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广东版 2012 届高考完形填空专练



There was once a boy who liked nothing more in the world than to win. He loved winning at whatever it may be: football, cards?Because he couldn’t stand losing, he had become a(n) 1 in all kinds of tricks and cheating methods. He could play tricks in practically 2 .

every situation, without being

He won so many times that almost no one wanted to play with him. One person who did play with him was a poor boy. Always making the boy look at the poor boy’s expense. 3 , the champion really enjoyed himself

But the champion ended up getting decided to 5


with all this. He needed something more, so he

for the national video games championship, where he would find some competitors 6 , but when he tried using 7 had

worthy of himself. At the championship he was keen to show his

all those tricks and cheating methods, he knew, well? none of them worked. The prevented any of the tricks from working.

He felt terribly

8 : he was a good player, but without his tricks, he couldn’t beat a 9 , and sat there, sad and thoughtful. Finally,

single competitor. He was soon they 10

the name of the champion. It was the poor boy. The one he had always beaten! The 11 12 than himself. It hadn’t upset from each of his defeats.

boy realized that the poor boy had been much

the poor boy if he lost, because what he was really doing was

And from the experience he had been transformed into a real



From then on, the boy who had loved winning


wanting to win all the time. He was quite 15 .

happy to lose sometimes, because that was how he would learn to win on the really important

A. expert

B. official

C. lover

D. member

A. copied

B. expected

C. murdered

D. noticed

A. ambitious B. ridiculous C. happy

D. lucky

8. A. amazed

B. embarrassed C. terrified

D. moved

9. A. defeated

B. caught

C. scolded

D. warned

10. A. announced B. asked

C. sent

D. knew

11. A. richer

B. taller

C. heavier

D. cleverer

12. A. recovering B. surviving

C. coming

D. learning

13. A. athlete

B. master

C. fighter

D. leader

14. A. argued for B. kept on

C. gave up

D. thought of

15. A. advice

B. dates

C. influence

D. occasions


Cheerful Charlie was a very special boy. When he was still in his mother’s tummy, she had an accident, which meant that Charlie couldn’t walk. But that had never been a(n) him; they had started calling him Cheerful Charlie because of his joyful and He really brightened everything up for those around him. 2 1 for nature.

There wasn’t a postman, or a taxi driver who wasn’t up, Mr. Postman, that way you’ll great, Mr. Taxi Driver. You 5 4


to see Charlie. “Cheer

more letters today!” he would say, or “That was

that thing better than anyone else. ”

He also had great ideas and


for everything; and he shared them so generously that, 7 something new, thanks

just about every day in that town, someone did a great job, or to Charlie’s ideas.

One day, though, he came up against a real


. A young boy came to town on his holidays.

He was known as Waterworks and was a real crybaby. No matter what Charlie said to him, Waterworks would always find some 9 to be sad: “I don’t have many sweets? my parents didn’t

buy me that toy?” Everything seemed so bad to him. But Cheerful Charlie wasn’t going to be 10 , and he kept spending more time with Waterworks, 11 trying to cheer

him up, just as he did with everyone.

Then, one day, when they were together in the street, someone window above by chance, and it landed 13


a pie from a

on Charlie’s head. He got such a fright that he

couldn’t even move his lips. He was speechless, and although Waterworks was just about to cry, he 14 Charlie’s happy words so much that he finally said, “Wow, Charlie, that’s a nice clown

mask(小丑面具) you just put on!”

On saying those words, Waterworks felt so


that he finally understood why Charlie

was always so happy and cheerful. He realized that he was so used to Charlie’s enthusiasm that he couldn’t help but see the funny side of everything.

1. A. problem B. mistake C. excuse

D. topic

2. A. sensitive B. humorous C. responsible D. enthusiastic

3. A. surprised B. moved

C. pleased

D. disappointed

4. A. send

B. write

C. print

D. find

5. A. paint

B. play

C. park

D. repair

6. A. theories

B. solutions C. comments

D. impressions

7. A. cleared

B. noticed

C. enjoyed

D. invented

8. A. difficulty

B. surprise

C. risk

D. disaster

9. A. means

B. reason

C. method

D. value

10. A. let down

B. taken up

C. set free

D. driven away

11. A. hardly

B. quickly

C. constantly D. specially

12. A. aimed

B. moved

C. threw

D. dropped

13. A. ahead

B. right

C. almost

D. even

14. A. missed

B. loved

C. envied

D. wanted

15. A. ordinary

B. sorry

C. good

D. curious


Some people are lucky enough to have family in Italy, or at least have very good friends who will occasionally invite them in for home-cooked meals. For the rest of us, 1 there’s an alternative — Home Food.

Italians are fiercely protective of their cultural heritage, and especially their 2 . However , it is this protective 4 3 that lies at the heart of the Home

Food organization, but the face Home Food

the world is one that foodie travelers to

Italy can easily get behind no matter what they know of the history of Italian food.

The program cooks, whose 6


a simple way for people to eat in the private homes of specially chosen is to serve dishes made with local and seasonal ingredients(材料). It

is a way to preserve traditional Italian cooking. A Home Food cook in Palermo may cook a traditional Milanese dish to perfection, but that dish isn’t as 8 7 for a Home Food sets out are strict, but

, the mission of the organization is more about preserving traditional Italian 9 from that by eating some of

recipes(食谱) and cooking methods — the fact that we can what’s prepared is just a bonus.

People who want to become Home Food members should pay a fee to



organization, and then they can sign up for individual dinners that are on the calendar. Dinners can be as 11 as groups of six people (including the hosts) or as large as 20 because they’re 12 from apartments in Milan to villas(别墅) in Tuscany. Each 13 , on the calendar of upcoming events,

hosted in private homes,

dinner’s menu is listed on the Home Food website in

and there are dinners each month in cities throughout the entire country.

