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2015 秋高三英语作业(5) Class: Name: Marks: 满分(100)

一、单项填空(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分) 1. For I can remember, I have been particularly interested in computers and

other electrical devices. A. as soon as B. as long as C. as many as D. as much as

2. Many couples in China are reluctant to have a second child, because raising a child is really a _ A. relief B. thrill both mentally and economically. C. burden D. virtue

3. It is reported that three more people have been tested for the virus in the city, including __ A. that ended up in death. B. one C. one that D. the one

4. — Why do you look so tired? You

have slept well last night.

— Yeah, I stayed up watching the football match. A. can’t B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. shouldn’t nice meals,

5. Fine hotels are available in the scenic zone, and they professional services and memorable experiences. A. submit 6. In the US, B. deliver C. demand D. advocate

is a standard practice to take the remaining food home when

dining out at a restaurant. A. it B. that C. what D. which

7. — My mobile phone has broken down. I’m thinking of buying a new one. — Try Samsung Galaxy Note Pro. You A. don’t regret C. didn’t regret it.

B. won’t regret D. haven’t regretted found

8. With the dramatic increase in private cars, Chinese people are now stuck in traffic jams. A. rarely occasionally 9. If you accidentally hit an Englishman, chances are B. frequently C. punctually D.

the victim will say

“Sorry” before you can make your own apology. A. whether B. when C. why D. that

10. — What brand of car would you like? — I haven’t decided yet. It is still A. in the air C. to the point . B. over the moon D. between the lines

11. The end of school time means the beginning of a new period in life and graduation season is the time to A. count on B. decide on the past and look forward to the future. C. reflect on D. concentrate on

12. The Shanghai Disneyland Park

at the end of next year is expected to receive

10 million visitors every year, averaging nearly 30,000 per day. A. completing completed 13. — What’s the point of taking a torch? — I’m going to take it for signaling attention. A. so that B. in that C. even if D. in case we get lost and have to attract B. completed C. to complete D. to be

14. The proposal that the English-language test

from the National College

Entrance Exam has caused heated debates among parents and experts in China. A. is removed B. should remove C. will be removed D. be removed

15. — Linda, you’ve won first place! — I thought I would fail the exam this time. B. No wonder. C. So what? D.

A. Have I? Congratulations! 二、完形填空(共20小题;每小题1分,满分20分)

I was driving on the motorway at around 70 mph to visit my cousins in Wales when somehow I couldn’t 16 my car. I got involved in a collision (碰撞) with a smaller 17 , no one was hurt but

car, which had a family in it with three young children. the experience was very 18 . 19

There was so much smoke that my first

was to just get out of my car as fast

as possible. I could


the children from the car behind me screaming and crying

as I was trying to get out of my car. When I got out, I could see their mum was trying to 21 her crying children and move them away from the 23 that I’d collided with them. 24 that the parents would be angry with me. But instead 22 car at the same time.

I felt so

I thought it would be

of being angry, the mum simply said to me, “Come here. You need to join in our 25 .” It was such a wonderful, warm by me! I can’t tell you how 28 26 from someone whose family had just been I was by that. 29 out 31 , 27

While this was happening, the father was trying to get the children’s of the car 30

it was freezing. He didn’t see what had happened but when he 32

he asked me if I was okay and then gave me a hug, too! I couldn’t thinking how lucky those children were to be 33

it! I remember

by such amazing parents who would

comfort a stranger in the middle of their own fear and panic! Later, I overheard them telling their children that the 34 thing to focus on was that they were all 35

and unhurt and then they had a big family group hug. 16. 17. A. change A. Hopefully B. move C. repair D. control D. Thankfully

B. Fortunately C. Regretfully B. interesting C. exciting B. plan B. keep B. conserve C. falling C. feeling C. observe C. comfort D. shaking

18. A. disappointing 19. 20. 21. 22. A. smoking 23. guilty 24. 25. A. party 26. 27. A. killed 28. A. illegal B. family A. reward B. hurt A. moved A. thought A. sense A. impress B. moving

