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2010 年高考英语试题分类汇编
???it 的用法?
? ?14.The doctor thought ___________would be good for you to have a holiday. A. this B. that C. one D. it 33.The fact that she was foreign made _____difficult for her to get a job in that country A so B. much C. that D. it

2. 代词
22. When you introduce me to Mr. Johnson, could you please say for me? A. everything B. anything C. something D. nothing 27. If our parents do everything for us children, we won't learn to depend on A. themselves B. them C. us D. ourselves 21. You are a team star! Working with_______ is really your cup of tea. A. both B. either C. others D. the other 32. Helping others is a habit, _______ you can learn even at an early age. A. it B. that C. what D. one 6. in my life impressed me so deeply as my first visit to the Palace Museum. A. Anything B. Nothing C. Everything D. Something ?12. The cost of renting a house in central Xi’an is higher than ____ in any other area of the city. A. that B. this C. it D. one 7. On my desk is a photo that my father took of when I was a baby. A. him B. his C. me D. mine 12. Neither side is prepared to talk to _________unless we can smooth things over between them. A. others B. the other C. another D. one other 23. He had lost his temper and his health in the war and never found of them again. A. neither B. either C. each D. all 25. To improve the quality of our products, we asked for suggestions had used the products. A. whatever B. who C. whichever D. which 34 Nowadays some hospitals refer to patients ______ name, not case number. A of B as C by D with 14. that’s important is that you are doing your best and moving in the right direction. A.One B.All C.Everything D.Anything 3.


33 Not until he left his home ______ to know how important the family was for him. A did he begin B had he begun C he began D he had begun 9.We laugh at jokes,but seldom about how they work. A.we think B.think we C.we do think D.do we think ?33. —Is everyone here? —Not yet……Look , there_______ the rest of our guests! A. come B. comes C. is coming D. are coming 33. At the meeting place of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River______, one of the ten largest cities in China. A. lies Chongqing B. Chongqing lies C. does lie Chongqing D. does Chongqing lie 71. Only if people of all the countries are united ________(我们才能解决)the existing problems in the world. (solve)

4. 定语从句

24. Stephen Hawking believes that earth is unlikely to be the only planet life has developed gradually. A. that B. where C. which D. whose24. 答案:B 28. I've become good friends with several of the students in my school I met in the English speech contest last year. A. who B. where C. when D. which 31 The girl arranged to have piano lessons at the training centre with her sister ______ she would stay for an hour. A where B who C which D what 24. That’s the new machine ______ parts are too small to be seen. A. that B. which C. whose D. What 38. Wind power is an ancient source of energy we may return in the near future. A. on which B. by which C. to which D. from which 8. Can you believe I had to pay 30 dollars for a haircut? You should try the barber’s I go. It’s only 15. A. as B. which C. where D. that 10.After graduating from college,I took some time off to go travelling, turned out to be a wise decision. A.that B.which C.when D.where 24. As a child , Jack studied in a village school ,_____ is named after his grandfather. A. which B. where C. what D. that 32. The newly built café the walls of_______ are painted light green, is really a peaceful place for us, specially , after hard work. A. that B. it C. what D. which 11. The old temple _______ roof was damaged in storm is now under repair. A. where B. which C. its D. Whose 16. I refuse to accept the blame for something ________was someone else’s fault. A. who B. that C. as D. what 77. My mother was so proud of all ________(我所做的)that she rewarded me with a trip to Beijing. (do) 80. ________(正如我们强调的那样)many times, ―serve the people‖ is our first policy. (stress) 27. Children who are not active or diet is high in fat will gain weight quickly. A. what B. whose C. which D. that 28. In china, the number of cities is increasing ________development is recognized across the world. A. where B. which C. whose D. that 3.The settlement is home to nearly 1,000 people, many of left their village homes for a better life in the city. A.whom B.which C.them D.those

5. 动词和词组
27. More and more high-rise buildings have been built in big cities space. A. in search of B. in place of C. for lack of D. for fear of 30. We’ve just moved into a bigger house and there’s a lot to do. Let’s it. A. keep up with B. do away with C. get down to D. look forward to 33. – In this day and age, women can have children and jobs as well. --I can’t agree more. It’s great to have the two . A. linked B. related C. connected D. combined 30. In ancient times, people rarely travelled long distances and most farmers only travelled local market. A. longer than B. more than C. as much as D. as far as



22. No matter how low you consider yourself, there is always someone ______you wishing they were that high A. getting rid of B. getting along with C. Looking up to D. looking down upon 23. ----How did you like Nick’s performance last night? ----To be honest, his singing didn’t _______to me much A. appeal B . belong C refer D. occur 25 Parents _______ much importance to education. They will do their best to give their children that priceless gift. A attach B pay C link D apply 26 Smell the flowers before you go to sleep, and you may just ______ sweet dreams. A keep up with B put up with C end up with D catch up with 29 We give dogs time, space and love we c an spare, and _____, dogs give us their all. A in all B in fact C in short D in return 27. Sam _____ some knowledge of the computer just by watching others working on it. A. brought up B. looked up C. picked up D. set up 31. Your house is always so neat—how do you ______ it with three children? A. manage B. serve C. adapt D. construct 11. Joining the firm as a clerk, he got rapid promotion , and as a manager. A. ended up B. dropped out C. came back D. started off 1. He telephoned the travel agency to three air tickets to London. A. order B. arrange C. take D. book 6. Some people eat with their eyes. They prefer to order what nice. A. looks B. smells C. feels D. tastes 8.Jenny was looking for a seat when,luckily,a man and left. A.took up B.got up C.shut up D.set up 22. The workers ______ the glasses and marked on each box ― This Side Up‖ A. carried B. delivered C. pressed D. packed 24. Thousands of foreigners were______ to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened. A. attended B. attained C. attracted D. attached 26. The experiment has_________ the possibility of the existence of any life on that planet, but it does not mean there is no life on other planets. A. found out B. pointed out C. ruled out D. carried out 29. So far we have done a lot to build a low-carbon economy, but it is________ ideal. We have to work still harder. A. next to B. far from C. out of D. due to 14. You look well. The air and the sea foods in Sanya must _____ you, I suppose. A. agree with B. agree to C. agree on D. agree about 8. My mother opened drawer to _________the knives and spoons. A. put away B. put up C. put on D. put together (10 湖北)28. Just as the clothes a person wears , the food he eats and the friends with whom he spends his time, his house his personality. A. resembles B. strengthens C. reflects D. shapes 29. Had he her promise, she would have made it to Yale University. A. looked up to B. lived up to C. kept up with D. come up with 30. It is illegal for a public official to ask people for gifts or money favors to them. A. in preference to B. in place of C. in agreement with D. in exchange for 28.Thousands of people _______ to watch yesterday’s match against Ireland. A.turned on B.turned in C.turned around D.turned out

32. The new movie _____to be one of the biggest money-makers of all time . A. promises B. agrees c. pretends D. declines 4.The majority of people in the town strongly the plan to build a playground for children. A.consider B.support C.confirm D.submit 12.After that, he knew he could any emergency by doing what be could to the best of his ability. A.get away with B.get on with C.get through D.get across

6. 动词时态和语态
(10 上海) 28. Every few years, the coal workers their lungs X-rayed to ensure their health. A. are having B. have C. have had D. had had 31. The church tower which will be open to tourists soon. The work is almost finished. A. has restored B. has been restored C. is restoring D. is being restored 28. Every year a flood of farmers arrive in Shenzhen for the money-making jobs they before leaving their hometowns. A. promised B. were promised C. have promised D. have been promised 31. –Guess what, we’ve got our visas for a short-term visit to the UK this summer. --How nice! You a different culture then. A. will be experiencing B. have experienced C. have been experiencing D. will have experienced 28. ----Were you surprised by the ending of the film? ----No, I _______the book, so I already knew the story? A. was reading B. had read C. am reading D. have read 34. ----We’ve spent too much money recently. ----well, it isn’t surprising. Our friend and relatives _______around all the time A. are coming B. had come C. were coming D. have been coming 24. This coastal area a national wildlife reserve last year. A. was named B. named C. is named D. names 27. I was just going to cut my rose bushes but someone it. Was it you? A. has done B. had done C. would do D. will do 31. I walked slowly through the market, where people all kinds of fruits and vegetables. I studied the prices carefully and bought what I needed. A. sell B. were selling C. had sold D. have sold 34. I'm tired out. . I all afternoon and I don't seem to have finished anything. A. shopped B. have shopped C. had shopped D. have been shopping 30 Mother wanted to be a good provider, a role she ______ since her marriage to Father. A shoulders B shouldered C is shouldering D has been shouldering 29. The living room is clean and tidy, with a dining table already ______ for a meal to be cooked. A. laid B. laying C. to lay D. being laid 30. Up to now, the program ________ thousands of children who would otherwise have died. A. would save B. saves C. had saved D. has saved 4. We on this project for four hours. Let’s have a rest. A. are working B. have been working C. worked D. had worked 10. Traditional folk arts of Tianjin like paper cutting at the culture show of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. A. are exhibiting B. is exhibiting C. are being exhibited D. is being exhibited 11.In many people’s opinion,that company,though relatively small,is pleasant . A.to deal with B.dealing with C.to be dealt with D.dealt with 16.一 When shall we restart our business?

