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必修 5综合练(学生版)

高二英语人教新课标 模块(五)综合练 虚拟语气训练
1. The doctor suggested that she_______ smoke 2. If I_______ ( be ) you, I wouldn’t return the call. 3. It is strange that such a thing_______( happen ) in your school. 4. It is imperative that you________( be ) on time. 5. I didn’t go to the party, but I do wish I_______( be ) there. 6. It is time we________( have ) our supper. 7. If the doctor had been available, the child ___.( die ) 8. Dr. Bethune worked hard as if he _______ never( feel / tire ). 9. You are late. If you ___( come ) a few minutes earlier, you ___ ( meet )him. 10. I wish my husband ___ ( dress )as well as yours. 11. He looked as if he ___( be ) ill for a long time. 12. If the doctor had come earlier, the poor child_________( lie ) there for two hours 13. He _________ (tell) you if he ______ (know), I’m sure. 14. If I ____ (have) more time, I ___________ (learn) another foreign language. 15. If I ______ (be) you, I _________ (pay) more attention to English idioms. 16. I _________(help) you if I ______ (can). 17. If I _______(receive) your e-mail, I____(answer) it long ago. 18. If I________( be ) so busy, I_________( attend ) the lecture that day. 19. Without electricity human life__________( be ) quite different today. 20. If he ____(be) here, he _____(show) us how to perform the experiment. 21. The Jade Emperor ordered that the Monkey King_________( arrest ) right away. 22. I was busy yesterday, otherwise I_________( attend ) your birthday party. 23. I would rather you_________( leave ) right away. 24. If the hurricane had happened during the day-time, there_________( be ) more deaths. 25. If you_________( study ) hard, you would have passed the exam. 26. If you ________( come ) earlier, you wouldn’t have been late. 27. If I had taken money with me yesterday, I _____(repair ) my watch. 28. If I ________(repair ) my watch, I would have got up early. 29. If I_________(get up ) early, I wouldn’t have been late. 30. We all agree to his suggestion that we____ ( go ) to the Happy Valley for an outing. 31. Order came that the soldiers_____( send )to the border. 32. Here is the doctor’s advice that you ____ ( take ) the medicine 4 times a day.

33. It is high time that you _____( go ) to school. 34. It is time you____( do )something about it. 35. It was the first time they____( meet ), but they acted as though they___( be )friends for ages. 36. Jane's uncle insisted that ________( stay ) in this hotel any longer. 37. I wish I ___ able to tell him all about it last night. 38. Mother often tells us that it is necessary that we we get up. 39. She insisted that she 40. . I not (send) to work in the faraway small town. (forget) his telephone number, I would have rung him. (drink) a glass of water after

倒状句语法训练 1、 fine was the weather that we all went out, lying in the sun. a pair of shoes which he had bought from the shop a few days

2、 Under his arm before.

3、Before George ______the policeman who had arrested him three times for carrying drugs. 4、Then the hour we had been looking forward to . she realize the reason for this.

5、Only when he started to explain 6、Only by working hard 7、Not for a moment

we succeed in doing anything. he doubt the truth of your story. cheaper tailoring than in Hong Kong. the bus suddenly pulled away. does Joan. . do I care

8、 Nowhere else in the world can a tourist 9、Hardly had they got to the bus –stop 10、Mary doesn’t speak French, and

11、—Do you know Jim quarrelled with his brother? —I don’t know, 12、Not until the early years of the 19th century 13、After that we never saw her again nor did we 14、John won the first prize in the contest. 15、Clever he is, he doesn’t study well.

man know what heat is. from her. he did.

16、You can never use my tape recorder. At 17、Scarcely I entered the room his life.

time should you touch that machine. the phone rang.

18、Only the doctor can 19、Hardly anybody

the boy , because he is rude.

20、So well

she do her homework that the teacher praised her.

21、Only when you come to know him ______ you get along with him. 22、 he rushed, gun in hand. .

23、He had promised me to come to the party ,and 24、Into the sky 25、Little ____ he the light blue smoke. about his own life at the meeting.

26、______no circumstances 27、 28、

China first use nuclear weapons.

she taken that examination, she could have passed it . it to rain tomorrow , we would put off the match till next Monday. Mr. Brown. us good advice.

29、Look, here 30、Often did she

31、_______I began to work did I realize how much time I had wasted. 32、Little 33、 he ____ about his own safety , though he was in great danger himself. began our new lesson. we look down upon the poor. 30 years old change their plan. .” a man a small boy. he_____ to learn English.

34、By no means 35、Only when he 36、Not once

37、“It’s very hot today.”“

38、A fish needs water and without water it will die. So it is 39、They arrived at the farmhouse, in front of which 40、Society has changed and have the people in it .

过去分词作定语训练 1. Don’t use words, expressions or phrases ____ (know ) only to people with specific knowledge 2. The computer center,____ (open ) last year, is very popular among the students in this school. 3. The newly ________( elect ) president of the country is going to give a speech. 4.Society needs well- ______ ( educate ) citizens, so education is very important in one’s life. 5.The badly________ ( injure ) guard was sent to the hospital immediately. 6. People are trying to make the once _______( pollute ) rivers clean again. 7. Most of the artists _____ ( invite ) to the party were from South Africa. 8. The _______ ( excite ) look on his face suggested that he had passed the exam.

9.I found my wallet_______( lose ) on my way home. 10.The Olympic Games, first___ ( play ) in 776 B.C. did not include women players until 1912. 11.The meeting ________ ( hold ) now is of great importance. 12.The disc,digitally ____(record )in the studio, sounded fantastic at the party that night. 13.Prices of daily goods ___ ( buy ) through a computer can be lower than store prices. 14. From the dates __ ( mark ) on the gold coin, we decided that it was made five hundred years ago. 15. There are a lot of ______ ( fall ) leaves in autumn. 16. There have been several new events __ ( add ) to the program for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. 17. The man _______ ( seat ) in the chair asked me to sit down. 18. There is almost nothing _______ ( change ) since I left the village five years ago. 19.There was a _______ ( puzzle ) expression on his face. 20. The reform project _____ (put ) forward by Mr. Black is being discussed at the meeting now. 21. Five people won the “China’s Green Figure’ award, a title _____ ( give ) to ordinary people for contributions to environmental protection. 22.The man ______ ( refer ) to by you is a famous professor in Beijing University. 23.Mr. Brown was much disappointed to see the washing machine _____ ( repair) the day before went wrong again. 24. Mr. green stood up in defense of the 16-year-old boy, saying that he was not the one ______
( blame).

25. The matter _______ ( look ) into by the police is hard and complex. 26. From the _______ ( disappoint) expression on the poor man’s face, we can know that the price of meat must have risen. 27. The building ______ ( built ) in our school is for our teachers. Though there’s noise most of the day, we still feel happy about it. 28.The little child ______( punish) by his teacher left the school the day before yesterday. 29.The experience _____ ( gain ) will be of great value to us. 30.It’s true that _____( lose)time is lost forever. 31.She is afraid of driving on the road ______ (cover ) by ice and snow. 32The problem ________ ( discuss) at yesterday’s meeting was very difficult to solve. 33.Near the window, there is a bookshelf _____ ( fill ) with many interesting books. 34. With fallen leaves _____ ( bury) in the earth every year, the soil becomes richer and

richer. 过去分词作状语训练 1. ________ in 1636, Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States. (find) 2. ________ time, he'll make a first-class tennis player.(give) 3.The Olympic Games, ______ in 776 B.C., did not include women players until 1912. (first play) 4.. The murderer was brought in, with his hands ________ behind his back. (tie) 5. Hands ______ behind his head, John lay on the sand with his eyes looking straight upward into space. ( cross ) 6.. ____ the general state of his health, it may take him a while to recover from the operation.(give) 7. _______some officials, Napoleon inspected his army. (Follow by) 8. ______more attention, the trees could have grown better. (give ) 9. The secretary worked late into the night, ________a long speech for the president. (prepare) 10. It was so cold that they kept the fire _______all night.(burn ) 11. Generally speaking,____ according to the directions, the drug has no side effect. (when take ) 12. Suddenly, a tall man driving a golden carriage ______the girl and took her away,________ into the woods. (seize; disappear) 13. After his journey from abroad, Richard Jones returned home, _______. ( exhaust) 14. The_______ boy was last seen_______ near the East Lake. (miss; play ) 15. The patient was warned_______ oily food after the operation. (eat) 16. It’s necessary to be prepared for a job interview._____ the answers ready will be of great help.(have) 17.._____ his composition, he made a lot of grammar mistakes. (write) 18.______from other continents for millions of years ,Australia has many plants and animals not found in any other country in the world.(separate) 19. The storm left , _____a lot of damage to this area . (cause) 20. _____ the programme, they have to stay there for another two weeks. (complete)

过去分词作宾补训练 1) I noticed the car_________( repair). 2) He acknowledged himself ___________(defeat). 3) They kept the door __________(lock) a long time. 4) Don’t leave the windows _________(break) like this all the time. 5) The villagers had many trees _________(plant )just then. 6) My elder sister had her wallet________ ( steal) on a bus last month. 7) I raised my voice to make myself__________( hear). 8) When we got to school, we saw the door________ ( lock). 9) We can hear the windows________ ( beat) by the heavy rain drops. 10) The teacher wouldn’t like the problem _________ (discuss) at the moment. 11) I want this suit________ (make) to his own measure. 12).My parents expected me________________ (well-prepare) for the entrance examination. 13) The thief was brought in with his hands ______ (tie) behind his back. 14) You must get the work_____ (do) before Friday. 15).Before she came to English , she had never heard a single English word _______(speak) 16) When his wife returned, the husband noticed her hair ____ (cut) short. 17) He went home only to find his room _________ (break into.) 18) The girl asked him not to leave the door______( close) 19) With many brightly-colored flowers ______ (plant) around the building, his house looks like a beautiful garden. 20) The students are told to have their homework_______ ( hand) in before tomorrow.


1. She felt a little d______________ . 她感到有一点失望。 2. The sun is r__________ .太阳升起来了。

3. Don’t touch the glass because it is b________. 不要碰那个杯子,它是坏的。 4. He is quite p _______with the design of the dress. 他很喜欢那礼服的式样。 5. He was very p ______ to hear from his girlfriend. 收到女朋友的信,他很高兴。 6. I’m s ______ that you didn’t tell me a lie. 我很高兴,你没有跟我说谎。 7. The village is s__________ with many trees. 这个村子被许多树环绕。(系表结构)

8. They were s________ by the enemies. 他们被敌人包围了。(被动结构) 9. We were a ______ to find that no one was hurt. 我们很惊奇地发现居然没有人受伤。 10. The news is very a________. 这个消息很令人惊讶。 11. They were f_____ to hear the frightening sound. 他们听到那可怕的声音很害怕。

12. At the sight of the moving scene, all the people present were m _____ to tears. 看到这么动人的情景,所有在场的人都感动得流下了眼泪。 13. Cleaning women in big cities usually get p______ by the hour. 14. You seem f_______. 你看样子受了惊吓。 他们度假去了。 图书馆现在关门了。 图书馆六点关门。

15. They are g______ for vacation. 16. The library is now c_________. 17. The library isc ______ at six.

18. — How did the audience receive the new play? —They got very e________. 19. He got ________ in the rain. 他碰上一场大雨. 20. He got ________ in the street 他迷失在街上. 21. They have been s_______ 他们已经分手了

22. He got _____ in the accident. 他在事故中受伤。 23. They have been m________ for 3 years. 他们已经结婚三年了。

24. She was e_______ to a boy. 她跟一个男孩订婚了。 25. The paper got b________ when it appeared the fire. 纸靠近火就会烧着。 大家注意到他说了慌。

26. It was _______ that he told a lie. 27. He has g_________他走了。

28. Although e__________ by the climb, he continued his journey. 29. He was s_______ in thought. 他陷入了沉思。

30. They were s_______ at the news.


1. China,

Europe, has followed a similar way of life for a long time. the 13th century painters like Giotto

2. Things had begun to change

di Bondone began to paint religious scenes 3. One of the most important discoveries perspective.

a more realistic style. this period was how to draw things

4. it. 4.

first,most people hated his new style of painting and became very angry

the other hand, some modern art is so realistic, it looks almost photograph.


5. The Middle Ages in Europe began century.

the fifth century and lasted

the 15th

6. Painter also began painting other things 7. He looked

religious subjects.

the enemy’s trick and escaped being caught.

