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1.I’ll let you know ____ he comes back. A. before B. because C. as soon as D. although 2. She will sing a song ____ she is asked. A. if B. unless C. for D. since 3. We will work ____ we are needed. A. whenever B. because C. since D. wherever 4. Read it aloud _____ the class can hear you. A. so that B. if C. when D. although 5._____ you go, don't forget your people. A. Whenever B. However C. Wherever D. Whichever 6. It is about ten years _____ I met you last. A. since B. for C. when D. as 7. They will never succeed, _____ hard they try. A. because B. however C. when D. since 8. _____ still half drunk, he made his way home. A. When B. Because C. Though D. As 9. _____ she was very tired, she went on working. A. As B. Although C. Even D. In spite of 10. Busy _____ he was, he tried his best to help you. A. as B. when C. since D. for 11. I learned a little Russian _____ I was at middle school. A. though B. although C. as if D. when 12. _____ we got to the station, the train had left already. A. If B. Unless C. Since D. When 13. _____ the rain stops, we' 11 set off for the station. A. Before B. Unless C. As soon as D. Though 14. She was _____ tired _____ she could not move an inch. A. so, that B. such, that C. very, that D. so, as 15. We didn’t go home _____ we finished the work. A. since B. until C. because D. though 16. I'll stay here _____ everyone else comes back. A. even if B. as though C. because D. until 17. Although it's raining, _____ are still working in the field. A. they B. but they C. and they D. so they 18. Speak to him slowly _____ he may understand you better. A. since B. so that C. for D. because 19. You'll miss the train ______ you hurry up. A. unless B. as C. if D. until 20. When you read the book, you' d better make a mark _____ you have any questions. A. at which B. at where C. the place D. where 21. We'd better hurry ______ it is getting dark. A. and B. but C. as D. unless

22. I didn' t manage to do it _____ you had explained how. A. until B. unless C. when D. before 23._____ he comes, we won't be able to go. A. Without B. Unless C. Except D. Even 24. I hurried _____ I wouldn't be late for class. A. since B. so that C. as if D. unless 25. _____ I catch a cold, I have pain in my back. A. Every time B. Though C. Even D. Where 26. What's the matter _____ they still haven't answered the telegram? A. when B. that C. though D. however 27. Bring it nearer _____ I may see it better. A. although B. even though C. so that D. since 28. You may arrive in Beijing early _____ you mind taking the night train. A. that B. though C. unless D. if 29. Helen listened carefully _____ she might discover exactly what she needed. A. in that B. in order that C. in case D. even though 30. More people will eat out in restaurants _____ they do today. A. than B. when C. while D. as 31._____ hard she tries, she can hardly avoid making mistakes in her homework. A. Much B. However C. As D. Although 32. Poor _____ it may be, there is no place like home, _____ you may go. A. as; wherever B. though; whenever C. in spite of; when D. that; wherever 33. The child was __ immediately after supper. A. enough tired to go to bed B. too tired to go to bed C. so tired that he went to bed D. very tired, he went to bed 34. The history of nursing __ the history of man. A. as old as B. is old than C. that is as old as D. is as old as 35. _____ born in Chicago, the author was famous for his stories about New York. A. Since B. Once C. When D. Although 36._____ we stood at the top of the building, the people below were hardly visible. A. As B. Although C. Unless D. In spite of 37. Scarcely was George Washington in his teens _____ his father died. A. than B. as C. while D. when 38. _____ David goes, he is welcome. A. Whichever B. However C. Wherever D. Whatever 39. The house stood _____ there had been a rock. A. which B. at which C. when D. where 40. Small _____ it is, the pen is a most useful tool. A. because B. so C. if D. as 41. After the new technique was introduced, the factory produced _____ tractors in 1988 as the year before. A. as twice many B. as many twice C. twice as many D. twice many as 42. The piano in the other shop will be _____, but _____. A. cheaper; not as better B. more cheap; not as better

1-5 CADAC 6-10 ABCBA 11-15 DDCAB 16-20 DABAD 21-25 CABBA 26-30 BCCBD 31-35 BACDD 36-40 ADCDD 41-45 CCBAD 46-50 DBCBD 51-53 CDD 三.试题分析: 1.____ you’ve0got a chance, you might as well make full use of it. A. Now that B. After C. Although D. As soon as 试题分析: 主句与从句之间存在因果关系; 且“you’ve got a chance”表示一个显而易见的原因, 因此 应选用表原因的 now that“既然”。注:“might as well,不妨---的好” 。故选 A. Now that。 2.He found it increasingly difficult to read, ____ his eyesight was beginning to fail. (2006 北京) A. and B. for C. but D. or 试题分析:由语境可知:“his eyesight was beginning to fail”是“he found it increasingly difficult to read”的 原因, 因此本题应选用可以表示原因的连词 for 引导原因状语从句。故选 B. for。 3.Pop music is such an important part of society ____ it has even influenced our language. (2007 上海) A. as B. that C. which D. where 试题分析:由语境可知:“流行音乐是我们社会的一个重要部分以致于它已经影响了我们的语言”,所以 下划线处之后表示结果, 应选用与前面的 such 连用引导结果状语从句的 that。A. as 中的 as 与 such 搭配, as 可以引导定语从句,但后面句子中不能有 it。故选 B. that。 4.We all know that, __________, the situation will get worse. (2007 全国卷 I) A. not if dealt carefully with C. if dealt not carefully with B. if not carefully dealt with D. not if carefully dealt with

