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practice for vocabulary Chapter 1

Practice for vocabulary of Chapter I Phantom of the Opera
Complete the following words according to their explanations and fill in the blanks with the correct form of the words 1. c________ a person who stands in front of an ORCHESTRA, a group of singers etc., and directs their performance, especially sb who does this as a profession2) (BrE) a person whose job is to collect money from passengers on a bus or check their tickets: Her mother is a bus c_____________ 2.u_________.under or below sth else, especially when it is hidden or covered by the thing on top:. This jacket’s too big, even with a sweater u_______ 3.f_________to make sb do sth that they do not want to do I was f_______ to take a taxi because the last bus had left. 4.s________ known about by only a few people; kept hidden from others: He tried to keep it secret from his family. noun 1 [C] something that is known about by only a few people and not told to others:Can you keep a s________? 5.g_______to obtain or win sth, especially sth that you need or want Her unusual talent g________ her worldwide recognition.2.to go too fast My watch g_________ two minutes every 24 hours. 6.o_______ to do what you are told or expected to do: He had always ob______his parents without question 7.k________ to take sb away illegally and keep them as a prisoner, especially in order to get money or sth else for returning them Two businessmen have been k_______ by terrorists. 8.c_________to catch a person or an animal and keep them as a prisoner or in a confined space: The animals are c__________ in nets and sold to local zoos. 2 to take control of a place, building, etc. using force:.The company has c_________90% of the market. 9. s________ [U] a serious medical condition, usually the result of injury in which a person has lost a lot of blood and they are extremely weak She was taken to hospital suffering from s_________ .verb Neighbours were s________ that such an attack could happen in their area. 10. p_________1 having everything that is necessary; complete and without faults or weaknesses:; exactly right for sb/sth ; ideal ; It was a p__________day for a picnic. 11.d______[C, U] something that you feel you have to do because it is your moral or legal responsibility: It is my d_______ to report it to the police. 12. 12 a______ catch one’s eye ; I had always been a___________by the idea of working

13. 13 f___to be the right shape and size for sb/sth: The key doesn’t fit the lock . 14.s__________for a particular purpose, person, etc.: The ring was s_________made for her. 15.l_________unhappy because you have no friends or people to talk to:She lives alone and
often feels l_________

16.t______ to put your hand or another part of your body onto sb/sth I t_________ him lightly
on the arm. 2)to make sb feel upset or sympathetic: Her story t___________ us all deeply.

17.r_________to let sb/sth come out of a place where they have been kept or
trapped:Firefighters took two hours to release the driver from the damaged car


18.d__________ to become impossible to see ;;The plane d_________ behind a cloud. Lisa
watched until the train d_________ from view. 19.p_________ being able to control and influence people and events : 20.e_________ to get away from a place where you have been kept as a prisoner or not allowed to leave; She managed to e__________from the burning car. 2) [no passive] to avoid sth unpleasant or dangerous: He narrowly e_________ being killed.。 21. d___________to decide how sth will look, work, etc., especially by drawing

plans or making models They asked me to design a poster for the party. 22. d___________ to make sth look more attractive by putting things on it:They d_______ the room with flowers and balloons. The sitting room needs d________.. 23. p_________1 the regular way in which sth happens or is done The murders all seem to follow a (similar) p__________(= happen in the same way). 24. s____________ to be all around sth/sb:包围 The lake is s__________with / by trees. 25. r__________to ask for a seat, table, room, etc. to be available for you or sb else at a future time ;BOOK:. I’ve r______ a room in the name of Jones. r____________ n We have a r______________in the name of Grant. 26.v__________1 (rather formal) a thing that is used for transporting people or goods from one place to another, such as a car or lorry/truck: Are you the driver of this v__________? 27.r_________1 limited or small in size or amount:Her vision is r________ in one eye. 2controlled by rules or laws: The tournament is r____________ to players under the age of 23. 28. p___________ noun,1 an amount of money that you pay once or regularly for an insurance policy:2 an extra payment added to the basic rate You have to pay a high p___________ for your own life.
29.u__________adj. 1 different from what is usual or normal ; It’s not u_________for young doctors to work a 70-hour week (= it happens often). 30.c___________[vn] to make sth happen or exist: The government plans to c__________ more jobs for young people. 2 [vn] to produce a particular feeling or impression: They’ve painted it red to c_________a feeling of warmth.


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