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Lesson 37 Flying Dounts

主备人:赵中秋 学习目标: 1.会读写本课四会单词
2. 理解课文大致意思,会复述课文

学习重点:1.Have you ever ridden a horse ?
2. Now ,Danny is standing at the front of the classro

om 3. I would like to present my invention . 4. With my invention , you don’t need an airplane to fly .

学习过程 一 、听录音,回答下列各题 1. What did Danny buy on his way to school in the morning ?

2. What is Flying Dounts ?


What do the donuts do ?

二 、短语集锦 1.一种新型的交通方式 3.在?内部的前面 5.看里面 7.写下来 2.去?的路上 4.打开 6. 我认为不是这样

三、按所给词的适当形式填空 1、Danny has 2.Now, Danny 3.I would like 4. Have you ever 5.In the morning, ten donuts. 四.班内大展示 1.Danny has thought of a new kind of transportation. 1) think of ,固定短语, “想起,想出,考虑,设想,认为” Eg: I can’t think of who he is . 我想不出他是谁。 2)What do you think of?== How do you like?? 译为: 你认为?怎么样? Eg: 你认为这个电影怎么样?(用两种翻译) (think) of a new kind of transportation. (stand) at the front of the classroom. (present) my invention. (ride) a horse ? (在去学校的路上) ,he bought


my invention, you don’t need an airplane B On flying D On to fly

. C With

A With fly to fly

1) with prep,用?,以? Eg: He always writes with a pen 他总是用钢笔写字。 拓展 with 的用法,并举例

3. I don’t think so


这是一个否定转移的句子。 当主句的谓语动词为 think believe soppose 时 , 且 主 句 的 主 语 又 是 第 一 人 称 和 即


中的动词,这叫否定转移,但翻译时仍把否定词翻译到从 句中。 Eg :我认为她解不出这道题 I think she can’t work out the problem .(错) I don’t think she can work out the problem . 学法指导: 这种否定转移的句子变反义疑问句时,反义疑问句的

I don’t think she can work out the problem . 五、当堂测验,提升自我 1. Please A turn on 2. The woman A having B wears the TV , It’s time for the evening news. B turn off C turn up D turn down ?

red is Mrs.Smith C with D in

3. Danny is standing

the classroom .

A in front of B in the front of C front of D at front 4. 在回家的路上,我买了一本新书 I bought a new book 5.The little boy is making his invention 行提问) the little boy 6. I don’t think you are right , in his bedroom ? ?(反义疑问句) home . in his bedroom(对划线句子进

Lesson 38: Let's Invent Hoverboards 主备人:赵中秋 【学习目标】 1.单词:hoverboard, skateboard, transporter, smooth, second, space, spaceship,show 词组短语及句型:all the time, go through, be like, It takes sb some time to do sth 2.情态动词的用法 【学习过程】 自主预习,认真准备: 一、预习早知道: A.写出下列词及短语。 1.two( 序 数 词 ) ________ 2 在 将 来 __________ 3. 一 直 , 总 是

__________ 4.从...到...___________


6.没有主意____________7.穿越太空_____________ 三、师生质疑: 自主探究,合作交流 (一)Text learning(课文学习) 1. Listen to the tape and answer the question. What type of transportation would Sam like to see in the future? 2.Read the text answer the following questions What would a hoverboard be like? How long doe it take to fly from Canada to China today? (二)合作探究 1.It takes eleven hours to fly from Canada to China today. ① It took the workers two years ___________(build) the building. ②It ______us twenty minutes to finish _______this book. A. cost; readB. took ; to read C. cost ; reading reading 2.It would be great ,wouldn’t it ? (三)讨论:你知道的情态动词有哪些?如何应用? D. took ;


1.---______ I go out to play football? ---Yes, you_____, but you_____finish your homework first. A. Can ; may ; may must B. Must ; must ; may C. May ; may ;

D. Shall ; shall ; may

2.---Must we finish our homework now? ---No, You ______. A. can't B. may not C. mustn't D. needn't

3. You'd better _____ go fishing in such bad weather. A. not B. not to C. don't C. to not

4. This book ___Lucy's. Look ! Her name is on the book cover. A. must be C. may be C. can't be D. mustn't be

5.---Look! The man at the gate may be our English teacher. ---No,It _____be him. He is holding a meeting in the office now. A.mustn't B. can't C. needn't D. may not

当堂练习,检测固学 自我检测 一、用正确的情态动词填空。 1.---Let's go out to play football . ---Sorry, I _______ . I