8. The journalists all focused on the spokesman in the news press. 9. The South tried to break away broke . the flesh than in the picture. nursery rhymes, children learn about the North. the Civil War

10. Miss Zhang is more beautiful 11. language. playing with the words

12. Haiku is not a traditional form of English speakers.
13. In fact, my family loved reading books.

it is very popular


much that the living room in our cottage was full

14. I give the whole summer is new. 15. vase. 16.

you to hold

winter mornings when the snow

Emily hadn’t teased that cat, it would not have knocked

that beautiful

do you suggest be sent there to cover the accident? the bus had stopped that we got the children cannot reach . them.

17. It was not

18. The sweets should be put 19. Do make up 20. The captain asked me 21. The novel was written 22. Half an hour later he succeeded

the lessons you have missed. the ship would be loaded .

a style appropriate to teenagers. working out the difficult problem. every one of us is addicted the

23. Disneyland is so interesting a park characters in it.

24. He said French was the most beautiful tongue in the world, and it us and never forget it. on the piano when I was three.

we must keep

25. My parents started me

26. Share your list issues. 27.

others in your class and make a list of important health

you have all seen, the elephant looks just

a great wall.

28. She wouldn’t go out with me again 29. I am sending you some advice I found 30.

I quitted smoking. the internet. a cigarette. they have HIV. cold

you start to feel nervous or stressed, don’t reach looking at someone whether or glass and is used

31. You can tell

33.A greenhouse is made weather 34.There is no doubt

growing plants, especially

the earth is becoming warmer.

35.Many scientists believe that people have caused the increase in the earth’s temperature produce energy. 36.They also believe it is the burning of more and more fossil fuels this increase in carbon dioxide. 37.Some people think future global warming would cause the sea level to rise several metres. 38.Even we start reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse warming for decades or centuries. he took accurate measurements. Hambley, is resulting the burning of fossil fuels coal, natural gas and oil to

gases, the climate is going to keep 39.People accept Charles Keeling’s data 40.

the other hand, there are those, like scientist George high levels of carbon dioxide.

believe that we should not worry 41. pollution. 42.It’s OK to leave an electrical appliance it .

, individuals can make a difference. We do not have to put


so long

you are using it---if not, turn

43.Teachers are always compared 44.There has been a decrease 3%.


students flowers. decreased

population. Exactly to say, it has

45.His heroic deed created a lasting impression 46.

people. danger excites me and

my job is occasionally dangerous, I don’t mind,

makes me alive. 47.Measures should be taken to protect the river 48.I was to go to school it began to rain. pollution.

49.The menu varies bad.

the season but the quality of the dishes varies


50.The old house was burnt 51.Tianchi is a deep lake the mountain. 52.When she picked

the ground last week. has formed in the crater of a dead volcano top of

the fruit to smell it, it flew a handsome boy.

her mouth.

53.Some time later the girl gave birth 54.You have made a few mistakes but 55.She glanced her watch and left

the whole you have done well. a hurry. be controlled until its cause was found. all the dead people had lived.

56.John Snow thought cholera would 57.He marked 58. linked 59.To prevent this polluted water. a map

addition, he found two other deaths in another part of London that were the Broad Street outbreak. happening again, John Snow put new methods of dealing

60.The famous football player thanked his fans concluded

their valuable support and

singing the popular song : “Thanks for the memory”. the planets

61.Copernicus placed a fixed sun at the center of the solar system going it and only the moon still going round the earth.

62.Copernicus’ theory is now the base are built. 63.Keep indoors and don’t expose your skin 64.Mary was had got burnt. 65.The driver was to blame the accident. absorbed

which all our ideas of the universe

the sun.

reading the novel that she didn’t realize the food

66.The orphan had no one to take care of him apart 67.Now when people refer 68.

his uncle. .

England you find Wales included as three zones. the North.

convenience England is divided roughly Scotland is known

69.The zone nearest

70.Westminster Abbey contained statues in memory of dead poets and writers. 71.The longitude line passes either side of the line. 72.Many visitors enjoyed looking at the beautiful old Chinese pots and other show, and she felt very proud her country. objects Greenwich, so Pingyu had a photo taken standing

73.Mr. Steve was very strict both 74.Please tell me whose name has been left 75.Our great happiness consists 76.Finally he decided to take 77.The story reminds me 78.I am familiar

his children and on the list. serving the people. the challenge. one of my previous teachers.

his own work.

your new car, which is very similar

mine. the

79.The six of us were called to the capsule together and climbed in round opening. 80.people made their way the center of the city all directions. Wang Ping. case others could hear him. the road.

81.There were so many carriages that I lost sight 82.He spoke to me 83.Children’s lives are whispers

risk every time they go .

84.Neither of these creatures is easy to talk 85.Your first job 86. China Daily will be

a reporter. her own.

the age of seven the little girl begins to go to school driving. no value.

87.Don’t talk , concentrate 88.To tell the truth, the necklace is

89.The teachers are busy preparing the exam papers preparing the exam.

the students are busy

90.At the court he was accused

stealing the purse from a woman. no wasted words or phrases.

91.Months training has taught him to write 92.Last 93.Take clothing

all, the chief editor read it and approved it. the burned area unless it is stuck place before she starts work. his award a ceremony. . the burn.

94.She likes everything to be 95.John was presented 96.He was honored for carrying

lifesaving first aid on his this situation?

97.What kind of first aid would you perform 98.He chocked 99.Compared death on a fish bone. the graph

the left,we find that temperature has been

increasing steadily these years. 100.Fruit juices can be harmful children’s teeth.

Unit 1 介词或副词填空: 1. Machines have taken the place _____ manpower recently.

2. Mr. Smith aimed ____ the bird, fired and missed. 3. Scores ______ paintings were stolen from the gallery last night. 4. The journalists all focused ______ the spokesman in the news press. 5. The South wanted to break away ______ the North. So the Civil War broke ______. 6. It took her a great deal ____ time to persuade Jim to join their club. 7. If you don’t concentrate more _____ your work, you will be dismissed. 8. I couldn’t convince him ______ my innocence. 9. Miss Zhang is more beautiful _____ the flesh than in the picture. 10. He has looked ______ travel journals before leaving.

Unit 2 介词或副词填空: 1. Their carbon paper is running _____. 2. Can you remember any poems you have read in high school, either _____ Chinese or _____ English? 3. It is not a traditional form of English poetry but it is very popular _____ English speakers. 4. Her speech made quite an impression _____ the audience. 5. My teacher talked to me _____ my father. 6. He _________ (joy) agreed and we set out. 7. He left __________ (angry) without saying a word. 8. All the teachers and students are __________ (warm) welcome. 9. The girl talked __________ (end) and her mother had to choke her off. 10. The flu is __________ (high) infectious.

Unit3 介词或副词填空: 1. Have you got _____ the habit of saving the document you are working on every few minutes? 2. He played awfully and was taken _____ after ten minutes. 3. The disease is spreading, and all children under five are _____ risk. 4. Didn’t you feel ashamed _____ having lied to my mother? 5. He lost his job, due _____ his often being late. 6. She wouldn’t go out with me again ______ I gave ____ smoking. 7. Is it human activity _____ has caused this global warming? 8. In spite _____ his illness, he came to the meeting.

9. Slowly Anne was accustomed _____ living in China. 10. The passengers are reminded ______ not swimming in the sea.

Unit 4 介词或副词填空: 1. Once we’ve made up our minds, nothing can keep us____________ doing it. 2. Compared __________ western diet, Chinese diet is healthier. 3. The new house is spacious. ________ the other hand the rent is reasonable. 4. Don’t give up easily. Please keep ____ trying until you succeed. 5. She glanced shyly _________ him from behind her fan. 6. Hard work results ______ success. 7. How did the difference between American English and British come ________? 8. There is fierce debate ______ whether it is human activity that has caused this global warming or whether it is just a natural phenomenon. 9. He found it difficult to put _______ with the pain. 10. His health is getting ______ better. (他的健康状况正在稳步好转。)

Unit 5 介词或副词填空: 1. I am just as enthusiastic _________ my job as the day I first stated. 2. The height of the land varies ______ 700 metres above sea level ____ over 2000 metres and home _____ a great diversity of plants. 3. We are looking forward _____ seeing you at our Christmas Party. 4. Sara dressed baby James _____ warm clothes and collected the things she would need for him over the next few days. 5. She climbed first onto the roof with James safely attached ____ her back. 6. He was ________ running towards me, trying to tell me the good news. (他兴奋地朝我跑 过来,要告诉我那个好消息。) 7. It’s ________ impossible for me to quit my job now. (现在让我把这份工作辞去是绝对不 可能的事。 ) 8. I don’t mind although my job is ______ dangerous. (虽然我的工作偶尔有危险,我并不介 意。) 9. Everybody is waiting ______ for the doctor. (大家都在焦急地等着医生。) 10. All the examiners commented that Jack had an ______ clear head and considerable powers of independent criticism. (所有考官们评论说杰克思路清晰,给人印象深刻,独立


汉译英 M5 训练(一) 1.我的教学风格和多数教师的相似。 2..你可能会遇上一种情况,使你不得不立刻做出决定。 3.我看他是在说谎。 4.那位作家亲自捐赠了五万美元给地震基金。 5.演员们希望通过访问学校鼓励孩子们演出自己的作品。 6,她觉得好好照顾孩子是她的职责。 7.地球是有七大板块组成的. 8.他们正在讨论下一步该做什么. 9.他的第一位音乐老师是他一生中对他影响非常大的人. 10. 如果你不知道这是什么意思,去查一下字典. 11.你一定要设法改正你的坏习惯. 12.你明天没必要早起. 13.在大多数的办公室里,电脑已经取代了打字机. 14.工作的压力把他的身体弄垮了 15..除了提供好的收入,我还提供一套新的公寓给你. 16..众所周知,她父母对他要求非常严格. 17..最后他决定接受挑战 18.这个故事使我想起了我以前的一个老师 19.只有通过使用语言我们才能掌握一门语言. 20. 因为疲劳,他一上床就睡着了. 21, 上周三他妈妈病了,他姐姐也病了. 22. 只有到那时候我才意识到我错了 23. 读完这些书之后,请把他们放在适当的位置。 24.这个中年妇女从湿衣服中挤出了许多水 25.突然她在人群中看见了自己的女儿。 26.院子里有许多树叶,请你打扫一下。 27.你必须加速,否则不能及时赶到机场。 28.她经常帮助我完成工作,所以我对她很感激。 29.这首熟悉的歌使我想起了我在上海的经历。 30.将军号召战士们拿起武器与敌人战斗。 31.请把黑板上的单词记下来,不要漏掉任何单词。

32,他没有告诉我他的小汽车是在什么地方坏的。 33.他把食物分成五份,让他们每个人都拥有一份。 34.调皮的男孩挣脱了父亲,和同学玩去了。 35.史密斯先生对他的学生既严格要求又和蔼可亲。 36.请立即把这根绳子和那个绳子连接起来。 37.比较一下这些文章你就会得出一个结论。 38.对不起,请问这条街通往火车站吗? 39.缺少汽油会使你的汽车在半路停下来。 40.他向我要一张纸,但我没有找到。 汉译英 M6(训练二) 1. 这首歌使我想起了我的童年。 (remind…of ) 2. 除了在一所大学上班外, 现在他还经营自己的一家公司。 (in addition to ) 3. 这个俱乐部由 200 位以上的会员构成。 ( consist of ) 4. 为方便起见我们买了靠近商店和火车站的这所房子。 (for convenience) 5. 我们必须致力于改进教育工作。 (concentrate… on… ) 6. 这女孩既活泼又有幽默感,给我们留下了深刻印象。 (impress) 7. 你能告诉我事故是如何发生的吗?(come about) 8. 我再也不能容忍他们抽烟了。 (put up with) 9. 只要天气好我们就去。 (so long as ) 10. 我从没见过那位作家本人。(in the flesh) 11. 我应该把注意力集中在功课上。 (focus… on…) 12. 我们的汽油快用光了。(run out of ) 13. 失去这个朋友的险,我不想去冒。 (take the risk of ) 14. 昨天晚上我去商场给 Mary 买生日礼物。(make one’s way) 15. 我保证他们 会对我们的新产品感兴趣的。(guarantee) 16.公共汽车上有一些让我们提防小偷的标志。(warn) 17.压力和疲劳导致人的精力不集中。(result in ) 18. 这家冷饮店出售冰淇淋、冰水、冰茶等。( and so on) 19. 他的影子一路上跟随着他。(shadow) 20. 小偷争脱了警察逃跑了。(break away from) 21. 请帮我照看一下这婴儿。(keep an eye on ) 22. 使她父母高兴的是她得了一等奖。(to one’s joy) 23. 在学校读书时因为我胖,他们总是嘲笑我。(tease) 24. 囚犯试图逃跑但失败了。(attempt)