一 Not until we our plan. A.will finish B.are finishing C.are to finish D.have finished 18.You’ve failed to do what you to and I’m afraid the teacher will blame you. A.will expect B.will be expected C.expected D.were expected 21. —Have you finished reading Jane Eyre? —No , I ______ my homework all day yesterday. A. was doing B. would do C. has done D. do 28. When you are home , give a call to let me know you ______ safely. A. are arriving B. have arrived C. had arrived D. will arrive 32. The discovery of gold in Australia led thousands to believe that a fortune ______. A. is made B. would make C. was to be made D. had made 23. —why, Jack, you look so tired! —Well, I _____the house and I must finish the work tomorrow. A. was painting B. will be painting C. have painted D. have been painting 30. —Peter , where did you guys go for the summer vacation? —We________ busy with our work for months, so we went to the beach to relax ourselves. A. were B. have been C. had been D. will be 21. I have to see the doctor because I a lot lately. A. have been coughing B. had coughed C. coughed D. cough 24. It is reported that many a new house at present in the disaster area. A. are being built B. were being built C. was being built D. is being built 9. Barbara is easy to recognize as she’s the only one of the women who ________evening dress. A. wear B. wears C. has worn D. have worn 15. Linda make sure the table ________before the guests arrive A. be set B. set C. are set D. are setting 19. Excuse me I________I was blocking your way. A. didn’t realize B. don’t realize C. haven’t realized D. wasn’t realizing 78. Last night’s TV news said that by then the death of the missing people ________(未证实)yet. (prove) 24. Joseph ______to evening classes since last month, but he still can’t say ―What’s your name?‖ in Russian. A.has been going B.went C.goes D.has gone 30. I _______ all the cooking for my family, but recently I’ve been too busy to do it. A.will do B.do C.am doing D.had done 22. In the spoken English of some areas in the US, the "r" sounds at the end of the words . A. are dropped B. drop C. are being dropped D. have dropped 24. --I'm not finished with my dinner yet. --But our friends for us. A. will wait B. wait C. have waited D. are waiting 26. --I'm sorry, but I don't quite follow you. Did you say you wanted to return on September 20? --Sorry, I myself clear. We want to return on October 20. A. hadn't made B. wouldn't make C. don't make D. haven't made 28. It took me a long time before I was able to fully appreciate what they __ for me. A. had done B. did C. would do D. were doing 24. The book has been translated into thirty languages since it on the market in 1973. A. had come B. has come C. came D. comes 29. The palace caught fire three times in the last century, and little of the original building _______now. A. remains B. is remained C. is remaining D. has been remained 31. -----Why do you want to work for our company?

-----This is the job that I for. A. looked B. am to look C. had looked D. have been looking 5.If you plant watermelon seeds in the spring, you fresh watermelon in the fall. A.eat B.would eat C.have eaten D.will be eating 15.For many years, people electric cars. However, making them has been more difficult than predicted. A.had dreamed of B.have dreamed of C.dreamed of D.dream of

7. 非谓语动词
(10 福建) 25. Lots of rescue workers were working around the clock, supplies to Yushu, Qinghai Province after the earthquake.A. sending B. to send C. having sent D. to have sent25. 答 案:A 考点:非谓语动词 解析:表示伴随。从 ―were working‖可以判断是进行时态,排除 C。 34. In April, thousands of holidaymakers remained abroad due to the volcanic ash cloud.A. sticking B. stuck C. to be stuck D. to have stuck34. 答案:B 考点:remain 后接动词的用法 解析:remain 是高考的重点词汇。当它做系动词时,后面接过去分词作表语。 (10 上海) 33. Lucy has a great sense of humor and always keeps her colleagues with her stories. A. amused B. amusing C. to amuse D. to be amused 答案:A 考点:本题考查非谓语动词。 解析:keep+sb. /sth. +done,根据句意,sb.与它后面的动词成被动关系,故选 A. 35. the city center, we saw a stone statue of about 10 meters in height. A. Approaching B. Approached C. To approach D. To be approached 答案:A 考点:本题考查非谓语动词。 解析:考察现在分词作状语,表示正在进行或主动的动作。此时分词的逻辑主语就是主句的主语,因 此要注意人称、时态和语态的一致性。 40. Thai is the only way we can imagine the overuse of water in students' bathrooms. A. reducing B. to reduce C. reduced D. reduce 答案:B 考点:此处考查非谓语动词。 解析:此处应该用不定式 the way to do sth 表示做……的途径、方式。the only way to do……,we can imagine

做定语,前面省略了 that. (10 安徽) 30. He had a wonderful childhood, _____with his mother to all corners of the world A. travel B. to travel C. traveled D. traveling 答案:D. 考点:本题考查非谓语动词作状语。 解析:主语(he)与动词 travel 之间存在主动关系,故用 traveling 作原因状语。 (10 湖南) 21. Listen! Do you hear someone for help? A. calling B. call C. to call D. called 21. 答案:A 考点:考查非谓语动词。 解析:该空在句中为非谓语动词作宾补,根据 someone 与 call 的主动关系排除 D 项。hear 后接不定 式作宾补时应省略 to,由此排除 C 项。由 Listen 可判断此处表示正在求救,故选 A 项。 26. Dina, for months to find a job as a waitress, finally took a position at a local advertising agency. A. struggling B. struggled C. having struggled D. to struggle 26. 答案:C 考点:考查非谓语动词。 解析: 该空, 分词短语作时间状语, 其逻辑主语 Dina 与 struggle 为主动关系, 故排除 B 项。 由剧中的 finally 可知非谓语动词表示的动作发生在句中谓语 took a position 之前,故用现在分词的完成主动式。 30. So far nobody has claimed the money in the library. A. discovered B. to be discovered C. discovering D. having discovered 30. 答案:A 考点:考查非谓语动词 解析:该空在句中作后置定语修饰 the money,根据 the money 与 discover 的被动关系,排除 C、D 两项。 B 项表示的是“将要被发现”的意思,根据句意“到目前为止还没有人来认领在图书馆被发现的钱”可判 断选 A 项。 (10 江西) 24 The lady walked around the shops, _______ an eye out for bargains. A keep B kept C keeping D to keep 答案:C 考点:考察非谓语。 解析:句子主语 lady 和 keep 之间是主动关系, 而且 walk 和 keep 同时发生。 32 There were many talented actors out there just waiting ______. A to discover B to be discovered C discovered D being discovered 答案:B. 考点:考察非谓语。 解析:演员等待被发现, 用被动, 发现发生在等待之后, 所以用不定式. (10 山东) 23. I have a lot of readings _____ before the end of this term.

A. completing B. to complete C. completed D. being completed 答案:B 考点:本题考查非谓语动词的使用。 解析:句意应为“这个学期结束前,我要做很多阅读练习。 ”由于时间状语 before the end of this term 表达 未来的时间,所以空格处使用动词不定式表示将来,充当 readings 的定语。 (10 天津) 12. It rained heavily in the south, serious flooding in several provinces. A. caused B. having caused C. causing D. to cause 答案:C. 考点:考查非谓语动词。 句意:南方下了大雨,在几个省区造成严重洪灾。 解析:空格后 serious flooding 是 rained heavily 的后果,而且句子主语 it 和 cause 之间存在主动关系,所以 此处要用动词的 ing 形式作结果状语 (10 四川) 4. A great number of students said they were forced to practise the piano. A. to question B. to be questioned C. questioned D. questioning 答案:C 考点:考查非谓语动词作定语。 解析: question 与 students 存在被动关系,question 表示的动作也已完成,故用过去分词。 17.The lawyer listened with full attention, to miss any point. A.not trying B.trying not C.to try not D.not to try 答案:B 考点:考查现在分词短语做伴随状语及动词不定式的否定式。 解析:句中 listen 和 try not to miss 为同时进行的动作,故用现在分词的一般式做伴随状语。又动词不定式 的否定式要在其前加 not.故选 B。 (10 全国Ⅰ) 27.Mrs.White showed her students some old maps ______ from the library. A. to borrow B. to be borrowed C. borrowed D. borrowing 27 题 答案:C 句意:怀特夫人像学生们展示了一些从图书馆借来的老地图。 解答:根据选项此题考察非谓语动词,题干中空格划在名词 maps 后,空格后部分是对 maps 解释说明,因 此此题考察非谓语动词做定语。非谓语动词做状语,首先判断动词与所修饰名词的主动还是被动关 系,borrow 和 maps 是被动关系,被动关系时非谓语动词形式有三种: to be done, being done, done, to be done 表示动作将要发生,being done 表示动作正在发生,done 表示用作已经完成,根据句意 borrow 的动作已经完成,因此选择 C。 34. With Father’s Day around the corner ,I have taken some money out of the bank ______ presents for my dad. A. buy B. to buy C. buying D. to have bought 34 题 答案:B 句意:父亲节将要到来,为了给爸爸买礼物我已经从银行取了一些钱。 解答:根据选项此题考察非谓语动词。题干中空格划在名词后,但是空格后的部分不是对 bank 解释说明,

而是说明取钱的目的,因此此题中非谓语动词做目的状语,非谓语动词中不定式做状语用来表示目 的,因此选择 B。 (10 江苏) 28. The retired man donated most of his savings to the school damaged by the earthquake i n Yushu ,________the students to return to their classrooms. A. enabling B. having enabled C. to enable D. to have enabled 选 A. enabling 表示他在捐献后的结果 (10??陕西) 16._____ from the top of the tower, the south foot of the mountain is a sea of trees . A. Seen B. Seeing C. Having seen D. To see A.【解析】考查非谓语动词。此处是非谓语动词做状语,逻辑主语是句子的主语,非谓语动词与逻辑主语 是被动关系,且其动作在谓语动词动作之前已经完成,用过去分词,选 A。 19. His first book next month is based on a true story. A. published B. to be published C. to publish D. being published B.【解析】考查非谓语动词。此处是非谓语动词做后置定语,由时间状语 next month 可知所填非谓语动词 表示将来的动作,用动词不定式,其逻辑主语是所修饰的名词 book,不定式与逻辑主语是被动关系, 故用不定式的被动式,选 B。 (10 全国Ⅱ) 11.Though_________to see us, the professor gave us a warm welcome. A. urprising B. as surprised C. urprised D being surprised 【答案】C 【解析】省略结构和非谓语动词考查。补完整为:Though he was surprised,主语一致,省略主语和系动词。 (10 湖北) 72. ________(油漆成)red, the building stands out among the rest and looks very attractive. (paint) 72. 答案: “painted” 。考点:非谓语动词 解析:过去分词作状语,主语 ―the building‖是动作 ―paint‖的作用对象 75. After she completes the project, she’ll have ________(没什么要担心的). (worry) 75. 答案:nothing to worry about 考点:不定式作后置定语 解析:动词 “worry”与被修饰的名词 “nothing” 形成动宾关系,由于 “worry” 是不及物动词,后面 须加上加上介词 “about” 。 (10辽宁) 25.We were astonished _______ the temple still in its original condition. A.finding B.to find C.find D.to be found 答案:B 句意:我们吃惊地发现那座庙仍然还是原来的状况。 解析:考查非谓语动词。be astonished 后应该跟动词不定式做状语。 (10 辽宁) 35.Alexander tried to get his work _______in the medical circles. A. to recognize B. recognizing C. recognize D. recognized

