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高级英语上册 01 课单词中英文释义表格 adulation n [U] (formal) admiration and praise, especially when this is greater than is necessary 过 分赞美,奉承 amphitheater n a large circular building without a roof and with many rows of seats 圆形露天剧场 baptismal adj [only before noun] connected with baptism:洗礼的 bewilderment n[U] a feeling of being completely confused SYN confusion:迷惑,慌乱,不知所措 clown n an entertainer who wears funny clothes and a large red nose and does silly things to make people laugh:小丑,丑角 coliseum n an amphitheatre (=large circular theatre without a roof) in Rome which was built during the first century AD and is now one of the most famous ancient Roman buildings. It is thought of especially as a place where fights involving gladiators and wild animals were organized as a form of entertainment.体育场 conceive v conceive (of) sth (as sth) (formal) to form an idea, a plan, etc. in your mind; to imagine sth:设想,想出,想象 crunch vi 1.[v + adv. / prep.] to move over a surface, making a loud crushing noise:发出嘈杂声地 走,嘎吱作响地走, 2.crunch (on sth) to crush sth noisily between your teeth when you are eating:嘎吱嘎 吱地咬嚼 disaffection n Disaffected adj no longer satisfied with your situation, organization, belief etc. and therefore not loyal to it:不满 editorialize vi (NAmE) to express an opinion in an editorial:(报刊)发表社论 embody vt to express or represent an idea or a quality SYN represent:体现 gasp vi 1.gasp (sth) (out) to have difficulty breathing or speaking:喘气 2.gasp (at sth) to take a quick deep breath with your mouth open, especially because you are surprised or in pain:(因惊奇、震惊等而)喘着气说 ghoul n 1.(disapproving) a person who is too interested in unpleasant things such as death and disaster 以恐吓人(或恐怖事件)为乐的人 2.(in stories) an evil spirit that opens graves and eats the dead bodies in them 食尸鬼 guillotine n [sing.] a machine, originally from France, for cutting people's heads off. It has a heavy blade that slides down a wooden frame.断头台 jug n 1.(BrE) (NAmE pitch· a container with a handle and a lip, for holding and pouring er) liquids: 2.(NAmE) a large round container with a small opening and a handle, for holding liquids:(有柄的)水罐 lyrics n 1.lyrics [pl.] the words of a song:歌词; 2.[C] a lyric poem 抒情诗 onstage adv on the stage in a theatre; in front of an audience:在台上,上台 piety n [U] the state of having or showing a deep respect for sb/sth, especially for God and religion; the state of being pious 虔诚 pilgrimage n a journey to a holy place for religious reasons:朝圣 rambler n (especially BrE) a person who walks in the countryside for pleasure, especially as part of an organized group 漫步者 rebellion n 1.[U, C] an attempt by some of the people in a country to change their government, using violence SYN uprising:反叛 2.[U, C] opposition to authority within an organization, a political party, etc.:反抗 reverence n [U] reverence (for sb/sth) (formal) a feeling of great respect or admiration for sb/sth:崇 敬,尊敬 sociological adj [U] the scientific study of the nature and development of society and social behaviour 社 会的,与社会有关的;社会学的 socilologist n 社会学家 sprinkle vt sprinkle A on / onto / over B | sprinkle B with A to shake small pieces of sth or drops

swelter variety show


of a liquid on sth:撒,洒 to be very hot in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable:热气逼人,(使)汗流浃背; (使)中暑 [c]a television or radio programme, or a performance that consists of many different shorter performances, especially musical and humorous ones(电视上的)歌舞杂耍节 目; (马戏团的)演出

高级英语上册 02 课单词中英文释义表格

affluent antecedent

adj n

barricade batten on


bucolic cancerous charismatic cleanse to be cleansed of something clod Clutter disillusionment Distasteful Dwindling Exasperating Expedient Flee

adj adj adj vt

having a lot of money and a good standard of living SYN prosperous, wealthy:富裕的,富有的,富足的 1.antecedents [pl.] (formal) the people in sb's family who lived a long time ago SYN ancestors 祖先,身世, 2.[C] (formal) a thing or an event that exists or comes before another, and may have influenced it 先例,前情 a line of objects placed across a road, etc. to stop people from getting past:路障 batten on sb (BrE, disapproving, formal) to live well by using other people's money, etc.靠损害他人养肥自己 (literary) connected with the countryside or country life 田园子,农村生 活的 of, like or affected with cancer 似癌症的,癌症的 having charisma:具有超凡魅力的 to make something completely clean:彻底清洁,使纯洁 彻底清除 [usually pl.] a lump of earth or clay 土块,块 clutter sth (up) (with sth/sb) to fill a place with too many things, so that it is untidy:使杂乱,散乱 [U, sing.] disillusionment (with sth) the state of being disillusioned SYN disenchantment:幻想破灭 醒悟 unpleasant or offensive 令人厌恶的,令人不愉快的 (also dwindle away) to gradually become less and less or smaller and smaller:减少,缩小 extremely annoying SYN infuriating 令人气恼的,恼人的 an action that is useful or necessary for a particular purpose, but not always fair or right:权宜之计,应急措施 [no passive] flee (from) sb/sth | flee (to … / into … ) to leave a person or place very quickly, especially because you are afraid of possible danger:逃离 逃避 if people, things or situations are formidable, you feel fear and/or respect for them, because they are impressive or powerful, or because they seem very difficult:大而可怕的,令人畏惧的;难以应付的 a way in which sb/sth appears, often in a way that is different from usual or that hides the truth about them / it:伪装 掩饰 假装 (古)装 束 态度 相貌 a drug, such as LSD, that affects people's minds and makes them see and hear things that are not really there 幻觉剂 (disapproving) (of a person) showing no feeling or sympathy for other people 面貌严厉的 1.[C] a situation in which many things are destroyed and many people killed, especially because of a war or a fire:大屠杀 大破坏 浩劫 2.the Holocaust [sing.] the killing of millions of Jews by the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s having a strong belief in perfect standards and trying to achieve them, even when this is not realistic:理想主义者的;空想家的;唯心主义者的 1.(especially BrE) (US usually in· vable) (of a problem, mystery, sol·

n vt n adj adj adj n vi





Hallucinogen hard-faced Holocaust

n adj n

Idealistic Insoluble

adj adj

Insuperable Irrationality Migration Misgiving

adj n n n

Noisome Parasite

adj n

Parasitic Pastoral Polar

adj adj adj

Practitioner pragmatically presumably Sanitary

N adv adv adj

Senescence Sewage

n n

Simplicity Skepticism

n n



Symbolize Tedious undignified Uninhabitable Unsullied vehemently

vt adj adj adj adj adv

etc.) that cannot be solved or explained 无法解决的;难以解释的, 2.insoluble (in sth) (of a substance) that does not dissolve in a liquid OPP soluble 不可溶解的 (formal) (of difficulties, problems, etc.) that cannot be dealt with successfully SYN insurmountable 无法克服的 not based on, or not using, clear logical thought SYN unreasonable 不 合理 [U, C] the movement of large numbers of people, birds or animals from one place to another:迁移,迁居;移栖 [C, usually pl., U] misgiving about sth / about doing sth feelings of doubt or anxiety about what might happen, or about whether or not sth is the right thing to do:疑虑不安,怀疑 (formal) extremely unpleasant or offensive:令人不快的,令人讨厌的 1.a small animal or plant that lives on or inside another animal or plant and gets its food from it 寄生虫; 2.(disapproving) a person who always relies on or benefits from other people and gives nothing back 食客,靠他人供养的人 living on another animal or plant and getting its food from it:寄生的 showing country life or the countryside, especially in a romantic way: 田园生活的,乡村的 [only before noun] 1.connected with, or near the North or South Pole:南极或北极的, 2.(technical) connected with the poles (= the positive and negative ends) of a magnet:磁极的 (technical) a person who works in a profession, especially medicine or law:从业者,开业医生或律师 solving problems in a practical and sensible way rather than by having fixed ideas or theories SYN realistic:注重实效地 实用主义地 used to say that you think that sth is probably true:推测起来 大概 [only before noun] 1.connected with keeping places clean and healthy to live in, especially by removing human waste:卫生方面的 2.clean; not likely to cause health problems SYN hygienic:卫生的 [U] (formal or technical) the process of becoming old and showing the effects of being old(文)老年期,衰老的过程 [U] used water and waste substances that are produced by human bodies, that are carried away from houses and factories through special pipes (= sewers):阴沟污水 1.[U] the quality of being easy to understand or use:简单 2.[U] (approving) the quality of being natural and plain:朴素,率直 (NAmE) (BrE, scep· cism) [U, sing.] an attitude of doubting that ti· claims or statements are true or that sth will happen:怀疑态度 怀疑主 义 1.(informal, disapproving) very serious, formal, boring or old-fashioned: 一本正经的,古板的,无聊的,保守的 2.(of a building, room, etc.) warm in an unpleasant way and without enough fresh air:(房间)气闷的,通风不良 to be a symbol of sth SYN represent:象征,以符号表示 lasting or taking too long and not interesting SYN boring:令人厌烦的, 长而乏味的 causing you to look silly and to lose the respect of other people:不光彩 的,不体面的,不庄重的 that can not be lived in 不适于居住的 (literary) not spoiled by anything; still pure or in the original state SYN unspoiled 未玷污的,没弄脏的 showing very strong feelings, especially anger SYN forceful:激烈地, 猛烈地,感情强烈地



[usually before noun] (formal) ordinary; not very interesting SYN everyday 平凡的, 工作日的,普通的

高级英语上册 03 课单词中英文释义表格 abject adj without any pride or respect for yourself:卑下的, admonish v 1.admonish sb (for sth / for doing sth) to tell sb firmly that you do not approve of sth that they have done SYN reprove:告诫 2.to strongly advise sb to do sth:劝告,郑重其事地忠告 apologetic adj apologetic (about / for sth) feeling or showing that you are sorry for doing sth wrong or for causing a problem:道歉的 apology n [C, U] apology (to sb) (for sth) a word or statement saying sorry for sth that has been done wrong or that causes a problem:道歉,谢罪 apprehension n [U, C] worry or fear that sth unpleasant may happen SYN anxiety:畏惧,忧虑 brat n (informal, disapproving) a person, especially a child, who behaves badly: (贬)小鬼, 小东西 claw vn 1.claw (at) sb/sth to scratch or tear sb/sth with claws or with your nails: 用爪或爪状 ( 物)抓、撕、拉、夺、搔挠 2.one of the sharp curved nails on the end of an animal's or a bird's foot 爪子 clench v when you clench your hands, teeth, etc., or when they clench, you press or squeeze them together tightly, usually showing that you are angry, determined or upset:紧咬, 紧闭,紧合 coax vt coax sb (into doing sth) | coax sb (into / out of sth) to persuade sb to do sth by talking to them in a kind and gentle way SYN cajole 哄骗,劝诱 contemptible adj (formal) not deserving any respect at all SYN despicable:鄙视的,不齿的 desist v [v] desist (from sth / from doing sth) (formal) to stop doing sth:停止,打消念头 diphtheria n [U] a serious infectious disease of the throat that causes difficulty in breathing 白喉 distrust vtn [vn] to feel that you cannot trust or believe sb/sth: [U, sing.] distrust (of sb/sth) a feeling of not being able to trust sb/sth:不信任,怀疑 embarrassment n [U] shy, awkward or guilty feelings; a feeling of being embarrassed:窘迫,难堪 gag v 1.[V] ~ (on sth) to have the unpleasant feeling in your mouth and stomach as if you are going to VOMIT Synonym: RETCH 作呕 2.[vn] to put a piece of cloth in or over sb's mouth to prevent them from speaking or shouting:塞住……的口 heifer n a young female cow, especially one that has not yet had a calf 小母牛 hysterical adj in a state of extreme excitement, and crying, laughing, etc. in an uncontrolled way:歇 斯底里的,发狂般的 idiocy n [U] very stupid behaviour; the state of being very stupid SYN stupidity 极端愚蠢的 举止;白痴,低能 instinctively adv based on instinct, not thought or training:本能的 inwardly adv in your mind; secretly:内心地,精神上地,内在地 membrane n a thin layer of material used to prevent air, liquid, etc. from entering a particular part of sth:膜状物 muscular adj 1.connected with the muscles:肌肉的 2.(also informal muscly) having large strong muscles:肌肉发达的 operative n 1.(technical) a worker, especially one who works with their hands: 2.(especially NAmE) a person who does secret work, especially for a government organization: 起作用的因素 overpower vt to defeat or gain control over sb completely by using greater strength:制服,压服 photogravure n The process of printing from an intaglio plate, etched according to a photographic image.照相制版印刷 profusion n [sing.+ sing./pl. v., U] (formal or literary) a very large quantity of sth SYN abundance:大量,丰富 shriek nvi a loud high shout, for example one that you make when you are excited, frightened or in pain:尖叫声 [v] shriek (with sth) | shriek (at sb) to give a loud high shout, for example when you are excited, frightened or in pain SYN scream:尖叫 spatula n (BrE) (NAmE ?tongue depressor) a thin flat instrument that doctors use for pressing the tongue down when they are examining sb's throat 压舌板 splinter n a small thin sharp piece of wood, metal, glass, etc. that has broken off a larger piece SYN shard 碎片,裂片 throat culture 咽喉分泌物培养 tongue depressor (NAmE) = spatula (3) (BrE) a thin flat instrument that doctors use for pressing the tongue down when they are examining sb's throat 压舌板 tonsil n either of the two small organs at the sides of the throat, near the base of the tongue:扁桃体 valiant adj (especially literary) very brave or determined SYN courageous:勇敢的;坚定的

valiantly wrist

Adv n

(especially literary) very brave or determined SYN courageous:勇敢地,英勇地 the joint between the hand and the arm:手腕

高级英语上册 04 课单词中英文释义表格 arguable adj that you can give good reasons for:可争辩的,可论证的 atrocity n [C, usually pl., U] (pl. -ies) a cruel and violent act, especially in a war 暴行 blameless adj doing no wrong; free from responsibility for doing sth bad SYN innocent:无可指责的,无 过错的 Californian n 加利福尼亚人 culpable adj (formal) responsible and deserving blame for having done sth wrong 应受谴责的,应受处 罚的 euthanasia n [U] the practice (illegal in most countries) of killing without pain a person who is suffering from a disease that cannot be cured 安乐死 forbidding adj seeming unfriendly and frightening and likely to cause harm or danger:禁止的;冷峻的,令 人生畏的 gruesome adj very unpleasant and filling you with horror, usually because it is connected with death or injury:可怕的,可憎的 intrude v intrude (into / on / upon sb/sth) to go or be somewhere where you are not wanted or are not supposed to be:强加,侵入 Involuntarily adv 1.happening without the person concerned wanting it to: 2.an involuntary movement, etc. is made suddenly, without you intending it or being able to control it: 非自愿地 Languishing adj Languish [v] (formal) to become weaker or fail to make progress:渐渐变弱 legalize vt to make sth legal 合法化 living–will n a document stating your wishes concerning medical treatment in the case that you become so ill / sick that you can no longer make decisions about it, in particular asking doctors to stop treating you and let you die 活遗嘱 libertarian n a person who strongly believes that people should have the freedom to do and think as they like 自由意志论者 macabre adj unpleasant and strange because connected with death and frightening things SYN ghoulish, grisly:引起恐怖的,可怕的 mercy-killing n [C, U] the act of killing sb out of pity, for example because they are in severe pain SYN euthanasia 安乐死 monstrosity n (pl. -ies) something that is very large and very ugly, especially a building SYN eyesore:巨 大而丑陋的东西 oath n a formal promise to do sth or a formal statement that sth is true:誓言,誓约 omission n [U] omission (from sth) the act of not including sb/sth or not doing sth; the fact of not being included / done:疏忽,忽略,省略,遗漏 pain-killer n drug that reduces pain 止痛药 polemical adj (formal) involving strong arguments for or against sth, often in opposition to the opinion of others 争辩的,辩论的 police vt (of the police, army, etc.) to go around a particular area to make sure that nobody is breaking the law there:管理监督,维持治安 precedent n [C, U] an official action or decision that has happened in the past and that is seen as an example or a rule to be followed in a similar situation later: [C, U] a similar action or event that happened earlier: 先例 Proponent n proponent (of sth) (formal) a person who supports an idea or course of action SYN advocate 建议者,支持者 rumble v 1.[v + adv. / prep.] to move slowly and heavily, making a rumbling sound:隆隆驶过 2.[v] to make a long deep sound or series of sounds:隆隆响,低沉地讲话 squeamishness n easily upset, or made to feel sick by unpleasant sights or situations, especially when the sight of blood is involved 极易厌恶,震惊或冒犯生气;神经质 syringe n (also hypo· mic, hypodermic syringe) a plastic or glass tube with a long hollow needle der· that is used for putting drugs, etc. into a person's body or for taking a small amount of blood from a person 注射器 一注射器的量, taboo n a cultural or religious custom that does not allow people to do, use or talk about a particular thing as people find it offensive or embarrassing:禁忌 tenacious adj that does not stop holding sth or give up sth easily; determined:坚持的,顽强的 terminal adj [only before noun] (formal or technical) at the end of sth:最终的,最后的,终端的,期末的 throe n [pl.] violent pains, especially at the moment of death:常用复数,剧痛,临死的痛苦 uninterrupted adj not stopped or blocked by anything; continuous and not interrupted:不间断的,持续的

usher withhold

v vt

[vn + adv. / prep.] to take or show sb where they should go:引,领 withhold sth (from sb/sth) (formal) to refuse to give sth to sb SYN keep back:制止

高级英语上册 05 课单词中英文释义表格 ambassadorial adj Ambassador an official who lives in a foreign country as the senior representative there of his or her own country: 大使的,大使一级的 assembly n (also As· bly) [C] a group of people who have been elected to meet together sem· regularly and make decisions or laws for a particular region or country:(美国的)州 议会,议会,会议 brainwash vt brainwash sb (into doing sth) to force sb to accept your ideas or beliefs, for example by repeating the same thing many times or by preventing the person from thinking clearly:洗脑 convention n 1[C] a large meeting of the members of a profession, a political party, etc.SYN conference:定期大会 2.[C, U] the way in which sth is done that most people in a society expect and consider to be polite or the right way to do it:社会习俗,惯例 darky n (<!> infml offensive 讳, 口, 蔑) black or coloured person 黑鬼 (黑人或有色人) . 黑鬼(对黑人无礼貌的称呼) dashiki n a loose shirt or longer piece of clothing worn by men in W Africa, often made from cloth with brightly coloured patterns (颜色花哨的)非洲式宽松套衫 dead-end adj a point at which you can make no further progress in what you are doing:毫无前程 的; a road, passage, etc. that is closed at one end:死胡同的 drawback n drawback (of / to sth) | drawback (of / to doing sth) a disadvantage or problem that makes sth a less attractive idea SYN disadvantage, snag:不利因素,障碍,缺点 empathy n [U] empathy (with sb/sth) | empathy (for sb/sth) | empathy (between A and B) the ability to understand another person's feelings, experience, etc.: evade v 1.to escape from sb/sth or avoid meeting sb: 2.to find a way of not doing sth, especially sth that legally or morally you should do:逃避 3.to avoid dealing with or talking about sth:避开 homemaker n ( especially NAmE ) a person who works at home and takes care of the house and family 家庭主妇 idealism n [u] the belief that a perfect life, situation, etc. can be achieved, even when this is not very likely 理想主义 incredulous adj not willing or not able to believe sth; showing an inability to believe sth 表示怀疑的, 不相信的 inferior adj 1.inferior (to sb/sth) not good or not as good as sb/sth else: 2.[usually before noun] (formal) of lower rank; lower:低等的,次等的,下级的 masculine adj having the qualities or appearance considered to be typical of men; connected with or like men:有男子气概的,男性的 menial adj (usually disapproving) (of work) not skilled or important, and often boring or badly paid:仆役的;低贱的;卑下的 mold vt mold, mol· mold· moldy (NAmE) = mould, moulder, moulding, mouldy der, ing, [vn] mould A (into B) | mould B (from / out of / in A) to shape a soft substance into a particular form or object by pressing it or by putting it into a mould:塑造;铸造 persistence n [U] the fact of continuing to try to do sth despite difficulties, especially when other people are against you and think that you are being annoying or unreasonable: (不顾 指责、忠告)坚持;固执(所为、所信等) predominate vi to be greater in amount or number than sth/sb else in a place, group, etc.: (数量、力 量、影响等)占优势;统治,支配 reap v 1.[vn] to obtain sth, especially sth good, as a direct result of sth that you have done:收 获;得到报偿 2.[v, vn] to cut and collect a crop, especially wheat, from a field SYN harvest 收割 reeducation n re-educate [vn] to teach sb to think or behave in a new or different way 再教育 sit-in n a protest in which a group of workers, students, etc. refuse to leave their factory, college, etc. until people listen to their demands:静坐示威 suppression n [U] the act of suppressing sth:压制,镇压;压抑 tokenism n [U] (disapproving) the fact of doing sth only in order to do what the law requires or to satisfy a particular group of people, but not in a way that is really sincere:象征性做 法;装门面,做表面文章 undisguised adj (especially of a feeling) that you do not try to hide from other people; not disguised: 无伪装的,不加掩饰的;公然的 unrewarding adj (of an activity, etc.) not bringing feelings of satisfaction or achievement OPP rewarding 不令人满足的,未能给人以成就感的



[C] a type of work or way of life that you believe is especially suitable for you SYN calling:职业,行业

