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三溪中学高二分班考试英语试卷 2005



I.单项选择(20 题,满分 20 分) .单项选择(
1.You ____ to apologize to her for your rudeness. A.ought B.should C.must D.might 2.They can't get along well with each other because they have little___. A.at all B.after all C.in general D.in common 3.I don't think he knows you, _______? A.do I B.doesn't he? C.does he D.didn't he 4.Mr.White is_____ a good teacher ________ all of us love him. A.so, that B.such, that C.as, as D.as, that 5.The next morning she found the man_______ in bed, dead. A.lying B.lie C.lay D.laying 6.They have built an ______ stone bridge across the river. A.800-meter-long B.800 meters long C.800 meter long D.800-meters-long 7.If you go _______ our rules, you will________. A.with, punished B.against, punished C.against, be punished D.with, be punished 8.Scotland ______the north of England; it's _______ the north of Britain. A.lies in, on B.lies to, to C.lies on, in D.is in, in 9.In fact, ______ is a hard job for the police to keep order in an important football match. A.this B.that C.there D.it 10.It was on October 1st______ new China was founded. A.which B.that C.when D.as 11.-Why didn't you call me last night? —The line was busy. I couldn't_______. A.call you B.phone C.ring you up D.get through 12. I would rather _____ the weekend at home than ______ all the way to such a place. A. spending, driving B. spend, to drive C. spend, drive D. to spend, drive 13. The manager, _________ his factory's products were poor in quality, decided to give his workers further training. A.knowing B.known C.to known D. being known 14.He tried hard to start the engine, but it didn't _____ . A.use B.work C.affect D.begin 15.What_____ the letters "NBA"_______? A.do, stood for B.does, stand for C.is stand for D.do, stand for

16—Each of the students, working hard at his or her lessons, _____ to go to university. — So do I. A. hoping B.hopes C.hope D.hoped 17.The houses were repaired, ____ had been destroyed in the big fire typhoon. A.some B.some of them C.some of which D.of which 18.The girl looks pale; she ____ ill. A.must B.may C.can't be D.might be 19.When the weather is fine they are ____ sitting outside. A.like of B.fond of C.like D.fond 20.He went to New York in the hope of getting a job there, but ______________ .

A.without result B.without chance II. 完形填空(15 题,满分 15 分) 完形填空(

C.without luck

D.without effect

One summer evening I was sitting by the open window, reading a good 21 rather frightening mystery story. After a time it was too dark for me to read easily, so I put my book down and turned 22 the light. I was just about to draw the curtains as well when I heard a loud cry " Help! Help! " It 23 to come from the trees at the end of the garden. I looked out but it was too 24 to see anything clearly. So I decided to go out and have a look in the garden, just to see if someone was in 25 . I took the torch ( 手电筒 ) and picked up a strong walking stick, 26 that this might be useful, too. Armed with these, I went out into the garden. 27 I heard the cry. There was no 28 that it came from the trees at the end of the garden. " Who's there? " I 29 as I walked, rather nervously down the path that 30 to the trees. But there was no 31 . With the help of my torch I 32 the whole of that part of the garden and the lower branches of the trees. There was no sign of anybody or anything. I came to the conclusion ( 断定 ) that someone was playing a rather 33 joke on me. Still feeling rather puzzled, I went back to the house and 34 away the torch and the stick. I had just sat down when I was startled ( 吓一跳 ) by the cry of " Help! Help!". This time it was from down below of my shoulder. I dropped my book and climbed up. There, sitting 35 of the mantelpiece ( 壁炉 ), was a parrot! 21. A .and B .also C .but D .so 22. A .down B .on C .over D .up 23. A .seemed B .appeared C .sounded D .proved 24. A .far B .distant C .dark D .black 25. A .difficult B .power C .trouble D .ease 26 . A .thinking B .wishing C .demanding D .requesting 27. A .Again and again B .Now and then C .From time to time D .Once again 28 . A .chance B .doubt C .problem D . question 29 . A .thought out B .called out C .got out D .said out 30 . A .led B .went C .passed D .joined

31 . 32 . 33 . 34 . 35 .


