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孔雀舞 Peacock dance

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Peacock dance

The symbol of peacock
The peacock was a totem worshipped by the Dai ethnic group on the southwest border of China. Dai people are good at dancing and singing. The peacock is a precious bird in the sub-tropical zone. It is beautiful and tame.

In the mind of the Dai ethnic group, it stands for auspiciousness and beauty. The excellent Peacock Dance reflects their respect for peace, honesty and beauty. The Dai people love peacocks, tame peacocks and dance the Peacock Dance.

Peacock dance performing
Peacock dance is the favorite dance of the Dai people and is a necessity for every folk-custom festival. Peacock dance has fixed performing order. Generally it starts by presenting the scene of a peacock's leaving its nide, looking around and dancing trippingly on the lawn, then continues by drinking water and looking for food, and finally, ends by bathing in the fountain, shaking off water drops on its body, spreading out its gorgeous feather and extending wings in flight.

The feature
In the dance, the dancer is featured by ductile and undulate knees, swift and agile motion of lower legs, and flexible eye expressions. Through arms, wrists and fingers, a range of motions of a peacock are imitated in virtue of plentiful hand postures.

? Moreover, sylphlike postures of a peacock are reproduced by the dancer's elegant "Three curves" formed by downward bending and curves all arthrosises of limbs and body and evenly vibrating the entire body.

This unique instrument is made of carved mango or ceiba trunk covered with cowhide, and looks just like an elephant foot. The drum can be long, medium-sized, or short. The dance done with a long drum appears very graceful, with the mediumsized one, it is vigorous with broad, sweeping movements; and with the short one, flexible and bright.

The development
Peacock Dance (a female group dance) was first put on stage in 1956. According to folk custom, the "peacock dance" used to be performed by males. They had to shoulder heavy stage props such as wings and, therefore, their actions were restrained.

Breaking through the boundaries of tradition, the creators tried to display peacock's beauty by giving the part to women. They got rid of the heavy wings and they wore long broad skirts decorated with peacock feathers. When the dance debuted at the national dance festival in 1956, it found great favor with audiences for its uniqueness and elegance. The next year, it won a gold award in the World Youth Festival.

The most beautiful peacoke
---------Yang Liping ? One of China’s renowned dancers, both at home and abroad, Yang Liping is from the Bai ethnic group. She has won a reputation for being the Spirit of Dance due to her charming performances, such as The Soul of the Peacock, Two Trees, and Moonlight. Although born in Dali, at the age of nine Yang moved with her family to Xishuangbanna. Because of her extraordinary gift, she was chosen to join the Xishuangbanna Song and Dance Troupe when she was 13 years old. She became famous overnight for her performance in the Dai dance drama, The Peacock Princess.

In 1988, she entered the China Central Song and Dance Ensemble of Nationalities. At the Second National Dance Contest, her dance The Soul of the Peacock, that she choreographed and performed herself, outshone all the other dances and reaped two first prizes, one for choreography and the other for her performance of the piece. A shining star was on the rise. Since then, she and her dances have been frequently shown on TV.

The achievements
? 1979年 她主演的大型民族舞剧《孔雀公主》曾荣 获云南省1979年表演一等奖。 ? 1986年 她创作并表演的成名作---独舞《雀之灵》 荣获第二届全国舞蹈比赛创作 一等奖、表演第一名。 ? 1990年 应北京第十一届亚运会闭幕仪式中表演独 舞《雀之灵》 ? 1992年 她成为中国大陆第一位赴台湾表演的舞蹈 家。 ? 1993年 在中央电视台春节晚会上她创作表演的双 人舞《两棵树》,获得观众投票第一名。 ? 1994年 中华人民共和国国务院授予她全国民族团 结进步模范称号。 独舞《雀之灵》荣获中华民族20 世纪舞蹈经典作品金奖。

? 1997年 参加日本大阪国际艺术节演出,大阪国际交流中心 授予最高艺术奖 菲律宾国家民间舞蹈协会赠予她为终身会 员。 ? 2003年 出任艺术总监和总编导并领衔主演的大型原生态歌 舞《云南映象》在昆明成功举办。受到全国各大城市巡回演 出的邀请,杨当时为了筹措《云南映象》,卖掉了云南大理 的房子,并拍了帅康厨房电器电器的广告(CCTV-2)。 “孔雀公主”杨丽萍,因其原生态歌舞集《云南映象》为展 现云南民族文化做出了杰出艺术贡献,从而成为内地2005年 度惟一一位获得该奖的人。 ? 2004年 编导并主演的大型原生态歌舞集《云南映象》获第 四届中国舞蹈“荷花奖”舞蹈诗金奖、最佳女主角奖、最佳 编导奖、最佳服装设计奖和优秀表演奖 ? 2006年 春节联欢晚会舞蹈《岁寒三友--松、竹、梅》表演: 谭元元、杨丽萍、刘岩 ? 2006年 任九寨沟县容中尔甲文化传播有限公司艺术总监 ? 2010年 1月14日 应邀做客 咏乐汇

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