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高二期末复习 课件

?继母对待灰姑娘(Cinderella)很差. The stepmother treated Cinderella very badly. ?你来自哪里对我没有一点影响. It doesn’t make any difference to me where you come from ?他致力于学习英语. He applied himself to learning English.

? wound; injure; hurt

hurt / injured a. She was badly ____________
when she fell off her bike. hurts b. His leg _____ when he walks.

wound c. The soldier got a serious ______
in the war.

?insist on; stick to

a. Once a decision has been made, stick to all of us should ______ it.
insisted on b. They _________ leaving that day. c. He always _______ his promise. sticks to

?I had just stepped out of the bathroom and was busy drying myself with a towel, B I heard the steps. __ A. while B. when C. since D. after

1.不定式省略,保留不定式符号to ?You may go online if you like (to) (go online). ?Nothing can stop the boy from playing video games when he wants to (play).

常在:be afraid, expect, forget, hope, intend, like, love, mean, prefer, refuse, seem, try, want, wish之后

在某些形容词之后: glad, happy, pleased, delighted Eg:-Will you join in the game? -I’d be glad to. Sorry, I don’t want to.

注意: ①---Are you a sailor? ---No ,but I used to be. ②---He hasn’t finished yet. ---Well,he ought to have. ※如果不定式中含有be, have,have been,应保留这些词。

2.由so、not替代上文一部分或整 个从句 ?I think you’ll win the race; indeed we all think so.
?I’m not sure she isn’t coming, but I suppose not.

类似动词: believe, expect, hope, seem, suppose, trust, think, be afraid 后面,表示肯定时用so,表示否定时可 用not。

※但hope, guess, be afraid 否定时: … hope (guess) not √ …don‘t hope (guess) so

How to correct a composition


主要包括两类错误:动词的时态和语态 错误,以及主、谓不一致的错误。例如: NMET2003:She liked it very much and reads it
to the class. ____ read

NMET2000: Now my picture and prize is
hanging in the library.

____ are

指名词单、复数形式的用法错误。常表 现为将名词复数写成单数。例如:
NMET2001: …so that I’ll get good marks subjects in all my subject. ____ NMET2003: Their word were a great words encouragement to me. _____

注意形容词和副词在句子中的作用和具体用 法。这也是高考短文改错题的常考点。例如:
NMET 2004 : I would describe myself as shy quiet and quietly. _______

NMET 2005 : He asked angry if we had finished the work. angrily ______

这是考查最多的错误形式之一。主要有现 在分词、过去分词,动名词和不定式错误。例 如:
NMET2001: My parents love me… and will do all they can make sure… ____ to NMET 2002: We fed monkeys, visiting temples visited and told stories. _______ NMET 2003: Soon I began to enjoy talk to myself on paper as I was learning to express talking myself in simple English. ________

主要考查习惯搭配方面的基础知识,其 错误表现形式主要有三种:多词、少词和搭 配错误。例如:
NMET2000: Suddenly, I caught a sight of
a my English teacher. _______

NMET2003: My teacher advised me to keep my diary. a ______

不同的句子成分要用不同的词类;不同的 语境要选择不同的词语。只有对句子结构和成 分作细致的分析,才能找出用词不当的错误。 例如:
NMET 2004 : I don’t know that they don’t why like to talk with me. ________ NMET 1997:I live in Beijing,where is the capital of China. _________ which

与句子的上、下文不一致,甚至相矛盾,属 于逻辑性错误,如称谓上的张冠李戴。例如:

NMET 2003: The main problem was that I always thought in Chinese and tried to everything translate anything into English. ___________

NMET 2005: Some students may also save their up for our college or future use. __________

常考的错误形式有:连词but, and, or和so的用 法错误,以及冠词的用法错误等。例如: NMET2000: She was smiling but nodding at me. ___ and NMET2001: It looks as if my parents treat me as a visitor and a guest. ____ or NMET2001: We may be one family and live under a same roof. ____ the

①标点符号不改。 ②大小写不改。 ③词序错误不改。 (不是不改,而是按错词或少词来改)。

④在纲外生词不改。文中出现带汉语注释的词, 在句中不可能用错。

1 改词(5—6个):在文中该词正下面划 横线( ___ )并写出要改的词。 2 添词(1—2个):在文中标上添词符号 (∧)并在其正下方写出要添的词。 3 去掉(1—2个):在文中用斜线( \ )划掉 该词。

Practice makes perfect. [谚] 熟能生巧

?_____ to sunlight for too much time will do harm to one’s skin. A.Exposed B.Having exposed C.Being exposed D.After being exposed

?I hope the doctor can _____ me of the pain in my shoulder ,but they haven’t found an effective way. A.cure B.treat C.test D.examine

? She was so ______ in her work that she didn’t hear anybody knocking at the door. A.attracted B. drawn C.absorbed D. devoted

? It is considered to be almost a crime to ____ children to too much violence on TV. A. show B. discover C. expose D. display

?The young assistant was very nervous when he first ______ in performing the operation. A. insisted B.helped C.assisted D.took.

