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人教新课标版高二选修8 Unit3 Inventors and inventions-Reading ppt课件2


Telephones become part of our life. But do you know who invented the telephone? A British inventor called Alexander Graham Bell.

Discuss the following questions in

1. What do you know about the

2. How useful is his invention to
human society? Why?

Read the passage quickly and find out the main idea of it. It mainly talks about the life of Alexander Graham Bell and how he made the great inventions.

Listen to the tape and try to

answer the questions on Page 26.
1. How did curiosity make Alexander

Graham Bell into a great inventor?
2. What did he think was the key to

his success as an inventor?

3. What inventions did Bell make by chance? 4. Why will he always be known as the inventor of the telephone?

1. How did curiosity make Alexander Graham Bell into a great inventor? It made him ask questions, think of practical ways to solves problems, be prepared to try solutions (and alter them) several times and finally publish his findings for others.

2. What did he think was the key
to his success as an inventor?

He believed that his curiosity
was the key to his success.

3. What inventions did Bell make by

Bell invented the telephone and

the tetrahedron shape by chance.
Both of these are extremely useful

and still used today.

4. Why will he always be known as
the inventor of the telephone?

He will always be known as the
inventor of the telephone because

it was a very popular invention and
the patent made the most money


Language study
1. He found that by pressing his lips against his mother’s forehead, he could make the bones move in such a way that she could understand what he was saying.
他发现当他把嘴唇放在母亲的前额上, 他就会让骨头以一种能让他母亲明白的话 的方式运动。


从句; way后面接了由that引导的定语从句,
在这个定语从句中又包含了一个what引导的 宾语从句。注意way作先行词, 后面的定语从 句一般不用引导词, 也可用that/in which引 导。

What surprised me was not what he

said but ____ he said it.
A. the way B. in the way that

C. in the way

D. the way which

2. He believed that one should always be curious and his most famous saying was: “Leave the beaten track occasionally and dive into the woods. Every time you do you will be certain to find something that you have never seen before. Follow it up, explore all around it, and before you know it, you will have something worth thinking about to occupy your mind.

All really big discoveries are the result of


的一名话是: “偶尔离开平路,去寻求困境。



dive into 跳水(头朝下);迅速把手伸入;
(对活动,问题等) 全心投入, 潜心研究

He dived into the history of China.

He dived into his pockets and fished out one dollar.

The boy dived into the river from the bridge

dive into 作 “潜心于……” 讲时和devote oneself to sth. 的意思一样,但devote oneself to sth. 还有“投身于……; 把自己奉
献给……” 的意思。

He ____ his career and made a great
contribution to our country. A. dived himself into B. devoted himself to C. dived into D. devoted to

every / each time 意为“每次; 每当”, 此
短语在句子中经常作连记词, 引导时间状语从 句做连词的名词, 引导时间状语从句。能用做 连词的名词短语还有:

the first time 第一次 last time 上次; next time 下次; the instant / moment / minute / second … that 一 ……就

____ I sees him, the old man is sitting
in the same chair.

A. Every time
B. Every time when

C. At each time
D. Each time that

3. Bell never set out to invent the telephone and what he was trying to design was a multiple telegraph.
贝尔从未打算发明电话而是试图设计一 种复式电报。

set out (to do sth.)
开始(做某事),着手干; 为某个目标而努力

They are setting out to do a new experiment.

He set out to break the record for the channel swim.

set out to do sth. = set about doing sth. set out for = set off for = leave for

Let’s set out before dark.

Tomorrow I’ll set out for Beijing.

1. At dawn, they set ____ to get ready for the work of the day. A. off B. about C. out D. in 2. They set ____ at about 8 o’clock. A. about to work B. about to working C. about working D. out work

3. They ____ the mountain at

A. set off to B. set out to

C. set out for

D. set off in

4. Suddenly he had a flash of inspiration.
突然间, 他灵光闪现。

a flash of inspiration 指“灵感的闪现” inspiration n. 〔U〕灵感, 启发; 〔C〕鼓舞或激励的人或事物 These events provided the inspiration for her first book.

He said my sister was the inspiration for his heroine.

draw inspiration from

inspire v. 激励;鼓励

inspired adj. 借助于灵感创作的
inspiring adj. 鼓励人心的;激励的

5. If sound wave could be reproduced in a moving electrical current, they could be sent along a wire.
如果声波能够在移动的电流中复制, 它们就 能够被沿电线传送。

reproduce vt. 复制; 再现……的形象或声音 The tape recorder reproduced the symphony.

(1) n. 气流; 水流, 洋流; 电流

The current is strongest in the middle of the river.

This button switches the current on.

(2) adj. 时下的, 当今的, 流行的, 通用的 Most of the old are interested in current events.

They are expecting profits of over $2 million in the current year.

The word is no longer in current use.

6. Being very stable, it has proved invaluable in the design of bridges.
(四面体)十分稳定牢固, 在桥梁设计领域的 价值难以估量。

Being very stable, 是Because it is very stable的省略句, 它在句中作原因状语。

stable: adj. firmly fixed; not likely to move, change or fail; steady

1. The patient’s condition is stable.

2. The ladder doesn’t seem very stable.

a stable relationship 稳定的关系

7. Although he will always be known for
his invention of the telephone, he was in truth a continuing searcher after practical solutions to improve the quality of everybody’s life.
虽然他一直以发明电话闻名于世, 但是他的 确是一个永不停息的探索者, 不断寻求着改善 人们生活质量的可行方法。

in truth 说实话; 说真的; 老实说

She laughed and chatted but was, in
truth, not having much fun.
她虽然又是笑又是侃, 但实际上玩得并不

I was in truth a miracle.

practical 实际的; 实践的; 实用的 I want some practical advice.

