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人教新课标版高一选修8Unit 3 Inventors and inventions-Language points ppt课件

1. discovery n. 发现, make a discovery 作出一项发现 discover vt. 发现; 发觉; 找到 discoverer n. 发现者

2. call up =ring up 给…打电话 还有“使想起,使忆起 征召…入 伍”的意思
The old photo calls up memories of my childhood. When war breaks out, we shall be called up at once. He called me up to tell the good news .

call for 需要, 要求 call in 邀请, 请来 call on/at 拜访 (call on后跟人作宾语,call at后跟 地点名词作宾语 ) 1.His aunt’s letters _____ of those beautiful days when they used to live together in his hometown. A. call him up B. call him for C. call him on D. call him at
2.---Can I do the job? ---I’m afraid not, because it ___ skill and patience. A. calls on B. calls out C. calls up D. calls for

3. now and then 有时, 偶尔

I see them now and then, but not often.
I used to call people ___, from the moment I woke up to the time I went to sleep. A. now and then C. at home B. all the time D. at work

4. Here was a chance for me to distinguish myself by inventing something that would catch snakes but not harm them. distinguish oneself 显扬自己, 使自己扬名 The man distinguished himself by his wisdom.

distinguish vt. 辨别, 区别 I can’t distinguish the twins, they are so alike. distinguish…from 把…与…加以分开 distinguish between A and B辨别甲和乙 You should be able to ______ right from

A. differ B. distinguish

C. determine

D. observe

6. The first thing I tried to do was to see if there were products that might help me, but there only seemed to be powders designed to kill snakes. there be 常见的变化形式有:there seems to be… there happens to be… there used to be… 等.

辨析: there be与have
there be 强调某处有某物; have 强调某人有某物指为人所拥有 There is a book on the desk. I have a book.

seem的归纳总结 1)seem +to be +形容词/名词/介词短语/分词

Something seemed to be wrong with him. You seemed to be in a great hurry. The first memories seemed to be connected with work.

2)seem 构成的句式: It seems that... It seems as if/ as though... There seems (to be )…. It seems that everyone was satisfied. It seems as if you are the first one here. There seems (to be) no reason for believing him.

seem 表示有某种根据的判断, 这种判断

appear 从外表或者表面上看来“似乎,
好像”, 有时暗含“事实上并非如此”之 意。 look 强调视觉上的印象。 It appears a true story.

7. I set about researching the habits
of snakes so I could tap them in

the easiest way.
set about 开始, 着手

The sooner we set about it , the
sooner we’ll finish.

We set about cleaning up the mess. set out 出发,启程 set out to do sth.开始做某事 set off 出发, 动身 set aside 留出, 对…不予以考虑 set down 记下, 写下 set up 建立,设置,造成, 产生

? ? ? ?

habit: out of habit 出于习惯 be in the habit 有…...的习惯 break the habit 改掉…...的习惯 develop/form the habit of 养成…...习惯

habit 通常指个人经常行为
custom 一般指整个社会在一段时间里 的行为、风俗 practice 指惯例, 也指商业或者法律上 的常规做法。

8. Between the outside and inside
walls of the bowl there is some jelly,

which freezes hard when cooled.
when cooled 的构成:连词+过去分

词, 相当于when 引导的状语从句:
when it is cooled.
Bear them in your mind!

when/while 引导的时间状语从句中的

主语, 如果与主句的主语相同, 常常可
用when/ while +现在分词短语或者过

You must be careful when you cross the street. = You must be careful when crossing the street.

When __ help, one often says “thank you” or “ it’s kind of you”. A. offering B. to offer C. to be offered D. offered 9. abruptly adv. A man with an abrupt manner is not welcome here. abruptness n.

10. convenient adj. It is convenient for sb/sth.


It is convenient to do sth.

Will 3’oclock be convenient for you ?
三点对你方便吗? Will it be convenient for you to start work tomorrow? 明天开始工作对你方便吗? convenience n.

at one’s convenience 在某人方便的时候
Please do this job at your convenience

Come and see me whenever ___.
A. you are convenient B. you will be convenient C. it is convenient to you D. it will be convenient to you

11. Nor will you receive a patent
until a search has made to find

out that your product really is
different from everybody else’s. 以否定词no, not, never, hardly seldom 等开头引导的句子, 句子的主 句要部分倒装。 Never can you pass the exam if you don’t devote yourself to your study.

file n. 文件;档案 vt. 把…归档 have /open/ keep a file on存有/ 设立/保存...的档案 on file 存档;被记录下来备查 The FBI _________ former White House employees. The handbooks are _________ for future reference.

12. bear (bore, borne)忍受; 带有, 具有

I couldn’t bear to listen any longer,
so I left the room.

bear doing 表示习惯性动作
bear to do sth. 表示一次具体动作

13. mess n.杂乱,脏东西 v.无所事事, 混日子,胡闹 There is a lot of mess to clear up. This room is in mess. Stop messing about and tell me clearly what happened . in a mess 处于杂乱状态 make a mess of 把弄糟,把搞得一塌糊涂 mess up 弄脏,弄乱 mess about / around 瞎忙;乱做

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