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第二部分:阅读理解(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节选择题(共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,共 30 分) A One hometown owner in Detroit is intending to exchange his villa for the latest iPhone 6. The owner has d

ropped the asking price from $ 5,000 to a new iPhone 6 as the owner is desperate to sell before the tax auction ( 拍卖 ) season where ―thousands‖ of homes near foreclosure (房屋止赎权) will flood into the market, a real estate broker (房地产经纪人) called Larry Else told ABC News. ―This house is really not worth much at all,‖ Else said. The windows are broken and there is no front door. The broker himself has not been inside the home because his company has a policy of not going in unsecured houses alone. Detroit’s declining fortunes have left its population about a third of what it used to be in its peak, according to the U.S. Census Bureau(人口普查办公室). Now, the property has accrued (拖欠) more than $6,000 in back taxes (退税款) and will enter foreclosure next year if that debt is not settled. So while the owner is asking for an iPhone 6, the true cost of the sale comes from the buyer including the cost of the back taxes. That attracted great interest in the property, as Else said that he received four offers today alone. One woman said she was interested in the house for the wood. Another said that they would be willing to hand over an iPhone 5, and another offered $ 850. But Else hinted that the most likely buyer is someone who already lives on the block and put in a $ 700 bid(出价), and their familiarity with the area appeared to put them at the head of the pack. He said he expects one of the four offers to work out, and may even confirm the sale tonight. This is not the end of his bartering (物物交换) business, however, as Else said that he’s already gotten another call from a homeowner who has had trouble selling their property. 21. Why did the owner drop his price for the house? A. Because the house was too old. B. Because there is a boom in economy. C. Because he wanted to sell the house quickly. D. Because the population in Detroit is small. 22. Larry Else hasn’t come into the house because _______. A. it is dangerous to enter it B. the owner doesn’t permit it C. he is not familiar with the area D. it will break the company’s rule 23. The house will most possibly be sold at the price of _______. A. $ 5,000 B. $ 850 C. $ 700 D. an iPhone 6 24. The passage is most probably taken from ________. A. a story book B. a news report C. an economy report D. a tourist brochure B Regardless of the fact that getting dressed in baseball caps and T-shirts are classic American style choices; the preppy(学院风格) look is what sophisticated(高雅时髦的) British youths wear. But when it comes to the best-dressed nation, neither the US nor the UK tops CNN’s list. So which country has the best fashion sense? Take a look. Italy Italy is a country which lays a strong emphasis on outward appearance. Elegance is in Italian

blood and most Italians would give up comfort in order to look graceful. They dress well even for simple trips to the grocery store. Both males and females have a good understanding of style, dressing themselves up with well-groomed(讲究的) hair and a smart pair of shoes. It is no wonder that so many of the best fashion designers are Italian! Sweden Retail(零售) giant H & M continues to spread affordable Swedish style around the world. What has been called the ―Swedish fashion miracle‖ actually comes from the ―less is more‖ philosophy. The Swedes tend to adopt a practical approach to what they wear, but they don’t lack creativity. France The French have a chic(别致的) air about them. They appear casual and elegant without being over-dressed or under-dressed, and always seem to give off confidence in their style choices. ―The laissez-faire(自由放任的) approach to fashion is something many people love — and the looks they wear are something we all want to emulate on a daily basis,‖ said The Huffington Post. 25. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text? A. Getting dressed sophisticatedly is American style. B. Wearing T-shirts is British style. C. British young people like the preppy style. D. The UK is the best-dressed country in the world. 26. What can we learn from Swedish dressing style? A. It is practical and creative. B. It is unaffordable. C. It lacks confidence. D. It lacks creativity. 27. What’s the meaning of the underlined word ―emulate‖ in the last paragraph? A. Imitate. B. Thrill. C. Like. D. Hate. D It’s a popular belief that a fish’s memory lasts for only seven seconds. It may seem sad to think that they don’t remember what they’ve eaten or where they’ve been, and they don’t recognize you or any of their friends --- every moment in their life would be like seeing the world for the first time. But don’t be so quick to feel sorry for them. A new study has found that fish have a much better memory than we used to think. In fact, certain species of fish can even remember events from as long as 12 days ago. In the study, researchers from MacEwan University in Canada trained a kind of fish called African cichlids to go to a certain area of their tank to get food. They then waited for 12 days before putting them back in the tank again. Researchers used computer software to monitor the fish’s movements. They found that after such a long break the fish still went to the same place where they first got food. This suggested that they could remember their past experiences. In fact, scientists had been thinking for a long time that African cichlids might have a good memory. An earlier study showed that they behaved aggressively in front of certain fish, perhaps because they remembered their past ―fights‖. But until the latest findings, there was no clear evidence. Just as a good memory can make our lives easier, it also plays an important part when a fish is trying to survive in the wild. ―If fish are able to remember that a certain area contains safe food, they will be able to go back

