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Mulan [gasping as she covers up]: Huh, I can explain.
Chi Fu [stepping into the tent]: Huh? So it's true.
Mulan [calling after Shang as he steps out of the tent]: Shang!
[Cut to outside the tent. Chi Fu hauls out Mulan by the arm. Mulan uses her other hand to hold the blanket]
Chi Fu: I knew there was something wrong with you. [Chi Fu takes off Mulan's hair tie and throws her to the ground] A woman.
[Ling, Yao and Chien-Po are shocked]
Chi Fu [to the troops]: Trecherous snake.
Mulan [on the ground kneeling and hunched over, speaking to Shang]: My name is Mulan. I did it to save my father.
Chi Fu [to the troops]: High treason!
Mulan: I didn't mean for it to go this far.
Chi Fu [getting in Mulan's face and speaking to her while she whinces]: Ultimate dishonor.
Mulan: It was the only way. Please believe me.
Chi Fu [to Shang]: Hmph, Captain?
[Shang walks over to Khan and takes the sword out of the scabbard attached to Khan. Khan rears back]
Chi Fu [to the soldier by Khan]: Restrain him.
[Shang walks toward Mulan with sword in hand]
Yao, Ling and Chien-Po [rushing toward Mulan]: Noooooo!
Chi Fu [putting his hand to stop Ling, Yao, and Chien-Po from proceeding further]: You know the law.
[Shang stands over Mulan. Mulan looks at Shang then bows her head in anticipation. Shang lifts the sword high above his head and throwsit down in front of Mulan]
Shang: A life for a life. My debt is repaid. [turns and walks towards the Imperial City] Move out!
Chi Fu [coming up to Shang's face]: But you can't just...
Shang [getting in Chi Fu's face]: I said, "Move out!"
[The troops walk off toward the Imperial City leaving Mulan behind with Khan, Cri-Kee, and Mushu. Mulan is sitting, shivering. Khan takeshis blanket and wraps it around Mulan with his mouth and sits behind her. Cri-Kee lights a fire with twigs. When he doesn't get warm, hemoves under the blanket wrapped around Mulan. Mushu walks toward Mulan carrying a stick]
Mushu: I was this close, this close to impressing the ancestors, getting the top shelf, an entourage. Man, all my fine work, ffft. [Mushu picksup a dumpling with his stick, slumps down in front of the fire Cri-Kee made and begins to cook the dumpling over the fire] [glancing up] Hi.
Mulan [look of sadness]: I should never have left home.
Mushu: Eh, come on, you wanted to save your father's life. Who knew you'd end up shaming him, disgracing your ancestors, and losing allyour friends. You know, you just gotta, you gotta learn to let these things go [looking as if he's about to cry].
Mulan: Maybe I didn't go for my father. Maybe what I really wanted was to prove I could do things right. So when I looked in the mirror[picking up her helmet and looking at her reflection in her helmet] I'd see someone worthwhile. But I was wrong. I see nothing. [throws thehelmet down and a tear runs down her cheek]
Mushu [picking up the helmet and spitting on it]: Well that's because this just needs a little spit, that's all. Let me shine this up for ya [wipingthe spit to clean the helmet and holding it up to Mulan]. I can see you, look at you, you look so pretty. [seeing Mulan is not cheered up byhis actions, he shows sorrow on his face] The truth is we're both frauds. Your ancestors never sent me, they don't even like me. I mean,you risked your life to help people you love. I risked your life to help myself. At least you had good intentions [Mulan smiles].
Cri-Kee [jumping on top of the helmet beginning to bawl]: Chirp, Chirp, Chirp. Bawl, Bawl.
Mushu: What!? What do you mean you're not lucky? You lied to me? [Cri-Kee nods] [to Khan] And what are you? A sheep?
Mulan [sadly]: I'll have to face my father sooner or later. Let's go home.
Mushu: Yeah, this ain't gonna be pretty. But, don't you worry, 'kay? Things'll work out. We started this thing together and that's how we'llfinish. [Mushu hugs Mulan. Mulan smiles] I promise.
[Cut to Shan-Yu's falcon flying over the avalanche site. Shan-Yu's hand pops out of the snow. He gets up and glances around]
Shan-Yu [screaming]: Rrrrrrraaaaaaaaahhh!
[Hun Archer, Long-Hair Hun Man, Hun Strong Guy, Hun Bald Man #1, and Hun Bald Man #2 each pop out of the snow and joinShan-Yu. They set off towards the Imperial City]
Mulan [seeing them from behind, gasps]: Huh. [Mulan runs, grabs her sword, mounts Khan, and heads out following the Huns to theImperial City]
Mushu: Home is that way! [points to the opposite direction Mulan is heading]
Mulan: I have to do something.
Mushu: Did you see those Huns!? They popped out of the snow, like daisies!
Mulan: Are we in this together or not?