高级英语上册 06 课单词中英文释义表格 abridged adj [vn] to make a book, play, etc. shorter by leaving parts out 删节的,节略的 agitate v [vn] to make sb feel angry, anxious or nervous 使焦虑不安,困扰 bloodshot adj (of eyes) with the part that is usually white full of red lines because of lack of sleep, etc.(眼睛)充血的 briefcase n a flat case used for carrying papers and documents 公事包 Chamberlain n an official who managed the home and servants of a king, queen or important family in past centuries 钱柏林 Click V 1.to make or cause sth to make a short sharp sound:发出咔嗒声 n 2.[v] (informal) to work well together:恰好吻合 a short sharp sound:咔哒一声 Crow n a large bird, completely or mostly black, with a rough unpleasant cry 乌鸦 Crow Creek 鸦溪 Creek (NAmE, AustralE, NZE) (a small river or stream embitter v [vn] to make sb feel angry or disappointed about sth over a long period of time 怨 恨,苦恼,使痛心,难过 fine art [U] (also fine arts) [pl.] forms of art, especially painting, drawing and sculpture, that are created to be beautiful rather than useful 艺术 folder n a cardboard or plastic cover for holding loose papers, etc.纸夹,文件夹 freak N 1.(also freak of nature)(sometimes offensive) a person, an animal, a plant or a adj thing that is not physically normal 畸形的人(或动植物) 2.a very unusual and unexpected event:任性的举动,反常现象 [only before noun] (of an event or the weather) very unusual and unexpected:反常 的,奇特的 hesitant adj hesitant (about sth) | hesitant (to do sth) slow to speak or act because you feel uncertain, embarrassed or unwilling:犹豫的 incredulously adv not willing or not able to believe sth; showing an inability to believe sth:不相信 地,表示怀疑地 intently adv intent adj 1.showing strong interest and attention: 2.intent on / upon sth giving all your attention to sth: 专注地,目不转睛地 magpie n a black and white bird with a long tail and a noisy cry. There is a popular belief that magpies like to steal small bright objects.喜鹊 noncommittally adv not expressing an opinion or decision: 不置可否的 parole N [U] permission that is given to a prisoner to leave prison before the end of their vt sentence on condition that they behave well:假释,有条件的释放 [vn] [usually passive] to give a prisoner permission to leave prison before the end of their sentence on condition that they behave well:假释 pen n (NAmE, slang) = penitentiary= a prison 监狱 reformatory n (pl. -ies) (also reform school) (NAmE) (old-fashioned in British English) a type of school that young criminals are sent to instead of prison 教养院,少年管教所 scoff V scoff (at sb/sth) to talk about sb/sth in a way that makes it clear that you think n they are stupid or ridiculous SYN mock:嘲弄,嘲笑 segregation n 1.[U] the act or policy of separating people of different races, religions or sexes and treating them in a different way:racial / religious segregation 2.(formal) the act of separating people or things from a larger group: 分离,隔离 shitty adj unpleasant; very bad 该死的,讨厌的 tentative adj (of an arrangement, agreement, etc.) not definite or certain because you may want to change it later:试探性的,尝试的 unrealistic adj not showing or accepting things as they are:不现实的 whereabouts n [U+sing./pl. v.] the place where sb/sth is:下落,行踪;所在 高级英语上册 07 课单词中英文释义表格 accompaniment accompaniment (to sth) n 1.[C, U] music that is played to support singing or another instrument:伴奏(唱) 2.[C] something that you eat, drink or use together with sth else:伴随物 3.[C] (formal) something that happens at the same time as another thing:附属物 bandsman n a musician who plays in a military or brass band 乐队队员

bosom brute

n N adj N v Vt n

chill clasp

crow dab dashing droop eiderdown embroider ermine flap

vi N v adj vi n v n V n Adv V n adj n adj vi adj vi Adj n n n adj n Vi n

flop Flut(e)y flute frail hobble iced ice invalid

[C] a woman's chest or breasts:胸部 1.(sometimes humorous) a man who treats people in an unkind, cruel way:畜生,残酷无情 的人 2.a large strong animal 野兽 involving physical strength only and not thought or intelligence:畜生般的,粗暴的 [sing.] a feeling of being cold:寒气 [vn] [usually passive] to make sb very cold:使寒颤发抖 1.to hold sth tightly in your hand:紧握 2.to hold sb/sth tightly with your arms around them:紧抱 3.to fasten sth with a clasp:钩住,扣住 1.[sing.] a tight hold with your hand or in your arms:紧握,紧抱 2.[C] a device that fastens sth, such as a bag or the ends of a belt or a piece of jewellery: 钩,扣 (of a cock / rooster) to make repeated loud high sounds, especially early in the morning 啼 叫 an act of gently touching or pressing sth without rubbing:轻涂,轻敷 1.[vn + adv. / prep.] to put sth on a surface with quick light movements:轻涂 2.dab (at) sth to touch sth lightly, usually several times:轻触,轻拍 (usually of a man) attractive, confident and elegant:劲头十足的,精神抖擞的 to bend, hang or move downwards, especially because of being weak or tired:下垂,低垂 (BrE) a thick, warm cover for a bed, filled with feathers or other soft material, and usually placed on top of a sheet and blankets 鸭绒被,鸭绒垫 embroider A (on B) | embroider B (with A) to decorate cloth with a pattern of stitches usually using coloured thread:刺绣 [U] the white winter fur of the stoat, used especially to decorate the formal clothes of judges, kings, etc.貂,貂皮 1.to move or to make sth move up and down or from side to side, often making a noise:拍 动,拍打 2.[C, usually sing.] a quick often noisy movement of sth up and down or from side to side: 拍打 with a flop 扑通一声:噗地一声 [+adv. / prep.] to fall, move or hang in a heavy or awkward way, without control:放下倒下 柔和而清脆的;像长笛声的 -y ( also -ey ) ( in adjectives ) full of; having the quality of 长笛 1.(especially of an old person) physically weak and thin:衰弱的,虚弱的; 2.weak; easily damaged or broken:脆弱的 [v, usually + adv. / prep.] to walk with difficulty, especially because your feet or legs hurt SYN limp:蹒跚,跛行 (of drinks) made very cold; containing ice:冰镇的 [vn] to cover a cake with icing 结冰 有病的,病人用的 a person who needs other people to take care of them, because of illness that they have had for a long time:病人 an item that is being knitted:编结物,编织物 a flying insect with a long thin body and four large wings, like a butterfly, but less brightly coloured. Moths fly mainly at night and are attracted to bright lights.蛾子 not moving; still:不动的,静止的 ornament or fur worn round the neck 小围脖 [v + adv. / prep.] 1.to walk with light steps in a particular direction:嗒嗒地跑(走) 2.to make quick, light sounds as a surface is being hit several times:发出嗒嗒声 [sing.] the sound that is made by sth repeatedly hitting a surface quickly and lightly:(急促 的)嗒嗒声 the foot of an animal that has claws or nails 爪子,脚爪 (of an animal) to scratch or touch sth repeatedly with a paw: (用爪)抓,扒 1.[vn] to hold sth tightly between the thumb and finger or between two things that are pressed together:使消瘦,使萎缩; 2.[vn] to take a piece of sb's skin between your thumb and first finger and squeeze hard, especially to hurt the person:捏,掐,夹,拧 1.an act of squeezing a part of sb's skin tightly between your thumb and finger, especially in order to hurt them:捏,掐,夹,拧 2.the amount of sth that you can hold between your finger and thumb: (一)撮,微量 [C] a small amount of air, smoke, etc. that is blown from somewhere:一股,一阵 puff (sth) (out) to make smoke or steam blow out in clouds; to blow out in clouds: (old-fashioned) strange or unusual SYN odd:奇怪的;反常的 [C, usually pl.] a fence made of vertical metal bars; one of these bars:栏杆

knitting moth motionless necklet patter

paw pinch

N v V n

puff queer railing

N v adj n


Vt N

rogue rooster rotunda scold sealing-wax shabby sideways spectacles swoop

n n n v n adj Adv adj n Vi n


V n

to and fro toque trot unclasp walking-stick whisker whiting n v v n n n

rescue sb/sth (from sth/sb) to save sb/sth from a dangerous or harmful situation:救助,援 救 1.[U] the act of saving sb/sth from a dangerous or difficult situation; the fact of being saved:援救,营救 2.[C] an occasion when sb/sth is saved from a dangerous or difficult situation: (humorous) a person who behaves badly, but in a harmless way SYN scoundrel:小淘气; (old-fashioned) a man who is dishonest and immoral SYN rascal:无赖;流氓 (especially NAmE) = cock (1) (cock BrE) [C] an adult male chicken:公鸡;雄鸟 a round building or hall, especially one with a curved roof (= a dome)圆形建筑物,圆形大 厅 scold sb (for sth / for doing sth) (formal) to speak angrily to sb, especially a child, because they have done sth wrong SYN rebuke:呵斥,责骂 [U] a type of wax that melts quickly when it is heated and becomes hard quickly when it cools, used in the past for sealing letters, etc.封蜡,火漆 (of buildings, clothes, objects, etc.) in poor condition because they have been used a lot SYN scruffy:破旧的,槛楼的 1.to, towards or from the side:斜着地, 2.with one side facing forwards:以侧面对着地; 斜着的,以侧面对着的 spectacles [pl.] (formal) = glasses:眼镜,护目镜 1.swoop (on sb/sth) (especially of police or soldiers) to visit or attack sb/sth suddenly and without warning 猛扑,猛冲; 2.[usually +adv. / prep.] (of a bird or plane) to fly quickly and suddenly downwards, especially in order to attack sb/sth SYN dive:俯冲下来攻击 1.(of a part of your body) to feel as if a lot of small sharp points are pushing into it:感到刺 痛 2.tingle with sth to feel an emotion strongly: 1.a slight stinging or uncomfortable feeling in a part of your body 刺痛 2.an exciting or uncomfortable feeling of emotion:震颤 if someone or something moves to and fro, they move in one direction and then back again SYN backwards and forwards 来回地,往复地 1.a woman's small hat 无檐帽 2.(CanE) a close-fitting hat made of wool, sometimes with a ball of wool on the top [v + adv. / prep.] (of a person or an animal) to run or walk fast, taking short quick steps:小 跑,快步疾走 解开(扣子,钩子等) ;放开,松开 walking stick (also stick especially in BrE) a stick that you carry and use as a support when you are walking 手杖 whiskers [pl.] (old-fashioned or humorous) the hair growing on a man's face, especially on his cheeks and chin 腮须,胡须 [C, U] (pl. whit· a small sea fish with white flesh that is used for food 牙鳕鱼 ing)

高级英语上册 08 课单词中英文释义表格 agegroup n (also less frequent age bracket) people of a similar age or within a particular range of ages:年龄相近的一群人 aristocrat n a member of the aristocracy 贵族成员 aura n aura (of sth) a feeling or particular quality that is very noticeable and seems to surround a person or place:气氛、气息 cascade vi [v + adv. / prep.] 象瀑布般倾泻 1.to flow downwards in large amounts: 2.(formal) to fall or hang in large amounts: cookie n (especially NAmE) a small flat sweet cake for one person, usually baked until crisp:甜 点,饼干,小蛋糕 couch vt [usually passive] couch sth (in sth) (formal) to say or write words in a particular style or manner:表达 crumpet n (BrE) [C] a small flat round cake with small holes in the top, eaten hot with butter 松脆 饼 heath n a large area of open land that is not used for farming and is covered with rough grass and other small wild plants 石南丛生的荒野 homely adj (approving, especially BrE) simple and good:家常的,质朴的,寻常的,简单的 hyphen n the mark ( - ) used to join two words together to make a new one, as in back-up, or to show that a word has been divided between the end of one line and the beginning of the next 连字符 inclusively adv Inclusive adj including a wide range of people, things, ideas, etc.: OPP exclusive 包括 一切的 infuse v 1.[vn] infuse A into B | infuse B with A (formal) to make sb/sth have a particular

illiteracy intolerant lifeline memorize mead my odor outhouse platter poetic plum ruffle saying scone selflessness single snag sop

n adj n vt n

n n n adj n vt n n n vt vt vt n v adj [U] n

swirl triangular vanilla wormwood

quality: 灌输,灌注 2.[vn](formal) to have an effect on all parts of sth: 3.[vn](medical) to slowly put a drug or other substance into a person's vein a person who is illiterate[=(of a person) not knowing how to read or write]文盲 intolerant (of sb/sth) (disapproving) not willing to accept ideas or ways of behaving that are different from your own OPP tolerant 不能容忍的 a line or rope thrown to rescue sb who is in difficulty in the water(水上救援的)救生索 to learn sth carefully so that you can remember it exactly:记住,纪念 [U] a sweet alcoholic drink made from honey and water, drunk especially in the past 蜂 蜜酒 used in exclamations to express surprise, etc.:表惊讶的感叹词 (BrE) (NAmE odor) [C, U] (formal) a smell, especially one that is unpleasant:气味 1.(NAmE) a toilet in a small building of its own 户外厕所; 2.(BrE) a small building, such as a shed, outside a main building 户外屋 a large plate that is used for serving food:大浅盘 (approving) like or suggesting poetry, especially because it shows imagination and deep feeling SYN lyrical:有诗意的 [C] a soft round fruit with smooth red or purple skin, sweet flesh and a large flat seed inside:李子 ruffle sth (up) to disturb the smooth surface of sth, so that it is not even:弄皱,弄乱头 发,使起波泛 a well-known phrase or statement that expresses sth about life that most people believe is wise and true:格言,箴言,所言 a small round cake, sometimes with dried fruit in it and often eaten with butter, jam and cream spread on it 烤饼、茶点蛋糕 thinking more about the needs, happiness, etc. of other people than about your own: OPP selfish 无私,忘我 single sb/sth?out (for sth / as sb/sth) to choose sb/sth from a group for special attention:选出(与 out 连用 snag (sth) (on / in sth) to catch or tear sth on sth rough or sharp; to become caught or torn in this way:钩住 dip or soak (bread, etc) in liquid 将(面包等)在液体中蘸或浸泡:浸,湿透 [U] the quality of being sophisticated 复杂巧妙,世故 [usually +adv. / prep.] to move around quickly in a circle; to make sth do this:旋转 shaped like a triangle 三角形的 a substance obtained from the beans of a tropical plant, also called vanilla, used to give flavour to sweet foods, for example ice cream:香草精 [U] a plant with a bitter flavour, used in making alcoholic drinks and medicines 苦艾

高级英语上册 09 课单词中英文释义表格

absorbable allot anachronism

adj vt n

anchorman aptly astronomer bequeath

n adv n vt

august coherence condense decivilize

adj n vt vi

able to be absorbed, especially into the body:可被吸收的 (-tt-) allot sth (to sb/sth) | allot (sb/sth) sth to give time, money, tasks, etc. to sb/sth as a share of what is available:分配,分派,配给 1.something that is placed, for example in a book or play, in the wrong period of history 时代错误; 2.a person, a custom or an idea that seems old-fashioned and does not belong to the present:过时的人(或风俗、思想) a man who presents a radio or television programme and introduces reports by other people 节目主持人 suitable or appropriate in the circumstances:贴切的,适当的 a scientist who studies astronomy 天文学家 bequeath sth (to sb) | bequeath (sb) sth (formal) 1.to say in a will that you want sb to have your property, money, etc. after you die SYN leave:遗赠 2.[vn, vnn] to leave the results of your work, knowledge, etc. for other people to use, especially after you have died 传下 [usually before noun] (formal) impressive, making you feel respect 令人 敬畏的,威严的,德高望重的 [U] the situation in which all the parts of sth fit together well:有条理,连 贯 condense sth (into sth) to put sth such as a piece of writing into fewer words; to put a lot of information into a small space:压缩,缩写 降低文化水平,取消文明

dimly dismissable

adv adj





Dostoyvesky escapist gratification

n N adj n

Homer illiterate imperative inalienable inherent inefficient kaleidoscopic

n nadj n adj adj adj adj

leisure linkage literacy miraculous narcotic

n n n adj N adj n adj

novelty perpetual



De-:the opposite of: not very brightly or clearly:模模糊糊地,朦胧地 Dismiss [vn] 1.dismiss sb/sth (as sth) to decide that sb/sth is not important and not worth thinking or talking about SYN wave aside: 2.dismiss sth (from sth) to put thoughts or feelings out of your mind: 不予理会的,不再考虑的 1.[C] (formal) an activity that is done for pleasure, especially because it takes your attention away from sth else 娱乐消遗 2.[c] something that stops you from paying attention to what you are doing or what is happening:使注意力转移的事物 3.[C, U] the act of changing the direction that sb/sth is following, or what sth is used for:转向 [vn] divert sb/sth (from sth) (to sth) 1.(formal) to entertain people:使娱乐,消遣, 2.to take sb's thoughts or attention away from sth SYN distract:转移注意 力 3.to make sb/sth change direction:改道,转向 陀思妥耶夫斯基 person whose behaviour is characterized by escapism 逃避现实者; Indulging in or characterized by escapism.逃避现实的,忘却现实的 [U, C] (formal) the state of feeling pleasure when sth goes well for you or when your desires are satisfied; sth that gives you pleasure SYN satisfaction:满足,喜悦 (NAmE, informal) = home run:荷马 (of a person) not knowing how to read or write OPP literate 文盲,不识字 的 (formal) a thing that is very important and needs immediate attention or action:重要紧急的事 [usually before noun] (formal) that cannot be taken away from you:不可 剥夺的;不能让与的 inherent (in sb/sth) that is a basic or permanent part of sb/sth and that cannot be removed SYN intrinsic:内在的,固有的,与生俱来的 not doing a job well and not making the best use of time, money, energy, etc.:效率低的,无效率的 kaleidoscope [sing.] a situation, pattern, etc. containing a lot of different parts that are always changing 万花筒似的;千变万化的 [U] time that is spent doing what you enjoy when you are not working or studying:闲暇,空余时间 [U, C] linkage (between A and B) the act of linking things; a link or system of links SYN connection:联系,连接 [U] the ability to read and write:识字,会读写 like a miracle; completely unexpected and very lucky SYN extraordinary, phenomenal:奇迹般的,不可思议的 (medical) a substance that relaxes you, reduces pain or makes you sleep: 麻醉药 (of a substance) making you sleep:麻醉的 [U] the quality of being new, different and interesting:新奇,新颖 1.[usually before noun] continuing for a long period of time without interruption SYN continuous: 2.[usually before noun] frequently repeated, in a way that is annoying SYN continual: 3.[only before noun] (of a job or position) lasting for the whole of sb's life: 不断的,永远的 [vn] (formal) to spread through and be noticeable in every part of sth

programmer programming scrap serial simplistic skeptically trivial undergraduate unattainable usurp

n n n adj adj adv adj n adj vt

SYN permeate:遍及,弥漫,充满 a person whose job is writing programs for computers 节目制作人 the planning of which television or radio programmes to broadcast:节目 安排(制作) [C] a small piece of sth, especially paper, cloth, etc.:碎屑,碎片 [only before noun] (of a story, etc.) broadcast or published in several separate parts:系列的,连续的 (disapproving) making a problem, situation, etc. seem less difficult or complicated than it really is 过分简单的 tending to disagree with what other people tell you SYN doubtful 怀疑的 the American spelling of sceptical not important or serious; not worth considering:琐碎的,无足轻重的 a university or college student who is studying for their first degree:大学 本科生 impossible to achieve or reach:得不到的,达不到的 (formal) to take sb's position and/or power without having the right to do this 夺取,霸占

