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`Hamlet” of Shakespeare is a classical representative work. This book certainly does not have the big difference in the superficial plot with the historical fable, spoke or the Danish prince the story which revenged for the father, in which fills the rank smell of blood violence and dies. Just like the dramatis personae Horatio said:" you may hear to rape massacre, the unusual repair behavior, and the dark center decision, accidental slaughter, borrows the hand murder, as well as falls into suicide result." Windingly elects the plot, tightly centers on the revenge to launch. Hamlet Wittenberg hurries back the home in a hurry from Germany, is attends his father's funeral, enables him to accept, he not catches up with father's funeral, actually witnessed the mother and the Uncle Claudius' wedding ceremony,this had caused Hamm the Wright suspicion at the heart, added night above meets in the royal palace castle with father's ghost, the ghost sorrow sued, this pile atrocity was Uncle Hamlet the behavior, and wanted him to revenge for the father. To this, he started the difficult revenge course, launched the life and death contest with Claudius. Finally, sent out sword the revenge to Claudius Hamlet is a man with contradictory, he had many chances to kill Claudius, but he hesitated, which reflects the religious thought poisons.

The play Hamlet is written by William Shakespeare, the greatest drama as well as the greatest poet in the world literature in The English

Renaissance. The theme of the book is the record of the process that Hamlet, prince of Denmark, plans to average his father’s murder. Having known his father is murdered, Hamlet is determined to revenge for his father’s deaths. The ghost informs Hamlet of the course of his father’s killing, and does wish that Hamlet must figure out a way to average his father’s death by Claudius. In the following, Hamlet begins his proposed for revenge. He pretends to be crazy and full of madness. Now, there come several good players. Hamlet comes up with an idea to have these players play something like the murder of his father before Claudius. He hopes to catch the conscience of the king through observing Claudius’s looks. The play The Mousetrap which is the image of a murder done as Hamlet’s father’s killing is performed. In the play, the poisoner takes off the king’s crown, pouring poison in the king’s ears when the king is asleep in the garden as usual. Then the murderer marries the queen. That’s the way that Claudius kills his brother. The king is calculated to send Hamlet to England and have him murdered. Hamlet sees the army of Fortinbars during the journey. Hamlet is allowed to struggle a sea-fight with Laertes. The king, queen and all are coming down to watch the fight. Both of them starts with foils .After a while, Claudius drinks to Hamlet’s heath. However, in

order to play this about first, Hamlet sets it by awhile. Without knowing the whole scheme , Queen drinks, using the poisonous cup meant to prepare for Hamlet by Claudius. It’s too late for Claudias to stop Gertrude. The two competitors continue their battle. Several bouts later, Laertes wounds Hamlet then in scuffing, they change rapiers, and Hamlet wounds Latertes in turn. Gertrude swounds, laying on the ground. Hamlet and Laertes deal with treacherous behavior by Claudius. As everyone imagines, the total conspirary is arranged by Claudius, pouring poison on both Laerte’s sword and Hamlet’s cup. Obviously, Hamlet manages to stab Claudius, and Claudius dies before Hamlet falls. After I have finished reading the book, I find it benefits me a lot. Although I can’t totally understand the old English particularly an ocean of excellent monologues of Characters like Hamlet, I am still able to catch the essential points of Hamlet for the first time to read original literature works. Sorts of brief but classical dialogues make an impressive impression on me ,part of which have become famous proverbs being widely used till nowadays. For instance, Hamlet’s remarks” to be or not to be, is the question” is constantly been quoted when modern individuals are trying to make a hard decision whether to give up or not. Having accomplished the work, a couple of leading of characters impress me deeply. Hamlet once is an optimistic, happy prince, while becomes heavyhearted after his father’s death and his mother’s over-hasty