to that area without putting their lives at risks,‖ lead researcher Trevor Hamilton told Live Science. For a long time, fish were placed far below chimpanzees, dolphins and mice on the list of smart animals. But this study has given scientists a new understanding of their intelligence. 32. What is the article mainly about? A. Fish having very bad memories. B. Fish being smarter than we thought. C. How fish improve their memory. D. What we can learn from fish. 33. According to the article, people used to believe that _______. A. fish could only remember part of their past experiences B. fish could remember things that happened 12 days ago C. a fish’s memory lasted for only seven minutes D. fish didn’t recognize any of their friends 34. How can fish benefit most from a good memory? They can remember _______. A. where to get food and survive B. their enemies and fight C. where to escape to when in danger D. their friends and help each other 35. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. Fish behave aggressively in a fight. B. Fish can remember more. C. Fish don’t belong to the list of smart animals. D. Only African cichlids have a good memory. 第三部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节完形填空(共 20 小题;每题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、 B 、C 、D)中,选出可以填入 空白 University Can Wait I was on my way to the library to do some studying for history class. That’s when I saw my friend and her family __41__ on doors. As I was standing __42__ one house, my friend’s brother walked past me and went to the door of the house. When the resident __43__ I heard him say, ―Excuse me, I am __44__ money for my mom. She needs to have __45__ but we don’t have enough money. Could you please __46__ with a donation?‖ The lady gave him some __47__ and he said, ―Thank you so much! God bless you.‖ Then he walked on to the next house. I could see he didn’t have much and I also saw he had been __48__. __49__ going to the library, I went to the bank. I told him I wanted to __50__ all my savings. The lady in the bank said to me, ―But, sweetie, I thought you were going to use that money to go to __51__.‖ I told her something else __52__ so she gave me the money. Then I walked to my friend’s house. They had only raised nine hundred and sixty-two dollars, which wasn’t __53__ a quarter of what they needed. I told my friend to __54__ my money. When she saw it she __55__ straight away it was my university money. The idea of going to university had been a very __56__ one for me — __57__ I got accepted—but she needed the money more than I did. It was this __58__ of money that could save her mother’s life. I hope all goes well for her and her family. My love and __59__ go out to them. Leo Tolstoy

once said ―Nothing can make our life, permanent__60__.‖ 41. A. meeting B. waiting 42. A. inside B. above 43. A. replied B. understand 44. A. raising B. accumulating 45. A. health B. surgery 46. A. provide B. help 47. A. advice B. medicine 48. A. laughing B. begging 49. A. Instead of B. Regardless of 50. A. deposit B. donate 51. A. university B. company 52. A. held up B. came up 53. A. even B. already 54. A. return B. consider 55. A. received B. refused 56. A. disappointing B. depressing 57. A. assessing B. advocating 58. A. kind B. item 59. A. imagination B. prayers 60. A. honesty B. kindness

or the lives of other people, more beautiful than C. knocking C. behind C. opened C. increasing C. examination C. deal C. coins C. thinking C. Other than C. withdraw C. theatre C. put up C. still C. take C. realized C. appealing C. appointing C. share C. ideas C. responsibility D. quarreling D. outside D. answered D. making D. break D. compete D. food D. crying D. Except for D. collect D. work D. took up D. ever D. pay D. admitted D. realistic D. assuming D. sum D. stories D. courage

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