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检测题 11
Ⅰ. 完形填空 (2014·岳阳模拟) Although in 1947 we were still very new to the atomic age, we knew about mushroom clouds. A huge crack spread across the library wall upstairs, sending teachers and 1 screaming down the hall. Had a new world war started? Pale-faced, our young science teacher quickly 2 us for a fire drill. We huddled(蜷缩)in little groups on the beach side of the school grounds and 3 the spreading cloud darken the bright spring sky. Rumors flew every which way, 4 two hours would pass before we got the full

story. One rumor we heard was that the Texas City Monsanto Chemical plant had 5 ; children whose parents 6 I there began to cry.

7 —that was where my father was working that day.

The school bell called us back inside, and we were dismissed to 8 our way home the best way we could. I’d walked a quarter of the three-mile trip to my home 9 a car horn frightened me to 10 . My Uncle Barney 11 alongside me in his old 12 . Otherwise, Papa would have

Ford. The instant I saw him, I knew my father was 13 for me himself.

As if in slow motion from a great distance, Uncle Barney motioned for me to 14 . Numb with grief, I crawled into the back 15 . I barely took notice of the man sitting there, and didn’t recognize him until he 16 me. When Papa put his strong arms around me, I forgot for a moment that Cherokees aren’t supposed to 17 . Many of my fellow students lost their 18 in the explosion. Tragedy would one day come to our 19 , as it inevitably(不可避免地)comes to all, but one day Texas City blew up, it miraculously(奇迹般地)passed us by. Because he lost his keys on that April morning, as he explained, my father lived for have a second lifetime forever. 【文章大意】 文章主要讲述了作者的父亲在自己工作的工厂爆炸中幸存, 作者能再次见到父 20 32 years—we were to

亲真是令人高兴。 1. A. headmaster B. students C. workers D. books

【解析】选 B。前后照应题。从上文的 teachers 看出, 应该是“学生”。故选 B 项。 2. A. organized B. ordered C. made D. asked

【解析】选 A。词义辨析题。organize“组织”; order“命令”; make“使, 让”; ask“要 求”。句意: 我们年轻的科学老师很快组织我们进行消防演习。根据句意, 选 A 项。 3. A. heard B. smelled C. watched D. felt

【解析】选 C。词义辨析题。从下文的 the spreading cloud darken the bright spring sky 看出, 应该是“观看”。故选 C 项。 4. A. when although 【解析】选 D。逻辑推理题。此处是让步状语从句, 故选 although。 5. A. blown up C. been opened B. been closed D. been on fire B. as C. as if D.

【解析】选 A。逻辑推理题。句意表示“化工厂爆炸了”, blow up“爆 炸”符合题意。故 选 A 项。 6. A. lived C. studied B. worked D. visited

【解析】选 B。词义辨析题。从上文的 the Texas City Monsanto Chemical plant had. . . 和下文的 began to cry 看出答案。故选 B 项。 7. A. smiled C. froze B. frightened D. worried

【解析】选 C。前后照应题。那也是“我”父亲工作的地方, “我”呆住了。frighten“恐 吓”是及物动词, 要跟宾语, 此处用不及物动词, freeze“凝固; 僵硬”符合题意。故选 C 项。 8. A. make C. push B. feel D. find

【解析】选 D。固定搭配题。从上文的化工厂爆炸看, 学生是找到回家的路。make one’s way“前进”; feel one’s way“摸索着前进”; push one’s way“挤出一条路”; find one’s way“找到一条路”。根据句意, 选 D 项。

9. A. when C. as

B. while D. for

【解析】选 A。逻辑推理题。句意: 我回家的路走了四分之一, 这时一辆轿车的喇叭声吓着 我了, 引起了我的注意。when 意思是“正在这时”, 符合题意。故选 A 项。 10. A. decision C. feeling B. attention D. expression

【解析】选 B。词义辨析题。从上文的“轿车的喇叭声吓着我了”看出答案。故选 B 项。 11. A. pulled up C. pulled in B. pulled out D. pulled off

【解析】选 A。短语辨析题。从下文的 alongside me in his old Ford 看出车是“停了下 来”。pull up“停下来”符合题意。故选 A 项。 12. A. there B. he re C. gone D. alone for me himself.

【解析】选 C。词汇复现题。从下文的 Otherwise, Papa would have 猜出父亲“走了; 不在了”。故选 C 项。 13. A. started B. come C. left

D. stopped

【解析】选 B。前后照应题。结合上一题, 要不父亲会亲自“来”的, come 符合题意。故选 B 项。 14. A. get off C. get through B. get over D. get in

【解析】选 D。固定搭配题。从上文叔叔把车停下来看是让作者上车, get in“上车”符合 题意。故选 D 项。 15. A. seat B. chair C. stool D. bag

【解析】选 A。背景常识题。从 I crawled into the back 看, 是车的后座。故选 A 项。 16. A. looked at C. reached for B. helped D. called on

【解析】选 C。固定搭配题。句意: 直到父亲伸手摸我, 我才认出他来。reach for“伸手 抓; 伸手拿”, 符合题意。 17. A. cry B. laugh C. excite D. shout

【解析】选 A。词义辨析题。句意: Cherokees 不应该“哭泣”的。从前面 children whose par ents there began to cry 看出答案。故选 A 项。