.person .studied .clever .put .on top

B .body B .looked B .practical B .took B .at the foot

C .answer C .checked C .silly C .threw C .inside

D .voice D .examined D .dirty D .cleared D .outside

理解( III.阅读理解(16 题,满分 32 分) .阅读理解 (A)
About the year 1890, a small, dark-haired child named Charlie Chaplin was often seen waiting outside the back entrance of London theaters. He looked thin and hungry. He was hoping to get work in show business. He could sing and dance, and above all, he knew how to make people laugh . But he couldn't get work and therefore wandered about the city streets.Sometimes he was sent away to a home for children who had no parents. But twenty years later this same Chaplin became the greatest, best known, and best loved actor in the world. Nearly all visitors to the cinema must have seen some of Charlie Chaplin's films. People everywhere have sat and laughed at them until tears ran down their faces. Even people who don't understand English can enjoy Chaplin's films because they are almost silent.It isn't what he says that makes us laugh. His comedy doesn't depend upon words or languages. It depends upon little actions, which mean the same thing to people all over the world. Acting out, without words, of common human situations plays an important part in the dances and plays of many countries. It's a kind of world language. Chaplin lived most of his life in America and died in Switzerland on Christmas Day 1977, at the age of eighty-eight. There was sadness all over the world at the news of his death. 36.Why was young Chaplin waiting outside the back entrance to the theater? A.He wanted to enjoy a play in the theatre. B.He was hungry and wanted some food. C.He liked to play a part in a play and thus make a living. D.He wished to become a man of business. 37.People all over the world can enjoy Chaplin's film without translation because______. A.English is widely known in the world. B.they can enjoy the film silently. C.they are most comedies. D.most of them are silent. 38.What is "a kind of world language" according to the passage? A.Comedy B.acting out of common human situations. C.Silence D.Films or plays 39.Chaplin is regarded as king of comedy mainly because ______. A.he acted out the common human situation best in his comedy. B.he could sing and dance well. C.he knew how to make people laugh. D.lots of people have seen his films.

(B) There are few experiences quite pleasant as getting a good idea.You've had a problem, you've thought about it till you were tired; you've forgotten it and perhaps slept on it, and then flash! When you weren't thinking about it, suddenly the answer has come to you, as a present from the gods. You're pleased with it, and feel good. may not be right, but at least you can try it It out. Of course all ideas don't come like that, but the interesting thing is that so many do, particularly the most important ones.They come into the mind, glowing(燃烧)with the heat of creation. 40.Getting a good idea is ____. A.more satisfying than most of the things B.as satisfying as most of the things C.one of the few things in your life D.the same as a few experiences in your life 41.The most important ideas ____. A.come when you are tired B.are always right C.are pleasing but not good D.come as if they send out brightness and warmth 42.The ideas coming into the mind are worth ____. A.thinking about B.dreaming C.trying out D.sleeping on 43.What does"so many do"mean in the third paragraph? A.Interesting ideas always turn out to be true. B.Many ideas often come suddenly. C.Many interesting things happen suddenly. D.Many important ideas suddenly come from the gods. (C) Mr. Johnson had never been up in an airplane before and he had read a lot about air accidents, so one day when a friend offered to take him for a ride in his own small plane, Mr. Johnson was very worried about accepting.Finally, however, his friend persuaded him that it was very safe, and Mr. Johnson got on the plane. His friend started the engine and began to taxi(滑行)onto the runway of the airport.Mr. Johnson was very frightened and closed his eyes.After a minute or two he opened them again, looked out of the window of the plane, and said to his friend,"Look at those people down there.They look as small as ants, don't they?" "Those are ants,"answered his friend. "We're still on the ground. " 44.The best title for this passage is ____. A.First Flight B.First Accident C.First Experience D.First Trip

45.When his friend suggested an airplane trip to Mr. Johnson, he ____. A.accepted gladly B.accepted unwillingly C.refused the offer D.showed his surprise 46.When Mr. Johnson opened his eyes, the plane ____. A.was flying in the air B.was out of order C.was still taxing along the runway D.took off 47.Mr. Johnson thought he was ____ when he saw the ants. A.flying high B.falling out of the plane C.on the ground D.dreaming 48.Mr. Johnson seems to be a ____ man. A.brave and wise B.polite and humourous C.careful and kind D.shy and easily frightened (D) If you dream of going someplace warm to escape the cold winter weather, a trip to a recently discovered planet would certainly warm you right up. The planet, named OGLE-TR-56b, has temperatures of more that 3,000°F. "This is the hottest planet we know about," says Dr Dimitar Sasselv, a scientist who led the discovery team. "It is hot enough to have an iron fog and to rain hot iron droplets(细沫)." The new planet is 30 times farther away than any planet discovered by scientists before, It is in the Milky Way (银河) but it is not in our solar (太阳的) system. The new planet moves around a star much like our sun, however scientists discovered the planet by using a new planet-searching method called transit technique. They were able to catch sight of the planet when it moved in front of its star, causing the star's light to dim. Scientists compare the method to discovering the shadow of a bee flying in front of a searchlight 200 miles away. "We believe the door has been opened wide to go and discover planets like Earth,"says Sasselov. 49.We can infer from the passage that _______. A.there is iron on the new planet B.we could go to the new planet in winter C.the star could block our view of the new planet D.scientists are studying the weather 50.The "transit technique" can ________ . A.help dim the light of a star B.help scientists with a searchlight C.help discover a bee on a planet D.help find a planet moving before its star 51.Which is the best title for the passage? A.New planet-searching Technique B.New Distant Discovery C.Space Searching D.Dream Planet