D. frightening D. purpose D. hear D. please

A. disappointed

B. sensitive C. despaired


B. natural C. hug B. gift C. helped B. satisfied

C. necessary D. impossible D. hands C. gesture D. influenced C. embarrassed D. annoyed D. lesson

29. A. schoolbags B. textbooks 30. A. unless

C. coats B. when C. went away B. believe B. picked up C. helpful C. sorry

D. toys C. though D. because D. got off C. forgive D. receive

31. A. came back B. went out 32. 33. 34. A. terrible 35. A. okay A. possess A. taken up B. happy B. sad

C. brought up D. built up D. important D. pleased

三、阅读理解(共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分) A Novelist Mo Yan is the first Chinese to win the Nobel Prize for literature. When he was interviewed about the award, Mo said, “I’ll continue the career I’ve taken, feet on the ground, describing people’s lives and emotions, writing from the

standpoint (立场) of ordinary people.” The Swedish Academy praised (赞扬) Mo Yan
for “mixing folk tales, history and the contemporary with hallucinatory (幻觉的) realism”. Mo, whose real name is Guan Moye, was born in a farming family in eastern Shandong province in 1955. Mo once said his penname, meaning “don’t speak”, was intended to remind him to hold his tongue in case he got himself into trouble since he began writing while serving in the army. Mo has published novels, short stories, and essays on various topics. His works have been translated into many languages. His writing is powerful, visual, and broad, dipping into history to tell stories of China and its people. All his novels create unique individual realities, quite different from the political stories. He said, “Writers should express criticism and anger at the dark side of society and the ugliness of human nature, but should not use one uniform expression. Some may want to shout on the street, but we should tolerate those who hide in their rooms and use literature to voice their opinions.” His breakthrough came with the novel Red Sorghum published in 1987. Set in a small village, Red Sorghum is a tale about love and peasant struggles. The novel was adapted into a film that won the top prize at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1988

and that made Mo popular. Last year, Mo was the winner of the Mao Dun Literature Prize in 2011 for Frog. Among the works highlighted by the Nobel judges were Red Sorghum and Big Breasts & Wide Hips, as well as The Garlic Ballads. 36. What do we know about Mo Yan according to the passage? A. He has dreamed of winning the Nobel Prize for decades. B. He will stick to his own writing style though he won the honor. C. He published his first work when he was serving in the army. D. He is good at writing hallucinatory stories of farmers. 37. Why did Guan Moye choose “Mo Yan” as his penname? A. To speak as little as possible. books. C. To avoid getting into trouble. D. To draw others’ attention on him. B. To save more time to write his

38. From what Mo Yan said in Paragraph 3, we can infer that______. A. people can show their anger by shouting on the street B. writers have duty to describe the dark side and the ugliness of society C. people hiding in their rooms are more concerned by writers D. writers should have their own unique expressions in their works 39. Which of the following is TRUE about Mo Yan’s works? A. His work Frog was highlighted by Nobel judges. B. All his works have been translated into many languages. C. Red Sorghum was adapted into a film and met with great success. D. All his novels have connection with political stories. B For thousands of years, people have wanted to explore the world under the sea. Such activity was not possible until modern times. Today, divers (潜水者) can survive for hours underwater and photograph fish and other sea creatures. Not everyone can swim with fish in the ocean. But they can enjoy underwater life in another way—by visiting an aquarium (水族馆). Experts do not really know when people began keeping fish as pets. But they say that people have been interested in fish for thousands of years. The ancient Sumerians

(苏美尔人) were the first civilization to keep fish in ponds more than four thousand years ago. The Chinese kept and studied carp and goldfish more than one thousand years ago. The ancient Romans kept eels as pets. And the Greek philosopher Aristotle made what is believed to be the first known study of sea life, including sharks and dolphins. By the middle of the 19th century, science had shown that plants, fish and other sea creatures could survive together under water. Therefore, it was no longer necessary to change the water in a tank for fish to live there. This led to the building of the first public aquariums. The first aquarium opened in London in 1853. In the next fifteen years, other aquariums opened in Europe and the United States. By 1928, there were about forty-five public aquariums in the world. Today everyone still seems to be enthusiastic for undersea creatures and it is reported that millions of people visit aquariums in more than thirty countries every year. 40. It can be inferred from the passage that .

