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湖南省长沙市一中等四大名校 2014 届高三下学期 3 月联考 英语试题(word 版)
时量:120 分钟 分值:150 分 PartⅠ Listening Comprehension (30 marks) Section A (22.5 marks) Directions In this section, you will hear six conversations between two speakers.For each conversation, there are several questions and each question is followed by three choices marked A, B and C . Listen carefully and then choose the best answer for each question. You will hear each conversation TWICE. Conversation 1 l.How does the boy sound in the beginning? A.Discouraged. 2.What does his mother suggest? A.Going to the English Corner. B.Reading more books. C.Learning more'words. Conversation 2 3.How long is the trip to Los Angeles? A.Eight hours. B.Eight and a half hours. C.Nine hours. 4.Where can the.man get on the-bus? A.At Gate 10. B.At Gate 11, upstairs. C.At Gate -l2,,aownstairs. Conversation 3 B.Satisfied. C.Nervous.

5.When did the woman go to the seaside for the last time? A.Last June. B.Last July C.Last month. 6.Why will the woman not go to-the-seaside? A.Because, she will have no spare time. B.Because she has not earned enough money. C.Because her father will have no spare-time. Conversation 4 7.For what would the man stay in line for 5 hours? A.Two tickets for a concert. B.Two tickets for a contest. C.One ticket for an opera.

8.What does the woman think about that opera?

A.It is difficult to understand. B.It has good singing. C.It isn't as interesting as a Broadway musical. 9.What do the two speakers plan to do after they see the Seal concert? A.To have dinner. B.T6 see a concert. C.To go to an opera. Conversation 5 10.What happened to the man? A.He found his house was broken into. B.He locked himself out. C.He forgot to lock the front door. 11.When were all the windows locked? A.On Saturday. B.On Friday. C.Everyday. 12.What is the woman most probably going to do? r A.Talk to others. B.Look around. C.Ask more questions. Conversation 6 13.When does the man usually get to the bus stop from his house? A.At 720. B.At 640. C.At 700. 14.What does the man often do after dinner firstly? A.Watching TV or talking with his family. B.Playing and reading with his family. C.Working on his website. 15.Which of the following is NOT true according to the conversation? A.The man often gets off work at about 5 o' clock. B.The man often goes to bed after one or two at night. C.The man created his website in his office. Section B (7.5 marks) Directions In this section, you will hear a short passage.Listen carefully and then fill in the numbered blanks with the information you have heard.Fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. You will hear the short passage TWICE.

Part II Language Knowledge (45 marks) Section A (15 marks) Directions For each of the following unfinished sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.Choose the one that best completes the sentence. 21.With the tourist trade booming, the residents of this area are paying more attention to the protection of nature, ____, of course, is of great importance. A.that B.which C.what D.whether 22.—Have you found your lost eraser? —Yes, already.It was just under my nose, ____ beside a leg of my desk. A.lying B.having lain C.to lie D; laying 2 3.—The concert held at the City Theater last night was really impressive. —Yes, ____. A.I can ^t agree more B.I agree too much C.I don't agree too much D.I agree more 24.Some young people always take it for granted that only if we have enough money ___ a happy life. A.we can live B.we will live C.do we live D.can we live 25.The football team as well as the coach ____ to the TV show to talk about their experiences during the past few years. A.has been invited B.has invited C.have been invited D.have invited 2 6.Don't doubt the possibility we declared yesterday ____ we will surely win the game in spite of all the difficulties. A.that B.which C.when D.whether 27.I should have forgotten all about my mother's demand that I buy some fruits home for the evening, ____. A.if not reminding B.if not reminded C.although reminded D.although not reminding 2 8.—Don't you know that a group of teenagers from the USA are coming to visit our school? —Yes.____ past the headmaster^ office I happened ____ him talking about it with some other teachers.