Food foodie travelers, Home Food presents a unique Italian food but also get a peek(窥视;看一眼 ) into a family’s life.


to not only sample traditional 15 Italian

1.A. surprisingly

B. generally

C. thankfully

D. effectively

2.A. housing

B. cooking

C. manner

D. kitchen

3.A. factory

B. personality C. nature

D. industry

4.A. shows

B. tells

C. reminds

D. influences

5. A. takes over

B. sets up

C. goes through D. puts out

6. A. task

B. desire

C. function

D. experiment

7. A. available

B. successful

C. appropriate

D. successful

8. A. chosen

B. mentioned

C. directed

D. forgot

9. A. suffer

B. result

C. benefit

D. change

10. A. found

B. join

C. visit

D. invent

11. A. small

B. ordinary

C. strange

D. famous

12. A. transferring

B. remaining

C. performing

D. ranging

13. A. advance

B. store

C. exchange

D. case

14. A. ending

B. goal

C. opportunity

D. sight

15. A. common

B. typical

C. formal

D. fashionable


A man found a cocoon(茧) of a butterfly. One day a(an) and 2 the butterfly for several hours as it 4 3


opening appeared. He sat

to force its body through that little

hole. Then it seemed to stop making any could, and it could go no farther.

. It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it

So the man decided to


the butterfly, he took a pair of scissors and snipped off(剪 . But it had a

掉) the remaining bit of the cocoon. The butterfly then emerged(出现) 6

swollen(肿胀的) body and small, shriveled(皱缩的) wings. The man continued to watch the butterfly because he expected that, any moment, the wings would the 8 7 and expand to be able to support

, which would contract in time. Neither happened! In fact, the butterfly spent the rest

of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. It never was able to 9 .

What the man in his


and haste(匆忙) did not understand was that the restricting(束 11 the tiny opening were God's

缚的) cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly to

way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its 12 from the cocoon.

Sometimes struggles are any 14


what we need in our life. If we go through our lives without 15 as what we could have been. We could

, it would cripple us. We would not be as

never fly.

1. A. unexpected B. small

C. strange

D. rough

2. A. covered

B. touched

C. watched

D. followed

3. A. changed

B. attended C. operated

D. struggled

4. A. progress

B. sense

C. difference D. strength

5. A. kill

B. catch

C. help

D. permit

6. A. shyly

B. gently

C. easily

D. safely

7. A. appear

B. enlarge

C. improve

D. produce

8. A. head

B. arm

C. face

D. body

9. A. eat

B. run

C. fly

D. grow

10. A. surprise

B. experiment C. response D. kindness

11. A. look over B. get through

C. come into D. hold on

12. A. separation B. reputation

C. freedom

D. dream

13. A. simply

B. exactly

C. naturally

D. seriously

14. A. difficulties B. benefits

C. devotion

D. fortune

15. A. brave

B. wise

C. strong

D. famous


Every morning, Anne gently wakes her daughter Heidi so that she can wash and dress her ready to start the day. Later, as she continues to birds and other things. 1 Heidi, Anne chats about the weather, the

All day long, Anne is there to wait on her daughter’s every

2 . But Anne is no new mother 3 that she

caring her baby: she is 81 and a grandmother. Her 46-year-old daughter is so can’t speak, walk or do anything without the help of her mother.

Heidi has a neurological(神经病学的)condition called Rett Syndrome, which has left her unable to 4 . Ever since she was born, her main 5 has been her mum, Anne. For 46 years, 6 her daughter’s every

Anne has thrown herself into this exhausting role, and she goes on to need. It is for this 7

that Anne has been crowned (为?加冕) winner of the Daily Mail Carer 8 because of her patience and kindness, and the good grace

of the Year awards. She was

and modesty with which she carried out this role. But Anne never looked for reward; she just cared for her daughter.



Anne says: “It was 10 was nothing we could do to

shocking when Heidi was diagnose(诊断), especially to know there 11 her.

Anne admits that her relationship with Heidi is have seen 13

12 . “I’m very touched that other people

in what I’ve done,” she says. “And I have only done what has come naturally 14 child. Looking after Heidi has felt like a privilege. Thanks 15 a burden,

to me when faced with my

to her, I’ve known more joy in my life than heartache. My daughter has never and caring for her has never been a chore.”

1. A. continues B. forgets

C. wants

D. remembers

2. A. problem

B. need

C. idea

D. reason

3. A. disabled

B. absorbed

C. delighted

D. addicted

4. A. communicate B. survive

C. transform

D. translate

5. A. assistant

B. tender

C. guide

D. tutor

6. A. understand B. refuse

C. learn

D. satisfy

7. A. encouragement B. decision

C. devotion D. appointed

8. A. chosen

B. judged

C. asked

D. appointed

9. A. investment B. comfort

C. honor

D. aid

10. A. eventually B. absolutely C. hopefully D. hardly

11. A. assist

B. protect

C. teach

D. cure

12. A. unique

B. flexible

C. funny

D. dull

13. A. harm

B. money

C. good

D. income

14. A. breathless B. hopeless

C. careless

D. homeless

15. A. acted as

B. asked for

C. written about

D. looked like

Keys: A. 1-5. ADBCA

6-10. DCBAA

11-15. DDBCD

B. 1-5. ADCAC

6-10. BDABA

11-15. CDBAC

C. 1-5. CBCAB

6-10. ACBCB

11-15. ADACB

D. 1-5. BCDAC

6-10. CBDCD

11-15. BCBAC

E. 1-5. ABAAB

6-10. DCACB

11-15. DACBD

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