答案:D 句意:亚历山大试图让他的工作在医学圈内得到认可。 解析:考查非谓语动词用法。宾语 work 和 recognize 之间存在被动关系,所以用过去分词作宾语补足语。 (10 北京) 21. at my classmates' faces, I read the same excitement in their eyes. A. Looking B. Look C. To look D. Looked 21. 答案:A 考点:本题考查非谓语动词。 解析:look 与句子主语 I 为主动关系,因此用 looking. 25. I'm calling to enquire about the position in yesterday's China Daily. A. advertised B. to be advertised C. advertising D. having advertised 25. 答案:A 考点:本题考查非谓语动词。 句意:我打电话来咨询下昨天中国日报上刊登职位的信息。 解析:the position 肯定是被 advertise,此处的分词可以理解为一个定语从句 which was advertised (10 重庆) 30. The news shocked the public, _______to great concern about students’ safety at school. A. having led B. led C. leading D. to lead 30. 答案 C 考点:考查非谓语动词。 解析:句意为:这个消息使公众震惊,也引起了人们对学生在校安全的关注。The news 和 lead 之间是主谓 关系,并作 shocked 的伴随状语,所以用 leading。 34. Many buildings in the city need repairing, but the one ______first is the library. A. repaired B. being repaired C. repairing D. to be repaired 34. 答案 D 考点:考查非谓语动词。 解析: the one 指代前面提到的 buildings 与 repair 是动宾关系,由前半句房屋需要修缮可知修缮这个动作 发生在 need 之后,所以用 to be repaired. (10 浙江) 20. The traffic rule says young children under the age of four and ____ less than 40 pounds must be in a child safety seat. A. being weighed B. to weigh C. weighed D. weighing 答案:D 考点:本题考查非谓语动词。 解析:根据句子结构:主语:the traffic rule;谓语动词:says;宾语从句:young children under the age of four and ____ less than 40 pounds must be in a child safety seat。宾语从句中的主干 为:young children must be in a child safety seat。 under the age of four and ____ less than 40 pounds 用于修饰宾语从句主语 children。动词 weigh 与名词 children 是主动关系,所以选择 weighing。句意:交通法则规定四岁以 下并且体重不超过四十磅的婴儿必须坐在婴儿安全座上。


8. 固定搭配/固定句型
(10 福建) 29. Teachers recommend parents their children under 12 to ride bicycles to school for safety.A. not allow B. do not allow C. mustn’t allow D. couldn’t allow29. 答案:A 考点:固定句型 解析:recommend sb. do ( not do) sth.建议某人做(不做)某事。老师建议父母出于安全考虑最好不要让 12 岁以下的小朋友骑脚踏车去学校 (10 上海) 32. I had great difficulty the suitable food on the menu in that restaurant. A. find B. found C. to find D. finding 答案:D 考点:固定词组 解析:have difficulty(in)doing sth.做某事有困难。 (10 全国Ⅰ) 26. I have seldom seen my mother _______ pleased with my progress as she is now . A. so B. very C. too D. rather 26 题 答案:A 句意:我很少看到妈妈像现在一样为我的进步如此开心。 解答:此题考察 so?as?.的固定结构,题干中的关键词是 as,译为“像?..一样,正如?..一样”。因 此选择 A。 ? (10 江西) 27 Swimming is my favorite sport. There is _______ like swimming as a means of keeping fit. A something B anything C nothing D everything 答案:C 考点:考察句型 解析: nothing like 的意思很多, 但用于表达"nothing better than 没有比……更好的",常见句型为 there is nothing like...选 C ? (??陕西)?

18. It never occurred to me _____ you could succeed in persuading him to change his mind. A. which B. what C. that D. if
C.【解析】考查固定句型。It occurs/occurred to sb that ...是固定句型,意思是:突然想起......, 其中 that 引导主语从句,选 C。 ? (10 全国Ⅱ) 7.Tom was about to close the window __________his attention was caught by a bird. A. when B. if C. and D. till 答案:A 解析:考查固定句型。Be about to do….when…表示就要做某事时,突然…… ?? (??湖北)? 27. Duty is an act or a course of action that people you to take by social customs, law or religion.

A. persuade B. request C. instruct 答案: D 考点:考查固定句型 解析:expect sb. to do.“期待/希望某人做某事” 。

D. expect

(10 浙江) 18.—According to my grandma, it is a good idea to eat chicken soup when you have a cold. —_____, scientists agree with her. A. Sooner or later B. Once in a while C. To be exact D. Believe it or not 答案:D 考点:本题考查固定短语的辨析。 解析:根据句意: “从奶奶那儿得知,当感冒的时候喝鸡汤是个好主意。“科学家也这样认为。 从而确 ” ” 定后者同意前者的观点,故选择 D。

9. 冠词
(10 福建) 21. It’s good feeling for people to admire the Shanghai World Expo that gives them pleasure.A. 不填, a B. a, 不填 C. the, a D. a, the21. 答案:B 考点:冠词的使用 解析:good feeling 并非特指,故用 a;pleasure 是抽象名词,无需冠词。句意为“人们喜欢上海世博会给 它们的快乐,这是(一)种不错的感觉” a good feeling , 一种不错的感觉,give sb pleasure。

(10 山东) 22. If we sit near _______ front of the bus, we’ll have _______ better view. A. 不填; the B. 不填;a C. the; a D. the;the 答案:C 考点: 本题考查冠词在具体语境中的使用。 解析: 句意应为“如果我们坐在公共汽车的前部,就会有更好的视野。 ”表示“某空间内部的前部”时, front 前要加定冠词 the; have a good view 是习惯搭配,表示“视野开阔,视野良好”之意;所以 C 项符合语境。 (10 江苏) 21. The visitors here are greatly impressed by the fact that_______ people from all walks of life are working hard for_____ new Jiangsu. A.不填; a B. 不填;the C. the; a D. the; the 选 A. 第一空,来自社会各阶层的人. 是不特指,不用冠词. 第二空, 在 Jiangsu 前有形容词 new 因此,应 加冠词 a.表示一个全新的江苏 (10辽宁) 22.There are over 58, 000 rocky objects in _______ space, about 900 of which could fall down onto _______ earth. A. the; the B. 不填; the C. the; 不填 D. a; the 答案:B

句意:太空中有超过 58,000 的岩状物体,其中大约 900 有可能掉到地球上。 解析:考查冠词。第一空 in space 是固定短语,不用冠词,第二空名词 earth 属于独一无二事物的名词, 其前必须用定冠词。 (10 北京) 35. First impressions are the most lasting. After all, you never get __ second chance to make __ first impression. A. a; the B. the; the C. a; a D. the; a 35. 答案:A 考点: 冠词 解析:很多同学错在第二个空 to make a first impression 上了。在做题的时候不够细心,因为此题的句意是: 第一印象是最持久的。总之,你永远不可能有第二个机会去再给别人留一次第一印象。本题强调 的重点是第二个机会 a second chance;第二次留一个第一印象, make a first impression. first 为干扰因 素。 若句意改变为:你没有机会去改变你的第一印象 You never get a second chance to change the first impression。此处再填 the 就合情合理了。 (10 重庆) 27. Everything comes with price; there is no such thing as free lunch in the world. A. a, a B. the, / C. the, a D. a, / 27. 答案 D 考点:考查冠词。 解析: price 意思是“代价” ,为可数名词,第二空前边有 no,后面的名词不用冠词,故选 D 项。 (10 浙江) 2. Many lifestyle patterns do such great harm to health that they actually speed up weakening of the human body. A. a; / B. /; the C. a; the D. /; / 答案:B 考点:本题考查冠词。 解析:句意:许多生活方式对人类的健康有害,他们加速了人类身体的衰退。本题考查冠词,对……有害 用短语―do harm to‖表示,中间无需冠词;之后的 weakening 是由动词的 ing 形式表示抽象的名词,表 达一种概念、状况时需要加上 the。 (10 四川) 2. In most countries, a university degree can give you flying start in life. A. the; a B. the; 不填 C.不填; 不填 D.不填; a 答案:D 考点:考查冠词。 解析: most countries 此处表泛指,most 前不加定冠词 the.第二个空处应为―一个高起点的开始‖,故用 a , 正确答案为 D。

(10 安徽) 24. ---- Do you know if Linda is willing to take charge of the program? ----_______, does it? A. It takes no time B. It counts for nothing

C. It doesn’t hurt to ask D. It doesn’t make sense 答案:C. 考点:本题考查交际用语。 解析: It doesn’t hurt to ask 意为“又不是不能问;问一下也无妨” It counts for nothing 意为“这不算什 ; 么” It doesn’t make sense 意为“没有意义;讲不通” It take no time 意为“这不花时间” ; ; 。句意 为“----你知道 Linda 是否愿负责这个项目吗?----问一下也无妨,不是吗?” 35. ---- _______? ----That would be great !Please drop me off at the library A. could you bring me the bill B. would you like me to give you a lift C. Could you tell me the postcode for D. would you like to have my e-mail address 答案:B. 考点:本题考查交际用语。 解析:句意为“你想让我给你打个便车吗 would you like me to give you a lift?----太棒了!请到图书馆让我 下车。 ” (10 江西) 21 — Do you enjoy your present job? — _______. I just do it for a living. A Of course B Not really C Not likely D Not a little 答案:B 考点:考察情景交际 解析: of course 当然 not really 委婉说不 not likely 不可能 not a little 非常 前句问你喜欢现在的工作吗?从后一句答语我们知道, 他仅仅是为了谋生。 所以前一句答语应该是否 定的, 而且答语口气并不强烈, 所以要用委婉的语气, 答案:B (10 山东) 21. —Do you think you could do without help? —______. This is not the first time for me. A. Take care B. Hurry up C. Not exactly D. Don’t worry 答案:D 考点:本题考查交际用语的使用。 解析:根据后置语境 This is not the first time for me 可知,答语应表示“没问题,别担心”之意,所以 D 项 符合语境。 34. — Her father is very rich. —________ She wouldn’t accept his help even if it were offered. A. What for? B. So what? C. No doubt. D. No wonder. 答案:B 考点:本题考查交际英语在具体语境中的使用。 解析:句意应为“---她父亲非常富裕。---那又怎么样?即使主动给她帮助,她也不会接受的。 ”表示“那 又怎么样?”用 So what? 。What for?表示“为了什么?” ;No doubt 表示“毫无疑问” ;No wonder 表示“毫不奇怪” 。 (10 天津) 2. —Excuse me, I wonder if you can help me?