A.Walking; to hear B.To walk; to hear C.Walked; hearing D.Having walked; having heard 29.To our surprise, ____ much effort has been made, the cause of the accident has not been found out. A.because B.although C.unless D.how 30.—Why haven't you decided what present to buy for your mom’s birthday? —As you know, there are too many pretty things in the stores ___, and it's really hard to make a decision. A.to be chosen from B.being chosen from C.chosen from D.to choose from 31.—Will you come to the lecture beginning at 9 tomorrow morning? —Sorry, but I ___ some guests from our sister-city at that time. A.will meet B.am going to meet C.will be meeting D.am meeting 32.Mary can have lost some weight, but she ____ too much because of her convenience of eating at the restaurant run by her parents. A.had eaten . B.eats C.will eat D.ate 33.—Susan speaks Chinese fluently. —That is because she ____ in China for more than 5 years. A.had lived B.is living C.lived D.will live 34.—Where can I find Jim this time? —You ____go to the gym.He ____ take some exercise this time every day. A.can; need B.may? will C.may; must D.can; shall 35.I find it really confusing, for I ______ much homework all these years but I just can't improve my Math a lot. A.have done B.did C.am doing D.have been doing Section B (18 marks) Directions For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D.Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. I break off a piece of candy and take pleasure in its sweet outside and the bitter, dark chocolate inside, thinking of my own life.Being raised by a single parent was a bitter-sweet experience, which gave me motivation and ambition.There were several years that have left an extremely 36 taste in my mouth -my mother married a man and moved my sister, Emily, and me several states away from our hometown.The first few months were sweet; baseball games, family trips to the mall, dinners and movies together.Then things 37 .Baseball became too expensive, and trips to the mall were replaced by days Emily and I spent isolated in our rooms under our stepfathers orders.Moreover, screaming 38 between him and our mother always interrupted our dinners.We spent five years living in a family that had turned into a war zone.Emily and I almost grew_39_this situation.Then one evening, after another argument had

erupted, we left home.I was 14, my sister 11, and we were __40__, A friend of my mother let us stay with her. ____41_ focusing on our economic instability, my mother selflessly pushed me to 42 success.She wanted me to lead a more comfortable life than hers.She worked long hours every night to pay her __43_ .Meanwhile, she would find time to read and play with Emily and me.Mom taught me the 44 of perseverance and education.We finally settled in Texas. And now, writing this essay with my favorite candy close 45 , I realize my family and I are at the best points of our lives.I haven't let the 46 times stop me from making achievements, both academically and personally. I know that a bitter environment can provide good learning 47 , and that success, even more than candy, is the sweetest treat of all. 36.A.delicious B.interesting C.dull D.bitter 37.A.continued B.changed C.damaged D.disappeared 38.A.matches B.games C.debates D.lectures 39.A.familiar with B.similar to C.used to D.interested in 40.A.homeless B.lucky C.educated . D.wealthy 41.A.Rather than B.Thanks to C.Instead of D.More than 42.A.fight with B.struggle for C.long for D.dream of 43.A.houses B.life C.rent . D.bills 44.A, price B.cost C.process. D.value 45.A.by hand B.at.hand C.on hand D.hand m hand 46.A.trying B.unbelievable' C.irreplaceable D.enjoyable 47.A.stories B, lessons C.experiences D.skills Section C (12 marks) Directions Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. Wedding days are often considered the most important days of many people’s lives.For this reason alone, throughout the past and into modern day, numerous customs and superstitions have developed about the wedding event, 48. t hopes of creating "The Perfect Day'! A very common custom still honored today is in reference to 49. t time-old saying, A Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence inside your shoe’ So old is this saying 50. t tracing it back to its origination is nearly impossible,.Some contribute it.to Victorian times, 51. t say it is even older than that. . The 'old- is believed to be the friends 52. t the family attending the wedding. The -new9 is represented by the couple themselves, as a 'new5 union.The Borrowed" is something 53. t the.famiiies that is to be returned, such as the bride -s wedding dress, or the veil . Something -blue' is often interpreted to represent the bride's virginity ( 童 真 ) , 54. throughout time has come to represent the purity'of a woman.The sixpence can be any form of money, hidden into the brides shoe, to bring wealth, both in monetary means and love, 55. t the union. Part III Reading Comprehension (30 marks) Directions Read the following three passages.Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements . For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage. A Scientists fear rising energy bills may lead to an increase in obesity (肥胖) after