高级英语上册 10 课单词中英文释义表格 abrupt adj sudden and unexpected, often in an unpleasant way:突然的 aide-de-camp n (pl. aides-de-camp ) (abbr. ADC) an officer in the army or navy who helps a more senior officer 副官,侍从武官 allotment n [C, U] (formal) an amount of sth that sb is given or allowed to have; the process of giving sth to sb 分配 alphabetical adj according to the correct order of the letters of the alphabet:按字母顺序的 Alsatian N A native or inhabitant of Alsace.法国阿尔萨斯人 adj Of or relating to Alsace or to its inhabitants or culture.阿尔萨斯的 asphalt n [U] a thick black sticky substance used especially for making the surface of roads 沥 青 beforehand adv earlier; before sth else happens or is done:预先 cell n a room for one or more prisoners in a prison or police station 小牢房, each of the small sections that together form a larger structure, for example a honeycomb 小房间,实验室 charade n charades [U] a game in which one player acts out the syllables of a word or title and the other players try to guess what it is:看手势猜字谜 compassionate adj feeling or showing sympathy for people who are suffering:同情的,怜悯的 constriction n Constrict v to become tighter or narrower; to make sth tighter or narrower: [U, C]:压抑感,压缩 contemptuous adj contemptuous (of sb/sth) feeling or showing that you have no respect for sb/sth SYN scornful:表示轻蔑的 cowardice n [U] fear or lack of courage 胆怯 daunt vt [vn] [usually passive] to make sb feel nervous and less confident about doing sth SYN intimidate:使胆怯,威吓 delude vt delude sb / yourself (into doing sth) to make sb believe sth that is not true SYN deceive:哄骗 disquiet n [U] disquiet (about / over sth) (formal) feelings of worry and unhappiness about sth SYN unease:焦虑,不安 draw n to decide sth by picking cards, tickets or numbers by chance:抽签 elusive adj difficult to find, define, or achieve:难以捉摸的,躲闪的 enmity n [U, C] (pl. -ies) enmity (between A and B) feelings of hatred towards sb:敌意,敌对 excavation n 1.[U] the act of digging, especially with a machine 挖 2.[C, U] the activity of digging in the ground to look for old buildings or objects that have been buried for a long time 发掘 even adj 1.that can be divided exactly by two:偶数的 2.(of an amount of sth) equal or the same for each person, team, place, etc.:均等的 gamble v gamble (sth) (on sth) to risk money on a card game, horse race, etc.:赌博

greengrocer grievance implore inexperience legality legible legible hand mustache monstrous

n n vt n n adj n adj

number off nag at

odds overdone penciled pince-nez quiet ration

n adj adj n vt n

refasten rite roll of bedding shameful shuffle sullenly sum up

vt n

adj vt adv

syllable unaccountable undecided undo unfasten unlighted unreal waistcoat

n adj adj vt vt adj adj n

(especially BrE) a person who owns, manages or works in a shop / store selling fruit and vegetables 水果蔬菜商 grievance (against sb) something that you think is unfair and that you complain or protest about:冤情,委屈,怨愤 (formal or literary) to ask sb to do sth in an anxious way because you want or need it very much SYN beseech, beg:恳求,哀求 [U] lack of knowledge and experience:缺乏经验,不老练 [U] the fact of being legal:合法性 (of written or printed words) clear enough to read:易读的;字迹清楚的 字迹清楚 (NAmE) = moustache= a line of hair that a man allows to grow on his upper lip 小胡 子 1.very large SYN gigantic:巨大的 2.very large, ugly and frightening SYN horrifying:恐怖的,凶暴的 3.considered to be shocking and unacceptable because it is morally wrong or unfair SYN outrageous:难以置信的 (BrE) if soldiers number off, each one calls out their number when their turn comes SYN count off(AmE)(上操时)报数 nag (at sb) 1.to worry or irritate you continuously:困扰,使烦恼不安 2.to keep complaining to sb about their behaviour or keep asking them to do sth SYN pester:不断挑剔或批评 [pl.] (usually the odds) the degree to which sth is likely to happen:可能性 cooked too much OPP underdone:做得过火,表演过头 用铅笔写的 (pl. pince-nez) (from French) a pair of glasses, worn in the past, with a spring that fits on the nose, instead of parts at the sides that fit over the ears 夹鼻眼镜 ?(sb/sth) (down) (especially NAmE) to become calmer or less noisy; to make sb/sth calmer or less noisy SYN calm (sb) down 使平静 [C] a fixed amount of food, fuel, etc. that you are officially allowed to have when there is not enough for everyone to have as much as they want, for example during a war:定量配给 重新系上 a ceremony performed by a particular group of people, often for religious purposes:仪 式 [C] roll (of sth) a long piece of paper, cloth, film, etc. that has been wrapped around itself or a tube several times so that it forms the shape of a tube:铺盖卷 that should make you feel ashamed SYN disgraceful:可耻的 to mix cards up in a pack / deck of playing cards before playing a game:洗(牌、签) bad-tempered and not speaking, either on a particular occasion or because it is part of your character:闷闷不乐的,阴沉的 sum up | sum sth?up to state the main points of sth in a short and clear form SYN summarize:总结,归纳,总 计 any of the units into which a word is divided, containing a vowel sound and usually one or more consonants:音节 impossible to understand or explain SYN inexplicable:无法解释的 不可理解的 [not usually before noun]undecided (about sb/sth) | undecided (as to sth) not having made a decision about sb/sth:犹豫不决的 to open sth that is fastened, tied or wrapped:解开 to undo sth that is fastened:解开 未点燃的 not related to reality SYN unrealistic:不真实的 (BrE) (NAmE vest) a short piece of clothing with buttons down the front but no sleeves, usually worn over a shirt and under a jacket, often forming part of a man's suit 西装背心

will wily yawn

vt adj vi

to use the power of your mind to do sth or to make sth happen:意欲;运用意志力 (wili· wili· clever at getting what you want, and willing to trick people SYN er, est) cunning:狡猾的 to open your mouth wide and breathe in deeply through it, usually because you are tired or bored:大哈欠

高级英语上册 11 课单词中英文释义表格

abominably anvil avail

adv n n

bovine callous corporal coy

adj adj adj adj

crooked crushing depth

adj adj n

eventful glimmer imperishable inconsistency ineffectuality inhuman

adj n adj n n adj

insomnia laudanum legion

n n n

literally malice meditate

adv n vi

metallic monotony never-failing

adj n adj

extremely unpleasant and causing disgust SYN appalling, disgusting:令人 讨厌的 an iron block on which a blacksmith puts hot pieces of metal before shaping them with a hammer 铁砧 效用 to little / no avail (formal) with little or no success: of little / no avail (formal) of little or no use: (disapproving) (of a person) stupid and slow 迟钝,象牛一样笨 not caring about other people's feelings or suffering SYN cruel, unfeeling: 无情的 (fml ) of the human body 肉体的,身体的 shy or pretending to be shy and innocent, especially about love or sex, and sometimes in order to make people more interested in you:害羞的,忸 怩的 not in a straight line; bent or twisted:歪的,弯曲的 [usually before noun] used to emphasize how bad or severe sth is:强烈的, 压倒一切的 深度 1.[C, U] the distance from the top or surface to the bottom of sth: 2.[C, U] the distance from the front to the back of sth: full of things that happen, especially exciting, important or dangerous things:重要的,充满大事的 a faint unsteady light:微光 (formal or literary) that will last for a long time or forever SYN enduring 不朽的 (disapproving) tending to change too often; not staying the same:反复无 常,不一致 无效,不灵验 无能 1.not human; not seeming to be produced by a human and therefore frightening:非人的 2.lacking the qualities of kindness and pity; very cruel:无情的 [U] the condition of being unable to sleep:失眠症 [U] a drug made from opium. In the past, people used to take laudanum to reduce pain and anxiety, and to help them sleep.鸦片酊 1.(formal) a large number of people of one particular type:大量,众多 2.a large group of soldiers that forms part of an army, especially the one that existed in ancient Rome:可指古罗马军团 in a literal way,照字义地 [U] a feeling of hatred for sb that causes a desire to harm them:恶意,怨恨 1.[v] meditate (on / upon sth) to think deeply, usually in silence, especially for religious reasons or in order to make your mind calm 冥想, 沉思 2.[vn] (formal) to plan sth in your mind; to consider doing sth SYN contemplate:内心策划 made of or containing metal:金属的 [U] boring lack of variety:枯燥 从不失灵的,从不失败的

oblivion overpowering pell-mell phantasy plumb prose refreshed remonstrate reproachfully restless sledge hammer slumber snore soporific spiritualism

n adj adv n adv v adj v adv adj

n vi adj n

stile straighten stupendous superman swine sycophantic

n vt adj n n adj

tangible tormenting unvaryingly verity

adj adj adv n

vexation wakeful warlike woo

n adj adj vt

the state in which sb/sth has been forgotten and is no longer famous or important SYN obscurity:忘却 very strong or powerful:强烈的 (old-fashioned) very quickly and in a way that is not controlled 纷乱地 [C, U] (old use) = fantasy=[U] the act of imagining things; a person's imagination:幻想 想像 (used before prepositions) exactly:恰好,正好 [U] writing that is not poetry :用散文写 refresh[vn] to make sb feel less tired or less hot: 精力得到恢复的,使人重新振作,提神 remonstrate (with sb) (about sth) (formal) to protest or complain about sth/sb:抗议,抱怨 Reproachful adj expressing blame or criticism: 责备地 unable to stay still or be happy where you are, because you are bored or need a change:不安宁的,烦扰的 大锤 [U, C, usually pl.] (literary) sleep; a time when sb is asleep:睡 to breathe noisily through your nose and mouth while you are asleep:打鼾 (formal) making you want to go to sleep:催眠的 [U] the belief that people who have died can send messages to living people, usually through a medium (= a person who has special powers)唯 灵论 a set of steps that help people climb over a fence or gate in a field, etc.篱 墙边的阶梯 straighten (sth) (out) to become straight; to make sth straight:弄直 extremely large or impressive, especially greater or better than you expect SYN staggering:极大的,极好的,感人的 a man who is unusually strong or intelligent or who can do sth extremely well 超人 swine [pl.] (old use or technical) pigs:猪 Sycophant n (formal, disapproving) a person who praises important or powerful people too much and in a way that is not sincere, especially in order to get sth from them 诌媚的 1.[usually before noun] that can be clearly seen to exist:有形的 2.that you can touch and feel:可能知的 Torment v (formal) to make sb suffer very much SYN plague:折磨人的 unvarying adj (formal) never changing: 不变地,总是 1.[U] (old use) truth 真实性 2.[usually pl.] (formal) a belief or principle about life that is accepted as true:事实,真理 (old-fashioned or formal) [U] the state of feeling upset or annoyed 烦恼, 苦恼 not sleeping; unable to sleep SYN sleepless:醒着的 aggressive and wanting to fight SYN belligerent:好战的 (old-fashioned) (of a man) to try to persuade a woman to love him and marry him SYN court 求爱,求婚追求

高级英语上册 12 课单词中英文释义表格 aesthetic arresting backbone adj adj n concerned with beauty and art and the understanding of beautiful things:美学的、 审美的 (formal) attracting a lot of attention; very attractive 醒目的、引人注目的 [C] the row of small bones that are connected together down the middle of the back

SYN spine 脊柱 bout n bout (of sth / of doing sth) a short period of great activity; a short period during which there is a lot of a particular thing, usually sth unpleasant:一场、一回、一阵 Burma n the former name of Myanmar, a country in east Asia. Burma is the name preferred by the National League for Democracy, led by Aung San Suu Kyi.缅甸 compulsion n compulsion (to do sth) [U, C] strong pressure that makes sb do sth that they do not want to do:强制 disagreeable downright adj adj not nice or enjoyable SYN unpleasant:令人不愉快的 [only before noun] used as a way of emphasizing sth negative or unpleasant:彻底的、完 全的 efface egoism vt n (formal) to make sth disappear; to remove sth 擦去、抹去 [U] (disapproving) the fact of thinking that you are better or more important than anyone else 自负,自我主义 exhausting fluctuate adj vi making you feel very tired:让人筋疲力尽的 fluctuate (between A and B) to change frequently in size, amount, quality, etc., especially from one extreme to another SYN vary:波动,动摇 grown-up guise n n (used especially by and to children) an adult person SYN adult:成年人 a way in which sb/sth appears, often in a way that is different from usual or that hides the truth about them / it:姿态,伪装,相貌 humbug n (old-fashioned) [U] dishonest language or behaviour that is intended to trick people:空 话,欺骗 ingrained adj ingrained (in sb/sth) (of a habit, an attitude, etc.) that has existed for a long time and is therefore difficult to change SYN deep-rooted:根深蒂固的 immature inkpot integrity adj n [U] not fully developed or grown:不成熟的 墨水壶 1.(formal) the state of being whole and not divided SYN unity:完善 2.the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles:正直 lifeless adj dull; lacking the qualities that make sth/sb interesting and full of life SYN lacklustre:无 生气的,死板的 mannerism n 1.[C] a particular habit or way of speaking or behaving that sb has but is not aware of:癖 性,习气 2.[U] too much use of a particular style in painting or writing 个人惯用的格调 meticulous adj meticulous (in sth / doing sth) | meticulous (about sth / in doing sth) paying careful attention to every detail SYN fastidious, thorough:过细的 muslin n [U] a type of fine cotton cloth that is almost transparent, used, especially in the past, for making clothes and curtains 平纹布 narcissistic adj narcissism[U] (formal, disapproving) the habit of admiring yourself too much, especially your appearance 自我欣赏的 naturalistic adj (of artists, writers, etc. or their work) showing things as they appear in the natural world 自然主义的 ornate adj covered with a lot of decoration, especially when this involves very small or complicated designs:(贬)华丽的



1.to grow taller, larger or more quickly than another person:长得比…快, 2.to grow too big to be able to wear or fit into sth SYN grow out of:过大而不适于

outweigh pamphleteer perverse

v n adj

[vn] to be greater or more important than sth:在重要性或价值上超过 a person who writes pamphlets on particular subjects 小册子作者 showing deliberate determination to behave in a way that most people think is wrong, unacceptable or unreasonable:反常的,任性的



(of language) producing strong mental images by using unusual words:生动地,形象化 的

posterity readable

n adj

[U] (formal) all the people who will live in the future:后代,后世 (of a book, an article, etc.) that is easy, interesting and enjoyable to read 有趣味的,可读 性的



reconcile sth (with sth) to find an acceptable way of dealing with two or more ideas, needs, etc. that seem to be opposed to each other:调和,使一致



[v] shiver (with sth) (of a person) to shake slightly because you are cold, frightened, excited, etc.:发抖,颤抖



[C, U] (technical) a word or phrase that compares sth to sth else, using the words like or as, for example a face like a mask or as white as snow; the use of such words and phrases 明喻 [+adv. / prep.] to slope or to make sth slope in a particular direction or at a particular angle:变歪,倾斜



snub squall thrilling totalitarianism

vt n adj n

to insult sb, especially by ignoring them when you meet SYN cold-shoulder:冷落 A loud, harsh cry.尖声高叫,啼哭 exciting and enjoyable:令人激动的 Totalitarian adj (disapproving) (of a country or system of government) in which there is only one political party that has complete power and control over the people 极权主义 resembling tortoiseshell especially in mottled brown and yellow coloring 龟甲色的 [U] the hard shell of a TURTLE, especially the type with orange and brown marks, used for making combs and small ornaments 龟甲


Adj n



involving a lot of change and confusion and/or violence SYN tempestuous:动荡的,纷乱 的 真实 Truthful adj 1.truthful (about sth) (of a person) saying only what is true SYN honest: 2.(of a statement) giving the true facts about sth:





[usually passive] to not recognize how good, valuable or important sb/sth really is:过低 估价



unsuitable (for sb/sth) not right or appropriate for a particular person, purpose or occasion:不适合的

高级英语上册 13 课单词中英文释义表格 actuate vt 1.[usually passive] to make sb behave in a particular way SYN motivate:激励,驱使 2.to make a machine or device start to work SYN activate 使机器发动 afresh adv (formal) again, especially from the beginning or with new ideas:重新 apostle n 1.Apostle any one of the twelve men that Christ chose to tell people about him and his

apt by no means by all means by any means by means of delectable domesticate drudgery game hierarchy impair in the long run innumerable irk irksome militarist outlet


adj vt n n n vt adj vt adj n n

outwit preventive procure stunt

vt N adj vt n

take for granted tedium unmask vigor vigorous zest

n vt n adj n

teachings 信徒,使徒, 2.apostle (of sth) (formal) a person who strongly believes in a policy or an idea and tries to make other people believe in it:鼓吹者, 倡导者 apt to be … | apt to do sth likely or having a natural tendency to do sth:易于,倾向于 by no means | not by any (manner of) means not at all:决不,并没有 used to say that you are very willing for sb to have sth or do sth:一定,务必,尽一 切办法,当然可以 无论如何,必然,以一切可能的方法 (formal) with the help of sth:依靠,用,借助于 (of food and drink) extremely pleasant to taste, smell or look at SYN delicious:令人愉 快的,美味可口的 (often humorous) to make sb good at cooking, caring for a house, etc.; to make sb enjoy home life:使专注于家务 [U] hard boring work 单调乏味的工作 [U] wild animals or birds that people hunt for sport or food 猎物 [C, U] a system, especially in a society or an organization, in which people are organized into different levels of importance from highest to lowest:等级,制度 (formal) to damage sth or make sth worse 损害, 削弱 later in the future, not immediately:从长远看,终究 too many to be counted; very many SYN countless:无数的,数不清的 if something irks you, it makes you feel annoyed SYN annoy 使厌烦 (formal) annoying or irritating SYN tiresome:令人生厌的 If you describe someone as a militarist, you mean that they want their country's armed forces to be strengthened in order to make it more powerful. 军国主义者 1.a way of expressing or making good use of strong feelings, ideas or energy: (感情,精 力)发泄途经 2.a pipe or hole through which liquid or gas can flow out:出口, 3.(business) a shop / store or an organization that sells goods made by a particular company or of a particular type:专营店 4.(especially NAmE) a shop / store that sells goods of a particular make at reduced prices:折扣专营店 to defeat sb/sth or gain an advantage over them by doing sth clever SYN outsmart:智胜 Preventing or slowing the course of an illness or disease 预防的 Something that prevents or slows the course of an illness or disease.预防药 procure sth (for sb/sth) (formal) to obtain sth, especially with difficulty:获得,取得,实 现 1.a dangerous and difficult action that sb does to entertain people, especially as part of a film / movie:特技 2.(sometimes disapproving) something that is done in order to attract people's attention:引人注目的举动 认为是当然的,当真 [U] the quality of being boring SYN boredom:沉闷,乏味,单调 to show the true character of sb, or a hidden truth about sth SYN expose:揭露,撕下… 的面具 (AmE)physical or mental energy and determination.(BrE vigour)活力,精力 very active, determined or full of energy SYN energetic:精力充沛的 1.[sing., U] zest (for sth) enjoyment and enthusiasm SYN appetite: 2.[U, sing.] the quality of being exciting, interesting and enjoyable: 乐趣,热情,趣味

高级英语上册 14 课单词中英文释义表格 accreditation n [U] official approval given by an organization stating that sb/sth has achieved a required standard:达到标准,证明合格,认可(从事某事);委任,任命 ambush N [C, U] the act of hiding and waiting for sb and then making a surprise attack vt on them:伏击,埋伏 [vn] to make a surprise attack on sb/sth from a hidden position:伏击

amputee arrogance blackout

n n n

boot camp brutalization calisthenics Cambodia Camp Pendleton chewing gum deceased the deceased depersonalization n n n

adj n

desensitize Detroit dictatorial

vi n adj

differentiation distortion dope dormant entrails genocide glamorize gook hypocrisy indignation

n n n adj n n vt n n n







a person who has had an arm or a leg amputated 被截肢者 [U] the behaviour of a person when they feel that they are more important than other people, so that they are rude to them or do not consider them 骄狂,傲慢,自大 1.a situation when the government or the police will not allow any news or information on a particular subject to be given to the public 新闻封锁 2.(especially BrE) a period of time during a war when all lights must be put out or covered at night, so that they cannot be seen by an enemy attacking by air 灯火管制 期 3.a period when there is no light as a result of an electrical power failure 停电 a training camp for new members of the armed forces, where they have to work hard 新兵营 Brutalize [transitive usually passive]to affect someone so badly that they lose their normal human feelings:使变得具有野兽般的残忍性 (NAmE) = callisthenics=[U+sing./pl. v.] physical exercises intended to develop a strong and attractive body 柔软体操 a country in southeast Asia between Thailand and Vietnam.柬浦寨 彭德尔顿营 [U] a sweet / candy that you chew but do not swallow 口香糖 (law or formal) dead:已死去的 (pl. the deceased) a person who has died, especially recently 死者 The act of depersonalizing 使变得失去人性,使变得漠然 depersonalize [vn] [often passive] to make sth less personal so that it does not seem as if humans with feelings and personality are involved [vn] [usually passive]desensitize sb/sth (to sth) to make sb/sth less aware of sth, especially a problem or sth bad, by making them become used to it: 使失去敏感 a city in the US state of Michigan. It is an important centre for making cars, and the Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler car companies are all based there.底特律 1.connected with or controlled by a dictator: 独裁的,专政的 2.using power in an unreasonable way by telling people what to do and not listening to their views or wishes:,专横的 Differentiate v differentiate (between) A and B | differentiate A (from B) to recognize or show that two things are not the same 区别,可辩 [vn] to twist or change facts, ideas, etc. so that they are no longer correct or true:歪 曲,曲解 [U] (informal) a drug that is taken illegally for pleasure, especially cannabis or, in the US, heroin 毒品,麻醉品 not active or growing now but able to become active or to grow in the future SYN inactive:休眠的,暂停活动的 [pl.] the organs inside the body of a person or an animal, especially their intestine 内 脏,肠子 [U] the murder of a whole race or group of people 种族灭绝 [vn] (usually disapproving) to make sth bad appear attractive or exciting:美化,使有 魅力,渲染 [C] (NAmE, taboo, slang) an offensive word for a person from SE Asia 东南亚人 (pl. -ies) [U, C] (disapproving) behaviour in which sb pretends to have moral standards or opinions that they do not actually have:虚伪,伪善 [U] indignation (at / about sth) | indignation (that … ) a feeling of anger and surprise caused by sth that you think is unfair or unreasonable:义愤,愤概,多指出于 正义而愤怒 [U, C] (pl. -ies) indignity (of sth / of doing sth) a situation that makes you feel embarrassed or ashamed because you are not treated with respect; an act that causes these feelings SYN humiliation:侮辱,轻蔑 a former name given to part of southeast Asia by Europeans. During the 19th century, Indochina included Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, parts of Malaysia, and Laos, but in the 20th century Indochina came to mean the countries ruled by France: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. These three countries were also called French Indochina.印度支那 insensitive (to sth) 1.not realizing or caring how other people feel, and therefore likely to hurt or offend them SYN unsympathetic: 2.not aware of changing situations, and therefore of the need to react to them: 3.not able to feel or react to sth:

