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2015 届高考高三英语二轮专题练习:完形填空(5)
【英语卷(解析)·2015 届河南省顶级名校高三入学定位考试(201408) 】 A I met Mrs. Neidl in the ninth grade on a stage-design team for a play and she was one of the directors. Almost instantly I loved her. She had an unpleasant voice and a direct way of speaking, 21 she was encouraging and inspiring. For some reason, she was impressed with my work and me. Mrs. Neidl would ask me for my 22 . She wanted to know how I thought we should 23

things. At first I had no idea how to answer because I knew 24 about stage design! But I slowly began to respond to her 25 26 . It was cause and effect: She believed I had opinions, so I began to

them. She trusted me to complete things, so I completed them perfectly. She loved how 27

I was, so I began to show up to paint more and more. She believed in me, so I began to believe in myself. Mrs. Neidl's 28 that year was, "Try it. We can always paint over it 29 !"I began to take

30 . I had been so afraid of failing but suddenly there was no failing-----only things to be 31 upon. I learned to dip my brush into the paint and 32 33 create something. in the program as "Student

The shy, quiet freshman achieved success that year. I was

Art Assistant" because of the time and effort I'd put in. It was that year that I 34 I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing stage design. Being on that stage-design team 35 Mrs. Neidl changed me completely. Not only was I stronger and more competent than I had thought, but I also 36 a strong interest and a world I

hadn't known existed. She taught me not to 37 what people think I should do: She taught me to take chances and not be 38 . Mrs. Neidl was my comforter when I was upset. Her 39 in me

has inspired me to do things that I never imagined 40 . 21. A. and 22. A. opinion 23. A. make 24. A. anything 25. A. questions 26. A. hold B. yet B. impression B. keep B. something B. comments B. follow C. so C. information C. handle C. everything C. explanations C. evaluate D. for D. intention D. change D. nothing D. remarks D. form

27. A. happy 28. A. message 29. A. again 30. A. steps 31. A. improved 32. A. easily 33. A. introduced 34. A. confirmed 35. A. with 36. A. developed 37. A. accept 38. A. bored 39. A. trust 40. A. accessible

B. lively B. motto B. more B. control B. acted B. carefully B. recognized B. decided B. below B. discovered B. care B. lazy B. patience B. enjoyable

C. reliable C. saying C. instead C. charge C. looked C. confidently C. identified C. realized C. of C. took C. Judge C. sad C. curiosity C. possible

D. punctual D. suggestion D. later D. risks D. reflected D. proudly D. considered D. acknowledged D. by D. fostered D. wonder D. afraid D. interest D. favorable

【答案】 【知识点】B1 记叙文

【文章综述】本文是英文小故事,主要讲述了作者在舞台设计团队中遇到了导演 Mrs Neidl, 在她的指导和帮助之下,取得了不小的成功。作者在告诉读者:一切皆有可能,相信自己。 【答案解析】 21.B 这里应填表示前后文转折含义的连词“yet”,因为空前的 unpleasant 和空后的 encouraging and inspiring 判断。。 22.A 名词辨析。A 意见,主意;B 印象;C 信息;D 意欲,趋向。根据第一段的最后一 句话中的 impress 判断选 A。 23.C 动词辨析。A 制造,制作,使;B 保持;C 处理;D 改变。根据空后的 things,和 本句含义选 C。 24.D 根据前文的 had no idea 判断选 D,know nothing about sth 对……一无所知。 25.A 名词辨析。A 问题;B 评价;C 解释;D 评述。根据前文是 Mrs Neidl 提出的问题, 此处是对问题的反应。故选 A。 26.D 动词辨析。form opinions 形成观点。A 保持;B 跟随;C 评估;D 组成,组织,形 成。空后的 them 代指前文的 opinions,根据动宾搭配选 D。 27.C 根据下文的 believe in me,判断此处是我是“值得信赖的”。A 幸福的;B 生动的; C 可信赖的;D 及时的。故选 C。

28.B 句意:那年 Mrs Neidl 的格言就是……。A 便条;B 格言;C 名言;D 建议,根据 句意选 B。 29.D A 再,又;B 更;C 相反;D 后来。later 后来,以后,故应选 D。 30.D A 步骤,措施;B 控制;C 费用;D 危险。take risks 冒险,故应选 D。 31.A 句意:我不再如此害怕失败了,但是突然事情没有失败,而是好转。A 改进,提 高;B 行动;C 看;D 反映。be improved upon 好转,故选 A。 32.C A 容易地;B 仔细地;C 自信地;D 骄傲地。根据上文的“好转”,此处应是自信 地,故选 C。 33.B A 介绍;B 承认,认出;C 证实;D 考虑,认为。根据前文作者是新手,现在应是 “被承认”。故选 B。 34.C 根据句意:那是我认识到我想将我的毕生精力用在舞台设计上。A 确信;B 决定; C 认识到;D 承认,公认。根据题意选 C。 35.A 句意:和 Mrs Neidl 一起待在舞台设计队彻底改变了我。with 和某人待在一起。 故选 A。 36.B A 发展;B 发现;C 带走;D 培养,鼓励。discover a strong interest 发现了浓厚的 兴趣。故选 B。 37.B 句意:她交给了我不要介意人们认为我该干什么。A 接受;B 关心;C 判断;D 想 知道。故选 B。 38.D 根据上文的抓住机会,此处应是别恐惧,故选 D。A 厌烦的;B 懒惰的;C 悲伤的; D 害怕的。 39.A 句意:她对我的信任鼓舞着我我从来都认为是不可能的事情。A 信任;B 耐心;C 好奇;D 兴趣。故选 A。 40.C 根据上题的句意判断。A 接近的;B 喜欢的;C 可能的;D 喜爱的。故选 C。

完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选 项。 I’m an operating engineer, running crane(起重机) in New York City. I was in the countryside, playing golf when we got the call that a plane had hotel immediately and started center and they told me to come 2 3 1 the World Trade Centre. We checked out of the

our way downtown. When I got home, I called the rescue and get on the 4 list.