discovering a link between poorly-heated homes and higher body -fat. Researchers from the University of Stirling’s Behavioural Science Centre set out- to explore claims that warm indoor temperatures have contributed to rising obesity levels in winter. Instead, the team found that people who live in well-heated homes are more likely to have low body mass index (体重指数) levels while, those who keep their heating turned down or off tend to be heavier. Dr Michael Daly, behavioral scientist and senior lecturer, said "We set out to investigate the scientific claims that cooler indoor temperatures help us maintain a healthy weight by pushing our bodies to use up more energy.In fact, the research suggests people may eat less and burn more energy when in a warmer indoor environment. The 13-year study, published in the journal Obesity, involved more than 100,000 adults across England. Researchers found reduced weight levels among people living in homes heated to above 23°C (73F), which involved about 15,000 of the households studied. Dr Daly said "As national gas bills continue to rise faster than the rate of inflation, this research suggests the obesity could worsen where heating is turned down below comfortable levels or off for long periods to cut costs." This is not just about people who live in well-heated homes being in the financial position to afford more expensive low-calorie foods, exercise classes and sporting activities, and therefore finding it easier to maintain a low BMI level.The study took age, sex, social class and other factors into account. "The comfortable temperature of 20°C -23°C is where we feel comfortable in our clothes and are neither hot nor cold.At temperatures above this, we use more energy and we eat less because our appetite is affected." 56.Scientists are worried about the rising energy bills because ____. A.many fat people are poor B.well-heated rooms cost more money C.the poor will have to pay more money D.poorly-heated rooms cost more 57.The findings of the research can be described as ___. A.horrible B.surprising C.funny D.encouraging 58.According to the passage, with rising gas bills, people may turn down or off their heating to A.stay in shape B.maintain a low BMI level C.save money D.avoid eating more 59.What can we learn from the passage? A.Cooler indoor temperatures help us maintain a healthy weight. B.People in well-heated homes exercise more. C.Weight levels increase among people living in homes heated to above 23@C . D.Temperatures above 20lC @23'C affect our appetite. 60.Which of the following can be the best title for the passage? A.Obesity links to poorly-heated homes B.Well-heated home's contribute to obesity C.Obesity@ A weighty problem in England