25 请把第一段中画线的句子翻译成汉语。(translate…into…) 26. 如果你放松一段时间, 你就会康复得更快一些。(take it easy) 27. 如果 TOM 没有考上大学, 她就不用离别父母搬到千里以外的地方去了。 (thousands of ) 28. 要是我有固定地址的话,你就能够把那些画寄给我了。 (permanent) 29. 我家里有许多音乐光盘,你愿意来听一些吗?(scores of ) 30. 她在信的末尾画的红心代表了爱情。(stand for) 31. 在电视上做香烟广告是非法的。(illegal) 32. 养成第天用些时间让体和精神放松一下的习惯 是个很好的主意。(get into, mentally) 33. 说起医生把针插进我胳膊抽血时我晕倒的事,我很难为情。 (ashamed, needle) 34. 我已经看过你的计划,现在我要你完成你的总结报告。(glance, work on ) 35. 我认为我们的会议总体上很成功。(on the whole) 36. 如果我们在学校周围多种些树,那将可能使环境大为改观。(make a difference) 37. 与你的生活相比, 我的生活非常枯燥无味。(compare with, boring) 38. 由于我小时候目睹过我的家被火烧成了灰烬,当我看到火势向我靠近时,我非常焦急。 (burn to the ground, anxious) 39. 翻阅报纸的时候我发现了一篇关于广东台风的新闻报道。(glance through, typhoon) 40. 我觉得人们把室内暖气温度调得太高了,真是浪费能源。(turn up)

汉译英训练(三) 1. 因为受到了老师的鼓舞, 学生们比以往更加努力地学习。 (使用以过去分词短语作状语) 2. Tom 对发生的一切非常惊讶,一致于不知如何是好。(so…that…, 或使用以过去分词 短语作状语或) 3. 他在上大学时就开始喜欢上了演戏。(take up) 4. 只有等你见习了他们的工作之后,你才能独自去进行新闻采访。 5. 他非常生气,竭力阻止我们发表这篇文章。 6. 多数中国人牙齿健康洁白的原因是他们饮食健康。 7. 正是 John 迅速的行动和急救知识拯救了 Ms Slade 的生命。 8. 作业已经做完了,因此他被获准看这场足球赛。(使用-ed 形式作宾语补足语,或使用 -ing 形式作状语) 9. 野餐的计划里没有想到下雨的可能性。 10.他常以魔术逗他的孩子高兴。

11.这个句子完全讲不通。 12. 很多学生热切希望被北京大学录取。 13. 全世界的人们都非常渴望世界和平。 14. 这个小孩对奶酪嗅觉灵敏。 15. 我哥哥比我大5岁。(senior) 16. 忘了给你寄信,我依旧觉得很内疚。(guilty) 17. 同他谈话完全是浪费时间,他不会听你的。(thorough) 18. 他反复读着父母的来信。 19. 她经常帮助我完成工作,所以我对她很感激。(assist in) 20. 这首熟悉的歌使我想起了我在上海的经历。(remind…of…) 21. 就在每人能帮上忙的时候,警察赶到了。(put one’s hand on) 22. 比较一下这些文章,你就会得出一个结论。(conclusion) 23. 为了占到好的座位,我们早早就去了。(so as to) 24. 这些孩子自班主任离开后就无法无天了。(out of control) 25. 他以前很少见过这样的美景。(seldom 放在句首) 26. 我再也受不了他们无休止的争吵了。(put up with) 27. 在这么短的时间内完成老师布置给我们的作业真是一项艰巨的任务。 (it 作形式主语) 28. 我的第一印象中他是那种害羞的人。 29. 工人们对工厂的未来持有乐观的态度。(optimistic) 30. 这篇文章我已读了两遍了,可是我还是看不懂。(make sense of) 31. 不管你怎么读,这句子都读不通。(make sense) 32. 我们一致同意不再提起这件时。(refer to) 33. 催促他没有用的,他不喜欢太匆忙。(it’s no use…, press) 34. 直到当我回到家,我才意识到忘了带那本诗集回家了。(用强调句型) 35.虽然有些拼写错误,但整体而言,这不失为一篇好文章。 36.当你们出去野炊时别忘了我。(leave out) 37.这份声明同你昨天在会上所说的不一致。(consistent) 38.别对你儿子太严厉要求了,他毕竟还只是个小孩而已。(after all) 39.他一生都专注于科学研究。(concentrate) 40.小明在化学学科上比我们大家都要优秀。(ahead of) 41.他直到开始为这家公司工作后才意识到英语的重要性。(not until 在句首) 42.我喜欢把办公桌的东西摆得整整齐齐的。(in place) 43. 这里地面的高度从海拔七百米到二千米不等,是多种动植物的生长地。(vary)

44.政府对这件事已经作出决定:任何被发现藏有这种画的人将受到惩罚。(decide on, take possession of) 45.只有当这种 HIV 病毒发展到爱滋病时,人才会显出病态。 (使用倒装句) 46.我们不得不忍受修路给我们带来的不便。 (put up with;result from,使用定语从句) 47.要不是由于缺少资金,刘教授就不会取消这个研究计划了。(用虚拟语气) 48.给我们解释清楚了所有的问题后,老师就离开了教室。(用动词-ing 形式作状语) 49.你要使他们相信你对这份工作的热情。 (convince)

50.虽然这四个国家确实在某些领域合作,但它们仍然非常不同。 51.在开始做游戏前,这个班的学生被分了四组。(divide into) 52.那个公司所做的事情绝对合法。 53.只有把太阳作为太阳系的中心,其他星球的运动才讲得通。(make sense) 54.每当(疾病)突发时,总有成千的人死去。(every time) 55.他对两个关于霍乱为什么能致人于死地的理论感兴趣。 56..张教授提出的建议被政府拒绝了。(put forward) 57.这条大坝建好以后,这些镇将不再受洪水的威胁. 58.警方把莎莉的死与另一个谋杀案联系起来. (link… to) 59.众所周知,他父母对他要求非常严格. 60.这本书提到作者的作品和他的生平. (as well as) 61.联合王国是由不同时期合并起来的四个国家组成的. (consist of) 62.没有必要匆匆忙忙的. 63.从那个村子开出的早班公共汽车与七点半的火车相衔接. (connect with) 64.有医生住在我们附近真是太方便了. (have …doing) 65.你要用心做好自己的工作。(attend to) 66.他经常向报纸和杂志投稿。(contribute to) 67.在某种程度上,你的话是对的。(in a sense) 68.他因对科学界做出的贡献而闻名。 69.他已下决心要成为一名科学家。(make up one’s mind) 70.老师继续从他昨天完成的地方讲课。 71.我的老师有很多书,它们占掉了很大空间。(take up) 72.我需要你的帮助,我自己不能处理这个问题。 73.经过投票表决,他取代比尔成为我们班的班长。(take the place of) 74.北京奥运组委会由很多不同的部门组成。 75.去云南大理那样美丽的城市旅游,你一定要睁大双眼。(keep one’s eyes open) 76.你应该戒除那些对健康不利的习惯。(break away from)

77.同学们被分成两组来讨论这个问题。 78.为了能早起,玛丽把表拨快了一个小时。 79.安没准时到达火车站,因为她的车坏了。(break down) 80.皮肤不仅可保持体内水分,还可使你有触觉。 (not only ;but also)

汉译英 Book 5 训练(四)

1 因为受到了老师的鼓舞,学生们比以往更加努力地学习。 (使用以过去分词短语作状语) 2Tom 对发生的一切非常惊讶,一致于不知如何是好。 (so…that…, 或使用以过去分词短语 作状语或) 3 他在上大学时就开始喜欢上了演戏。 (take up) 4 只有等你见习了他们的工作之后,你才能独自去进行新闻采访。 5 他非常生气,竭力阻止我们发表这篇文章。 6 多数中国人牙齿健康洁白的原因是他们饮食健康。 7 正是 John 迅速的行动和急救知识拯救了 Ms Slade 的生命。 8 作业已经做完了,因此他被获准看这场足球赛。 (使用-ed 形式作宾语补足语,或使用-ing 形式作状语) 9.野餐的计划里没有想到下雨的可能性。 10. 他常以魔术逗他的孩子高兴。 11. 这个句子完全讲不通。 12. 很多学生热切希望被北京大学录取。 13. 全世界的人们都非常渴望世界和平。 14. 这个小孩对奶酪嗅觉灵敏。 15. 我哥哥比我大5岁。 (senior) 16. 忘了给你寄信,我依旧觉得很内疚。 (guilty) 17. 同他谈话完全是浪费时间,他不会听你的。 (thorough) 18. 他反复读着父母的来信。 19. 她经常帮助我完成工作,所以我对她很感激。 (assist in) 20. 这首熟悉的歌使我想起了我在上海的经历。 (remind…of…) 21. 就在每人能帮上忙的时候,警察赶到了。 (put one’s hand on) 22. 比较一下这些文章,你就会得出一个结论。 (conclusion) 23. 为了占到好的座位,我们早早就去了。 (so as to) 24. 这些孩子自班主任离开后就无法无天了。 (out of control) 25. 他以前很少见过这样的美景。(seldom 放在句首)

26. 我再也受不了他们无休止的争吵了。 (put up with) 27. 在这么短的时间内完成老师布置给我们的作业真是一项艰巨的任务。 (it 作形式主语) 28. 我的第一印象中他是那种害羞的人。 29. 工人们对工厂的未来持有乐观的态度。 (optimistic) 30. 这篇文章我已读了两遍了,可是我还是看不懂。(make sense of) 31. 不管你怎么读,这句子都读不通。 (make sense) 32. 我们一致同意不再提起这件时。 (refer to) 33. 催促他没有用的,他不喜欢太匆忙。 (it’s no use…, press) 34. 直到当我回到家,我才意识到忘了带那本诗集回家了。 (用强调句型) 35.虽然有些拼写错误,但整体而言,这不失为一篇好文章。 36.当你们出去野炊时别忘了我。 (leave out) 37.这份声明同你昨天在会上所说的不一致。(consistent) 38.别对你儿子太严厉要求了,他毕竟还只是个小孩而已。 (after all) 39.他一生都专注于科学研究。 (concentrate) 40.小明在化学学科上比我们大家都要优秀。 (ahead of) 41.他直到开始为这家公司工作后才意识到英语的重要性。 (not until 在句首) 42.我喜欢把办公桌的东西摆得整整齐齐的。 (in place) 43. 这里地面的高度从海拔七百米到二千米不等,是多种动植物的生长地。 (vary) 44. 政府对这件事已经作出决定: 任何被发现藏有这种画的人将受到惩罚。 (decide on, take possession of) 45.只有当这种 HIV 病毒发展到爱滋病时,人才会显出病态。 (使用倒装句) 46.我们不得不忍受修路给我们带来的不便。 (put up with;result from,使用定语从句) 47.要不是由于缺少资金,刘教授就不会取消这个研究计划了。 (用虚拟语气) 48.给我们解释清楚了所有的问题后,老师就离开了教室。 (用动词-ing 形式作状语) 49.你要使他们相信你对这份工作的热情。 (convince)

50.虽然这四个国家确实在某些领域合作,但它们仍然非常不同。 51.在开始做游戏前,这个班的学生被分了四组。(divide into) 52.那个公司所做的事情绝对合法。 53.只有把太阳作为太阳系的中心,其他星球的运动才讲得通。(make sense) 54.每当(疾病)突发时,总有成千的人死去。(every time) 55.他对两个关于霍乱为什么能致人于死地的理论感兴趣。 56..张教授提出的建议被政府拒绝了。(put forward) 57.这条大坝建好以后,这些镇将不再受洪水的威胁. 58.警方把莎莉的死与另一个谋杀案联系起来. (link… to)

