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【金版新学案】2015届高考英语(新课标,安徽专供)大一轮复习讲义课时作业:必修4 Unit 4 Body language

课时作业(十九) 必修 4 Unit 4 Body language Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2013· 浦东二模)—Bill,can I get you anything to drink? —________. A.You are welcome C.I wouldn’t mind a coffee B.No problem D.Doesn’t matter

>2 . (2013· 石 家 庄 一 中 二 模 )www.videojug.com , which has________food and drink programme with clear explanations,is________very popular website. A.a;the C.a;a B.the;/ D./;a

3.(2014· 辽宁大连高三双基测试)My________subject is Business Administration and my minor subject is English. A.main C.chief B.major D.primary

4. (2014· 南京一模)________time at Beijing Normal University, I’m very impressed with the quality of the teachers and students. A.Having spent C.To spent B.Being spent D.Spending

5 . (2013· 丽水高三质检 )What annoyed your father was not what you said , but the way________you said it. A.by which C.in what B.which D.that

6.(2014· 长安五校一模)The lawyer advised Tom to drop the________since he had little chance to win. A.affair C.incident B.case D.event

7 . (2014· 昆明质检 )The five rings on the Olympic flag________the union of the five continents and the meeting of athletes from all over the world. A.present C.represent B.deliver D.resemble

8.(2013· 江苏质量调研)It brought child poverty to the________of the public,and for this reason alone it is a very impotant novel. A.attention C.administration B.acquisition D.association

9. (2014· 山东省实验中学二模)He is no fool at all, ________, he is the smartest boy I have

ever seen. A.in addition C.in particular B.in fact D.in general

10.(2014· 枣庄模拟)—He should have been warned of the danger. —________,but he wouldn’t listen to me. A.So he had C.So was he B.So had he D.So he was

11 . (2014· 江西毕业班新课程教学质量检测 )When we reached the top of the hill , a magnificent view of the sea________us. A.acknowledged C.displayed B.interrupted D.greeted

12.(2013· 济南 4 月巩固性训练)The old couple,________in the small village for years, can tell the names of all the villagers. A.living C.having lived B.lived D.to have lived

13. (2014· 湖南六校联考)I know it’s normal for such a thing to happen, but we________it if we’d been more careful. A.need have avoided C.will have avoided B.could have avoided D.had avoided

14.Parents,of course,will do everything they could to________their children from harm. A.defend C.overcome B.convince D.reduce

15.(2014· 河南豫北三校高三下学期联考)Honesty is a virtue________greed is an evil,as the saying goes. A.while C.as Ⅱ.完形填空 [建议用时 15′] B.when D.and

(2014· 厦门市双十中学高三模拟) Body language is the quiet, secret and most powerful language of all! It speaks __1__than

words.According to specialists, our bodies send out more__2__than we realize.In fact, nonverbal (非言语) communication takes up about 50% of what we really__3__.And body language is particularly__4__when we attempt to communicate across cultures.Indeed,what is called body language is so__5__a part of us that it’s actually often unnoticed.And misunderstandings occur as a result of it.__6__ , different societies treat the__7__between people differently.Northern Europeans usually do not like having__8__contact (接触) even with friends,and certainly not

with__9__.People from Latin American countries, __10__, touch each other quite a lot.Therefore, it’s possible that in__11__,it may look like a Latino is__12__a Norwegian all over the room.The Latino,trying to express friendship,will keep moving __13__.The Norwegian,very probably seeing this as pushiness,will keep__14__—which the Latino will in return regard as __15__. Clearly,a great deal is going on when people__16__.And only a part of it is in the words themselves.And when parties are from__17__cultures,there’s a strong possibility of __18__.But whatever the situation, the best__19__is to obey the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be__20__., 1.A.straighter C.harder 2.A.sounds C.feelings 3.A.hope C.discover 4.A.immediate C.important 5.A.well C.much 6.A.For example C.However 7.A.trade C.connections 8.A.eye C.bodily 9.A.strangers C.neighbours 10.A.in other words C.in a similar way 11.A.trouble C.silence 12.A.disturbing C.guiding 13.A.closer C.in B.louder D.further B.invitations D.messages B.receive D.mean B.misleading D.difficult B.far D.long B.Thus D.In short B.distance D.greetings B.verbal D.telephone B.relatives D.enemies B.on the other hand D.by all means B.conversation D.experiment B.helping D.following B.faster D.away