D.Rising energy bills help maintain a healthy weight B ''If you can see the magic in a fairytale (童话), you can face the future.” - Danielle Steel Who have not read fairytales? We all have had the experience of taking great delight in the beauty and innocence of fairytales. May it be Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. . . fairytale is a word which cannot be new to us.But have.you ever travelled ages back to the earliest of times and uncovered the fascinating facts about these stories? The history of the -fairytale is particularly difficult to track.The oral tradition of the fairytale came long before the written page.The oldest known fairytales date back to ancient Egypt around 1^00 B.C, and now, after travelling through various periods of time, they have grown and matured in various aspects and have become the most popular forms of stories for young children. characters and themes of fairytales are simple, and similar, Princesses and goose girls, youngest sons and orave princes, wicked, stepmothers, fairy godmothers, talking animals, glass mountains, witches, castles and the like.The tale goes into an unreal world and in this never-never land our heroes kill the enemy, succeed to kingdoms and marry the ever" beautiful princesses.W.H Auden said, The way to read a fairytale is to throw yourself in." It is very true indeed or you will not be able to feel the ecstasy of reading a fairytale.So whenever you read a fairytale, imagine you are.the hero/heroine and you will be carried to a mysterious land where everything will be as you Every child believes in fairies(仙女), dragons, etc.Yet, as we grow up we fail to believe in these fantasy-based characters.Fairytales are told to children when they are young.This is very essential indeed, for if in the beginning of our lives, our minds are touched by the beauty, innocence and the morals in these tales, we will be able to obtain the optimistic side of happenings.In life, sometimes, believing in such mystics can lead to supreme happiness. Well, I don’t know about you, but I do believe in fairies… and who knows I may someday meet one because, after all, believing is just the beginning! And as J.M. Barries said, “When you say I don’t believe in fairies, a fairy somewhere drops dead.” And I wouldn’t want anyone dead on my account, would you? 61.In Paragraph I, the.writer mentioned Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty to __ A.tell the beauty and innocence of the.fairytales B.present us the fascinating facts behind them C.show us that fairytales are something we are familiar with D.describe his feeling towards fairytales 62.What does "this never-never land" in Paragraph 3 refer to? A.The unreal world. B.The ancient Egypt. C.The kingdoms. D.The grassland, the castle and the like 63.The underlined word '"ecstasy" in Paragraph 3 probably means "___ A.mystery B.innocence C.delight D. the optimistic side 64.Why is it important to tell the fairytales to the children when young? A.Because they can gain supreme happiness. B.ecause it is easier for the children to throw themselves in the rote C.Because they tend to have wild imagination D.Because when they see the magic in the tales in the beginning, they can face the future

65.How do you understand the sentence in the last paragraph "When you say I don't believe in fairies, a fairy somewhere drops dead.” ? A.If you don7! believe in the tales, the fairy will be really sad. B.We need the beauty, innocence, and moral of the fairytales to stay optimistic. C.If nobody believes in us, we will be heartbroken. D.The writer is just trying to be humorous by saying this. C When you hear about a man saving his dog from a sinking ship, it's hard not to be moved by the tale of an animal lover's bravery.But the story becomes slightly less heroic when you learn that the man saved his dog before his own wife. But that's apparently what happened when Graham Annie and his wife, Cheryl, found their Yacht(游艇) sinking after it hit a rock, while on a voyage from East London to Madagascar. National Sea Rescue Institute North London station commander Geoff McGregor said all three were wearing life jackets.The 9-year-old Jack Russell terrier named Rosie was wearing a tailored life jacket equipped with a light. "As the incident happened Graham sent a radio distress call for help and activated the EPIRB (a GPS beacon) but they were immediately forced to abandon ship," McGregor said in an interview, "He first swam Rosie to the shore safely before returning for his wife, whose safety line had caught on the steering gear McGregor added. The couple and their dog all made it out free of injury.Graham, a long-time volunteer with the National Sea Rescue Institute, said, "it was humbling to have the shoe on the other foot and need to be rescued." Some details have yet to come out.So, it's likely that Cheryl was in a position of relative safety and Rosie might have been in a more dangerous position had she been left on the boat. The couple did not want to speak with the media about their rescue.So, for now, it's left to readers to find out Graham's priorities during their troubled time. 66. Which of the following can best describe the writer's attitude (in Paragraph 1) towards the incident? A.Shocked. B.Curious. C.Ironic (讽刺的) . D.Heart-broken. 67.What can we learn from the passage? A.Graham was very wise to save the dog first. B.Graham was not experienced in rescue work. C.Jack Russell terrier is a kind of dog. D.Graham loves his dog better than his wife. 68.Graham saved his dog first possibly because____. A.the boat was sinking B.his wife had a life jacket C.he knew his wife could swim D.the dog might be in a more dangerous situation 69.What does Graham ‘s priorities" refer to? A.Graham’s decision to save the dog first. B.Why the couple didn’t want.to speak with the media. C.The cause of the incident.

