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【创新设计】2014-2015学年高中英语同步精练:选修9 Unit 2 Period 1(人教版,课标通用)]

Unit 2 Sailing the oceans Period 1 Warming Up,Pre? reading & Reading 同步精练(人教版选修 9,课标通用) 时间:45 分钟
Ⅰ.介、副词填空 1 . The voyages of travellers before the 17th century show that they were no

t________the mercy________the sea even though they did not have modern navigational aids. 2 . On a clear day especially during the summer the sailors could use the sun overhead________midday to navigate by. 3.There is a special cloud formation which indicates there is land close________. 4 . An early method of measuring speed involved throwing a knotted rope tied________a log over the side of the ship. 5.The number of knots that were counted________a fixed period of time gave the speed of the ship in nautical miles per hour. 6.________this way the ship could set a straight course even in the middle of the ocean. 7.________, it was awkward to use as one of the points of reference was the moving ship itself. 8.As the ship rose and plunged in the waves, it was________difficult to be accurate with any reading. 9.It works________measuring the angle between two fixed objects outside the ship using two mirrors. 10 . This gave the seamen the local time and allowed them to find their latitude________sea. 答案 1.at;of 2.in 3.by 4.to 5.during 6.In

7.However 8.extremely 9.by 10.at Ⅱ.单词拼写 1.This was a more p________and simplified version of the astrolabe. 2. So seamen could follow the birds to land even if they were o________and in the open

sea. 3.This seems to have been the first and most useful form of e________which carried the minimum amount of risk. 4.Can you help me u________the files? 5.It was the first i________to measure the sun's position. 6.It was easier to handle because it was more p________. 7.However, it was awkward to use as one of the points of r________was the moving ship itself. 8 . On a clear day especially during the summer the sailors could use the sun o________at midday to navigate by. 9.So the Vikings would observe the winds before and during their o________or return journeys. 10.Seamen used it to help i________the position of a stream or river when they were close to land. 答案 1.precise 2.offshore 3.exploration 4.update 5.instrument 6.portable

7.reference 8.overhead 9.outward 10.identify Ⅲ.翻译与仿写 1.The voyages of travellers before the 17th century show that they were not at the mercy of the sea even though they did not have modern navigational aids. 翻译: __________________________________________________________________ 仿写:他的生命掌握在国王手中。 __________________________________________________________________ 2. There was no secure method of measuring longitude until the 17th century when the British solved this theoretical problem. 翻译: __________________________________________________________________ 仿写:直到做完作业王林才回家。 __________________________________________________________________ 3. They could use the height of the sun to work out their latitude.

翻译: __________________________________________________________________ 仿写:这些数字我每次相加都有不同的结果。 __________________________________________________________________ 4.This seems to have been the first and most useful form of exploration which carried the minimum amount of risk. 翻译: __________________________________________________________________ 仿写:他好像已经知道这次考试结果了。 __________________________________________________________________ 5. Seamen used it to help identify the position of a stream or river when they were close to land. 翻译: __________________________________________________________________ 仿写:志愿者们住得离北京大学很近。 __________________________________________________________________ 答案 1.17 世纪以前的航海记录显示,即使没有现代航海技术的帮助,旅行者

们也不是任凭海洋摆布的。 His life hangs at the mercy of the king. 2. 直到 17 世纪英国人解决了这个理论问题后, 人们才有了测量经度的可靠方法。 Wang Lin didn't go home until he finished his homework. 3.他们利用太阳的高度计算出他们所处的纬度。 These figures work out differently each/every time I add them. 4.这似乎已是最早的、最有用的探险方式,所冒的风险也是最小的。 He seems to have known the rusult of the examination. 5.当靠近陆地时,海员们利用它来确定小溪或河流的位置。 The volunteers live close to Beijing University. Ⅳ.语篇填词 1____navigators could____2____North Star, the sun and____3____to navigate____4____. Seaweed could also be____5____to know whether they were____6____to land. Seabirds could be used____7____show the way to land. If fog was seen seamen knew that they were near the land. Winds can____8____the

speed, but it also be____9____. Seamen used certain tides and currents to____10____ships to their destination. 答案 1.Skillful(Accomplished) 7.to 2.use 3.clouds 4.by 10.carry

5.used 6.close Ⅴ.单项填空

8.accelerate 9.dangerous

1.—Why didn't you tell him about the meeting? —He rushed out of the room________I could say a word. A.before 解析 B.until C.when D.after

考查连词 before 表示“……还没来得及……就……”的用法。句意:我

还没来得及说一句话,他就冲出了房间。 答案 A

2.—How often do you________the dictionary when you are doing reading? —Not very often. Only when I find it is necessary. A.relate to C.refer to 解析 B.consult to D.look up

refer to the dictionary 查阅词典。relate to 涉及,关系到;consult to 不是

固定用法;look up 查阅,应用作 look up a word in a dictionary。 答案 C

3. He got wellprepared for the job interview, for he couldn't risk________the good opportunity. A.to lose C.To be lost 解析 B.losing D.being lost


doing sth 冒险做某事。 答案 B

4. But someday, all our hard work will________; we will attend the university of our choice and go on to have a great career. A.turn out B.pay off

C.work out 解析

D.go out


而后成就一番大的事业。pay off 带来好结果,成功,行得通;work out 计算出; turn out 结果是,被证明;go out 熄灭。 答案 B

5. She has a gift for creating an atmosphere for students________allows them to communicate freely with each other. A.which 解析 B.where C.what D.who


