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【步步高 学案导学设计】2014-2015学年高中英语(人教版,选修6)课时作业:Unit 5 Period 2]

Period Two

Language Points

Ⅰ.语境填词 1.He parked his car __________ (在……旁边) the fence. 2. After a fire broke out in the lab, a lot of __________ (设备) was damaged.He was ___

_____ (委派) to look into the matter. 3.I can’t ________ (评价) her ability without seeing her work. 4.Although it is impossible to ____________ (绝对地) predict that a volcano will ________ (爆发) at some minute,it is possible in some period. 5.The ________ (实际的) cost was much higher than we had expected. 6.He ________ (挥手) goodbye to his friend. 7.We should develop the children’s ________ (潜力) while they’re young. 8.I’ve found a job that ________ (适合) me down to the ground. Ⅱ.词义辨析 1.用 suit,fit,match 的适当形式填空 (1)Her shoes ________ her dress;they look very well together. (2)—How about eight o’clock outside the cinema? —That ________ me fine. (3)Do you think this colour ________ me? (4)I tried the dress on but it didn’t ________ me.It was too small. 2.用 force,strength,power,energy 的适当形式填空 (1)I did everything in my ________ to help her. (2)The army took control of the region by ________. (3)He hasn’t got enough ________ to lift the box. (4)As we all know,knowledge is ________. (5)—You are always full of ________.Can you tell me the secret? —Taking plenty of exercise every day. Ⅲ.完成句子 1.如果你想和他见面,你得预约。 If you want to meet him,____________________________________. 2.我们沿着小路朝山顶上走。 We ____________________ along the path __________________________. 3.在大火中,这所房子被烧成了灰烬。 In the fire,the house __________________________. 4.他戴着太阳镜以遮挡强烈的阳光。 He is wearing sunglasses ____________________________________________. 5.我们正要出去散步这时天下起了雨。 ____________________________________________ it began to rain. Ⅳ.单项填空 1.People who don’t smoke have less________ of suffering from lung disease than those who do so. A.potential B.cause C.hope D.problem 2.Mr.Black is a careful and experienced engineer,so he is often________ to finish some challenging tasks. A.appreciated B.approached C.appointed D.agreed 3.Although the shirt________ me well,but the colour doesn’t________ me.So I don’t want to buy it. A.fits;fit for B.fits;suit C.fits for;suit D.is fit for;fit 4.Mr.Smith,________ of the________ speech,started to read a novel. A.tired;boring B.tiring;bored

C.tired;bored D.tiring;boring 5.His house was________ due to the big fire,________ made him homeless. A.burnt to the ground;which B.rebuilt;what C.painted;that D.run out of;which 6.We were just________ calling you up________ you came in. A.about;when B.on the point of;while C.on the point of;when D.on the point;as 7.________ in the field all day,I felt very tired. A.Working B.Having worked C.Worked D.Work 8.________ with the size of the whole earth,the biggest ocean does not seem big at all. A.Compare B.When comparing C.Comparing D.When compared 9.The young man rushed out of the room,________ into his car and started it hurriedly, ________ to get to the hospital as soon as possible. A.got;hoped B.getting;and hoped C.got;hoping D.getting;hoped 10.—Do you think there is possibility that they will win the game? —________.They don’t cooperate with each other well. A.Absolutely B.Absolute not C.Absolutely not D.Certainly Ⅴ.完形填空 Scientists have searched for many years for a__1__to tell whether a volcano__2__will be small or large.Now , four scientists say they have discovered something in__3__that will help do this.They__4__the research on Mount Unzen on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu. Mount Unzen exploded__5__November,1990.Since then,more explosions__6__43 people and destroyed the homes of more than 2,000 others.The volcano is still__7__today. The scientists say the lava of the volcano__8__high level of an element (成分),__9__is a sign of the presence of the lava from deep in the earth,not from the surface.They say it shows that the lava__10__directly from inside the earth is__11__with huge explosions instead of smaller ones. The scientists examined the lava from 18 explosions of Mount Unzen that took place during many__12__of years.They__13__studied the lava from other volcanoes in the area that are older than Mount Unzen.The lava studied came from__14__large and small explosions.The scientists found that large explosions contained__15__of the element than small__16__.The scientists say if they__17__this two years earlier,they__18__the people living in the area__19__Mount Unzen and saved many__20__. 1.A.glance B.method C.motor D.panic 2.A.eruption B.climate C.aspect D.district 3.A.lung B.ash C.lava D.crater 4.A.stated B.teased C.compared D.did 5.A.in B.on C.from D.off 6.A.have quitted B.have uttered C.have focused D.have killed 7.A.active B.abstract C.ridiculous D.mental 8.A.tries B.manages C.stresses D.contains 9.A.which B.that C.if D.when 10.A.going B.coming C.ending D.losing 11.A.decreased B.bored C.swallowed D.connected 12.A.hundred B.ten C.number D.thousands

13.A.also 14.A.one 15.A.more 16.A.that 17.A.knew 18.A.warn 19.A.on 20.A.lives

B.either B.neither B.much B.those B.had known B.could have warned B.near B.life

C.too C.both C.less C.ones C.know C.will warn C.away C.live

D.as well as D.three D.few D.this D.knowing D.can warn D.besides D.believes

由于没有公共汽车,我们只好步行回家。 (1)There was no bus,so we had to walk home. (2)As there was no bus,we had to walk home. (3)There being no bus,we had to walk home. (4)There being no bus,what we had to do was walk home.