marriage. It rightly turns out a usual saying that a person’s characteristic change up to the circumstance to be right. I have great sympathy for Ophelia, a fairy kindhearted girl. She has to deny Hamlet’s affec tion for her in her situation and bear huge pain alone within heart. She loses her lover as well as his father. Therefore, she is driven into desperate states. She dies at last. As to Laertes, he is completely taken advantage of by foxy Claudius for his urgent mentality to average his father a bad ending. Claudius, a murderer and a poisoner, should be blamed for the tragedy. I’ll analyze his characteristic in detail. First of all, Claudius is cruel person. He uses such a cruel method that pours poison in th e king’s ears to murder his brother when the king is in the sleeping. He also takes up his brother’s wife regardless of feeling of brothers. At the end of the story, Claudius does further think double ways to kill Hamlet. That is, to pour poison on both Hamlet’s cup and Laertess’s sword. Above all, he is rather cold-blooded and self despite that Claudius has done sorts of wrongdoings, he is still in upset. He comforts himself that his fault is past, and compares his doing to ambition, which is ridiculous. Claudius prays that god forgives his foul murder. Moreover,Claudius is doubtful and foxy. When Polonius concludes that Hamlet is mad for his love, Ophelia. Claudius doubts Hamlet’s madness and thinks out kinds of ways to test of him. When he knows Hamlet is not really crazy, he assumes that Hamlet is full of threats and some danger to him. So he is meant to send Hamlet

out of the country and have Hamlet murder. In addition, Claudius takes advantage of others as his tool to reach his purpose. He lets Gratrude to talk with Hamlet and sends Polonius to hear their conference. Both Laertes and his father are used by Claudius, with ending of dying. Let’s see how Claudius persuades Laertes to fight with Hamlet. Firstly, Claudius announces that he is guiltless of Polonius’s death and most sensible in grief for it. He shows that he has nothing to do with Laertes’s father’s killing to get close to Laertes. What’s more, he wants to purchase Laertes with money, power. Claudius even promises to give his kingdom, crown and life to Laertes in his satisfaction. Of course, he definitely knows laertes will not accept. Claudius takes further measures to win Laertes’s father. These fake words come from Claudius. Finally, Claudius’s comspriracy is realized, he asks Laertes “ will you be ruled by me”, Laertes agrees.Claudius urges Laertes to undertake the action with the words “to show yourself your father’s son in deed more than in words”. That’s how Claudius makes use of Laertes step by step. Claudius dies and gets punishment what he deserves at last. Reading hamlet is quiet a valuable experience in which I understand a lot. The ending is miserable, all the main characters die, while it deserves thinking deeply.

Have you ever experienced the misfortune which changed your life completely? Imagine that everything around you is changed suddenly and you have to assume the hardly bearable responsibility to defend the justice, what will you do? This is the tough experience of our hero—Hamlet. 你是否曾遭遇过颠覆自己整个人生的不幸?试想一下, 当你周围的一切突然间彻底改变, 而 你迫不得已去承担生命中本不该承受之重,倾尽全力去担当维护争议的角色。此刻,你会作 何抉择?这便是我们的故事主人公哈姆雷特的悲惨遭遇。 Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, accomplished a great transmutation after experiencing multiple woes. His life had ever been filled with happiness and love. However, everything changed after an unexpected misfortune—His father died suddenly. Hamlet went back home in a hurry from Germany to attend his father’s funeral. Ridiculously, he failed to catch up with his father’s funeral, but witnessed the wedding ceremony of his mother and his uncle Claudius, the new king. Hamlet felt shamed and bitter, he began to know the darkness of the world. It turned worse after Hamlet met his father’s ghost, who told him that his uncle was the murderer and wanted him to revenge for his father. Then, Hamlet’s world turned into complete darkness. He felt hopeless and didn’t trust in anyone. He grew weary of the world, which seemed to him a weeded garden, where all the flowers were chocked up, and nothing but weeds could thrive. “To be or not to be, that’s a question”. (Act III. i. 56) If he chose death, he could cast off the suffering and vexation, but he would be too guilt to face his dead father. If he chose to face the woes, he would have to take responsibility for revenging for his father and saving his country, but it was so heavy that he could hardly undertake. However, Hamlet couldn’t put up with living in darkness, he secretly planned to revenge on his uncle. He pretended to lose his sanity and treated others rudely, including his loving girl, Ophelia. However, Hamlet was a man with contradictory, who always thought many questions. As a result of his hesitation, he lost many chances to kill Claudius. After Hamlet accidentally killed Polonius, father of Ophelia and Laertes, Ophelia became mad and drowned in the river. To revenge for his father and sister, Laertes challenged Hamlet to a duel. It was a plot of Claudius that Laertes poisoned the tip of his sharp blade to kill the prince. Both Hamlet and Laertes were poisoned during the duel. After knowing the plot, Hamlet killed Claudius angrily. This done, our hero collapsed and died in his friend’s arms, just like a flower of Epiphyllum oxypetalum, which had just blossomed, perished together with the darkness. Epiphyllum oxypetalum, this is the Hamlet in my mind. The Epiphyllum oxypetalum is a kind of broad-leaved evergreen bush, famous for its special flowers, which bloom in the darkness, lasting for a single night only. After a lot of suffering and hesitation, he burst into the full bloom, just like the Epiphyllum oxypetalum, which had struggled for a long time, suddenly bloomed in the darkness. The flower, as white as the moonlight, perished together with the darkness. If we look at Hamlet from different angles, we will have all kinds of ideas. In my opinion, as a result of the situation, Hamlet transformed from an innocent child into a brave soldier with wisdom and courage. Meanwhile, Hamlet also had many bad attributes. To some degree, he was a cowardly prince, who always hesitated and lost many chances.