—Sure. ? A. What help B. What is this C. What is it D. What do you want 答案:C. 考点:考查交际用语。 句意:—劳驾,你能帮帮我吗?—好的,什么事? 解析:第一个人询问是否可以帮忙,从第二个人的回答 sure,可以知道他愿意,接着问,具体是什么事, 用 What is it?意思是“什么事?” 。 7. Professor Johnson, I’m afraid I can’t finish the report within this week. How about next week? A. Good for you B. It won’t bother me C. Not at all D. That’s OK 答案:D. 考点:考查交际用语。 句意:—约翰逊教授,恐怕我这周完不成报告。 —好的,下周怎么样? 解析:根据后面的 How about next week,可以看出,Johnson 教授已经确认这周完不成报告没关系,所以, 用 That’s OK。 (10 全国Ⅰ) 31. —Everybody is going to climb the mountain . Can I go too , mom ? — ______ Wait till you are old enough ,dear. A. Will you B. Why not ? C. I hope so . D. I’m afraid not. 31 题 答案:D 句意:— 每个人都要去爬山,我也能去吗妈妈? — 恐怕不行,亲爱的,等你长大的吧。 解答:此题时情景对话题目。Will you 用于请求第三者的同意,Why not 译为―为什么不去做……‖用于向别 人提建议,I hope so 译为―我也希望是这样‖,I am afraid not 译为恐怕不行,根据句意选择 D。 35. Was he sorry for what he’d done ? A. No wonder B. Well done C. Not really D. Go ahead 35 题 答案:C 句意:—他为他所做的事情道歉了吗? —事实上没有。 解答: 此题考察情景交际。 wonder―不足为奇‖, no well done 译为―做得好‖, really 译为―事实上没有‖, “Go not ahead‖译为―做吧‖。根据句意选择 C。

(10 江苏) 27. —Do you think their table tennis team will win the first place at the coming Asian Games? —_________. Ours is much stronger than theirs. A. Of course B. It depends C. Don’t mention it D. By no means 选 D. by no means 表示绝不 It depends. 表示看情况而定. (??陕西) 情景对话(共 5 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 根据对话情景和内容,从对话后所给的选项中选出能填入每一空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该选 项涂黑. 选项中有两个为多余选项 Jerry: Hi , Mike. Look like you’ve got some sun. Mike: I guess so. I spent the weekend on the beach.

Jerry: Really? That sounds exciting. __6__ (C) Mike: At my friend’s house . He invited me to stay there for as long as I wanted. Jerry: __7__ (G ) Mike: Oh, I have a paper to work on. Jerry: _8__ I mean besides lying out in the sun. (E) Mike: I play some volleyball. I never realized how hard it is to run on sand. Jerry: _9__ Did you go swimming? (B) Mike: I intended to. __10__So I just went fishing. (F) Jerry: All sounds so relaxing. A. What a pity! B. It must be cool. C. Where did you stay? D. But how did you get there? E. So what else did you do out there? F. But the water wasn’t warm enough G. Then why not stay there for a longer time? 1-10 A C D B A C G E B F 13. –What’s the noise ? It sounds as if it comes from upstairs. --______ . It must be the window-cleaner working, next door. A. I’m not sure B. I hope not C. I’d rather not D. I don’t think so D. 【解析】考查交际用语。A 项意思是:我不确信;B 项意思是:我希望不会;C 项意思是:我宁愿不; D 项意思是:我认为不会。根据应答句的后一分句意思可知所填部分表示对前一人的观点的否定,故 选 D。 25. What a fine day! Shall we go picnicking? . But we need to be home before six o’clock for the football match. . A. Have a nice time. B. Pardon me C. That’s great D. You are right C. 【解析】考查交际用语。Have a nice time:祝你玩的高兴;pardon me:原谅我;that’s great:那太好了; you are right:你说的对。由问句中的 shall we. . . ?可知表示征求意见,由此情景可知此处选 C。 (10 全国Ⅱ) 6.--Is it all right if I keep this photo? --_____________. A. No . you don’t B. No. it shouldn’t C. I’m afraid not D. Don’t keep it 答案:C 解析:考查交际用语。不同意对方的委婉拒绝方式。 18. —Can I help you? Are you looking for anything in particular today? ---_________We’re just looking. A. Yes please B. No, thank you C. Yes ,you can D. No, you needn’t 【答案】B 【解析】情景交际考查。结合语境,考查拒绝帮助的答语。问话者想给对方提供帮助,答语者要么拒绝, 要么接受,但是要考虑礼貌用语,所以不选A,选择B。 (10辽宁) 21. —I’ll do the washing-up. Jack, would you please do the floors? —_______. A.Yes, please B.No, I don’t C. Yes, sure D. No, not at all 答案:C 句意:—我要洗刷一下。杰克,请你擦地板好吗?—好的。 解析:考查交际用语。Would you please do…. ?是一个表示请求的句型,对该句型的回答,肯定同意 Sure. /Certainly. /Of course. / By all means. / Yes, do please. / Here you are. / Help yourself. (可以/当然/拿去/请

便。 )否定 I’m afraid… (我恐怕……)I’m sorry, but… (对不起, 但是……)I’m sorry you can’t. /You’d better not. (很抱歉,不行。/你最好别这样。)显然,只有 Yes,sure 符合语境。 (10 重庆) 21. You park here! It’s an emergency exit. A. wouldn’t B. needn’t C. couldn’t D. mustn’t 21. 答案 D 考点:考查交际用语。 解析:由后面的“这是一个紧急出口”可知,这儿是禁止某人停车,所以用 mustn’t 表示禁止某人做某事。 符合语境。 26. ----Honey, let’s go out for dinner. ----I don’t have to cook. A. Forgot it! B. That’s great! C. Why? D. Go ahead! 26. 答案 B 考点:考查交际用语。 解析:句意为“亲爱的,我们出去吃饭吧。“太好了,我不必做饭了。 ” ”所以选 B。A. Forget it. 没关系 C. Why 为什么 D. Go ahead 随便 均不符合语境。 35. -----Have you played baseball before? We need one more player. -----______. I like ball games, so I believe it will be to learn baseball. A. Sometimes B. Not really C. Never mind D. That’s cool 35. 答案 B 考点:考查交际用语。 解析: not really 说明自己没打过棒球,与后面的“我认为学打棒球很有趣”相吻合。 (10 浙江) 13.—Would she mind playing against her former teammates? www. ks*5u. co — She is willing to play against any tough players. A.I think so. B.I’m not surprised. C.Of course. D.Not likely! 答案:D 考点:本题考查交际用语。 解析:根据语境: “她会介意与她之前的队友们对垒吗?” “她喜欢与任何强劲的选手比赛。 ”分析四个选 项:I think so. 我想是这样的。I’m not surprised. 一点也不奇怪。Of course. 当然。Not likely!(大概) 不会。此处表示不介意,所以选择 D。 (10 四川) 1. —Here’s your change. —— A. Thank you. B. Don’t mention it. C. No problem D. With pleasure. 答案:A 考点:考查日常用语。 解析:句意为: “这是找你的零钱。“谢谢” 符合语境。B 用于回答道谢或道谦;C、D 用于回答求助。 ” 。A 13.一 I’m sorry.That wasn’t of much help. 一 Oh, .As a matter of fact,it was most helpful.

