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高一人教版英语必修三课时作业:Unit 2 Healthy eating(8)

Unit 2 Healthy eating 课时作业(八)
I.完形填空(40 分) If you cough occasionally, you may just be suffering from a common cold. 1 if you have a rising fever with your 2 ,or you have difficulty in br

eathing, you had better 3 a doctor or call the emergency hotline (64629100 or 64629112)as soon as possible, these could be symptoms (症状)of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). If you want to 5 extra precautions (预防) and buy a filter mask, go to your local drug store. Your Chinese friends may 6 you to take Banlangen,a traditional Chinese medicine 4 widely 7 vinegar in your house in China to activate the immune (免疫的) system, or fumigate

to 8 viruses (病毒) in the 9 ,but "these measures are of no use in 10 the disease," said Dr. Qi Xiaoqiu, Director General of the Department of Diseases Control, Ministry of Health. If you have 11 returned from Hong Kong or areas 12 SARS has been active, go to your doctor and 13 him or her of your recent trip. If you develop symptoms 14 your trip, stop traveling until fully 15 If you pass 12 days symptom-free after coming back from these areas, you 16 set your mind at ease (无忧无虑的). The following are some preventive measures you can take 17 by experts from the Chinese Center for Diseases Control and Prevention: Wash hands with running water after sneezing, coughing or clearing your noses Use a clean towel or tissue after washing hands; Do not share towels with 18 ; Keep a healthy diet, add or 19 clothes according to changes of the weather and exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep; Relieve stress and do not smoke so as to 20 your body's resistance to diseases; Reduce visits to crowded places with poor ventilation. 1. A. Then B. And C. But D. So 2. A. cough B. cold C. headache D. stomach 3. A. watch B. notice C. see D. look at 4. A. for B. of C. with D. because 5. A. have B. get C. bring D. take 6. A. advise B. suggest C. hope D. allow 7. A. using B. used C. buying D. bought 8. A. give B. damage C. kill D. attract 9. A. water B. air C. land D. earth 10. A. protecting B. defending C. preventing D. winning 11. A. still B. yet C. just D. only 12. A. that B. which C. when D. where

13. A. ask 14. A. during 15. A. recover 16. A. should 17. A. given 18. A. another 19. A. put on 20. A. set up

B. speak B. at B. recovers B. can B. giving B. other B. reduce B. go up

C. inform C. in C. recovering C. shall C. to give C. others C. wear C. put

D. say D. while D. recovered D. must D. gave D. one D. increase D. build up

Ⅱ.阅读理解(60 分) A A car needs gas to run and your body also needs food to work for you. Eating the right kind of food is very important. It can help your body grow strong to take care of what you eat. There are four main food groups altogether. The dairy group has food like milk, cheese and sour milk. The other three groups are the meat and fish group, the fruit and vegetable group, and the bread and rice group. Each meal should have at least one food from all four main groups. With all these food together, you will be given enough energy during the day. It is easy to get into bad eating-habits. You may eat your breakfast in a hurry to get to school on time. Or you may not have time for a good lunch. It may seem easy to. But you will find yourself tired in these days and you can not think quickly.. Watching what you eat will help your body remain healthy and strong. It is also good to take some exercise. It will help you eat more if you take a walk or play games in the open air. Having a good eating habit with some exercise is the key to your health. 21. Which of the following diets do you think is the best one?____________ A. Corn, fish, cream and pork. B. Eggs, tomatoes and chicken. C. Milk, bread, cabbages and beef. D. Rice, beancurd, apples, fish and chicken. 22. Which of the following is a good eating-habit? ____________ A. Going to school without any breakfast. B. Finishing your lunch in a very short time. C. Eating fish and chips for supper all the time. D. Having at least one food from all four groups in each meal. 23. In this passage the writer mainly tells us that____________ A. right kind of food with exercise will keep you healthy B. taking exercise can keep your body strong C. every person needs food to grow well D. enough energy helps people think more quickly 24. The underlined word "dairy" in the second paragraph means____________ A. the shop that sells milk and butter B. the food made out of cows such as milk and butter C. a farm where cows are kept D. a place where milk products are made B Many cities around the world today are heavily polluted. Careless methods of production and lack of consumer demand for environment (环境) friendly products have contributed to the