Before his father’s death, Hamlet was like a tender shoot in the greenhouse. He hadn’t experienced the tribulation of the life and was influenced a lot by the humanism. As a result, he could just become a giant of thinking and dwarf of action. In other words, Hamlet couldn’t integrate his awareness with his action in reality. He was accustomed to replacing real action with philosophical thinking and questioning himself. It is his biggest problem, the basic reason of his tragedy. However, just because the thinking and hesitation that Hamlet showed when he faced the revenge, morality and love, this book become distinctive and unique. That makes him more realistic, because sometimes readers may have the same feeling in our real life. When he faced the cruel twist of fate, how difficult it is to make a choice! In fact, everyone has a smack of Hamlet. This part reminds me that sometimes I lose chances because of hesitation. The author wants to tell us that we should fight against the fate without useless hesitation when we are faced difficulties in our lives. Shakespeare also wants to tell us a principle of revenge: we shouldn’t harm others, or we’ll pay for it. After closing the cover of the book, I find it leaves me so much to recall and think. In a word, Hamlet is the finest of all the plays in the English revenge tradition, which has influenced generations of readers.

As one of four of Shakespeare's most famous tragedies, in my view of Hamlet is one of the most classic one. He was there all the tragic Prince who had assembled at the poor. Father was his uncle killed, mother remarry, was still married under a horizontal bar in front of carriage for armrest of his father's enemy, unfortunately died after lover crazy, finally together with his friends, mothers in this tragedy, was completely engulfed. This series is derived from the desire of the tragedy and hatred. Uncle's greed and desire made him contrary to justice these cults undertake irrational things, also attracted its own nephews could not be devoid of hatred, but also unable to avoid the curse of the seeds of their own destiny, until finally breaking up. But what about the little Prince, in deep sorrow because of father's death, because of his father's Ghost and the initiation of thoughts of revenge. So step by step plan, wants revenge for the father to their own, but tried again protection of his mother, but never thought about the accident continues, mothers, lovers, friends, they will be lost. Shakespeare seems to use this text as the world reveal terrible hatred, it is a double-edged sword, a very sharp, also full of poison-coated double edged sword. Use his people as is sell their soul to the devil, blinded and then stab other people at the same time, will inevitably be black and blue himself, bloody. Curse ofhuman hatred and exclusion has not stopped, the count of Monte Cristo, Dumas a. also to explain the hatred more evil than evil itself. No matter what the reason, raise your hate is the beginning of all evils and misfortunes. Although settled this, humans don't get rid of the ghosts, people to hatred and others killed himself, and even blood have failed to scrub it off. Hamlet continuously in a variety of ways by people of various forms of derivative works, movie part one, people Never tire of seeing ... stems from the plot of the drama of Hamlet is compact, the climax occur repeatedly, surprise continuously, all tension is to wait until the end of the story will be slowed. Varied interpretations of the works of the master continues to give us new surprises and

unexpected, hatred of interpretation, the interpretation of Shakespeare. Even if some are not too satisfactory, people are still curious. Because Shakespeare, because the greatest drama writer and one of his greatest works, interpretation no matter from which angle would allow people on this classic once again to a spiritual dialogue, every conversation is a new experience to life, this is the hamlet of charm. Writers they always begin a new line of text that the cold sword and terror. The double-edged sword of hatred, leave it to defend themselves much more sensible than his.

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