IV. 对话填空(5 题,满分 5 分)根据对话内容,从对话后选项中,选出五个能填入对 对话填空(
话的最佳答案.选项中有二项为多余选项. ----Would you do me a favour, Ben? ----____ 52____ ----Could you lend me five dollars? I'll return it on Tuesday. ----I suppose so----if you are sure you can pay me on Tuesday. ----Of course.___53____ Would you mind lending me your car tonight? ---- ____ 54____ I have to study anyway, so I won't be using it. ----Wonderful! I have one last favor to ask you.I'd appreciate it if I could borrow your blue suit tonight. ----____ 55____ ----It's in the cleaners.I'm taking Kate to the movie tonight and I want to look good. ----Kate? But she's my girl-friend. ----____ 56____ Could I borrow Kate, too? A.Oh, I nearly forgot. B.It depends on what it is. C.What's the matter with yours? D.There's something else, too. E.Yes, please do it. F.Well, I guess not. G.You may borrow anything I have.

第二卷 V. 短文改错(8 题,满分 8 分) 短文改错(
Dear classmates, Now I'd like to tell you how I learn English. I often read English aloud and try learn something important by hearts, which helps me remember it easily and form the good habit of thinking in English I listen to a lot and talk with others in English. In this way, I was improved both my hearing and my spoken English. I keep a diary in English every day but my written English is becoming better and better. I also try my best to master the necessary grammar knowledge. By this means, I can express itself in English correct . That's the way I have been learning English . I hope it will be useful to you. That's all. Thank you.

57 ____ 58. ___ 59.________ 60. ___ 61. ___ 62. ____

63. ____ 64.________

Ⅵ.书面表达(20 分) 书面表达(
请用下列词汇写一篇短文,描述李萍照顾生病的奶奶的经过,字数 100 左右. lie sick on the bed / a bad cold / a high fever / look after / take one's temperature / not feel like eating / a bowl of / feed sb with… / a good girl / take a good rest / be all right soon

英 语 答 题 卷
学校 班级 姓名 座号 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 题号 得分 Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ Ⅳ Ⅴ Ⅵ 总分

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 16 17 18 19 20 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 31 32 33 34 35 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 46 47 48 49 50 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 21 22 23 24 25 〔 〔A〕 〔A〕 A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔 〔B〕 〔B〕 B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔 〔C〕 〔C〕 C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔 〔D〕 〔D〕 D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 36 37 38 39 40 〔 〔A〕 〔A〕 A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔 〔B〕 〔B〕 B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔 〔C〕 〔C〕 C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔 〔D〕 〔D〕 D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 51 〔 A〕 〔 B〕 〔 C〕 〔 D〕 11 12 13 14 15 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔 〔D〕 〔D〕 D〕 26 27 28 29 30 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 41 42 43 44 45 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔A〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔B〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔C〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕 〔D〕

IV. 对话填空 (共 5 小题,计分 5 分) 小题, 52_______ 53________ 54________ 55________ 56_______

第二卷 V. 短文改错(共 8 小题,计分 8 分) 短文改错( 小题,
Dear classmates, Now I'd like to tell you how I learn English.

I often read English aloud and try learn something important by hearts, which helps me remember it easily and form the good habit of thinking in English I listen to a lot and talk with others in English . In this way, I was improved both my hearing and my spoken English. I keep a diary in English every day but my written English is becoming better and better. I also try my best to master the necessary grammar knowledge. By this means, I can express itself in English correct . That's the way I have been learning English . I hope it will be useful to you. That's all. Thank you.