A. an aquarium is a public place where people can explore the undersea world B. the history of aquariums can trace back to ancient China C. common people’s curiosity to explore the sea can be met by visiting an aquarium D. in old times people managed to explore the undersea world 41. Which of the following is TRUE about keeping fish as pets ? A. Only recently do people begin to show interest in fish. B. The Chinese were the first civilization to keep fish in ponds. C. Aristotle first made the study of sea life. D. Eels were kept as pets by the ancient Romans. 42. Which of the following is the key factor that made the building of the first public aquarium possible? A. People’s wish to explore the sea. B. The new material invented to build it. C. The latest finding of the sea science research. D. Adequate financial support from the government. C

Some international students have few friends in their host country when they study overseas. One study in the United States found that 38% of foreign students said they had no close American friends. Communications specialist Elisabeth Gareis studied more than 450 foreign students in her study for the result. Elisabeth Gareis from Baruch College in New York said efforts on how to improve relationships between the two groups of students had not yet to be studied in detail. But she said these efforts should begin with the college or university, and that these institutions should work harder. “Institutions should create more opportunities which can promote the contact between the home students and the foreign students. And they can do that by, for example, organizing activities at the beginning of the academic year.” Ms. Gareis suggested activities such as taking walks, camping trips, and attending parties, sporting events or film festivals, etc. She said such activities should be held repeatedly to bring students together throughout the school term. Ms. Gareis also suggested that foreign students share housing with American students. Michigan State University is known for its programs for international students. Last year, about 5,900 students from 133 countries attended Michigan State. Peter Briggs directs the Office for International Students and Scholars at Michigan State. He said more foreign students are expected to register this week. Many students and community members are trained and prepared to help foreign students. The volunteers assist new students as they complete the government requirements and find their academic advisors. Mr. Briggs said the volunteers would also help the foreign students adapt to the local environment and make friends. He said that if the new students could make friends as they first set foot in the university, they would come to feel the life and study in the university more easy. 43. According to Elisabeth Gareis, who plays the most important role in improving the relationships between foreign students and American students? A. Foreign students. C. The government. B. American students. D. Colleges and universities. .

44. Elisabeth Gareis suggests that

A. foreign students be separated from American students B. foreign students not share housing with American students C. foreign students take part in activities such as camping trips and parties D. activities such as sporting events be held no more than once a term 45. What is mainly discussed in the last two paragraphs? A. Foreign students are reluctant to take part in the activities provided for them. B. Volunteers are trained and prepared to help foreign students. C. Some tips for foreign students on how to solve problems when they are new comers. D. Foreign students should know better about the country before they come to the US. 46. Which would be the best title for this passage? A. International students should make friends with American students B. How can international students make friends with American students? C. Ways to help international students make friends with American students D. Why international students have trouble in making friends with American students D A teenager has secured (得到) a six-figure sum for a vampire (吸血鬼) novel she wrote after being inspired by the Twilight. Abigail Gibbs, 18, who started writing the book aged 14, released chapters of her novel online, where the book eventually received 17 million hits. Harper Collins in Britain has now signed this talented author following her phenomenal (非凡的) Internet success. Miss Gibbs, from Brixham, Devon, who is about to start studying English at Oxford University, is the first author to be discovered on Wattpad. Wattpad is an online library which allows subscribers (用户) to upload or read other people’s stories. Miss Gibbs also said Stephenie Meyer’s famous Twilight books had influenced her novel,