18. A. teachers C. friends

B. relatives D. parents there began to cry

【解析】选 D。词汇复现题。从上文的 children whose parents 看出是他们的“父母”。故选 D 项。 19. A. class B. family C. school

D. house

【解析】选 B。前后照应题。悲剧有一天也会降临到我们的“家庭”, 因为父亲也在那个工 厂里工作。故选 B 项。 20. A. other C. another B. others D. the other

【解析】 选 C。 词义辨析题。 父亲这一次免遭 灾难, 所以“又”度过了 32 年。 another“再, 又”, 符合题意。故选 C 项 。 Ⅱ. 语法填空 阅读下面材料, 在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 When you start talking about good and bad manners you immediately start meeting difficulties. Many people just cannot agree to 1 they mean. We asked a lady, who the way they

replied that she thought you could tell a well-mannered person 2

occupied the space around them—for example, when such a person walks down a street he or she is constantly aware of others. Such people never bump into other people. However, 3 second person thought that this was 4 a question of civilized

behavior than good manners. Instead, this other person told us a story, which he said was quite well known, 5 an American who had been invited to an Arab meal (te ll)very much about

in one of the countries of the Middle East. The American 6 the kind of food he might expect.

7 he had known about Arab food, he might have

behaved better. Immediately before him was a very flat piece of bread that looked, to him, very much like a napkin(餐 巾). 8 (pick)it up, he pu t it into his collar, 9 had been watching, said nothing,

so that it fell across his shirt. His Arab host, but 10

(immediate)copied the action of his guest. And that, said this second

person, was a fine example of good manners. 【文章大意】礼貌到底是什么呢? 不同的人有不同的观点。 1. 【解析】what。考查宾语从句。agree to 后跟的是一个宾语从句, 从句中缺少 mean 的

宾语, 应用 what 引导。 2. 【解析】by。考查介词。句中的 tell 意为“辨别”, tell. . . by. . . 根据??辨别。 3. 【解析】a。考查冠词。a second . . . 又一个??。 4. 【解析】more。考查副词。more . . . than . . . 意为“与其说??, 不如说??”, 是固定搭配。 5. 【解析】about。考查介词。about an American who . . . 是定语, 修饰 a story, about 意为“关于”。 6. 【解析】hadn’t been told。考查时态和语态。由下句句意“如果他了解阿拉伯食物的 话, 他表现就会更好些。”可知, 他在此之前没有被告知有关他 所期待的食物的情况。故 用过去完成时的被动语态的否定形式。 7. 【解析】If。考查连词。if 引导条件状语从句。 8. 【解析】Picking。考查现在分词。pick 和逻辑主语 he 之间是主动关系, 应用现在分词。 9. 【解析】who。考查关系代词。who 引导定语从句修饰先行词 his Arab host, who 在从 句中作主语。 10. 【解析】immediately。考查副词。修饰动词 copy 应用副词。 Ⅲ. 短文改错 (2014·兰州模拟) 假定英语课上 老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文, 请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中 共有 10 处语言错误, 每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 增加: 在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧), 并在其下面写出该加的词。 删除: 把多余的词用斜线(﹨)划掉。 修改: 在错的词下划一横线, 并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意: 1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2. 只允许修改 10 处, 多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。 Some Americans judge success on the length of his vacations. The man who by their

gets a month’s vacation each year consider himself more successful than the man considers ∧或 gets two weeks. Many people want to be teachers because it are who getting is

teachers who can get∧three-month vacation every year. Some college teachers who a teach three classes consider themselves less successful than that who teach only one those or two, or none in all. In short, the less works Americans do, the less successful at they consider themselves. Ⅳ. 书面表达 (2014·温州模拟) 阅读下面漫画, 先描述漫画的内容, 然后重点描述这一现象并发表自己的看法。 注意: 1. 词数要求: 100 个词左右。 2. 参照图中文字所给提示, 作必要的发挥、想象。 3. 作文中不得提及考生所在学校和本人姓名。 work more

_______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ 【参考范文】 As is vividly shown in the cartoon, while the boy is still in sound sleep, the father is observing his watch and saying to the mother who is carrying the breakfast, “It’s time to wake him up. . . ” As a Senior Three student, study time seems limited. So many students try to work hard or even stay up too late. Parents are worried about the college entrance exams, so they have to stop their child from sleeping.

In my opinion, enough sleep is necessary for us Senior Three students. Otherwise we would feel tired and can’t work effectively. Try to strike a balance between work and leisure, and we will get an unexpected harvest. 【语篇随练】多练一点 技高一筹 根据完形填空内容, 回答下列问题。 Ⅰ. 请运用上下文暗示法, 按照以下提示题号找出文章中的对应词。 题 号 A 1 sending_______ and 15 17 18 答案: 题 号 1 teachers and 15 17 18 I crawled into the back whose parents 6 there began to cry children whose parents 6 there began to cry A A D 原 文 选 B 项 I crawled into the_______ whose parents 6 there began to_______ child ren whose_______ 6 there began to cry _______ _______ _______ huge crack spread 原 文 the_______wall upstairs, _______ 选 项


A huge crack spread across the library wall upstairs, sending

Ⅱ. What’s the purpose of writing the first sentence in Paragraph One? (no more than 8 words) ____________________________________________________________________ 答案: To introduce the topic/To arouse the interest of the readers.

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