judiciary Laos Laotian Marine misfit Pakistan pay homage to preservation purge

N adj n N adj n n n

迟钝,无动于衷,不敏感 a system of courts of law 司法部门, 司法的,法院的 a country in southeast Asia between China and Cambodia. Capital: Vientiane.老挝 老挝人,老挝的 a soldier who is trained to serve on land or at sea, especially one in the US Marine Corps or the British Royal Marines 海军陆线队(员) 1.person not well suited to his work or his surroundings 不适应社会或环境的人 2.article of clothing which does not fit well 不合身的衣着 a Muslim country in Asia, west of India and east of Afghanistan and Iran 巴基斯坦 homage [U, C, usually sing.] homage (to sb/sth) (formal) something that is said or done to show respect for sb:向…致敬 [U] the act of keeping sth in its original state or in good condition:维护,保护,防护 [vn] 1.purge sth (of sb) | purge sb (from sth) to remove people from an organization, often violently, because their opinions or activities are unacceptable to the people in power: 清除 2.purge yourself / sb / sth (of sth) | purge sth (from sth) (formal) to make yourself/sb/sth pure, healthy or clean by getting rid of bad thoughts or feelings:使净 化 a person who is permanently unable to use their arms and legs 四肢瘫痪者 1.(of sth bad) existing or spreading everywhere in a way that cannot be controlled SYN unchecked:猖劂的,横行的 2.(of plants) growing thickly and very fast in a way that cannot be controlled,失控的 if food containing fat is rancid, it tastes or smells unpleasant because it is no longer fresh 有恶臭的 to find or try to find a logical reason to explain why sb thinks, behaves, etc. in a way that is difficult to understand:说成合理,使合理化 [U] the policy of limiting the amount of food, fuel, etc. that people are allowed to have when there is not enough for everyone to have as much as they want 定量配给 [usually passive] to damage sth badly SYN devastate:蹂躏,毁坏 (formal) to officially state that a law, contract, decision, etc. is no longer valid SYN revoke 撤回,取消,废除 [U, sing.] revulsion (at / against / from sth) (formal) a strong feeling of disgust or horror SYN repugnance:厌恶,反感 the former name of Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam.西贡 squander sth (on sb/sth) to waste money, time, etc. in a stupid or careless way:乱花 (钱等),浪费 (approving) expressed clearly and in a few words SYN concise:简洁地,简明地 tantamount to sth (formal) having the same bad effect as sth else:相当于的,相等于 的 [sing.] the building in Washington DC where the US Congress (= the national parliament) meets to work on new laws 美国国会大厦 (also tran· scrip· tion) a written or printed copy of words that have been spoken:正式 文本;副本 not allowed by the constitution of a country, a political system or an organization 违 反宪法的 越共 1.e Vietnamese [pl] the people of Vietnam 越南人 2. [u] the language spoken in Vietnam 越南语 越南的 越南化 the usual name for the United States Military Academy, at West Point in New York, next to the Hudson River.西点军校

n vt

quadriplegic rampant

n adj

rancid rationalize rationing ravage rescind revulsion Saigon squander succinctly tantamount the Capitol transcript unconstitutional Viet Gong Vietnamese

adj vt n vt vt n n vt adv adj

n adj

N adj vt

Vietnamize West Point

高级英语上册 15 课单词中英文释义表格 abdomen n the part of the body below the chest that contains the stomach, bowels, etc.腹部,下 腹 aesthetically adv Aesthetic adj 1.concerned with beauty and art and the understanding of beautiful things: 2.made in an artistic way and beautiful to look at:



aesthetics apparatus ascetic

n n Adj n adj n n v v

austere avarice beautification bootleg cheapen

cherry connoisseur consummate consummation conversely crone cult curly diffusion disharmony distressingly expend expenditure Freud Freudian

n n vt n adv n n adj n n adv vt n

Adj n

gait hagridden hair-lotion

n adj n

health motor

hereditary hitherto

adj adv

审美上地 One versed in the theory of beauty and artistic expression. 美学家 One skilled in giving facials, manicures, pedicures, and other beauty treatments. [u] Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy concerned with the study of the idea of beauty.美学 [U] the tools or other pieces of equipment that are needed for a particular activity or task:器械 [usually before noun] not allowing yourself physical pleasures, especially for religious reasons; related to a simple and strict way of living:禁欲的,苦行的 An ascetic is someone who is ascetic.禁欲主义者;苦行者 1.(of a person) strict and serious in appearance and behaviour:严厉的,稳重的 2.simple and plain; without any decorations:简朴的 [U] (formal) extreme desire for wealth SYN greed 贪婪 美化,装饰 [vn] to make or sell goods, especially alcohol, illegally 非法酿造烈酒,贩卖私酒 [vn]1. to make sb lose respect for himself or herself SYN degrade:降低(地位) 2.to make sth lower in price:变低劣 3.to make sth appear to have less value:粗俗 [C] a small soft round fruit with shiny red or black skin and a large seed inside 樱桃 an expert on matters involving the judgement of beauty, quality or skill in art, food or music: (艺术品,美食等的)鉴赏家,行家 to make sth complete or perfect 完成,使完善 [C, U] the fact of making sth complete or perfect:完成,结果,完美 (formal) in a way that is the opposite or reverse of sth:相反地 (literary) an ugly old woman 老妇 [usually sing.] cult (of sth) a way of life, an attitude, an idea, etc. that has become very popular:狂热的崇拜 having a lot of curls or a curved shape:卷曲的 spread over a wide area:扩散,传播 [U] (formal) a lack of agreement about important things, which causes bad feelings between people or groups of people:不和谐 making you feel extremely upset, especially because of sb's suffering 令人痛苦地, 伤感难过地 expend sth (in / on sb) | expend sth (in / on / doing sth) (formal) to use or spend a lot of time, money, energy, etc.:花费 [U, C] the act of spending or using money; an amount of money spent:花费,支出,消 耗 弗洛伊德 Relating to or being in accordance with the psychoanalytic theories of Sigmund Freud.弗洛伊德的, A person who accepts the basic tenets of the psychoanalytic theories of Sigmund Freud, especially a psychiatrist or psychologist who applies Freudian theory and method in conducting psychotherapy. 精神分析学的信徒 [sing.] a way of walking:步态 troubled by bad dreams 为噩梦所扰的,非常苦恼的 护发液 lotion [C, U] a liquid mixture that you put on your skin or hair to clean, soften, or protect it: 健身器材 motor a device that uses electricity, petrol / gas, etc. to produce movement and makes a machine, a vehicle, a boat, etc. work: 1.(especially of illnesses) given to a child by its parents before it is born:遗传的 2.that is legally given to sb's child, when that person dies:世袭的 (formal) until now; until the particular time you are talking about:迄今,到此时

hoarding indistinguishable

n adj

ineffectual instinctive intrinsic intrinsically lamentable lasciviousness listless listlessness Manichaean massage

adj adj adj adv adj n adj n adj N vt

matron medieval mdeievally mimic monomaniacal

n adj adv vt adj

neatankled negation paraffin-wax patent

adj n n N adj n n adv adv adv vt adj adj v n adj n adj adj vi

patentee peach peachily pearlily perennially point roller preoccupy prodigious pronounced racketeer racketeering ravishing refrigerator repellent repulsive retrench

[C] (BrE) (also bill· board NAmE, BrE) a large board on the outside of a building or at the side of the road, used for putting advertisements on 大广告牌 indistinguishable (from sth) if two things are indistinguishable, or one is indistinguishable from the other, it is impossible to see any differences between them:不能区分的 (formal) without the ability to achieve much; weak; not achieving what you want to: 无效的,徒劳的,无益的 based on instinct, not thought or training:本能的,天性的 intrinsic (to sth) belonging to or part of the real nature of sth/sb:内在的,固有的,本 质的 内在地,本质地,固有地 (formal) very disappointing SYN deplorable, regrettable:可悲的,糟糕的,惋惜的 (formal, disapproving) feeling or showing strong sexual desire:淫荡,好色 having no energy or enthusiasm SYN lethargic:无精打采的,懒洋洋的 无精打采 摩尼教的 [U, C] the action of rubbing and pressing a person's body with the hands to reduce pain in the muscles and joints:推拿,按摩 to rub and press a person's body with the hands to reduce pain in the muscles and joints: (becoming old-fashioned) an older married woman 年长而有威望的已婚女子 [usually before noun] connected with the Middle Ages (about AD 1000 to AD 1450):中世纪的 中世纪地 to copy the way sb speaks, moves, behaves, etc., especially in order to make other people laugh:模仿(多为戏弄性 偏执狂的 monomania [U] a very strong interest in one particular idea or subject which prevents you from thinking about anything else 脚踝匀称的 [U] disagreement or refusal:否定 [U] a soft white substance that is made from petroleum or coal, and is used especially for making candles 石蜡 [C, U] an official right to be the only person to make, use or sell a product or an invention; a document that proves this:专利,专利证书 connected with a patent:专利的,受专利保护的 a person or an organization that holds the patent for sth 专利权的获得者 [U] a pinkish-orange colour 桃红色,桃树 桃红色地 of or like a pearl:珍珠般的 continuing for a very long time; happening again and again:终年地,持久的 卷发器 if sth is preoccupying you, you think or worry about it very often or all the time 全神 贯注于,着迷于 [usually before noun] (formal) very large or powerful and causing surprise or admiration SYN colossal, enormous:(体积,数量,程度上)大量的,巨大的,庞大的 very noticeable, obvious or strongly expressed SYN definite:明显的 To carry on illegal activities that involve crimes.敲诈,欺骗 [U] (derog 贬) activity of racketeers 敲诈勒索,诈骗 extremely beautiful SYN gorgeous:迷人的,令人陶醉的 (formal or NAmE) = fridge:电冰箱 repellent (to sb) (formal) very unpleasant; causing strong dislike SYN repulsive:令 人反感的,讨厌的 causing a feeling of strong dislike; very unpleasant SYN disgusting:令人厌恶的,可 憎的 (formal) (of a business, government, etc.) to spend less money; to reduce costs 节省,

ruddle simulate slender

vt vt adj

slime stink stupidity sullen sullenness symptomatic tenant

n Vi n n adj n adj Vt n adj

紧缩开支,缩减 To dye or mark with or as if with red ocher 给…涂赭色 1.to be made to look like sth else:模仿 2.to pretend that you have a particular feeling SYN feign:假装 1.(approving) (of people or their bodies) thin in an attractive or elegant way SYN slim: 2.thin or narrow: 细长的,苗条的 [U] any unpleasant thick liquid substance:黏泥 stink (of sth) (informal) to have a strong, unpleasant smell SYN reek:发恶臭 1.[U, C, usually pl.] behaviour that shows a lack of thought or good judgement: 2.[U] the state or quality of being slow to learn and not clever or intelligent 愚笨 bad-tempered and not speaking, either on a particular occasion or because it is part of your character:闷闷不乐的,愠怒的 愠怒,闷闷不乐 symptomatic (of sth) being a sign of an illness or a problem:有症状的 [usually passive] to live or work in a place as a tenant:租住,租用 a person who pays rent for the use of a room, building, land, etc. to the person who owns it:房客,租户,佃户 1.[only before noun] (informal) a tidy amount of money is fairly large SYN considerable:相当大的,相当多的 2.(especially BrE) arranged neatly and with everything in order 整洁的 [often passive] (literary) to change the appearance of a person or thing so that they look more beautiful 使变形,改观,使美化 不觉察,不注意 unaware adj[not before noun] unaware of sth | unaware that … not knowing or realizing that sth is happening or that sth exists: too painful, annoying or unpleasant to deal with or accept SYN intolerable:难以忍 受的 [usually before noun] difficult or unpleasant; that you would not want to have:不值 得羡慕的 everywhere or in every situation:广泛地,普遍地,到处地 upkeep (of sth) the cost or process of keeping sth in good condition SYN maintenance:保养 a person who sells things, for example food or newspapers, usually outside on the street:小贩,叫卖者 (formal) behaving in a very good and moral way SYN irreproachable:贞洁的,有道 德的 1.(disapproving) to try to hide unpleasant facts about sb/sth; to try to make sth seem better than it is:粉饰,掩饰,美化, 2.to cover sth such as a wall with whitewash 用石灰粉刷 3.[U, sing.] (disapproving) an attempt to hide unpleasant facts about sb/sth SYN cover-up: 1.a line or small fold in your skin, especially on your face, that forms as you get older:皱纹 2.[usually pl.] a small fold that you do not want in a piece of cloth or paper 皱褶 1.wrinkle (sth) (up) to make the skin on your face form into lines or folds; to form lines or folds in this way: 2.to form raised folds or lines in an untidy way; to make sth do this:


transfigure unawareness

vt n

unbearable unenviable universally upkeep vendor virtuous whitewash

adj adj adv n n adj Vt n


N v

高级英语上册 16 课单词中英文释义表格 accounting n [U] the process or work of keeping financial accounts:会计学 apprenticeship [C, U] a period of time working as an apprentice; a job as an apprentice: 学徒期间,学 n 徒 biographical 传记的 adj biography [C, U] (pl. -ies) the story of a person's life written by sb else; this type of writing:

blurt CIA ex-CIA agent composure cordial dossier dues exceedingly fringe interview


n adj n n adv Adj n v

blurt sth (out) to say sth suddenly and without thinking carefully enough:脱口说出 Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA is a department of the US government which collects information about other countries, often secretly.美国中央情报局 前情报局特工 ex-(in nouns) former: [U] the state of being calm and in control of your feelings or behaviour:心神镇静,泰然 自若,态度沉着的样子 (formal) pleasant and friendly:热诚的,真挚的 dossier (on sb/sth) a collection of documents that contain information about a person, an event or a subject SYN file:卷案,档案 dues [pl.] charges, for example to be a member of a club:应付的会费、费用 (formal, becoming old-fashioned) extremely; very; very much SYN exceptionally 非常 地,极度地 (提供给雇员的)附加的(福利) ;附加福利 1.interview sb (for a job, etc.) to talk to sb and ask them questions at a formal meeting to find out if they are suitable for a job, course of study, etc.:对(某人)进行面试 2.(especially NAmE) interview (for a job, etc.) to talk to sb and answer questions at a formal meeting to get a job, a place on a course of study, etc.:接受面试 the person who answers the questions in an interview 被面试者 保持低姿态,不引入注意 a high / low profile the amount of attention sb/sth has from the public: mandatory (for sb) (to do sth) (formal) required by law SYN compulsory:强制性的, 依法的 the largest city in the US state of Tennessee.孟斐斯 a person who has money and possessions worth several million pounds, dollars, etc.亿 万富翁 to speak or say sth in a quiet voice in a way that is not clear SYN mutter 言语不清地 说,咕哝 非神圣不可侵犯的 sacred adj very important and treated with great respect SYN sacrosanct: [C+sing./pl. v.] (informal) a group of people working together as an organization, business, team, etc.:组织,机构,公司 [U] (especially NAmE (also realty) property in the form of land or buildings:)房地产, 不动产 (NAmE) = curriculum vitae (1) (abbr. CV)= (BrE) (NAmE résumé a written record of · ) your education and the jobs you have done, that you send when you are applying for a job:个人简历 To spar with an imaginary opponent, as for exercise or training purposes.与假想对手 斗拳;避免直接接触 [usually before noun] (of a person) having a lot of experience of a particular activity:有 经验的;经验丰富的; 老练的,历练的 1.[usually before noun] affecting or concerned with only a small number of people or things from a larger group:选择的 2.selective (about / in sth) tending to be careful about what or who you choose:有选择 力的 solicit sth (from sb) | solicit (sb) (for sth) (formal) to ask sb for sth, such as support, money, or information; to try to get sth or persuade sb to do sth:乞求,招揽 (pl. -ies) (especially NAmE or medical) = speciality: 1.an area of work or study that sb gives most of their attention to and knows a lot about; sth that sb is good at:专项业务, 专长 2.a type of food or product that a restaurant or place is famous for because it is so good: 特产,土产 [U] (disapproving) the fact of having sexual relationships with many different women SYN philandering 玩女人,追求女色

interviewee n keep a low profile mandatory adj

Memphis n multimillionaire n mumble nonsacred outfit real estate resume shadowbox seasoned selective n vi adj adj v adj n

solicit specialty

v n



高级英语下册 01 课单词中英文释义表格 abdo a [only before noun] (anatomy) relating minal d to or connected with the abdomen:腹部 j 的,腹部中的 bache n 1.a man who has never been married:光


broo d bypa ss corre spon ding court eous crank y cram p

v i v t a d j a d j a d j n

棍,单身汉 2.(usually Bachelor) a person who has a Bachelor's degree (= a first university degree):学士 [v] brood (over / on / about sth) to think a lot about sth that makes you annoyed, anxious or upset:思虑,沉思 to go around or avoid a place:绕过,规 避,回避 corresponding (to sth) matching or connected with sth that you have just mentioned SYN equivalent:相应的,相 当的,同一的 polite, especially in a way that shows respect:有礼貌的,谦恭的 1.(BrE) strange SYN eccentric:古怪的 2.(especially NAmE) bad-tempered:脾 气坏的 [U, C] (NAmE also charley horse [C]) a sudden pain that you get when the muscles in a particular part of your body contract, usually caused by cold or too much exercise:痉挛,抽筋 1.[U] (business) the system of transporting and delivering goods:经销 2.[U] the act of giving or delivering sth to a number of people:分发,发送 3.[U, C] the way that sth is shared or exists over 3.a particular area or among a particular group of people:分布 [U] a feeling of great happiness and excitement 兴高采烈,得意洋洋,沾沾 自喜 envious (of sb/sth) wanting to be in the same situation as sb else; wanting sth that sb else has:嫉妒的 happening only for short periods; not continuous or regular:一阵阵地,不时 地 1.[U, sing.] a feeling of being sad and without hope SYN depression:沮丧地, 心灰意冷地,忧郁地 2.[U] (literary) almost total darkness:昏 暗地 goose-step noun [sing.] (often disapproving) a way of marching, used by soldiers in some countries, in which the legs are raised high and straight 正 步走,按上级命令行动 liking to be with other people SYN sociable 合群的,群居的

distri butio n


elatio n envio us fitfull y gloo mly

n a d j a d v a d v v i

goose -step

grega rious

a d j grud n grudge (against sb) a feeling of anger ge or dislike towards sb because of sth bad they have done to you in the past:怨恨, 恶意,不满 honor n (NAmE) = honour s honours, honors [pl.] if you pass an exam or graduate from a university or school with honours, you receive a special mark / grade for having achieved a very high standard(复数)学 位考试成绩优异,给予优等生的荣誉 graduate with honors 以优等的学位考试成绩毕业 indu n [C, U] inducement (to sb) (to do sth) cem something that is given to sb to ent persuade them to do sth SYN incentive:

inesc apab le inge niou s malic e mela ncho ly mon oton y moti vate mour ning photo copy photo copyi ng reso undi ng retar ded

诱使,诱惑,诱因 (of a fact or a situation) that you cannot avoid or ignore SYN unavoidable:不可 避免的,难以逃避的 (of a person) having a lot of clever new ideas and good at inventing things:机灵 的,有创造性的 [U] a feeling of hatred for sb that causes a desire to harm them:恶意,敌 意,怨恨 a very sad or making you feel sadness d SYN mournful, sombre:忧郁的,哀伤的 j n [U] boring lack of variety:单调乏味,千 篇一律,一成不变 a d j a d j n v to make sb want to do sth, especially t sth that involves hard work and effort: 给以动机,激发,促使 n [U]sadness that you show and feel because sb has died SYN grief:悲哀,哀 伤 v (also copy especially in BrE) to make a t photocopy of sth:影印 n 影印,影印本 a d j a d j (of a sound) very loud and continuing for a long time SYN resonant 发出回声 的,声音洪亮的 (old-fashioned, offensive) less developed mentally than is normal for a particular age SYN backward 发育迟缓 的,智力迟钝的(残疾的委婉说法) a bright red in colour:鲜红的,猩红的 d j n [U] (formal) careful and thorough examination SYN inspection:细察,详 细审查,查验 a 1.clever at understanding and making d judgements about a situation SYN j astute:精明的 2.showing good judgement and likely to be right:有判断力的 v [vn] squander sth (on sb/sth) to waste money, time, etc. in a stupid or careless way:浪费,挥霍,乱花 n [U] the quality of being boring SYN boredom:单调乏味,冗长乏味,厌烦 n [U] (disapproving) too much pride in your own appearance, abilities or achievements:虚荣,自负 n a man whose wife has died and who has not married again 鳏夫 v to damage or destroy sth:毁坏,毁坏 t

scarle t scrut iny shre wd

squa nder tediu m vanit y wido wer wrec k

高级英语下册 02 课单词中英文释义表格 air n [C] (old-fashioned) (often used in the title of a piece of music) a tune:旋律,曲调 anguish n [U] (formal) severe pain, mental suffering or unhappiness:(尤指心灵上)的极度痛苦 be laid up lay sb up [usually passive] if sb is laid up, they are unable to work, etc. because of an illness or injury:病倒在床 Belfast 贝尔法斯特(地名,北爱尔兰首府) blackthorn n [U] a bush with thorns with black branches, white flowers and sour purple fruit called sloes 黑刺李


