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第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 I shall never forget the day when the earthquake took place. The time was 515 in the afternoon and I was driving along the road to 36 my daughter from school. Our plan was to go 37 together. I had finished work at about 4 o?clock and then 38 to the post office. Then I stopped 39 at a shop in order to get some 40 fruit. We like to have some fruit to eat after our swim when we would feel tired. I was driving along a high road on my way to the school. Over my road was another way for cars coming the other way. I was 41 so I put the bag of apples in the seat 42 me and started to eat one. Suddenly I saw the cars in front of me start to move from side to side. I slowed down. Then 43 started to shake. I didn?t know what was happening, 44 something had gone wrong with my car. I drove 45 slower. I stopped the car and at the same moment the road fell onto the cars in front of me. I found myself in the dark. I couldn?t move. The bottom parts of both my legs and my 46 were hurting badly and I couldn?t move them. All around me was 47 . But above me I could hear shouts and a lot of noise. Then I 48 what had happened. I had been in an earthquake. For about two hours nobody came. Luckily I could 49 the bag of apples, so at least I had plenty to eat. Then I 50 people climbing towards me. A team of people had come to see if anyone was under the broken 51 . I called out! “I?m here!” I heard a shout, soon 52 climbed to the side of the bridge near my car, “How are you doing?” he asked. “Not too bad,” I said, “but my feet and legs 53 as if they?re broken.” “We?ll have you out of there just as 54 as we can,” he said. They didn?t get me out 55 the next morning. I had been in my car for 14 hours. 36. A. take up B. bring up C. pick up D. send up 37. A. skating B. shopping C. sightseeing D. swimming 38. A. arrived B. came C. gone D. got 39. A. away B. off C. over D. up 40. A. fres h B. dried C. expensive D. cheap 41. A. happy B. hungry C. surprised D. excited 42. A. before B. beside C. below D. behind 43. A. the road B. my hands C. my feet D. my car 44. A. Surely B. Suddenly C. Perhaps D. Quickly 45. A. a little B. more C. much D. even 46. A. hands B. arms C. feet D. fingers 47. A. quiet B. dark C. cold D. noisy 48. A. memorized B. found out C. discovered D. was told 49. A. see B. reach C. catch D. hold 50. A. saw B. recognized C. found D. heard 51. A. railway B. trees C. car D. road 52. A. my daughter B. a friend C. a stranger D. a driver 53. A. appear B. feel C. seem D. look 54. A. soon B. easy C. fast D. possible 55. A. before B. since C. after D. until

第三部分 阅读理解(共 1 题; 每小题 2 分, 满分 22 分) 请认真阅读下列短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 A

56. What you have just read is a _______. A. note B. report C. schedule D. poster 57. Which of the following statements is true? A. Tickets are sold in Kwun Tong High School. B. It's unnecessary to take soft drinks with you. C. Free digital cameras are provided for everybody. D. Festival food will be served without extra charge. 58. What is going to take place on 2 February, 2013? A. A big event to welcome a Chinese new year. B. A meeting of Kwun Tong High School students. C. A party for close friends to meet and have fun. D. A social gathering to raise money for wildlife. 59. How much do you have to pay in total if four of you go together? A. $20. B. $40. C. $60. D. $80.


B French surgeons have performed what they said on Wednesday was the world's first partial face transplant--- giving a new nose, chin and lips to a woman attacked by a dog. Specialists from two French hospitals carried out the operation on a 38-year-old woman on Sunday in the northern city of Amiens by taking the face from a brain-dead woman, who had hanged herself just hours before the operation. Her family agreed on the operation. “The patient is in an excellent state and the transplant looks normal,” the hospitals said in a brief statement after waiting three days to announce the pioneering surgery. The woman had been left without a nose and lips after the dog attacked her last May, and was unable to talk or chew properly. Such injuries are “extremely difficult, if not impossible” to repair using normal surgical techniques, the statement said. The statement did not say what the woman would look like when she had fully recovered, but medical experts said she was unlikely to resemble the woman who had been the source of her new face. The operation was led by Jean-Michel Dubernard, a specialist from a hospital in Lyon who has also carried out hand transplants, Skin transplants have long been used to treat burns and other injuries, but operations around the mouth and nose have been considered very difficult because of the area's high sensitivity to foreign tissue. Teams in France, the United States and Britain had been developing techniques to make face transplants a reality There was a short-term risk for the patient if blood vessels became blo cked, a medium-term danger of her body rejecting the new skin and a long-term possibility that the drugs used could cause cancers. Experts say that although such medical advances should be celebrated, the transplant had thrown up moral (道德的) and ethical(伦理的)issues. Little is known about the psychological effect of the transplant. 60. The best title for the passage would be ________. A. First Face Transplant Opens Debate B. French Woman has First Partial Face Transplant C. A Complete Face Transplant of a French Woman D. Risks and Ethical Problems of a Face Transplant 61. Which of the following is NOT one of the risks of the operation? A. Heart damage. B. Organ rejection C. Block of blood vessels. D. Side effect of the drugs 62. What can we learn about the operation? A. There has arisen a debate about the operation. B. The woman had used the dead woman' s whole face. C. The woman will suffer from psychological damage soon. D. Such transplants have been performed by doctors. 63. The underlined word "resemble" means ________. A. to remember forever B. to recognize immediately C. to set as an example D. to presents similarity or likeness to