A.sure it was B.it doesn’t matter C.of course not D.thanks anyway 答案:Aw_w w. k#s5_u. c o*m 考点:考查日常用语。 解析:后句中的 As a matter of fact, it was most helpful,可知是对前句表意的否定,所以 A 项合适。句意为: “对不起,那帮助不太大。当然不是了,实际上,它很有用。 ”

11. 介词
(10 上海) 25. Sean has formed the habit of jogging the tree-lined avenue for two hours every day. A. between B. along C. below D. with 答案:B 考点:考察介词的用法 解析:根据句意―Sean 已经形成了每天沿着绿荫大道慢跑两小时的习惯‖,表示―沿着‖时,应该选 B。 (10 天津) 13. My father warned me going to the West Coast because it was crowded with tourists. A. by B. on C. for D. against 答案:D. 考点:考查介词用法。 句意:我父亲警告我不要去西海岸,因为那里挤满了游客。 解析: 句中谓语动词 warned 和介词 against 搭配, 构成 warn sb. against doing sth. 相当于 warn sb. not to do sth, 意思是“警告某人不要干某事” 。 (10 四川) 5. Tired, Jim was fast asleep with his back a big tree. w_w w. k#s5_u. c o*mA. in B. below C. beside D. against 答案:D 考点:考查介词。 解析:句意为: “累了,吉姆背倚着树,很快就睡着了。 ”against 此处意为: “倚着,靠着” ;below“在…… 下方” ;beside“在……旁边” ;in“在……里面或(时间)……之后” 。 (辽宁) 31. I agree to his suggestion ______the condition that he drops all charges. A. by B. in C. on D. to 答案:C 句意:我同意他的建议,条件是他放弃所有指控。 解析:考查介词用法。介词 on 和 the condition that 一起相当一个连词,引导条件状语从句,意思是“条件 是,以??为条件” 。 (北京) 29. Would you mind not picking the flowers in the garden? They are everyone's enjoyment. A. in B. at C. for D. to 29. 答案:C 考点:本题考查 enjoyment 的习惯用语。 解析:for enjoyment 为了寻求乐趣。例如:We work in the garden for enjoyment. 我们为寻求乐趣而在园子

里劳作。 (10 重庆) 22. The dictionary is what I want, but I don’t have enough money me. A. by B. for C. in D. with 22. 答案:D 考点:考查介词。 解析: I don’t have enough money with me 意思是我没有随身带那么多钱。 (10 浙江) 7.I guess we’ve already talked about this before but I’ll ask you again just . A.by nature B.in return C.in case D.by chance 答案:C 考点:本题考查介词短语。 解析: 分析四个选项的意思: nature 天生地; return 作为回报, by in 作为交换; case 万一, in 以防; chance by 偶然地。根据句意:我想我之前已经跟你谈论过这件事,但是以防万一,我再问你一次。

12. 连词
(10 福建) 26 The girl had hardly rung the bell the door was opened suddenly, and her friend rushed out to greet her.A. before B. until C. as D. since26. 答案:A 考点:考连词的使用 解析:根据 ―rung the bell‖ 和 ―the door was opened ‖的发生先后,可以得出答案。句子的含义是:女孩还 没来得及按门铃,门就突然打开了。她的朋友们一拥而上去欢迎她。 (10 上海) 39. our manage objects to Tom's joining the club, we shall accept him as a member. A. Until B. Unless C. If D. After 答案:B 考点:连词 解析:此句意思是―除非我们经理反对 tom 加入俱乐部,不然我们都应接受他成为其中一员。‖ (10 安徽) 29. The engineers are so busy that they have zero time for outdoor sports activities, ________they have the interest. A. wherever B. whenever C. even if D. as if 答案:C. 考点:本题考查状语从句连词辨析。 解析:句意为“工程师们非常繁忙,即使(even if)有户外体育活动的兴趣也没有时间去做。 ” 33. Just use this room for the time being, and we’ll offer you a larger one _______it becomes available A. as soon as B. unless C. as far as D. until 答案:A. 考点:本题考查状语从句连词辨析。 解析:句意为“仅暂时使用此房间,它一(as soon as)可以正常使用,我们就提供你一个大点的。 ”

(10 江西) 22 — Our holiday cost a lot of money. — Did it? Well, that doesn’t matter______ you enjoyed yourselves. A as long as B unless C as soon as D though 答案:A 考点:考察连词和具有连词作用的词组 解析: as long as 只要 unless 除非否则 as soon as 一就 though 虽然, 后一句为只要你玩的开心, 花多少钱 就不重要。 (10 全国Ⅰ) 25. Mary made coffee ________ her guests were finishing their meal . A. so that B. although C. while D. as if 25 题 答案:C 句意:Mary 做咖啡当她的客人们将要结束用餐的时候。 解答:根据选项此题考察连词的用法。so that 译为―以便‖表示目的,although 译为―尽管,虽然‖,as if 译为 ―好像‖,while 译为―当….的时候‖,因此 while 符合句意,选择 C。 30.The little boy won’t go to sleep ______ his mother tells him a story. A. or B. unless C. but D. whether 30 题 答案:B 句意:这个小男孩儿不会睡觉除非他的妈妈给他讲故事。 解答:根据选项此题考察连词的用法。or 译为―或者‖表示选择,unless 译为―除非‖表示条件,but 译为―但 是‖表示转折,whether 译为―是否‖,根据句意选择 B。 (10辽宁) 29.The old man asked Lucy to move to another chair _______ he wanted to sit next to his wife. A.although B.unless C.because D.if 答案:C 句意:这位老人叫露丝挪到另一把椅子上因为他想跟他妻子挨着坐。 解析:考查从属连词。空格前后两个句子在逻辑意义上存在原因关系,所以用 because 引导原因状语从句。 Although 引导让步状语从句,unless 和 if 引导条件状语从句。 (10 辽宁) 34.—It’s no use having ideas only . —Don’t worry. Peter can show you ________to turn an idea into an act. A. how B. who C. what D. where 答案:A 句意:—光有主意没用。—不用担心,皮特可以教你怎样把主意变为行动。 解析:考查连接词的用法。虽然四个词都可以和动词不定式连用,但是意义不同。how 表示“怎样” ,强 调方式。而 who 和 what 是连接代词,一般在不定式短语中作宾语,此句 中动词不定式有宾语,不 再需要宾语,所以排除,where 则强调地点。与上一句不对应。 (10 北京) 30. they decide which college to go to, students should research the admission procedures. A. As B. While C. Until D. Once 30. 答案:D

考点:本题考查连词。 解析: 此题重在句意的判断。 "一旦学生们决定了去哪所大学读书, 他们就得研究下办理入学的手续。 As "A. 当;因为...B. while 做连词强调一件事发生时另外一个动作正在进行;C. Until 直到...D. Once 一旦。 因此选 D

12. 名词
(10 安徽) 25. I haven’t seen Sara since she was a little girl, and she has changed beyond_______ A. hearing B strength C. recognition D. measure 答案:C. 考点:本题考查名词辨析。 解析: hearing 意为“听力” ;strength 意为 “力气; 力量” recognition 意为 ; “认出; 识别;认识” measure ; 意为“测量;措施” 。句意为“??她变得认不出来了。 ” (10 江西) 35 Last year the number of students who graduated with a driving license reached 200,000, a (n) ______ of 40,000 per year. A average B number C amount D quantity 答案:A. 考点:考察名词。 解析: a number of 许多 amount of 一般加不可数名词表金额, a quantity of 既可以加可数也可以加不可数, 但没有平均每年增加的意思。 (10 山东) 33. Those who suffer from headache will find they get ______ from this medicine. A. relief B. safety C. defense D. shelter 答案:A 考点:本题考查名词在具体语境的使用。 解析:句意应为“那些头痛的人会发现这种药物能使头痛缓解。 ”所以 A 项意义符合句意, relief 表示“缓 解,减轻,解除” safety 表示“安全,保险” 。 ;defense 表示“防御,防护” shelter 表示“掩蔽, ; 保护” 。 (10 天津) 3. James took the magazines off the little table to make for the television. A. room B. area C. field D. position 答案:A. 考点:考查名词意义和用法。 句意:詹姆斯把杂志从小桌子上拿下了,目的是为电视腾出空间。 解析:make room for 是固定搭配,意思是“为??让空”的意思,其中的 room 是不可数名词。 (10 江苏) 22. The doctor is skilled at treating heart trouble and never accepts any gift from his patients, so he has a very good_____. A. expectation B. reputation C. contribution D. civilization 选 B,reputation 表示名声而 expectation 是期望的意思。Contribution 是贡献的意思。Civilization 是文明的 意思。

(湖北) 21. This restaurant has become popular for its wide of foods that suit all tastes and pockets. A. division B. area C. range D. circle 答案: B 考点:名词/名词短语 解析:此题不仅考察学生对于四个选项的认知,更重要的是要理解句子的含义。 “这家餐馆越来越出名 是 由于它做的各种各样的食物适应各种类型人群。“a range of ”强调一个系列,而“a wide range of” ” 意为“各种各样的” 。正好符合题意。从句子结构来讲,这个句子属于典型的“从句套从句”“for” 。 引导原因状语从句, “that”引导定语从句。 22. After the earthquake, the first thing the local government did was to provide for the homeless families. A. accommodation B. occupation C. equipment D. furniture. 答案: D 考点:名词 解析:512 的汶川地震,414 玉树地震。天灾“earthquake”相信是很多考生都准备过的一个话题。所以相 关词汇“accommodation”表示“住处”应该是考生们准备的系列词汇之一。这道题难度不大 ,句 子结构也相对 简单。 只要背过这几个词, “occupation” “占用” “工作, 知道 表示 或者 职业” furniture” ; “ 表示“ 家具 ”“e quipment”表示“设备,器材”就能选出正确答案 D 了。 73. ________(不会 ; 用)a computer makes it more difficult for him to do his academic research. (use) 73. 答案:Not being able to use/ Being unable to use/ Not being capable of using/ Being incapable of using 考点:动名词 解析: 不会用” 可以翻译成 “not be able to use” “be unable to use” , , “be capable of using” “be incapable , of using” 动名词化后,得出答案 , (10 浙江) 16. The school advisers help you talk through your problem but they don’t give you any direct ______. A. solution B. target C. measure D. function 答案:A 考点:本题考查名词辨析。 解析:分析四个选项:solution 解决方法;target 目标;measure 措施;function 功能。根据句意:学校的建 议者们帮助你分析问题,但是他们不会给你直接的解决方法。

(10 福建) 35. We should respect food and think about the people who don’t have we have here and treat food nicely.A. that B. which C. what D. whether35. 答案:C 考点:宾语从句 解析:空格在句中充当宾语 (10 湖南) 35. Cindy shut the door heavily and burst into tears. No one in the office knew she was so angry. A. where B. whether C. that D. why 35. 答案 D 考点:考查名词性从句。 解析:该空引导宾语从句,根据句意“办公室中没人知道她为什么如此生气”可判断选 D 项。