Adj n n N V

bonnet bronze

Buenos Ayres Buenos Aires cinder cretonne cripple

n n N vt

elated elbow one's way fervent frenzy go for sb harmonium


adj n


have an edge on sb inhale invariable keep nix lass maze vt adj n n


mournful muse nausea nostril on earth

adj N&V n n



波希米亚的,波希米亚人的 a person, often sb who is involved with the arts, who lives in a very informal way without following accepted rules of behaviour 波希米亚,波希米亚人 a hat tied with strings under the chin, worn by babies and, especially in the past, by women 无檐女帽 1.[U] a dark reddish-brown metal made by mixing copper and tin:青铜 2.[U] a dark reddish-brown colour, like bronze 青铜色 1.To make brown by exposure to the sun 被晒黑 2.To give the color or appearance of bronze to.镀青铜于 the capital city of Argentina, an important international port and one of the largest cities in South America 布宜诺斯艾利斯(地名,阿根廷首都) [usually pl.] a small piece of ash or partly burnt coal, wood, etc. that is no longer burning but may still be hot:煤渣 [U] thick cotton cloth with printed designs, used for curtains, furniture covers, etc 印花 厚棉布(作窗帘、 家具套等 (old-fashioned or offensive) a person who is unable to walk or move normally because of a disease or injury:跛子,残废的人 [vn] [usually passive] 1.to damage sb's body so that they are no longer able to walk or move normally SYN disable:使残废; 2.to seriously damage or harm sb/sth:严重地损坏 elated (at / by sth) very happy and excited because of sth good that has happened, or will happen:兴高采烈的,得意洋洋的 elbow [vn, usually + adv. / prep.] to push sb with your elbow, usually in order to get past them:用胳膊肘推挤前进 [usually before noun] having or showing very strong and sincere feelings about sth SYN ardent:热切的,强烈的 [C, usually sing., U] (pl. -ies) frenzy (of sth) a state of great activity and strong emotion that is often violent or frightening and not under control:狂乱;疯狂似的激动 to attack sb:袭击某人 a musical instrument like a small organ. Air is forced through metal pipes to produce the sound and the different notes are played on the keyboard.风琴 have, etc an/the edgeon/over sb/sth (infml 口) have, etc a slight advantage over sb/sth 略胜过某人[某事物] to take air, smoke, gas, etc. into your lungs as you breathe SYN breathe in:吸入,吸气 always the same; never changing SYN unchanging:总是的,始终如此的 警戒 (ScotE, NEngE) a girl; a young woman 姑娘 1.[usually sing.] a large number of complicated rules or details that are difficult to understand:混乱,迷惑; 2.a system of paths separated by walls or hedges built in a park or garden, that is designed so that it is difficult to find your way through:迷宫 the second largest city in Australia, which is the capital of the state of Victoria in the southeast of the country. It is an important business, industrial, and cultural centre.墨尔本(地名,澳大利亚东南部港市) very sad SYN melancholy:哀怨的,伤感的 muse (about / on / over / upon sth) to think carefully about sth for a time, ignoring what is happening around you SYN ponder:沉思,冥想 [U] the feeling that you have when you want to vomit, for example because you are ill / sick or are disgusted by sth:恶心 either of the two openings at the end of the nose that you breathe through 鼻孔 1.used after negative nouns or pronouns to emphasize what you are saying: 2.how, why, where, who, etc on earth/in the world (infml 口) (used for emphasis 用以 加强语气);究竟、到底(在什么地方、是什么...) (心脏)砰砰跳动 1.[U] act of palpilating 2.palpitations [pl] (periodof) rapid beating of the heart

Patagonian pitiful porthole quay quick spell

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the Straits of Magellan tumble v

unaccustomed undesirable unspeakably

adj adj adv

(南美)巴塔哥尼亚地方的; 巴塔哥尼亚人的 巴塔哥尼亚印第安人 deserving or causing you to feel pity SYN pathetic:可怜的 a round window in the side of a ship or an aircraft 舷窗 a platform in a harbour where boats come in to load, etc.:码头,靠岸处 1.Sensitive or raw exposed flesh, as under the fingernails.感觉敏锐的部位 2.The vital core; the essence 核心 1.[sing.] a quality that a person or thing has that makes them so attractive or interesting that they have a strong influence on you SYN charm:魅力,迷惑力 2.[C] words that are thought to have magic power or to make a piece of magic work; a piece of magic that happens when sb says these magic words:咒符 A noisy quarrel, usually about a trivial matter.口角,争吵 squabble (with sb) (about / over sth) to argue noisily about sth that is not very important SYN bicker: to walk proudly with your head up and chest out to show that you think you are important:趾高气扬地走 (地名)麦哲伦海峡 1.[v + adv. / prep.] to move or fall somewhere in a relaxed, uncontrolled, or noisy way: (头发等)弄乱 2.[+adv. / prep.] to fall downwards, often hitting the ground several times, but usually without serious injury; to make sb/sth fall in this way:摔倒 3.[v] to perform acrobatics on the floor, especially somersaults (= a jump in which you turn over completely in the air)滚翻 (formal) unaccustomed to sth / to doing sth not in the habit of doing sth; not used to sth: 不习惯的 not wanted or approved of; likely to cause trouble or problems:令人不快的 (literary, usually disapproving) that cannot be described in words, usually because it is so bad SYN indescribable 难以形容的

高级英语下册 03 课单词中英文释义表格 balanced adj [usually before noun] (approving) keeping or showing a balance so that different things or different parts of sth exist in equal or correct amounts:平衡的 bolster vt bolster sth (up) to improve sth or make it stronger:支持,援助 cater to sb/sth to provide a particular group of people with the things they need or want:迎合,投合,满 足某种需要或需求 cheapen vt 1.to make sb lose respect for himself or herself SYN degrade:贬低 2.to make sth lower in price:跌价 current events 时事 degrade v 1.to show or treat sb in a way that makes them seem not worth any respect or not worth taking seriously: 2.(technical) to make sth become worse, especially in quality 使降低 entrust vt entrust A (to B) | entrust B with A to make sb responsible for doing sth or taking care of sb:托付 extol vt extol sb/sth (as sth) (formal) to praise sb/sth very much:赞美 featureless adj without any qualities or noticeable characteristics:无特色的,无趣味的 filler n 1.[C] (informal) something that is not important but is used to complete sth else because nothing better is available: (报纸的)补白 2.[U, C] a substance used to fill holes or cracks, especially in walls before painting them 填塞物 franchise n [C, U] formal permission given by a company to sb who wants to sell its goods or services in a particular area; formal permission given by a government to sb who wants to operate a public service as a business:经营权,特权 footnote n an extra piece of information that is printed at the bottom of a page in a book 脚注 garbage n [U] (especially NAmE) waste food, paper, etc. that you throw away:垃圾(尤指家庭的) guinea pigs 供实验的动物或人 harried adj 受骚扰的,受折磨的 harry [vn] (formal) to annoy or upset sb by continuously asking them questions or for sth SYN harass: inadmissable adj 不允许的,不可承认的 Admissable adj.that can be allowed or accepted, especially in court OPP inadmissible in vain without success:徒劳 justified adj 合情合理的

lust media newscast nourish objectivity opposing pail partisan bit peeve precedence predominantly profoundly pungent rabid

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recital superficial

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syndicated columns tabloid n

ticker top the list virulence wire services

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1.justified (in doing sth) having a good reason for doing sth: 2.existing or done for a good reason: (often disapproving) [U, C] 1.lust (for sth) very strong desire for sth or enjoyment of sth:强烈的欲望; 2.lust (for sb) very strong sexual desire, especially when love is not involved:性欲 the media [U+sing./pl. v.] the main ways that large numbers of people receive information and entertainment, that is television, radio, newspapers and the Internet:新闻 媒介 (especially NAmE) a news programme on radio or television 新闻广播 to keep a person, an animal or a plant alive and healthy with food, etc.:滋养 1.External or material reality.客观事实 2.The state or quality of being objective.客观性 相反的[only before noun] 1.(of teams, armies, forces, etc.) playing, fighting, working, etc. against each other: 2.(of attitudes, views etc.) very different from each other (NAmE or old-fashioned) = bucket 桶 党派性 怨恨,气恼 [U] precedence (over sb/sth) the condition of being more important than sb else and therefore coming or being dealt with first 先例 (also less frequent pre·dom·in·ate·ly)mostly; mainly:主要地 1.in a way that has a very great effect on sb/sth: 2.(medical) very seriously; completely: 深深地,非常地 direct and having a strong effect:尖刻的,尖锐的 1.[usually before noun] (disapproving) (of a type of person) having very strong feelings about sth and acting in an unacceptable way: 狂热的 2.[usually before noun] (disapproving) (of feelings or opinions) violent or extreme: 激 烈的 a public performance of music or poetry, usually given by one person or a small group: 朗读,独奏会,独唱会 1.appearing to be true, real or important until you look at it more carefully:表面的 2.(technical) of or on the surface of sth: 3.(often disapproving) not studying or looking at sth thoroughly; seeing only what is obvious:肤浅的 4.(disapproving) not concerned with anything serious or important and lacking any depth of understanding or feeling SYN shallow: 报业辛迪加的专栏文章 1.a newspaper with small pages (usually half the size of those in larger papers)小报 2.(sometimes disapproving) a newspaper of this size with short articles and a lot of pictures and stories about famous people, often thought of as less serious than other newspapers: 自动收报机用的纸条 排在名单的前面 strength of hatred and opposition:恶毒 电报、电信的服务

高级英语下册 04 课单词中英文释义表格 adversity N [U,C] (pl. -ies) (formal) a difficult or unpleasant situation:逆境,苦难,不幸 arbitrary adj 1.(of an action, a decision, a rule, etc.) not seeming to be based on a reason, system or plan and sometimes seeming unfair: 主观的、任意的 2.(formal) using power without restriction and without considering other people:专横的、 独行的 arthritis n [U] a disease that causes pain and swelling in one or more joints of the body 关节炎 barricade vt 阻止,阻碍,设置障碍物限制 bittersweet adj 1.a taste or smell that is bittersweet is both sweet and bitter at the same time 又苦又甜的 2.feelings, memories, or experiences that are bittersweet are happy and sad at the same time:苦乐参半的 come to terms 达成协议,妥协 conserve vt 1.to use as little of sth as possible so that it lasts a long time:节约使用 2.to protect sth and prevent it from being changed or destroyed:保存 contingent (up) contingent (on / upon sth) (formal) depending on sth that may or may not happen:视… on 而定的,有条件的 cost of Living the cost of living [sing.] the amount of money that people need to pay for food, clothing and somewhere to live:生活费用 debilitating adj Debilitate vt (formal)to make a country, an organization, etc. weaker: 使衰弱的,削弱力量的

defective deprivation desolation dignified diagnostic discrepant drastically eradicate euphemism excruciatingly existential folder fraudulent fulfilling funnel herein hearing aids housing humiliating impair inflationary inherently inhospitable insensibility interconnected late-life life expectancy lull means test Medicaid Medicare mental hospital morbid multitude municipal penalize podiatry proceeding prerogative progression quack

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having a fault or faults; not perfect or complete SYN faulty:有毛病的 [U] the fact of not having sth that you need, like enough food, money or a home; the process that causes this:丧失 [U] (formal) 1.the feeling of being very lonely and unhappy 孤独 2.the state of a place that is ruined or destroyed and offers no joy or hope to people:凄凉 calm and serious and deserving respect:体面的 [usually before noun] (technical) connected with identifying sth, especially an illness:诊 断的 [C U] FORMAL(a) difference between two things that should be the same:不同的,有差 异的 Drastic adj. extreme in a way that has a sudden, serious or violent effect on sth: 大幅度地,激烈地 eradicate sth (from sth) to destroy or get rid of sth completely, especially sth bad 根除, 消灭 euphemism (for sth) an indirect word or phrase that people often use to refer to sth embarrassing or unpleasant, sometimes to make it seem more acceptable than it really is: 委婉语 extremely painful or bad:苦恼地,剧烈地 (formal) connected with human existence 生存的,存在的 a cardboard or plastic cover for holding loose papers, etc.纸夹,文件夹 intended to cheat sb, usually in order to make money illegally:骗人的,狡猾的,假惺惺 的;耍花招,不老实的 causing sb to feel satisfied and useful: SYN unfulfilling 成功的,达到目的的,实现抱负的 to move or make sth move through a narrow space, or as if through a funnel:送出 (formal or law) in this place, document, statement or fact:于此;此中 助听器 [U] houses, flats / apartments, etc. that people live in, especially when referring to their type, price or condition:住房 Humiliate vt. to make sb feel ashamed or stupid and lose the respect of other people: 羞辱的,使人受辱的 (formal) to damage sth or make sth worse 损害,削弱 [usually before noun] causing or connected with a general rise in the prices of services and goods: 由通货膨胀引起的,通货膨胀的 inherent (in sb/sth) that is a basic or permanent part of sb/sth and that cannot be removed SYN intrinsic:固有地,内在地,注定地 (of people) not giving a friendly or polite welcome to guests OPP hospitable 冷漠的,不好 客的 the fact of not being able to react to a particular thing:麻木,不敏感 ~ (with sth) that have a connection (with one another); not independent 互相关联的 晚年 life expectancy (also expectation of life) [U, C] the number of years that a person is likely to live; the length of time that sth is likely to exist or continue for 预期寿命 To deceive into trustfulness 哄骗 an official check of sb's wealth or income in order to decide if they are poor enough to receive money from the government, etc. for a particular purpose 家庭经济状况调查 [U] (in the US) the insurance system that provides medical care for poor people 医疗辅 助制 [U] (in the US) the federal insurance system that provides medical care for people over 65 医疗保障制 home/hospital for mental patients 精神病医院 having or expressing a strong interest in sad or unpleasant things, especially disease or death:病态的,不正常的 [C] multitude (of sth/sb) an extremely large number of things or people:大量 [usually before noun] connected with or belonging to a town, city or district that has its own local government:市政的,都市的 penalize sb (for sth) to punish sb for breaking a rule or law by making them suffer a disadvantage:处罚 [U] (especially NAmE) = chiropody The branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases of the human foot.Also called chiropody. 足病学 先于 (formal) a right or advantage belonging to a particular person or group because of their importance or social position:特权 [U,C] progression (from sth) (to sth) the process of developing gradually from one stage or state to another:进展,前进 (informal, disapproving) a person who dishonestly claims to have medical knowledge or

reassuring revolving door salesman scant self-reliance social security socioeconomic stark sublime subsistence substandard toil treatable unbearable underexplored varying wishful thinking


n adj n n adj adj adj n adj vi adj adj adj adj

skills:庸医 making you feel less worried or uncertain about sth:使放心的,使人消除恐惧和疑虑的 a type of door in an entrance to a large building that turns around in a circle as people go through it 旋转门 a man or woman whose job is to sell goods, for example, in a shop / store:推销员,销售 员 [only before noun] hardly any; not very much and not as much as there should be:缺乏 的,不足的 self-reliant adj. able to do or decide things by yourself, rather than depending on other people for help SYN independent 自力更生,自食其力 Social Security (in the US) a system in which people pay money regularly to the government when they are working and receive payments from the government when they are unable to work, especially when they are sick or too old to work 社会保障制度 based on a combination of social and economic conditions 社会经济的 1.[only before noun] complete and total SYN utter:十足的 2.(often disapproving) looking severe and without any colour or decoration 赤裸裸的 of very high quality and causing great admiration:崇高的,伟大的 [U] the state of having just enough money or food to stay alive:生存 not as good as normal; not acceptable SYN inferior:低于标准的 (formal) to work very hard and/or for a long time, usually doing hard physical work SYN slave away 苦干 a treatable illness or injury can be helped with drugs or an operation:可医治的 too painful, annoying or unpleasant to deal with or accept SYN intolerable:不可忍受的 未充分开发的 [only before noun]not all the same:不同的,各种各样的 [U] the belief that sth that you want to happen is happening or will happen, although this is actually not true or very unlikely:如意算盘,不根据事实而仅基于愿望的想法

高级英语下册 05 课单词中英文释义表格 breadbox n bread bin (BrE) (NAmE bread· box)a wooden, metal or plastic container for keeping bread in so that it stays fresh 放面包的大盒子 businesslike adj (of a person) working in an efficient and organized way and not wasting time or thinking about personal things:公事公办的 coroner n an official whose job is to discover the cause of any sudden, violent or suspicious death by holding an inquest 验尸官 homemaking adj 持家的 loaf n an amount of bread that has been shaped and baked in one piece:长条面包 Omaha the largest city in the US state of Nebraska.奥马哈 pleat vt To press or arrange in pleats 把……打褶 pneumonia n [U] a serious illness affecting one or both lungs that makes breathing difficult 肺炎 preserves n a type of jam made by boiling fruit with a large amount of sugar (复)果酱 rocker n rocking chair (also rocker especially in NAmE) a chair with two curved pieces of wood under it that make it move backwards and forwards 摇椅 roller towel a long roll of towel, usually in a public toilet / bathroom, part of which hangs down for you to dry your hands on(两头缝接,套轴上用的)环状毛巾 sink n a large open container in a kitchen that has taps / faucets to supply water and that you use for washing dishes in:(餐具等的)洗涤槽 slick v [vn + adv. / prep.] [usually passive] to make hair very flat and smooth by putting oil, water, etc. on it:使整洁 snoop Vi snoop (around / round sth) | snoop (on sb) (informal, disapproving) to find out private things about sb, especially by looking secretly around a place:打听,窥探(常作贬义,口语 化用词) strangle Vt 1.to kill sb by squeezing or pressing on their throat and neck:勒死,掐死 2.to prevent sth from growing or developing:限制,阻止 trifle n [C] something that is not valuable or important:小事,琐事 unbend v to relax and become less strict or formal in your behaviour or attitude 放松,松弛 wiry adj (of a person) thin but strong SYN sinewy: (人)瘦长而结实的 高级英语下册 06 课单词中英文释义表格

abash comprehension covert crafty

vt n adj adj

To make ashamed or uneasy; disconcert 使羞愧,使窘迫 [U] the ability to understand:理解;领悟 (formal) secret or hidden, making it difficult to notice:秘密的,暗地的,偷 偷地 (usually disapproving) clever at getting what you want, especially by indirect or dishonest methods SYN cunning, wily:狡猾,狡诈的



falter fidget fidgety fluttery hatchet hinge homestead knot lonesome

vi Vi adj adj n n vi vt adj

petticoat piece a quilt


pleasantry quilt

n v&n



superstitious tippet

adj n



trying to appear amusing and intelligent at a time when other people do not think it is appropriate, and when it would be better to be serious SYN flippant:滑稽的 to speak in a way that shows that you are not confident:(嗓音)颤抖, 结结巴巴地说 fidget (with sth) to keep moving your body, your hands or your feet because you are nervous, bored, excited, etc.:烦躁,坐立不安,惹人生厌 (informal) (of a person) unable to remain still or quiet, usually because of being bored or nervous SYN restless 烦躁的,不安的 flutter n.[sing.] a state of nervous or confused excitement 焦急,不安; 心 绪不宁 a small axe (= a tool with a heavy blade for chopping things) with a short handle 短柄小斧 a piece of metal, plastic, etc. on which a door, lid or gate moves freely as it opens or closes:铰链 (old-fashioned, NAmE) to live and work on a homestead (2) (美国历史 上)移民到某地定居并耕种政府分给的土地 to fasten sth with a knot or knots:用打成花结连接 (especially NAmE)1.unhappy because you are alone and do not want to be or because you have no friends:孤单的,寂寞的 2.(of a place) where not many people go; a long way from where people live:偏远的 (old-fashioned) a piece of women's underwear like a thin dress or skirt, worn under a dress or skirt SYN slip 衬裙 piece sth?together to put all the separate parts of sth together to make a complete whole SYN assemble: 用小布拼缝被子 1.humorous remark; joke 玩笑话,打趣的话,幽默,诙谐 2.polite remark 客气话 [Tn] line (a garment or coverlet) with padding held in place by lines of stitches 缝合 a decorative cover for a bed, made of two layers with soft material between them:被子 1.To make or construct in haste or in a makeshift manner 草草做成, 2.Informal. To dress, clothe, or adorn:装扮(奇特) 3.rig sth (up) (with sth) to fit equipment somewhere, sometimes secretly: 装配 believing in superstitions:迷信的,无充分根据的 a long piece of fur worn in the past by a woman around the neck and shoulders, with the ends hanging down in front; a similar piece of clothing worn by judges, priests, etc.女式披肩 1.if you wring a bird's neck, you twist it in order to kill the bird 掐(脖子 致死) 2.wring sth (out) to twist and squeeze clothes, etc. in order to get the water out of them 拧干,绞干