pollution problem. One result is that millions of tons of glass, paper, plastic, and metal containers are produced, and these are difficult to get rid of. However, today, more and more consumers are choosing "green" and demanding that the products they buy should be safe for the environment. Before they buy a product, they ask questions like these: "Will this shampoo damage the environment?" "Can this metal container be reused or can it only be used once?" A result study showed that two out of five adults now consider the environmental safety of a product before they buy it. This means that companies must now change the way they make and sell their products to make sure that they are "green", that is, friendly to the environment. Only a few years ago, it was impossible to find green products in supermarkets, but now there are hundreds. Some supermarket products carry labels (标签) to show that the product is green. Some companies have made the manufacturing (生产) of clean and safe products their main selling point and emphasize it in their advertising. The concern for a safer and cleaner environment is making companies rethink how they do business. No longer will the public accept the old attitude of "Buy it, use it, throw it away, and forget it." The public pressure is on, and gradually business is cleaning up its act. 25. It becomes clear from the text that the driving force ( 动力 ) behind green products is________ A. public caring for the environment B. companies desire for bigger sales C. new ways of doing business D. rapid growth of supermarkets 26. What would be the best title for the text? ________ A. Business and People B. Business Goes Green C. Shopping Habits Are Changing D. Supermarkets and Green Products 27. The underlined word "it" in the fourth paragraph refers to________. A. a selling point B. the company name C. a great demand for health food D. the manufacturing of green products C Habits, whether good or bad, are gradually formed. When a person does a certain thing again, he is driven by some unseen force to do the same thing repeatedly, then a habit is formed. Once a habit is formed, it is difficult, and sometimes impossible to get rid of. It is therefore very important that we should pay great attention to the formation of habits. Children often form bad habits, some of which remain with them as long as they live. Older persons also form bad habits lasting as long as they live, and sometimes become ruined by them. There are other habits which, when formed in early life, are of great help. Many successful men say that much of their success has something to do with certain habits in early life, such as early rising, honesty. Among the habits which children should not form are laziness, lying, stealing and so on. These are all easily formed habits. Unfortunately older persons often form habits which could

have been avoided (避免). We should keep away from (远离) all these bad habits, and try to form such habits as will be good for ourselves and others. 28._______ are formed little by little. A. Good habits B. Bad habits C. Both good habits and bad habits D. Either good habits or bad habits 29. The underlined word "them" in the first paragraph refers to_________ A. bad habits B. good habits C. children D. other persons 30. Generally speaking, it's difficult for one ________ and easy for them _________ which should be avoided. A. to form bad habits; to form good habits B. to form good habits; to form bad habits C. to form such habits as will be good; to get rid of bad habits D. to get rid of bad habits; to form good habits 31. Why should we pay much attention to the formation of habits?_________ A. Because habits are of great help to every one of us. B. Because a man can never get rid of a habit. C. Because it's hard and sometimes even impossible to throw away bad habits. D. Because we are forced to do them again and again. 32. According to the passage, early rising___________. A. has something to do with success B. is an easily-formed habit C. is such a habit as should have been avoided D. is such a habit as will be kept 延伸探究题 The amount of usable water has always been of great interest in the world. 1 springs and streams sometimes means control, particularly in the 2 areas like the desert. The control is possible even without possession of large areas of 3 land. In the early days of the American west, gun fights were not 4 for the water resources (资源) ,and laws had to be 5 to protect the water rights of the 6 and the use of the water resources accordingly. 7 is known to us all, there is not 8 water in all places for everyone to use as much as he likes. Deciding on the _____9_____ of water that will be used in any particular period 10 careful planning, so that people can manage and use water more 11 . Farmers have to change their use of or demand for water 12 the water supply forecast (预报). The 13 water supply forecast is based more on the water from the 14 than from the below. Interest is 15 in the ways to increase rainfall by man-made methods, and to get water from the winter snow on mountain 16 With special equipment, some scientists are studying the ways in which the mountain snow can be 17 , and with the help of a repeater station, they send the 18 data (数据) to the base station. The operator at the base station can get the data at any time by 19 a button. In the near future, the forecast and use of water 20 probably depend on the advance knowledge of snow on mountains, not of water underground.