57 ____ 58. ___ 59.________ 60. ___ 61. ___ 62. _____

63. _____ 64._________

VI.书面表达(20 分) 书面表达( 书面表达
请用下列词汇写一篇短文,描述李萍照顾生病的奶奶的经过 字数 左右. 请用下列词汇写一篇短文,描述李萍照顾生病的奶奶的经过,字数 100 左右. lie sick on the bed / a bad cold / a high fever / look after / take one's temperature / not feel like eating / a bowl of / feed sb with… / a good girl / take a good rest / be all right soon

I. (1') 1- 5 ADCBA 6-10 ACCDB 16-20 ACDBC 26- 30 ADBBA 40- 43 ADCB 49-51 CDB 31- 35 CDCAA

11-15 DCABD II. 1') 21-25 CBACC . ) ( III.(2') 36-39 CDBA ) 4444-48 ABCAD IV.
(1') )

52- 56


D .F .C .A

V.57.try learn 之间加 to 58.hearts 改为 heart 59.正确 61.was 改为 have 62.but 改为 and 63.itself 改为 myself 64.correct 改为 correctly
VI. A possible

60.去掉 to


Grandma as lying sick on the bed.She caught a bad cold and had a high fever. Ping went to look after her. took her temperature and Li She gave her medicine.As Grandma didn't feel like eating, she cooked her a bowl of egg soup. Then she fed her with it. Grandma was very glad. She took Li Ping's hands and said, You are really a good girl. Li Ping asked " " Grandma Wang to take a good rest and told her that she would be all right soon.

2006 年安徽省示范高中高一 高一文理分班考试 分班考试物理试卷 一,选择题:(本题共 12 小题,每 高一 分班考试 试卷 小题 4 分,计 48 分.) 选择题:(本题共 小题, :( 1,关于惯性的大小,下列说法正确的是 A.两 个质量相同的物体,所受阻力相同时,速度大的不容易停下来,所以速度大的物体惯性大 B.只 要两个物体质量相等,惯性就一定相同 C.推动地面上静止的物体开始运动比维持这个物体 做匀速运动所需的力大,所以静止的物体 惯性大 D.在月球上举重比在地球上容易,所以质量 相同的物体在月球上比在地球上惯性小. 2,如图所示,图中 A.B.C.d 四条圆轨道的圆心均在 地球的自转轴上,均绕地球做匀速圆周运 动的卫星中,下列判断图中卫星可能的轨道正确说 法是 A.轨道的圆心均在地球自转轴上都是可能的轨道,图中轨道 α,b,c, d 都是可能的轨道 B. 只有轨道的圆心在地球的球心上,这些轨道才是可能的轨道,图中 轨道 α,b,c 均可能 C.只有 轨道平面与地球赤道平面重合的卫星轨道才是可能的轨道,图 中只有 α 轨道是可能的 D.只 有轨道圆心在球心,且不与赤道平面重合的轨道,即图中轨道 b,c 才是可能的 3,从同一高度 以不同的速度水平抛出两个物体,不计空气阻力,比较它们从抛出到落地的时间 A.速度大的 时间长 B.速度小的时间长 C.不论速度大小,两物体同时落地 D.落地的时间长短由物体的 质量决定 4,2001 年 10 月 22 日,欧洲航天局由卫星观测发现银河系中心存在一个超大型 黑洞,命名为 MCG6-30-15 由于黑洞的强大引力,周围物质大量掉入黑洞,假定银河系中心仅 此一个黑洞.已 知太阳系绕银河系中心匀速运转,下列哪组数据可估算出该黑洞的质量 A.地 球 绕 太 阳 公 转 的 周 期 和 速 度 B. 太 阳 的 质 量 和 运 行 速 度 C. 太 阳 的 质 量 和 太 阳 到 MCG6-30-15 距离 D.太阳运行速度和太阳到 MCG6-30-15 距离 5,假如一作圆周运动的人 造地球卫星的轨道半径增大到原来的 2 倍,仍作圆周运动,则: A.根据公式 v=ωr,可知卫星运 动的线速度将增大到原来的 2 倍 中小学教育资源站 1 http://www.edudown.net 中小学教 育资源站-百万套试题免费下载 1 v2 B.根据公式 F = m , 可知卫星所需要的向心力将减少 到原来的 2 r 1 Mm C.根据公式 F = G 2 ,可知地球提供的向心力将减小到原来的 4 r D.根据 上述(B)和(C)中给出的公式,可知卫星运动的线速度将减少为原来的 2 2 6,人从高处跳到低 处时,为了安全,一般都是让脚尖先着地,这是为了 A.减小冲量 B.使动量的增量变得更小 C. 延长与地面的冲击时间,从而减小冲力 D.增大人对地的压强,起到安全作用 7, 如图所示, 质 量为 M 的木块放在光滑的水平面上, 质量为 m 的子弹以速度 v0 沿水平射中木块, 并最 终留在木块中与木块一起以速度 v 运动.已知当子弹相对木块静止时,木块前进距离 L,子 弹进入木块的深度为 s.若木块对子弹的阻力 f 视为恒定,则下列关系式中正确的是 1 A.FfL= 2 Mv2 1 B.Ffs= 2 mv2 1 1 C.Ffs= 2 mv02- 2 (M+m)v2 1 1 D.Ff(L+s)= 2 mv02- 2 mv2 8, 下列对运动的认识正确的是 A.亚里士多德认为物体的自然状态是静止的,只有当它受到力 的作用才会运动 B.伽利略认为力不是维持物体速度的原因 C.牛顿认为力的真正效应总是 改变物体的速度,而不仅仅是使之运动 D.伽利略根据理想实验推论出,如果没有摩擦,在水平 面上的物体,一旦具有某一个速度, 将保持这个速度继续运动下去中小学教育资源站 2 http://www.edudown.net 中小学教育资源站-百万套试题免费下载 9,一位质量为 m 的运动 员从下蹲状态向上起跳,经 t 时间,身体伸直并刚好离开地面,速度 为 v.以下是在此过程中 的几个说法,其中不正确的是: 1 A.地面对他的冲量为 mv+mgt,地面对他做的功为 mv2 2 B. 地面对他的冲量为 mv+mgt,地面对他做的功为零 1 C.地面对他的冲量为 mv,地面对他做 的功为 mv2 2 D.地面对他的冲量为 mv-mgt,地面对他做的功为零 10,下面的说法正确的 是 A.物体运动的方向就是它的动量的方向 B.如果物体的速度发生变化,则可以肯定它受到 的合外力的冲量不为零 C.如果合外力对物体的冲量不为零,则合外力一定使物体的动能增 大 D.作用在物体上的合外力冲量不一定能改变物体速度的大小 11,在光滑水平面上有两个 质量均为 2kg 的质点,质点 a 在水平恒力 Fa=4N 作用下由静止出发运 动 4s,质点 b 在 水平恒力 Fb=4N 作用下由静止出发运动 4m,比较这两质点所经历的过程,可以 得到的正 确结论是 A.质点 a 的位移比质点 b 的位移大 C.力 Fa 做的功比力 Fb 做的功多 B.质点