(10 天津) 14. As a new graduate, he doesn’t know it takes to start a business here. A. how B. what C. When D. which 答案: B. 考点:考查名词性从句。 句意:作为一名新毕业生,他不知道需要什么才能在这里开始经营。 解析:空格后的从句中 takes 是动词,其后缺少宾语,所以引导该宾语从句的连接词要用 what。 ? 主语从句? (??北京)? 33. some people regard as a drawback is seen as a plus by many others. A. Whether B. What C. That D. How 33. 答案:B 考点: 本题考查主语从句。 句意:一些人眼中的缺点是别人眼中的优点。 解析:从句中缺宾语,只能用 B. what 来引导. C.中的 That 引导主语从句不做成分。 (10 浙江) 1.—How about camping this weekend, just for a change? —OK, you want. A.whichever B.however C.whatever D.whoever 答案:C 考点:本题考查引导词。 解析:句意: “这个周末野营怎么样,来点新鲜的?” “好啊,按你的意思吧! ”根据语境分析出后者支持 前面的提出的观点。 9.It is uncertain side effect the medicine will bring about, although about two thousand patients have taken it. A.that B.what C.how D.whether 答案:B 考点:本题考查主语从句的引导词。 解析:根据句意:尽管大约有两千名病人服用过这种药物,但是,它会带来什么样的副作用还不确定。side effect 意思是“副作用” ,还原主语从句中的主干是 the medicine will bring about ______ side effect。故 选择 what,形容词“什么样的” ,起修饰作用。 ? ? 同位语从句? (10 上海) 36. One reason for her preference for city life is she can have easy access to places like shops and restaurants. A. that B. how C. what D. why 答案:A 考点:此处考查的是同位语从句。 解析:考察 that 引导同位语从句的用法。此处 that 不可以省略。

(10 湖北)

74. The news ________(房价将要下跌)has caused many people to sell their houses at lower prices. (fall) 74. 答案:that the housing price will fall 考点:同位语从句 解析:用 “that” 引导同位语从句, “房价”译成 “housing price” 。 ? ? 宾语从句?

(10 山东) 26. Before the sales start, I make a list of ______ my kids will need for the coming season. A. why B. what C. how D. which 答案:B 考点:本题考查宾语从句的引导词。 解析:句意应为“在大甩卖开始前,我把孩子们在下个季节里要用到的东西列了一个清单。 ” 分析句式结构可知,空格处在句中引导宾语从句且在从句中充当 need 的宾语,所以 B 项结构正确。which 引导名词性从句时多表示疑问且要有一个明确的范围。
(10 上海) 37. When changing lanes, a driver should use his turning signal to let other drivers know A. he is entering which lane B. which lane he is entering C. is he entering which lane D. which lane is he entering 答案:B 考点:本题考查宾语从句。 解析:which 引导的句子做 know 的宾语,句子用陈述语序。 .

(10 四川) 14.How much one enjoys himself travelling depends largely on he goes with,whether his friends or relatives. A.what B.who C.how D.why 答案:B 考点:考查介词后的宾语从句。 解析:根据句末的 whether his friends or relatives 可知应是和谁去,故选 B。句意为“一个人旅游多么享受 很大程度上取决于他和谁去,无论是他的朋友还是亲戚。 ”
w_w w. k#s 5_u.c o*m w_w*w. k_s*5_ u.c_o m

(10 全国Ⅰ) 33. We haven’t discussed yet ______ we are going to place our new furniture. A. that B. which C. what D. where 33 题 答案:D 句意:我们还没有讨论把我们的新家具放在哪里。 解答:根据选项此题考察从句。题干中空格划在动词 discuss 的后面,因此考察宾语从句,根据句意在宾 语从句中缺少地点状语,因此选择 D。 (10 湖北) 31. I want to be liked and loved for I am inside. A. who B. where C. what D. how 31. 答案:C 考点: 宾语从句 解析:我想别人喜欢我是因为我的内在。也就是我 inside 的品质。只有 what 可以指代是什么。很多同学误 选 A,错误的用中文语言习惯去做英文题。

(10 全国Ⅱ) 10.—Have you finished the book? ---No,I’ve read up to_________the children discover the secret cave. A.which B.what C.hat D.where 【答案】D 【解析】考查宾语从句。Up to 为介词结构,后接宾语从句从句;而句意是“读到孩子们发现秘密洞穴的 地方” ,故用 where 引导这个宾语从句最合适。 ? 表语从句? (10 江苏) 35. —I prefer shutting myself in and listening to music all day on Sundays. —That’s_______I don’t agree .You should have a more active life. A.where B.how C.when D.what 选 A. 这就是我不同意的地方.agree 是不及物动词,所以用 where. 用表语从句. (10北京) 32. Part of the reason Charles Dickens loved his own novel, David Copperfield, was __ it was rather closely modeled on his own life. A. what B. that C. why D. whether 32. 答案:B 考点:本题考查表语从句。 解析:从句不缺成分,因此用 that 来引导。句意:狄更斯喜欢他自己的小说大卫科波菲尔的部分原因是小 说创作非常贴近他本人的真实生活。

15. 情态动词
(10 安徽) 32. Jack described his father, who _______a brave boy many years ago, as a strong–willed man A. would be B. would have been C. must be D. must have been 答案:D. 考点:本题考查情态动词推测用法。 解析:句意为―杰克把他的父亲描述为一个意志坚强的人,他的父亲多年前肯定很勇敢。‖用 must have been 表示对过去事情的肯定推测。 (10 湖南) 23. You buy a gift, but you can if you want to. A. must B. mustn't C. have to D. don't have to 答案:D 考点:情态动词 解析:don’t have to 意为―没有必要‖,符合语境,句意为:―你没有必要买礼物,但如果你想买的话,你也 可以买。‖ (10 江西) 23 I have told you the truth. ______ I keep repeating it? A Must B Can C May

D Will

答案:A 考点:考察情态动词的用法。 解析: must 必须, 一定 can 可以, 能够 may 也许 will 意愿, 倾向性动作, 前半句说我告诉你事实了, 这 里用的是现在完成时, 表示过去的动作对现在造成了影响, 既然我已经说了, 我还必须重复一遍 吗? (10 山东)

25. I_______ have watched that movie —it’ll give me horrible dreams. A. shouldn’t B. needn’t C. couldn’t D. mustn’t
答案:A 考点:本题考查情态动词的用法。 解析:句意应为―我本来不应该看那部电影的----它会使我做噩梦的。‖表示―本来不应该做而做了某事‖用 shouldn’t have done, 所以 A 项正确。 (10 天津) 9. Mark have hurried. After driving at top speed, he arrived half an hour early. A. needn’t B. wouldn’t C. mustn’t D. couldn’t 答案:A. 考点:考查情态动词。 句意:迈克本来不必要那么忙的。这么高速驾驶之后,他早半个小时到达了。 解析:根据后面的语境,提前半个小时到达,说明 Mark 本来不必那么匆忙,所以用 needn’t have done 结 构,表示―本来不必要做某事的而实际上做了‖。 (10 四川) 3. — I take the book out? —I'm afraid not. A. Will B. May C. Must D. Need 答案:B 考点:考查情态动词。 解析:表请求可用情态动词 can, may, could, might ,表允许用 can, may. 句意为:―我可以将这本书带出去吗?‖―恐怕不行‖。故应选表情请求的情态动词 may。正确答案为 B。
w_w w. k# s5_u.c o*m w_w*w.k_s *5_u.c_o m

(10 全国Ⅰ ) 29.Just be patient .You ______ expect the world to change so soon . A. can’t B. needn’t C. may not D. whether 答案:A 句意:耐心一点儿,你不能期望世界变化如此快。 解答:通过选项此题考察情态动词,can't 在否定句中可以表示推测,译为不可能, ,可以表示能力,译为 不能够,也可以表示命令,不允许,但是语气比 mustn't 弱,具有劝慰的意思,根据句意此题中选 择 A,can't 表示劝慰。 (10 江苏) 25. —I haven’t got the reference book yet, but I’ll have a test on the subject next month. —Don’t worry. You______ have it by Friday. A. could B. shall C. must D. may _ 答案:B,


解析:shall 在第二人称中表示允诺,还可以表示强制,命令,威胁,警告。还有在法律条文中的要求或规 定。 (?陕西) 23. May I take this book out of the reading room? No, you . You read it in here. A. mightn’t B. won’t C. needn’t D. mustn’t 答案:D 解析:考查情态动词。英语中用 could,might 表示询问或征求意见的问句中,肯定性应答要用 can 或 may 来代替 could 或 might,而 may 或 might 征求意见的问句否定应答时要用 mustn’t,故本题选 D。 (10 全国Ⅱ ) 17.I’m afraid Mr. Harding _________see you now. He’s busy. A. can’t B. mustn’t C. shouldn’t D .needn’t 答案:A 解析:情态动词考查。结合语境,根据情态动词用于疑问或否定推测时,要用can’t。 (10湖北) 79. It’s said that they have swum to the island from the continent, but they ________(不可能做到)because the ocean in between is too wide. (do) 79. 答案:can’t/ couldn’t have done it 考点:情态动词 解析:当要对过去进行肯定的推测时,要用 ―can’t/couldn’t+have+done‖的结构 (10辽宁) 26.Doctors say that exercise is important for health, but it _______ be regular exercise. A.can B.will C.must D.may 答案:C 句意:医生说锻炼对身体重要,但是必须是有规律的锻炼。 解析:考查情态动词。Can 一般表示―可能,或能力‖;will 表示―意志‖;may 表示―许可,可能‖;must 表 示―必须‖。 (10 北京) 23. ---Good morning. I've got an appointment with Miss Smith in the Personnel Department. --Ah, good morning. You be Mrs. Peters. A. might B. must C. would D. can 答案:B 考点:本题考查情态动词在语境中的运用。 解析:第一个说话人说和史密斯小姐有约,那下面的人就回应说,"那您一定就是 Mrs. Peters 了"因此排除 A,C.D (10 浙江) 17. ―You ____ have a wrong number,‖ she said. ―There’s no one of that name here.‖ A. need B. can C. must D. would 答案:C 考点:情态动词

