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检测题 24
Ⅰ. 阅读理解 ( 原创 )People around the world are remembering Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president. He died Thursday at the age of 95. South African President Jacob Zuma said, “The nation has lost its greatest son, and our people have lost a father. ” Mandela had been in poor health for several years. He was repeatedly treated in hospital, most recently for a lung infection. He became infected with tuberculosis( 肺结核 )many years ago while in prison. Nelson Mand ela was the main leader in efforts to end white minority rule in South Africa. He spent 27 years in prison for his part in fighting apartheid(种 族隔离)—the nation’s policy of discrimination(歧视)against blacks. Many world leaders, past and present, are remembering Nelson Mandela. Frederick W. de Klerk was South Africa’s last apartheid leader. He freed Mandela from prison in 1990. Later, the two men won the Nobel Peace Prize. Mr. de Klerk said people will remember Mandela for the importance he placed on reconciliation( 和 解 )—being able to reach a settlement between conflicting sides. He said their relationship was, in his words, “often stormy”, but he said they were“always able to come together at critical(关键的)moments. ” In the United States, President Barack Obama called Mandela an influential, brave and profoundly good human being. Mr. Obama said Mandela will be remembered for leaving a free South Africa at peace. “I am one of the countless millions who drew inspiration from Nelson Mandela’s life. My very first political action—the first thing I ever did that involved an issue , or a policy, or politics—was a protest against apartheid. I would study his words and his writings. ” In London, British Prime Minister David Cameron called Mandela a true global hero. In his words, a great light has gone out in the world.

【文章大意】本文主要介绍了南非前总统曼德拉的去世及世界各国主要领导 人对曼德拉的 缅怀。 1. Which is TRUE about Mandela? A. He seldom received treatment in hospital. B. He died in prison. C. A lung infection caused Mandela’s death. D. He died when he was still president. 【解析】选 C。细节理解题。根据第三段 He wa s repeatedly treated in hospital, most recently for a lung infection. 一句可知曼德拉因肺部感染去世。故选 C。 2. What does the underlined word“stormy”in Para. 6 mean? A. rainy C. peaceful B. fierce D. challenging

【解析】选 B。词义猜测题。根据后句 Mr. de Klerk 说在关键时刻双方能够联合可知双方 的关系有时很激烈。 3. What can we learn from the passage? A. Frederick W. de Klerk is still an enemy of Mandela. B. President Barack Obama learned a lot from Nelson Mandela’s life. C. Nelson Mandela fought for the independence of South Africa. D. Jacob Zuma called Mandela a true global hero. 【解析】选 B。推理判断题。根据倒数第二段“I am one of the countless millions who drew inspiration from Nelson Mandela’s life. . . ”部分可知美国总统奥巴马从曼德 拉身上学到了许多。 4. The passage is most likely a part of A. an advertisement C. a biography .

B. a travel booklet D. a newspaper

【解析】选 D。文章出处题。本文介绍了曼德拉去世后世界各国举行哀悼 的情况, 最可能出 自报纸的新闻, 故选 D。A 项意思是“广告”; B 项意思是“旅游手册”; C 项意思是“人物 传记”。 Ⅱ. 完形填空 ChiChi, the Chihuahua is the Hero Pet of the Year. At 13 pounds, ChiChi might

be most at home in a handbag. “He’s so


that I can take him up with one

hand, ”says Mary Lane of her energetic pet. “Most people see him and think he’s 2 . ”But last October, the Chihuahua 3 to be more than just a pretty face. Mary and her husband, Rick, were 4 on the beach one afternoon while on vacation in North Carolina. As usual, ChiChi was 5 on his blanket in his own little beach chair. “We had our 6 buried in books, ”recalls Rick, “when suddenly the 7

became extremely disturbed. His 8 was different from anything we had heard before. And he would not let us 9 him. ”ChiChi ran back and forth in front of his 10 ,

pulling at his leash as if to run down the beach. The Lanes sat up to see two elderly 11 in the ocean, about 10 feet off shore. One was on her back, her 12 under the waves. The other was 13 tipping

trying to keep her friend’s head above the

surface. The Lanes 14 across the sand and into the surf. Rick swam to the woman in danger of drowning, while Mary held fast to the other one and 15 her up on the beach. “Then I went back to help Rick, ”Mary recalls. “The sand dropped off steeply, and a riptide(激流)was 16 the woman under. She was completely disoriented(不知 所措的). ”Still recovering from recent knee surgery, the woman had been unable to 17 or push herself up. “Her friend had been in danger too, ”Mary says. “The waves were pushing her around. There’s no way she could have 18 much longer. ”The women hadn’t called out for help. “They were 19 so hard, and there was no time for screaming, ”Mary 20 over

recalls. But ChiChi had sensed danger nonetheless. “The dog knew. I’ve how. ” Duty done, ChiChi was back in his chair, asleep.