59.众所周知,他父母对他要求非常严格. 60.这本书提到作者的作品和他的生平. (as well as) 61.联合王国是由不同时期合并起来的四个国家组成的. (consist of) 62.没有必要匆匆忙忙的. 63.从那个村子开出的早班公共汽车与七点半的火车相衔接. (connect with) 64.有医生住在我们附近真是太方便了. (have …doing) 65.你要用心做好自己的工作。 (attend to) 66.他经常向报纸和杂志投稿。 (contribute to) 67.在某种程度上,你的话是对的。 (in a sense) 68.他因对科学界做出的贡献而闻名。

69.他已下决心要成为一名科学家。(make up one’s mind)


71.我的老师有很多书,它们占掉了很大空间。(take up)


73.经过投票表决,他取代比尔成为我们班的班长。(take the place of)


75.去云南大理那样美丽的城市旅游,你一定要睁大双眼。(keep one’s eyes open)

76.你应该戒除那些对健康不利的习惯。(break away from)



79.安没准时到达火车站,因为她的车坏了。(break down)

80.皮肤不仅可保持体内水分,还可使你有触觉。 (not only ;but also)

模块 5 单词单句填空 100 句
根据首字母或汉语提示写出正确的单词,使句意完整: 1.He is very c___________ about hurting her feelings. 2.I think you are too s_________ on the little girl. 3.She was a___________ in the story. 4.They were d___________ in their attempt to reach the top of the mountain. 5.We must try to __________(分析) the causes of the strike. 6.He became _____________ (狂热的) about the English songs. 7.You should not r____________ the invitation from your old friend. 8.In the factory the workers s________ wool into thread. 9.There is a ________(病毒) going around the city. 10.The factory manager i_________ her to train the new workers. 11.The doctor’s job is to c_________ people who are ill. 12.The two groups of children have quite different _________(特征). 13.R________ is a white radioactive metal used in the treatment of diseases such as cancer. 14.She tried to be more p___________ about her new job. 15.This matter has been ________(处理) very badly. 16.There’s a fine ________(景色)of the lake from our hotel window. 17.This programme is to be ______________( 重播) on the radio next Saturday. 18.Only by _________( 科学的) training can Liu Xiang make such rapid progress in the 11 -metre hurdles. !9. The doctor __________( 检查)the patient carefully but found nothing serious. . 20.You can drop in at my house at your ___________(方便). 21..She____________(折叠)the letter in half and put it into her pocket. 22.Watching live basketball games is a great ________(吸引) for me. 23.There is no e__________ that he is guilty, so he was set free. 24.The workers kept on______________(建造)then new bridge in the heavy rain. 25.What we say should always be____________(一致的)with what we do. 26.She usually dresses herself up on special o__________. 27.The is a d__________ over whether it is a natural phenomenon or human activities

has caused the global warming . 28.Better social r___________ can help people getting along well in life. 29.A mistake in the map led the traveler into __________(错误) 30.She ___________(安排)all business affairs before going on holiday. 31. It’s clear that her painting has been __________(影响)by Picasso. 32. You will be informed when the book becomes_________(有货). 33. Now our country has won a ________(辉煌)victory, but we still have a long way to go. 34.Children wearing school u_________ look much smarter. 35. The basketball match is so exciting that it t___________ everyone . 36. I’m d_____________ to hear of your success. 37. This is a c__________ of poems by poets of the Tang dynasty, which I like very much 38. When you drive, you must not exceed the _________(合法的)speed limit. 39. Many mysteries that once made us _________(迷惑不解)have now been ______(澄清)due to the development of science and technology. 40. The Hope P____________ has helped many poor children to go to school. 41. The hotel has 110 bedrooms, all with p___________ bathrooms. 42. His enthusiasm makes up for what he ____________(缺乏)in experience

43. You can solve the problem according to your ___________(先前的)experience. 44. It’s one of the most __________(特别)books which human genius has ever produced. 45. The villagers did much to __________(帮助)the police to search for the thief. 46. She’s not o___________ about the future, because she always sighs. 47. The river is 300 miles in l__________. 48. You can book at your local travel a____________. 49. Animals in zoos are not in their natural s_______________. 50. The police set about looking into the murder case___________(迅速). 51. His speech made quite an i_________ on the audience. 52. His report was c_____________ interrupted by applause. 53. The sight of the clock r_________ me that I was late. 54. She is fighting hard to have her s___________ recovered so that she can see again. 55. If you _________(按)the red button, the alarm will ring out. 56. All cars r___________ servicing regularly. 57. Hearing the bell ring, the monitor s__________ off the TV. 58. With a m___________ on his face, he wasn’t recognized by anyone. 59. The shop a___________ is very friendly to customers.

60. He had s_________ up the mess before we got back. 61. Bob is watching TV. ____________ (同时), his sister is doing some washing. 62. There have been already scores of human bird flue _________(病例)in Asia. 63. I’m sure he broke your computer _______________ (故意地). 64. This newly-marketed type of vacant cleaners proves to be impractical for some ___________ ( 技术上的) problems. 65. His wife is ten years _________ (年长的) to him. 66. Engineers have to be _____________ ( 精确的) in making spaceships. 67. The teacher gave us a ___________ (详尽的)explanation about “ Black Whole”. 68. It should be agreed that teaching is a special ______________(职业)〉 69. After half a month’s disorders in this middle—east country, situations are becoming _______(正常的). 70. In order to improve her oral English, she took an evening ________(课程). 71. Students are _________(渴望)to know the result of the final examination. 72. Knowledge can only be __________(获得)through practice. 73. How dusty your leather boots look! They really need ________(擦亮). 74. This officer was found g_________ of smuggling(走私). 75. I have made an a_____________ with my doctor for my toothache. 76. The deputy mayor was a_________ of bribery. 77. The government has _________(批准)our company joining the stock market. 78. The c_______ reason for her absence from the party is that she wouldn’t like to see Jane. 79. S__________ am I late for class, if ever. 80. Can you tell me your real i___________ of coming here? 81. He is _________ (榨)the juice out of a lemon. 82. The medical workers dressed the _________(流血的)cut in his arm in clean bandages. 83. All of us should keep a first aid lit at home in case we might be ________(烧伤或烫伤). 84. The painting by Picasso is supposed to be __________(真正的). 85. ________(轻微的)burns needn’t be sent to hospital. 86. Some African countries have to depent on forign _________(援助)for food. 87. Fever is a ________(症状)of many diseases. 88. Are our children being ________(中毒)by lead in the atmosphere? 89. The __________(压力) of the water caused the wall of the dam to crack. 90. They _________(送给)a sum of money to the college in memory of their son.

91. The mother refused to attend her daughter’s wedding c________ . 92. He was praised for his __________(勇敢)in saving the drowning child. 93. The heart and the brain are the most important o_________ of our body. 94. The doctors are trying a new t__________ for cancer. 95. We had to write three e_________ in the history exam. 96. The accident did a lot of d_________ to the car. 97. The teacher cleared his t___________ before speaking. 98. Soon a(n) ____________(救护车)came and took his wounded ankle. 99. His hand were ___________(肿胀)and he felt extremely painful. 100. The nurse put a ___________(绑带) around his wounded ankle.


1.This is a ___________( symbol)painting of the Middle Ages. 2.The main aim of the painters was to present __________( religion) themes. 3.The __________(tradition) English breakfast includes bacon and eggs.. 4.Do you think that his behaviors were ______________(ridicule)? 5.That is a special kind of __________(Europe)furniture .pattern. 6.Art is always influenced by the way of life and __________(believe) of the people. ______________(Consequent),they only describe only a few styles. 7.Their friendship proved to be _____________(permanence). 8.His suggestion is of great __________(value ) to us . 9.I am greatly ____________(convince) that he can pass the exam successfully. 10.Their group made a ____________(collect)decision to buy the wall hanging. 11.He is thoughtful and _____________(predict), he must know how to solve the problem. 12. Are you going to _____________(exhibition)your paintings at the National Gallery? 13. As I lay in the ___________(dark), the words of a new poem came into my head. 14. His talk was so ______________(inspire)that most of the students want to speak English as well as he . 15. We were very ______________(impress)by the students’ performance on the Christmas Eve. 16. We spend the whole day very ____________(enjoy)visiting the newly opened theme park. 17. The novel written by him has been ____________(translate) into several kinds of

languages. 18. He conveyed his feelings of ___________(angry) in his prose. 19. I understand ____________(perfect)how you feel when you hear the bad news. 20. The final year of school is often a ___________(stress)time for the student. 21. If you become ______________(addict)to cigarette , it is difficult to stop smoking. 22. Whenever I think of noodles cooked by my mother, I ___________(automatic)feel hungry. 23. It was the doctor’s _____________(judge)that Li Ling was suffering from stress. 24. We went to the entertainment center for ____________(relax). 25. We should pay attention to both ____________(mental)and physically healthy. 26. Those industrial plants are causing a lot of ____________(pollute)with all their noise and smoke . 27. Last Monday the Prime Minister made a _____________(state)announcing new laws to reduce water pollution.. 28. The two countries have reached an _____________(agree) on the levels of greenhouse gases they will allow. 28. The quality of the air would improve if there was a ___________(reduce ) in the use of fossil fuels. 29. We have lost thousands of trees because of a fire started by an __________(electric)storm. 30. The species of frog is the only one in ___________(exist)in this area. The rest have disappeared. 31. It is extremely___________(doubt) that the world will stop using fossil fuels theis century. 32. The students were so _________(bore)that some of them fell asleep. 33. His speech ____________(impressive )us very much. 34. The ____________(excite)children waited impatiently for the film star to arrive. 35. My parents always ___________(courage )me to do well at school. 36.After all the ___________(excite)of the party, the little boy slept for ten hours.. 37. She __________(glance)shyly at him and then lowered her eyes. 38. His friend’s encouragement gave him the ___________(confident)to enter the competition. 39. The view from the top of the building was most _____________(impress). 40. They were so ___________(amaze) that all they could do was staring.

41. Your ___________(advise) is precious to us in dealing with the problem. 42. They have taken some measures to solve the ______________(environment)problem. 43.The MP3 player is a new _____________(produce) and is popular among young people. 44. If the plastic bags are not ____________(recycle), the resources are lost to us. 45. After one year, I become accustomed to ___________(drink)the water here. 46. I lost all my ___________(possess) when a fire destroyed my house. 47. I have to break off all ____________(relate) with that fellow. 48. Under the new ____________(arrange ), it will be possible to pay monthly instead of weekly.

词类转换单句填空 模块 5
Unit 1 1.The results of these s _________ experiments are useful to the researchers. 2.It is hard to draw a c_________ without enough evidence.

3.The local government _________ (宣布) the bird flu was under control. 4.My brother is not very _________ (热情) about horse riding. 5.Please make clear the c__________ of this medicine before taking it. 6.If you are ill , don’t be e________ to the cold air especially at night. 7. The worker came immediately and _________ the machine carefully. 8.The computer in the office may be infected with some kind of _______ (病毒). 9.I think it is the parents not the child are to _________ (责备). 10.He Yingdong made great c__________ to helping develop education and sports .

Unit 2 1.The city of Shenzhen c_________ four districts in the special zone and two out of it. 2.As they held different opinions , so they decided to have a d_________ on the topic. 3.His mother keeps a map in the car just for __________ (方便) .

4.The Disney Land in Hong Kong has become a new a_________ to visitors from Asia. 5.The language of Chinese is having a great __________(影响)to the whole world. 6.The young people were very t________ (激动) when they saw the “Super Girls”. 7. You should keep your eyes open if you want to make your trip to Xi’an w________ 8.If there is time ________ (可用的),we can go to have a coffee. 9.It may be hard to understand, but an example will help to ________ (解释清楚) the issue.

10.If you go to Scotland, you will like the castles c_________

by Norman rulers.

Unit 3 1.Yang Liwei’s speech made quite an i_________ on all the students.. 2.But his speech was c__________ interrupted by applause(掌声). 3. I will do everything that is ________ (要求) of me . 4. More and more citizens in Bao an now own p________ cars as a result of an increase in their income. 5.The __________(周围的)scenery is very beautiful. 6. No wonder Mary speaks Chinese so well, as her talent of language is quite e__________ . 7. Well prepared , Henry was _______(乐观) about his result in the exam. 8. The naughty boy r_________ me of my childhood in the country. 9.S_______ to be locked, the door of my house is wide open when I come back. 10.John was presented with his award at a _________(典礼) which recognized the bravery of ten people.