高级英语下册 07 课单词中英文释义表格 accelerator n 1.(BrE) (also gas pedal NAmE, BrE) the pedal in a car or other vehicle that you press with your foot to control the speed of the engine 2.(physics) a machine for making elementary particles move at high speeds 加速器 backboard n the board behind the basket in the game of basketball 篮板 blocks n (复)儿童玩的积木 blueberry n a dark blue berry that grows on bushes in N America and can be eaten 蓝莓 boulevard n 1.(abbr. Blvd.) (NAmE) a wide main road (often used in the name of streets):干道,大街 2.(BrE) a wide city street, often with trees on either side 林荫大道 bulge n a lump that sticks out from sth in a round shape:突出,膨胀 click V to make or cause sth to make a short sharp sound 发出咔达声 n a short sharp sound: 咔达声

cop crib dash dent dopey dribble droop exhale feel like oneself fender

Vt N n n n adj v vi v n



hot dog hot-shot ignition

adj n

ignition key irk jerk

vt V n n vt adj v

lettuce mash measly mince

muss pinch

vt Vt n

planer plume rusty pocket-book rack up rave saxophone

n n adj n

V n n

(informal) to receive or suffer sth unpleasant 获得,取得,遭受 (informal) a police officer:男警察 (NAmE) = cot (BrE) a small bed with high sides for a baby or young child:小童床 [C] (also fa· scia) (also dash especially in NAmE)the part of a car in front of the driver that has instruments and controls in it 仪表板 a hollow place in a hard surface, usually caused by sth hitting it:凹痕 1.rather stupid:发呆 2.not fully awake or thinking clearly, sometimes because you have taken a drug:迷糊 (in football (soccer) and some other sports) to move the ball along with several short kicks, hits or bounces: (用手或脚)运球,带球 to bend, hang or move downwards, especially because of being weak or tired:下垂,低垂 to breathe out the air or smoke, etc. in your lungs:呼气,呼出 觉得身体、精神情况正常;沉着,镇定 1.(NAmE) = mudguard a curved cover over a wheel of a bicycle 2.(NAmE) = wing (4) [C] a part of a car that is above a wheel:(车辆的)挡泥 板 3.a soft solid object such as an old tyre or a piece of rope that is hung over the side of a boat so the boat is not damaged if it touches another boat, a wall, etc. 缓冲装置 4. a frame around a fireplace to prevent burning coal or wood from falling out 防护板 1.[vn + adv. / prep.] to throw sth somewhere using your thumb and/or fingers SYN toss: 把……往上抛,弹 2.to turn over into a different position with a sudden quick movement; to make sth do this:撩 a hot sausage served in a long bread roll(做热狗用的)小红肠 N (informal) a person who is extremely successful in their career or at a particular sport Adj. [only before noun]:了不起的 1.[U] (technical) the action of starting to burn or of making sth burn:点火 2.[C, usually sing.] the electrical system of a vehicle that makes the fuel begin to burn to start the engine; the place in a vehicle where you start this system:点火电门 a key used to start the engine of a vehicle 发动机钥匙 (formal or literary) to annoy or irritate sb:使恼怒,使厌烦 [usually +adv. / prep.] to move or to make sth move with a sudden short sharp movement:猛地一抽一抽地动,震摇,猛拉 [C] a sudden quick sharp movement 猛地一抽一抽地动,震摇,猛拉 [U, C] a plant with large green leaves that are eaten raw, especially in salad. There are many types of lettuce:莴苣,生菜 mash sth (up) to crush food into a soft mass:压碎,捣碎 (informal, disapproving) very small in size or quantity; not enough:微不足道的,小或少 得可怜的 1.[v + adv. / prep.] (disapproving) to walk with quick short steps, in a way that is not natural:碎步走; 2.(NAmE also grind) [vn] to cut food, especially meat, into very small pieces using a special machine (= called a mincer):切碎,铰碎 (NAmE) muss sth (up) to make sb's clothes or hair untidy:弄乱 1.to hold sth tightly between the thumb and finger or between two things that are pressed together:夹,捏 2.to take a piece of sb's skin between your thumb and first finger and squeeze hard, especially to hurt the person:掐 an act of squeezing a part of sb's skin tightly between your thumb and finger, especially in order to hurt them: 掐 an electric tool for making wooden surfaces smooth 刨子 a cloud of sth that rises and curves upwards in the air:(烟、水汽等)缕缕; a large feather:羽毛 covered with rust:生锈的 1.wallet 钱夹,钱包; 2.economic interests 经济利益 rack up sth (especially NAmE) to collect sth, such as profits or losses in a business, or points in a competition:得分;获胜 rave (at sb) to shout in a loud and emotional way at sb because you are angry with them:狂骂,咆哮 (also informal sax)a metal musical instrument that you blow into, used especially in jazz

scratchy scrub smirk sport

adj V n Vi n n

stink stocking sun shield temple tempo tune……up twiddle

Vi n n n n n V n n


whimper whirl

vi V n

萨克斯管 (of a record, voice, etc.) making a rough, unpleasant sound like sth being scratched across a surface:发出刮擦声的 scrub sth (down) | scrub (at sth) to clean sth by rubbing it hard, perhaps with a brush and usually with soap and water:用力擦洗,擦净 to smile in a silly or unpleasant way that shows that you are pleased with yourself, know sth that other people do not know, etc.:傻笑,假笑 One known for the manner of one's acceptance of rules, especially of a game, or of a difficult situation 有体育道德精神的人(指公正、勇敢、不气馁、正确对待输赢等品 质) stink (of sth) (informal) to have a strong, unpleasant smell SYN reek:发出恶臭 [C, usually sing.] a very unpleasant smell SYN reek:臭味 either of a pair of thin pieces of clothing that fit closely over a woman's legs and feet: (妇 女穿的)长统袜 遮阳板 each of the flat parts at the sides of the head, at the same level as the eyes and higher:太阳穴,鬓角 [C, U] the speed or rhythm of a piece of music:节奏;(音乐)速度,拍子 To prepare (oneself) for a specified activity.使……兴奋 (BrE) twiddle (with) sth to twist or turn sth with your fingers often because you are nervous or bored:捻动,捻弄 (BrE) a twist or turn: 1.the typically male quality of being strong, brave, and full of energy - used to show approval 男子气概,有阳刚气 2.sexual power in men:(男性的)性功能、生殖力 3.strength or energy:精力充沛 to make low, weak crying noises; to speak in this way:呜咽,啜泣 [usually +adv. / prep.] to move, or make sb/sth move, around quickly in a circle or in a particular direction SYN spin 回旋,旋转 [sing.] a movement of sth spinning round and round:回旋,旋转

高级英语下册 08 课单词中英文释义表格 allege vt [often passive] (formal) to state sth as a fact but without giving proof 宣称,指控 anise n [U] a plant with seeds that smell sweet 洋茴香,茴芹 bland adj not having a strong or interesting taste:平淡无味的 blandness n 平淡无味 cookery n [U] the art or activity of preparing and cooking food:烹调术,烹饪法 courtship n [C, U] (old-fashioned) the time when two people have a romantic relationship before they get married; the process of developing this relationship:求爱期,求爱 crumbly adj that easily breaks into very small pieces:易碎的 dweller n (especially in compounds) a person or an animal that lives in the particular place that is mentioned:居住者,居民 fission n (also nuclear fission) (physics) the act or process of splitting the nucleus (= central part) of an atom, when a large amount of energy is released (原子核的)裂变 forebear n [usually pl.] (formal or literary) a person in your family who lived a long time ago SYN ancestor 祖先,祖宗 fusion n (also nuclear fusion) [U] (physics) the act or process of combining the nuclei (= central parts) of atoms to form a heavier nucleus, with energy being released (原子核 的)聚变 gag vi 1.To make jokes or quips. (演员等) 插科打诨; 2.~(on sth) to have the unpleasant feeling in your mouth and stomach as if you are going to VOMIT(口语)恶心,作呕 genetics n [U] the scientific study of the ways in which different characteristics are passed from each generation of living things to the next 遗传学 geneticist n a scientist who studies genetics 遗传学家 gruesome adj very unpleasant and filling you with horror, usually because it is connected with death or injury:令人震惊的,令人厌恶的 guffaw vi to laugh noisily:哄笑,大笑 hypothesis n [C] an idea or explanation of sth that is based on a few known facts but that has not

imperishable individualistic

adj adj

innate leek

adj n

macaroni mediocrity

n n

moldy monograph motto mush obesity

adj n n adj n

Parisian produce pronounced puree

Adj n n adj vt

recipe standardization simmer squash

n n v n

string bean

superlatively supplant tamper with

adv vt

teaspoonful texture

n n

yet been proved to be true or correct SYN theory:假设,假说 (formal or literary) that will last for a long time or forever SYN enduring 永远不会腐 烂的,不灭的,不朽的 If you say that someone is individualistic, you mean that they like to think and do things in their own way, rather than imitating other people. You can also say that a society is individualistic if it encourages people to behave in this way.个人主义的 (of a quality, feeling, etc.) that you have when you are born SYN inborn:天生的,与生 俱来的 a vegetable like a long onion with many layers of wide flat leaves that are white at the bottom and green at the top. Leeks are eaten cooked. The leek is a national symbol of Wales.韭葱 [U] pasta in the shape of hollow tubes 通心粉,通心面 (disapproving) 1.[U] the quality of being average or not very good:平庸 2.[C] a person who is not very good at sth:平庸的人 3.Mediocre ability, achievement, or performance.中等质量的东西 the American spelling of mouldy= covered with mould:发了霉的,不新鲜的 (technical) a detailed written study of a single subject, usually in the form of a short book 专著,专题文章 (pl. -oes or -os) a short sentence or phrase that expresses the aims and beliefs of a person, a group, an institution, etc. and is used as a rule of behaviour:座佑铭,格言 [U] (NAmE) a type of thick porridge made from corn (maize)糊状的,像浓粥的 obese adj. (formal or medical) (of people) very fat, in a way that is not healthy 肥胖,肥胖症 巴黎的,巴黎人的 巴黎人 [U] things that have been made or grown, especially things connected with farming:农 产品 very noticeable, obvious or strongly expressed SYN definite:明显的,显著的,明白表 示的 to make food into a purée(puré e [U, C] food in the form of a thick liquid made by crushing fruit or cooked vegetables in a small amount of water:)用煮烂的蔬 菜制成菜泥或浓菜汁 recipe (for sth) a set of instructions that tells you how to cook sth and the ingredients (= items of food) you need for it:烹饪法;食谱,菜谱 Standardize vt. to make objects or activities of the same type have the same features or qualities; to make sth standard:标准化 to cook sth by keeping it almost at boiling point; to be cooked in this way:炖,用温火 慢煮 [C, U] (pl. squash BrE also squashes) a type of vegetable that grows on the ground. Winter squash have hard skin and orange flesh. Summer squash have soft yellow or green skin and white flesh.南瓜 1.(BrE) = runner bean=a type of bean which is a long flat green pod growing on a climbing plant also called a runner bean. The pods are cut up, cooked and eaten as a vegetable.菜豆 2.(NAmE) = green bean=(BrE also French bean) a type of bean which is a long thin green pod, cooked and eaten whole as a vegetable 菜豆 Superlative adj. Excellent SYN first-rate:最佳地,最好地,最上等地 (formal) to take the place of sb/sth (especially sb/sth older or less modern) SYN replace 替代,取代 tamper with sth to make changes to sth without permission, especially in order to damage it SYN interfere with:乱动,瞎鼓捣;擅改,篡改,干预 The amount that a teaspoon can hold.满满一茶匙 The distinctive physical composition or structure of something, especially with respect

tuber turnip unfrosted Vaseline venerable victual wilt wither zillion zillions of

n n adj n adj n v v n

to the size, shape, and arrangment of its parts 质地,结构 the short thick round part of an underground stem or root of some plants, such as potatoes, which stores food and from which new plants grow 块茎 a round white, or white and purple, root vegetable 萝卜 uncovered with FROST 无霜的,未冰冻的 [U] a thick soft clear substance that is used on skin to heal or protect it, or as a lubricant to stop surfaces from sticking together 凡士林 (formal) venerable people or things deserve respect because they are old, important, wise, etc.:因年高或古老而值得尊敬的 food usable by people 食物 [v, vn] if a plant or flower wilts, or sth wilts it, it bends towards the ground because of the heat or a lack of water SYN droop (使)凋谢,枯萎 if a plant withers or sth withers it, it dries up and dies: (使)干枯,干瘪,枯萎 (informal, especially NAmE) a very large number:一个无限大的数,非常大的数目 无数的,大量的

高级英语下册 09 课单词中英文释义表格 affectionate adj showing caring feelings and love for sb SYN loving:充满深情的 archetype n the most typical or perfect example of a particular kind of person or thing:典型 bootstrap adj Undertaken or accomplished with minimal outside help.自力的,独立进行的 civil rights [pl.] the rights that every person in a society has, for example to be treated equally, to be able to vote, work, etc. whatever their sex, race or religion:民权 compelling adj so strong that you must do sth about it:必须做的 comport vi to be fitting 适合,相称 contrived adj (disapproving) planned in advance and not natural or genuine; written or arranged in a way that is not natural or realistic:策划中的,非即兴而发的 credential n [pl.]documents such as letters that prove that you are who you claim to be, and can therefore be trusted(个人能力及信用的)证明书,证件 customary adj 1.if sth is customary, it is what people usually do in a particular place or situation SYN usual:通常的 2.typical of a particular person SYN habitual:习惯的 deliverance n [U] deliverance (from sth) (formal) the state of being rescued from danger, evil or pain 解救,解脱 dependency n [U] dependency (on / upon sb/sth) the state of relying on sb/sth for sth, especially when this is not normal or necessary:依靠 designation n [C] a name, title or description:名称 drove n [usually pl.] a large number of people or animals, often moving or doing sth as a group: 人群 emulate vt (formal) to try to do sth as well as sb else because you admire them:与……竞争 enrol vi (-ll-) (especially BrE) (NAmE usually enroll) to arrange for yourself or for sb else to officially join a course, school, etc.:入学 exodus n [sing.] exodus (from … ) (to … ) (formal or humorous) a situation in which many people leave a place at the same time:成群离去 fateful adj [usually before noun] having an important, often very bad, effect on future events:重大 的,与命运有关的 fulmination n [v] fulminate against (sb/sth) (formal) to criticize sb/sth angrily 猛烈批评 future-minded adj 考虑到未来的 ghetto n an area of a city where many people of the same race or background live, separately from the rest of the population. Ghettos are often crowded, with bad living conditions:黑 人区 hard-wrought adj 经过努力形成的 homeward adj going towards home:回家的 indifference n [U, sing.] indifference (to sb/sth) a lack of interest, feeling or reaction towards sb/sth:不 感兴趣,漠不关心 indigenous adj indigenous (to … ) (formal) belonging to a particular place rather than coming to it from somewhere else SYN native:本地的 influx n [usually sing.] influx (of sb/sth) (into … ) the fact of a lot of people, money or things arriving somewhere:流入,涌入 intrigue vt [often passive] to make sb very interested and want to know more about sth:引起很大兴 趣

irreversible jolt lexicon lip service manifestation

adj vt n


mentality militancy

n n



oratorical contest parallel n

passivity personal journal pointless puzzlement redefine regrettably retraction


adj n vt adv n

semester sidewalk simplify spate

n n vt n

spouting n state of mind stepping off point stigma n tenuous throes transient adj n adj

traumatic undergraduate underscore upheaval watershed wrought

adj n vt n n vt

that cannot be changed back to what it was before:不可取消的,不可逆转的 to make sb/sth move suddenly and roughly SYN jerk 震动 [C] a list of words on a particular subject or in a language in alphabetical order:词汇表 [U] if sb pays lip service to sth, they say that they approve of it or support it, without proving their support by what they actually do:口惠 (formal) [C, U] manifestation (of sth) an event, action or thing that is a sign that sth exists or is happening; the act of appearing as a sign that sth exists or is happening:表现, 表明 [usually sing.] (pl. -ies) the particular attitude or way of thinking of a person or group SYN mindset:心态 Militant adj. using, or willing to use, force or strong pressure to achieve your aims, especially to achieve social or political change: 好战,好斗 very important or serious, especially because there may be important results SYN historic:重大的 演讲比赛 1.[C, U] a person, a situation, an event, etc. that is very similar to another, especially one in a different place or time SYN equivalent: 2.[C, usually pl.] similar features: 3.(also parallel of latitude) [C] an imaginary line around the earth that is always the same distance from the equator; this line on a map: 比较,平行 [U] the state of accepting what happens without reacting or trying to fight against it 被动 私人日记 having no purpose; not worth doing:无意义的,空洞的 [U] (formal) a feeling of being confused because you do not understand sth:困惑 to change the nature or limits of sth; to make people consider sth in a new way:重新解 释,重新界定 used to talk about a situation that you wish was different or that you are sorry about SYN regretfully 令人遗憾地,不幸地 (formal) 1.[U] (technical) the act of pulling sth back (= of retracting it):收回 2.[C] a statement saying that sth you previously said or wrote is not true:撤销 (especially in the US) one of the two periods that the school or college year is divided into:学期 (NAmE) = pavement= [C] (BrE) (NAmE side· walk) a flat part at the side of a road for people to walk on:人行道 to make sth easier to do or understand:使简单,简化 [usually sing.] spate of sth a large number of things, which are usually unpleasant, that happen suddenly within a short period of time:大量 言论,行动 心态 起点 [U, C, usually sing.] feelings of disapproval that people have about particular illnesses or ways of behaving:耻辱,污点 extremely thin and easily broken 脆弱的 [pl.] violent pains, especially at the moment of death: (复数) 痛苦,阵痛 (formal)暂时的 1.continuing for only a short time SYN fleeting, temporary: 2.staying or working in a place for only a short time, before moving on: [only before noun] (psychology or medical) connected with or caused by trauma:痛苦的, 创伤的 a university or college student who is studying for their first degree:大学本科生 (especially NAmE) = underline=to emphasize or show that sth is important or true:强调 [C, U] a big change that causes a lot of confusion, worry and problems SYN disruption: 动乱,大变动 [C] watershed (in sth) an event or a period of time that marks an important change:转折 点,分界线 (formal or literary) (used only in the past tense) caused sth to happen, especially a change:形成



(formal) 1.a custom, word, etc. that distinguishes one group of people from another 行话 2.an old idea, principle or phrase that is no longer accepted by many people as important or appropriate to modern life 陈词滥调

高级英语下册 10 课单词中英文释义表格 adept adj adept (at / in sth) | adept (at / in doing sth) good at doing sth that is quite difficult SYN skilful 熟练的,精通的 be adept at 擅长;善于,精于 adherent n (formal) a person who supports a political party or set of ideas SYN supporter 支持 者,拥护者 ante n Games. The stake that each poker player must put into the pool before receiving a hand or before receiving new cards. (赌扑克牌时看过手中牌后或尚未发新牌钱所 下的)赌金 assortment n [usually sing.] a collection of different things or of different types of the same thing SYN mixture:各色物品的集合,各式各样 attribute vt 1.attribute sth to sth to say or believe that sth is the result of a particular thing:归因 于 2.attribute sth (to sb) to say or believe that sb is responsible for doing sth, especially for saying, writing or painting sth:认为是来自 billing n [C, usually pl.] the total amount of business that a company does in a particular period of time:账款 carrier n a company that carries goods or passengers from one place to another, especially by air a person or thing that carries sth: 承运人,运送人 commercialize vt [often passive] to use sth to try to make a profit, especially in a way that other people do not approve of:使商业化,使商品化 disposable contact (复数)一次性隐形眼镜 lenses Disposable adj. made to be thrown away after use: contact lens a small round piece of thin plastic that you put on your eye to help you see better consultation n [U] the act of discussing sth with sb or with a group of people before making a decision about it:咨询 contingency n (pl. -ies) an event that may or may not happen SYN possibility:偶然性,偶发事件,意 外事件 Copenhagen the capital city of Denmark, a port and industrial centre in the east of the country. There is a well-known statue (=image of a person made from solid material) of the ‘Little Mermaid’ in the port. (地名) 哥本哈根(丹麦首都) dabble vi dabble (in / with sth) to take part in a sport, an activity, etc. but not very seriously: 涉猎,涉足 deliberate vi to think very carefully about sth, usually before making a decision:仔细考虑 differentiate v 1.[i&t]to recognize or express the difference between things or people SYN distinguish 区别,分别,辩别 2.[i] to behave differently towards someone or something, especially in an unfair way SYN discriminate 区别对待 domain n 1.an area of knowledge or activity; especially one that sb is responsible for:领域;范 围 2.lands owned or ruled by a particular person, government, etc., especially in the past:领地 empower vt [often passive] 1.(formal) to give sb the power or authority to do sth SYN authorize:放权,授权 2.to give sb more control over their own life or the situation they are in:使有能力、 允 许 engender vt (formal) to make a feeling or situation exist:造成,产生(某种情况) entrepreneurial adj Entrepreneur n. a person who makes money by starting or running businesses, especially when this involves taking financial risks 企业家的 excel v ? yourself (BrE) to do extremely well and even better than you usually do:优 于,胜过 fine-tune vt to make very small changes to sth so that it is as good as it can possibly be 微调 footwear n [U] things that people wear on their feet, for example shoes and boots: (总称) 脚上

glitch guru hassle hassle-free incur

n n n adj vt

inventory leapfrog

n v

merchandise Mold momentum

n n [U]

mundane obsolete ophthalmologist optimize optimum parent parity

adj adj n vt adj n n

pharmaceutical peddle

Adj n v



pitch proposition

vt n

relentlessly reside

adv vi



穿用之物;鞋,袜 (informal) a small problem or fault that stops sth working successfully (轻微的) 缺 陷,缺点,瑕疵 (informal) a person who is an expert on a particular subject or who is very good at doing sth:受崇敬的领袖,头面人物,某方面的权威人士 [C, U] (informal) a situation that is annoying because it involves doing sth difficult or complicated that needs a lot of effort:麻烦,困难;挣扎 省事的,省去麻烦的,消除了困难的 (formal) 1.if you incur sth unpleasant, you are in a situation in which you have to deal with it: 招受,蒙受 2.if you incur costs, you have to pay them:负债 1.[C] a written list of all the objects, furniture, etc. in a particular building:库存 2.[U] (NAmE) all the goods in a shop SYN stock:库存的东西 Vt.(-gg-) to get to a higher position or rank by going past sb else or by missing out some stages:跃过,跳过 vi.To move forward or progress in or as if in leapfrog.做蛙跳动作; [U] (formal) goods that are bought or sold; goods that are for sale in a shop / store: (总称) 商品.货物 (NAmE)(BrE mould)[C, usually sing.] a particular style showing the characteristics, attitudes or behaviour that are typical of sb/sth:模式,模型,形状 1.the ability to keep increasing or developing:势头,劲头,锐气 2.(technical) the quantity of movement of a moving object, measured as its mass multiplied by its speed 动量 (often disapproving) not interesting or exciting SYN dull, ordinary:平凡的,世俗的 no longer used because sth new has been invented SYN out of date:过时的,陈旧的; 废弃的,已失时效的 a doctor who studies and treats the diseases of the eye 眼科学专家,眼科医师 to make sth as good as it can be; to use sth in the best possible way:使最优化,使尽 可能完善,使发挥最大的效益 [only before noun] (also op· mal) the best possible; producing the best possible ti· results:最适宜的,最佳的,最有效的 (often used as an adjective) an organization that produces and owns or controls smaller organizations of the same type:母公司 1.[U] parity (with sb/sth) | parity (between A and B) (formal) the state of being equal, especially the state of having equal pay or status:同等,等量 2.[U, C] (finance) the fact of the units of money of two different countries being equal:平价,价值对等 [only before noun] connected with making and selling drugs and medicines:制药的 [usually pl.] (technical) a drug or medicine:药物 1.[vn]to try to sell goods by going from house to house or from place to place:贩卖, 零卖 2.[vn]to spread an idea or story in order to get people to accept it 传播,兜售(谣言、 理 论等); 3.[v]To occupy oneself with trifles.忙于做琐事 to attach sth onto another thing or fasten things together with a pin, etc.:钉住,别住; pin (all) your hopes on sb/sth | pin your faith on sb/sth to rely on sb/sth completely for success or help:把...归因于,把...寄托于 1.[v, vn] (in baseball) to throw the ball to the person who is batting (棒球) 投球 2.[vn + adv. / prep.] to throw sb/sth with force:投,抛,扔,掷 1.an idea or a plan of action that is suggested, especially in business:提议,建议,主张 2.a thing that you intend to do; a problem or task to be dealt with SYN matter: 事情, 生意 Relentless adj. refusing to give up or be less strict or severe:冷酷地,残忍地,毫不留 情地;坚韧地,不屈不挠地 1.[v + adv. / prep.] (formal) to live in a particular place:居住; 2.Reside in sb/sth to be in sb/sth; to be caused by sth: (性质等) 存在于 3.reside in / with sb/sth (of a power, a right, etc.) to belong to sb/sth SYN be vested in: (权力等) 属于 [U] (formal) 1.the action of keeping sth rather than losing it or stopping it:保留,留存 2.the action of keeping liquid, heat, etc. inside sth rather than letting it escape:被保

scout sophisticated

vt adj

stake Stake...on... State-of-the-art subsidiary tailor


adj n vt

test-marketing tinkerer tip

n n n

trade show vengeance with a vengeance vested interest

n n

via vs

prep prep



留,被留存 scout (around) (for sb/sth) to search an area or various areas in order to find or discover sth:侦察,寻找,搜索 1.having a lot of experience of the world and knowing about fashion, culture and other things that people think are socially important: (人) 富于经验的,老练的;老于 世故的; (作品,讨论等)微妙的,深奥的 2.(of a machine, system, etc.) clever and complicated in the way that it works or is presented: (技术,产品等)先进的,高级的,复杂的,精致的; stake sth (on sth) to risk money or sth important on the result of sth SYN bet:赌, 以...为赌注 把……赌在……上面 using the most modern or advanced techniques or methods; as good as it can be at the present time:最先进的,最观代化的 (pl. -ies) a business company that is owned or controlled by another larger company 子公司 1.To fit or provide (a person) with clothes made to that person's measurements.当裁 缝,开裁缝店 2.To make (a garment), especially to specific requirements or measurements.裁剪缝 制 3.To make, alter, or adapt for a particular end or purpose:适应,适合 试销 修补匠;无技术、干活笨拙的工人 1.the thin pointed end of sth:尖,尖端; 2.A tilt or slant;倾斜 3.a small amount of extra money that you give to sb, for example sb who serves you in a restaurant:赏钱,小费 4.tip (on / for sth) | tip (on / for doing sth) a small piece of advice about sth practical SYN hint:消息,忠告 = trade fair=an event at which many different companies show and sell their products 商业展览;展销会 [U] vengeance (on / upon sb) (formal) the act of punishing or harming sb in return for what they have done to you, your family or friends SYN revenge:报仇,报复 (informal) to a greater degree than is expected or usual:彻底地,极端地,过分地 1.a strong reason for wanting something to happen because you will gain from it:既 得利益 2.the groups of people who will gain from a plan, project, proposal etc: (复数) 既得 利益集团 1.through a place:经过,取道 2.by means of a particular person, system, etc.:凭借,通过(某种手段) (especially NAmE) versus (versus 的缩写) 1.(especially sport or law) used to show that two teams or sides are against each other:对 2.used to compare two different ideas, choices, etc.:与...相对 The ability of a garment to withstand prolonged wear.经用,耐用;耐用性

