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John Snow Defeats “King




语言目标 Target language
a. 重点词汇和短语 attend, control, severe, pub, immediately, handle, instructor, pump, contribute, conclude, steam engine, virus, put forward, make a conclusion, expose to b. 重点句式 知识与技能 But he became inspired when he thought about helping ordinary people exposed to cholera. To prevent this from happening again, John Snow 教 学 目 标 suggested that ...

能力目标 Ability goals
Enable the students to talk about science and scientists.

将 Warming Up, Pre-reading, Reading 三部分整合为一节 过程与方法 “精读课”。

通过本单元的教学培养学生探究科学、崇尚科学的精神 和正确的科学观;帮助学生了解科学的本质和科学家的 情感、态度、价值观 特质,使学生懂得科学探究的基本步骤和要素;指导学 生如何对科学家及其所从事的科研工作进行描述。 1. John Snow was a famous doctor in London — so expert, indeed, that he attended 教学 重点(建 议背诵) Queen Victoria as her personal physician. 2. But he became inspired when he thought about helping ordinary people exposed to cholera. P2

3. Neither its cause nor its cure was understood.. 4. Many thousands of terrified people died every time there was an outbreak. 5. Cholera would never be controlled until its cause was found. 6. John Snow suspected that the second theory was correct but he needed evidence. 7. In two particular streets the cholera outbreak was so severe that more than 500 people died in ten days. 8. It seemed the water was to blame. 9. To prevent this from happening again, John Snow suggested that the source of all water supplies be examined. 10. The water companies were instructed not to expose people to polluted water any more.

教学 难点 The past participle as the attribute and predicative; Comprehend how John Snow find out the cause of cholera; Teaching methods 教学方法 Task-based activities. 教学方法 及教具 Teaching aids 教具准备 A computer and a projector.

教学过程 教师活动 学生活动 复备

StepⅠ Lead-in Ask the students to think of some great inventions and inventors in history. T: I guess most of you have enjoyed your holiday. Maybe everyone has enjoyed a scientific life. Why? Because you have enjoyed the results of the science and scientists. Now can you tell me the scientists who invented the lights, the gramophone and the computer? S1: Edison invented the lights and the gramophone. S2: The first computer was invented by a group of American scientists. StepⅡ Warming up First, ask some questions about great scientists. Second,

课前预习: textbook P3 number these events in the order

ask all the students to try the quiz and find out who that they happened knows the most. T: You know our life is closely related to science and scientists. We benefit a lot from them. Can you name out as many scientists as possible? S1: Newton. S2: Watt. S3: Franklin. Sample answers: 1. Archimedes, Ancient Greek (287-212 BC), a mathematician. 2. Charles Darwin, Britain (1808-1882). The name of the book is Origin of Species. 3. Thomas Newcomen, British (1663-1729), an inventor of steam engine. 4. Gregor Mendel, Czech, a botanist and geneticist. 5. Marie Curie, Polish and French, a chemist and physicist.

Group discussion and report

6. Thomas Edison, American, an inventor. 7. Leonardo da Vinci, Italian, an artist. 8. Sir Humphry Davy, British, an inventor and chemist. 9. Zhang Heng, ancient China, an inventor. 10. Stepper Hawking, British, a physicist. Step Ⅲ Pre-reading Get the students to discuss the questions with their partners. Then ask the students to report their work. 1. What do you know about infectious diseases? S1: Let me try. Infectious diseases can be spread easily. They have an unknown cause and may do great harm to people. S2: People could be exposed to infectious diseases, so may animals, such as bird flu. S3: AIDS, SARS are infectious diseases. S4: Infectious diseases are difficult to cure.

2. What do you know about cholera? Cholera can be mild or even without symptoms, but a severe case can lead to death without immediate treatment.

教学过程 教师活动 学生活动 复备

Step Ⅳ Reading 1. Let the students scan the text and choose the best answer.《学案导学》P2. 2. Complete the chart《学案导学》P2 careful reading, and copy the main idea of each paragraph into the textbook. 3. Explain in Chinese the course of finding evidence with the help of the map Step V Summary 《学案导学》P3 fill in the blanks according to the text. Step VI Assignment 1. 背诵 10 个必背句子; 2. 默写本课所涉及的单词和有用表达。

教学过程 教师活动 学生活动 复备

教学过程 教师活动 学生活动 复备

板 书 设 计

教 学 反 思

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