Unit 4. 1. John had an ___________ (面试) with the manager yesterday for a job vocany. 2. It will be the biggest ____________ (现场直播)concert the world has ever seen. 3. Video plays were once very popular, e_________ among the teenagers. 4. Telephones have changed our behaviors and the way we c____________. 5. The disabled people should be ____________ (尊敬) and taken good care of. 6. You must make a c___________ whether you go climbing with me or stay at home. 7. Kuaanza was created in 1960 when African Americans c___________ their history and culture. 8. I wonder whether there is any ____________ (可能性) that the meeting will be put off. 9. I r_____________ him at the first sight though he had changed a lot. 10. Would you please give a ____________ (描述) about your lost suitcase?

Unit 5 1. It’s impolite to do an i_________ to a person’s reputation. 2. The piece of j________ is my favorite, it is a necklace from my father. 3. The sprain made my ankle s__________ up.

4. When I found a woman lying on the ground still and unconscious, I called for an a_________. 5. The d________ air will make food go bad. 6. After the match, the chairman p_________ gold medals to the champions(冠军). 7. The young man who has helped the old man has a strong s__________ of duty. 8. He was suspected(有…的嫌疑) of p___________ his wife. 9. She is so m__________ that I have never seen her angry look. 10Those blackmailers(勒索者) intended to s___________ more money out of him.

根据文章所表达的意思填入合适的词 (1) Unit 1 The Wayle is a small river that cut _______ the park near my home. I like ______ by the Wayle on fine afternoons. It was warm last Sunday, so I went and sat on the river bank as ________. Some children were ________ games on the bank and there were some people rowing on the river. One of the children ______ the ball very hard and it went towards a ________ boat, some people on the bank called out to the man in the boat, but he did not _______ them! The ball struck him so hard that he _______ fell into the water. I turned to look at the children, but there weren’t any in sight: they had all run ______ ! The man laughed when he realized _________ had happened. He called out to the children and threw the ball back to the bank. (2) Unit 2 Our dog, Rex, used to sit outside our front gate and bark. Every time he ______ to come into the gate he would bark ______ someone opened the gate. As the neighbors complained of the noise, my husband _________ weeks training himself to press his paw on the latch to _____ himself in. Rex soon became an expert _______ opening the gate.

_________, when I was going out shopping last week, I noticed him in the garden near the gate. This time he was barking _______ developed someone would let him out! Since then, he has

_______ bad habit. As soon as he opens the gate from the outside, he comes

into the garden and ________ until the gate shuts. Then he sits and barks until some lets him out. _______ this he immediately lets himself in and begins barking again. (3) Unit 3 Confused by the new surroundings, I was hit _________ the lack of fresh air. My head ached. The air _______ thin as if its combination of gases had little oxygen left. Just then

Tom appeared and

solved the ________. “Put on this mask,” he advised. “ It will make

you feel better.” He handed it to me and hurried me through to a small room for me _______ . I felt better in no time. Soon I was back ______ my feet again and followed him to collect a hovering carriage ________ by computer. These hovering carriages _______ above the ground and _______ bending and pressing down on the driving stick one can move swiftly. _______ took me a few minutes to master the idea and soon I ___________ fly as fast as Tom. (4) Unit 4 It is known ______ us all that some students cheat in exams at school. Sometimes it is _______ exams are often too hard for students. But it is just an excuse for the students _____ don’t work hard. Others don’t cheat no matter ________ the exam is like. Some students are rather lazy and unwilling to work ______ at all. But they still want to achieve high marks. ______ they cheat for anther thing, unrealistic expectations have _____ too much pressure on students. _____ some cases, they just cheat to please their parents or teachers. But cheating is totally not right after all. I can’t see any advantages of it. And cheating may be punished as it _______ the school rules. So students should be _______ and work hard if you want to do well in exams.

(5) Unit5. Would you like to spend your holidays _______ (travel) by balloon? The first balloon trip took place _______ France in 1783. It lasted only ten minutes. About a year later, an American and a Frenchman decided to cross the English Channel in a balloon. _______ the channel, they discovered a hole in the balloon, ______ was getting bigger and bigger. The gas keeping the balloon ________ was running out. The men threw all their things into the water to make balloon _______. It started to rise higher again. But it was still too _______ to the water. Finally, the men threw ______ most of their clothes to save themselves. The crowd ________ for them in England was surprised to see this when the balloon _______ safely on the ground. (6) Snowflakes Snow is very common in the north part of China in winter. Snowflakes(雪花)occur in _1______ huge variety of forms. In fact, no _2________ (second) snowflakes are the same. All snowflakes have one thing __3_____ common. They all have six _4________ (side). If you look at them _5___________ (care), you will see the fact. The actual shape of snowflakes

depends on the temperature of the air._6_______ the temperature of the air is below freezing point, snowflakes may look like needles. The snow__7_________ is formed in freezing conditions is dry. It is not very good for _8_________ (make) snowballs. However, when the air is just about freezing, snowflakes often__9__________ (短语动词)beautiful lace. These snowflakes are usually large. It is much _10_______ (easy) to use the snow to make snowballs.

( 7) You are what you believe you are! Once upon a time, an eagle’s ( 鹰 ) nest was made in a big tree on a large mountainside. In the nest there were four large _1_______. One day an earthquake rocked the mountain and one of the eggs rolled _2_______the mountainside to a chicken farm in the valley below. The chickens knew _3____ they must protect and care for the eagle’s eggs, _4______ an old hen offered to hatch (孵) the large egg. One day, the egg hatched and a beautiful eagle was born. Sadly, however, the eagle was raised to be a chicken. Soon the eagle believed he was nothing but _5______ chicken. The eagle loved his home and family, but his spirit cried out for more. _6_________ playing a game on the farm one day, the eagle looked to the sky above and noticed a group of eagles _7________ (soar) in the sky. “Oh”, the eagle cried, “I wish I could soar like those birds.” The chickens shouted with laughter, “you cannot soar with_8________ birds. You are a chicken and chickens cannot soar.” The eagle dreamed that he should be with them. _9________ time the eagle would let his dream be known, he was told it couldn’t be realized. That is the eagle learned to believe. Slowly, the eagle stopped dreaming and continued to live his life like a chicken. _10__________ (final ), after a long life as a chicken, the eagle passed away.

(8) We had 1______ nice family gathering over the July 4th holiday. My mother chose that time to honor the two girls in our family _2_______ will turn sixteen this year. She _3_____ (ask) all the adults to write a memory of their teen years and any _4________ (think) they’d like to offer these young people. She took the writing , add photos, and created beautiful books __5_____ the girls. The following __6____ my mother’s words. At first we worried that the girls

wouldn’t like the books, but in fact they really __7_________ (appreciate) the books. Sometimes we think young people are not _8___________ (interest) in what their parents and grandparents say, but you never know . _9________ (adult) experiences can help youngsters to see that their parents really do know a little about what they are dealing with. Time changes, _10___ some things don’t change much! It can also be really helpful to follow advice from other adults in the family, and to know that they also love and support the younger members.

( 9) There was once a woman who had _1____ honest son, Jack. Her husband had left her money when he died, but in a few years it was all _2________ (短语动词). The woman lived on a large farm _3______ was rented from a landlord. The rent had to _4______ (pay) once a year. And when the pay day was coming near , she decided to sell her cow to pay her rent. One morning she sent Jack off to market with the cow she had. As Jack drove the cow along, he passed a house. A man _5______ (sit) on the steps asked him, “ Where are you going _6____ the cow ?” “ I am going to sell it,” answered Jack. The man asked Jack to tie the cow to a tree. Then they came in the house . the man said , “you must give the cow to me.” But Jack answered , “ I cannot give it to you ; I will sell it because my mother needs the money.” The man gave him a plateful of food to eat. Jack ate and ate and could not stop, soon he became so full that he was almost _7_______ (burst), but the food did not grow less. He asked the man to take away the food. But the man answered, “ I won’t take away the plate _8________ you give me the cow.” So Jack agreed to give him the cow, and the man gave him the dish of _9___________ (magic) food. Then Jack went_10_____ home.

(10) A farmer had some dogs to sell. One day a little boy came and said , “ Sir, I want to buy one of your dogs.” “Well,” said the farmer, “ those dogs come _1_____ fine parents and cost a great deal of money.”

The boy dropped his head for _2___ moment. Then he pulled out a handful of change from his pocket and handed it to the farmer. “ I’ve got thirty-nine cents. Is that enough to take a look?” “Sure !” said the farmer. And with that he let out a whistle, ‘Here, Dolly!” Out from the doghouse ran Dolly _3_________ (follow) by four little dogs. _4________ the dogs made their way to the fence, the little noticed something else moving inside the doghouse. Slowly another little dog appeared. This one was much smaller. “I want that one,” the little boy said, _5_________ (point) to the little dog. The farmer said, “ Son, you won’t want that dog. He will never be able to run _6______ the other dogs would.” With that the little boy began to roll up one leg of his _7__________. In doing so he revealed a steel brace ( 支架 )running down both sides of his leg, attaching ( 系上) itself to a _8________ ( special) made shoe. Looking at the farmer, he said, “ you see, sir, I don’t run very well, and he will need someone who _9_____________(understand) him.” The world is full of people _10_______ need someone to understand them.

(11) Hello. My name is Leonard. It is an English name ___1_______(关系词)means “lion”. It is a difficult name to ______2_____(pronounce). If you are interested in ____3___ (learn) a language, you shouldn’t be afraid to pronounce difficult words. Don’t be afraid that people will laugh at you. Everybody who learns a new language has ____4___ (冠词) trouble at first. But __5_______ (介词)practice and hard work, you will soon feel ____6_______(comfort). People all over the world are learning English. Some are also learning Chinese. These are two of the most important languages to know. You will be able to communicate with almost everybody in the world____7_______( 连词 )you learn these languages well. The hardest thing is _8_____ (overcome) your fears about a new language. When you find a word you don’t understand, ______9__ (短语动词)the word in a dictionary, or ask your teacher or someone who knows that language to help you out. Don’t stop ___10______(practice).It will help you a lot in the future. Now take a deep breath and try to pronounce my name! It’s not really that difficult.

(12) Jamine was a boy __1____ did not have a hobby. He used to say that he was __2______ busy that he had no time for a hobby. He did not take part in any _____3___(game) with his friends. Instead, he spent much of his time watching TV and _____4___ computer games. One day his grandfather came to visit his family. His grandfather saw that Jamine __5_____ no hobby. He knew this was not a good way for a young boy to grow up. “Why don’t you have a hobby?” asked Jamine’s grandfather. Jamine thought about it for ______6____ while. He had always wanted to go fishing, ___7____ no one taught him. “Yes, Grandpa,” said Jamine. “I wou ld love __8____ how to fish. There is a river near here, and I see many people fishing there ___9___ my way to school. Will you teach me how to fish?” “Of course! His grandfather said, I’d like to teach you how to fish.” He continued, “when I get home, I will send you a fishing rod and some hooks. When I come here next time, we __10_____ fishing together. Imagine the fun we will have!”

(13) In the United States, people over the age of 65 _____1______(call) senior citizens. Most senior citizens retire(退休) ____2______(连词) no longer work full-time. They often live in their own houses away from their families. For many senior citizens, the years after 65 are not enjoyable. They feel that their lives lose meaning when they no longer work. Besides, they may feel ____3_____(lone). Moreover, they become more concerned with their health as they grow older. If they live in cities, they often worry ______4_____ their safety. Other senior citizens enjoy their lives. They feel free ___5____(do) things they were not able to do when they were working and raising families. They now have time to enjoy their hobbies. They get together with their fellow senior citizens _______6____( 引 导词)have common interests and equal free time. Some senior citizens continue to work. They can find new work to do after they retire. The number of the senior citizens in the United States _____7_______ becoming bigger and bigger because people are living _____8_____(long ) than before. Some senior citizens are even taking _____9____ active part in the country’s politics. However, The

time may never come when all Americans look forward to ____10_____(become) senior citizens.