高级英语下册 11 课单词中英文释义表格 absolution n [U] (especially in the Christian Church) a formal statement that a person is forgiven for what he or she has done wrong 宽恕,赦免 acquisitiveness n acquisitive adj. (formal, disapproving) wanting very much to buy or get new possessions [U] 贪得 actuate vt 1.(formal) to make a machine or device start to work SYN activate 2.[usually passive] to make sb behave in a particular way SYN motivate:驱使 advocate vt (formal) to support sth publicly:提倡 amply adv Ample adj. enough or more than enough SYN plenty of: 丰富地 antic n (usu pl 通常作复数) absurd or exaggerated movement or behaviour intended to amuse people 古怪,滑稽的动作或行动 ape n a large animal like a monkey, with no tail. There are different types of ape:猿 apt adj apt to be … | apt to do sth likely or having a natural tendency to do sth:倾向于,易于 Asiatic n (offensive 蔑) Asian person (蔑称) 亚洲人 autocratic adj like an autocrat:独裁的 befriend vt [usually passive] to become a friend of sb, especially sb who needs your help:亲近,以

bellicosity boa boar bounds brute Byzantine chieftain civilized carcass conquest constrictor contented date dago deceive decry deity despot divan domestic dwell Esthonia efficacy elude gamble gateway General Election gratify hereafter hoard inactive indignant Indian Infancy immortal impiety impoverishment innumerable insatiable intoxicating Kaiser

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朋友态度相待 Bellicose Adj (formal) having or showing a desire to argue or fight SYN aggressive, warlike 敌对 = boa constricto= a large S American snake that kills animals for food by winding its long body around them and crushing themr 蟒蛇 a male pig that has not been castrated 公猪 [pl.] the accepted or furthest limits of sth: (复数) 范围,界限 .a large strong animal 野兽 Characteristic of a brute, especially: Entirely physical 残酷无情的 (地名) 拜占庭 (东罗马帝国) the leader of a people or a clan in Scotland 酋长,族长 well-organized socially with a very developed culture and way of life:开化了的,文明的 the dead body of an animal, especially of a large one or of one that is ready for cutting up as meat (动物的) 尸体 [sing., U] the act of taking control of a country, city, etc. by force:征服,击败 a snake (as a boa constrictor) that coils around and compresses prey 蟒 [usually before noun] showing or feeling happiness or satisfaction, especially because your life is good:心满意足的 [C] a sweet sticky brown fruit that grows on a tree called a date palm, common in N Africa and W Asia 枣 (pl. -os or -oes) (taboo, slang) a very offensive word for a person from Italy, Spain or Portugal 对西班牙,葡萄牙和意大利人的侮辱性称呼 deceive sb (into doing sth) to make sb believe sth that is not true:欺骗 decry sb/sth (as sth) (formal) to strongly criticize sb/sth, especially publicly SYN condemn:谴责,贬低 [C] a god or goddess:神 The essential nature or condition of being a god 神性 a ruler with great power, especially one who uses it in a cruel way:暴君,独裁者 1.a long low soft seat without a back or arms 长椅沙发 2.a bed with a thick base and a mattress (also domestic help, domestic worker) a servant who works in sb's house, doing the cleaning and other jobs 家仆,用人 (dwelt, dwelt) or (dwelled, dwelled) [v + adv. / prep.] (formal or literary) to live somewhere:居住 a small country on the Baltic Sea, between Russia and Latvia, which was part of the former Soviet Union until 1991. Estonia joined the EU in 2004. Population: 1,315,912 (2007). Capital: Tallinn. (Estonia 的旧拼法,地名)爱沙尼亚 [U] (formal) the ability of sth, especially a drug or a medical treatment, to produce the results that are wanted SYN effectiveness 效力,功效 to manage to avoid or escape from sb/sth, especially in a clever way:回避,逃避 to manage to avoid or escape from sb/sth, especially in a clever way:赌博 1.an opening in a wall or fence that can be closed by a gate:出入口 2.[usually sing.] gateway to / into … a place through which you can go to reach another larger place:途径 an election in which all the people of a country vote to choose a government 大选 1.(formal) to please or satisfy sb: 2.(formal) to satisfy a wish, need, etc.: 满足 (formal) from this time; in future 此后 to collect and keep large amounts of food, money, etc., especially secretly 囤积 not doing anything; not active:不活跃的,懒惰的 indignant (at / about sth) | indignant (that … ) feeling or showing anger and surprise because you think that you have been treated unfairly:愤怒的 a person from India 印第安人 1.the time when a child is a baby or very young:幼年期 2.the early development of sth: that lives or lasts for ever:不朽的 impious adj. (formal) showing a lack of respect for God and religion;不虔诚,不敬神 Impoverish [vn] to make sb poor:贫困化 too many to be counted; very many SYN countless:无数的,数不清的 always wanting more of sth; not able to be satisfied:不知足的,贪得无厌的 (formal) 1.(of drink) containing alcohol 醉人的 2.making you feel excited so that you cannot think clearly:令人陶醉的 Kaiser (in the past) a ruler of Germany, of Austria, or of the Holy Roman Empire:皇帝 (罗马帝国,奥地利和德国皇帝)

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mainspring makeup

n n

mankind meagre moralist Muhammadan mythology neighboring nicotine nook and cranny omnipotence opium orator orgiastically

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n n n adv

outlet patriotic pernicious perpetually

n adj adj adv

personage petty populace posthumous potency presscutting princeling preventive psychoanalysis pumpkin repent restless

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1.the most important spring in a watch, clock, etc. 2.[usually sing.] mainspring (of sth) (formal) the most important part of sth; the most important influence on sth 主要动力, 1.[sing.] make-up (of sth) the different things, people, etc. that combine to form sth; the way in which they combine:组成成分,构成方式 2.[U] substances used especially by women to make their faces look more attractive, or used by actors to change their appearance:化妆品 3.[sing.] the different qualities that combine to form sb's character or being:气质,性格 [U] all humans, thought about as one large group; the human race:人类 small in quantity and poor in quality: SYN paltry 不足的,贫乏的 (often disapproving) a person who has strong ideas about moral principles, especially one who tries to tell other people how they should behave (常作贬义) 卫道士,说教者 (of or being a) Muslim 伊斯兰教信徒(的); 回教徒(的) [U, C] ancient myths in general; the ancient myths of a particular culture, society, etc.: 神话 near the place where you are or the place you are talking about SYN nearby:邻近的,附 近的 [U] a poisonous substance in tobacco that people become addicted to, so that it is difficult to stop smoking 尼古丁 every nook and cranny (informal) every part of a place; every aspect of a situation 到处,每个角落 Omnipotent adj. (formal) having total power; able to do anything: 全能,万能 [U] a powerful drug made from the juice of a type of poppy (= a kind of flower), used in the past in medicines to reduce pain and help people sleep. Some people take opium illegally for pleasure and can become addicted to it.鸦片 (formal) a person who makes formal speeches in public or is good at public speaking:演 讲者 orgiastic adj. [usually before noun] (formal) typical of an orgy 狂欢地 Orgy noun (pl. -ies) 1.a party at which there is a lot of eating, drinking and sexual activity: 2.orgy (of sth) (disapproving) an extreme amount of a particular activity: outlet (for sth) a way of expressing or making good use of strong feelings, ideas or energy:发泄途经 having or expressing a great love of your country:爱国的 (formal) having a very harmful effect on sb/sth, especially in a way that is gradual and not easily noticed 有害的 永远地 Perpetual adj. 1.[usually before noun] continuing for a long period of time without interruption SYN continuous: 2.[usually before noun] frequently repeated, in a way that is annoying SYN continual: 3.[only before noun] (of a job or position) lasting for the whole of sb's life: (formal) an important or famous person:人,要人 1.[usually before noun] small and unimportant SYN minor:微小的 2.caring too much about small and unimportant matters, especially when this is unkind to other people SYN small-minded: (usually the populace) [sing.+ sing./pl. v.] (formal) all the ordinary people of a particular country or area:平民,大众 [usually before noun] happening, done, published, etc. after a person has died:死后的, 身后的 [U, C] (pl. -ies)the power that sb/sth has to affect your body or mind:力量,效力 press cutting (BrE) (also press clipping NAmE, BrE) = cutting=(also press cutting) (both BrE) (also clip· ping, press clipping NAmE, BrE) an article or a story that you cut from a newspaper or magazine and keep:剪报 (usually disapproving) a prince who rules a small or unimportant country 小王子,小君 主 [only before noun] intended to try to stop sth that causes problems or difficulties from happening:预防性的 [U] a method of treating sb who is mentally ill by asking them to talk about past experiences and feelings in order to try to find explanations for their present problems 心理分析 [U, C] a large round vegetable with thick orange skin. The seeds can be dried and eaten and the soft flesh can be cooked as a vegetable or in sweet pies:南瓜 repent (of sth) (formal) to feel and show that you are sorry for sth bad or wrong that you have done:悔悟,悔恨 1.unable to stay still or be happy where you are, because you are bored or need a

reformer riches root cause rudiment satiety scarcely sedentary simultaneously silken slaughter sparingly starvation strenuous sultan suffice superiority tame triumphantly tyrannical unaffected unspoilt

n n n n adv adj adv adj vt adv n adj n v n adj adv adj adj adj

utter viand waterfall well-to-do wop

vt n n adj n

change:不安宁的 2.without real rest or sleep SYN disturbed: a person who works to achieve political or social change 改革者 [pl.] large amounts of money and valuable or beautiful possessions: (复) 财富 根本原因 1.basic or elementary principles (of a subject)基本原理, 2.imperfect beginning of sth that is not yet fully developed 入门 3.[C] part or organ that is incompletely developed [U] (formal or technical) the state or feeling of being completely full of food, or of having had enough of sth 满足 only just; almost not:几乎不,简直不 1.(of work, activities, etc.) in which you spend a lot of time sitting down: 2.(of people) spending a lot of time sitting down and not moving: 少活动的,久坐的 Simultaneous adj. happening or done at the same time as sth else:同时的 1.[only before noun] made of silk:丝的 2.(literary)[usually before noun] soft, smooth and shiny like silk: 1.to kill an animal, usually for its meat SYN butcher 2.to kill a large number of people or animals violently SYN massacre:屠杀 sparing (with sth) careful to use or give only a little of sth:贫乏地,节约地 [U] the state of suffering and death caused by having no food:饥饿 1.needing great effort and energy SYN arduous:费力地 2.showing great energy and determination: the title given to Muslim rulers in some countries:苏丹 (伊斯兰国家的君主) (formal) (not used in the progressive tenses) to be enough for sb/sth:满足,足够 superiority (in sth) | superiority (to / over sth/sb) the state or quality of being better, more skilful, more powerful, greater, etc. than others:优越,优越性 (of animals, birds, etc.) not afraid of people, and used to living with them OPP wild 驯 服的,温顺的 very successful in a way that causes great satisfaction:胜利地 using power or authority over people in an unfair and cruel way SYN autocratic, dictatorial 暴虐的 unaffected (by sth) not changed or influenced by sth; not affected by sth:不受影响的 (approving) 1.(of a place) beautiful because it has not been changed or built on 未被毁坏的 2.(of a person) not made unpleasant, bad-tempered, etc. by being praised too much 未被 宠坏的 (formal) to make a sound with your voice; to say sth:说出 [plural] an old word meaning food 食物 a place where a stream or river falls from a high place, for example over a cliff or rock 瀑布 having a lot of money SYN rich, wealthy:富裕的 (taboo, slang) a very offensive word for a person from southern Europe, especially an Italian 对意大利人或南欧人的侮辱性称呼

高级英语下册 12 课单词中英文释义表格 bang v 1.bang (on) sth to hit sth in a way that makes a loud noise:撞击 2.to close sth or to be closed with a loud noise SYN slam 发出砰地一声 bemused adj showing that you are confused and unable to think clearly SYN bewildered: 发呆的,恍惚的 bloated adj full of food and feeling uncomfortable:臃肿的,过于肥胖的 brioche n (法语词)奶油蛋卷 cannon n an old type of large heavy gun, usually on wheels, that fires solid metal or stone balls 大炮 carnation n a white, pink or red flower, often worn as a decoration on formal occasions: 康乃馨 categorically adv categorical adj. [usually before noun] (formal) expressed clearly and in a way that shows that you are very sure about what you are saying:详细地,明 显地 chapped adj (of the skin or lips) rough, dry and sore, especially because of wind or cold weather 粗糙的,干裂的 cine n (西班牙语) 电影院 conglomerate adj Gathered into a mass; clustered.聚集在一起的,交织在一起的

dally del entwine eucalyptus


v n

eucalyptus oil felicitous flicker fumble grimace guerra gutter indolent jerking

(old-fashioned) to do sth too slowly; to take too much time making a decision 磨蹭,拖延时间 (西班牙语) 前置词 de 与冠词 el 的缩合词 [vn] [usually passive] entwine sth (with / in / around sth) to twist or wind sth around sth else 交织,交织在一起 [C, U] (pl. eu· lyp· ca· tuses or eu· lyp· /) (also eucalyptus tree, gum tree) a ca· ti tall straight tree with leaves that produce an oil with a strong smell, that is used in medicine. There are several types of eucalyptus and they grow especially in Australasia.桉树 桉树油 (formal or literary) (especially of words) chosen well; very suitable; giving a good result SYN apt, happy:欢快的 [usually sing.] flicker (of sth) a light that shines in an unsteady way:闪烁, 晃动 fumble (at / with / in sth) (for sth) | fumble (around) to use your hands in an awkward way when you are doing sth or looking for sth:摸索,乱摸弄 grimace (at sb/sth) to make an ugly expression with your face to show pain, disgust, etc.: (表示痛苦,厌恶等而) 面部扭曲,做怪相 (西班牙语) 战争 [C] a channel at the edge of a road where water collects and is carried away to drains (道旁的) 排水沟 (formal) not wanting to work SYN lazy 懒惰的 jerk v. [usually +adv. / prep.] to move or to make sth move with a sudden short sharp movement: 抽搐,猛然一动(一抽、一拉、一推、一停等) (architecture) a piece of wood or stone over a door or window, that forms part of the frame 门楣 多层次地,多方面地 multi- combining form (in nouns and adjectives) more than one; many: -fold suffix (in adjectives and adverbs) multiplied by; having the number of parts mentioned: (西班牙语) 新闻 (often disapproving) refusing to change your opinions, way of behaving, etc. when other people try to persuade you to; showing this SYN stubborn: 固执的,倔强的 奥林匹亚 (formal) omit sth/sb (from sth) to not include sth/sb, either deliberately or because you have forgotten it/them SYN leave out:删除,省略;遗漏 (of feelings, energy, etc.) that cannot be expressed or released:被抑制的,被 关住的 pertinent (to sth) (formal) appropriate to a particular situation SYN relevant:与当前事宜有关的;恰当的,中肯的;合时宜的 花瓣 1.[vn] pluck sth (from sth) (old-fashioned or literary) to pick a fruit, flower, etc. from where it is growing:掐 2.(NAmE also pick) to play a musical instrument, especially a guitar, by pulling the strings with your fingers:拨 3.[vn] to pull the feathers off a dead bird, for example a chicken, in order to prepare it for cooking 拉 4.[vn] pluck sth (from sth) to take hold of sth and remove it by pulling it: 拽 5.[vn] pluck sth (out) to pull out hairs with your fingers or with tweezers: 草原 [C] a small wild plant that produces pale yellow flowers in spring 樱草花

adj n vi vi n n adj adj

lintel multifoldly

n adv

noticias obstinate

n adj

Olimpia omit pent-up pertinent petal pluck

n vt adj adj n v

Prado primrose

n n





rivet roller skating rubbled

vt n adj

serenely shudder terrace stooped stubble the funnies

adv vi n adj n

titter twitching unhuman whittle wizened

n n adj vt adj

1.(of a person) able to think clearly and make decisions based on reason rather than emotions SYN reasonable:理智的 2.(of behaviour, ideas, etc.) based on reason rather than emotions:合理的 (formal) = retrospective=(also less frequent, formal retro· active) (of a new law or decision) intended to take effect from a particular date in the past rather than from the present date:对以前的事或人有作用的,溯及既往的 [usually passive] to hold sb's interest or attention so completely that they cannot look away or think of anything else: (眼睛) 盯着;注意力集中于 roller skate [v] to move over a hard surface wearing roller skates 滑旱冰 rubble[U] broken stones or bricks from a building or wall that has been destroyed or damaged: 在碎石之中的 Serene adj. calm and peaceful:安详地,平静地 [usually sing.]a shaking movement you make because you are cold, frightened or disgusted:战栗,抖动,颤栗 [C] a flat, hard area, especially outside a house or restaurant, where you can sit, eat and enjoy the sun:房屋外供休息和进餐用的平台 standing or walking with your head and shoulders bent forwards 弯腰的,屈 着身体的,俯首屈从的 [U] the short stiff hairs that grow on a man's face when he has not shaved recently 短胡须,胡子茬 [pl.] (NAmE, informal) the part of a newspaper where there are several comic strips (= series of drawings that tell a funny story) (报纸上的) 连环 漫画 titter [v] to laugh quietly, especially in a nervous or embarrassed way SYN giggle 窃笑,傻笑 twitch v. if a part of your body twitches, or if you twitch it, it makes a sudden quick movement, sometimes one that you cannot control:抽搐,痉挛 inhuman adj. not human; not seeming to be produced by a human and therefore frightening:不像人的 whittle A (from B) | whittle B (into A) to form a piece of wood, etc. into a particular shape by cutting small pieces from it:切削 (木棍等) looking smaller and having many folds and lines in the skin, because of being old SYN shrivelled:干瘪的,皱缩的