________stay at home to look after my mother. 2.---Look ! Mr. Hu is on the other side of the street. ---What are you going to do next Sunday? ______ go swimming tomorrow. ---It

---I'm not sure, I

3.---Must I stay here? ---No, you __________ / _________________. 4.The book ________ be Lily's because her name is on the book cover. 5.You ________ play in the street. It's very dangerous. 二、应用与拓展: 通过对本课的学习自己开发想象设计一个发明创造, 每人想象一个未 来的交通工具。 三、反思 八年级英语(下)第 39 课时 Lesson39:Clean Cars?导学案 主备人:贾玉春 ★学习目标: 1.词汇: sound, dirty, electric, pedal, electricity. 2.短语: ,put on, more than, present sth.to sb. That sounds like...I hope...goes well.

★学习重难点: 1 重点:I don’t know what to present. Our air would be a lot cleaner. 2 难点:We had to think of an invention, and present it to the class. ★学习流程: Ⅰ课前预习

一.对照单词表完成下列单词。 1.Now e bikes are populer.。 —.It s like a bady crying. than before.. a car! ..

2.—What’s the noise? 3.Cars make our air d 4.You can’t p

5.It’s difficult to do something without e 二.对照课文内容填写下列句子。 1.This is an 2.The teacher asked us 3.Can you help me 4.I hope your presentation 5.He got on a chair and

(电动车)that you can buy.. (考虑未来). (想)an idea?. (进展顺利) (跳下来).

6.I pedaled for ________ _________(超过) an hour. 7.It _________ ____(听起来像) a real story, but it is not true. 三.听录音回答问题。 1. What did the teacher asked us to think about? ____________________________________________ 2. What is Jenny’s invention? _______________________________________________ 【我的疑惑】 【合作探究】 1. I don’t know what to present.

译文________________________________ 句中不定式短语 what to present 作 know 的_____________。英语 中疑问代词 和疑问副词 ___ 等后加动词不定式构成动词不

定式短语,在句中作主语、宾语、表语等。例如:What to do is a big problem.(做什么是个大问题)划线部分作___________. The question is how to get there.(问题是如何到达那 儿)。划线部分作______________ 2. Our air would be a lot cleaner. 译文_________________________________ a lot 在句中修饰形容词或副词比较级,表示程度,其含义是“太 大;比------得多” 。在英语中,可以修饰形容词或副词比较级的词有: _________,_________,_________,_________,__________等。 造句:.我比我兄弟跑得快得多。I run________ ________ than my brother.. 【当堂达标】 用所给单词的适当形式填空 1. An Easter egg hunt is a game for_______ (find) eggs. 2. We had fun _________ (play) games together this morning. 3. The egg will be_______ (go). 4. They are hunting _______ the lost dog. 5. Happy Easter to you!________________________

单项选择 1. The dog is hunting ______a hare(野兔). A. to B. for C. with D. out

2. He is making an Easter egg _______his cousin. A. of B. with C. for D. by

3. I_______ my book everywhere, but I didn’t _______it. A. look for; find found 4. Here’s _______ Easter basket. A. a B. an C. the D. / B. find; look for C. looked for; find D. look;

【课外拓展】 当有人对你说“Happy Easter.”或者“Happy birthday to you.”你的答 语是什么?

【学后反思】 Lesson 40 Unit Review 词形变换: 1. type(同义词) _______ danger(形容词) _______ 4. get on (反义词)_______ _______ 6. drive(过去式;过去分词)_______ _______ 7. ride (过去式;过 5. invent(表示人和物的名词)- _______ 主备人:王丽君 2. engine(工程师)_______ 3.

去分词) _______

_______ 8. electric(名词)_______ 10.

8. clean(反义词)_______ factory(复数)______ 11.park(动名词)____ 13.humor(形容词)______ 14.fly(单三)_____ 短语翻译



1. go ...on foot = walk _______________2. go ...by car = drive_______________ 3. go...by bike (on one's bike) = ride a

bike_______________4.go...by plane (by air) = take a plane = fly______________ 5.go...by train = take a train_______________ 6. go ...by ship= take a ship_______________ 7.把...呈现给..._______________ 8. go...in a hurry= hurry_______________ 9. 只要 ___________ 10. in the front of ... / in front of _______________11.一直_______________ 12. sound like_______________ 14. 禁止停车 _______________ 句型结构 1. It takes sb.some time to do sth. (花费某人多长时间做某事) eg: It takes me half an hour to domy homeworkevery day. 2. had better (not) do sth. 最好(不) 做某事. better not go out. 语法梳理: 情态动词(Modal Verbs) eg: It's too late, you'd 13. go through _______________ 15. in the 1700s_______________

一、can / could 的用法。1.表示能力,相当于 be able to. 但略有区别: be able to 有各种时态的变化。can't 表示推测时,译为“不可能”。 ---Can you speak English ? ---Yes, but only a little.

