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1.As the proverb ___(go), all work and no play __(make) Jack a dull boy. 2.Rivers __ (flow) down. 3.China, which __(believe) __(be) rich in sources and human labour, __(lie) in East Asia as if it __(be) an energetic dragon. 4.Birds __(fly) which fish __ (swim). 5.A dog __(bark) at strangers. 6.Paper __(make) from trees. 7.The train for Beijing ___(leave) at ten, and __(arrive) there in about one hour. 8.If the weather __(remain) fine tomorrow, we’ll go outing.

To sum up:
The present simple tense
1.习惯性的、经常性的 2.特征、性格、能力等


Sb/sth verb(s/es)

9.Don’t rush! All __(pace) on! 10. Listen ,the plane __ (go), __(make) it all quiet round!

11.These days my head __ (ache). Why not__ (get)
quiet for a while even? 12.He always __ (want) to look like a millionaire but __(do) nothing at all. 13.He constantly ___(work) hard late into the night,

__(set) us a good example.
14.Get started. The light __(go) green!

15.__(seat). The film __ (start) soon.

To sum up:
The present continuous tense
1.说话时正在发生或进行的 2.现阶段正在进行的 3.很快或将来必定发生的 4.经常或反复发生的(感情色彩:表扬、批 评等)

Sb be (is/are/am) verbing
Note :

16.LeiFeng __(serve) the people heart and soul.

17.As a young boy, I __(behave) well enough
__(admire widely).

18.Mr.Lin __(use) __ (teach) in Yingde.
19.The second World War __(break) out in 1939. 20.It __(be) yesterday that he __ (lose) his heart to Snow Black. 21.He __(shout) at me for no good reason just now.

22.We __(tell) the train for Beijing __(leave) at ten
and __(arrive) in about an hour. 23.__(be) I you, I ___(go) all out for the NMET.

To sum up:
The past simple tense
1.泛指过去发生的事,不是现在也不是将来,不 强调具体细节包括进行还是结束 2.过去经常发生的事或存在的状态 3.过去的特征、能力等 4.从句 5.虚拟语气中(对现在的虚拟)

Sb verbed

24.At this time the lazy dog __(sleep) a sound sleep yesterday.

25.Mr.Lin ___(prepare) for the lesson when I
__(drop) in last night. 26.--Mind you! Your foot is on mine! --Sorry, but I ___(not notice). 27.Those days I __(do) nothing, __(not feel) myself

at all.
28.In his childhood, Mr. Lin __(always help) others, which __(gain) him plentiful praise. 29.He informed us that the film ___(start) soon and that we must hurry up.

To sum up:
The past continuous tense

3.过去经常发生的事(有感情色彩:表扬、批评等) 4.过去某时间点后很快就要发生的事

Sb was / were verbing

30.Tomorrow __(be) Friday, when Mr. Lin __(have) one more class. 31.We __ (hold) the school sports meeting next month and some of us __ (go) in for some events. 32.I ,along with a friend of my father’s who __(work) abroad, ___(visit) my great grandma this coming weekend. 33.It __(be) the weekend the day after tomorrow, but Class 10 __(go) back to school for study.

34.Hurry up! It __ (rain) soon. 35.Just a minute. I __(come). 36.Don’t worry. The train for Beijing __(leave) at 11 o’clock, that’s, it __(leave) in about one hour. 37.If Mr. Lin __ (lose) weight in the coming days, he ___(look) more handsome. 38.It’s time that he __(apply) all his energy and time to his study.

To sum up:
The future simple tense
1.泛指将来发生的事,不是现在也不是过去,不 强调具体细节包括进行与结束 2.主观的计划、安排、谋略等
3.即将、很快就发生的事、肯定会发生的事 4.虚拟

Structures for the future simple tense
Sb will do sth. Sb is/are/am going to do sth. Sb is/are/ am to do sth.

The subjunctive mood

39.They ___(have) class this time tomorrow. 40.Mr. Lin declares that he __ (teach) in the rest of his life. 41.By the end of this month we __(finish) the part of grammar—tenses. 42.He ___(await) you for up to two hours before you turn up finally.

To sum up:
To describe future events ___ (continuous / perfect) Structures :
Sb will be doing sth.

Sb will have done sth. Sb will have been doing sth

43.Yesterday Mr. Lin told us that it __(be) Friday the

next day and that he __(have) one more class.
44.This morning Ms. Xie asked Mr. Lin for a leave,

when she __ (visit) her great grandma in the coming
weekend. 45.They __ (help) us with the work on the project

yesterday, but they turned out to be too busy
themselves then. 46.Word came that our school __(hold) the school sports meeting the next month and that every class __(participate) in it.

47.The notice read that it __(rain) soon.

To sum up:
The past future tense

1.过去某个时间(点)之后要做的事或会 发生的事 2.过去计划做而结果没做的事

48.Mr. Lin said that we ___(hold) the school sports meeting this time the next month. 49.The man announced that Class 10 ___(finish) the revision of the part of grammar---tenses by the end of this month. for us for about two hours till we were able to turn up.

50.He was angry to inform us that he ___(wait)

To sum up
The past future continuous tense
过去某个时间点之后的某个时间点正在发生或持续的事 Sb would be doing sth

The past future perfect tense
Sb would have done sth.

The past future perfect continuous tense
过去某个时间点之后的某个时间点之前一直持续发生 的事 Sb would have been doing sth.

51.He can’t help you now, for he ___( leave ) for Beijing just. 52.Mr.Lin __(begin) the lecture on the present perfect tense just. 53.Since we __(get) the project __(do) already, why not carry on with another? 54.Now that everyone __(come), let’s get started! 55.Mr.Lin __(teach) English for up to 18 years. 56.Since 18 years ago, Mr. Lin __ (be) a teacher of English.

57.Mr. Lin is the most marvelous English teacher that I __(meet) ever. 58.So far we ___(hold) the school sports meeting for twice in Qingyuan No.1 Senior High School. 59.This is the first time that I __ (borrow) money from him. 60.When you __(graduate) from university, you can find a job and earn yourself a living actually.

To sum up:
The present perfect tense
2.过去发生的事持续到现在,可能还要发展下去--for / since 3.过去发生的事对现在造成有影响或给现在留下了 结果

61.I __ (live) in Guangdong since I

62.We __(know) each other for over

one year.
63.Mr.Lin __ (teach) English so far.

The present perfect continuous tense
过去发生的事持续到现在,并且现在正在进 行,可能还有持续下去

Sb have been doing sth

64.The man ___ (rush) out before I could stop him. 65.I felt regret that I __(keep) the old granny

___(wait) in the sun for so long.
66. America __(be) a British colony before it

gained independence.
67.He didn’t join us in the game, for he

___(play) before.
68.Before they found out the solution to the

problem, they ___(make) much effort.

To sum up
The past perfect tense

The past perfect continuous tense

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