高级英语下册 13 课单词中英文释义表格 booze N [U] (informal) alcoholic drink 酒 vi (informal) (usually used in the progressive tenses) to drink alcohol, especially in large quantities:狂饮,痛饮 brutish adj unkind and violent and not showing thought or intelligence 野蛮的,野兽般的 comatose adj 1.(medical) deeply unconscious; in a coma 昏迷的 2.(humorous) extremely tired and lacking in energy; sleeping deeply complacent adj complacent (about sb/sth) (usually disapproving) too satisfied with yourself or with a situation, so that you do not feel that any change is necessary; showing or feeling complacency:自满的,自鸣得意的 connoisseurship n 鉴赏的能力,行家的地位和资格 Connoisseur [c]an expert on matters involving the judgement of beauty, quality or skill in art, food or music: -ship 1.the status or office of: 2.skill or ability as: consumptive adj 1.Of, relating to, or afflicted with consumption.结核病的 2.Consuming or tending to consume.消耗的 creditable adj 1.(formal) of a quite good standard and deserving praise or approval SYN praiseworthy: 值得赞扬的 2.Worthy of belief: 可信的 culminate v culminate (in / with sth) (formal) to end with a particular result, or at a particular point: 到达高潮或顶点;以...告终 detest vt (not used in the progressive tenses) to hate sb/sth very much SYN loathe:憎恨,痛恨 devotee n devotee (of sb/sth) 1.a very religious person who belongs to a particular group:信徒;

disfigure docile ebb ebb and flow eccentric exasperate exasperating exasperation flea headway hitherto humanistic

vt adj Vi n

N adj Vt Adj N n n adv adj

hybrid ingenuous judicious lavish

n adj adj Adj vt

leprosy lion-hunt low-brow

n vi Adj n n adj n Adj n

malady malefic modernity mortal

novelty out of hand


outrun overeat perishable permissible philistine picturesque

vt vi adj adj n adj



2.a person who admires and is very enthusiastic about sb/sth:热心者 to spoil the appearance of a person, thing or place:损坏外形(或容貌) quiet and easy to control:驯服的,易控制的 ebb (away) to become gradually weaker or less SYN decrease:衰退,减退 1.the ebb [usually sing.] the period of time when the sea flows away from the land: 2.A period of decline or diminution:处于低潮,处于衰退状态 the ebb and flow (of sth/sb) the repeated, often regular, movement from one state to another; the repeated change in level, numbers or amount:盛衰,消长,涨落 eccentric person 有怪癖的人,古怪的人 considered by other people to be strange or unusual:古怪的 to annoy or irritate sb very much SYN infuriate 激怒,使气恼 extremely annoying SYN infuriating 令人激怒的,使人气恼的 激怒,气恼 a very small jumping insect without wings, that bites animals and humans and sucks their blood:跳蚤 1.Forward movement or the rate of forward movement, especially of a ship.前进 2.Progress toward a goal.进展 (formal) until now; until the particular time you are talking about:迄今,到此时 humanism [U] a system of thought that considers that solving human problems with the help of reason is more important than religious beliefs. It emphasizes the fact that the basic nature of humans is good. 人道主义的,人文主义的,人本主义的 an animal or plant that has parents of different species or varieties:杂种,混血儿 (formal, sometimes disapproving) honest, innocent and willing to trust people SYN naive:直率的;无经验的,单纯的 (formal, approving) careful and sensible; showing good judgement OPP injudicious 明断 的,明智的;能做出明智决定的 1.lavish (with / in sth) giving or doing sth generously:过度慷慨的; 2.large in amount, or impressive, and usually costing a lot of money SYN extravagant, luxuriously:无节制的,大量的 lavish sth on / upon sb/sth to give a lot of sth, often too much, to sb/sth:慷慨地给予,乱花 [U] an infectious disease that causes painful white areas on the skin and can destroy nerves and flesh 麻风病 巴结社会名流 (usually disapproving) having no connection with or interest in serious artistic or cultural ideas 缺少文化素养的(人),喜欢通俗文学,艺术和娱乐的(人) One having uncultivated tastes. (old use) an illness 疾病 1.Having or exerting a malignant influence.有害的 2.Evil; malicious.邪恶的 [U] the condition of being new and modern 现代性,新式(之物) 1.(literary) causing death or likely to cause death; very serious:致命的 2.Of or relating to humankind; human:人类的,凡人的 3.that cannot live for ever and must die:终有一死的,不能永生的 (often humorous) a human, especially an ordinary person with little power or influence SYN human being:凡人,终有一死的人 1.[C] a thing, person or situation that is interesting because it is new, unusual, or has not been known before:新奇的事物 2.[U] the quality of being new, different and interesting:新颖,新奇 if you reject, etc. sth out of hand, you do so immediately without thinking about it fully or listening to other people's arguments:立即 difficult or impossible to control:不可收拾 Over and done with; finished.脱手,告终 to develop faster than sth SYN outstrip:越过,超出 to eat more than you need or more than is healthy 吃过头 (especially of food) likely to decay or go bad quickly:不经久的;易腐烂的 permissible (for sb) (to do sth) (formal) acceptable according to the law or a particular set of rules:允许的,许可的 (disapproving) a person who does not like or understand art, literature, music, etc.市侩, 庸人 1.(of a place, building, scene, etc.) pretty, especially in a way that looks old-fashioned SYN quaint: (景色等)似画的,迷人的 2.(of language) producing strong mental images by using unusual words: (语言等)生动 的,形象的 (of a relationship) friendly but not involving sex:纯精神的;唯心的;(古希腊哲学家) 柏拉图式的

poeticize poeticizing pride of place problematical prohibition reiterate repulsive skyscraper snob

v n

adj n vt n n n

snobbery snobbish solecism solicitude subspecies temper to the tone of tubercle tuberculosis unceasing wrestle

n adj N n n vt

n n adj V n

v. tr. To describe or express in poetry or in a poetic manner. ,用诗表达,用诗赞颂 v. intr. To write poetry.写诗 浪漫诗情 the position in which sth is most easily seen, that is given to the most important thing in a particular group 头等重要的地位 = problematic= difficult to deal with or to understand; full of problems; not certain to be successful:成问题的,有疑问的 [U] the act of stopping sth being done or used, especially by law:禁止 (formal) to repeat sth that you have already said, especially to emphasize it:反复讲,反复 做,重申 causing a feeling of strong dislike; very unpleasant SYN disgusting:令人厌恶的,使人反 感的 a very tall building in a city 摩天大楼 (disapproving)1. a person who admires people in the higher social classes too much and has no respect for people in the lower social classes:势利的人 2. a person who thinks they are much better than other people because they are intelligent or like things that many people do not like:自以为高人一等的人 [U] (disapproving) the attitudes and behaviour of people who are snobs:势利的行为,语 言等 (disapproving) thinking that having a high social class is very important; feeling that you are better than other people because you are more intelligent or like things that many people do not like 势利的;自以为高人一等的 [c](formal)something that is not considered polite behaviour:失礼,无理;不恰当 [U] solicitude (for sb/sth) (formal) anxious care for sb's comfort, health or happiness:挂 念,担心;关心,焦虑 [c] a group of similar plants or animals that is smaller than a species 亚种 temper sth (with sth) (formal) to make sth less severe by adding sth that has the opposite effect:缓和,减轻 达到……数量 (medical) a small swollen area in the lung caused by tuberculosis 结核 [U] (abbr. TB) a serious infectious disease in which swellings appear on the lungs and other parts of the body 结核病 (formal) continuing all the time SYN incessant:不断的,不停顿的 wrestle (with sb) to fight sb by holding them and trying to throw or force them to the ground, sometimes as a sport:斗争,搏斗 摔跤,角力

高级英语下册 14 课单词中英文释义表格



air-raid shelter

alder arse bang breadth Bump up catch-net chop clog copper corporal cunning curtains

n n n n

n n vi n n n n

1.[U] (technical) the act of stirring or shaking a liquid 摇动 2.[U] worry and anxiety that you show by behaving in a nervous way:激 动 防空洞 air-raid an attack by a number of aircraft dropping many bombs on a place: a tree like a birch that grows in northern countries, usually in wet ground 赤杨树,桤木 (BrE, taboo, slang) (NAmE ass) the part of the body that you sit on; your bottom:屁股 a sudden loud noise:爆炸声 [U, C]the distance or measurement from one side to the other; how broad or wide sth is SYN width:宽度,广度 bump sth?up (informal) to increase or raise sth 增加,提高 捕鱼网 颚 (-gg-) clog (up) (with sth) | clog sth (up) (with sth) to block sth or to become blocked:缠住,堵塞 [C] (BrE, informal) a police officer 警察 (abbr. Cpl) a member of one of the lower ranks in the army, the marines or the British air force:下士 [U] the ability to achieve sth by tricking or cheating other people in a clever way SYN craftiness:狡猾 [pl] ~s (for sb/sth) (infml ) hopeless situation; the end (复数)死亡,完蛋,

curving decay

Adj Vi N v




dole drag up even out fight up flask fry gaffer gas mask glass-gray grumble in store for khaki napsack lavatory lick measles minuscular misbegotten morsel nibbe rebate


n n n

adj vi

n n n vt n adj adj n vt n

reed rope in


rot scabies

vi n

灾难 Having bends, curves, or angles:弯曲的 the gradual destruction of a society, an institution, a system, etc.:衰落,衰 微 [v] to become less powerful and lose influence over people, society, etc.: 1.[usually +adv. / prep.] to go downwards or to a lower level; to make sth do this SYN fall:低垂 2.[vn] dip sth (into sth) | dip sth (in) to put sth quickly into a liquid and take it out again:浸 disengage (sth/sb) (from sth/sb) | disengage yourself (from sb/sth) to free sb/sth from the person or thing that is holding them or it; to become free:解脱,使摆脱 [sing.] (usually the dole) (BrE, informal) money paid by the state to unemployed people:救济;(英国)政府对失业者的救济 drag sb up (Brit) raise (a child) badly and without proper care (在缺少良 好教育的情况下把孩子)随便拉扯大 even sth?out to spread things equally over a period of time or among a number of people:使均匀,使平坦,使稳定 努力战斗 a bottle with a narrow top, used in scientific work for mixing or storing chemicals 长颈瓶 [pl.] very small young fish 小鱼 (BrE, informal) a person who is in charge of a group of people, for example, workers in a factory, a sports team, etc. SYN boss 工头 a piece of equipment worn over the face as protection against poisonous gas 防毒面具 目光无神呆滞的 grumble (at / to sb) (about / at sb/sth) to complain about sb/sth in a bad-tempered way:抱怨,诉苦 in store (for sb) waiting to happen to sb:等待着 [U] a strong greenish or yellowish brown cloth, used especially for making military uniforms 卡其布军服(制服) knapsack n. (old-fashioned or NAmE) a small rucksack 背包,背箱 (old-fashioned or formal) (especially BrE) a toilet, or a room with a toilet in it:厕所 to move your tongue over the surface of sth in order to eat it, make it wet or clean it:舔 [U] an infectious disease, especially of children, that causes fever and small red spots that cover the whole body (单数和复数同)麻疹 极小的 Of, relating to, or being a child or children born to unmarried parents 私生 的 a small amount or a piece of sth, especially food:一小口,一小份 啃,一点一点地咬 1.an amount of money that is paid back to you because you have paid too much:部分款项的退还 2.an amount of money that is taken away from the cost of sth, before you pay for it SYN discount:折扣 a tall plant like grass with a hollow stem that grows in or near water:苇子, 芦杆 rope sb?in | rope sb into sth [usually passive] (informal) to persuade sb to join in an activity or to help to do sth, even when they do not want to:劝诱,使人上当 (-tt-) to decay, or make sth decay, naturally and gradually SYN decompose 腐朽 [U] a skin disease that causes itching and small red raised spots (单数与

siren sling slop splutch squamous solitary stilled tasty to the hilt towpath tranquility urinate vigorous whirlpool willow-sleeved yawn

n vt n n adj adj adj adj n n vi adj n adj vi

复数同) 疥疮 a device that makes a long loud sound as a signal or warning:警报器 [often passive] to put sth somewhere where it hangs loosely:吊 乏味,低质食物 啪的一声 Resembling a scale or scales 鳞片状的 (of a person, thing or place) alone, with no other people or things around SYN single:独个的, 孤独的 Still v. (literary) to become calm and quiet; to make sth calm and quiet:由 动变静的 (approving) having a strong and pleasant flavour:美味的,可口的 (up) to the hilt as much as possible:到极点 a path along the bank of a river or canal, that was used in the past by horses pulling boats (called barges)(沿运河拖船时所行的)纤路,牵道 tranquil adj. pleasantly calm, quiet, and peaceful 平静,安宁 (formal or technical) to get rid of urine from the body 小便 1.strong and healthy:有力的 2.very active, determined or full of energy SYN energetic:精力充沛的 a place in a river or the sea where currents of water spin round very fast SYN eddy 旋涡 两边有柳树的 to open your mouth wide and breathe in deeply through it, usually because you are tired or bored:打哈欠

高级英语下册 15 课单词中英文释义表格 acquisitive adj (formal, disapproving) wanting very much to buy or get new possessions 想获得的;可 以得到的;贪得无厌的 ambience n [sing.] the character and atmosphere of a place:气氛,环境 amenity n 1.[usually pl.] (pl. -ies) a feature that makes a place pleasant, comfortable or easy to live in: (单数) 环境、气候等的宜人; 2.Something that contributes to physical or material comfort. (复数) 使人愉快的事 物、环境 angst n [U] (from German) a feeling of anxiety and worry about a situation, or about your life: 忧虑 aspiring adj wanting to be successful in life:有抱负的,有雄心的 at a stretch 连续不断地 burgeon vi (formal) to begin to grow or develop rapidly 发芽;急速成长 callous adj 1.Having calluses;皮肤粗糙有茧的 2.not caring about other people's feelings or suffering SYN cruel, unfeeling:冷淡的,无 情的,麻木不仁的 castellated adj (architecture) built in the style of a castle with battlements 城堡式的 central heating [U] a system for heating a building from one source which then sends the hot water or hot air around the building through pipes 中央供暖 clamor v [i]1.[always + adverb/preposition] to demand something loudly 吵吵闹闹地要求 2.to talk or shout loudly: 大嚷大叫, condemnation n [U, C] condemnation (of sb/sth) an expression of very strong disapproval:谴责,批判 conducive adj conducive to sth making it easy, possible or likely for sth to happen:有助于……的;促 成……的 conscientiousness n 认真负责 Conscientious adj. taking care to do things carefully and correctly: -ness suffix (in nouns) the quality, state or character of: creed n a set of principles or religious beliefs:信条,信念 decadent adj 1.(disapproving) having or showing low standards, especially moral ones, and an interest only in pleasure and enjoyment rather than serious things: 堕落的 2.Being in a state of decline or decay.衰落的; defoliate vt (technical) to destroy the leaves of trees or plants, especially with chemicals 使树叶落 光,毁掉树的树叶 dehumidifier n an electrical machine for removing water from the air 除湿器 disarming n 解除武装

dogged Eden

adj n

esculent exorbitantly Fascist gadget ghastly

adj adv n n adj

gross-lipped herein insipid liquefy lira luscious

adj adv adj v n adj

mechanic miraculously monstrous

n adv adj

neo neurotic neurosis obsolescence overbearing pall paradisal

adj adj n n adj n adj



parturition plumber postwar potbellied prewar preying primer

n n Adj adv adj Adj adv n n

disarm [vn] to take a weapon or weapons away from sb: [usually before noun] (approving) showing determination; not giving up easily SYN tenacious:顽强的,坚持不解的 (also the Garden of Eden) [sing.] (in the Bible) the beautiful garden where Adam and Eve, the first humans, lived before they did sth God had told them not to and were sent away, often seen as a place of happiness and innocence 伊甸园 Suitable for eating 适宜作为食物的,可吃的 exorbitant adj. (formal) (of a price) much too high:过高地;过分地 a person who supports fascism 法西斯主义者 a small tool or device that does sth useful 小装置;小机件 1.(informal) (of an experience or a situation) very bad; unpleasant SYN terrible:极糟糕 的,坏透的; 2.(of an event) very frightening and unpleasant, because it involves pain, death, etc. SYN horrible:可怕的 (formal or law) in this place, document, statement or fact:出言粗俗的 (formal or law) in this place, document, statement or fact:此中;于此,据此看来 (disapproving)1. having almost no taste or flavour SYN flavourless:无味道的 2.not interesting or exciting SYN dull:枯燥乏味的 [v, vn] (formal) to become liquid; to make sth liquid 使成液体,液化,解体 (意大利货币名) 里拉 1.having a strong pleasant taste SYN delicious:味美香甜的; 2.(especially of a woman) sexually attractive:动人的 3. (of cloth, colours or music) soft and deep or heavy in a way that is pleasing to feel, look at or hear SYN rich: a person whose job is repairing machines, especially the engines of vehicles:机修工人, 技工 like a miracle; completely unexpected and very lucky SYN extraordinary, phenomenal: 奇迹般地,不可思议地 1.very large SYN gigantic:巨大的; 2.very large, ugly and frightening SYN horrifying:恐怖的 3.considered to be shocking and unacceptable because it is morally wrong or unfair SYN outrageous:荒延透顶的 neo- combining form (in adjectives and nouns) new; in a later form:新的,新近的 not behaving in a reasonable, calm way, because you are worried about sth:神经质的 any strong fear or worry SYN anxiety 神经质 [U] (formal) the state of becoming old-fashioned and no longer useful (= becoming obsolete):过时;作废 (disapproving) trying to control other people in an unpleasant way SYN domineering: 盛气凌人的,专横霸道的 a cloth spread over a coffin (= a box used for burying a dead person in)柩衣;掩盖物 天堂的 paradise (often Paradise) [U] (in some religions) a perfect place where people are said to go when they die SYN heaven: -al suffix (in adjectives) connected with: 1.[C, U] a statement containing two opposite ideas that make it seem impossible or unlikely, although it is probably true; the use of this in writing:似非而是的隽语、 论点; 自相矛盾的话; 2.[C] a person, thing or situation that has two opposite features and therefore seems strange:前后矛盾的事 [U] (technical) the act of giving birth 分娩 a person whose job is to fit and repair things such as water pipes, toilets, etc.水管工,铅 管工 战后 post- prefix (in nouns, verbs and adjectives) after: 大腹便便的 Potbelly [C] a large round unattractive stomach that sticks out 战前 pre- prefix (in verbs, nouns and adjectives) before: The action of the verb prey; pillaging, plundering. 捕食;劫掠,掠夺 1.[C] (NAmE) a book that contains basic instructions:初级读本;入门书

redemptive repentance ruggedly rump rusting servitor sewer signalize smog tobacconist unorthodox vanguard

adj n adv n adj n n vt n n adj n



workmanship wresting

n n

2.[C] (old-fashioned) a book for teaching children how to read, or containing basic facts about a school subject 儿童的启蒙读物; (formal) that saves you from the power of evil:补偿的;挽回的 [U] repentance (for sth) the fact of showing that you are sorry for sth wrong that you have done SYN contrition, remorse:悔悟,痛悔,悔改 In a rugged or rough manner.粗野地,粗暴地 1.底座; 2.[C, usually sing.] (humorous) the part of the body that you sit on SYN backside 臀部 The fact or process of developing rust or of becoming rusty:生锈的 (old use) a male servant 服务人员;跟班,随从 an underground pipe that is used to carry sewage away from houses, factories, etc.下水 道,阴沟 To make remarkable or conspicuous:表现,表露;使显著 [U, C] a form of air pollution that is or looks like a mixture of smoke and fog, especially in cities:浓烟雾 a person who owns, manages or works in a shop / store selling cigarettes, tobacco for pipes, etc.烟草商;烟店店主 different from what is usual or accepted:非正统的;离经叛道的 (usually the vanguard) [sing.]1.the part of an army, etc. that is at the front when moving forward to attack the enemy 先锋;先头部队 2.the leaders of a movement in society, for example in politics, art, industry, etc.:先驱 1.to try to get the support of sb:恳求,求取 2.(old-fashioned) (of a man) to try to persuade a woman to love him and marry him SYN court 求婚,求爱 [U] the skill with which sb makes sth, especially when this affects the way it looks or works: (成品显出的)工艺,技艺,做工 费力取得;扭夺;歪曲 (事实等)

高级英语下册 16 课单词中英文释义表格 apologetic adj apologetic (about / for sth) feeling or showing that you are sorry for doing sth wrong or for causing a problem:道歉的,认错的 anchor of stone 石头锚;锚 Anchor [n]a heavy metal object that is attached to a rope or chain and dropped over the side of a ship or boat to keep it in one place: beseeching adj [only before noun] (formal) (of a look, tone of voice, etc.) showing that you want sth very much 恳求的;哀求的 blurt out blurt sth (out) to say sth suddenly and without thinking carefully enough:脱口说出 bob up to come to the surface suddenly:迅速浮上,突然冒起 boulder n a very large rock which has been shaped by water or the weather 巨石 buoyant adj floating, able to float or able to keep things floating:有浮力的 chestful adj 满胸的;装满一箱的 Chest [c] 1.the top part of the front of the body, between the neck and the stomach: 2.-chested (in adjectives) having the type of chest mentioned: 3.a large strong box, usually made of wood, used for storing things in and/or moving them from one place to another: chivalry n [U] polite and kind behaviour that shows a sense of honour, especially by men towards women 豪侠气度 clamber vi [v + adv. / prep.] to climb or move with difficulty or a lot of effort, using your hands and feet SYN scramble:爬 clammy adj damp in an unpleasant way:冷而粘的 clinging weed 能缠住人的杂草 weed 1.[C] a wild plant growing where it is not wanted, especially among crops or garden plants: 2.[U] any wild plant without flowers that grows in water and forms a green floating mass clown vi clown (around) (often disapproving) to behave in a silly way, especially in order to make other people laugh 胡闹;扮小丑(贬) conscientiously adv Conscientious adj. taking care to do things carefully and correctly:认真的 contrition n [U] deep regret for having doing wrong; repentance(=[U] ~ (for sth) the fact of showing that you are sorry for sth wrong that you have done)悔悟 craving n craving (for sth) | craving (to do sth) a strong desire for sth:渴望 crisping adj 易碎的 dangle vi [v, usually + adv. / prep.] to hang or swing freely:悬荡 dart n [sing.] a sudden quick movement SYN dash:急驰

defiant devotion discolored dizzy effortlessly fanged flaked flushed arm frond gleaming goggles greenish grayish grope

adj n adj adj adv adj adj n adj n adj adj v

haul hillside inlet inquisitive irregular jut lapping minute motionless myriad nag octopus overdo persistence pester pointed p

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