【文章大意】 本文是一篇记叙文, 介绍了一条小狗跟随主人在海边休闲时, 敏锐地察觉到海 中有人遇险, 便做出一反常态的反应提醒主人, 在主人的努力下终于使两位遇险的游客获 救, 这使它成为年度英雄宠物。 1. A. smart B. tiny C. weak D. lovely

【解析】选 B。逻辑推理题。根据上文“只有 13 磅, 吉吉或许可以放在一个手提包中”和 下文“我用一只手就可以把它拎起来”可以断定这条狗很小 , 故最佳答案为 B 项。 smart“聪明的”; weak“虚弱的”; lovely“可爱 的”, 与后文的 I can take him up with

one hand 在信息的表达上都不搭配。 2. A. useless B. careless C. kind D. crazy

【解析】选 A。逻辑推理题。前文谈到这条狗很小, 故可以推断: 绝大多数人在看到它时都 会认为它没有什么用处。故答案为 A。 3. A. wanted B. decided C. proved D. agreed

【解析】 选 C。 逻辑推理题。 根据后文这条狗的表现可以断定该句意思是: 这条吉娃娃狗“证 明”了自己不仅仅长着一个漂亮的脸蛋, 答案为 C 项。 4. A. working B. swimming C. quarreling D. relaxing

【解析】选 D。逻辑推理题。根据下文“在北卡罗来纳州的海滩上悠闲度假”可以断定玛丽 和丈夫正在沙滩“休闲”, 故答案为 D 项。 5. A. practicing B. lying C. barking D. eating

【解析】选 B。逻辑推理题。该句意思是: 像往常一样, 吉吉正躺在自己那个沙滩椅中的毯 子上。从最后一段的那句话“它回到椅子上睡觉”也可以看出这里是“躺”着, 故答案为 B 项。 6. A. hands B. mouths C. ears D. noses

【解析】选 D。固定搭配题。bury one’s nose in books 指“埋头读书”, 是固定搭配, 与 度假休闲的语境相符。 7. A. owner B. dog C. fish D. crowd

【解析】选 B。词汇复现题。根据下文可知: 这条狗突然变得非常不安。 8. A. bark B. bite C. yell D. roar

【解析】 选 A。 词义辨析题。 该句意思是“它的吠叫一点也不像我们以前听到的那样”。 bark 用来指狗的吠叫, 故答案为 A。bite 意思是“咬”; yell 和 roar 都指“大声喊叫”。 9. A. feed B. notice C. watch D. ignore

【解析】 选 D。 逻辑推理题。 根据下文可知这条狗竭力想引起我们的注意, 不让我们“无视” 它的反应, 故答案为 D 项。 10. A. desk B. board C. chair D. shelf

【解析】选 C。词汇复现题。根据上文谈到的“. . . in his own little beach chair” 可知这里是指“吉吉在椅子前面不安地来回走动”。故答案为 C 项。 11. A. men B. fishermen C. women D. students

【解析】选 C。词汇复现题。根据下文可知林恩夫妇和这条狗营救了两位妇女, 故答案为 C

项。 12. A. legs B. head C. arms D. feet

【解析】选 B。逻辑推理 题。根据后 文谈到的“. . . friend’s head above the surface” 可知正确答案为 B 项。 13. A. madly C. unexpectedly B. calmly D. excitedly

【解析】选 A。逻辑推理题。在此非常危急的情况下, madly 一词能准确表达人物的行为状 态, 故正确答案为 A 项。 14. A. walked C. rushed B. wand ered D. raced

【解析】选 C。逻辑推理题。根据下文可断定林恩夫妇立刻穿越沙滩跳进波浪中。A 项、B 项都表示“散步、漫步”; D 项表示“赛跑”。故答案为 C 项。 15. A. pulled C. led B. directed D. persuaded

【解析】 选 A。 词义辨析题。 根据当时的情况, 玛丽是要把那位妇女弄到岸上, 而 directed, led, persuaded 都不符合当时的情况, 该句表示“瑞克游到那位溺水妇女的身旁, 玛丽则 快速抓住另一位妇女并把她拉上海滩。”故正确答案为 A 项。 16. A. attracting C. comforting B. hurting D. sucking

【解析】选 D。词义辨析题。本句意为“沙床边缘非常陡峭, 而下方的激流正往下拖曳着这 位妇女。”suck 意为“吸、吮”, 此处理解为海水在往下冲刷这位妇女, 故正确答案为 D 项。 17. A. look up C. give in B. turn over D. calm down