The Dark Heroine. “I read the Twilight and did really enjoy it. At first, my parents
were a bit opposed to my writing because I was staying up till 3 a.m. on school nights and they were worried that I might fall behind.” Miss Gibbs finished her book at the age of 16. She posted each chapter after she had written it on the Internet site, until she got to five chapters before the end

when she stopped. “I had signed with an agent and he basically said, ‘Don’t post anymore so as to keep the readers’ anxiety’. That was tough because I disappeared in the site for a year and there were a lot of fans asking where I was. I have had so many requests from fans to upload the last five chapters; some people even said they were going to write their own endings.” Her fans can buy the e-book for ?2.99, or wait for the paperback book priced at ?6.99 in shops next month. 47. Her parents didn’t support Gibbs’ writing because A. they didn’t like vampire novels B. writing might influence her studies C. Gibbs spent too much time online D. a possible failure might let Gibbs down 48. We can infer from the text that Gibbs A. got support from Meyer B. dropped out of school to concentrate on her career C. spent two years in writing The Dark Heroine D. wrote several books before The Dark Heroine 49. Why did Gibbs stop posting the last five chapters of the story online? A. She would rewrite it later. B. She hoped to attract readers’ more interest. C. She wanted readers to write their own ending. D. She had to finish her university education first. 50. If a reader wants to read the whole story, he or she A. must wait for about a month B. may pay for an e-edition C. can buy a paperback in a bookstore now D. can ask for a copy of the manuscript 四、任务型阅读(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分) 阅读下面短文,根据所读内容在表格中的空白处填入恰当的单词。 注意:每个空格只填一个单词。 The following is a brief introduction of the Universal Children’s Day. . . .

In December 1954, the UN General Assembly ( 联合国大会 ) recommended that all countries set a universal children’s day to promote the protection, welfare and education of children. The UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child on Nov. 20th, 1959 and the Convention on the Rights of the Child on Nov. 20th, 1989. The 1990 World Summit ( 峰会 ) for Children in Copenhagen, Denmark, set standards aimed at boosting children’s health and education. In May 2002, the Special Session of the UN General Assembly on Children adopted an outcome document, A World Fit for Children, which focused on four key priorities (优先权): promoting healthy lives, providing education, protecting children against abuse, exploitation and violence, and fighting HIV/AIDS. However, about 9.7 million children died in 2006 before their fifth birthday, mostly from treatable diseases. About 42.5 million children do not have access to clean water, and 1.5 million children under five die each year due to the lack of clean water and basic hygiene (卫生) facilities. About 2.5 million under 15 have been infected with HIV/AIDS. The “Progress for Children: A Report Card on Child Protection” report, released by UNICEF, estimated that some 218 million children between 5-17 are working outside and 126 million are working in poor conditions. More than 300,000 children around the world are forced to fight in wars, 1.2 million are

trafficked (贩卖) every year, and 40 million below the age of 15 suffer from abuse
and neglect, the report says. Title A report on the 51. Children’s Day in 1954. on Nov. 20th,

The Universal Children’s Day was recommended to be 53. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child was 54. Some 52. 1959. made by the UN

The Convention on the Rights of the Child was signed on Nov. 20th, 1989. General Assembly Standards were set to 55. about children the 1990 World Summit for Children. Four key priorities were focused on through the outcome document—A World children’s health and education during

Fit for Children in May 2002.
Some treatable diseases caused about 9.7 million children’s 57. under 5 in 2006. 1.5 million children under five die each year because of the lack of clean Some facts about water and basic hygiene facilities. children in poor About 2.5 million under 15 have been 58. 56. . Many children between 5-17 are working. More than 300,000 children have to fight in wars. 1.2 million children are 59. each year. with HIV/AIDS.

40 million under 15 are abused and neglected. Conclusion The protection, welfare and education of children should be 60 .

5参考答案: 1-15 BCCAB 16-35 DBDAD 36-50 BCDCC 51. Universal ABBDA CADBC DCDCB 52. efforts CDDDA CBACD CBCBB 53. set 54. adopted 55. boost ABCDA

56. conditions/situations 57. death 58. infected 59. sold 60. promoted

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