a 的末速度比质点 b 的末速度小 D.力 Fa 的冲量比力 Fb 的冲量小 12,氢气球下系一小 重物 G,重物只在重力作用和绳的拉力作用下做直线运动,不计重物所受的 空气阻力和风力 的影响,重物运动的方向如图中的虚线方向,则图中的气球和重物 G 在运动中所 处的位置 可能是图中的 v G A G B v G C v G D v 二,填空题:(本题共四小题,每小题 4 分,计 16 分.) 填空题:(本题共四小题, :(本题共四小题 13,重为 10 N 的物体放在水平桌面上,用弹簧秤钩 住该物体竖直向上提,当弹簧秤读数为 5 N 时, 物体受到的合力大小为_______N. 当弹簧秤 读 数 为 15 N 时 , 物 体 受 到 的 合 力 大 小 为 _______N. 中 小 学 教 育 资 源 站 3 http://www.edudown.net 中小学教育资源站-百万套试题免费下载 14, 从上海郊区到浦东国 际机场的磁悬浮列车已正式运行, 设列车匀速运行的速度为 v=360km/h 时,受到的空气阻 力与速度 v 的平方成正比,其比例系数为 k=0.2kg/m,则此时列车功率 P 的 表达式为(用题 中字母表示)______,功率 P 的值为__________W. 15,某研究性学习小组在做"验证机械能守 恒定律"的实验中,已知打点计时器所用电源的频率 为 50Hz.查得当地的重力加速度 g = 9.80m/s2.测得所用重物的质量为 1.00kg.实验中得到一 条点迹清晰的纸带,把第一个点记作 0,另选连续的 4 个点 A.B.C.D 作为测量的点,如图所 示.经测量知道 A.B.C.D 各点到 0 点的距离分别为 62.99cm,70.18cm,77.76cm,85.73cm. 01 2 3 A B C D 根据以上数据,计算出 重物由 0 点运动到 C 点,重力势能减少了_______ J,动能增加了 __________J(计算结果均 保留 3 位有效数字). 16,2004 年 7 月 25 日,中国用长征运载火箭成功的发射了"探测二号 "卫星.右图是某监测系 统每隔 2.5s 拍摄的,关于起始加速阶段火箭的一组照片.已知火箭的 长度为 40m,用刻度尺测 量照片上的长度关系,结果如图所示.火箭的加速度 a = ,火箭在照 片中第 2 个像所对应 时刻的瞬时速度大小 v = . cm 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 2006 年安徽 省示范高中高一 物理试卷 参考答案一,选择题 题号 答案 1 B 2 B 3 C 4 D 5 CD 6 C 7 高一文 高一 试卷 ACD 0 理分班考试 16 题图 8 BCD 4 9 ACD 10 ABD 11 AC 12 ABC 中小学教育资源站 分班考试 http://www.edudown.net 中小学教育资源站-百万套试题免费下载 二,填空题 , 13, 0 3 14, P=kv 15, 7.62 16, a =8m/s2 三,计算题 5 , , , . 5 2×10 7.56 或 7.57 42m/s . . . 17,(1)匀速行驶 F-f=0 汽车的额定功率 P=Fvm 代入数据得 vm=30m/s (或 F=f) (2)汽车以 20m/s 的速度匀 速行驶时,有 F-f=0 汽车行驶 1min 的位移 s = vt 汽车克服阻力做的功为 W = Fs 代入数 据得 W = 3.6 ×10 J 6 18,(1)小男孩将要落地时的速度大小为 小男孩将要落地时的动量大小 为 v = 2 gh p = mv Ft = p F1 =4500N 设男孩受到的合力为 F,由动量定理有 代入数据,联立 求解可得男孩被人接住时受到的合力的平均值 (2)同理可得男孩直接落在地面上受到的合 力的平均值 F2 =45000N 19,(10 分)解:根据"传送带上有黑色痕迹"可知,煤块与传送带之间 发生了相对滑动,煤 块的加速度 a 小于传送带的加速度 a0.根据牛顿定律,可得 a=g 设经 历时间 t,传送带由静止开始加速到速度等于 v0,煤块在相同时间内则由静止加速到 v,有 v0=a0t v=at 由于 a<a0,故 v<v0,煤块继续受到滑动摩擦力的作用.再经过时间 t',煤块的速度 由 v 增加到 v0,有 v=v+at' 此后,煤块与传送带运动速度相同,相对于传送带不再滑动,不再 产生新的痕迹. 设在煤块的速度从 0 增加到 v0 的整个过程中,传送带和煤块移动的距离分 别为 s0 和 s,有 1 s0= a0t2+v0t' 2 v02 s= 2a v 传送带上留下的黑色痕迹的长度 l=s0-s v0 A B 中小学教育资源站 o5 v0/a v0/g t http://www.edudown.net 中小学教育资源站-百万套试题 免费下载 v02(a0-g) 由以上各式得 l= 2a0g (2)设在 C 点弹丸的末速度为 V1,则有: Vt 2 = V x2 + V y2 ∴Vt= 2 ( gt ) 2 + v0 =10m/s 子弹丸立即打入木块,满足动量守恒条件,有 mvt=(m+M)Vc,解得 Vc=1 m/s 碰后,弹丸与木块共同运动由 C 点到挡板碰撞并能够回到 C 点,有: 1 V2 Ek1= 2 (M+m) c ,Ek2≥0,Ek1≥Wt H S= sin θ Wf =2fs=2s(M+m)g cosθ 代入数据: 得 ≤0.125 弹丸与木块共同运动要能够回到 C 点:≤0.125 中小学教育资源站 6