【解析】选 B。逻辑推理题。根据上文“由于刚刚做完膝盖外科手术”可知这位妇女因为限 于身体条件而无法做出幅度较大的动作, 选项中只有 turn over 是幅度较大的动作; look up 有“查阅、向上看”之意, 与文意不符; give in 和 calm down 都是心理活动而不是动作。 故正确答案为 B。 18. A. taken on C. brought on B. carried on D. held on

【解析】选 D。词义辨析题。根据上文谈到的: 两个妇女中的一个已经支撑不住了, 她的朋 友也处在危险之中, 海浪正吞噬着她, 所以这一句话的意思应该是: 她根本无法“坚持” 下去了。故正确答案为 D 项。 19. A. fighting C. battling B. struggling D. competing

【解析】选 B。逻辑推理题。该句意思是: 她们在拼命挣扎, 没有时间呼喊救命, 故正确答 案为 B 项。 20. A. puzzled B. gone C. looked D. thought

【解析】 选 A。 词义辨析题。 根据上文这条狗感到了她们处于危险之中, 可推断下文意思: 这 条狗竟然感觉到有人遇险 , 而玛丽到现在还在“纳闷”这条狗是如何知道的。 puzzle over“对??迷惑不解”; go over“复习”; look over“查看”; think over“仔细考 虑”。 Ⅲ. 语法填空 阅读下面材料, 在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 A couple had been married for over 60 years. They shared everything, talked about everything and kept no secrets 1 each other except that the woman had a box in a drawer 2 she had cautioned her husband never to open or ask her about.

He’d never thought about it ever since. One day 3 woma n got very sick and the doctor said she wouldn’t recover. To sort out their affairs, the husband took down the box and 4 (bring)it to his wife’s bedside. She agreed it was time that he should know 5 was in the box. 6 (open)it, he found two small table mats and a sum of money totaling $ 25,

000. He asked her about the contents. “When we were to be married, ”she said, “my grandma told me the secret of happy 7 (marry)was never to argue, and I should just keep quiet and make a mat 8 I got angry with you. ”

The man was so 9 (move)that he had to fight back tears. She had only been angry with him twice in all those years of living and loving! “Honey, ”he said, “that explains the mats, but what about the money? Where did it come from? ” “Oh, ”she said, “that’s the money I made from selling 10 . ”

【文章大意】本文是一个幽默故事, 说的是一对结婚 60 多年的老夫妇是如何度过这漫长的

岁月的。 1. 【解析】from。考查介词。keep sth. from sb. 不让某人知道某事, 对某人隐瞒某事。 2. 【解析】that/which。考查关系代词。that 或 which 引导定语从句, 修饰 drawer, 且在 从句中作 open 和 about 的宾语。 3. 【解析】the。考查冠词。特指上文中提到的 the woman, 故用定冠词 the 表示特指。 4. 【解析】brought。考查时态。brought 和 took down 是并列谓语, 表示讲述的是以前的 动作, 故用一般过去时。 5. 【解析】what。考查关系代词。what 引导宾语从句, 作 know 的宾语, what 在从句中作 主语。 6. 【解析】Opening。考查非谓语动词。open 和 he 之间是主谓关系, 且和谓语动词 found 几乎是同时发生的, 故用现在分词表主动。 7. 【解析】marriage。考查名词。由形容词(happy)修饰的词应该是名词。 8. 【解析】when/if。考查连词。句意: ??当我生你的气的时候/如果我生你的气的话, 我 就会安静下来, 做个垫子。 9. 【解析】 moved。 考查形容词。 句意: 听到这些话, 老人非常感动, 难以抑制住泪水。 moved 感动的。 10. 【解析】them。考查代词。指代上 文中的 mats, 应用 them。 【技法导练】多学一点 棋高一着 完形填空——利用背景及生活常识解题 在完形填空题中, 将文段意思和我们原有的生活经验、 文化背景知识以及科普常识等结 合起来, 进行简单推理, 从而得出正确答案。 请仔细研读下表, 掌握如何利用背景或生活常 识解题。 题 1 4 8 15 ____项 答案: 号 背景或生活常识 “At 13 pounds”, 根据生活常识, 只有 13 磅重, 自然很____了 根据生活常识在沙滩上肯定不会游泳, 故可排除____项 根据常识狗叫肯定只能是 bark, 故可排除____项 根据常识 , 要把溺水的人救上岸 , 肯定是要把他们从水里拉上来 , 故可排除 ____ 选 项

____ ____ ____

题 1 4 8

背景或生活常识 “At 13 pounds”, 根据生活常识, 只有 13 磅重, 自然很 tiny 了 根据生活常识在沙滩上肯定不会游泳, 故可排除 B 项 根据常识狗叫肯定只能是 bark, 故可排除 C、D 项 根据常识, 要把溺水的人救上岸, 肯定是要把他们从水里拉上来, 故可排除 B、

选 B D A A

15 C、D 项

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