试题分析:由语境可知 “We all know that the situation will get worse.”是题干的主句;由各个选项可知有 连词 if, 故本题应考查状语从句的省略。 按照状语从句的省略条件补充完整应是: if it is not carefully dealt with, 故省略 “it is”, 选项为 B. if not carefully dealt with 5.________ I really don’t like art, Ifind his work impressive.(2007 山东卷) A.As B.Since C.If D.While 试题分析: 由语境可知: “I really don’ t like art” 与 “Ifind his work impressive” 间成转折关系, 故选 D. While, “尽管,虽然”;而 A.As 也可以表示“尽管,虽然”之意,但必须用倒装句。 四.31. —Have you got any idea for the summer vacation? —I don’t mind where we go ______ there’s sun, sea and beach. (08 全国 I 卷) A. as if B. as long as C. now that D. in order that 试题分析:由语境可知“I don’t mind where we go”与“there’s sun, sea and beach.”成条件与结果的关系, 故选 B. as long as。 7. A small car is big enough for a family of three ____ you need more space for baggage. (08 全国 II) A. once B. because C. if D. unless 试题分析:由语境可知:“you need more space for baggage”应表达“除非你要更多的空间放行李”, 故 选 D. unless。 23. —Did you return Fred’s call? —I didn’t need to ____ I’ll see him tomorrow. (08 北京卷) A. though B. unless C. when D. because 由语境可知:“I didn’t need to”与“I’ll see him tomorrow.”成因果关系,故选 D. because。 34. I’m sorry you’ve been waiting so long, but it’ll still be some time ____ Brian get back. (08 北京卷) A. before B. since C. till D. after 由语境可知:“it’ll still be some time ____ Brian get back.”表达,过一段时间 Brian 才回来。故考查句型 It will be ----before. 故选 A. before


1. We’ll have a picnic in the park this Sunday _____ it rains or it’s very cold. (08 天津卷) A. since B. if C. unless D. until 由语境可知:“it rains or it’s very cold” 表达除非天下雨或天冷的意思,故选 C. unless。 31. ---Are you ready for Spain? --Yes, I want the girls to experience that ___ they are young. (08 上海卷) A. while B. until C. if D. before 由语境可知: “they are young” 表示的是时间段 “他们年轻的时候” , 又有语境 “I want the girls to experience that”可知后一句应表达“趁着他们年轻的时候”,故选 A. while,表示“在---期间”。 40. _______ well prepared you are , you still need a lot of luck in mountain climbing. (08 上海卷) A. however 能运用。 31. -----Do you have a minute? I’ve got something to tell you. -----Ok, ______ you make it short. (08 安徽卷) A. now that B. if only C. so long as D. every time 由语境可知:语境表达“只要你简洁点,我就有时间与你交谈”, 故选 C. so long as 。 28. Nancy enjoyed herself so much ______ she visited her friends in Sydney last year. (08 福建卷) A. that B. which C. when D. where 由语境可知:“______ she visited her friends in Sydney last year. ”应是时间状语,故选 C. when 。 33. _____ the Internet is of great help. I don’t think it’s a good idea to spend too much time on it. (08 湖南卷) If B. While C. Because D. As 由语境可知:“I really don’t like art”与“I don’t think it’s a good idea to spend too much time on it.”间成 转折关系,故选 B. While。 31. You’d better not leave the medicine ______ kids can get at it. (08 山东卷) A. even if 故选 C. where 。 28. ______ hungry I am, I never seem to be able to finish off this loaf of bread. (08 辽宁卷) A. Whatever B. Whenever C. Wherever D. However 由语境可知:所填词汇为副词修饰 hungry,故选 D. however, “ 无论多么”表示程度。 32. I used to love that film ______ I was a child, but I don ’t feel it that way any more. (08 辽宁卷) A. once B. when C. since D. although 。 由语境可知:“___I was a child ”应表达“当我还小的时候”,故选 B. when 6. There were some chairs left over _____ everyone had sat down. (08 四川卷) A. when B. until C. that D. where 由语境可知:“当每个人都坐下的时候,还有椅子剩下。”when 是引导时间状语从句的。故选 A. when。 16. Don’t promise anything ______ you are one hundred percent sure. (08 浙江卷) A. whether 7 B. after C. how D. unless 由语境可知:“如果你没有百分之百的把握,不要许诺。”故选 D. unless。 __ unemployment and crime are high, it can be assumed that the latter is due to the former. (09 江苏) B. Where C. Unless D. Until A. Before B. which C. where D. so that 本题考查“把某物放在某地” leave 的用法,故“______ kids can get at it”应表示在孩子够的着的地方, B. whatever C. no matter D. although 由语境可知:所填词汇为副词修饰 well prepared,故选 A. however。而 C. no matter 中,必须后跟疑问词才

由语境可知: 题干表达 “可以假设, 在失业率和犯罪率很高的地方, 后者是由前者引起的” , 故选 B. Where 。 1. She had just finished her homework 建) her mother asked her to practice playing the piano yesterday. (09 福


A . when

B. while

C. after

D. since I am happy. (09 陕西) D. as though

由语境可知:题干表达“她刚刚完成作业这时她的妈妈要求她练习钢琴”, 故选 A . when “这时” 2. My parents don’t mind what job I do A. even though B. as soon as C. as long as

根据题干意思可知此处是条件状语从句,引导词意思是:只要,故选 C. as long as。 3. You can’t borrow books from the school library ______ you get your student card. (09 上海) A. be fore B. if C. while D. as 由语境可知:题干表达“在有学生证之前,你不能从校图书室借书”,故选 A. be fore 。 4Peter was so excited ______he received an invitation from his friend to visit Chongqing. A. where B. that C. why D. when otherwise stated, will serve two to three people. (09 全国 2 ) D. unless 由语境可知:题干表达“当他受到邀请函的时候” 故选 D. when。 5. All the dishes in this menu, A. as B. if C. though

由语境可知:题干表达“在这份菜单上的所有菜,除非另外说明,会给二到三个人食用”, 故选,D. unless


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