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第二部分阅读理解 (共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节 (共 1 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) A Around the world, girls do better than boys at school. These are the findings of a recent study that look

ed at the test results of l.5 million 15-year-olds in 74 regions across the globe.The level of gender equality in those regions made no difference to the results.Other factors, such as the income level of the region also had little impact on the findings. 1n only three regions - Colombia, Costa Rica and the Indian state Hunches Pradesh. - was the trend reversed with boys doing better. So what are the causes of girls' stronger performance? In the UK, girls outperform boys m exams that are taken at the age of 1 5 or 16, called Gases. According to education expert Ian Tone, this is down to the way girls and boys are brought up."Boys are encouraged to be more active from an early gap, wile the restless movements of? baby geris are pacified… Therefore, girls develop the skill of sitting still for longer periods of time, which is user for academic pursuits like studying for GCSEs." He goes on to say' that boys often cluster together in larger groups than girls.Because of this they are more likely to be influenced by per pressure and develop a gang mentality.He says that GCSEs require a lot of solo work and are not viewed as 'cool? ill a baldish culture. This is backed up by research in the UK that says girls are out-performing boys at the age of five.So what is the answer: I Should girls and boys be educated separately? Or do exams and school! curricula need to be changed to better reflect boys? skills? These are the questions facing educators many countries. 2l.What can we learn from the first paragraph? A.Girls outperform boys in exams in most cases. B.Boys do better in scallop in poorer areas. C.Girls do better if they are social-lee equal to boys D.Boys are not working hay?s enough exams, 22.Accordion.g to Ian Tone, vat might account for the phenomenon? A.Different characters and personalities. B Different attendees to learning. C.Different ways of raising ehjldi4en. D.Different methods in exams. 23.What is the author's purpose in writing the text? A.To provide answer to a difficult question. B.To raise awareness in gender differences. C.To advocate separating boys and girls. D.To change school curricula to benefit boys. 24.What might the author discuss in the following paragraphs? A.Flotation forms in some Comprise. B.Examples of boys' achievement. C.New systems of examinations. D.Advertisement of some schools. B Three decades ago, Steve McCurry took arguably the most famous picture of all time.Yet ever after all this time, the photographer is filled with enthusiasm when ho talks about Afghan Girl. “I knew she had an incredible look, a sharp gaze,” he recalls, " It was before digital camera and with the big crowd and dust all around, you never knew what would happen with the film. When I developed the picture, I knew it was special. I showed it to the edition of the National Geographic, and he jumped to his feet and shouted, ?that?s our next cover?.?

Not only did Afghan Girl become the magazine?s next cover, but the most successful in its distinguished history. The striking portrait of 12 – year – old sherbet Gulag, in a refugee camp, was taken in December 1984 and published the following year. When McCurry reflects upon its popularity, what excites him most is the impact that this single image has had ore the real world. “People volunteered to work in the refugee camps because of that photograph,” he says. “Afghans are incredibly proud of it, as the girl is poor but shows great pride, strong will and self – respect. It drew attention to their poor situation, and inspired a lot of people.” It also iced the Nations Geographic to set up the Afghan Children?s Fund – and meant that to this day, McCurry is never charged a fare by appreciative Afghan taxi drivers. 25.What do we know about Afghan Girl? A.It has been influential since published. B.It is the star of an old film. C.It is a famous painting in a magazine. D.It that 'came out in 1984. 26.How does McCurry feel about Afghan Girl? A.Uncertain. B.Interested. C.Regretful D.Proud. 27.Which of the following is NOT mentioned as the impact of the picture? A.It inspired people to do volunteer work. B.It set off more terrorist attacks in the world. C.People are more aware of Afghans' situation, D.Afghan Children's Fund was set up. 28.What can we infer from the text? . A.McCurry can enjoy free tours ill the world. B.The picture was taken using a digital camera. C.The image was probably taken at wartime. D.Exhibitions will be held around the world. C I passed my driving test at the fourth attempt.You might think that means I'm not as safe as someone who passed on their first attempt.But would you feel safer with no driver at all? Maybe not, and that's why automotive fins have included driver-assist functions in their driverless cars.This allows the human driver to take over if there is a problem. Google is one producer that has prototype driverless cars.These cars have been newly equipped with auto-steering wheels and conventional controls to allow airmail driving.But this is just a stage --- the vision is to eave filly automated cars very soon.The director of Google's self-drive project) Chris Rumson, napes his all-year-old son will never have to take a driving test. To achieve that, the Cars reed LO be on r. he roads in five veers. He says driverless cars will greatly reduce accidents and traffic jams. According to Chris, about l.2 million people are killed on the roads around the world each year.That timber is equivalent to a jet falling out of the sky every day', Her thinks gradual changes to existing car designs are not snugly to deal with the problems; "If we are really going to make changes to our cities, get rid of parking lots, we need self – drive cars. He sayd. Google?s prototypes have covered over a million kilometers on the road. They have also had to deal with unexpected situations, such as a child driving a toy car in the road, and a woman in an electric wheelchair chasing a duck. In each case, the car reacted safely. Some are not convinced. Sven Beaker of Stanford University thinks driverless cars will still need human input in extreme circumstances. 29.According to paragraph I, what is the author's chief concern about driverless cars? A.Functions. B.Safety. C.Price. D.Appearance. 30.Chris Umson mentioned his 11-year-old son in order to show that . A.Traditional cars are harmful for kids B.his son is not good at driving C.his son is a slow lamer in driving