?Hearing footsteps outside the door,the hostess ____her conversation to another topic A.switched B.exchanged C.contributed D.put ?The teacher made a good ___ on her students by rich knowledge and humorous tale. A. feeling B.effect C.impression D sense ?It took him a long time to ______ the skills he needed to become a professional artist. A.acquire B.inquire C.require D.achieve

?At the ceremony ,the mayor ____the winners with prize money. A.gave B.offered C.presented D.provided ?As nobody here knows what is wrong with the machine ,we must send for an engineer to ____ the problem. A.handle B.raise ,C face D. present ?Please remain seated ; the students who win the prizes will be ____ A.told B.remembered C.announced D.recongnized

?The teacher finally _____ his project to the school board for approval A.admitted B.permitted C.submitted D.accused

?--------What should I do? ------- Clean the wound and _______ the medicine to it . A.apply B.devote C.pour D.squeeze

?Eating too much fat can _____ heart disease and cause high blood pressure. A.result from B.contribute to C.attend to D.devote to

?There so many new words in the passage that I could hardly make any ____ of it . A. meaning B.use C.idea D.sense

?No one can _____ a plan better than the one that is under discussion at the moment. A. come up B.put up C.put forward D.give up

?It was Jack as well as his wife who was ______ for their son’s bad performance at school. A.blaming B.to be blamed C.blamed D.to blame ?As you know ,the Group of Eight is an organization ____ the richest countries in the world. A.make up of B.consisting of C.made of D.consisted of ?The computer system _____ suddenly while he was searching for information on the Internet. A. broke down B.broke out C.broke up D.broke in

?Don’t ___ important facts in your job application , or you’ll lose a good chance. A.let out B.make out C.leave out D.put out ?I’ve arranged _____a car to send the children to the park, who have been divided _____two groups A. with by B. for into C. in with D./ into ? It’s difficult to _____ a bad habit once it formed. A.break down B.bread away C.break away from D.break up

?After studying in a medical college for five years ,Jane _____ her job as a doctor in the countryside. A. set out B. took over C . took up D.set up ?The twin brothers are _____ of selling §2200 worth of heroine to a number of drug users. A. accused B.cured C.charged D.robbed ?-----Will the rain affect our game ? ------ No , it doesn't make any ______ because we are used to such weather. A.difference B.meaning C.point D sense

?None of the secretaries were _____ when the manager wanted to send an urgent message. A.acceptable B.available C.affordable D.convenient ?Mr.Yuan is ____ about making predictions about the success of the farming program because it is so important. A.content B.creative C.curious D.cautious ?Mr. Li kept in ______ touch with his students while he was in Austria A.constant B.instant C.content D.consitent

?The income of skilled workers went up ._______, unskilled workers saw their earnings fall A. Moreover B. Therefore C. Meanwhile D. Otherwise

?If you are hiking in the mountain ,a pair of strong boots is ____ A. complex B. unbearable C. essential D. temporary

?My parents live in a small village . They always keep some candles in the house ____ there is power off. A. if B.unless C.in case D.so that ? ------ Why didn’t you keep your words ? ------ Terribly sorry .But I really forgot where I was _____ to meet you. A.demanded B.hoped C.supposed D.thought ?I don’t think your suggestion is quite _______; it seems not very practical. A. in place B. out of place C.in the place D. in use

When ____ help ,one often says “Thank you .” A. offering B. to offer C. to be offered D. offered. When I came there, I found him at the back of the hall with his eyes on a book. A. seating...fixing B. seated...fixed C. seating...fixed D. seated...fixing ----Come on, please give me some ideas about the project. ----- Sorry .With so much work ____ my mind ,I almost break down.. A. filled B. filling C. to fill D. being filled

______ twice , the postmen refused to deliver our letters unless we chained our dog A. Being bitten B. Bitten C. Having bitten D.To be bitten No matter how frequently ____ ,Liu Qian’s magic show is still attracts people throughout the country. A.performed B.performing C.to be performed D.being performed The tower ___ in the 1800s is the oldest building in this area. A. to be completed B. completing C. completed D. being completed

_______ ,his idea was accepted by all the people at the meeting A.Strange as might it sound B.As it might sound strange C.Strange as it might sound D.As strange it might sound No sooner _____ the case of cheating than the public gave us some clues. A.we did report B. had we reported C.did we report D. we had reported

It was not until midnight _____ they reached the camp site. A.that B. when C. while D. as

The manager required to be kept ____ everything happening in the company while he was away. A.informing of B. informed of C. inform D. informed

My brother’s pale face suggested that he ____ ill, and my parents suggested that he ____ a medical examination. A.be; should have B. was; have C. should be; had D. was; has

It _____ to chat online all day long. You’d better do something else. A.makes no sense B. makes no difference C. makes sense D. makes difference

Though ____ money, his parents managed to send him to university. A.lacked B. lacking of C. lacking D. lacked in

Next door to ours ______, who is no less than eighty. A.an old man lives B. does an old man live C. lives an old man D. where lives an old man

The law allows citizens the right to ____ themselves against a charge. A. defend B. protect C. prevent D. keep

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