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人教版高中英语必修三unit1 语言点 Book3 Unit1 language points

beautiful 1. beauty n.美; 美人→ _________adj. 美丽的→ beautify vt. 美化 ________ celebrate vt. 庆祝;祝贺 2. celebration n.庆祝;祝贺→________ hunt vt. 打猎 ________ hunt for 寻找(短语) 3. hunter n.猎人→_____ 4. starve vi. & vt.(使)饿死→ starvation _________ n.饿死

5. origin n.起源;由来;起因→_______adj. 原来的 original
religious 6. religion n.宗教→ ________ adj.宗教上的; 信奉宗教的; 虔诚的

believe vt. 相信;信任 7. belief n.信任;信心;信仰→ ________ unbelievable ____________ believable adj.可以相信的______________(adj) 难以相信的_________ believe in 信任;相信…的存在(短语) a trick on 短语)开玩笑 8. trick. n. 诡计; 恶作剧 play ______________( play a joke/jokes on make fun of =____________________=_____________ arrive 到达 9. arrival n. 到达; 到达者→ vi. ______ on one’s arrival on arriving 某人一到达(短语) ________________/ __________ independent 10. independence n.独立; 自主→ ___________ dependent dependence adj.独立的__________(adj) 依赖___________(n) 依靠 gain one's independence 获得独立(短语) _______________________

10. agricultural adj.农业的;农艺的→ agriculture n.农业;农艺; __________ 11. admire vt.赞美;钦佩;羡慕→ admiration n. 羡慕 __________ admirer n.崇拜者,羡慕者 _________ 12. energetic adj.充满活力的;精力充沛的→ energy 能量;精力 n. _______ permit vt.允许n.许可 13. permission n.许可;允许→_______ 证;执照with __________________ one's permission在…的允许之下(短语) apology n.道歉 14. apologize vi.道歉;辩白→ _______ ____________________________/ make an apology to sb. for sth. apologize to sb. for sth 因为…向…道歉(短语) ______________________

15. obvious adj. 明显的→adv. obviously ________ 明显地 It is obvious that…/ Obviously很明显(句型) _________________________ 16. sadness n.悲哀;悲伤→___ sadadj.悲哀的;悲伤的 forgave 17. forgive vt.原谅;饶恕___________( 过去式) forgiven ___________( 过去分词) forgiveness n.宽恕 __________

Para. 2 短语: 1. 纪念死者 2. 使祖先得到满足 3. 要么…要么 4. 带来危害 5. 扫墓 6. 烧香 7. 为了纪念 8. 带领……通往/到…… 9. 在盛大的节日这天 10. 以…的形状 11. 化妆 12. 要糖果 13. 搞恶作剧

honor the dead satisfy the ancestors either….or do harm clean graves light incense in memory of lead sb to… on the important feast day in the shape of dress up ask for sweets play a trick on


Para. 3 短语 1. 纪念名人 2. 获得独立
Para. 4 1. 用…装饰 2. 集会聚餐 3. 获得奖品 4. 赏月

honor famous people gain independence

decorate…with get together to have meals win awards admire the moon

Para. 5 1. 盼望 2. 春天的来临 3. 在春节 4. 压岁钱 5. 红包 6. 庆祝农历新年 7. 日夜 8. 樱花 9. 看上去像 10. 满是,覆盖 11. 玩的开心 12. 享受生活 13. 以…为豪 14. 暂时

look forward to the coming of the spring at the Spring Festival lucky money red paper celebrate the Lunar New Year day and night cherry tree flower look as if/ though be covered with/ be full of have fun with enjoy life be proud of for a little while