---Let's go out to play football . ---Sorry, I can't. I have to go to a meeting. ---Look ! Mr. Hu is on the other side of the street. ---It can't be him. He has gone to England. 2.表示许可或请求许可,could 比 can 语气更委婉客气,而且 could 并 不是 can 的过去式,could 和 can 没有时间上的差别。 ---Can I help you? ---I'm looking for a sweater for my daughter. ---Sure, Here you are.

---Could you lend me your bike ? 二、 may 的用法

1.表示许可或请求许可。 --- May I smoke here? can ; No, mustn't.

---Yes, you may /

2.表示“可能、或许”。 I'm not sure, I may go swimming tomorrow. 3.maybe 和 may be . maybe 是副词, 表示“可能”、 “或许”, 相当于 perhaps 常置于句首。 may 是情态动词,表示“可能”、“或许”,与动词原形连用一起构 成谓语。 ---I can't find my exercise book ---Marbe it's in your desk.

三、 must 的用法。 表示“必须、 1. 应该”, mustn't 表示“不应该、 禁止” 。 ① The work must be finished as soon as possible.

②---Must I stay here ? you don't have to.

---Yes, you must . / No, you needn't 或 No,

② You mustn't play in the street. It's very dangerous. 2. 表示推测时,译为“一定” ①The book must be Lily's because her name is on the book cover. ② The door is open. He must be at home. 3.must 与 have to must 和 have to 都可以表示必须,但 must 表示

说话人的主观看法, have to 表示客观需要。 must 只有现在时, have to 有各种时态的变化。 The room is too dirty. I have to clean it now. 四、need 的用法。1.need 作为情态动词,表示“需要”、“必须”,主要 用于疑问句和否定句中。You needn't hurry. There is a little time left. 2.need 作为实义动词, 当主语是物时,后跟动名词, 主动形式表被动意 义;当主语是人时,后跟动词不定式。 ①It's too cold outside. You need to put on more clothes. ②My bike is broken. It needs repairing. 五、should 的用法:should 表示“应该”。 ①We should help others when they are in trouble. ②You shouldn't eat much too rich food, It's bad for your health. 体验成功 1.---______ I go out to play football? ---Yes, you_____, but you_____finish your homework first.

A. Can ; may ; may D. Shall ; shall ; may

B. Must ; must ; may

C. May ; may ; must

2.---Must we finish our homework now? ---No, You ______. A. can't B. may not C. mustn't D. needn't B. not to

3. You'd better _____ go out in such bad weather. A. not C. don't C. to not

4. This book ___Lucy's. Look ! Her name is on the book cover. A. must be C. may be C. can't be D. mustn't be

5. I'm sorry I _____ go now. My father told me on the phone that my mother was ill. A. can B.may C. have to D. think

6.---I didn't pass the maths test. I have spent too much time palying computer games these days. ---I agree . You _____play like that any more. A. needn't B. mustn't C. may not D. wouldn't ---__________. D.

7.---Can I get you a cup of tea? A. It's very kind of you That's all right

B. With pleasure C. You can, please

8.---I was told to be here before eight. ---Oh,you _____. I'm sorry for not telling you that we have changed the plan. A. must B. can't C. may D. needn't

9.---Listen! Helen is singing in the next room. has gone to Beijing. A. can't B. mustn't C. may

---It ____be her. She

D. should ---Sorry, I ____. I'll go to

10.---Will you please stay here for the party? an important meeting. A. mustn't B. needn't C. can't

D. won't

11.---Don't forget to come to my birthday party tomorrow. ---___________. A. I don't B. I won't C. I can't D. I haven't ---OK, I

12.---Tom, don't drive too fast,you ____hit the other's cars. won't , Mum. A. must B. need C. may D.have to

一、 复习检测 (一).根据汉语提示补全单词. 1.Don’t play with fire,it’s______________(危险) 2.Computer is one of the most important_______________(发明) in the world. 3.How many____________(乘客) are there on the train? 4.There are 3600____________(秒) in an hour. 5.There is not enough_______(空间) on the bus. 6.Your hands are too_____________(脏), Go and wash them. 7.His father is a doctor and his mother is an ________________(工程师). 8.I’m the ______(队长) of our school football match. 9.That ______(听起来) like a fun project. 10.There were many _______(工厂) in Beijing in the old days. 11. A town is larger than a _____(村庄) (二).选择填空 ( )1.---____ did you get here ? ---By bus. A.How B.When C.where D.what ( )2.The school is far away. Let's____ a bus. A.by B.take C.drive D.ride ( )3.Don't get ____ the bus until it stops. A.on B.in C.off D.to ( )4.It's too late, You'd better_____ out. A.don't go B.not to go C.not go D.won't go

