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2011 年 春 季学期 应用化学 专业 《08 级化学化工专业英语试卷答案》 化学化工专业英语试卷答案》 试卷答案 1. state-of-the-industry 中文: 工业发展水平 (1 分) 2. alkyl ether sulfate 中文: 烷基醚硫酸盐(酯) (1.5 分) 3. W/O 英文: water in oil,(oil emulsion) ;中文: 油乳胶(油包 水) (1.5 分) 4. 2,6-Dimethy-2,7-octadien-6-ol 画出结构式: 画出结构式

(4 分) 5. The inherent tendency of the whole or a part of a molecule to pass out of or not to penetrate into a water phase. 英文: Hydrophoby ;中文: 疏水性(亲油性) (1.5 分) 6. A substance which, when introduced in a liquid, increases its wetting tendency. 英文: Wetting agent ;中文: 润湿剂 (1.5 分) 7. The process by which soil is dislodged from the substrate and bought into a state of solution or dispersion. 英文: Detergency ;中文: 去污性(力) (1.5 分) 8. An attribute which is related to benefit not directly but through association or suggestion. 英文: Signal attribute ;中文: 信号属性 (1.5 分)
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9. A colorless gas with a characteristic pungent odor, consisting of nitrogen and hydrogen. 英文: ammonia ;中文: 氨气 (2 分) 10. A chemical compound composed of two oxygen atoms covalently bonded to a single carbon atom. 英文: Carbon dioxide ;中文: 二氧化碳 (2 分) 11. A chemical element with atomic number 9, it is the lightest halogen. 英文: Fluorine ;中文: 氟 (2 分) 12. KH2PO4 Potassium dihydrogen phosphate (2 分) 13. ZnSO4·7H2O Zinc sulfate hept(a)hydrate (2 分) 14.

3-methyl-2-ethyl(-1-)butene (3-methyl-2-ethyl but-1-ene) (3.5 分) 15.

4-(1-ethyl-butayl)-5-hydroxy-2-hexayne-1-al (7.5 分) 16. A good example of such a versatile attribute is fragrance. 译文:这样一个多功能属性的好例子就是香味。 17. Surface active amine oxides are also classified as nonionic surfactants. (2 分)
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(2 分)

译文:表面活性胺氧化物也被归类为非离子表面活性剂。 18. Fragrances that signal desirable benefits are also perceived as pleasing. (2 分)

译文:那些能显示产品具有某些人们所需的功能的香气,同时也是令 人愉悦的。 19. Products have attributes: they have form, size, price, efficacy, names, fragrance. (2 分)

译文:产品具有一些属性:它们有类型、尺寸、价格、效能、名称和 香味。 20. Foaming and cleaning agents are basic constituents of shampoos and cleansers. (2 分)

译文:起泡剂和清洁剂是洗发香波和洁面乳的主要组分。 21. What goes unnoticed is how much higher quality the other constituents now are. (2 分)

译文:现在其他的组分提高了多高的质量(这件事)往往被忽略 22. Table 1 gives an overview of the most important substance types assigned to the four surfactant classes. (3 分)

译文: 1 提供了归属于四种表面活性剂种类的最重要的物质类型的 表 一个概观。 23. Experts recently submitted for discussion the classification of cosmetic preparations shown in Table 1. (3 分)

译文:专家们最近提交了关于如表 1 所示化妆品制剂分类的讨论(结
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果) 。 24. Surfactants are substances with molecular structures consisting of a hydrophilic and a hydrophobic part. (3 分)

译文:表面活性剂是分子结构由一个亲水基和一个疏水基组成的物 质。 25. Up front are those products, that make the cleaning of the hair possible, and such that help to improve the styling effect. (3 分)

译文:前面(提及的)是那些能够清洁头发从而帮助提高(头发)的 发型效果的产品。 26. In solvents such as water, the surfactant molecules distribute in such a manner, that their concentration at the interfaces is higher than in the inner regions of the solution. (5 分)

译文:在像水这样的溶剂中,表面活性剂分子以这样一种方式分布, 就是它们在界面处的浓度比溶液内部区域的浓度要高。 27. She is familiar with this brand through advertising she has seen, it costs the same as her regular brand, and she has every expectation that this brand works just about as well as her regular brand. (6 分)

译文:通过她看过的广告她熟悉这个品牌,它(这个牌子的产品)与 她经常用的品牌价格相同,所以她非常希望这个品牌(的产品) (用 起来)和她经常用的品牌一样的好。 28. While this is true for the manufacturing of any cosmetic, emulsions are particularly delicate: small deviations in the procedure of raw material
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specifications can bring about marked changes in product viscosity/consistency and stability. (7 分)

译文:而对于任何化妆品的制造这都是事实,即乳化是特别微妙的: 即使是与原材料说明书步骤中很小的偏离, 都会在产品黏性和稳定性 方面带来显著的变化。 29. Moreover, like other surface active substances, soap not only removes the protective skin surface lipid films, but simultaneously releases appreciable amounts of fatty substances and constituents responsible for the moisture retention capacity from the stratum corneum. (8 分)

译文:而且,类似其他的表面活性物质,肥皂不仅仅可以去除有保护 作用的皮肤表面的脂质膜, 而且同时可以从角质层释放出大量与保湿 能力有关的脂肪类物质和成分。

Lesson 50 The Role of Fragrance in Consumer Product

(参考答案)Abstract: Fragrance is applied in various areas, such as skin care products, oral care products, hair care products and so on. In this article, the role of fragrance in consumer products will be discussed. Besides the basic functional attribute, the aesthetic and signal attribute of fragrance will be hightlighted; and the fuller use of the potential of fragrance will lead to more successful products.
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