C The global population is living longer, and getting older, which presents new challenges. “The question becomes:who will take care of everyone. While people will always be the best care givers for people, there just aren?t enough people. That?s where robotic technology can really make a difference,” says Professor Maja Mataric at the University of Southern California. Her group is developing robots to work with stroke (中风) patients and elderly people. The research team has found that people react well to a robot gym instructor, and seem to get less frustrated with it than with instructions given on a computer screen. The robot can act as a perfect trainer, with infinite(极大的) patience. “People say things like ?I prefer this robot to my husband!Can I take it home?” according to Professor Mataric. “In fact there?s a really important point here. As we create these care giving technologies, we?re helping not only the people that need the care, but also the people caring for them. We can give them a break, and help them avoid burnout.” People are going to have to like, and importantly trust robots before they welcome them into their homes, and several groups around the world are working on making it easier to communicate with them. Much of human communication takes place through body language. Gestures, eye contact , and concepts of personal space are all things that robots are being taught. In learning about how people interact(互动) with machines, researchers are also discovering new roles for robots in our lives. Robots can communicate with humans in ways that other technologies can not. “If someone finds the robot to be more persuasive and more reliable, that?s going to affect how they interact with it,” says Dr Cynthia Breazeal, director of the Personal Robots Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “We can now start to think about fields where it?s the social interaction, which is the main means by which a robot helps someone.” Dr Breazeal says that means robots could be used in education, learning, and health care, where social support is important. 64. The underlined word “burnout” in Paragraph 3 probably means “________”. A. feeling angry B. feeling tired C. getting hurt D. becoming disappointed 65. Professor Maja Mataric mainly focused on robots? function of ________. A. teaching B. exploring C. giving care D. making things 66. The scientists are presently working hard to help robots__________________ . A. to use less electricity B. to have more functions C. to react more quickly D. to communicate better


完形填空 36—40 CDCBA 41—45 BBDCA 46—50 CAABD 51—55 DCBAD 阅读理解 56—59 DBAC 60—63 BAAD 64—66 BCD 任务性阅读: 67 .brain, 68. belief, 69.discoveries, 70. Advice/Tips/Suggestions, 71.growth/development, 72. Learning 73. market, 74.high, 75. Take, 76. Use/Exercise 单词拼写 5 分 77. simplified; 78.welfare ; 79. indicating; 80. approaching; 81. accessed; 82. convenient; 83. relief; 84. official; 85. panicked 86. promoted 句型转换,动词填空,完成句子 8 分 87. was surfing; 88. being affected; 89. has passed; 90. Judging; 91. took over 92. what 93. to find himself lying; 94. get across 书面表达 With the development of advertising, ads have been connected with people?s life. The ads can be about everything from selling mobile phone, renting houses, treating difficult diseases to producing fake diplomats. We had a discussion. Some people think advertisements don?t tell the fact about the products advertised. Also, too many ads do spoil our daily life and waste our time. People often feel burdened with the ads instead of satisfying with them. Therefore, they believe advertisements should be stopped. Some other people think manufactures can easily introduce their products and attract the attention of consumers by advertising. On the other hand, consumers will have more opportunities to get to know more about the things they are interested in. However, we should develop advertising properly, trying to promote the quality of the goods. Whoever takes advantage of ads treating consumers should be punished. In my opinion it is not advertising that should be blamed rather we need to strengthen advertising law. Only under the firm control of government, can advertisements benefit people in the broadest sense.


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