D.Why Graham was so brave at that moment. 70.What’s the purpose of this passage? A.To warn people of the danger of a voyage. B.To find out a man’s inner world. C.To tell us about a man’s choice in a boat-sinking incident. D.To present the love between a man and his dog. Part IV Writing (45 marks) Section A (10 marks) Directions Read the following passage.Fill in the numbered blanks by using the information from the passage. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer, The difference between being successful and being unsuccessful isn’t how much stress you affer from, but how you deal with . it. Here are four scientifically-proven strategies for defeating tress whenever it strikes. Have self-compassion (自我同情) .It means being willing to look at your mistakes or failures with kindness and understanding-that is, without harsh criticism . A dose of self-compassion when things are at their most difficult can reduce your stress and improve your performance.So remember that to err(犯错) is human, and give yourself a break. Rely on routines. Every time you make a decision you create a state of mental tension that is, in fact, stressful.The solution is to reduce the number of decisions you need to make by having routines.If there's some daily work, do it at the same time every day.Simple routines can dramatically reduce your stress. Take five or ten minutes to do something you find interesting. It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it interests you.Recent research shows that interest not only keeps you going, but it also gives you energy.Keep two very important points in mind.First, an interesting thing is not the same thing as something pleasant or relaxing.Secondly, doing something interesting does not have to mean that it's effortless.It helps even when the interesting task is difficult and requires effort. See your work in terms of progress, not perfection.It means we approach the goals we pursue with the Get-Better mindset. A Get-Better mindset leads to self-comparison and a concern with making progress @ how well are you doing today, compared with how you did yesterday, last month, or last year? When you think about what you are doing in terms of learning and improving, you experience far less stress, and you stay motivated despite all the setbacks.

SECTION B Directions Read the following passage.Answer the questions according to the information given in the passage and the required words limit.Write your answers on your answer sheet. Founded in March 2005 by Catherine and David Cook, Myyearbook. corn has taken the social networking world by storm. It's. a. feat that is all the more remarkable when you consider its two creators are only 18 and 19, respectively. Three years ago, Catherine and David were looking through their school yearbook-the annual book of photos and memories that is a feature of most American high schools-when they came across a picture of a girl they both knew. "This looks nothing like her, " said David. Catherine agreed. Wouldn't it, they wondered, be much better to do the yearbook online, and let people post their own photos? They were .lucky. Their older brother, Geoff, was already an estabiisned Internet entrepreneur. When his brother and sister mentioned their idea for an online yearbook, he immediately saw its potential to be "as big as Facebook for high school". Geoff offered' US $250,000 to get the yearbook project off the ground, finding a web server to host it and a

programming team. in Mumbai, India, to turn it into a website for less than US $ 25,000. It came complete with photo-sharing features and a place for students to outline their extra-curricular. In April 2005, the pair began their campaign to get attention by wearing T-shirts to school emblazoned (装饰) with the slogan, "Are you the prettiest girl in your high school? How about the dumbest? Find out at Myyearbook. corn". Within a week, 200 of their classmates had signed up, Users were offered a free T-shirt for every five people they recruited (吸收新成员) -and within nine months- 950.000 teenagers across America had flocked to the website. This generated interest among companies such as Paramount Films, who began paying up to US $ 500,000 to advertise on the website from July 2007. Suddenly, Myyearbook. corn was bringing inserious income. 81.What is new about Catherine and David’s idea for a yearbook? (No more than 10 words) (2 marks)

82. What did the pair do to promote tneir website? (No more than 8 words) (2 marks)

83. How did Catherine and David make the website come into being? (No more than 10 words)(3 marks) 84. Where did their income mainly come from? (No more than 8 words) (3 marks) Section C (25 marks) Directions Write an English composition according to the instructions given below. 某英语杂志社正在举行征稿活动,主题为“梦想点亮人生(Dreams Lighten Life)” ,请你 用英语写一篇小短文,向该杂志社投稿。 要点如下: 1.你的梦想是什么; 2.阐述拥有梦想如何点亮人生,使你的生活变得不同; 3.你认为实现梦想需要什么。 注意: 1.词数不少于 120 个; 2.不能使用个人真实姓名和学校名称。