(14) A shepherd(牧羊人) boy was watching a group of ____1_____ near a village. He was so ___2____(bore) that he shouted that a wolf was coming. Then he saw all the villagers ___3_______ to help him. The villagers asked him _____4___ the wolf was, but the boy laughed _____5____them and answered that the wolf had run away. The next day, the boy did the same, which made the villagers feel very ___6______. On the ___7______day, a wolf really came, so he shouted that a wolf was coming. The villagers heard him,______8____ they said that the boy was joking again. Finally the boy’s sheep _____9___ more. by the wolf. He cried and said that he wouldn’t tell ___10____ lie any

(15) Body Language Body language is very important in communication.____1__ (study) show that only 7% of the communication in daily life is verbal (言语的). Westerners expect people to look at each other in the eyes when they talk. If you don’t do that, it may indicate(暗示) that you do not like the person with ____2____ you are talking, or that you are not interested in _____3_____ the person says. When shaking hands, westerners will shake two or three times. ____4__(not) shake a westerner’s hand for a long time. When a man shakes hands with a woman, it is better for the woman to hold out her hands first. In the West, pointing with a single finger ______5___a person while talking usually _____6____(mean) that the person who’s speaking is criticizing (批 评) the person who ___7_____(point) at.

Besides, men in English-speaking countries touch men much less than men touch men in China. But men and women touch each other publicly __8_____(often) than men and women touch each other publicly in China. In English-speaking countries young lovers often hold hand and kiss ___9___(替换 publicly 的介词短语). Good friends often greet each other with a kiss on the cheek, if they are women or _____10____ opposite sexes.


Choosing a spring break destination sounds like fun, until you realize you have no idea _____1_____ to go. The main thing to think about is to decide what type of people are traveling ___2____ you. This will often determine the best place to go because of tourist attractions in the area. Cost is often ___3_____ factors in choosing a vacation spot. New York City is a great place to go, and so is Destin, Florida.___4___ cities have so much to offer to tourists. New York City has so many wonderful restaurants, clubs, shows, and anything you can ____5______. The only negative aspect of the city would be the ____6___ of many things. Hotels in the city are very expensive, as well as many of the places to eat and shop. I would definitely not recommend staying __7______ of the city while on vacation because it takes hours to get into the city. Destin on the other hand, has a wide variety of hotels to stay at __8_____(range) from expensive to inexpensive. It is a lot easier to find what you are ___9____in a smaller city, such as Destin. The restaurants are more reasonable as well. Yeah, there are the everyday fast food restaurants or the top class fancy restaurants, but even the fast food prices are cheap ____10______( compare ) to New York City’s fast food restaurants.

(17) Have your own palace Imagine being the only person in the Forbidden City. You could stay there all day without swarms of people crowding around. Well, in two years time you’ll be able to have such _______ experience, just like the

former emperors used to. The only difference is ________ your Forbidden City fun will be online. Thanks to new technology, a virtual (虚拟的)tour of the Forbidden City will be _________ ( avail ) online by 2008. The project ---jointly ________ (drive) by the Palace Museum and computer company IBM—aims to help teenagers_______ the world become more interested in Chinese culture. “The Palace Museum is a big book; there are always places you haven’t read about, “ said Hu Chui from the museum. There are many rooms closed for protection. _____ the virtual platform breaks the boundaries of time and space, __ (mean) visitors can see whatever they want. “The interaction and games content in the virtual tour _______ attract more young people to understand and love our cultural heritage,” added Hu. In the virtual tour, ________(history ) figures will actually talk to visitors and answer _______ questions. The stories behind the buildings and treasures will also be told.

(18) When ___1_____(ask) to point out one or two that are most important to themselves, many put friends ahead of homes, jobs, clothes and cars. A true friendship carries ___2___ long history of experience that determines who we are and keeps up connected. It is a treasure we ___3_____ protect. Unfortunately, the better friends you are, the more probably you’ll have _____4_____(agree). And the result can be ___5____ you don’t want---an end to the relationship. The good news is that most troubled friendships can be mended. First, don’t let your pride get in your way. Most of us can forgive each other when differences __6___(bring) out in the open . Second, apologize when you’re wrong --- ____7_____ you’ve been wronged .___8___ the course of a friendship, even the best people make mistakes. Sometimes, it may be best if the wronged person takes the lead and apologizes. When you apologize, give your friend a chance to admit that he has been wrong. ___9____, see things from your friend’s point of view. And finally, accept that friendships change as our needs and lifestyles change. __10____ (make) friends can sometimes seem easy. The hard part is keeping the connections strong during the natural ups and downs that have an effect on all relationships. My suggestion: consider friendship an honor and a gift, and worth the effort to treasure and nurture.

(19) The sea is very deep in some places. There is one spot, near Japan, ___1___ the sea is nearly 11 kilometers deep. The highest mountain in the world is about 9 kilometers ___2____. If that mountain ___3_____(put into) the sea at that place, there would be 2 kilometers of water above it. If you have swum in the sea, you know that it is salty. You can taste the salt. Rivers, which flow into the sea,___4____(carry) salt from land into the sea. Some parts of the sea are less salty than other part. There is one sea, ____5___(call) the Dead Sea, which is very salty. So swimmers cannot sink! Fish cannot live in the Dead Sea. In most parts of the sea, there are ___6______ (variety) fishes and plants. Some live near the top of the sea. ____7____ live deep down. There are also millions of tiny living things that float in the sea. These ____8___(float) things are so small that it is hard to see them. Many fish live __9_____ these tiny living things. The sea can be very cold. Divers, who go to deep down in the sea, know this. On the top the water many be warm. When the diver goes deeper, the sea becomes colder and colder. Another thing happens. When the diver goes deeper, the water above presses down on him. It squeezes him. Then the diver has to wear the clothes ___10___ metal.

(20) Nine—year—old Selso, his sister, and his brothers never had a toilet or electricity in their house. The house had only two rooms, ____1___ at night they all slept together on the dirt floor. The tsunami destroyed their home. Much has changed in over a year for Selso and his family. Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity ____2____(recent) built them a new house. More important, the workers brought hope. “ My parents are so happy. My mother had tears ___3___ her eyes. “ Selso said. Habitat for Humantity is a group that builds new homes for people who are poor. Habitat volunteers from seven countries, ___4__ the United States, traveled long hours to help families ___5__ lost their homes in the tsunami. Selso’s family worked side by side with the volunteers. Selso now _____6_____( 短 语 动 词 )a small fishing village by the sea near

Kanyakumari, India was one of 12 countries ___7____(hit) by the tsunami on December 26, 2004. Tens of thousands of people ____8___(kill). “We knew people who died, but my family was lucky. We only lost our home,” says Selso. A year later, many people in India are still ____9____(home). Volunteers plan on ___10_____(build) another 10,000 homes there over the next two years. “The volunteers didn’t even know us, but they came here to help, “ says Selso’s dad. “This is the happiest day for my family. My children now have a safe, dry home where they can do their homework.

(21) A man stopped at a flower shop to 1________ some flowers to his mother who lived two hundred miles away. As he got out of his car he noticed a young girl 2_________ (sit) on the curb(路边) sobbing. He asked her what was 3_________ and she replied, “I want to buy a red rose for my mother. 4________ I only have seventy five cents, and a rose costs two dollars.” T he man smiled and said, “Come in with me. I’ll buy you a rose.” He 5_________ the little girl her rose and ordered his own 6 _________ flowres. As they were leaving he offered the girl a 7________ home. She said, “Yes, please! You can take me to my mother.” She directed him to a cemetery (墓地)8_________ she placed the rose on a 9__________(fresh) dug grave. The man returned to the flower shop, canceled the order, picked up a bouquet and drove to his mother’s house. Don’t send material love to your parents. They are your 10_________ precious treasure. Keys:

(22) A child went to a lark(云雀)and said, “My good lark, 1________ you any young ones?” “Yes, child, I have,” said the mother lark, “and they are very pretty.” Then she 2_________ to the little birds and said, “This is Bright Eyes and that is Tiny Bill.” The child said, “I have two sisters and my mother says that we are pretty children. She loves us.” To this, the little larks 3_________, “Oh, yes, our mother is fond of us, 4__________.” “Good

mother lark,” said the child, “will you let Tiny Bill go home 5__________ me and play with us?” 6______ the lark mother could reply, Bright Eyes said, “Yes, 7________ you send your little sister to play with us in our 8_______.” “Oh, she will be so sorry to leave home,” said the child, “She could not go 9______ from our mother.” “Tiny Bill will be so sorry to leave our nest,” answered Bright Eyes, “and he will not leave our mother.” Then the child ran away to her mother, 10_______(say), “Ah, ever yone loves his mother.”

(23) A woman came out her house and saw three old men 1_________ (sit) in her front yard. She said, “I 2_________ think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have 3__________ to eat.” “Is your husband in?” they asked. “Yes,” she said. Then one of them said, “We are Wealth, Success and Love. Now go in and disucss with your husband 4__________ one of us you want in your home.” The woman went in and told her husband what was said. Her husband was overjoyed. “Let us invite Wealth. Let him in and fill our home with wealth!” His wife 5_________ (agree), “My dear, why not invite 6__________?” Their daughter jumped in with her own suggestion, “Would it not be better to invite Love? Our home will then be filled with love!” “Let us follow our daughter’s advive,” said the husband to his wife. The woman went 7__________ and said, “Who is Love? Please come in and be our guest.” Love 8__________ up and started walking to the house with the other two. The woman was very surprised. The old men replied together, “If you had invited Wealth or Success, the other two 9__________ us would have stayed out, but since you invited Love, wherever he 10_________(go) , we go with him. Wherever there is Love, there is also Wealth and Success.”


There was an auctio(拍卖)in town. Among the items was 1__________ old violin, and the auctioneer thought it scarcely worthwhile to 2___________ much time on it. But still he held it 3__________ with a smile, “Let’s start the biddng(投标), good folks,” he cried. “Who will start the bidding for me?” One dollar? Two dollars! Only two? Who 4__________(make) it three? Three dollars once, three dollars twice; going for three …” 5__________ the back of the room, a grey-haired man 6__________ forward and picked up the violin. Then, wiping the 7__________ from the old violin, and tightening the 8__________ strings, he played a beautiful tune. The crowd could not quite understand 9___________ that was possible--- how such an insignificant violin can play such a beautiful tune by the touch of the master’s hand. The value of anything is not what you paid for it, not what it cost to produce, 10__________ what you can get from it.

(25) We all know snails(蜗牛)move slowly. But much of the time snails don’t move at all. They are in their shells --- sleeping. A snail will die in a heavy rain. 1__________ whenever it rains, it goes inside its shell house and goes to sleep. A snail can sleep for as 2___________ as it needs to. It can take a short sleep. Or it can sleep for days at 3___________ time. It spends all the winter months in its shell, asleep. In the spring the snail wakes up. Its body, about three inches long, comes out from the shell. When 4__________, the snail looks for food. It can’t see well. Its eyes are very weak. But its 5___________ of smell is very strong. It helps the snail find the new greens. Then the snail’s little mouth goes to work. A snail’s mouth is not 6___________(big) than the point of a pin. Yet it has 256,000 teeth! The teeth are so 7___________that people can not see them. But they do their work. If you put a snail in a hard paper box, it will eat its way out ! And if a snail wears out its teeth, it will grow new ones. Mostly, a snail looks for 8__________ at night. But on cloudy days it eats in the 9__________. It eats all day long. A snail can keep 10____________(eat) for hours and never feel full.

(26) Nicolaus Copernicus lived and worked in Poland. He was best known in his own

lifetime _____1____ a doctor and religious cleric at Frauenburg Cathedral. He lived at a time ____2______ the idea about science and mathematics were controlled by the Christian Church. He tried to ______3_______ an astronomical problem that had puzzled astronomers for some time. Before his theory was accepted, people believed that the Earth stood still in the sky and the sun and planets went _____4_____ it. This was because the Bible said that God had made the Earth and sent his son, Jesus Christ, to live there. As God thought the Earth was so important, the Christian scientists thought that this meant it must be the _____5________ of the universe. Copernicus was one of the first scientists to use mathematical ______6_______ (observe) to collect information. This showed him that the Christian scientists were wrong and led directly _____7___ his new theory. He began his observations in 1497 and his theory was given to friends to read in 1514. Because he was afraid of the reaction of the Catholic Church, he did not publish his theory until he was ____8______ (die) in 1543. Copernicus was right to be afraid. When his follower, Galileo, later tried to publicise Copernicus’ theory early in the 1600s he was attacked by the Catholic Church. The Christian Church authorities made Galileo say his theory was ______9______ and punished him for talking about this idea. Copernicus’ theory was not accepted ______10_____ more than 100 years after his death in the 1640s.