2006 年安徽省示范高中高一 高一文理分班考试 分班考试物理试卷 高一 分班考试 试卷 一,选择题:(本题共 12 小题,每小题 4 分,计 48 分.) 1,关于惯性的大小,下列说法正确的是 A.两个质量相同的物体,所受阻力相同时,速度大的不容易停下来,所以速度大的物体惯性大 B.只要两个物体质量相等,惯性就一定相同 C.推动地面上静止的物体开始运动比维持这个物体做匀速运动所需的力大,所以静止的物体 惯性大 D.在月球上举重比在地球上容易,所以质量相同的物体在月球上比在地球上惯性小. 2,如图所示,图中 A.B.C.d 四条圆轨道的圆心均在地球的自转轴上,均绕地球做匀速圆周运动 的卫星中,下列判断图中卫星可能的轨道正确说法是 A.轨道的圆心均在地球自转轴上都是可能的轨道,图中轨道 α,b,c,d 都是可能的轨道 B.只有轨道的圆心在地球的球心上,这些轨道才是可能的轨道,图中轨道 α,b,c 均可能 C.只有轨道平面与地球赤道平面重合的卫星轨道才是可能的轨道,图中只有 α 轨道是可能的 D.只有轨道圆心在球心,且不与赤道平面重合的轨道,即图中轨道 b,c 才是可能的 3,从同一高度以不同的速度水平抛出两个物体,不计空气阻力,比较它们从抛出到落地的时间 A.速度大的时间长 B.速度小的时间长 C.不论速度大小,两物体同时落地 D.落地的时间长短由物体的质量决定 4,2001 年 10 月 22 日,欧洲航天局由卫星观测发现银河系中心存在一个超大型黑洞,命名为 MCG6-30-15 由于黑洞的强大引力,周围物质大量掉入黑洞,假定银河系中心仅此一个黑洞.已 知太阳系绕银河系中心匀速运转,下列哪组数据可估算出该黑洞的质量 A.地球绕太阳公转的周期和速度 B.太阳的质量和运行速度 C.太阳的质量和太阳到 MCG6-30-15 距离 D.太阳运行速度和太阳到 MCG6-30-15 距离 5,假如一作圆周运动的人造地球卫星的轨道半径增大到原来的 2 倍,仍作圆周运动,则: A.根据公式 v=ωr,可知卫星运动的线速度将增大到原来的 2 倍 B.根据公式可知卫星所需要的向心力将减少到原来的 C.根据公式,可知地球提供的向心力将减小到原来的 D.根据上述(B)和(C)中给出的公式,可知卫星运动的线速度将减少为原来的 6,人从高处跳到低处时,为了安全,一般都是让脚尖先着地,这是为了 A.减小冲量 B.使动量的增量变得更小 C.延长与地面的冲击时间,从而减小冲力 D.增大人对地的压强,起到安全作用 7,如图所示,质量为 M 的木块放在光滑的水平面上,质量为 m 的子弹以速度 v0 沿水平射中木 块,并最终留在木块中与木块一起以速度 v 运动.已知当子弹相对木块静止时,木块前进距离 L,子弹进入木块的深度为 s.若木块对子弹的阻力 f 视为恒定,则下列关系式中正确的是 A.FfL=Mv2 B.Ffs=mv2 C.Ffs=mv02-(M+m)v2 D.Ff(L+s)=mv02-mv2 8,下列对运动的认识正确的是 A.亚里士多德认为物体的自然状态是静止的,只有当它受到力的作用才会运动 B.伽利略认为力不是维持物体速度的原因