一. 核心单词 Language Points 满足,使满意 1. satisfy (vt.) ________________ * satisfy sb./ sth. 使某人满足/ 满足… 1) 那位诗人所做的使我满意。 poet satisfied ____. me What the ________ did ____________ 2) 父母尽己所能满足我们所有的需要。 Parents try their best ___ ______ ____ ______ to satisfy our needs satisfied 人 _________(adj.) 感到满意的, 指____; satisfying 物 __________(adj.) 令人满意的, 指____

satisfying to know that the project was 练习:It is very _________ a success. Some people are never__________! satisfied She finished her meal and gave a _________ satisfied smile. with sb./ sth. 对…感到满意 * be satisfied ______ What he did satisfied me. I was satisfied ______ with what he did. =_____ _______ _________ * be satisfied ____ ____ sth. 对做某事感到满意 to do 他对自己能帮助穷人感到满意。 to ______ help _____ the _______. poor He is satisfied ____

apologize (vi.) 道歉;认错 ____________ apology 2. ___________ (n.) * apologize (to sb.) for sth./ doing sth. = make an apology (to sb.) for sth./ doing sth. 因为…而(向某人)道歉 那个毕业生为她的错误向老板道歉。(两种方法翻译) _____________________________________ The graduate apologized to her boss for her mistake. _____________________________________ The graduate made an apology to her boss for her mistake. 那个青少年因上课迟到而向老师道歉。 The teenager apologized to my teacher for being late. made ______ an apology ______ to =The teenager _______ _______ my teacher for being late. accept ________ refuse * ________/ an apology 接受/ 拒绝道歉

3. admire (vt.) 赞美;钦佩;羡慕 * admire sb./ sth. 钦佩… 我钦佩那位记者的诚实。 I _____________________________________ admire the journalist’s honesty.

* admire sb. for sth. 因…而钦佩某人
我因那位女演员的勤奋而钦佩她。 I _______ ________ admire ________ the actress _________ for hard _________. work her ________

4. remind (v. ) 提醒 * remind sb. of… 使某人想起…;提醒某人某事 这张老照片使那位音乐家想起了他在德国的旅程。 reminded the musician of The old photo ___________ ________ ______ trip in ________. Germany his _______ * remind sb. to do 提醒某人做某事 你要提醒班长守信用。 should remind the monitor ______ to keep You ______ _______ _____his word. * remind sb. that+句子 提醒某人…… 那位志愿者想提醒你明天将出发去香港。 ________________________________________ The volunteer wants to remind you that you should set off for Hongkong tomorrow.

二. 重要词组 1. take place 事先计划安排好或预想到的事物 happen 一切客观事物或偶然的未能预见的事件 (带有意外和偶然性) break out 多指有负面影响,如灾难, 战争, 疾病等 come about 发生;产生,通常要与how连用 taken place in China in the 1) Great changes have ______________ past 10 years. broke out in 1939. 2) World War II _________ about 3) Can you tell me how the accident came ___________? happened yesterday, in which 4) A car accident _________ one person was injured. 在最近10年我的家乡发生了巨大的变化。 ____________________________________________ Great changes have taken place in my hometown

in the past 10 years.

2. look forward to (doing) sth. 期待(做)… 我侄女期盼着当记者的首份工作。 niece ______ looks forward ________ to My ______ __________ ___ the first job as a reporter. 那位艺术家期盼在圣诞节的时候盛装打扮一下。 The artist is looking forward to _________________________________________

dressing up on Christmas Day.
3. as though/ as if 好像;似乎 The sky is so dark. It looks as if it _______(rain) will rain soon. were (be) She treats the child as though she _____ her own daughter. 他表现得若无其事。 He acted as if nothing had happened. _____________________________________

4. in memory of 为了纪念 为了纪念这位科学家,人们建了博物馆。 was _____ built ___ in memory of The museum ____ ________ _____ the famous scientist. 5. day and night 日夜;昼夜 他日夜仔细照料受伤的病人。 He carefully took care of the injured _______________________________________

patients day and night.
三. 重点句型 1. It is/ was obvious that+句子=Obviously 显 然… 很明显,这些孩子们经常捉弄他们的老师。 ____ It ____ is ________ obvious ______ that these children play ____ a ______ trick _____ on their teacher. often _____

2. sth./ sb. is difficult/easy to do …. 很难/ 很易做… 动词不定式 * 说明:①形容词后面只能用动词的_____________; 主动 表示被动含义。 ②不定式要用________ 这问题很难回答。 This question ___ is ________ difficult ___ to _______. answer =___ ___ _______ It ___ is ________ difficult to answer this question. 这篇课文很容易懂。 The text ___ is ______ easy ____ to __________. understand =___ the text. It ___ is ____ easy ___ to _____________ understand

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