联系方式,如因甲方提供的信息不准确或发生变更后未及时通知乙方, 导致乙方翻译的译稿无法交付给甲方的,由此产生的后果由甲方承担。 2. Party A shall provide Party B with correct contact information. In the event that Party A provides inaccurate information or fails to notify Party B of any change to the information, which causes that Party B is unable to deliver the translation to Party A, Party A shall be liable for the consequences arising there from. 3.自乙方交付译稿之日(含当日)起 7 日内,甲方未就译稿向乙方提出异议的,视为乙方已按约定 向甲方提供了翻译服务,乙方对本合同的翻译义务履行完毕;甲方需严格按照合同约定支付翻译费。 3. Where Party A files no objection to Party B within seven days from the date of delivery of the translation (inclusive), it shall be deemed that Party B has provided Party A with translation service as agreed and has fulfilled the obligations of translation hereunder; Party A shall pay the translation fee to Party B in strict accordance with the Contract. 4.需要快递代收款项的,甲方在收到乙方译稿时须即时付清翻译费。 4. In the event that express delivery company is entrusted with the payment collection, Party A shall pay translation fees immediately after receiving Party B's translation. 六、 翻译质量: Translation Quality: 乙方应保证翻译的准确性和完整性。甲方如对乙方译稿有异议,甲方有权在取稿之日起7日内,向乙 方提出修改意见,乙方应按甲方要求在规定的时间内免费进行修改,直至甲方满意为止。 Party B shall ensure the accuracy and completeness of the translation. Should Party A have any objection to the translation, Party A shall have the right to propose amendments within seven days from the date of receipt of translation; Party B shall amend the translation within the specified period in accordance with Party A's requirements until Party A is satisfied with the translation. 七、 双方责任和义务: Responsibilities and Obligations: 1、 甲方责任: 1. Party A's responsibilities: 1.1 甲方应及时、完整、准确地向乙方提供翻译原稿,为确保最终翻译稿能够达到甲方要求,甲方有 责任尽量给乙方提供相关的背景资料和统一的专业术语。 1.1 Party A shall timely provide complete and accurate source text for translation to Party B. In order to

唯有品质 铸造辉煌
中国五大国际翻译服务企业 ensure that the final translation meets the requirements of Party A, Party A has the responsibility to provide Party B with the relevant background information and unified technical terms and expressions. 1.2 翻译稿件的来源、内容、用途的合法性由甲方负责。 1.2 Party A shall be responsible for the legality of the source, content and purpose of the source text for translation. 1.3 甲方需按约定时间支付翻译费。 逾期付款的, 每逾期一日, 按合同总金额的 1%向乙方支付滞纳金。 1.3 Party A shall pay the translation fees within the specified period of time. Should Party A fall into arrears with the payment, Party A shall pay Party B 1% of the total contract amount as a penalty on a daily basis until the translation fee is paid in full. 1.4 甲方在乙方交稿前单方面解除合同或取消翻译的,甲方应按合同总金额 80%向乙方支付违约金。 1.4 In the event Party A unilaterally terminates this Contract before Party B delivers the translation or cancel the translation, Party A shall pay Party B 80% of the total contract amount as liquidated damages. 2、乙方责任: 2. Party B's responsibilities: 2.1 乙方需按约定时间交付译件, 逾期交稿的, 每逾期一日, 须按合同总金额的 1%向甲方支付滞纳金。 2.1 Party B shall deliver the translation before the deadline agreed, otherwise B shall pay Party A 1% of the total contract amount on as a penalty a daily basis until the translation is delivered. 2.2 相关背景资料及译文文本乙方需按规定日期完整归还甲方。 2.2 Party B shall return the relevant background information and translation text intact to Party A on the designated date. 2.3乙方保证对甲方翻译稿件的任何信息及其所涉及的相关信息和商业秘密负有保密义务及责任。 2.3 Party B shall undertake to keep confidential any information of the source text and the relevant information and business secrets involved.

3、 双方义务: 3. Obligations of the parties:

如甲方修改原稿,乙方对译文作相应修改,根据修改程度乙方可酌量收取改稿费,或在收取原稿翻译 费后,对修改稿按单价重新计费。如补充翻译,则另行收费。 In the event that Party A modifies its source text, Party B shall also modify the translation accordingly and

唯有品质 铸造辉煌
中国五大国际翻译服务企业 may charge a modification fee at its discretion; or Party B may recount the fees on the basis of the rate after the modification. Supplementary translation shall be charged separately. 八、 履行本合同发生争议时,双方应协商解决;协商不成的,由乙方所在地人民法院管辖,适用中华人 民共和国法律。 Disputes arising in the performance of this Contract shall be resolved on the basis of consultation between the parties; if consultation fails, the disputes shall be governed by the people's court in the place where Party B is located and applicable to laws of the People's Republic of China.

九、 本合同一式二份,甲乙双方各执一份,签字盖章生效。 This Contract is executed in duplicate, with each party holding one copy. This Contract shall become effective immediately after it is signed and sealed by both parties. 十、 本合同传真件及扫描件具有同等法律效力。 Faxed and scanned copies of this Contract shall have the equal legal effect with the original.

甲 方: Party A: A:

乙 方: Party B: 授权代表: Authorized Representative: Date:

授权代表: Authorized Representative: Date:

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