解析:肯定的猜测,用 must

16. 特殊句式
(10 安徽) 27. It was from only a few supplies that she had bought in the village _______ the hostess cooked such a nice dinner. A. where B. that C. when D. which 答案:B. 考点:本题考查强调句型。 解析:迷惑点在于强调部分中含有一个定语从句 that she had bought in the village。 (10 湖南) 25. John's success has nothing to do with good luck. It is years of hard work has made him what he is today. A. why B. when C. which D. that 答案:D 考点:考查强调句型。 解析:题干为强调句型,被强调部分为 years of hard work,故选 D 项。 (10 全国Ⅰ ) 26. I have seldom seen my mother _______ pleased with my progress as she is now . A. so B. very C. too D. rather 答案:A 句意:我很少看到妈妈像现在一样为我的进步如此开心。 解答:此题考察 so…as….的固定结构,题干中的关键词是 as,译为―像…..一样,正如…..一样‖。因此选择 A。 (10 江苏) 31. —I have tried very hard to find a solution to the problem, but in vain. —why not consult with Frank? You see, _________. A. great minds think alike B. two heads are better than one C. a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush D. it’s better to think twice before doing something 答案:B. 解析:B 表示三个臭皮匠凑成诸葛亮./ A 英雄所见略同./C 一鸟在手胜于二鸟在林./ D.三思而后行. (10 四川) 19.If you have a job, yourself to it and finally you’ll succeed. A.do devote B.don't devote C.devoting D.not devoting 答案:A 考点:考查谓语动词的强调及―祈使句+and+将来时句子‖的固定搭配。 解析:此处应是祈使句,又有谓语动词的强调要借助助动词 do,故选 A。句意为:―如果你有了一份工作, 付出努力去做它,最后你定能成功。‖ (10?陕西)
w_w w. k#s5_u.c o*m


17.John opened the door . There _____ he had never seen before. A. a girl did stand B. a girl stood C. did a girl stand D. stood a girl
答案:D. 解析:考查特殊句式。Here, There, Thus, Then 等副词位于句首,且当句子的主语是名词时,句子用全部倒 装句,选 D。 (10 浙江) 8.The experiment shows that proper amounts of exercise, if regularly, can improve our health. A.being carried out B.carrying out C.carried out D.to carry out 答案:C 考点:本题考查 if 条件句中的省略情况。 解析:本句的句子的主语是 the experiment;谓语动词是 shows;that 引导宾语从句,宾语从句的主干事: proper amounts of exercise can improve our health,if_____ regularly 是插入的条件从句,从句的主语 是 proper amounts of exercise,此时应用 it 代替前面提到的主语,条件句的主语与主句的主语一致, 并且含有 is,故省略了 it is,完整形式是:if it is carried out。句意为:这项实验表明,适当的运动, 如果有规律的进行,能够有助于我们的身体健康。

17. 形容词和副词
(10 福建) 23. –Volunteering is becoming popular in China. --Yeah, people are now aware that helping others is helping themselves.A. naturally B. successfully C. splendidly D. increasingly23. 答 案:D 考点:副词辨析 解析:--志愿活动现在在中国变得越来越受欢迎了。 --是的,人们一直开始意识到帮助别人就是帮助他们自己。

只要知道词义即可得出答案。 自然地, A. 理所当然地; 成功地; B. C.华丽地, 壮观地; 逐 D. 渐地,慢慢地
32. Drunk driving, which was once a occurrence, is now under control.A. general B. frequent C. normal D. particular32. 答案:B 考点:形容词词义辨析 解析:A.一般的;B.经常的;C.正常的;D.特别的。理解词义后,根据生活常识可以得出答案。 (10 上海) 26. It took us quite a long time to get to the amusement park. It was journey. A. three hour B. a three-hours C. a three-hour D. three hours 答案:C 考点:此题考查复合形容词 解析:数词+连字符+名词的用法,连字符连接的词作名词定语且用单数。意为“三小时的路程”

(10 安徽) 31. _______, she is the sort of woman to spread sunshine to people through her smile A. Shy and cautious B. Sensitive and thoughtful C. Honest and confident . D. Lighthearted and optimistic

答案:D. 考点:本题考查形容词辨析。 解析: Shy and cautious 意为“害羞的谨慎的;sensitive and thoughtful 意为“敏感的与体贴的” Honest ; and confident“诚实的与自信的” Lighthearted and optimistic 意为“愉快的与乐观的” ; 。句意为“愉 快与乐观的她,是那种通过微笑把阳光撒给他人的女士。 ” (10 湖南) 22. Father goes to the gym with us although he dislikes going there. A. hardly B. seldom C. sometimes D. never 22. 答案:C 考点:考查副词辨析。 解析: A 项意为“几乎不” 项意为“很少” 项意为“有时” 项意为“从不” ,B ,C ,D 。句意为: “尽管父 亲不喜欢去那儿,但他还是有时和我们一起去锻炼。 ”故选 C 项。 (10 江西) 28 Computers and mobile phones, though they are indeed making our life ___ and more ___, have reduced the need for face-to-face communications. A easily; efficient B easier; efficient C easy; efficiently D easily; efficiently 答案:B 考点:考察形容词的比较级。 解析: make +life+形容词, 而且后面为比较级, 所以说两个空同为形容词同为比较级

(10 山东)
35. Mothers holding jobs outside the home should have _______ schedules to make it easier to care for their children. A. heavy B. smooth C. flexible D. complex 答案:C 考点:本题考查形容词意义辨析。 解析: 句意应为 “在外工作的母亲们应该有灵活的时间以便照看孩子们。 表示 ” “灵活的” flexible 。 用 heavy 表示“沉重的” smooth 表示“光滑的,滑顺的” complex 表示“复杂的,难懂的” ; ; 。 (10 天津) 5. People have always been about exactly how life on earth began. A. curious B. excited C. anxious D. careful 答案:A. 考点:考查形容词的意义和用法。 句意:人们一直对于地球生命的起源感到好奇。 解析:根据介词 about 后面宾语从句的意义,可以确定前面表示的是好奇,be curious about 是“对??感 到好奇”的意思。 (10 四川) 12.The school was moved out of downtown as the number of students had grown too A.small B.few C.1arge D.many 答案:C 考点:考查形容词的用法。


解析: the number of 意为“??的数量” ,其后的形容词应为大小,不用多少。又据句意学校被移出了市 中心,应该是学生的数量变得太大了,故选 C。 (10 全国Ⅰ) 23. I’ll spend half of my holiday practicing English and _______ half learning drawing. A. another B. the other C. other’s D. other 23 题 答案:B 句意:我将会用假期一半的时间练习英语,另外一般时间练习画画。 解答:此题考察 another, the other, other, other's 的形容词用法区别。other 一般不单独使用,其前 经常有冠词或其他形容词, B 选项的 the other, 如 one...the other.., 用于一个整体的两部分“一 个??另一个”,题干中将假期分成两部分,一部分用来学英语,一部分用来画画,符合题意。 another 用作形容词时表示“又,再”,other's 没有此种用法。 ? (??陕西)? 22. Studies show that people are more to suffer from back problems if they always sit before computer screens for long hours. A. likely B. possible C. probable D. sure A.【解析】考查形容词词义辨析。所填词做表语,主语是人,由 more 来修饰,意思是:可能,选 A。其中 四个选项中 possible 和 probable 也都“可能的”之意,但他们做表语时主语只能是物,sure 在此处 意思不恰当。 (10 全国Ⅱ) 13.The island is__________attrative in spring and autumn because of the pleasant weather in both seasons. A.partly B.merely C.nearly D.equally 答案:D 解析:考查副词词义。只要知道词义即可选出答案,该题较为简单。A, 部分的 B 只不过 C 几乎 D 同 样的,相等的。 20.Mr.Black is very happy because the clothes made in his factory have never been________. A.popular B.more popular C.most popular D.the most popular 答案:B 【解析】考查比较级的使用.否定比较级相当于肯肯定。类似的还有 too, enough。 ? (??湖北)? 23. In this lecture, I can only give you a purely view of how we can live life to the full and make some suggestions about the future. A. private B. personal C. unique D. different 答案:B 考点:形容词词义辨析 解析: 根据词义可以快速排除 A 和 D。 表示 A “独特的” D 表示 , “不同的” 只有 B 和 C 比较接近。 ―private‖ , 表示“私人的,私下的, ―personal‖表示“个人的” personal view 才能表示“个人观点” , 24. Mistakes don’t just happen; they occur for a reason. Find out the reason, and then making the mistake becomes . A. favourable B. precious C. essential D. worthwhile 答案:D 考点:形容词词义辨析,同时也涉及到构词法 解析: ―worthwile‖表示“值得的,有价值的”表示犯错误是值得的。A 表示“喜爱的,赞同的” ,B “珍贵的”C“本质的” ,只要知道词义,并联系生活常识,该题还是很容易得出答案的。

