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SU BJECT/主题:Each station responsibility in security
保 保安部各岗位职责 S/N 序号



I、Fire control room/消防中心
Fire control room is heart part in fire fighting systems, so the people in fire control room must have high responsibility and earnest meticulous work attitude. He ought to check-up the safety measure and all kinds establishment operate instance, he must deal with the thing well when he finds some problem. The responsibility of the station as follows: 消防中心是酒店消防系统的心脏部位,因此消防中心工作人员要有高度的 责任感和认真细致的工作态度, 要经常检查安全防范措施, 检查各设施设备的运 转情况,做到发现问题及时处理,防患于未然。现将本岗位职责作如下规定: (1)、According to nation rule of law collocate all kinds of fire extinguisher and replace the thing in fire extinguisher regular time.

严格按照国家法规配置各种灭火器,并按规定定期更换灭火剂; (2)、Fire fighting members must master fire fighting fire system、sprinkler system、 fire hose system、 prevent smoke system、 operate linkage system and method of use. He must master the place of fire equipment nicety and know how to use it, part of emphases fireproofing he must know and often go on a tour of inspection. 消防中心人员必须熟练掌握消防报警系统、喷淋系统、灭火栓系统、防排 烟系统以及联动系统的操作和使用方法; 对灭火器材的放置位置和使用方法要准 确掌握,重点防火部位要做到心中有数并经常巡查; (3)、 On duty in fire control room may notice the safe of inspect system, master all part of inspection instance, not be interrupted kinescope for twenty-four, if you find any question must report to monitor to deal with in time, important problem report to fire safety manager or security manager. 消防中心值班员要注意观察安全监控系统,掌握各监测部位的情况,24 小 时不间断录像, 发现问题应及时报告当值班长处理, 重大问题应报告消防主管及 经理处理。 (4)、Fire fighting members on duty in fire control room must hold his ground station keep sanitation in room, don’t sleep and receive any people and telephone to somebody by private. 消防中心当值人员,必须坚守岗位,保持室内卫生,不得睡觉、会客、或打 私人电话; (5)、When fire control room members receive the fire alarm, he must strictly deal

with according to procedure, and report to leader on duty in security. 消防中心在接到报警时必须沉着冷静并严格按照报警程序处理,同时报告 保安部值班领导; (6)、If fire control room member confirm real fire, he will take necessary measure and according to special instance activation of fire alarm await leading instruction. If the leader decide to call “119”, you should call “119” immediately. 消防中心值班人员在确认报警实属火警后,应立即采取必要措施,并根据 火警的具体情况,迅速按火警程序报警,听从领导的指示。若酒店最高领导决定 报“119” ,应立即拨通“119”向公安消防队报告; (7)、Fire control room members should take good care of facility in our hotel and avoid to damage the equipment. 消防中心人员必须爱护设备,经常保养以防损坏; (8)、 Except supervisor arrange check-up fire pump、 sprinkle pump、 prevent smoke system and linkage system every month, he also strictly supervise and urge security officer duty visit and check-up fire hose、channel of prevent fire and fire equipment, insure all kind equipment and establishment is fine and work normal, he ought to find the problem in time and eliminate hidden trouble. 除主管安排每月检查消防泵、喷淋泵、防排烟系统和联动系统以外还要严格 督促保安员每日例行检查消防栓、防火通道、灭火器材,以确保各设备、设施的 完好和正常运行,及时发现问题消除隐患;

II、Staff exit /员工通道
(1)、With responsibility for safety work of staff bypass and bus station; 负责员工通道及车场的安全工作; (2)、With responsibility for check-up staff bags, clew staff open bag and accept security officer check-up it. 负责检查员工离店包物,提示员工主动开包接受保安人员的检查; (3)、Maintain staff go up、go off and enter into bypass normal order. 维持员工上、下车、进入通道正常秩序; (4)、 Intensify guard for crossing and beach area, assort with garden area and beach area, stick up for public area normal order together. 加强对路口、海滩区域的警戒, 协调同 5 号、6 号岗的联系,共同维护公 共区域的正常秩序 (5)、Abide discipline in the hotel, pay attention to individual visualize. 遵守店规店纪,注意个人形象; (6)、Register the people who visit our hotel. 做好访客的登记工作。

III、Concierge position/礼宾岗
(1)、With responsibility for safety in lobby. 负责大堂内外的全部安全工作; (2)、With responsibility for maintenance order by lobby, ensure safety for guest

and property in hotel. 负责维护大堂秩序,保证客人和酒店生命财产安全; (3)、Forbid the people enter into lobby who didn’t fit with service standard, staff was forbidden stay at lobby except for manager. 禁止不符合大堂服务标准的人员入内,大堂员工禁止逗留(经理 级以上的除外) ; (4)、Register the guest who visit our hotel and all the car strictly. 严格做好访客及门岗所有车辆的登记工作; (5)、If bellboy isn’t in here, you may replace his function. 礼宾部人员不在时可代替其行使职责; (6)、Pay attention to command and lead cars before lobby. 注意指挥和疏导门前车辆; (5)、Abide discipline in the hotel, pay attention to individual visualize. 遵守店规店纪,注意个人仪容仪表及形象。