The next morning I went down to the


at about 5 a.m., and four hours later I 7


the call

to come down to West Street. I called my wife and told her not to in 8

me, and that I would stay 9 the rest

with her. I took the subway. It stopped at West Fourth Street, so I had to

of the way. And somewhere in there I became frightened that I was going into something I worked there in 1966 for the 11 10 . I once

of the World Trade Centre. On halfway on September 12, I 12 . And it

was frightened to see the World Trade Centre was a huge pile, maybe ten stories was burning. I started to ask 13 in which my crane might be 14

a whistle blew suddenly

warning us of some danger. I saw people running away and I really didn’t know what to do. So I did the same, too. It was as if they had let the bulls go in street. People falling down, people 16 15 and we were running through the

them up as they came by, and carrying them, just to 17 . I didn’t even look back. We 18 and said, “Oh, my

get them out of the way, because something was extremely

stopped running when we got to the Battery Tunnel, and I caught my God, I’m going to 19 .”

Then I settled down a little bit, thinking about what we should do next. As we started again we 20 into a fire chief officer and we asked, “What can we do to help you?” B. reached B. making B. near B. soldier B. hotel B. made B. forget B. touch B. complete B. met B. plan B. long B. numbers B. why C. hit C. fighting C. in C. police C. center C. heard C. stop C. silence C. cancel C. designed C. destruction C. tall C. position C. when D. passed D. losing D. down D. fireman D. home D. got D. expect D. anger D. smooth D. had D. use D. deep D. directions D. because

1.A. landed 2.A. finding 3.A. away 4.A. volunteer 5.A. company 6.A. answered 7.A. miss 8.A. peace 9.A. walk 10.A. built 11.A. construction 12.A. thick 13.A. ways 14.A. as

15.A. America 16.A. pushing 17.A. dangerous 18.A. view 19.A. leave 20.A. turned

B. Spain B. giving B. distinct B. sight B. die B. ran

C. Japan C. holding C. safe C. breath C. remain C. got D. put

D. Australia D. picking D. important D. sense D. work

参考答案 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 1—5 CBDAC 6—10 DDBAA 11—15 ACDCB 16—20 DACBB

完形填空。阅读下面短文.从短文后各题所给的四个选项 A、B、C 和 D 中,选出可以 填入空白处的最佳选项。 I grew up poor – living with six brothers, my father and a wonderful mother. We had 1 money and few worldly goods, but plenty of love and attention. I was 3 2

and energetic. I understood that no matter how poor a person was, they could afford a dream. My dream was to be a 4

. When I was sixteen, I could crush a baseball, throw 5 : my high – school coach was

a ninety – mile – per – hour fastball. I was also Ollie Jarvis, who

6 me the difference between having a dream and showing strong 7 with him changed my life forever. 8 . This meant 9 of

belief. One particular

It was a summer and a friend recommended me for a summer

a chance for my first income – cash for a new bike and new clothes, and the

savings for a house for my mother. The opportunity was attracting, and I wanted to 10 at it. Then I realized I would have to 11 summer baseball to handle the work

schedule, and that meant I would have to tell Coach Jarvis I wouldn’t be playing. I was 12 about this.

When I told Coach Jarvis, he was as your whole life to work,” he said. “Your waste them.” I stood before him with my head 15

13 14

as I expected him to be. “You have days are limited. You can’t afford to

, trying to think of how to explain to him

why my dream of buying my mom a house and having money in my pocket was worth 16 his disappointment in me. “How much are you going to make at this job?” he demanded. “$ 3.25 an hour,” I replied. “Well, is $ 3.25 an hour the price of a That 18 17 ?” he asked.

laid bare for me the difference between wanting something right now 19 that summer, and within the year I was

and having a goal. I devoted myself to

offered a $ 20,000 contract. I signed with the Denver Broncos in 1984 for $ 1.7 million, and bought my mother the 1.A.some 2.A.happy 3.A.only 4.A.teacher 5.A.lucky 6.A.taught 7.A.match 8.A.job 9.A.cause 10.A.stand 11.A.take out 12.A.excited 13.A.mad B.little B.lovely B.ever B.coach 20 of my dreams. C.no C.Angry C.still C.doctor D.much D.noisy D.almost D.sportsman D.surprised D.trained D.incident D.course D.amount D.jump D.give up D.disappointed D.discouraged D.shining D.nodding D.expressing

B.satisfied C.hopeful B.asked B.Story B.camp B.start B.call C.told C.moment C.holiday C.need C.look

B.cut off C.put on B.curious C.anxious B.puzzled C.regretful

14.A.working B.playing C.learning 15.A.shaking 16.A.feeling B.hanging C.holding B.suffering C.facing

17.A.dream 18.A.offer 19.A.study

B.game B.price

C.chance C.question

D.life D.order D.business

B.sports C.homework C.house ADABD

20.A.clothes B.bike 【参考答案】1—20、BACDA