14.A.stepping forward C.backing away 15.A.weakness C.friendliness 16.A.talk C.laugh 17.A.different C.Latino 18.A.curiosity C.misunderstanding 19.A.chance C.result 20.A.noticed C.respected

B.going on D.coming out B.carelessness D.coldness B.travel D.think B.European D.rich B.excitement D.nervousness B.time D.advice B.treated D.pleased

Ⅲ.阅读理解 (2014· 北京市朝阳区第一学期统一考试) The word hug is of uncertain origin.The Oxford English Dictionary cautions against confusing it with hugge—another word of the Middle English ug, meaning “to inspire with fear or disgust”.Nevertheless,I find myself drawn to the possibility that hug does,in fact,have some connection with ug.It seems to me that at the thought of a tight embrace (拥抱),fear and disgust do come to mind. So why is it that when I go over to your house for dinner,you wrap your arms around me, even though I saw you last Friday at the movies?One arm or two?Should there be space between us?Should I brush my cheek against yours?Maybe even kiss your cheek? I’m willing to believe that some people really love to hug.They rush to enfold not only family and friends but also friends of friends and near strangers.They delight in applying pressure and rocking from side to side.Yet most people are just going through the motions; they’re looking for a way to say hello or goodbye.Not wanting to seem rude,I open my arms,too,submitting to the ceremony of friendship. After one particularly confusing interaction,I looked for advice from experts.Emily Yoffe, an advice columnist, offered her sympathy: “I’m with you on this, but I’ve become a nonhugger who hugs.Recently after breakfast with a new friend,I went in to hug her goodbye,and I could see a kind of horror in her eyes,but it was too late to back off.” That’s me:The girl with the look of horror in her eyes.

The Emily Post Institute , which specializes in manners , explains that when greeting someone, you should look him or her in the eyes and smile, speak clearly, add a “glad to see you” and then shake hands with a firm grip,pump two or three times,and then release.The institute suggests adding a hug “if it’s a relative or close friend”. Not any specific information on what a proper hug involves. There are several hug alternatives,among them:the handshake,the cheek kiss,the wave, the arm squeeze, and the nod.Handshakes seem formal, cheek kisses unAmerican.Arm squeezing would be a good solution if it were not for the danger of getting pulled into something more fullbodied.The nod, though, can be very effective when combined with a smile, especially when executed with confidence and with one hand already grasping the door handle. 1.What do the first two paragraphs indicate about “hug”? A.The word causes common disfavor. B.The behavior appears disgusting. C.The action is somewhat confusing. D.The manner is unsuitable for friends. 2.About the way of embrace,the experts________. A.have a standard concept B.feel embarrassed and uneasy C.advise people to use other ways D.fail to give an explicit definition 3.What’s the author’s attitude towards hug? A.Cautious. C.Puzzled. 4.What does the passage mainly discuss? A.Indepth research into hug. B.Specialized opinions on daily manners. C.Appropriateness of daily manners. D.Important reform of greeting manners. Ⅳ.书面表达 (2013· 安徽省皖北协作区高三年级联考) 近来,“光盘行动”悄然流行,这一行动引导崇尚节约、反对浪费的社会风气。其实, 我们的校园生活中也存在一些浪费现象。请简述几个浪费现象,并就如何厉行节约、反对浪 费,谈谈你的看法和建议。 注意:1.文中不得透露个人真实姓名和学校名称;2.词数 120 左右; 3.开头已写好, B.Hesitant. D.Opposed.

不计入总词数。 Recently, “Clear Your Plate” campaign is more and more popular in society, which advocates saving against wasting._______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

课时作业(十九) Ⅰ.单项填空 1.解析: 考查交际用语。A 项是表示感谢的回答语,B 项是请求对方帮助的回答语, D 项是道歉的回答语,都不符合题意。C 项表示“coffee please”,与本题情景相符。 答案: C 2.解析: 考查冠词的用法。句意为:www.videojug.com 是一个很受欢迎的网站,它 里面有一个配有清晰讲解的饮食节目。根据语意可知,本题中的两空都表示泛指,因此都用 不定冠词。 答案: C 3.解析: 根据空后面的“minor subject”可知,空处表示“主修的”,故选 major。main 主要的;chief 首要的;primary 最初的,基本的。 答案: B 4.解析: 考查非谓语动词。句意为:在北京师范大学度过一段时间之后,我对其师 生的素质印象颇深。spend 这一动作发生在主句谓语动作之前,且该动作是由主句的主语发 出的,故用现在分词的完成式。 答案: A 5.解析: 此处 way 作先行词,定语从句中缺少状语,可以用 that 或 in which 引导, 亦可省去引导词。 答案: D 6.解析: 句意为:律师建议 Tom 放弃这场官司,因为他赢的可能性很小。affair 事 务,事情;case 诉讼案,官司;incident 严重事件,冲突;event 重要事情,大事。 答案: B

