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2009—2010 学年第二学期 专业英语 B 卷
(适用年级、专业:08 级工商管理、物流管理、市场营销专业 考试方式:开卷 考试时间: 120 分钟) Name: Student No.: Major:

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Part I Phrases (20%) (10× 2’=20’) Directions: In this part there are ten sentences and 10 words. Fill in the blanks with the phrases given below. Change the form if necessary.

by courtesy of get to grips with

for free in a nutshell

in effect apart from

speed up instead of


convenience be susceptible to

1. If I hadn’t got a cold I’d be working ____________ lying here in bed. 2. This picture was lent to us ____________ the National Art Collecting. 3. There’s a lot I could say about the show, but to put it ____________: it was bad. 4. The speaker talked a lot, but never really____________ the subjects. 5. I got this letter____________. 6. He is weak and ____________ a cold. 7. Please do the work ____________ your earliest____________. 8. We must ____________ delivery of those goods or they will be overdue. 9. There can be no knowledge ____________ practice. 10. Her brother is king, but she is, ____________ , the real ruler of the country.



Part II. Vocabulary & Structure (10%) (10× 1’=10’) Directions: In this part there are 15 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE

answer that best completes the sentence. Then write the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
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1. Elizabeth Taylor could trace her last back to her forefathers used to make a living by ______. A. a trade B. farming C. a title D. the wealth

2. Your request for payment ______ Letter of Credit is unacceptable. A. with B. by C. using D. of

3. We will open an irrevocable L/C to pay ______ the goods covered by the S/C NO.682. A. against B. / C. for D. on

4. The L/C established by you through the Bank of China will ______ at the end of this month. A. due B. be due C. mature D. expire

5. Our terms of payment ______ been stipulated in the relative Sales Contract. A. having B. has C. have D. had

6. We will instruct our bank to issue an L/C ______ favor of your company. A. on B. for C. with D. in

7. Please have the goods packed in strong packing, so as to prevent the case ______ damage. A. / B. out of C. avoid D. from

8. The notice given by the shipper after the shipment of the goods is called ______. A. shipping notice C. shipping advice B. shipping instruction D. shipping documents

9. Our strong packing will certainly help ______ the sales of the product. A. promotional B. promotion C. promote D. promotive

10. We will pack the goods according to our usual practice if we do not hear from you ______ the contrary. A. on B. to C. in D. as



Part III Close (20%) (10× 2’=20’) Directions: In this part there is a short passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that

best completes the sentence. Then write the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Until recently most historians spoke very critically of the Industrial Revolution. They ___1___ that in the long run industrialization greatly raised the standard of living for the ___2___ man. But they insisted that its ___3__ results during the period from 1750 to 1850 were widespread poverty and misery for the ___4___ of the English population. ___5___Contrast,

they saw in the preceding hundred years from 1650 to 1750, when England was still a ___6___ agricultural country, a period of great abundance and prosperity.
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This view, ___7___is generally thought to be wrong. Specialists___8___ history and economics, have ___9___two things: that this period from 1650 to 1750 was ___10___ by great poverty, and that industrialization certainly did not worsen and may have actually improved the conditions for the majority of the populace. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. A. admitted ) 2. A. plain ) 3. A. momentary ) 4. A. bulk ) 5. A. On ) 6. A. broadly ) 7. A. however ) 8. A. at ) 9. A. manifested ) 10. A. noted B. believed B. average B. prompt B. host B. With B. thoroughly B. meanwhile B. in B. approved B. impressed C. claimed C. mean C. instant C. gross C. For C. generally C. therefore C. about C. shown C. abled D. predicted D. normal D. immediate D. magnitude D. By D. completely D. moreover D. for D. speculated D. marked



Part III Translate the following expressions into English. (20%) (10× 2’=20’) Directions: In this part there are ten Chinese phrases which you should

translate in to English. 1.第一线管理人员 2.收益增长率 3.结构重组 4.净损失 5.跨国公司 6.短期 7.个人推销 8.预期购买者 9.无形服务 10.零售店



Part IV Comprehension (10%) (5× 2’=10’) Directions: There is a passage in this part which is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For this passage there are four
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choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the best choice and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet. Passage 1 Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage: Television has opened windows in everybody's life. Young men will never again go to war as they did in 1914. Millions of people now have seen the effects of a battle. And the result has been a general dislike of war, and perhaps more interest in helping those who suffer from all the terrible things that have been shown on the sc-Teen. Television has also changed politics. The most distant areas can now follow state affairs, see and hear the politicians before an election. Better informed, people are more likely to vote, and so to make their opinion count. Unfortunately, television's influence has been extremely harnfful to the young. (79) Children do not have enough experience to realize that TV shows present an unreal world; that TV advertisements lie to sell products that are sometimes bad or useless. They believe that the violence they see is normal and acceptable. All educators agree that the "television generations" are more violent than their parents and grandparents. Also, the young are less patient. (80) Used to TV shows, where everything is quick and interesting, they do not have the patience to read an article without pictures; to read a book that requires thinking; to listen to a teacher who doesn't do funny things like the people on children's programs. And they expect all problems to be solved happily in ten, fifteen, or thirty minutes. That's the time it takes on the screen. 1. In the past, many young people__________. A. knew the effects of war B. went in for politics C. liked to save the wounded in wars D. were willing to be soldiers 2. Now with TV people can__________. A. discus politics at an information center B. show more interest in politics C. make theft own decisions on political affairs D. express their opinions freely 3. The author thinks that TV advertisements__________. A. are not reliable on the whole B. are useless to people C. are a good guide to adults D. are very harmful to the young 4. Which is NOT true according to the passage? A. People have become used to crimes now. B. With a TV set some problems can be solved quickly. C. People now like to read books with pictures. D. The adults are less violent than the young. 5. From the passage, we can conclude that__________. A. children should keep away from TV B. TV programs should be improved
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C. children's books should have pictures D. TV has a deep influence on the young




Part V Translate the following passage into Chinese. (10%) Directions: In this part there are two short paragraphs which you should translate into Chinese.

1. The easiest explanation for trade is the concept of absolute advantage. Mexico exports petroleum to Japan. Honduras exports bananas to the United States. The United States exports airplanes to Sweden. The examples illustrate the principle called absolute advantage wherein the exporting country holds superiority in file availability and cost of certain goods. (10%)



Part VI Questions (20%) Directions: In this part there are three questions which you should answer in details.

1. What are the advantages of international trade? (10%)

2. What are the “Push” and “Pull” strategies? (10%)

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