语从句。分析句子结构可知,定语从句“________ allows them to communicate freely with each other”修饰先行词 atmosphere,将先行词代入从句后为: The atmosphere allows them to communicate freely with each other。 由此可知先行词在 定语从句中作主语,而且指代物,所以需用关系代词 which,故选 A。 答案 A

6. He had no sooner finished his speech________the students started cheering. A.since 解析 B.as C.when D.than

句意: 他刚做完演讲, 学生们就开始欢呼起来。 考查固定句式。 no sooner

往往与 than 连用,意为:一……就……,故选 D 项。 答案 D

7. Though having lived abroad for years, many Chinese still________the traditional customs. A.perform 解析 B.possess C.observe D.support


传统习俗。observe 遵守,奉行(法律、习俗、规章等),(按传统习惯)纪念,庆 祝(节日、生日等),符合句意。perform 表演;possess 拥有;support 支撑。 答案 C

8.—She shouldn't have done that sort of thing. —Whatever she did was reasonable, ________to what you did. Besides, it's none of your business. Get down to________your lessons. A.comparing;doing C.compared;doing 解析 B.comparing;do D.compared;do


么都是合情合理的。而且,这不关你事。认真做你的功课吧。compared to …… 比较起来;get down to doing sth 开始认真做某事。 答案 C

9.A Nigerian man,who has attempted to________an explosive device on a Northwest international flight, has been officially charged, said the U. S. Department of Justice on Saturday. A.set off C.set down 解析 B.set out D.set in

考查动词短语。set off “出发,使爆炸”;set out“动身,开始工作”;

set down“制定,记下”;set in“到来,把……装进……”。根据语境可知此 处是引爆爆炸装置的意思,故选 A。 答案 A

10. You can't borrow books from the school library________you get your student card. A.before 解析 B.if C.while D.as

句意: 在你没有拿到学生证之前你不能从学校图书馆借书。 before 在……

之前;如果;while 当……时候,然而;as 随着,因为。 答案 A

Ⅵ.完形填空 William Shakespeare was born four hundred years ago and spent his childhood in his hometown StratforduponAvon. Little was known about his childhood though many stories are published, some of which may be__1__. He probably went to Grammar School at Stratford. At thirteen he__2__to leave school as his

father__3__some losses and became poorer for a time. So William had to__4__his own living. At the age of eighteen he married a farmer's daughter. Not long after he__5__Stratford for London. London was rapidly__6__. All types of people were to be__7__in it. Here Shakespeare__8__travelers, students, and scholars, and his__9__was stirred(激发)by the stories they told. He also met writers and actors. He soon found some work in a__10__. Before long he became an actor and writer of plays__11__. There were a few theatres in London. One of the most famous of these was__12__the Globe. Shakespeare himself__13__one of the owners of this theatre. Shakespeare's reputation( 名 望 )as a writer of__14__began to grow. He made__15__of the writing of others and found__16__in the old poets like Chaucer. But by his gift he__17__all these old stories into masterpieces(杰作)of his__18__. Shakespeare wrote no fewer than 37 plays. They describe all kinds of men and women, and__19__us pictures of great events in history. In 1593 Shakespeare acted before Queen Elizabeth, and received ten pounds for his services. Soon he got greater rewards, and became__20__enough to buy a house in Stratford. He was able to retire to his native town and spent the last few years of his life in comfort there. 1.A.exciting 解析 答案 B.true C.wrong D.fair

下文叙述的是可能真实的情况,所以选 B 项。 B B.decided D.ought

2.A.agreed C.had 解析 答案 3.A.paid C.managed 解析 答案 4.A.earn 解析 答案

句意:因为家道中落,他不得不退学。 C B.got D.suffered

suffer loss 意为“遭受某种损失”。 D B.plan C.set D.suffer

earn one's living 相当于 make one's living,意为“谋生”。 A

5.A.left 解析 答案



D.drove to

leave...for...意为“离开某处去另一处”。 A B.built D.increasing

6.A.developed C.growing 解析 答案 句意:伦敦发展很快。 C

7.A.gathered C.found 解析 答案 8.A.met C.respected 解析 答案

B.collected D.visited

句意:在伦敦能发现形形色色的人。 C B.invited D.called

句意:莎士比亚在这里遇到旅游者、学生和学者。 A B.wish D.imagination

9.A.power C.writing 解析 答案 10.A.city C.theatre 解析 答案

句意:人们讲的故事激发了他的想像力。 D B.town D.concert

根据上下文可知是在剧院找到的工作。 C B.instead D.again 句意:很快他本人也成了演员和剧作者。 A

11.A.himself C.too 解析 答案

12.A.around C.known 解析 答案

B.called D.made

句意:其中一个最著名的剧院叫做 Globe。 B B.asked D.defeated

13.A.became C.helped 解析 答案

句意:莎士比亚自己成为了这个剧院的主人之一。 A B.poems C.novels D.stories

14.A.plays 解析 答案 15.A.lots 解析 答案

由上文可知,他此时是个剧作家。 A B.use make use of 意为“利用”。 B B.idioms D.theories C.good D.more

16.A.habits C.ideas 解析 答案 17.A.put 解析 答案 18.A.life 解析 答案

句意:在像乔叟那样的古诗人那里他找到了(新的)构思。 C B.turned C.wrote D.set

turn...into...意为“把……变成……”。 B B.own C.time D.day

句意:凭他的才智,他将这些古老的故事都改编成了他自己的杰作。 B B.send C.give D.make

19.A.draw 解析

give us pictures of great events in history 意为“为我们描述了历史上的重



C B.rich C.able D.clever

20.A.strong 解析

句意:不久他得到了更多的回报,使他能有足够的钱在 Stratford 买下一

座房子。 答案 B

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