【答案解析】 Period Two Language Points Ⅰ.1.alongside 2.equipment appointed 3.evaluate 4 . absolutely 6.waved 7.potential 8.suits Ⅱ.1.(1)match (2)suits (3)suits (4)fit erupt 5.actual

[(1)suit 多指衣物等的颜色、款式、质地等适合,穿起来协调、好看;也指合乎需要、口 味、性格、条件和地位等及时间适合某人。(2)fit 多指大小,形状,尺寸合适,引申为“吻合”。 (3)match 多指大小、色调、形状、性质等方面的搭配合理。] 2.(1)power (2)force (3)strength (4)power (5)energy [(1)force 主要指自然界的力量;暴力、势力以及法律、道德或感情的力量;军事力量等。 (2)strength 说人时,指“力气”;说物时,着重指强度;也可表示“长处,优点,优势”。(3)power 主要指做事所依靠的能力、功能,也可指人或机器等事物潜在的或发挥出来的力量,还可以 指职权或政权。(4)energy 主要指人的精力或自然界中的能量。] Ⅲ.1.you have to make an appointment 2.made our way to the top of the mountain 3.was burned to the ground 4.to protect his eyes from the strong sunlight 5.We were about to go out for a walk when Ⅳ.1.A 2.C [考查名词词义辨析。potential 可能(性),潜力。] [句意为:布莱克先生是个细心而且有经验的工程师,因此他常常被委派去完成一

些有挑战性的任务。appreciate 感激;approach 靠近,接近;appoint 任命,委派;agree 同意。] 3.B [fit 表示某物尺寸大小适合某人;suit 表示某物颜色适合某人;be fit for 表示“适 合……”。] 4.A 5.A [be tired of sth.(人)厌烦/厌倦某事,在这里过去分词作状语;而 boring 用来修饰 [句意为:由于大火,他的房子被烧毁了,这使他无家可归。burn to the ground 烧 speech,表示“令人讨厌的”。] 为平地;rebuild 重建;run out of 用完;paint 粉刷。which 引导非限制性定语从句,结合句意

应选 A 项。] 6.C [句意为:我们正要给你打电话这时你来了。考查句型:be about to do...when...或 be on the point of doing...when...,本题中因为后面是动名词形式,所以选 C 项。] 7. B 8.D [因 I 与 work 之间是主动关系,且非谓语动词所表示的动作在主句的谓语动词所表 [句意为:当和整个地球的面积比起来时,最大的大洋根本就不大了。 the biggest 示的动作之前发生,故用现在分词的完成式作状语。] ocean 是句子的主语,与动词 compare 是动宾关系,因此要用过去分词。] 9.C [第一个空填 got,与 rushed 和 started 一同作本句的谓语,表示一组相继发生的动 作;第二空的 hoping 在句中作状语。] 10.C Ⅴ.1.B 2. A 3. C 火山口。] 4.D 5.A 6.D [state 陈述;tease 取笑;compare 比较;do 做。由空后的 the research 可知此处考 [在某个月份用介词 in。] [由 and 可知,此处应与“destroyed the homes of more than 2,000 others”相对应,应 查短语 do the research“调查研究”。] [Absolutely not 完全不可能,与语境相符。] [从空后的“to tell whether a volcano...”看出科学家在寻找预测火山喷发的方法。 [从“will be small or large”看出要预言出火山喷发的规模大小。 eruption 火山的爆发; [从下文看出科学家在研究火山熔岩中的成分。 lung 肺部; ash 灰烬; lava 熔岩; crater

glance 一瞥;method 方法;motor 发动机;panic 惊慌。] climate 气候;aspect 方面;district 区。]

说 have killed 43 people。quit 停止;utter 说,讲;focus 以……为重点/焦点。均与句意不符。] 7. A [从 still 看出火山仍然是活跃的。 active 活跃的; abstract 抽象的; ridiculous 荒谬的; mental 精神的。] 8.D 9.A [科学家说这种火山熔岩中包含大量的某种成分。try 努力,尝试;manage 经营, [which 引导一个非限制性定语从句。] 设法做到;stress 压力;着重;contain 包含。] 10.B [coming directly from inside the earth 直接来自地球内部的。现在分词作后置定语。 go,end 和 lose 与句意不相符。] 11 . D 12.D 13.A 用于句末。] 14.C 15. A 16.C [both 和 and 连用,表示“两者都……”。其他三个选项不与 and 连用。] [从上文看出较大的火山爆发含有更多的该种成分。 more...than...比……更多……。 ] [ones 代替上文的 explosions。that,those 和 this 前不加形容词修饰。] [ 直接来自地球内部的熔岩是与大规模的爆发有关的,而不是小规模的。 be [during thousands of years 数千年间的。由空后的 of 可排除 hundred 和 ten;由空 [他们也研究其他火山的熔岩。also 用于谓语动词之前。either 用于否定句,too connected with 与……连接在一起,符合句意。decrease 减少;bored 厌烦的;swallow 吞咽。] 前的 many 可排除 C 项。]

17. B [此处是与过去有关的虚拟语气的条件状语从句。 谓语动词要用 had done 的形式。 ]

18.B 19.B 之外。] 20.A 数 lives。]

[此处是与过去有关的虚拟语气的主句,谓语动词要用 could have done 的形式。 [此处指靠近火山。可用 near 也可以用 beside,但不用 besides。besides 除了…… [挽救很多人的生命。life 作“生命”讲时,是可数名词。由空前的 many 可知用复


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