It wouldn’t be practical for us to go all that way just for the weekend.
我们跑那么远只为了去度个周末实在很不切 实际。

The dictionary is very practical.

Using Language
Listening and speaking

Zhou Rui has decided to do a project
on a living British inventor called James

Dyson. So he telephoned Dyson’s
company in England to interview one of

its engineers about the great man’s ideas.

1. Listen to the tape and tick the words you hear. √ washing machine □ □ √ drum √ □ refrigerator □ court □ □ bicycle √ carpet cleaner

2. Listen again and make notes on James Dyson’s invention.
Object The Problem James Dyson’s improvement

Washin Washing He invented a g machines at machine using machin that time do not two half drums e

clean the clothes as well as by hand.

which move in opposite directions.

Listening text
Zhou Rui is making a telephone

call to an engineer who works for
Janes Dyson, a famous British inventor.

DS: Hello. Can I speak to Zhou Rui, please? This is Dr Smith. ZR: Gook morning, Dr Smith. How kind of you to ring me back? Do you think you can accept my phone interview now? I’m very interested in James Dyson’s inventions and ideas.

DS: Sure. I’m happy to speak about
our company and its founder,

James Dyson. He is not an
inventor who makes something

entirely new. He takes
everyday products, like

washing machines, and makes
them work better.

ZR: I see. How did he improve the washing machine? DS: He found that clothes were not as clean from a washing machine as those washed by

ZR: Really? Is that true?

DS: Yes, because most machines had one large drum and the clothes went round and round in it. ZR: So what can you do to improve that? DS: This is the clever part. James Dyson invented a system with two drums in the same machine.

Together they are the same size as the old drum but work differently. One drum goes in one direction and the other goes in the other. So it’s more like hand-washing and the clothes come out cleaner. ZR: Was it easy to design?

DS: No. It took many working models before Mr Dyson was content with the result. ZR: How long did it take him? DS: I’m not sure. But I know that when he invented a new carpet cleaner it took five years to design and over 5,000 tests before he was satisfied.

ZR: Wow! I didn’t realize it took so long. DS: Oh, there are more problems even after you get the patent. For example, during the early years James Dyson found that a large company making carpet cleaners in America was

copying his ideas. He had to go to the court to protect his invention. ZR: I hope he won. DS: Yes, in the end that company had to pay us a lot of money because they had used our ideas illegally. It was an important day for us.

ZR: What new ideas does James
Dyson have? DS: I’m sorry but you’ll just have to wait and see! ZR: Thank you and I’m afraid I shall have to ring off now. Goodbye.

DS: Goodbye.

3. You want to apply for a job in James Dyson’s company. So you ring up one of his engineers to ask what kind of person he needs. Remember to ask for as much information as you can. Here some phrases that may be useful for you to make a telephone call:

Hold the line, please. Hang on, please. Just a moment, please. I’m sorry, but this phone is out of order. I can’t get through. Sorry. He / She isn’t here right now. Can I ring back later? I’ll ring him / her up again. I must ring off now because…

Sample dialogue:
(S-student; E-engineer) S: Hello, is that James Dyson's company? E: Yes, Who's that? S: This is Li Ping. Is that the personnel manager?

E: Just a moment, please. Sorry. He isn't here right now. Can I take a message? S: No, thanks. Maybe I'll ring him again some other time. By the way, may I ask you some questions? E: Sure, go ahead.

S: I want to apply for a job in your company and I want to ask what kind of person you need. E: Well, as far as I know, we need some skilled workers who are good at machinery and have a

good knowledge of repairing
some electrical equipment used


home, for example washing machine, refrigerator, electric fan and so on. S: Are we graduates needed in some departments in your company ? E: It's hard to say now. Maybe you will have some chance to work and learn in some department,

you may call the personnel manager at three o'clock this afternoon. S: OK, I will. By the way, how much will I get if I can work as your colleague? E: Usually the average salary for new-comers is $2,000 per month. And

you may get a rise if you progress well or have some invention in your work. S: Well, I know. l must ring off now

because I have to go back home for
lunch. Thanks a lot. Bye! E: Goodbye and good luck!


Now write a letter to James Dyson asking him for a job in his company. Here is the beginning and ending:

Dear Mr Dyson, I would like to apply to become an assistant in your company. … I would be grateful if you would consider employing me in your company. Yours sincerely, (your name)

Use the list of skills to make new paragraphs in your letter. ● For each skill set down any experience you have had, which shows that you are a suitable person. You may be creative in this part of the letter. ● Finish the letter by mentioning again the skills that you have.

Sample writing:
Dear Mr Dyson, I would like to apply to become an assistant in your company. I expect to get a degree in mechanical engineering from Beijing University at the end of this year. I have always been a good student and last year I finished

third in my year and my professor expects me to do even better in this year’s exams. I have worked (in my holidays) for a company that makes toys for the Western market. I helped in the design department and designed a range of new

panda playing cards and board games. It was fun and made me think that I would like to work in a real inventor’s

I understand that my qualifications and

experience are what you look for in a
new employee. So I would be

grateful if you would consider employing me in your company. Yours sincerely, Lin Xue

1. Correct your partner’s letter.

2. Go over the language points of the
unit. 3. Finish all the exercises in workbook.

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