C.牛顿认为力的真正效应总是改变物体的速度,而不仅仅是使之运动 D.伽利略根据理想实验推论出,如果没有摩擦,在水平面上的物体,一旦具有某一个速度,将保 持这个速度继续运动下去 9,一位质量为 m 的运动员从下蹲状态向上起跳,经 t 时间,身体伸直并刚好离开地面,速度为 v.以下是在此过程中的几个说法,其中不正确的是: A.地面对他的冲量为 mv+mgt,地面对他做的功为 mv2 B.地面对他的冲量为 mv+mgt,地面对他做的功为零 C.地面对他的冲量为 mv,地面对他做的功为 mv2 D.地面对他的冲量为 mv-mgt,地面对他做的功为零 10,下面的说法正确的是 A.物体运动的方向就是它的动量的方向 B.如果物体的速度发生变化,则可以肯定它受到的合外力的冲量不为零 C.如果合外力对物体的冲量不为零,则合外力一定使物体的动能增大 D.作用在物体上的合外力冲量不一定能改变物体速度的大小 11,在光滑水平面上有两个质量均为 2kg 的质点,质点 a 在水平恒力 Fa=4N 作用下由静止出发 运动 4s,质点 b 在水平恒力 Fb=4N 作用下由静止出发运动 4m,比较这两质点所经历的过程, 可以得到的正确结论是 A.质点 a 的位移比质点 b 的位移大 B.质点 a 的末速度比质点 b 的末速度小 C.力 Fa 做的功比力 Fb 做的功多 D.力 Fa 的冲量比力 Fb 的冲量小 12,氢气球下系一小重物 G,重物只在重力作用和绳的拉力作用下做直线运动,不计重物所受的 空气阻力和风力的影响,重物运动的方向如图中的虚线方向,则图中的气球和重物 G 在运动中 所处的位置可能是图中的 二,填空题:(本题共四小题,每小题 4 分,计 16 分.) 13,重为 10 N 的物体放在水平桌面上,用弹簧秤钩住该物体竖直向上提,当弹簧秤读数为 5 N 时,物体受到的合力大小为_______N.当弹簧秤读数为 15 N 时,物体受到的合力大小为 _______N. 14, 从 上 海 郊 区 到 浦 东 国 际 机 场 的 磁 悬 浮 列 车 已 正 式 运 行 , 设 列 车 匀 速 运 行 的 速 度 为 v=360km/h 时,受到的空气阻力与速度 v 的平方成正比,其比例系数为 k=0.2kg/m,则此时列车 功率 P 的表达式为(用题中字母表示)______,功率 P 的值为__________W. 15,某研究性学习小组在做"验证机械能守恒定律"的实验中,已知打点计时器所用电源的频率 为 50Hz.查得当地的重力加速度 g = 9.80m/s2.测得所用重物的质量为 1.00kg.实验中得到一条 点迹清晰的纸带,把第一个点记作 0,另选连续的 4 个点 A.B.C.D 作为测量的点,如图所示.经测 量知道 A.B.C.D 各点到 0 点的距离分别为 62.99cm,70.18cm,77.76cm,85.73cm. 根据以上数据,计算出重物由 0 点运动到 C 点,重力势能减少了_______ J,动能增加了 __________J(计算结果均保留 3 位有效数字). 16,2004 年 7 月 25 日,中国用长征运载火箭成功的发射了"探测二号"卫星.右图是某监测系统 每隔 2.5s 拍摄的,关于起始加速阶段火箭的一组照片.已知火箭的长度为 40m,用刻度尺测量照 片上的长度关系,结果如图所示.火箭的加速度 a = ,火箭在照片中第 2 个像所对应时刻的瞬时 速度大小 v = .