1. A. Using Finding 2. A. dry wild 3. A. fine farming 4. A. unlawful uncommon 5. A. made written 6. A. winners supporters 7. A. That 8. A. plentiful 9. A. type 10. A. requests suggests 11. A. effectively actively 12. A. leading to according to 13. A. correct 14. A. clouds 15. A. raising lasting 16. A. rocks 17. A. taken care of up 18. A. picked gathered 19. A. touching turning 20. A. might should Ⅱ.阅读理解(30 分)

B. Holding B. distant B. beautiful B. unacceptable B. designed B. settlers B. It B. enough B. quality B. requires B. easily B. due to B. further B. sky B. rising B. tips B. made use of B. produced B. knocking B. can

C. Owning C. deserted C. rich C. unpopular C. signed C. fighters C. What C. any C. amount C. means C. conveniently C. owing to C. average C. air C. building C. tops C. piled up C. used C. pressing C. will

D. D. D. D. D. D. D. As D. much D. level D. D. D. D. early D. above D. D. trees D. saved D. D. D.

A The city of Venice, in Italy, is one of a kind. It is built on more than 120 islands, just off the coast. The islands are small and close together. The waterways between them are used as streets. They are called canals. In this watery world, people use boats to get from place to place. Gondolas to place, small boats that are moved with one oar (桨), were once the only boats used in the canals. But today motorboats make getting around faster; there are still lots of gondolas, though. Many visitors go to Venice all the year round. And they like to ride in the old-style (老式) boats. If you aren't going far in this city, it's easier to go on foot. There are hundreds of narrow

footpaths. About 100 low bridges connect the footpaths and islands. But these bridges cause problems for the boaters. When the sea tide (潮) is high, the canal water rises. People in the boats must duck to fit under bridges. 21. After reading the first paragraph, we can come to the conclusion that________. A. all the buildings in Venice are help up (抬高) on seawater B. there's no land in the city of Venice C. the streets in Venice are all lined with waterways D. nobody can be seen walking in the streets of Venice 22. It is clear that________. A. all the Venetian people ride in boats with one oar to get from place to place B. gondolas are the only boats used in the canals C. the ways of getting round in Venice are different from those in any other city D. motorboats have taken the place of gondolas in Venice now 23. Which of the following statements shows no difference between itself and the passage?___________ A. All the Venetian people like to ride in the old-style boats. B. Neither cars nor buses are used in Venice. C. Citizens in Venice don't walk much. D. Gondolas rides are much more expensive. 24. Which of the following statements leads us to the conclusion that traveling around Venice by gondolas can be slow? ________ A. Gondolas, small boats that are moved with one oar, were once the only boats used in the canals. B. But today, motorboats make getting around faster. C. But these bridges cause problems for the boaters. D. People in the boats must duck to fit under bridges. 25. The word "duck" in the last sentence means________. A. bend one's head in order not to be hit B. go quickly under water for a short time C. swim as a duck does D. dive suddenly like a duck B Enough sleep is important to health. The amount of sleep needed depends on the age of the person and the conditions in which sleep takes place. The young may need more sleep than the old, but usually eight hours are enough for the health of grown-ups. Some can do with less than this amount, but others may need more. Every person knows his own need. It is then a matter of good judgement to satisfy his need. Sleep should always be enough to make one bring back his strength and get ready for a day's work. Fresh air is necessary to sound sleep. It is not without reason for some people to think that it is practicable to sleep in the open air. When one can keep himself warm. out-of-door sleeping probably gives the body its most complete relaxation (松弛). Ability (能力)to sleep is largely a habit. The conditions referred to only lead to sleep. Out-of-door exercises, a good habit of regular hours and the avoidance (避免) of late eating and worry, which are largely within the control of any person, are all helpful to sound sleep.

A bath at bedtime, neither hot nor cool but of body temperature, may be helpful to sleep. Sleep-producing drug (药) should never be taken except when suggested by a doctor. 26. How many hours are usually enough for the health of a pupil?_____________ A. Less than eight hours. B. No more than eight hours. C. Eight hours or so. D. No less than nine hours. 27. What does "sound sleep" mean? ________ A. Long sleep. B. Fast sleep. C. Complete sleep. D. Sleep without any sound. 28. Which of the following is helpful to good sleep?_______________ A. Keeping good habits. B. Staying up late night. C. Eating something at bedtime. D. Forming the habit of taking sleep—producing drug. 29. The amount of sleep a person needs has something to do with__________ A. his age B. his height C. his weight D. his character 30. Before going to bed, you'd better not________. A. take a bath B. do any housework C. think a lot D. go out for relaxation

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