D.driverless cars will come soon 3l.What is Chris Urmson's comment on self-drive cars? A.They can solve many existing problems. B.They are safer than abet plane. C.They can completely change our cities. D.They should clang gradually. 32.What can we lain from the text? A.Google?s prototypes will be tested on the roads soon. B.Self drive cars are not designed for children or women. C.Concerns remain about the reliability of self-drive cars. D.Dixon tests will be easier to pass in the near future. D Nail art has become an international phenomenon and many are using their fingernails to display creativity and personate.Sociai networks are overflowing with people showing off their latest and at times, impossibly complicated designs.The important question is where did it all begin and how has the color of your fingernails become just as, if not more important than the outfit you are wearing? The history of nail polish and nail art dates back t0 3000 BC in China, India and Egypt.Plants were processed to create a dye that was used as a type of nail paint, which was then applied and represented social class and wealth; deep colors such as red were worn by the rich and lighter paler colors were used by the poor.The Inca civilization even went as far as painting animals on the nails to silo w11ich triode they belonged to! It wasn't until the early 19th century that nail paints was modernized into the nail polish that we see and know of today.The boom of the automobile industry introduced a vide selection of colors which were soon adapted to be used on nails, which further escalated the nail polish industry's success. Today, nail polish has become a statement of personality and creativity.The color of your nails communicates the subculture you belong to.Nail art is part of the fashion voice the application of gems, a brushing, fine celestial and Jail exit.lesions means that the can complete any look. I personally love changing the color Ana pattern of my' anis to finish off my' outfit an a I enjoy creating new designs, There is plenty of inspiration on the internet and with the latest introduction everyone can get a professorial finish in half the time! 33, In the first paragraph, the writer tells us about A.the origin of nail art B.the popularity of nail art C.the value of nail art D.the question.about nail art 34.How long did it take the an inept nail oil to develop into modern nail polish? A.1,900 years. B.3,000 years. C.2,100 years. D.About 5,000 years 35.The underlined word "escalated" in Paragraph 3 probably means A.replaced B.improved C.demonstrated D.blokes 第三部分英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节完形填空(共 20 小题:每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) When I was a young, boy, my parents often told me that it was time that teaches a man. Everything. I didn?t understand and wondered why time had such a big 41 on a person. I thought I could grow up quickly to 42 it out as an adult. But now, before I come to knock at the door of 43 . I feel anxious to express my own opinion on this 44 . I know that I?m just a high school student with very 45 experiences. There are still many thins 46 me in the future, yet I would like to express myself in a childish voice. I once read this sentence, “To make this world a happy place to live in, you?d better change yourself and your heart, 47 the whole world.” I was 48 . It made me think about life itself. There are so many things around us that 49 our will. We can?t force life to 50 our wishes. The earth won?t stop turning no matter whether we accept it or not. What we can do is just to make ourselves 51 with the world. I think we learn to accept 52 life gives us,

whether it?s the spring sunlight 53 the winter snowfall, and try to be happy. Deeply 54 by the pop song Grandmother, I always try to 55 every pleasant thing in my life. 56 now I see I can?t catch all of them. It is more likely that they slip by and leave you feeling regretful that I?m not just living for myself and that there are others around me I 57 think of. They all pay attention to my growing up, 58 it?s just a little progress. Everyone has his or her own attitude towards life, positive or 59 . It doesn?t matter, I think. There is one 60 that should be obeyed – to make this world a better place to live in. 41.A.pressure B.impression C.influence D.direction 42.A.put B.find C.leave D.give 43, A.childhood B.neighborhood C.brotherhood D.adulthood 44.A.saying B.idea C.fact D.practice 45.A.respected B.valued C.limited D.admired 46.A.waiting for B.applying for C.dealing with D.sticking with 47.A, except for B.as for C.instead of D.in spite of 48.A.scared B.impressed C.annoyed D.amused 49.A.go with B.go by C.go ahead D.go against 50.A.realize B.accept C.consider D.follow 51.A.fight with B.turn down C.fit in D.laugh at 52.A.what B.which C.that D.how 53.A.and B.or C.so D.yet 54.A.worried B.confused C.concerned D.moved 55.A.create B.Landover C.grasp D.achieve 56.A.But B.So C.Thus D.And 57.A.can B.should C.will D.need 58.A.in case B.so that C.even if D.only when 59.A.relevant B.false C.negative D.unreal 60.A.point B.vivid C.thing D.rule

寒假作业 7 II. 阅读理解(每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 21-24 ACBA 25-28 ADBC 29-32 BDAC 36-40 CBFGD III. 完形填空 (每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 41-45 CBDAC 46-50 ACBDD 51-55 CABDC
33-35 BDB

56-60 ABCCD

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