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【步步高 学案导学设计】2014-2015学年高中英语(人教版,选修6)课时作业:Unit 3 Period 2]

Period Two

Language Points

Ⅰ.语境填词 1.Because final exams are coming,most students are under a lot of ________ (压力). 2.She was __________ (绝望的) after the failure of her plan. 3.They promised to __________ (加强) the cooperation between the two nations in more fields. 4.My uncle has ________ (停止) smoking. 5.Are you very ______________ (失望的) at losing the game? 6.She was ________ (感到惭愧的) of having failed in the examination. 7.What you said has a great ________ (影响) on his thinking. 8.Her trouble was found to be ________ (精神的),not physical. 9.There is a ________ (禁令,禁止) on smoking in theaters. 10.Breathing is an ________ (无意识的) function of the body. Ⅱ.选词填空 due to,addicted to,accustomed to,decide on,feel like,do damage to,reach for,by the way 1. Some students were so ________________ the play that they spent too much time in front of TV. 2.The thirsty patient ________________ the cup but couldn’t get it. 3.The car accident was __________________ careless driving. 4.It is still raining and it is difficult to ________________ a date to go on our project. 5.Do you ________________ sharing your experience with the rest of your group? 6.________________,are you going to the café ? 7. I’m a northerner, so I am not ________________ the kind of food that southerners often eat. 8.Man has ________ great ________________ the environment over the years. Ⅲ.词义辨析 1.用 decide,decide on 的适当形式填空 (1)You must ________________ the day when you will pay off the debt. (2)I’ve ________________ going to America for my holiday. (3)The boy ________ not to become a sailor. (4)Let’s first ________ where we should go. 2.用 ashamed,shameful 填空 (1)He was ________ that he couldn’t give an answer. (2)It is ________ to cheat in the exam. (3)To our surprise,the cheat wasn’t ________ of his ________ conduct at all. Ⅳ.单项填空 1.Mr.Black is under________ because his wife is ill. A.stress B.trouble C.danger D.difficulty 2.He was late________ the very heavy traffic. A.rather than B.due to C.as a result D.because 3.—They are quiet,aren’t they? —Yes.They are accustomed________ at meals. A.to talk B.to not talk C.to talking D.to not talking 4.I have been told that smoking has a bad________ my health. A.affect on B.effect in C.effect on D.affect in 5.I feel like________ to the cinema tonight and I would like you________ me company. A.to go;keeping B.going;keeping C.to go;to keep D.going;to keep

6.—How do you find Qingdao,Mary? —It’s a beautiful seaside city.I have________ it for my next holiday. A.decided on B.tried on C.taken on D.carried on 7.________ is mentioned above,the number of the students in senior schools is increasing. A.Which B.As C.That D.It 8.No one can attain great achievements________ he concentrates on what he is doing,even though a talent. A.because B.while C.unless D.if 9.He didn’t make________ clear when and where the meeting would be held. A.this B.that C.these D.it 10. I’m sorry you’ve been waiting so long, but it’ll still be some time________ Brian gets back. A.before B.since C.till D.after Ⅴ.完形填空 How did you do it,Dad?How have you managed not to take a drinking for almost 20 years? It took me so long to have the __1__ to ask my father this personal question.When Dad first __2__ drinking, the whole family was on pins and needles (坐立不安) and wondered whether he would get into a __3__ under which he would start __4__ again.For a few years we were __5__ to bring it up. “It is a little poem that I have recited to myself at least four to five times a day,” said Dad, __6__ to my 18yearold unasked question.“The words are a constant __7__ to me that things are __8__ so hard that I could not deal with them.” Dad continued.Then he __9__ the poem with me.The poem was __10__ but profound (深刻的), which immediately became __11__ of my daily routine as well. About a month after this __12__ with my father,I received a gift in the mail from a friend of mine.It was a book of daily sayings of wisdom with one __13__ for each day of the year. Don’t you think it is an unforgettable __14__ that when you get something with days of the year on it,and you naturally turn to the page that lists your own __15__? I __16__ opened the book to November 10 to see __17__words of wisdom this book had in store for me.I was __18__ when I looked at the page,and then tears of appreciation __19__ down my face.There,on my birthday,was the exact same poem that had __20__ my father for all these years!It is called the Serenity (平静) Prayer. God,offer me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;the courage to change the things I can;and the wisdom to know the difference. 1.A.chance B.courage C.ability D.right 2.A.gave up B.took up C.went on D.carried on 3.A.way B.habit C.situation D.house 4.A.reciting B.asking C.smoking D.drinking 5.A.sure B.uncertain C.afraid D.eager 6.A.reply B.words C.excuse D.reason 7.A.warning B.suggestion C.saying D.reminder 8.A.never B.seldom C.always D.ever 9.A.discussed B.shared C.offered D.talked 10.A.wonderful B.long C.simple D.boring 11.A.all B.that C.any D.part 12.A.talk B.quarrel C.trip D.lesson 13.A.listed B.included C.read D.said 14.A.method B.experience C.wealth D.message 15.A.character B.birthday C.qualities B.favorites 16.A.doubtfully B.carefully C.happily D.hurriedly 17.A.where B.whether C.what D.how 18.A.excited B.astonished C.disappointed D.frightened 19.A.hung B.pulled C.rolled D.pushed





feel like,would like,want 三者均可意为“想要”,要注意三者在结构运用上的区别。 (1)feel like 后接名词、代词或动名词作宾语。 (2)would like 和 want 后接名词、 代词、 不定式或用于 would like (want) sb.to do sth.结构中。 I feel like giving a party. 我想办个派对。 Would you like to join us in the discussion? 你想和我们一起讨论吗? He wants you to see him in his office tomorrow. 他要你明天到办公室找他。

