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? What were you doing in 1996? Working for a living, studying for exams or still on the way into this world? ? Had you figured out what kind of life you wanted to have in future? ? Had you found the place you wanted to be someday?
? 20年前的你正在做什么?打拼谋生,埋头读书, 还是尚未出生?那时,你是否想过未来想要什 么生活?是否找到某一天想要去的地方?

? Life was always a competition, and you were not seen as the best at the beginning. ? But there was always a place that was right for you.

? 生活总像是场比赛,你在一开始或许并不 被看好。但你总会找到自己的归属。

? Perhaps you were dreaming of becoming somebody else, to follow his extraordinary success. ? But life was like a basketball game,there were always some players faster and stronger than you.
? 也许你也经常期待着成为某个人,取得同样不 凡的成就。但生活就像一场篮球赛,总有人比 你更快更强。

? So you worked hard to prove yourself,with sweat and blood and tears. ? You finally reached the peak of success and got what you wanted
? 因此你不惜血汗努力证明自己。也许如你所愿, 你取得了最大的成功。

? You caught people’s attention and won their affection. ? You tried to chase perfection, but life is ever perfect. It is like the weather, often changing without warnings.
? 你也许尝试追求完美,但生活并不总是完美 的。就像天气一样变幻莫测。你曾经赢得关 注,集宠爱于一身。

? People told you that you could do much better. But you just didn’t know how. ? Life failed you and knocked you down over and over again.
? 人们常常告诉你可以做的更好,但你却不 知道怎么做。生活让你体味失败,一次次 把你击倒。

? Friendships were broken. ? People said you disappointed them. ? You found that you were not irreplaceable. ? You became lost and made terrible mistakes in the dark days.
? 曾经好友,形同陌路。人们说你让他们失望。 你发现自己并不是不可取代的。灰暗的日子 里,你可能迷失并且犯下大错。

? But you realized what the most valuable thing in your life is. ? You needed to pick yourself up from failure and depression and have the courage to face life.

? 但你也明白了什么是生命中最宝贵的。你需要 重新从失败和沮丧中振作,拾起勇气去面对人 生。

? As time went by, you realized that life was imperfect, you could never become somebody but you had your own highlights in life.
? 时光流逝,你逐渐发现生命是无法完美的。 也许你永远成不了别人,但你总会找到属 于自己的人生高光时刻。

? If life is a game, then no matter how great it is, the final whistle will always blow. ? When the moment comes, we will finally understand that life can’t be perfect, but it won’t stop us loving and feeling every minute of it.
? 假如人生的每一个阶段都是一场比赛,无论这 场比赛多么精彩,终场哨也最终会吹响。当告 别的那一刻来临,我们终于明白:生命无法完 美,但这并不能阻止我们去爱和感受生命里的 每一分钟。

? Thank you, Number 24, Thanks to our imperfect life.
? 谢谢你,24号球员,感谢我们并不完 美的人生。

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