7.解析: 句意为:奥林匹克五环旗上的五环代表五大洲的团结和来自世界各地的运 动员相会在奥林匹克运动会上。 represent 代表, 表示, 符合题意。 present 赠送, 演示; deliver 递送,传递;resemble 像,类似。 答案: C 8.解析: 考查名词辨析。句意为:它使人们关注到贫困儿童,单就这个原因它就是 本非常重要的小说。 根据句意可知, 应用 attention 注意, 关注。 acquisition 获得; administration 管理,施行;association 联盟,协会。 答案: A 9.解析: 考查介词短语辨析。句意为:他一点都不笨,事实上,他是我见过的最聪 明的男孩子。A 项意为“此外,而且”;B 项意为“事实上,实际上”;C 项意为“特别, 尤其”;D 项意为“总之”。 答案: B 10. 解析: 考查固定句型。 根据答句可知, 后者赞同前者的话。 “so+主语+助动词” 结构意为“的确如此”,符合语境,故排除 B、C 两项;此处强调的是发生在过去的客观事 实,因此应用 so he was。“so+助动词+主语”结构指上文提到的情况同样也适用于后者, 不符合语境。 答案: D 11.解析: 考查动词辨析。句意为:当我们到达山顶的时候,壮丽的海景映入眼帘。 acknowledge 承认;interrupt 打断;display 陈列;greet 映入……的眼帘。 答案: D 12.解析: 考查非谓语动词。分析句子成分可知,主语 The old couple 和 live 之间是 逻辑上的主谓关系,且句中有表示一段时间的时间状语 for years,因此用 live 的现在分词的 完成式。 答案: C 13.解析: 考查虚拟语气。句意为:我知道发生这样的事情是正常的,但如果我们更 小心一点儿的话,这样的事是可以避免的。根据句中的“if we’d been more careful”可知, 此处表示与过去事实相反的假设,故用 could/might/would have done 结构。

答案: B 14.解析: 考查动词词义辨析。句意为:父母当然会尽其所能来保护他们的孩子免受 伤害。defend 保护,保卫;convince 使相信;overcome 克服;reduce 减少。 答案: A 15.解析: 考查并列连词。句意为:俗语说,诚实是一种美德,而贪婪是一种罪恶。 while 而,然而,根据句意可知,前后应为对比关系,故选 A。 答案: A Ⅱ.完形填空 语篇解读 本文是说明文, 介绍了肢体语言的作用, 以及在不同文化里肢体语言的不同 含义。通过学习本文我们可以了解文化的趣味性。 1.解析: 由首句“肢体语言是所有语言中沉默、秘密而又最有威力的语言!”可知, 本句应表示“肢体语言比语言更有说服力”,所以本题选择 louder。 答案: B 2.解析: 我们的肢体发出多于我们可以想象到的信息。身体发出的是 message“信

息”,而不是 sound。sound 泛指自然界一切声音;invitation 邀请;feeling 感情,感受。 答案: D 3.解析: 事实上, 非言语交际占据了我们想表达的大约 50%。mean 意思是,意味着。 答案: D 4.解析: 根据下文论述,当涉及跨文化交流时,肢体语言尤为重要,故选 important 重要的。immediate 立刻的,表示动作的直接性和迅速性;misleading 误导的;difficult 困难 的。 答案: C 5.解析: 肢体语言几乎已经成为我们的组成部分,以致常常被忽视。此处实际上是 对“so much a(n)+名词”的用法的考查。四个选项中有此用法的只有 much。 答案: C 6.解析: 下文是举例,故选 For example“例如”。thus 因此;however 然而;in short 简而言之。 答案: A