( )5.The car is running____ a high speed. A.in B.at C.with D.for ( )6.---Must we do it now ?---No, you____. A.won't B.needn't C.can't D.don't ( )7.---__I close the window?It's so cold here. ---All right. A.Will B.Would C.Do D.Shall ( )8.He seldom takes a bus to work, ________? A. does he B. doesn’t he C. is he D. isn’t he ( )9.We’ll go to the zoo as long as it ________tomorrow. A. won’t rain B. doesn’t rain C. isn’t rain D.isn’t going to rain ( )10. How _______the song sounds! A. well B. beautiful C. badly D. wonderfully ( )11. ---Is Mr. Hu in the reading room? ---No, he________be there. He has gone to Tianjin. A. mustn't B. needn't C. won't D. can't ( ) 12.You________go and ask Meimei. She________know the answer . A. must; can B. must; may C. need; can D. can; may ( )13.This book________Lucy's. Look! Her name is on the book cover . A. must be B. may be C. can't be D. mustn't be ( )14. You ______play football in the street. It’s dangerous. A. can’t B.mustn’t C. needn’t D. may not ( )15.The air in Beijing is getting _______now than a few years ago. A.very clean B.much cleaner C.much more clean D.much clean ( )16. It’s much faster to come to Beijing ______ plane, but this time he came _____his car. A. by ; by B. by ; on C. on ; in D. by ; in ( )17.Mary ______be at home. I saw her in the library just now. A.mustn’t B.needn’t C.shouldn’t D.can’t ( )18.---Must we clean the classroom now? ---No,you________. A.must B.needn’t C.can’t D.mustn’t ( )19.There are so many kinds of sweater in the shop, I really don’t know _________. A. which buy B. which to buy C. buy which D. to buy which ( )20.Thousands of young people went to countryside to work with the farmers________. A. in the 1970 B. in 1970s C. in the 1970s’ D. in the 1970s ( )21.______the help of the teacher, I finished the work on time. A.in B.on C.with D.to ( )22.It ____ us twenty minutes to finish ____his new article. A. cost, read B. took, to read C. cost, reading D. took ,reading (三)句型转换

1.My father usually walks to work.(同义句) My father usually _____ to work____ ______. 2.He often goes to school by bike. (划线提问)____ ____ he often go to school ? 3.How far is it from Beijing to Shanghai (同义句) _____ ______ _________from Beijing to Shanghai? 4.You'd better come early.(否定句) You'd better____ ____ early. 5.Henry Ford opened a car factory in 1908.(划线提问)______ _____Henry Ford open a car factory ? 6.It took Jenny eleven hours to fly from Cannada to China.(划线提问) ________ _______ _________Jenny to fly from Cannada to China? 7.People will use electric cars 100 years from now. (划线提问) _______ _______will people use electric cars? 8.Jim didn’t have breakfast and hurried to school this morning.(同义句) Jim ________ to school ________ _______ _______ ________having breakfast this morning. 9.How do you like Danny’s invention? (同义句) _______do you _______ _____Danny’s invention? 10.I don’t know how I can get to the post office. (同义句) I don’t know how ____ ____the post office. 二.应用与拓展:书面表达 以"Talk about Transportation"为题写一篇短文。 大致内容为: 当今, 交通工具各种各样,但优缺点都有一,二。有的交通工具速度快但污 染环境,不安全,有的慢但不污染环境。每个人都应骑自行车,因为 它不污染环境。当然,骑自行车慢,误时,倡议人们进行科学探索, 发明一种既快又环保的交通工具。 [参考范文] Talk about Transportation Today we have all kinds of transportation,like bicycles, motorbikes, cars, buses, trains, ships, planes,rockets and so on. Rockets are the fastest,but I have never been up in a rocket.Planes are the fastest except rockets,but I think traveling by plane isn’t safe.Traveling by bike is the slowest,but I think it is clean. Most of the transportation tools are dirty except bikes. Everyone should ride bicycles. Our air would be a lot cleaner. Of course,bicycles are too slow. I hope everyone studies science. We will do our best to invent a clean car! 【学教后记】:

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