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八年级英语上册 unit7----unit12复习教案(九年级)
主备:杨翠芳 课时:三课时 审核:

Unit 7 How do you make a banana milk shake? 重点语法:描述一个过程; 服从别人的指令; 询问做某事的过程用 how 引导特殊疑问句; 分步回答用 first(首先), next(接着), then(然后), finally(最后) 等时间副词引导从句。 例句:A: How do you make fruit salad?(如何做水果沙拉?) B: First cut up three bananas, three apples and a watermelon.(首先切三个香蕉、三个苹果 和一个西瓜。)Next put the fruit in a bowl.(接下来把水果放到一个碗里。) Then put in two teaspoons of honey and a cup of yogurt.(然后放入两勺蜂蜜和一杯酸奶。 ) Finally mix it all up.(最后将它们放在一起搅拌。) 重点短语:turn on 打开(电器)[闭合开关] turn off 关闭(电器)[断开开关] cut up 切碎 mix up 混合 add ... to ... 把……加到……上 pour ... into ... 把……浇到……里面 put ... in ... 把……放到……里面 put ... on ... 把……放到……上面 a cup of 一杯 a teaspoon of 一勺

Unit 8

How was your school trip?

重点语法:一般过去时态 结构:主语 + 谓语动词的过去式 + 宾语; 谈论过去发生的事情用一般过去时态; do/does 的 一般过去时态形式:did 例句:Last week I visited my aunt’s house.(上个星期我去我姑姑家玩了。) She lives in California.(她住在加利福尼亚州。) The weather was beautiful.(那儿的天气很好。) I went swimming.(我去游泳了。) 重点短语: hang out 闲逛 sleep late 睡过头 take photos = take pictures 照相 at the end of 在… 的尽头 have a great time = have fun = enjoy oneself 玩得高兴 the class monitor 班长 a day off 一整天 go for a drive 开车兜风 have fun doing sth. 做某事很愉快 a bowl of 一碗 help sb. [to] do sth. 帮助某人做某事 一些不规则动词的原形和过去式: hang → hung buy → bought sleep → slept read/ri:d/ → read/red/ Unit 9 When was he born? 重点语法:一般过去时态; 谈论著名人物 例句:A: How long did Charles Smith hiccup?(查理斯· 史密斯打嗝了多长时间?) B: He hiccupped for 69 years and 5 months.(他打嗝了 69 年零 5 个月。) A: When did he start hiccupping?(他什么时候开始打嗝的?) B: He started in 1922.(他从 1922 年就开始打嗝了。) A: When did he stop hiccupping?(他什么时候停止打嗝的?) B: He stopped in 1990.(他到 1990 年才停止打嗝。) 重点短语:too ... to ... 太……以致不能… take part in = join 参加 because of 因为…… major in 主修;专研 start doing sth. 开始做某事(该事已计划好)start to do sth. 开始做某事(该事尚未计划)

spend sometime with sb. 花时间和某人在一起 spend sometime [in] doing sth. = spend sometime on sth. 花时间做某事 see sb. do sth. 看见某人做某事(强调全局) see sb. doing sth. 看见某人做某事(强调偶然性) Unit 10 I'm going to be a basketball player. 重点语法:一般将来时态 do/does 的两种一般将来时态形式:will do;be going to do 两种形式的区别:will do 强调事情尚未计划好而即将做 be going to do 强调事情已计划好并将按照计划来做 本单元重点: 强调 be going to do 的形式。 例句:A: What are you going to do next year?(明年你准备干些什么?) B: Well, I’m going to take guitar lessons.(我明年要上吉他音乐课。) I really love music.(我很喜欢音乐。) A: Sounds interesting.(听起来很有趣。) I'm going to learn a foreign language.(我明年要学一门外语。) 重点短语: grow up 成长;长大 at the same time 同时 all over 遍及 all over the world = around the world 全世界 be going to do sth. 将要做某事 practice doing sth. 练习做某事 study hard 努力学习 take lessons 上课 sound + adj. 听起来……(加形容词) sound like + n. 听起来像……(加名词) save money 存钱 buy sb. sth. = by sth. for sb. 给某人买某物 write articles 写文章 buy sth. with the money 用钱买某物 learn to do sth. 学习做某事 keep fit 保持健康 get good grades 取 得 好 成 绩 play sports 运 动 write to sb. 给 某 人 写 信 enjoy doing sth. 享受做某事 Unit 11 Could you please clean your room? 重点语法:委婉请求别人做某事; 引导词用 can, shall, will 等情态动词的过去时态 例句:A: Could I please use your computer?(我能用一下你的电脑吗?) B: Sorry. I’m going to work on it now.(对不起,我正在忙着用电脑。) A: Well, could I watch TV?(那么,我能看电视吗?) B: Yes, you can.(是,你可以看电视。) But you have to clean your room.(但是是在你打扫完房间之后。) 重点短语: do the dishes = wash the dishes 洗碗 take out 取出 make one's bed 整理床铺 work on 从事;忙于 do chores = do housework 干家务 do the laundry = wash the clothes 洗衣服 take care of = care for = look after 照看;照顾 sweep the floor 扫地 fold one's clothes 叠衣服 go to the movies 看电影 get a ride 骑车 go to a meeting 开会 hate (to do/doing) sth. 讨厌做某事 like (to do/doing) sth. 喜欢做某 事 invite sb. to somewhere 邀请某人去某地 go to the store = go shopping 购物 forget to do sth. 忘记做某事(该事尚未做)on vacation 度假 forget doing sth. 忘记做 某事 (该事已做过) give sb. sth. = give sth. to sb.把某物给某人 buy sb. sth. = buy sth. for sb. 买某物给某人 Unit 12 What's the best radio station?

重点语法:在各事物间进行比较; 用形容词的原形、比较级和最高级 例句:A: Hello! I’m a reporter.(你好,我是记者。) Can I ask you some questions?(我能问你 一些问题吗?) B: Sure.(当然可以。) A: What’s the best clothing store in town?(城里最好的服装店是哪一家?) B: I think Jason’s is the best.(我认为杰森服装店是最好的。) A: Why do you think so?(为什么这样认为呢?) B: Jason’s has the best quality clothes.(杰森服装店有质量最好的服装。) 重点短语: close to = near 靠近;接近 inexpensive = cheap 便宜的 clothing store 服装店 radio station 广播站 talent show 业余歌手演唱会 cut the price 打折 it is adj. [for sb.] to do sth. 做某事(对某人来说)感觉……(加形容词) not ... at all = not ... in the slightest 一点也不 in fact 实际上 pay for 为…而付款 sth. cost sb. (money) 某人花钱买了某物 good/well → better → the best 形容词 good /副词 well 的原级、比较级和最高级 bad/badly → worse → the worst 形容词 bad /副词 badly 的原级、比较级和最高级


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