(27) Newspapers, _____1______ small-town weeklies or big-city dailies, are business enterprises. As such they are divided administratively _____2______ several departments headed by the publisher. These include business offices _______3_____ deal with subscriptions, circulation, classified ads, and advertising. Most newspapers have several editorial departments, each responsible for different _____4____ of the paper. The editor in chief and assistants are responsible for editorials and overall policy. There ______5______ also editors in charge of such specialized departments ____6_____ sports, finance, society, correspondence, science, and education. The news editor assigns stories ______7_____ reporters and writers. The picture editor has a staff of _____8______. All the masses of information ______9_____ flow into a newspaper from various sources must be assessed, checked, and possibly rewritten. The subeditors or copyreaders prepare copy ____10_____ printing; correct spelling, grammar, and usage according to specific style guidelines; trim it to its allotted space;

and write the headlines.

(28) Even very young children can be taught _____1_____ to place an emergency call for help. Teach your child _____2______ he / she’ll need to know to place a call for first _____3______ and talk to the operator: how to dial the emergency number their name and address a short description of the emergency Have the child practice by speaking into an unplugged telephone. Suggest a situation, such as “Mommy’s fallen down the stairs and can’t get to the phone. Now that?” After the child ______4____ the number, prompt him / her with ______5____ that an emergency operator would ask, such as “What is your name?” “Where are you calling from?” and “What is the emergency?” Stress that his / her description ___ _6_____ (be) short (“Mommy fell down the stairs”) and _____7____ he / she should try to stay calm. Let him / her practice until she feels comfortable. No one wants to think about an emergency happening at home, _____8____ it is better to face that ______9______ than to be caught unprepared. So keep emergency numbers close by – it is a small step that could have big ______10____ (consequent).

(29) I wish to make a suggestion _____1_____ the kind of art work that ______2_____ go into our new gallery. As I have carefully researched the subject and have had many _____3________ (discuss) with residents in our district, I believe my suggestion will be popular _____4_______ most people. I have discovered ______5_____ we have many fine artists in our district. We have many painters, both modern and ______6_____, some sculptors and a few excellent potters. We also have a group of people ______7____ meet regularly to practice traditional folk art. At present, none of these groups have a place to ______8_______ their work. The gallery would provide such a place for them to hold exhibitions and would help people in the district to learn more about our artists. I believe a gallery of local art and craft would ____9________ the artists to work harder

and would also make others proud of our local talent. I ____10______ hope you will consider my suggestion.

(30) Clean Up Australia Day is one day in the year ______1_____ people get together and clean up their environment. It started ______2______ this man – Ian Kiernan, ______3_______ is a great sailor. In 1987 he competed in an around-the world yacht race. When he was sailing in this race, he was shocked ______4______ the pollution in the world’s oceans. There ______5_____ rubbish floating everywhere. When Ian got back to Sydney he started organizing a clean-up day for Sydney Harbour. It was so _______6_____ (success) that Ian organized the first Clean Up Australia Day. More than 300, 000 people volunteered to help the first time it was held in 1990. After that in March, every year, more and more people help. It works very well. There are now many places ______7______ won’t need cleaning this year _______8_____ they’re still clean form the last Clean Up Day. After he started Clean Up Australia Day, Ian’s next goal was ______9_______ (take) his idea to the world. He got the support of the United Nations Environment Programme and, as a result, Clean Up the World started in 1993. In Clean Up the World’s first year, 30 million people in 80 countries took _____10_____ on a weekend in September. They cleaned streets, beaches, river banks and parks.

(31) We eat for many different reasons but not always for the right 1.________. Most people choose to eat something just 2._______ it tastes good, and that’s fine because food is meant to be enjoyed. However, if we choose food based 3._____ taste alone, regardless of nutrition or 4._______ eating habits, then gaining weight is inevitable( 不可避免的 ). 5.(change)__________ your eating habits means 6._______ you need to look at the nutritional value as well 7._____ the amount of fat. Healthy eating 8._______ come from eating foods 9._______ are low in fat. Learn to read labels so that you can make good 10.(decide)________ based on healthy eating habits. Every packaged food product has a label that tells you the nutritional value, the number of calories, and fat content.

(32) In the world today, 1.(pollute)_______ has become a serious problem for everyone on

this planet. The air, seas, and rivers have been polluted 2._______ all kinds of waste and 3.(poison)_________ materials. It does a lot of harm not only to human beings but 4.______ to animals and plants. Air pollution comes from factories, power plants and cars. In 1986, 125,000 people died after a bad accident happened at a nuclear power station in Ukraine. Water pollution is 5._______ by waste from factories and cities. It is not safe to eat fish in the places 6._______ the water is polluted. Noise is another form of pollution. Many scientists have pointed out 7._______ exposure to noise will lead 8.______ the 9.(lose)______ of hearing and possibly drive people 10._______.

(33) The future for robots is bright. Then, how will robots 1.(effect)_______ the future generations? Perhaps one day we will have true robotic “helpers” 2._______ guide the blind and assist 3.______ elderly. Maybe in the future, lawn mowing, dish washing and window washing can be done by only one robot. Maybe one day, “robots” will be 4._______ small that they can travel 5._________ your blood vessels 6.(deliver 传递)__________ life-saving drugs to cure disease. Perhaps they will 7.________ an important role in education and entertainment. Law enforcement and security may become major users of robots. Certainly, robots will always play a role 8._______ manufacturing(制造业 ). They provide an economical solution 9.________ manufacturing high-quality products in a 10.(globe)_______ economy.

( 34)

Friends don’t have to be exactly 1.________ same. Friends have similarities but they also have their 2.(different)_________ . The key 3._______ opening up the world of friendship is not only to expand on 4.___________ but also to accept each other’s faults because you can never judge your friend. Friends love unconditionally. They have their little angry moments, 5.______ what’s done is done and everything is forgiven and forgotten. Why do you let

something 6. _______ happened in the past ruin the 7.(happy)________ you could have in the 8._________? Believe 9._______ love at first sight because it is the equivalent(对应物)to friendship. Some people think that you have to know someone really well to become good friends. Trust me; it’s not true. If the first time you really spent time together, and you talked for 25 hours straight until 4:30 in the morning about some topics you thought no one else in the world could understand, that’s real love at first 10._______ .

(35) My old friend , Harrison , had lived in the Mediterranean for many years _______1. he returned to England . He had often dreamed of ______2.( retire ) in England and had planned to ___ ___3. in the country . He had _______4. returned than he bought a house and went to live there. Almost immediately he began to complain ____5. the weather ,_____6. even though it was still summer ,it rained _______7. (continue )and it was often bitterly cold .After so many years of sunshine ,Harrison got ______ 8.shock . He acted as if he had never lived in England before. In the end ,it was more than he could bear .He had hardly had time to settle down ____ 9.he sold the house and left the country .The dream he _____ 10(have ) for so many years ended there. Harrison had thought of everything except the weather.

Unit 1 语法填空: In the Renaissance, new ideas and values took the __1__ of those that were held in the Middle Ages. People became focused more on humans and __2__ on religion. Painters returned to classical Roman and Greek ideas about art. They tried to paint people and nature __3__ they really were. Rich people wanted to collect art for their palaces and great houses. They paid famous artists to paint pictures of themselves, their houses and other ___4___ (possess), as well as their activities and achievements. One of the most important discoveries during this period __5__ how to draw things in perspective. The __6__ person to use perspective in his paintings was Masaccio in 1428. When people first saw his paintings they were ___7___ (convince) that they were looking through a hole __8__ the wall at a real scene. If the rules of perspective had not been discovered, people __9__ (will not be) able to paint such realistic pictures. During

the Renaissance oil paints were also developed, __10__ made colors look richer and deeper.

Unit 2 语法填空: There are various reasons why people write___1___. Some poems tell a story or describe something in a way that will leave the reader a strong ___2___ (impress). Others try to ___3___ certain emotions. Poets use many different forms of poems to express themselves. Some of the first poetry written in English was nursery rhymes. Children learned these when they were very young. These poems make small children ___4___ (delight) because they have strong ___5___ and rhyme and have a lot of repetition. This makes them easy to learn and to___6___. By playing with the words in nursery rhymes, children learn about language. The second simple type is list poems, which list things with simple sentences. That’s why there are some ___7___ (repeat) phrases and some rhymes in them. Cinquain and Haiku are ___8___ in some aspects. Cinquain is a poem made up of five lines but Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that is made up of 17 ___9___. Both of them give a clear picture and creates a special feeling in just a few words. The last form that English speakers would like to adopt is Tang poems from China. Tang poems have a strict form in Chinese but the translations have a ___10___ form instead, so that English speakers like to copy.

Unit 3 语法填空: James’ granddad will be 82 years old ___1___ two weeks time. It’s amazing that at his age he is still fit enough to cycle 20 kilometers in an afternoon. ___2___ (know) that James has started smoking and that he is finding ___3___ difficult to give up, his granddad write a letter to persuade him to quit smoking. ___4___ is said in the letter, people can become addicted to nicotine in three ways. Firstly, people can be physically addicted, ___5___ means that the body becomes accustomed to ___6____ (have) nicotine in it. Secondly, people can be ___7____ addicted. That is to say, people begin to think that only feel good when they smoke. Finally, people can be addicted through habit.

When James’ granddad was young, he didn’t know smoking could do terrible damage to the heart and lungs ___8___ that it was more difficult for smoking couples to become pregnant. ___9___, what he did know was that his girlfriend thought he smelt terrible. In order to help James quit smoking, his granddad send him the letter ___10___ with some advice found on the Internet.

Unit 4 语法填空: There is no ___1___ that the earth is becoming warmer, but scientists are arguing about the causes of this phenomenon. Many of them believe that the extra carbon dioxide ___2___ (trap) in the atmosphere causes the temperature to go up. They also believe it is the burning of more and more fossil fuels ___3___ is resulting in this increase in carbon dioxide. When we add too much extra carbon dioxide ___4___ the atmosphere, we produce too much heat, and we warm the earth. The possible serious results include droughts, famines and the ___5___ (destroy) of species… All is due to human activity. However, some other scientists argue that global warming is just a ___6___ (nature) phenomenon, ___7___ may bring good results instead of bad ones. For example, plants will grow ___8___ (fast), and crops will produce more. Anyway, global warming is the fact and no one knows ___9___ the effects will be. Should we just let it ___10___, or should we start doing something?

Unit 5 语法填空: It was the ___1___ (two ) week after I arrived in Hawaii. Having worked hard all day, I went to bed early. I was fast asleep ___2___ suddenly my bed began shaking and I heard a strange sound, like a railway train ___3___ outside my window. ___4___ (experience) quite a few earthquakes in Hawaii already, I didn’t take much notice. I was ___5___ to go back to sleep when ___6___ my bedroom became as bright as day. I ran out of the house into the back garden ___7___ I could see Mount Kilauea in the ___8___. There had been an eruption in the side of the mountain and red hot lava was ___9___ hundreds of metres into the air. It was such an absolutely ___10___ sight that I was amazed greatly.

(36) AIDS and HIV are not the same thing. HIV is a virus __1___ attacks the body's immune system, which ___2____ your body from disease. You cannot get HIV or AIDS from casual contact. Casual kissing, hugging, __3_____ toilet seats or water fountains will not cause you to get HIV. The____4____ of HIV infection cases in China has grown nearly 30 percent this year, the Health Ministry said Nov. 22, warning the virus seems to be ___5_____ from high-risk groups to the general public. 37 percent of HIV infections were caused by sharing infected needles for drug use and 28 percent resulted from __6_______ sex. In Shenzhen, more than 60 percent of the HIV cases this year occurred in two districts, Bao’an and Longgang. Shenzhen has set up 13 VCT (Voluntary Counseling & Testing) stations citywide this year, ____7_____(offer) free HIV tests to the public. The red ribbon has become an internationally recognized __8______ for AIDS awareness, ____9____ by people throughout the year in ___10______ of people living with HIV and in remembrance of those who have died. ( protect)


The earliest men did not have much time for art; they faced many dangers, and hunting for food (1)___ almost all their time. But after many thousands of years perhaps a million years or more they became very good hunters, and (2)___ gave them a little free time which they could use for other things. A few of them began to paint on the walls of the caves (3)___ they lived. Many early artists painted animals, (4)___ these were the most important things in their lives. Animals (5)___ food to keep them living, and skins to keep them (6)___. (7)___ painters today, the early artists possibly painted for many (8)___. Perhaps they wanted to give their cave a little brightness and color; perhaps they had a few special ideas which they could (9)___ most easily in a painting; perhaps they just wanted to spend a little time in a pleasant way. Many of them (10)___ magic (巫术), and they often drew animals which were caught. They hoped that by drawing these things, they would make them really appear.