【答案解析】 Period Two Language Points Ⅰ.1.stress 2.desperate 3.strengthen 4.quit 5.disappointed 6.ashamed 7.effect 8.mental 9.ban 10.automatic Ⅱ.1.addicted to 2.reached for 3.due to 4.decide on 5.feel like 6.By the way 7.accustomed to 8.done damage to Ⅲ.1.(1)decide on (2)decided on (3)decided (4)decide [(1)decide 决定(一件事情),后面接名词、代词、不定式(不定式前可有疑问词)或从句。 (2)decide on 对……做出决定,后跟名词或动名词。] 2.(1)ashamed (2)shameful (3)ashamed shameful [(1)ashamed 是“感到羞耻的,觉得惭愧的”之意,表示主语主观认为是可耻的,在句中通 常作表语。 (2)shameful 表示事物本身的客观性质是“可耻的”, 在句中既可作表语, 也可作定语。 ] Ⅳ.1.A [under stress 在压力之下,承受压力,其他三项均不与 under 连用。] 2.B [句意为:由于交通非常拥挤,他迟到了。due to 由于,符合题意;rather than 而不 是;as a result 结果;because 是连词,后接句子。] 3.D 选 D 项。] 4. C [affect 是动词, 意为“影响”, 本空需用名词, 排除 A、 D 两项; 再由词组 have an effect on 可知 B 项是错误的。] 5. D 6.A [feel like doing sth.想要做某事; would like sb.to do sth.想让某人做某事。 故选 D 项。 ] [考查短语辨析。decide on 选定;try sth.on 试穿;take on 呈现;carry on 进行某事; [句意为:——他们很安静,不是吗?——是的,他们习惯于吃饭的时候不说话。 be accustomed to 习惯于……,to 是介词,后接名词或动名词;由句意可知表示否定意义,故

继续做。故选 A 项。] 7.B [关系代词 as 和 which 引导非限制性定语从句时,都可指代整个主句,但是 as 引 导的非限制性定语从句可以置于主句之前、 之中或之后, 而 which 引导的非限制性定语从句只 能位于主句之后。]

8. C 9.D 10.A Ⅴ.1.B 个问题。]

[句意为: 没有人能够获得伟大的成就, 即使是天才, 除非他专心于所做的事。 unless [句意为:他没说清楚会议将于何时、何地举行。此处用 it 作形式宾语。] [句意为:很抱歉,让你久等了,但是仍要过一段时间 Brian 才能回来。it will be [父亲戒酒近二十年了, 他是怎么做到的呢?二十年后我才有勇气(courage)问他这



2.A [当初父亲戒酒时,全家人都担心他有朝一日会再喝酒。take up 开始做某事,意思 不合适,故排除。] 3.C 境”。] 4.D 6.A 醒物”。] 8.A [从来没有(never)什么事情如此困难以致于做不到(这里指决心戒酒一事),关键在 于意志是否坚定。] 9.B [父亲与我分享(shared)这首诗。] 10.C 12.A 13.A 警言。] 14.B 的心情。] 15.B 16.D [下文“There,on my birthday,was the exact same poem”说明作者迫切地想知道自 [hurriedly (匆忙地)一词能够恰如其分地描绘出作者当时的心情。] 己生日那天会有什么样的提醒。] 17.C [what 引导宾语从句,我急于知道什么样的生日提醒在等待着我,in store 表示“贮 藏着,准备着”。] 18.B 19.C 20.D [我翻到 11 月 10 日那一页时,首先是非常惊奇(astonished),然后不相信和感谢的 [roll down 滚落下来。] [这首诗“帮助”我父亲戒掉了酒,走过了这么多年。这也注定要使我受益匪浅。] 泪水夺眶而出。] [你不认为这是一次难忘……的经历吗?这一段用了一般现在时态,表示规律性 [这首诗语言浅显(simple)但寓意深刻,发人深省。] [父亲跟我的谈话(talk)。] [这份礼物是关于名言警句的一本书,这本书为一年中的每一天都列出了(listed) 11.D [它也成为了我日常生活中不可或缺的一部分(part)。] [start doing sth.开始干某事。] [此处填 reply 与下文的“question”相呼应。] 5.C [有好几年我们不敢提起这个话题,担心父亲重新酗酒。] 7.D [原来父亲戒酒成功的秘诀在于每天反复背诵这首诗来提醒自己,reminder 意为“提 [每当父亲可能继续酗酒时,大家都如坐针毡。get into a situation 意为“陷入一种处