7.解析: 不同的社会对人们之间的距离有不同认识。空格后面的北欧人和拉丁美洲 人等的例子都与 distance“距离”有关。 答案: B 8.解析: 北欧人通常不喜欢肢体的接触,故选 bodily“身体的”,下文的 touch each other 是提示。 答案: C 9.解析: 北欧人不喜欢和朋友有肢体上的接触,更不用说陌生人了。enemy 虽然与 friend 相对,但此处是说不同国度文化的差异,并不是敌我的分歧。 答案: A 10. 解析: 由上文可知, 此处表示语意上的转折, 故选 on the other hand“另一方面”, 本句讲到拉丁美洲人喜欢肢体接触。 in other words 换句话说; in a similar way 用相似的方法; by all means 当然可以。 答案: B 11.解析: trouble 麻烦;conversation 谈话,交谈;silence 寂静,沉默;experiment 实验。in conversation 在交谈中,在会话中。 答案: B 12.解析: 在交谈中,北欧人不喜欢肢体接触,拉丁美洲人喜欢肢体接触,所以我们 看到的很可能是一个拉丁美洲人跟随一个挪威人移动,故选 following“跟随”。 答案: D 13.解析: closer(更近地)。 答案: A 14. 解析: 挪威人不喜欢肢体接触, 会一直向后退, 故选 backing away 后退。 step forward 前进;go on 继续;come out 出版,发芽。 答案: C 15 . 解析: 挪威人的后退反过来会让拉丁美洲人觉得是冷漠。 weakness 虚弱; 拉丁美洲人喜欢肢体接触,为了表示友好,会离挪威人越来越近,故选

carelessness 粗心;friendliness 友谊;coldness 冷漠。

答案: D 16.解析: 选项中的 talk(交谈)与上文的 conversation 相呼应,且文章主要讲述交谈中 的 body language。 答案: A 17. 解析: different 不同的; European 欧洲的; Latino 拉丁美洲的; rich 富裕的。 different cultures 不同的文化。 答案: A 18. 解析: 当来自不同文化的人聚会时, 有可能会出现误解, 故选 misunderstanding“误 会,误解”。curiosity 好奇心;excitement 兴奋;nervousness 紧张。 答案: C 19.解析: 此处是对避免误解而提出建议,故选 advice“建议”。chance 机会;time 时间,次数,倍数;result 结果。 答案: D 20.解析: 你希望怎样被对待,那你就那样对待别人,B 选项与前面的 treat others

相呼应,一个是主动形式,一个是被动形式(to be treated)。 答案: B Ⅲ.阅读理解 语篇解读 拥抱是一种正常而有效的日常礼仪。 然而, 见人就拥抱是不是有时候不仅不 会让人感到亲切, 反而会很尴尬呢?究竟应该如何恰当表达呢?本文作者给出了一些切实可 行的建议。 1.解析: 细节理解题。根据第一段第一句“The word hug is of uncertain origin.”和第二 段中作者的问题可知,作者认为“拥抱”这个动作难以理解,有很多疑问。 答案: C 2.解析: 推理判断题。根据对前三段的整体理解可推知,作者对于“拥抱”这个概 念有些困惑,而根据第四段第二句可知,作为专家的 Emily Yoffe 也对作者的困惑表达了同 情,并表示同意作者的观点。由此可知,专家对此也不是很确定,故答案 D 符合题意。 答案: D 3. 解析: 推理判断题。 根据第四段最后一句“That’s me: The girl with the look of horror

in her eyes.”并结合全文作者的疑问可推知,作者对拥抱的行为是不赞成的,故 D 项符合题 意。 答案: D 4.解析: 主旨大意题。根据对文章的整体理解可知,本文主要通过对拥抱这一日常 行为的分析,进一步阐述了如何恰当表达日常礼仪这一主题。由此可知,C 项符合题意。 答案: C Ⅳ.书面表达 Recently, “Clear Your Plate” campaign is more and more popular in society, which advocates saving against wasting.The campaign draws our attention to waste on campus.Some students are noticed to throw away a lot of food in the canteen.As is often the case, some lights are still on with nobody in classrooms.What’s more,many a student spends much money buying unnecessary items. As far as I am concerned,it’s high time that we fought against wasting.Here are my suggestions.Firstly,I think our school should carry out various activities to arouse students’ awareness of saving.Secondly,relevant rules and regulations are supposed to be made to punish those who waste things.Most importantly,we should form the habit of saving from now,from ourselves.It is everyone’s duty to save resources.

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【金版新学案】2015届高考英语(新课标,安徽专供)大一轮复习讲义课时作业:必修1 Unit 3 Travel journal
【金版新学案】2015届高考英语(新课标,安徽专供)大一轮复习讲义课时作业:必修1 Unit 3 Travel journal_高中教育_教育专区。【金版新学案】2015届高考英语(新课标...