Cri-Kee [emphatically]: Chirp, Chirp.
Mushu: Well, let's go kick some Huny buns! [Jumps onto Khan and utters fighting words as they ride off to the Imperial City] Wu Hu HaGa, Wu Hu Ha Ga
[Cut to the victory parade in the Imperial City. Fireworks go off, kites are flying. The drummers march by, followed by the flutist, followedby the acrobats. The Parade Leader follows, then Shang and his men, followed by lion dancers]
Parade Leader: Make way for the heros of China.
[Shang leads the men on horseback, all have sorrowful looks on their faces. Mulan rides up through the crowd and stops. She looks aroundand sees Shang in the parade]
Mulan [calling out]: Shang! [riding next to him]
Shang [surprised]: Mulan?
Mulan: The Huns are alive, they're in the city.
Shang: You don't belong here Mulan, go home.
Mulan [with a scowl rides khan to the other side of Shang]: Shang, I saw them in the mountains. You have to believe me.
Shang: Why should I?
Mulan [riding ahead to block Shang's horse]: Why else would I come back? You said you'd trust Ping. Why is Mulan any different?
[Shang turns his horse and rides around Mulan and goes forward]
Mulan [to Yao, Chien-Po and Ling]: Keep your eyes open. I know they're here. Hya.
[Mulan rides off and stops near the entrance to the palace, she dismounts Khan and runs into the palace yard]
Mushu: Now where are you going?
Mulan [calling over her shoulder]: To find someone who will believe me. [Mulan runs into the palace yard]
[Cut to the parade procession stopping in front of the Emperor on the steps of the palace. Chi Fu stands next to Shang and gives himShan-Yu's sword. The Lion dancers stop behind Shang. A palace man strikes a large gong and the people fall silent]
Emperor: My children, heaven smiles down upon the Middle Kingdom. China will sleep safely tonight thanks to our brave warriors.
[The crowd cheers]
[Cut to Mulan at the fringe of the crowd]
Mulan [approaching Man #1 laying her hand on his shoulder]: Sir, the Emperor's in danger! [Man #1 rips his shoulder away from Mulan'stouch and moves away] [agitated] But the Huns are here! [Mulan walks up to Man #2] Please, you have to help me. [Man #2 walksaway from Mulan] [turning to Mushu who is standing near her in the yard] No one will listen!
Mushu: Huh? Oh, I'm sorry, did you say something?
Mulan [irritatedly]: Mushu!
Mushu: Hey, you're a girl again, remember?
[Cut to Shang holding the sword before the Emperor]
Shang [kneeling down giving the sword to the Emperor]: Your Majesty, I present to you the sword of Shan-Yu.
Emperor: I know what this means to you, Captain Li. Your father would have been very proud.
[Shan-Yu's falcon swoops down and takes the sword as Shang is giving it to the Emperor. The falcon rises above the roof and drops thesword to Shan-Yu who was sitting next to the gargoyles in the shadows blending in. He rises out of the shadows to catch the sword so thatall the people can see his face. The masses of people gasp at the sight of Shan-Yu. Shang begins to draw his sword. All 5 of Shan-Yu'smen jump out from behind the dragon knocking down Shang and grab the Emperor knocking off his hat. Hun Bald Man #1 and #2 carrythe Emperor into the Palace. Long-Haired Hun Man and Hun Strong Guy close the palace doors as Hun archer knocks his arrow retreatinginto the Palace to threaten would be rescue attempts]
Shang [getting up and running toward the closing doors]: No.
Yao [beckoning to the other soldiers]: C'mon.
[Shang reaches the palace doors just as they close with all the Huns inside]
Shan-Yu [laughs evily]: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.
[Shang and his soldiers pick up a big stone statue and use it as a battering ram. They are unsuccessful at opening the door. Mulan seeswhat's going on and arrives at the steps]
Mulan [to herself]: They'll never reach the Emperor in time. [She looks at the columns and runs near to the Shang and his soldiers. Shewhistles loudly catching the soldiers' attention] Hey guys, I've got an idea. [Mulan runs around the palace to the right towards the columns]
[Song: I'll Make a Man Out of You (reprise) plays in the background during the next action sequence]
(Be a man) We must be swift as the coursing river(Be a man)With all the force of a great typhoon(Be a man)With all the strength of a raging fireMysterious as the dark side of the moon
[Yao, Ping and Chien-Po look at one another then drop the statue and follow Mulan. Shang looks astonished. Around the corner Yao, Lingand Chien-Po begin to take off their armor and dress as women. Once the transformation is complete, they take out their sashes andprepare to shimmy up the columns. Shang arrives and taps Mulan on the shoulder. He takes off his cape and wraps it around the columnto signify that he's coming along. They shimmy up the poles together]
[End song]
[Cut to Hun Bald Man #1 and #2 arriving with the Emperor and a high balcony within the palace. Shan-Yu drops down from the roof]

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