25. If I find someone who looks like the suspect, my reaction will be to tell the police. A. physical B. immediate C. sensitive D. sudden 答案:B 考点:考查形容词词义辨析 解析:根据词义可得出答案。 ―physical‖表示“身体的” ―suddent‖表示“突然的” ―sensitive‖表示 ; ; “敏感的” ,只有 ―immediate‖表示“立刻,马上” ,等同于 ―at once‖.故选 B 26. I wasn’t blaming anyone; I said errors like this could be avoided. A. merely B. mostly C. rarely D. nearly 答案: A 考点:考查副词词义辨析 解析:这道题可能会让一部分同学郁闷一小下。形近词的辨析历来是备受考试青睐的一种考法。乍一眼看 上去,这四个词都是以 ly 结尾,又都是 6 个字母组成,实在难以辨识。此时的考生,需要冷静下来。 分析这里的每 个副词分别是由哪个形容词变化而来,而其形容词的含义实际上和其副词的含义相 差无几。 “most” (大部分) ,所以“mostly”(大部分地,通常地); “near” (临近) “nearly” (几乎) = almost; rare(稀有的) “rarely” (很少地,几乎不)“mere” ; (仅仅,只 不过) “merely” (仅仅, 只不过) 。全句意思“我并没有责 怪任何人,我只是说类似这种错误是可以避免的” 。 (10辽宁) 23.Jim went to answer the phone. _______, Harry started to prepare lunch. A. However B. Nevertheless C. Besides D. Meanwhile 答案:D 句意:吉姆去接电话,与此同时,哈里开始准备午餐。 解析:考查副词用法。前后两个句子是相同的语义关系,在时间上表示同时,所以用 meanwhile。 27.We only had $100 and that was _______ to buy a new computer. A.nowhere near enough B.near enough nowhere C.enough near nowhere D.near nowhere enough 答案:A 句意:我们只有 100 美元,他怎么也不够买一台新电脑的。 解析:考查副词用法。nowhere near 是固定短语,意思是“差得远;远不及” ,相当于一个形容词,enough 做副词用,修饰形容词或副词时,应该放在被修饰词的后面。 (10 浙江) 6.I have been convinced that the print media are usually more and more reliable than television. A.accurate B.ridiculous C.urgent D.shallow 答案:A 考点:本题考查形容词辨析。 解析:分析四个选项的意思:accurate 精确的;ridiculous 可笑的,滑稽的;urgent 紧急的;shallow 浅的, 肤浅的。根据句意:我确信印刷媒体常常会比电视更准确、更可靠。
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11.Do you think shopping online will take the place of shopping in stores? A.especially B.frequently C.merely D.finally 答案:D 考点:本题考查副词辨析。 解析:分析四个选项的意思:especially 特别,尤其;frequently 经常,merely 仅仅,finally 最终。根据语 境:你认为网上购物最终会替代商场购物吗?

19. Playing on a frozen sports field sounds like a lot of fun. Isn’t it rather risky, ____? A. though B. also C. either D. too 答案:A 考点:本题考查副词辨析。 解析:根据句意:在冰场上玩耍听起来很有趣。然会不会有危险呢? 前后两句之前是明显的转折关系,所以选择 though。



(10 上海) 29. ---Sorry, Professor Smith. I didn't finish the assignment yesterday. ---Oh, you have done it as yesterday was the deadline. A. must B. mustn't C. should D. shouldn't 答案:C 考点:本题考查的是虚拟语气 解析:此处表示和过去事实相反的情况,应该用 should + have + 过去分词。本来应该做,而未做 (10 安徽) 26. Bob would have helped us yesterday, but he-_______ A. was busy B. is busy C. had been busy. D. will be busy 答案:A. 考点:本题考查虚拟语气与时态。 解析:前句表示对过去的虚拟,而 but 之后表示过去的客观事实,故用一般过去时态。 (10 湖南) 29. If he my advice, he wouldn't have lost his job. A. followed B. should follow C. had followed D. would follow 答案:C 考点:考查虚拟语气。 解析:根据“wouldn’t have lost”可判断 if 引导的状语从句表示与过去事实相反的虚拟,故选 C 项。 (10 天津) 15. John went to the hospital alone. If he me about it, I would have gone with him. A. should tell B. tells C. told D. had told 答案:D. 考点:考查虚拟语气。 句意:约翰独自去了医院。如果他告诉我的话,我会跟他一起去的。 解析:前一句是陈述语气,说明动发生在过去,而且后一句的主句已经是 would have gone 说明是与过去事 实相反的虚拟语气。与之对应的从句结构,应该用 had +过去分词。 (10 江苏) 34. George is going to talk about the geography of his country, but I’d rather he_______ more on its culture. A. focus B. focused C. would focus D. had focused 答案:选 B 解析:would rather 后应用虚拟语气,表示与现在时间相反,用动词的过去式

(??陕西) 15. If we ___ the other road, we might have arrived here in time for the meeting. A. take B. had taken C. took D. have taken 答案:B. 解析:考查虚拟语气。所填词做虚拟语气中条件状语从句的谓语,根据主句的谓语动词形式 might have arrived 可知题干是与过去事实相反,故所填部分用 had+过去分词形式,选 B。 (10 湖北) 76. Mr. Johnson insisted that the problem worthy of attention ________ (讨论) at the meeting. (discuss) 答案:(should) be discussed 考点:虚拟语气 解析:―insist‖引导的宾语从句要用虚拟,从句结构是 “should” (可省略)加动词原形,主语 “problem” 是要“被讨论” 。 (10 北京) 34. --The weather has been very hot and dry. --Yes. If it had rained even a drop, things would be much better now! And my vegetables . A. wouldn't die B. didn't die C. hadn't died D. wouldn't have died 答案:D 考点:本题考查虚拟语气中对过去的虚拟。 解析:第二个说话人的 If 条件句是我们选择正确答案的关键。要是当时下雨了,现在的情况就好的多了! 我的蔬菜也就不会死了。过去没有下雨,所以我的蔬菜干死了也是发生在过去。而将句子还原则 为 If it had rained even a drop, my vegetables wouldn't have died. If+ had done,主句为 couldn’t/ shouldn't/ wouldn't have done. (10 浙江) 10.Had I known about this computer program, a huge amount of time and energy . A.would have been saved B.had been saved C.will be saved D.was saved 答案: A 考点:本题考查虚拟语气。 解析:根据句子的倒装特征判断此处是省略了 if 的虚拟语气,原形是:If I had known about this computer program, a huge amount of time and energy .故选择 A。句意为:如果我早知道这个电脑程序, 就可以节省大量的时间和精力了。

18. 主谓一致
(10 湖南) 33. Listening to loud music at rock concerts caused hearing loss in some teenagers. A. is B. are C. has D. have 答案:C 考点:主谓一致 解析:根据动名词短语作主语,句子的谓语动词用单数形式,由此排除 B、D 两项,根据主语与 caused 的 主动关系,排除 A 项

(10 四川) 15.Such poets as Shakespeare widely read,of whose works,however, some difficult to understand. A.are;are B.is;is C.are;is D.is:are 答案:A 考点:考查主谓一致。 解析: 主句中的主语应为 poets,谓语动词用复数, 其后的非限制性定语从句的主语应为 some of whose works, 谓语动词也应是复数。故选 A。 ?(10 全国Ⅱ ) 9.Barbara is easy to recognize as she’s the only one of the women who________evening dress. A.wear B.wears C.has worn D.have worn 答案:B 解析:考查主谓一致和时态。首先 the only one of ….为先行词时,定语从句修饰的是 one,即 one 是主语, 而非后面的复数 women,根据主谓一致的原则,谓语动词应该用复数,排除 A,D。另外,从―is‖可以看 出句子是要表示一种习惯,因此要用一般现在时,排除 C,故选 A

19. 状语从句
(10 湖南) 32. Tim is in good shape physically he doesn't get much exercise. A. if B. even though C. unless D. as long as 答案:B 考点:考查状语从句。 解析:句意为: “尽管 Tim 不经常锻炼,但他身材很好。 ”前后是让步转折关系,故选 B 项。 (10 山东) 28. The school rules state that no child shall be allowed out of the school during the day, ______ accompanied by an adult. A. once B. when C. if D. unless 答案:D 考点:本题考查省略的状语从句的连接词。 解析:句意应为“学校规章规定:除非有成年人陪同,否则孩子们在校期间不能出学校。 ”表示“除非” 用 unless。该句式构成了“连词+过去分词”结构。 (10 上海) 34. you may have, you should gather your courage to face the challenge. A. However a serious problem B. What a serious problem C. However serious a problem D. What serious a problem 答案:C 考点:让步状语从句 解析:根据句意―无论你有多么严重的问题,你都应该鼓起勇气面对挑战‖,而 however 表让步时其顺序应 是:however + 形容词 + 主语 + 谓语。 however 做连接副词,相当于 no matter how,后接形容词或副词,意为“无论、不管” ,引导让步 状语从句,其序为“however+形容词、副词+主语+谓语” 。 (10 四川)

20.Because of the heavy traffic,it was already time for lunch break she got to her office. A.since B.that C.when D.until 答案:C 考点:考查状语从句。 解析:句意为: “因为交通阻塞,当她到达办公室时已经是午休的时间了。,故此处应为 when 引导的时间 ” 状语从句,故正确答案为 C。? (??陕西)? 20. John thinks it won’t be long he is ready for his new job. A. when B. after C. before D. since 答案:C. 解析:考查状语从句。所填词引导状语从句,构成 It(will)be+时间段+状语从句,意思是:过多久才 将......,选 C。
w_w*w. k_s*5 _u.c_o m

(10 重庆) 32. Today, we will begin ________we stopped yesterday so that no point will be left out. A. when B. where C. how D. what 答案 B 考点:考查状语从句。 解析:由句意:今天,为了不遗漏要点,我们从昨天结束的地方开始。where 引导地点状语从句。


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关于针对2010年全国及各省高考英语试题单项选择分类汇编与解析 关于针对2010年全国及各省高考英语试题单项选择分类汇编与解析关于针对2010年全国及各省高考英语试题单项选择...
2010年全国各地高考单项选择题分类汇编2010年全国各地高考单项选择题分类汇编隐藏>> 2010 年全国各省份高考英语试题单项选择分类汇编一、冠词 1. (北京卷 35) First...
2010 年高考英语试题分类汇编——定语从句 24. Stephen Hawking believes that earth...解析:句中 the barber’s 是先行词,从句中 go 是不及物动词,所选关系代词...
taoti.tl100.com 你的首选资源互助社区 2010 年高考英语试题分类汇编 年高考英语...目的. 第二档 漏掉或未描 语法结构单 有错误, 影响 较少使用语 信息未能清 ...
2010年高考英语试题分类汇编2010年高考英语试题分类汇编隐藏>> 2010 年高考英语试题分类汇编——交际用语 年高考英语试题分类汇编———交际用语 (10 安徽) 24. --...