IV、Bus station/停车场
(1)、With responsibility for safety in bus station and surrounding area. 负责停车场及周围的全部安全工作; (2)、Command the cars put in order, ensure all roadway free 指挥车辆在指定车位停放,保证行车道畅通无阻; (3)、The car in bus station in or out must register careful, if you find the car exceed the time limit you must report in time, check-up the cars appearance and lock

careful. 对进、出及停放在停车场的车辆要进行详细登记,发现逾期停放的车辆要 及时报告,并对车辆外表认真检查登记并查看车辆的上锁情况; (4)、Be strict with hand over when you on duty, pay attention to hand over the cars, assort with concierge area and garden area, stick up for public area normal order together. 严格交接班手续,并注意停车场所停放车辆的交接,协助 3 号岗、5 号岗 维护公共区域正常秩序; (5)、Abide discipline in the hotel, pay attention to individual visualize. 遵守店规店纪,注意个人形象;

V、Back garden and Swimming pool area/后花园、游泳池
(1)、 With responsibility for normal order in back garden and swimming pool area. 负责后花园及泳池区域的正常秩序; (2)、Pay attention to safety for our guest who swimming in swimming pool. 注意泳区内客人的安全; (3)、 Forbid any people not stay at our hotel or not belong to this area staff to roam at garden、swimming or beach area. 禁止无关人员及酒店非该区域工作人员在花园、泳池及沙滩区闲逛; (4)、Watch and inspect carefully, prevent any establishment was damaged and robbed.

严密监控,并注意检查,防止该区域内的设施及物品损坏或被盗; (5)、Abide discipline in the hotel, pay attention to individual visualize. 遵守店规店纪,注意个人形象;

VI、Beach area/沙滩区
(1) 、With responsibility for safety in this area, prevent a ny people who didn’t stay at our hotel stay or swimming at this area. 负责该区域的安全工作,阻止非住店人员在本区域内逗留或下海游泳; (2)、 Assist lifeguard do well in work of lifesaving, prevent to happen any accident. 协助救生员做好客人的救生工作,以防意外事故的发生; (3)、Maintain beach area order, prevent to lost any goods and was robbed something by our guest. 维持沙滩区域的秩序,防止客人物品丢失和被盗; (4)、Abide discipline in the hotel, pay attention to individual visualize. 遵守店规店纪,注意个人形象;

VII、KTV area/KTV 区域
(1)、With responsibility for safety in this area, forbid the people who have nothing to do enter into this area. 负责该区域的安全工作,杜绝无关人员进入该区; (2)、Check-up this area oftentimes, prevent any goods to lost in KTV room.

经常检查,防止 KTV 包厢物品丢失或损坏; (3)、With responsibility for safety by builder (include them whether gird card、 wear clothes、operate in peccancy、work in appointed time and register goods pass in and out ). 负责该区施工人员的安全检查(包括是否佩带有效工牌、是否着装、是否 有违章操作、是否按指定的时间施工,登记和把握物品的进出情况); (4)、Do well in fireproofing, with responsibility for any safety in this area. 做好本区域的防火工作,负责该区域的一切安全;

VIII、Patrol position/巡逻岗
(1)、The position assume the office of superior or minitor. 该岗位由值班主管或领班担任; (2)、According to appointed road and content in charge of patrol in hotel, he take silver stick to patrol, so computer will record process of patrol and find any problem in time. 负责本店的巡逻工作,并按指定路线、规定内容及程序携带银巡棒进行巡 查,以便电脑记录整个巡检过程和及时发现问题; (3)、 Look over whether smooth of lobby、 front office area、 surrounding area and floor alleyway. 查看大堂、前台区域、外围情况、楼层通道是否畅通; (4)、Check-up fireproofing alleyway and all place fire equipment whether in

normal by duty visit. 例行检查防火通道及各部位消防器材是否正常; (5)、 In charge of check-up all establishment and area instance which staff on duty. 负责检查酒店各项设施的完好情况及各区域员工值班情况; (6)、Intensify for important position to check-up especial, ward and carry out safeguard of VIP guests. 加强对重要位置的特别巡查,监护以及执行 VIP 客人的保护工作; (7)、Guide you team and arrange work of each position, check-up and supervise security officer in each position, do well in hand over and report to your job. 带领本班人员,认真安排好各岗位,并检查监督执勤情况,做好交接班及 汇报工作; (5)、Abide discipline in the hotel, pay attention to individual visualize. 遵守店规店纪,注意个人形象。

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