(38) Sleep is something we generally associate with (1)___ creatures. Of course, it is true that a lot of animals sleep, but zoologists are not certain that primitive forms of animal (2)___ like worms and snails, ever really 3)___. (4)___ the other hand, animals such as bears sleep for 4 or 5 months every year. The amount of sleep (5)___ human being needs depends on (6)___, the individual and possibly race. For example, doctors think that pre-school children need between 10 and 12 hours a night; school children between 9 and 11 hours; and adults between 7 and 9 hours. There are exceptional cases of old people (7)___ only sleep between 2 and 3 hours a day and (8)___ to be active and healthy. The sleep requirements of different (9)___ also appear to be different. Japanese people, for example, sleep (10)___ hours than Europeans.

(39) Fire can help people in many ways. Fire can heat water, (1)____ your house, give light and cook food. But fire can burn things too. Nobody knows (2)____ people began to use fire. One story from Australia tells about a man a very long time ago. He (3)____ the sun by a rope and brought fire down. Today people know how to (4)____ a fire with matches. Children sometimes like to play with them. But matches can be very (5)____. Fire kills people every year. So you must be careful (6)____ matches. You should also learn to (7)____ fires. Fires need oxygen. Without oxygen they die. There is (8)____ in the air. Cover a fire with water, sand, or in an emergency, (9)____ your coat or a blanket. This keeps the air from a fire and kills it. Be careful with fire, and it will help you. Be careless with fire, and it might (10)____ you.

(40) San Francisco is a big city which lies in the west of the United States very near the Pacific, where two earth’s plates often meet and jump. So earthquake is a 1___ word to hear there. It is recorded that at least two big earthquakes have happened in San

Francisco since the beginning of the 2__ century. One happened in 1906, the other in 1989. The second worst earthquake 3__ San Francisco on the evening of October 17, 1989, when people were travelling to their homes. A wide and busy overhead road fell onto the one 4___ Many people were killed in their cars. A few 5__ ones were not hurt, but many thousands became homeless. A large number of weak buildings didn’t 6___ in the quake and the city’s electricity was cut off for several days, too. Nobody but scientists can explain the 7__ of earthquakes. In their opinion, although earthquake cannot be 8___ . we can do things to make sure they do not destroy whole cities. They suggest we should not build houses along the 9____ where earth’s plates join together. We should build houses on rock instead of on sand. And the buildings have to be as 10____ as possible. Scientists are also studying earthquakes, which may someday help to save hundreds of lives.

(41) Red for danger During a bullfight, a drunk suddenly wandered into the middle of the ring. The crowd began to shout, but ___1____ (冠词) drunk was unaware of the danger. The bull was busy ___2___ (介词) the matador at the time, but it suddenly caught ___3____ (see) of the drunk who was shouting rude remarks and ___4____ (wave) a red cap. Apparently sensitive to criticism, the bull forgot all about the matador and charged at the drunk. The crowd suddenly ___5____ (become) quiet. The drunk, however, seemed quite sure of himself. ___6____ (连词)the bull got close to him, he stepped aside to let it pass. The crowd broke into ___7____ (cheer) and the drunk bowed. By this time, however, three men had come into the ring and they quickly dragged the drunk to ___8____ (safe). Even the bull seemed to feel sorry for him, for it looked on sympathetically ___9____ (连 词) the drunk was out of the way ___10____ (连词) once more turning its attention to the matador.


Firemen had been ___1___ (fight) the forest fire for nearly three weeks before they could get it ___2___ (介词)control. A short time ___3___(副词), great trees had covered the countryside for miles around. Now, smoke still rose up from the warm ground over the lonely hills. Winter was coming on and the hills threatened the ___4___ (surround) villages with destruction, for heavy rain would not only wash away the soil ___5___ (关 联词)would cause serious floods as well. When the fire had at last been put ___6___ (副 词), the forest authorities ordered several tons of a special type of grass-seed ___7___ ( 关系代词 ) would grow quickly. The seed was sprayed over the ground in huge quantities by aeroplanes. The planes had been planting seed for ___8___ (near 的派生 词)a month when ___9___ (代词)began to rain. By then, however, in many places the grass had already taken root. In place of the great trees ___10___ (关系代词) had been growing there for centuries, patches of green had begun to appear in the blackened soil.


We have just ___1___ (动词) into a new house and I have been working hard all morning. I have been trying to get my new room in ___2___(名词). This has not been easy ___3___ (连词)I own ___4___ (thousand) of books. To make matters ___5___(bad), the room is rather small, so I have temporarily put my books on the floor. At the moment, they cover every inch of floor space and I ___6___ (actual) have to walk on them to get in or out of the room. A short while ___7___(副词), my sister helped me to carry one of my old bookcases up the stairs. She went into my room and got ___8___ (冠词)big surprise when she saw all those books ___9___ (介词)the floor. 'This is the prettiest carpet I have ever seen,' she said. She looked ___10___ (介词)it for some time then added, 'You don't need bookcases at all. You can sit here in your spare time and read the carpet!'

(44) Out of the darkness Nearly a week passed ___1___ (连词) the girl was able to explain ___2___ (连词) had happened to her. One afternoon she set out from the coast ___3___ (介词)a small boat and was caught in a storm. Towards evening, the boat struck a rock and the girl jumped into the ___4___ (名词). Then she swam to the shore after ___5___ (冠词)the whole night in the water. During that time she covered a ___6___ (distant) of eight miles. Early next morning, she saw a light ahead. She ___7___ (know) she was near the shore because the light was high up on the cliffs. On ___8___ (arrive) at the shore, the girl struggled up the cliff towards the light she had seen. That was ___9___ (连词) she remembered. When she woke up a day later, she found ___10___ (she) in hospital.

(45) Yesterday afternoon Frank Hawkins was telling me about his experiences ___1___ (介 词)a young man. Frank ___2___ (be) now the head of a very large business company, but as a boy he used to work in a small shop. It was his job ___3___ (repair) bicycles and at that time he used to work fourteen hours a day. He saved money ___4___ (介词)years and in 1938 he ___5___ (buy) a small work-shop of his own. During the war Frank used to make spare parts for aeroplanes. At that time he had two helpers. ___6___ (介词)the end of the war, the small work-shop had become a large factory ___7___ (连词) employed seven hundred and twenty-eight people. Frank smiled when he remembered his hard early years and the long road to ___8___ (succeed). He was still smiling when the door ___9___ (open) and his wife came in. ___10___ (代词)wanted him to repair their son's bicycle!

(46) People fell in love with Elizabeth Taylor in 1944, when she starred in National Velvet-the story of Velvet Brown, a young girl who wins first place in a famous horse race. At first, the producers of the movie told Taylor that she was too small to play the part of Velvet. However, they waited for her for a few months _________ she exercised and trained—and added three inches __________ her height in four months! Her acting in

National Velvet is still considered the best by a child actress. Elizabeth Taylor was born in London in 1932. Her parents, both Americans, ___________ (move) there for business reasons. When World War II started, ________ Taylors moved to Beverly Hills, California, ________ Elizabeth started acting in movies. After her success as a child star, Taylor had no trouble __________ (move) into adult roles and won twice for Best Actress: Butterfield 8(1960) and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf ? (1966). Taylor’s fame and popularity gave her a lot of power with the movie industry, so she was able to demand very high pay for her movies. In 1963, she received $1 million for her part in Cleopatra—_________ (high) pay received by any star up to that time. Elizabeth Taylor is a legend of our time. Like Velvet Brown in National Velvet, she has been lucky, she has ________ (beautiful), fame and wealth. But she is also a hard worker. Taylor seldom acts in movies any more. _________, she puts her time and efforts into her businesses, and into helping others --- several years ago, she _________ (found) an organization that has raised more than $40 million for research and education.

(47) Lions are opportunists. They prefer ________ (eat) without having to do too much work. When resting in the shade, they are also watching the sky to see what is flying _______, and even in the heat of the day they will suddenly start up and run a mile ________ the plains to find out what is going on. If _________ animal has made a kill, they will drive it off and take the dill for themselves. A grown lion can easily eat 60 pounds of meat at a _________ feeding. Often they eat _________ it seems painful for them to lie down. The lionesses (母狮), _________ (be) thinner and faster, are better hunters than the males (雄狮). But the males don’t mind. After the kill they move in and take the test share. Most kills are made at night or just before daybreak. We have seen many, many daylight attempts _________ only ten kills. Roughly, It ’s about twenty daytime attempts _________ one kill. When lions are hiding for an attack by a water hole, they wait patiently and can charge at any second. The kill is the exciting moment in the day-to-day life of the lion, since these great animals spend most of their time, about 20 hours a day, sleeping and

resting. Lions are social cats, and when they are having a rest, they love to touch each other. After drinking at a water hole, a lioness rests her head on another’s back. When walking, young lions often touch faces with older ones, an act of close ties ________ members of the group.

(48) To extinguish (熄灭) different kinds of fires, several types of fire extinguishers have been invented. They must be ready _______ immediate use when fire breaks out. Most portable kinds operate for less than a minute, so they are useful only _______ small fires. The law requires ships, trains, buses and planes to carry extinguishers. Since fuel, oxygen and heat must be present in order for fire to exist, one or more of these things must be removed or reduced to extinguish a fire. If the heat is reduced by cooling the material ________ a certain temperature, the fire ________ (go) out. The cooling method is the most common way to put out a fire. Water is the best cooling material ________ it is low in cost and easy to get. ________ method of extinguishing fire is by cutting off the oxygen. This is usually done by covering the fire with sand, steam _______ some other things. A blanket may be used to cover a small fire. ________ third method is called separation, which includes removing the fuel, or material easy to burn, from a fire, so that it can find no fuel. The method that is used to put out a fire depends upon the type of fire. Fires have been grouped in three classes. Fires in wood, paper, cloth and so _______ are called Class A fires. These materials usually help keep the fire on. Such fires can be stopped most ________ (ready) by cooling with water.

(49) Childhood was an illusion and the illusion was ________: everything was bigger. No, I mean everything, not just houses and shops and grown-ups, _______ colors and flowers and journeys, especially journeys which seemed endless. “Are we there yet, Daddy?” Funfairs (游乐场) were huge things _______ spread for miles around you with noise and lights and exciting danger. Rainy days at home when you were ill seemed to ________

for ever. Being a grown-up yourself was an unthinkable distant _________ (possible). Every sound was louder, every game was grander, every pain unbearable. As I’ve grown old, life has become _________. Tastes have dulled. Surprises have turned into shocks. Days go by _________(notice). How can I regain childhood when it was an illusion? I have only one repeatable and wonderful way and _______ in this way I can regain only part of that larger world. I can play upon the stage like a child and make the crowd laugh and laugh _______ them, sometimes helplessly like a child, and then, even though I’m a sixty-one-year-old man, I can almost catch the colors and sounds and stillness of those bigger years when I ________ (be) little.

(50) I was 9 years old when I found out my father was ill. It was 1994, but I can remember my mother’s words as if it _______ (be) yesterday. “Kernel, I don’t want you to take food from your father, because he has AIDS. Be very careful when you are around him. ” AIDS wasn’t something we talked about in my country when I was growing up. From then on, I knew that this would be a family secret. My parents were not together any more, and my dad lived ________. For a while, he could take care of himself. But when I was 12, his condition ________. My father’s other childre n lived far away, so ______ fell to me to took after him. We couldn’t _________ all the necessary medicine for him, and because Dad was unable to work, I had no money for school supplies and often couldn’t even buy food for dinner. I ________ sit in class feeling completely lost, the teacher’s words muffled as I tried to figure out ________ I was going to manage. I did not share my burden with anyone. I had seen people reacted to AIDS. Kids laughed at classmates who had parents with the disease. And even adults could be cruel. When my father was moved to the hospital, the nurses would leave his food on the bedside even though he was too weak to feed _______. I ________ (know) that he was going to die, but after so many years of keeping his condition a secret. I was completely unprepared when he reached his final days. Sad and hopeless, I called a woman at the nonprofit National AIDS Support. That day, she kept me on the phone for hours. I was so lucky to find someone who cared. She saved

my life. I was 15 when my father died. He took his _______ away with him, having never spoken about AIDS to anyone. Even me, he didn’t want to call attention to AIDS. I do.

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