2006 年安徽省示范高中高一 高一文理分班考试 高一 分班考试 物理试卷 试卷 参考答案 一,选择题 题号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 答案 B B C D CD C ACD BCD ACD ABD AC ABC 二,填空题 13, 0 , 5 . 14, P=kv3 , 2×105 . 15, 7.62 , 7.56 或 7.57 . 16, a =8m/s2 , 42m/s . 三,计算题 17,(1)匀速行驶 F-f=0 (或 F=f) 汽车的额定功率 P=Fvm 代入数据得 vm=30m/s (2)汽车以 20m/s 的速度匀速行驶时,有 F-f=0 汽车行驶 1min 的位移 汽车克服阻力做的功为 代入数据得 18,(1)小男孩将要落地时的速度大小为

小男孩将要落地时的动量大小为 设男孩受到的合力为 F,由动量定理有 代入数据,联立求解可得男孩被人接住时受到的合力的平均值=4500N (2)同理可得男孩直接落在地面上受到的合力的平均值 =45000N 19,(10 分)解:根据"传送带上有黑色痕迹"可知,煤块与传送带之间发生了相对滑动,煤块的加 速度 a 小于传送带的加速度 a0.根据牛顿定律,可得 a=g 设经历时间 t,传送带由静止开始加速到速度等于 v0,煤块在相同时间内则由静止加速到 v,有 v0=a0t v=at 由于 a<A0,故 V 此后,煤块与传送带运动速度相同,相对于传送带不再滑动,不再产生新的痕迹. 设在煤块的速度从 0 增加到 v0 的整个过程中,传送带和煤块移动的距离分别为 s0 和 s,有 s0=a0t2+v0t' s= 传送带上留下的黑色痕迹的长度 l=s0-s 由以上各式得 l= (2)设在 C 点弹丸的末速度为 V1,则有: ∴Vt==10m/s 子弹丸立即打入木块,满足动量守恒条件,有 mvt=(m+M)Vc,解得 Vc=1 m/s 碰后,弹丸与木块共同运动由 C 点到挡板碰撞并能够回到 C 点,有: Ek1=(M+m),Ek2≥0,Ek1≥Wt Wf =2fs=2s(M+m)g cosθ S= 代入数据:得 ≤0.125 弹丸与木块共同运动要能够回到 C 点:≤0.125 中小学教育资源站 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 cm 16 题图 D C B A 3

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